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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  May 1, 2020 12:37am-1:38am PDT

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and i'm getting out of here. you guys stay here if new financial obstacles stand between you bye! come back, we have an all-new show tomorrow. don't even dare -- no, no, no. don't follow me! and your medicine, abbvie may be able to help. [ light laughter ] myabbvie assist has been providing free abbvie medicines to qualifying patients for nearly 30 years. and in today's difficult times, making sure patients have access to our medicines matters more than ever. find out if you're eligible at ♪ >> announcer: tonight on "late night with seth meyers," governor gavin newsom, star of only roomba uses 2 multi-surface rubber brushes to clean all your floors. nbc's "good girls," retta, an all new closer look, featuring the 8g band with and with patented dirt detect technology, fred armisen and now seth meyers. roomba finds dirt throughout your home. >> seth: welcome to "late night. how is everyone doing tonight? have you given up on writing that novel, or even reading a novel, but you're feeling pretty good about finishing up "ozark?" yeah, i think that's about right. tomorrow is may day, though technically every day is mayday when this guy is in charge in an interview yesterday,
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president trump said that china's handling of the coronavirus pandemic was meant to hurt his re-election chances. not only that, look at what they've started to doing to his hats president trump yesterday held a meeting to discuss re-opening the economy amid the coronavirus pandemic with business leaders including executives from waffle house, who, unfortunately, fielded most of the questions. ♪ let's see. it's dry. "so is it like a house made of there's no dry time! waffles or is it a waffle shaped makes us wonder why we booked fifteen-second ad slots! like a house dries instantly and keeps you protected because i think a lot of for forty-eight-hours. ♪ americans want to know." white house senior adviser and president trump's son if law jared kushner said yesterday that he believes the country will be back to normal and, quote, "really rocking again by june." though i'm not sure i'd take this guy's word on what's really rocking. he looks like he'd try to start a mosh pit at an enya concert. executives from the pharmaceutical company, pfizer, announced this week that they will start testing a new coronavirus vaccine that could be ready by the fall so now all you need is a job for forty-eight-hours. ♪ life is too far ♪ you can't do it on your own ♪ that offers health insurance,
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but not any insurance, the type of insurance accepted by your local hospital, and that has a ♪ but time will show deductible that's less than the out of pocket costs of the vaccine and that doesn't require a referral from your primary ♪ and don't you know how bad we need each other? ♪ care physician unless your primary care physician also accepts the insurance provided ♪ you know what i'm saying? by your employer boom ♪ hmmm...mmm...mmmm...mmmm it's just that easy. after recently being given poll numbers that showed him trailing former vice president joe biden, we're returning $2 billion dollars president trump reportedly yelled at his campaign manager to our auto policyholders through may 31st. and threatened to sue him. unfortunately, trump's lawyers because now, more than ever, already have their hands full suing his bathroom scale, his being a good neighbor means everything. mirror and the passage of time like a good neighbor, state farm is there. "any progress in trump v time? file a continuance." that's a legal term. according to reports, white house counsellor kellyanne conway is working on president trump's re-election campaign and planning this summer's republican national convention the news was confirmed today when kellyanne completely denied it according to a new poll, nearly 8 in 10 americans think a second wave of coronavirus cases is likely and it'll be caused by
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the other 2 in 10 who don't think so being a good neighbor means everything. actor harrison ford is under investigation by the federal aviation administration after he michael vasquez! allegedly crossed a runway in a come over here. plane he was piloting while another aircraft was landing said authorities, we're sorry, i've heard such good things about you, your company. but you can no longer fly solo well, i wouldn't have done any of it without you. without this place. it's ally hord who wrote that joke this is for you. and i just thought i'd give you michael, you didn't have to... and, her name and, you know, just we're going to need some help with the rest. reach out to her based on what you've worked so hard to achieve so much. you thought of that one. perhaps it's time to partner with someone who knows you and your business well enough the cdc has recommended that pet owners follow social distancing to understand what your wealth is really for. guidelines for their animals said dogs, "okay, well then can you at least describe the smell of your garage?" and finally, producers have announced that the new season of "the bachelorette" will go into production sometime in the summer the biggest difference this season is they're switching to long-stemmed roses that was a monologue we got a great show for you tonight. california governor gavin newsom will be here and you know her from "parks and recreation," and as one of the stars of "good girls," which has its season finale this sunday on nbc.
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my friend retta will be here as well but first, a closer look >> seth: hello everyone, and welcome back to the attic. as many of you know i have been doing the show from home, despite some non-ideal circumstances, specifically, i only have three shirts and they come in three different varieties, blue, blue, and a slightly lighter blue. and yeah, i'm aware that this makes me, as the kids, say basic. but in fairness, i've been slightly distracted from wardrobe questions by the fact that there are wasps, actual wasps buzzing around my head and if you don't believe me, here's one zipping by during tuesday's monologue. but don't worry, that's not just any wasp that's nick, our segue writing wasp and speaking of segues, the white house is calling their response to the coronavirus pandemic a success story even as the country passes grim new milestones, you've done it again, nick. for more on this, it's time for a closer look. ♪ we've now surpassed 1 million coronavirus cases and 60,000 deaths in the span of about two months now, regardless of where you stand politically, that's a
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staggering, heart breaking number or as donald trump put it at the end of his pre-conference on ♪ monday, job well done. >> let's do one more, please, in the back >> if an american president loses more americans over the course of 6 weeks than died in the entirety of the vietnam war, >> seth: our next guest is one of our favorites, you know her from "parks and rec. she also stars in "good girls," people which you can see sunday night on nbc, please welcome back to but if you look at what original the show, retta, everybody projections were, 2.2 million. >> hi. >> seth: hi, retta we're probably heading to so we famously went day drinking 60,000 together and i was wondering if 70,000 it's far too many, one person is you'd do me the honor of zoom too many for this, and i think drinking with me just for a we've made a lot of really good moment >> i was prepped decisions. i think we've made a lot of good decisions. >> seth: all right i think that mike pence and the here's to you. >> i made my caipirinha. task force have done a fantastic >> seth: mmm job. has that long been a retta i think that everybody working drink? on the ventilators, you see what >> for a couple years now. it's my fave and i'm not a good we've done there, have done unbelievable the press doesn't talk about ventilators anymore. bartender, so that was strong. they just don't want to talk about them and that's okay the reason they don't want to >> seth: how are you -- are you a good social distancer? how are you handling quarantine? talk -- that was the subject >> yep that nobody would get off of ah, i have been good they don't want to talk about i found that even though i don't them really have much to do other
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so - than sometimes doing a zoom for no, i think we've done a great job. >> seth: oh boy. quote/unquote work, my days are he should not have taken one more question because that was a brutal way to end a press conference still kind of busy you know when they heard that question in the fox news control granted, i don't get out of bed room, they basically said, before 1:00. "quick, cut to an acorn stair lift commercial. >> seth: right what do you mean you don't have >> but at least the day is short. one? we should always have it ready well, for reasons like this. >> seth: you had a big -- you trump must have been kicking had a big birthday, you turned 50, congratulations. >> thanks. himself for taking one more. it was good. that was like that moment you it was actually pretty good. start talking smack during a game of jenga. yeah, i'll grab another block >> seth: any good gifts? with one eye shut. anything new oh [ bleep ] >> yeah. and you know as soon as he heard i got a bike the word vietnam, he probably >> seth: well, well, it's very thought to himself, "vietnam, am nice and how is it going so far i going to have to dodge you >> it's a little -- i haven't again? he's so bummed you can't use ridden a bike in over 25 years make believe bone spurs to get out of vietnam questions >> seth: they say it's like "i'd love to give you an answer, riding a bike. but unfortunately i feel, what i >> yeah, it's not. [ laughter ] feel is a spur in my bone, back it's probably been like actually 30 years, if not longer. again, so i'm going to have to call it a day. i do stationary bikes, so luckily, they -- because they and, of course, the press doesn't want to talk about knew better. ventilators. nobody wants to talk about a critical shortage of life saving because if the seat is not that medical equipment. right height, either it's too the reason it was such a hot high, and then, i'm scared that topic for a while was because i'm going to fall off, because everyone was afraid we were going to run out thanks to americans staying home my feet don't touch the ground, or if the seat is too low,
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to flatten the curve and states sharing the equipment with each because i have bad knees, i have other, we avoided the worst case to bend my knees too much when i scenarios. pedal, and then, it's painful. no thanks to you you're like the mayor showing up so i am still figuring out the at the end of "jaws" saying, height that works. "oh, so i guess the press doesn't want to talk about i just ordered a stepstool so i can just get on it sharks anymore >> seth: there you go. >> but they bought me, they also okay well, i would love to know bought me a trainer, so i can 'cause i'm the mayor and i'm lock the back wheel in and i can still a big shot in this town. ride it in my house, like a if we're not talking about stationary bike. sharks, let me know. >> seth: i followed your life a little bit because of instagram. in fact, here's how unhelpful the president was when it came and i know that you had a very to procuring much needed stressful trip to the post ventilators for states office buzzfeed news reported wednesday >> i have been there twice before night that a random dude tweeted but i think i've been there at trump that he could make later. ventilators and then the white so it wasn't so crowded. and i got there, first of all, house helped that guy get a there was a line to get in the lucrative contract to make parking lot. ventilators which he never i was like, "this is a little bit crazy. produced i thought it was a -- i'm like, on march 27th, trump posted on "why are all these people here?" twitter to urge ford and general what are you all mailing motors to start making i get in, i go to go inside. ventilators now. one of the thousands of replies you see this long line of people that the tweet attracted struck an equally urgent tone waiting to talk to a teller, "we can supply icu ventilators, which i was like, "you're invasive and non-invasive, have insane." someone call me. urgent." so i was in the vestibule it's author was an electrical getting ready to put my stuff engineer in silicon valley, a specialist in mobile phone into the little mailbox that you technology, he currently has just 75 followers on twitter and can put boxes in, and there was no apparent experience in a woman ahead of me.
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government contracting or medical devices. and she put a box that was too honestly, how long until he big and so she couldn't close replies to a spam e-mail offering free boner pills? the thing. i mean, i guess we'll know so mind you, i'm big scaredy exactly how long the day he cat. turns to dr. birx in the middle so this was before they told us of a press conference and says, to get masks "there's also a chance that -- correct me if i'm wrong, so i'm holding my breath she -- her box gets stuck. dr. birx, that boner pills might so she comes up to me to tell me that, and i'm like, "all right." [ laughter ] okay possibly be an effective treatment for the virus, so if someone had a surplus of boner so she goes inside to tell them pills, that person could about the issue. i have been holding my breath possibly be a hero too long so i go outside to get air, but dr. birx, i see you've wrapped at that point, i've gone too far your head in scarves again i can't hear you and i've done it for too long. it's muffled and i don't know if you've ever when you talk through the scarves, it just comes through passed out as muffles." i have and just before i pass out, it's i mean, right off the bat, there are so many red flags there. first of all, there are major companies that make ventilators, starting, you know, the darkness so if a guy with 75 followers is starts closing in on my eyes and so i leaned against the pole, tweeting at you, he's probably not, you know, a power player. because i was scared, that ceo of general electric doesn't either if i pass out, one, spend all day replying to people are going to try to help me and i don't want the corona individual people on twitter, "i >> seth: right >> or they're not going to help can get you a microwave, have me and i'm going to die. >> seth: outside in a parking someone call me. lot. urgent." >> outside of the post office. second, making mobile phones has >> seth: outside of the post office nothing to do with making >> so i get in my car to kind of ventilators. ventilators help you breathe
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while phones, at least in the decide, am i going to wait for meantime, help you them to fix this thing and so i hyperventilate can drop off these boxes oh, i just got an alert. because i don't want to come out again. the president says, "ingesting you know, i've already taken the bleach, cures male pattern risk at this point and i hear someone yelling, "hey, hey," and baldness oh my god. i'm thinking they're talking to oh, i'm hyperventilating the woman next to me this woman comes up to my car, and yet, incredibly, trump actually took this guy seriously. now mind you, she's wearing a three days later, new york state mask, gloves, all of it. paid oren-pines 69 -- wait for so she's prepped you know it -- million dollars and the >> seth: she's ready for it. payment was for perfect person in a moment like 1,450 ventilators, at least this triple the standard retail price >> but comes up with a pen and a of high-end models notebook, it's like, "aren't you not a single ventilator ever arrived. that girl from "good girls"? and i was like, "yeah. state officials said new york and she's like, "can i get your autograph? entered into the contract at the direct recommendation of the and i was like, hey -- [ laughter ] white house coronavirus task force. i need you to slow it up a little bit this is insane and i was like, "clearly, clearly, you know it's a i mean, we're talking about a pandemic." guy who is the most powerful so if you would keep your person on earth. there is literally a law that distance so i like reached out allows him to compel companies to make ventilators and he's combing through his twitter quickly. replies like he's putting a band together it doesn't look like my name, "oh, okay. i'm certain of that because i was so scared of catching whatever virus she might have this guy's got his own amp that could really -- been carrying. that could really come in handy >> seth: it's so interesting, if we had somebody with their because i do feel as though no own amp. one asks for an autograph anymore because all they want is
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trump had the chance to act selfies. early to prevent both a public i do think she appreciated it's not an okay time for selfies health crisis and an economic maybe autographs are going to one, and instead he chose to ignore and downplay the threat, make a comeback right now? or as he put it yesterday at the >> i kind of wish she had just white house -- asked, "can i take a picture of you? >> this plague should never have >> seth: yeah. happened it may be better it could have been stopped you had to cut your season of "good girls" short by a few but people chose not to stop it. >> oh, people chose not to stop episodes because you were still in the middle of filming when it why so coy pray tell, donald, who are these this all came down people you speak of? your character ruby was shot "this plague never should have happened but someone really this year and you had to drive dropped the ball around in a motorized scooter. i'm not going to name names, is that easier or harder than mike pence." learning how to ride a bike hey, maybe he was talking about his spectral son-in-law after 30 years jared kushner. >> easier. >> seth: okay. kushner has supposedly played a >> but you have to figure out central role in the the speed. administration's coronavirus response and on wednesday, he because, you know when you have said this to fox and friends to hit a mark at a certain time, if you're not walking, you don't >> we're on the other side of really have control. the medical aspect of this and i so it took a couple of takes to think that we've achieved all the different milestones that figure out, especially there is are needed a scene where i'm just circling. so the government, federal government rose to the challenge but i'm passing doorways i need to get my line in at the and this is a great success doorway before it passed story. >> seth: this is a success so it took a while to figure out story? you're not even a success story. before i was like -- and he you're only in the white house said, "what? because ivanka lost tom brady's you know phone number in one of her sweat shop handbags. >> seth: that's great. you shouldn't be anywhere near the white house. you should be confessing to >> but i just noticed that i'm christopher meloni at the end of sitting directly in front of my
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an episode of "law and order." jonathan adler vase, which is a seriously, we have 1 million case, 60,000 deaths and foot [ laughter ] 30 million out of work this is a success. what would failure have looked like the statue of liberty getting >> seth: yeah, you are laid off and developing a weed habit in quarantine? sorry. too late to fix it kushner also defended the [ laughter ] are you watching any tv? administration's push to we know you used to be a great prematurely re-open the economy before there are plans to effectively contain the spread lover of -- small screen of the virus >> the goal here is to get >> yes people back to work "killing eve" is back. the eternal lockdown crowd can so i'm watching that make jokes on late-night >> seth: always great. >> i'm re-watching "west wing" television, but the reality is, is that the data is on our side. and "the good wife." >> seth: oh my god "the good wife" holds up first of all, thank you for watching >> seth: oh, good to know. >> "the good wife" has -- "west sorry about that tom brady joke, wing," it's good, but there is a so stupid. lot of misogyny in it. but also, i'm kind of terrified that you're watching >> seth: oh, interesting now i'm going to have nightmares >> yeah. about that tiny door back there it's surprisingly a lot of creeping open. misogyny every time i watch it, i'm like, and seeing jared kushner's face in the shadows second, no one wants eternal "oh, okay. lockdowns. >> seth: not what i would if i see another one of my ex friend holding up a janky loaf a good heads up.w,t's weird. of homemade bread on instagram, i'm going to run outside and lick a bannister it's like, you know, a lot of we want a plan for re-opening like sly comments, which you things safely. know would have just rolled off you think i don't want things to people's back before but watching it in this era, i'm
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open up? like, mm-mmm aaron i used to do a show with multiple shirts and zero wasps mm-mm. i worked in a building that had >> seth: retta, thank you so much for being here it's always 50 lunch options now the only thing on the menu is whatever the boys don't finish such a delight to see you. which isn't much, mind you, "good girls" airs sunday on nbc. because the 2-year-old eats like a horse and he has the dumps to prove it we'll be right back with more i just changed his diaper. "late night. you know when i'll have to >> thanks. change the next one? based on recent patterns, any minute now ♪ you know what this, bro? you know what this is right here it's a [ bleep ] space heater. and i have it because i'm cold all the time ♪ i always feel like you just looked at me i mean, i used to have an audience of human beings who laughed at jokes this virus is testing all of us. now the only thing watching me are the dead black eyes of a and it's testing the people on the front lines stuffed elephant rocker. so, yeah, i want to go back to of this fight most of all. normal too so abbott is getting new tests into their hands, now, not only is the delivering the critical results they need. administration's response not a success story, in reality, we're learning that the death toll is and until this fight is over, almost certainly an undercount, we...will...never...quit. according to an analysis of cdc data by the "new york times" because they never quit. this week. and if you're looking for a metric to compare our so-called success story to actual success stories in other countries, there's this, we recorded our first case of coronavirus on the when you think of a bank, you think of people in a place. same day that south korea but when you have the chase mobile app, your bank can be virtually any place.
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recorded theirs. so, when you get a check... you can deposit it from here. and this week, while we were passing 1 million cases, and you can see your transactions south korea was reporting that and check your balance from here. they had reported no new domestic cases of covid-19 for you can save for an emergency from here. the first time since february. or pay bills from here. that's right so when someone asks you, "where's your bank?" in south korea, they're down to zero new domestic cases while over here the president is you can tell them: here's my bank. suggesting we should gnaw on the tide to-go pens like they're or here's my bank. breadsticks. or, here's my bank. because if you download and use the chase mobile app, and not only is our case load much higher, but the federal your bank is virtually any place. government has also failed to provide any leadership at all in visit responding to that case load in fact, trump has failed so spectacularly to provide any coherent federal coordination that states have essentially divvied themselves up into regional partnerships to work together, basically forming mini federal governments. there's a western's states pact that includes california and oregon, a mid-west partnership between illinois and michigan and five other states, and a regional advisory council of seven states including new york and new jersey first of all, i just want to say, i'm genuinely happy to see new york and new jersey working together after their years of long feud over who actually owns the jets "it's you. "no, no, no, no, no, no, you take them, we're good. "no, no, no, i think it's definitely you."
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second, look at this, i knew republicans love the confederacy, but i don't think they literally wanted to break up the union the country is broken down into districts, we're facing meat shortages and the postal service is warning it could collapse we're like a week away from trump announcing the first annual hunger games. "pennsylvania, who do you send as tribute?" "we send the most enticing creature." pretty good philadelphia accent. "his name is gritty. in fact, just to give you an ♪ idea of how miserably that trump has failed at even the most basic aspects of his job, here's a truly insane story about what officials in illinois had to do just to get masks for healthcare workers without federal >> seth: i want to thank my leadership guests governor gavin newsom and dear friend retta. illinois officials tracked down i want to thank my friends a supply of 1.5 million fred armisen and the 8g band potentially life-saving n-95 stay tuned for lilly singh stay safe. respirator masks in china wash your hands, we love you ♪ through a middleman in the chicago area and negotiated a deal to buy them one day before they were expecting to complete the purchase, they got a call in the morning from the supplier, informing them he had to get a check to the bank by 2:00 p.m. that day or the deal was off
12:52 am
other bidders had surfaced illinois's assistant comptroller ellen andres jumped into her car and raced north on i-55 with a check for $3.5 million they arranged to meet in the parking lot of a mcdonald's restaurant just off the interstate and they made the handoff there. that is insane we're talking about protective gear for front line healthcare workers and states are forced to do million dollar deals in ♪ mcdonald's parking lots like they're buying meth from walter white if new mexico wants to buy ventilators, they're going to have to go to the basement of los pollos hermanos. so, needless to say, good news ♪ is hard to come by these days, ♪ [ cheers and applause but on wednesday, we did finally ♪ >> lilly: tonight on "a little late with lilly singh. i'm going to break down superheroes like my name is get some genuinely good news the joker. what's his name? spider-man [ laughter ] and how did he become when it was announced that a spider-man potential therapy for covid-19 had proven effective in a a spider bit a man randomized clinical trial as [ laughter ] then we're going to hold a dr. anthony fauci explained funeral for all of the industries that millennials have during a meeting in the oval killed we're really expensive and office beautiful, but you didn't really >> right now, i can bring you do anything. one of the best headlines since you're kind of like an instagram coronavirus took hold of the model. united states. [ laughter ] and then i'm going to sit down here it is, the potential for a true treatment with the delightful and hiliarious phoebe robinson and now, there are no approved medications for coronavirus. we'll put our dancing skills to but just a short time ago the thte [ laughter ] nation's leading infectious disease expert said that the a gopher
12:53 am
result of this randomized [ laughter ] controlled study for this drug called remdesivir is according [ applause ] to dr. fauci quite good news >> running away. why you ask? hiding >> lilly: i think we're both about to become american's best because it showed remdesivir dance crew right here. >> yes >> lilly: just - appeared to be effective and helped people recover more quickly once they were sick. >> the data shows that remdesivir has a clear-cut significant positive effect in diminishing the time to recovery this is really quite important for a number of reasons and i'll give you the data. it's highly significant. it is a very important proof of concept. because what it is proven is that a drug can block this virus. >> seth: you know when trump heard that, he so badly wanted to pipe up and say, "that's great news, but should we maybe pair that with lights? just, next time we do a study, give them that you know, remdesivir and then maybe a lava lamp or something might double the effectiveness and then we'd both be right, you know the scientists who spend time with clinical studies and then me, the guy who said
12:54 am
light. but what's especially notable about this genuinely promising news is that it comes after months of the president floating one unproven miracle cure after another. each getting more desperate and more dangerous than the last >> it's a little like the regular flu that we have flu shots for and we'll essentially have a flu shot for this in a fairly quick manner you take a solid flu vaccine, you don't think that would have an impact or much of an impact on corona? >> no. >> they're going to have vaccines, i think, relatively soon and they're going to have something that makes you better and that's going to actually take place, we think, even sooner and i hope they use the hydroxychloroquine it will be a gift from heaven and it works is there a way we can do something like that? by injection inside or almost a cleaning i would like you to speak to the medical doctors to see if there is any way that you can apply light and heat to cure >> seth: when you heard an 18th
12:55 am
century doctor say apply light and heat to cure, you knew were a goner. "so, bad news, the leaches didn't work. but we can still try light and heat though, maybe, get your affairs in order." it's not hard to look at countries like south korea and see what an actual success story would have looked like we could have had an early robust response to contain the spread of the virus and allowed things to remain opened. instead i'm stuck here in my attic dodging wasps while i try to tell -- >> jokes on late-night television [ heavy breathing >> seth: this has been a closer look ♪ we've been talking about city harvest during this crisis and you've been really helping so if you can, please continue to give. unemployment is going up but city harvest is keeping their
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trucks full to feed the growing number of new yorkers who are turning to them to put food on their tables there is a website on your screen where you can donate. we'll be right back with california governor gavin newsom ♪ >> announcer: for more of seth's "closer looks," be sure to subscribe to "late night" on youtube. [anthony] hey mama, what's up? [mama] i'm confused. confused about what, everything ok? yeah, i only see one price on my phone bill. that doesn't sound confusing mama. you're on t-mobile, taxes and fees are included. oh come on, there's always extra fees! not on t-mobile mama. why can't all my bills be like this? i don't know mama. bye mama, love you. anthony? umph! at t-mobile, taxes and fees are included. and right now, when you switch your family, get 4 lines of unlimited for just $35 a line.
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♪ life is too far ♪ you can't do it on your own ♪ ♪ but time will show ♪ and don't you know how bad we need each other? ♪ ♪ you know what i'm saying? ♪ hmmm...mmm...mmmm...mmmm ♪
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>> seth: our first guest tonight is the governor of california. please welcome back to the show governor gavin newsom. >> it's great to be with you >> seth: thank you so much obviously, this is an incredibly busy time for you. we really appreciate you making time for us. you were in the studio three months ago, a very different world than just three months ago. >> yeah, isn't it amazing? i mean, i was not only in your studio, i was here at the state capital announcing a $6 billion budget surplus in the state of california, a record job growth. record reserves and i'm about to update the budget and talk about unprecedented unemployment and deficits and every day i go in front of the press and i announce the number of lives lost another 95 human beings lost their lives in the last 24 hours here in california alone it's remarkable what a few months how things can change
1:01 am
>> seth: you were the first governor to issue a stay-at-home order. and i think in these really fractured political times, people might forget that no governor ever wants to tell the people in their states to stay at home. that must have been an incredibly hard decision can you talk about the difficulty in making it? >> yeah. it's a hard decision because -- just' cause you say something doesn't mean people are going to do something but all of this happens with the speed of trust and if you don't have the trust of folks, you are doing the right thing for the right reasons, things could fall apart. what i was so humbled by, so amazed by, was how 40 million people and this is the fifth largest economy in the world it truly a a nation state in terms of the size and scale and scope across every geographic and political difference, overwhelmingly abided by the stay-at-home order for at least the last 60 days the challenge is we are now in a period where people have cabin fever and they're very, very frustrated and want to come back and so this, i think, the most challenging period for all of
1:02 am
us not just the folks in california, but we were really, really humbled by how people took to heart this crisis and recognized their imperative to do the right thing as individuals so that they can help the state of california >> seth: californians justifiably so bragging about their beaches. we saw footage this past weekend of a lot of people crowding the beaches. you just gave a press conference where i think specifically in orange county, you reinforced the importance of staying at home is that -- that must be hard you mentioned cabin fever, you know, people want to be outside. >> no, i've spent my entire political life opening up beach access fighting for people's right to their beach. and the state it's one of the reasons horace geeley said, "go west, young man, go west," in the 1850s. it's our natural beauty, 1,100-mile coastline 800 miles of pristine beaches, none more beautiful than down in orange county, one of the really most magnificent bucolic parts
1:03 am
of the world and so i hated to do it, but i had to do it on the basis of the advice and council from my public health directors. they're all saying the only way we can set this course back to re-opening with modifications, our economy, is to see the kind of concentration that we saw on those beaches over the weekend and so we're going to do our best, try to be collaborative and cooperative. most of the beaches, over 100 did everything right and the communities there, they really met the moment but unfortunately, people were really eager to get out. a little too much so last week and so i want to slow that down, decompress a little bit and then have a pathway to reopen very quickly. >> seth: you have announced a four-phase plan to reopening one of the fears, of course, is we've seen countries that have started to re-open that there's an uptick in cases how strictly do you adhere to this four-phase plan and how often during the day are you checking in with the data to back up the choices?
1:04 am
>> every single morning. we're driven by data, we're driven by health we're driven by evidence we're not ideological about any of this. you know, we have a lot of pressure to quote, unquote, re-open the economy. if that is the best public health decision, i'll make it. but it's not right now it would be devastating.the coaf japan, that's part of japan, where they had all this progress and literally in a moment they unwound all of that progress they ran the proverbial 90-yard dash we don't want to do that so our health directors, not only the state folks, but the local folks will guide that. and we're guided by this a recognition in a state as large as ours, that each jurisdiction is a little bit different than other so we're looking at some regional variations, regional constructs that may allow some parts of the state to move a little bit sooner than other parts. >> seth: the last time we spoke, we talked about the fact that up have sued the trump there has been criticism from both sides towards each other.
1:05 am
and yet you've also praised the federal government response in the way they've helped california does -- to the point that the president has actually released new campaign and both you and new york governor andrew cuomo saying nice things about him can we say that the relationship is decent at this point? >> well, we've filed two new lawsuits since we were last together and we will continue to fight to protect our values and when it comes to diversity, clean air, clean water, the health of this state we will always stand on principle and stand tall but you know, my mom taught me, be polite when someone, you ask for help and someone actually delivers, you have to acknowledge it and so all i can talk through is through the prism and the frame administration, when i've called the president directly, not only is he available and answers, but he's also delivered on a lot of the requests and so i can make it up. i can try to avoid any kind of non-partisan behavior and just
1:06 am
play hard in my lane as a democrat and a tribal mindset. but we're in a crisis. i'm trying to save 40 million californians, 40 million americans that live in california i don't care if you're a democrat or a republican i care that you care about your kids and your community and your loved ones and we're all in this together and so that's the spirit we're bringing into this but it doesn't stop us from having our points of disagreement, i can assure you >> seth: we will be right back with more from governor gavin newsom ♪
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1:11 am
you have four kids under 10 areas old. how is that going? >> ah, perfect i mean, they are studying most of the day >> seth: you sighed first. i should note you had a big sigh before you said -- >> i did not sigh. i was being just -- they are model children, model citizens, abiding by all the rules of the house. getting along with one another, no fighting. educating themselves, cleaning up after themselves. >> seth: all right, good >> no hysterics. everything has been terrible it is a huge challenge any parent knows this. [ laughter ] they do not listen to you when it comes to school they really are getting to know one another. if they touch one another, "he hit me he hurt me he broke my leg. they're waking me up every day at 5:52 right when the sun comes up it is hard on parents, seth. you know that as a parent of two. but as a parent of four, i tell you that's a whole another challenge. >> seth: i do, i salute -- i salute your service as a parent of four. you -- i have read that you in pre-pandemic times would
1:12 am
actually take your children on outings to the recycling plant is this a true story and i do need to know, is that something your kids actually enjoy? >> this is legitimately not made up i am shocked whoever briefed you on that, i am impressed. i will tell you one thing, we have two things we love to do. we live nearby -- we're near the american river, one of the most beautiful rivers in the country and there is a fish hatchery if anyone has gone to a fish hatchery, you see just millions and millions of small fish and you kind of get mesmerized it sort of focuses your mind it's the same thing at a recycling center, when you see millions of bottles bouncing up and around so, yes, my kids love that and maybe i'm the kid leading that charge. >> seth: yes you mentioned three months ago, the good news was this incredible budget surplus in california, budget surplus that allowed budgets to have a lot of space for progressive issues things like climate change, things like addressing homelessness the reality is, you are not
1:13 am
going to be able to hold that surplus. correct? >> no, not at all. that surplus is gone by the way, previous year, literally a year to go this month, a year ago this month, we were announcing how we were going to balance a $21.4 billion budget surplus i mean, it's just incredible how quickly things move. the good news is we were prudent in terms of our investments. one time surplus, one time investments. paid down debt started to pay down pension obligations. and it's a way of saying this and forgive me, 'cause i've los half the people watching, don't want to talk about pensions. that's not why they watch your show but it's a way of saying this. when you hear some republican leaders say we're not going to bail out these states because of mismanagement, with all due respect, california has been running surpluses. we have been sending money to the federal government over the last few decades to send to other states to help them. and i'm really proud of this effort and i can only say this, we can't balance these budgets and protect the most vulnerable without the federal government's
1:14 am
help we're going to need a substantial amount of support. it's directly because of this pandemic it's not because of mismanagement. it's because of the pandemic and that's why we are blessed to have speaker nancy pelosi from the state of california. and she is putting up now close to $1 trillion in separate bills to focus on the needs of states, counties and cities. and i'll tell you what, seth, just flat out. we sent her a letter three weeks ago saying if you're not talking close to a trillion, you're you not having a serious conversation about the magnitude of this crisis on budgets and the impact on police and fire and healthcare workers and teachers all across this country. and i'm really proud of her and pleased that she is starting to socialize numbers at that level. because that's the level of this crisis and the impact over the next three years that these budgets are going to feel. >> seth: of course, one of california's many resources is celebrities, and you have been going to them and asking for their help
1:15 am
i want to show a quick psa shaquille o'neal filmed, basically making the case that now is a good time to check in on our elderly neighbors let's take a look. >> hello, cheryl >> hello, shaquille, how are you? >> this is a neighbor checking on neighbor team effort. i was just gonna make sure you are okay you know if you need anything, you just knock on the door but i want you to be safe and i want you to stop partying at night playing bingo. [ laughter ] yeah >> well, you're checking on me older folks, and i appreciate that and while you're at it, you might want to check on charles barkley. >> seth: how do you get shaq to create something like this, governor >> you know, the answer is "no" unless you ask and so we asked. friend of a friend i mean, i'm sure it's happened with you as well you're like, "why am i doing this?" [ laughter ] a friend of a friend but, you know, shaq is just incredible i mean, he's magnanimous beyond words and always want to be supportive and helpful to causes small and large in the state of california
1:16 am
he's been doing some amazing work for foster kids in this state, just as one proof point of that. we are doing the same with kim kardashian and larry david, a number of others they've just been amazing. the answer was "yes" before we even finished the question >> seth: i really appreciate the fact that when we asked you, you said "yes" right away as well. that's a favor i owe you thank you so much, governor, and all our love to everybody out there in california. >> it's great to be back with you. good to see you. ♪
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to all the heroes, we thank you. ♪ >> seth: we've got all new shows next week with great guests. we'll have nathan lane, ice cube, massachusetts congresswoman ayanna pressley. and one of my other day drinking buddies, the fantastic kelly clarkson and new closer
1:22 am
looks, because the news just doesn't want to seem to stop so join us next week we'll be right back with ret
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