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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 16, 2020 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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of this fight most of all. so abbott is getting new tests into their hands, delivering the critical results they need. and until this fight is over, we...will...never...quit. because they never quit. good morning. it is saturday, may 16th. we are taking a live look outside. cloudy skies over the golden gate bridge. that american flag blowing in the breeze. but a little bit of a pink tint as we start our saturday morning. thank you for starting your weekend with us. i'm kira klapper. we are destined to do something meaningful. vianey arana joins us from home with a look at our micro climate who you think a private, christian,
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forecast. hey, vianey. >> it's saturday. find your purpose as we head in towards the at grand canyon university. afternoon, the cloud cover you are seeing now is going to be visit sticking around because we've got some changes ahead. right now in san francisco, much like most of the bay area, that cloud cover and the temperatures remain in the 50s. you may have noticed that the winds picked up last night. it was definitely on the side of breezy. today those temperatures will remain in the 60s for the coastline and through the 70s for the interior valleys like san jose. santa cruz 71. oakland 70 degrees. from partly sunny to mostly cloudy tonight. here's the reason why. this is the change that we're going to time out for you. we're also talking about sierra snow for this forecast. so you can see it churning there. that is that next system making its approach. expected to move in overnight into sunday. i will time it all out for you coming up in about 15 minutes.
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>> all right. this weekend bay area we'll see you in 15. thanks so much. the majority of bay area college seniors would have been walking across the stage to counties moved toward reopening more businesses in just a matter receive their diplomas. of days except for one county. those sceremonies of course for santa clara county will not allow businesses to offer with were canceled. today the virtual graduation. curbside pickup. they worry they will be over looked as shoppers go elsewhere. >> reporter: a surreal sight. this owner says she launched a the empty campus at uc berkeley website when the pandemic hit. at a time it would bustling with while online sales have helped, finals and the end of school. a graduating senior among her concern is shoppers will move to other counties where students who fled unceremoniously in march as the restrictions are being lifted. >> when we're closed and we're pandemic forced the campus closed. only a few miles away from >> there was a lot of scrambling and panicking and not fun. stores that are open, it is i didn't get to say good-bye to natural we are at a disadvantage. >> stage two openings begin this a lot of people. >> reporter: a member of the week. marching band was disappointed retail can reopen with curbside when the school canceled pickup, child care and graduation ceremonies. manufacturing restrictions are but instead this weekend, he and lifted. the santa clara health department says before their as many as 4,000 other graduates county moves into stage two will don virtual caps and gowns reopening, key indicators need for what may be the most unique to be met like increasing
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testing from 1,000 to 4,000 graduation ceremony ever. it will take place in a virtual people a day. version of the campus. in contra costa, they're a group of current and former easing restrictions when it students created in the game comes to large gatherings minecraft. including religious services. >> it should be a pretty unique experience for everyone. this has never been done before. today some people are proceeding >> reporter: the project started when a former cal student began with caution as high school grads have something new to look designing a detailed version of the campus that students could forward to. visit. the idea took off. >> reporter: a new health order a 2:00 p.m. graduation ceremony is giving high school seniors in will include speeches from the contra costa county options when it comes to graduation ceremonies. >> i'm excited to be able to go chancellor, tech ceos and to the park and hang out with my speeches. >> we made it so you can throw up a cap and gown so you get friends for a little while. that celebration. >> reporter: the county is >> reporter: the speeches will be live streamed over twitch and allowing gatherings in outdoor areas for up to three hours. but guests must remain in their synched to the graduation event in the game. cars and no motor cycles >> it is not the real thing, but it is something to unique in and allowed. organizers must provide security of itself that we're all just with any gathers of more than kind of loving the opportunity. >> reporter: it is not the ten cars. >> i think it is a little graduation ceremony anyone premature. but i think if we're all in our cars and wear the proper visualized, but it is most likely one they will always equipment, it is a call way to
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remember virtually every moment celebrate. >> reporter: health officials are making the move because they of. nbc bay area news. are seeing a slow in the spread of covid-19 in contra costa >> incredible. what an achievement. time now before we go for our county. >> we think we made enough clear the shelters segment progress that we can turn that dial up a little bit and allow a features our friends from pets slow opening of some types of in need. we want to introduce you to buck. he's looking for his forever encounters and outdoor activities. home. buck is two years old, a pit >> reporter: that also gives churches new options. bull mix. but some are being caution. he's in foster with other dogs. >> i imagine that zoom and gets along well with other dogs. youtube live and facebook live he's sweet, energetic, loves to will continue to be used, play, go on walks, easy on the especially to help include all of the members of our leash. he's smart and understands congregations that are at risk of this disease more than commands. he loves to snuggle. they have been working on others. >> we're quickly running out of keeping him off the bed. time. graduations are supposed to they hope for an opportunities start a week from tomorrow in only home for him where the family will continue his positive reenforcement training. fact. but at this point things are still up in the air for us. pets in need behavior staff will >> reporter: in contra costa write-up a training plan and be available on zoom or support. county, nbc bay area news. check out more about buck on each bay area county is reopening at a different pace. pets in need. we hope he gets his forever as of today sonoma county is the
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family. just like vianey arana brought farthest along. in addition to retail and binks into her family. >> adopt don't shop. manufacturing already opened back up, the county also left >> thanks so much for making us things like day cares, pet a part of your morning. more local news all day on groomers and car washes reopen yesterday. the boys and girls club of . greater santa rosa is working to keep kids safe. they tell us they're screening each child at the start of each day and keeping children in groups no bigger than 12. >> sonoma county really got this one right. i think opening up child care is such an important part. it is important first step in getting parents back to work. >> of course as with everything, not everyone agrees. some people say sonoma county is moving too fast. a new prediction on how coronavirus is affecting the nation's restaurant industry. the online reservation company open table reports stay at home orders will drive one out of four restaurants completely out of business. the national restaurant association says its membersn $
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in march alonricans who work in the food service industry. sglfrm now to some big news on a narrator: when you see this symbol you know you're watching potential test for the virus. television that is educational and informational. santa clara county health leaders demonstrated how this the more you know on nbc. test worked yesterday. a person will be handed a swab dylan: hi, i'm dylan dreyer, and we're about to and then they can gently place it in their nose for a sample. embark on another "earth odyssey". doctors say it doesn't hurt. they hope it helps encourage today, we head to south america and visit one of more people to get tested. the largest waterways in the world, the orinoco right now the most common test river. involves a health care worker we'll get a closer look at this unusual fish and see taking a deep nasal swab, which why it's wise to have all these eyes. many people say is uncomfortable. now to a live look at the then, find out how it felt to be the first explorers capital this morning. capitol hill where the house to discover the wildest animals from this foreign narrowly passed a second land. coronavirus relief package known as the heroes act. [music] the $3 trillion bill would fund another round of stimulus payments up to require people
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to have a social security number to receive that money. that means undocumented immigrants who file with a taxpayer id would be eligible for relief. the bill isn't likely to pass the republican controlled senate, but if it does, the president has already threatened to veto it. president trump says he's willing to negotiate another round of checks for americans in exchange for a payroll tax cut for businesses. a new push to find a covid vaccine by the end of the year. president trump announced operation warp speed as the race ramps up to find a cure. two new leaders will be heading this initiative. one is a former pharmaceutical executive. the other is a four star army general. the president says under their leadership they hope to have a vaccine, quote, very quickly. so we've got the time, and we hope to be able to do something
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by the end of the year or shortly thereafter. >> president trump says they will rely on the military to help distribute the vaccine. but experts say developing a vaccine is still 12 to 18 months away because of the testing phase. one expert says creating a vaccine by the end of the year would be a, quote, miracle. much more ahead. coming up, working from home forever? how the pandemic is expected to permanently change the way the bay area does business. plus, if you're dreaming of a trip to paradise, well, we have a new message from hawaii's governor for anyone thinking of escaping to his islands.
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7:10 on your saturday morning, may 16th. a live look outside downtown san jose as the city is not looking to open up retail spaces for curbside pickup beginning this week. vianey arana details a cloudy
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forecast, 60s and 70s today. she'll be along in five minutes with your forecast. the coronavirus already is changing the way we all work, but will it be forever? that's one of the big questions the bay area council posed to ceos and other top level executives. today in the bay has their answers. >> reporter: across the bay area, lots of buildings are pretty empty these days. many companies shifted to work from home quite effectively. even after stay at home orders are lifted, 18% of the leaders surveyed say they plan on keeping their employees out of an office. >> not only that. we had almost 90% saying they will have some type of partial ho work from home. >> reporter: 77% say they will offer more flexible shifts to avoid having workers together all at once and allow more space in work areas. there are a few benefits. fewer commuters on public
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transit and freeways but lasting negative effects, too. >> they don't come here to support us. we can't make money. it's going to be bad. nothing i can do. >> reporter: these businesses have been struggling since the coronavirus shut down. they're no longer catering business lunches and foot traffic is gone. the companies they have been relying on don't think their fortunes will change either. when asked when is your best guess to when revenues will return, 18% say it will take six months, but most say it will take a year or longer. in san jose, nbc bay area news. >> we do have much more ahead on today in the bay. coming up a stern warning for those looking to get out of the bay area. the punishment south lake tahoe is handing out for visitors coming to down. speaking of tahoe, we are tracking sierra snow in the forecast, but also rain for the bay area.
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how is this going to impact your sunday? i will have a closer look at the timing and the latest lake tahoe forecast as welcoming up. stay with us. [music] [music]
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especially in times like these, strong public schools make a better california for all of us.
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7:15 on your saturday morning. a live look outside. cloudy skies over walnut vehicle. vianey arana will be along to detail a mild saturday forecast. well, many of us may be dreaming of a vacation after all of this shelters at home. if you have your sights set on hawaii, the state's governor says you're not invited. the governor says the islands will continue their mandatory quarantines for all visitors through at least the end of june, a policy calls for travelers to self-quarantine in their hotel or their home for 14 days. so that means the beaches are off limits. violators face a $5,000 fine even possible jail time. back here locally, south lake tahoe is trying to keep
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tourists away, especially during memorial day weekend. tahoe is planning to issue $1,000 fines to anyone staying there who isn't a homeowner. hotels are still closed. if you find an airbnb willing to rent to you, that owner could be fined $1,000 as well. time to check in with vianey arana for a look at your forecast. for everyone staying here in the bay area, hey, vianey arana. >> hey there. and that's right. now, if you are staying here locally, you probably notice that the wind picked up, you know, probably in through the afternoon yesterday. you are certainly going to notice the cloud cover outside. well, we are tracking rain in the forecast. so we certainly need it. we are going to see also an impact in terms of sierra snow e 56 degrees right now. waking up to mild conditions. no big change there. your micro climate highs for the afternoon, expect 60s around the coastline and through the
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peninsula. notice how we go from partly sunny. so peeks of sunshine to mostly cloudy. temperatures in the 70s. but this will bring the biggest changes in our forecast. we have that system churning off the coast. you can see that plume of moisture that is going to bring some rain becoming more widespread than the systems we have seen recently. it is late in the game when it comes to a late storm, so let's talk about the timing of it. i zoom in closer through satellite radar. you can see it is just cloud cover. that rain is still holding off. but the timing of this pushing forward. if you look up at the top of the bar there where it says midnight, notice sonoma county areas have a better chance of seeing overnight showers. not everyone will see rain tonight. mostly dr lly dry, just cloudy as heading into the early morning hours. i will fast forward this time line through tomorrow as well through 12:00. right around the lunch hour, we will start to notice more of a
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widespread action packed area. so high rain totals are expected mainly for the mountain areas. if you notice areas like santa cruz and in through san jose, a little bit of a difference. areas that can expect to see some of that rain shadowing are going to be in the south bay. san jose not really expecting too much rain out of this system. for the most part, it misses a lot of that rain. even though it will become widespread, it will not be pouring at all hours of the day. snow, higher elevations get the majority of this rain. expect anywhere from about a tenth of an inch through a quarter tomorrow and for monday those rain chances will continue tomorrow. look at this. statewide, we're only about 14% of where, you know, normally we should be way higher than this. this is troubling. one-third of our california
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water supply comes from the sierra snow pack. keep in mind, there will be a winter storm watch in effect from tomorrow night 7:00 p.m. in through tuesday night. for whatever reason if you have to travel up there, check those road conditions. it will be really, really important because that will be dangerous travel. a rainy sunday. we will continue the chance of seeing shower activity for monday. notice what happens for inland areas. once we get past tuesday and wednesday, we dry up. high pressure rolls back in, and then our temperatures start to roll right back up into upper 70s and 80s again in the forecast. another look at that coming up shortly. >> all right. we'll see you then. thanks so much. still ahead on today in the bay. >> reporter: their flights are off, and they expect a cash refund. but many passengers are contacting us for help. i'm consumer investigator chris. nbc bay area responds. and congress is getting involved. we'll explain how next. we're all doing our part by staying at home.
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that could mean an increase in energy bills. you can save by using a fan to cool off... unplugging and turning off devices when not in use... or closing your shades during the day. stay well and keep it golden. many viewers are coming to us telling us airlines are holding on to money they should be refunding. now some in congress are
7:22 am
stepping in. consumer investigator chris gamora is responding. >> reporter: good morning. several passengers contacted us with this problem. they all have trips that are put off. they are not happening and will not happen. they expect a cash refund. and uncle sam largely agrees a cash refund is what hey should get. but the airlines are largely not offering cash refunds. the bold red message to travelers on the state department website could not be clearer. do not travel. so some people canceled their flights on their own. then got an airline voucher instead of a cash circumstances me -- me a credit towards future flights. >> reporter: for others like karl in chicago, the airline canceled the flight. still no cash back. >> the trip is nonvaluable. but the unused value of their
7:23 am
ticket is safe and will be able to be used towards future travel. >> the average american only goes on a plane trip once every one to three years. they're not going to care about a voucher that may be good from anywhere to 90 days to a year. >> reporter: a quick check of complaints shows he's right. they have surged. the department of transportation usually gets about 1,500 complaints in a typical month. but in march and april, more than 25,000 passengers complained. many of which concern refunds. that chorus of angry voices echoed a few blocks away in the u.s. capital. senate cameharris wants to chan federal law. they offered a bill called cash refunds for coronavirus cancellations act of 2020. she said this is simple. airlines must give consumers their money back for canceled flights during the coronavirus pandemic, regardless of who made
7:24 am
the cancellation. it is unclear how much money the airlines are sitting on. for avia, it's $600. millions of people are canceling without anyone new taking their seats. some planes are flying with zero passengers. the refunds are tricky thanks to lengthy airline contracts and policies that shifted several times since march. bottom line, if you cancel a trip on your own before the airline does, unless federal law changes, you're likely not due a cash refund. so it might actually be a savvy move to not cancel a trip in advance. instead, wait until the day of departure to see if the airline cancels. now, if the airline does cancel on you, the department of transportation says you get your money back. not a voucher. since the pandemic began, the dot has twice reminded airlines of their obligation to refund passengers. within seven days if you used a
7:25 am
credit card and 20 days if you paid by cash or check. some are saying that is not happening. i can speak from experience here personally. i have been waiting 35 days for a refund of my flight that my airline canceled in early april. what do the airlines have to say about this? we contacted their trade group, airlines for america. we did not receive a response. the major airline websites say their new policies offer the most flexible travel experience and provide peace of mind. for passengers who choose to cancel on their own, they waived change fees and extended voucher expiration from one year to two years. but senate harris says passengers deserve cash back for their unused airline tickets. >> i spent over $600 on it and right now anything could help play chicken with an airline and wait until the very last minute to cancel your flight, make sure you do it before the flight is scheduled to depart. if you wait too long and do it after that point, you can be
7:26 am
assessed a no show fee, and those no show fees are often times huge. they can wipe out the value of your ticket in total leaving you with nothing. i'm chris gamora. >> chris always has the best advice. thanks, chris. 7:26. we have much more ahead for you on today in the bay. coming up, people are being asked to keep away from lake merit and now oakland is taking steps to reduce crowds. plus, a new hope in the fight against covid-19. another promising new treatment being developed by another california lab.
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good morning. may 16th, 7:28 a.m. wow. a dramatic look outside as t golden gate bridge. spectacular. thanks for starting our weekend with us or your weekend with us.
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i'm kira klapper. vianey arana joins us this morning with your look at your micro climate forecast. i feel like my words are all jumbled because that was such a cool shot there. >> i'm jealous because i can't see it right now. >> oh no! i'm sorry. it was pretty cool. >> so i have to look through my archives in the system and check out that golden gate bridge shot because i think i know who one you are talking about. all right. let's get right to it. your micro climate highs for today will be comfortable. the 70s for the interior valleys. partly sunny to mostly cloudy by the evening. here is a reason why. rain in the fore cast. this will be a good day to take advantage if you have anything you want to bring inside. today will be do so because that rain is expected to move in overnight. first, the rain in the north bay. rain will develop overnight into
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sunday. and then accumulate into monday. by then, a develop in temperatures with colder 60s. increase in the wind gusts as well. and then a sierra winter storm watch. i will go over that time line. then i have your work from home. those pet photos coming up in the next forecast. stick around. >> we look around to those. see you in 15. thanks. three bay area counties already are reopening businesses. and the rest are moving toward reopening in just a matter of days. that is except for one county, santa clara county will not allow nonessential businesses to offer curbside pickup. not just yet. some store owners are getting frustrated. they worry they will be overlooked. the owner of this boutique says she launched a website when the pandemic hit. online sales have helped, but her concern is shoppers will move to restrictions lifted.
7:31 am
>> we're closed and only a few miles away from those that are open. it is natural we will be at a disadvantage. >> stage two openings begin this week. meaning retail could reopen with curbside pickup. the santa clara county health department says before moving to stage two, key indicators need to be met like increasing testing from 1,000 to 4,000 people every day. >> each bay area county is reopening at a different pace. sonoma county is the farthest along. in addition to retail and manufacturing, the county also allowed businesses like day cares, pet groomers and car washes to reopen yesterday. at the boys and girls club at greater santa rosa, children are being screened at the beginning of each day and kept in groups smaller than 12. >> sonoma county really got this one right.
7:32 am
i think opening up child care is just such an important part. it is an important first step in getting parents back to work. >> not everyone agrees. some we spoke with say the county is moving too quickly. a stunning new prediction on how the coronavirus is affecting the nation's restaurant industry. the online reservation company open table reports that stay at home orders will drive 25% of all restaurants out of business. the national restaurant association says its members lost more than $30 billion in sales in march and $50 billion in april. devastating news for the nearly 10 million americans who work in the food service industry. now to parking. it is precious in san francisco. there could be even less of it as businesses prepare to reopen. in north beach, the business association has voted unanimously to move all parking on upper grand avenue between
7:33 am
columbus and filbert street to give businesses more room to do business. >> reporter: keeping your distance while picking up to go orders isn't easy in san francisco's north beach. the need to spread out has city leaders looking at closing streets in commercial corridors. >> they will need more space and the city and county of san francisco has every reason to turn space over to those restaurants. >> reporter: the north beach emergency situation voted to close upper grant street during business hours. as businesses are allowed to reopen, restaurants, bars and artists will need more room to serve customers. >> to use the streetscapes in terms of mitigating the impact on merchants. >> reporter: not everyone thinks it's a good idea. >> i drove around for ten minutes trying to find parking right now. >> reporter: supporters say
7:34 am
there are parking garages nearby and moving businesses outside may be the only way to stay open and safe. >> we could all more safely distance from each other while still looking at each other's eyeballs and loving each other. i think it's a great idea. >> reporter: he would like to see the closure happen before businesses are allowed to move from takeout to dine in. >> this is the time. there are details that we got to attend to and got to attend to quickly. >> reporter: he also says north beach may be the first to experiment with a street closure to help businesses, but it won't be the last. he says merchants at fisherman's w warf are having the same conversation. could there be a less invasive covid-19 test you can give yourself? that is the plan in santa clara county where leaders comm demonstrated how it works. doctors say it doesn't hurt, and
7:35 am
they hope it helps encourage more people to get tested. right now the more common test involves a health care worker taking a deep nasal cavity swab which is said to be painful. now a possible breakthrough. a company in san diego called sorrento says it is closer to developing a covid-cocktail, as they call it. it is a group of antibodies that would together fight the virus even as it mutates into different forms. they believe it has identified the first antibody that would go into the cocktail. it is 100% effective after four days of incubation. while this news is thrilling, doctors say there is still a long way to go. >> they're creating something that looks like it is a promising antibody based type of treatment. but it's really still in the research side. they're looking at it in labs. they haven't really tested it in humans yet, so it will be a while before we see anything like this on a wide scale.
7:36 am
>> sorrento is saying it could be in human trials as early as july. back here locally, new restrictions around lake merit in oakland to prevent overcrowding. new no parking signs posted around the lake. they will be there all weekend and throughout memorial day weekend as well, two weeks from now. the city says people can still visit the lake to exercise. but they don't want people congregating like they have seen on recent weekends. food trucks and other vendors also are no longer allowed at city parks. turning now to other news. cal train riders will no longer be able to use the hill station because it is closed for six months. the san matteo station is in east hillsdale boulevard. it is part of cal train and san matt matteo's 25th avenue grade separation project. crews will raise the tracks and lower the road to improve safety for both drivers and pedestrians as well as reduce traffic
7:37 am
congestion. the closure, the trains will stop at bellmont stag the closure. still to come on today in the bay, is it a sign of what's to come? the announcement from roger goodell. sports is next.
7:38 am
7:39 am
nfl training facilities are on the verge of reopening. roger goodell says clubs could open the door starting tuesday. however, teams may only do so if safety protocols are met and if they are permitted to do so under their state and local regulations. the 49ers of course will not be among them. california's shelter at home order is still in place. the niners will likely train in a neighboring state like arizona. nascar is making a comeback this weekend. the real heroes 400 will pay tribute to front line workers. it is the first race in two
7:40 am
months. yesterday footage of crews setting up in south carolina. but there still will be no fans in the stands. the race teams will all show up at staggered times tomorrow to be screened for virus symptoms. teams who don't follow the strie strict guidelines could get fined. >> that fan interaction and energy is not going to be there. they will have to find that somewhere else within themselves, their team, the crew chief. it will be a weird experience. >> celebrations will be different as well. family and friends are not allowed on the track. >> it's 7:40. coming up, medical offices are looking to reopen. but how could covid-19 impact your next trip to the dentist? some dental hygienists raising red flags about how to clean teeth safely. enjoy today's dry and cloudy saturday because we are tracking rain for your sunday forecast.
7:41 am
plus, i'll have the dog walking forecast and your work from home forecast coming up. stay with us. the weather's perfect...
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family is all together and we switched to geico; saved money on our boat insurance. how could it get any better than this? dad, i just caught a goldfish! whoa! it's pure gold. we're gonna be rich... we're gonna be rich!
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it only gets better when you switch and save with geico. good saturday morning. it is 7:43, and it's a little cloudy. i have binks here. it was taking a nap. he woke up just for this forecast for you guys. it's a little cloudy. we are going to see temperatures fairly comfortable through the afternoon. i will get to those rain chances in a second. highs for this afternoon will be in the 60s for the coastline and for the bay. 75 degrees down through the south bay. we're talking 70s for oakland. 75 for concord. and we will be seeing a little bit of sunshine. but as we head in towards the afternoon, it will become much cloudier. here is the reason why. satellite radar, that activity just off the coast. this system is going to be moving in overnight, bringing rain first to sonoma county areas and up through the north
7:44 am
bay. as i zoom in a little closer, you can see we're still seeing cloudy conditions now. but i want to take you through the hour by hour outlook because this really showcases when that rain is expected to move in. so notice in the time bar right up above sunday, right around midnight -- not sunday. saturday in through sunday. initially some rain in through sonoma county by 10:00, 11:00 tonight. right around midnight, all that good enough we'll start to notice some rain. so heading in through about 12:00 we're talking noon, maybe lunch hour, we will start to notice some shower activity. san jose and a lot of areas in the south bay will fall through a lot of that rain shadow. not expected to see as much rain. higher rain totals in the mountain areas. we're also expecting sierra snow. we will keep the chance of showers all through sunday into monday. but a winter storm watch will be in place tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. until tuesday night for the
7:45 am
sierra. so expect to see some dangerous travel up through there. for whatever essential reason you have to be there, please check the travel conditions because here is a closer look at that seven day forecast. we'll keep with the chance of seeing snow. again, that's winter storm watch will remain in place until tuesday. temperatures will be in the 40s. we're talking 20s overnight lows. san francisco rain forecast 61 degrees. tomorrow nice cooling there. by tuesday, wednesday and thursday, the return of some high pressure in the area. that's going to dry us out and warm us up again. so we will see that rain. stick around for tomorrow. enjoy. it will be comfortable and cool. is your pet loving you being home? i love you guys sharing all your photos. that little catch with the kitty. there goes meatloaf. you may recognize him from last weekend.
7:46 am
he was a coder. last weekend he did yoga. now we have bird watching balls there. then we got dude in the corner. i want today bu bink's dog walking forecast. now he's taking a little bit of a nap. maybe i can turn the camera. there he is. we have today bu your dog walking forecast! we will be in the 50s early on. partly cloudy. by 11:00, 50s, 60s. i don't know if you guys can see. am i up on the screen? i'm not sure. >> yes. he's beautiful. >> i promised him a snack. so now i got to get him a snack. >> all right. well, enjoy your snack. thanks. still ahead, if you have an upcoming dental appointment, we investigate the risks of covid-19 in the dental office next. and... let's get started.
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(music fades in) hey! -hi! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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nobody really loves going to the dentist and it is particularly unnerving high. dental offices are high risk environments for spreading the virus. while many dentists are setting up strong safety protocols, our investigative team has been hearing from some dental hiworks who are worried about returning back to work before it's safe.
7:50 am
>> reporter: sara has been taking care of people's teeth for a decade. during the shout down she never expected to get this text from her boss. >> you have a full schedule so i will see you tomorrow. is there enough ppe. >> reporter: through the text, her boss said these are recommendations, not mandates and it really seems like you are not comfortable. i will look for a replacement. she is one of several high beginists saying they received similar ultimatums from their employees. her boss says he did have proper ppe but it wasn't clear he had a thorough safety plan to cope with possible procedures in the dental office. there is something called the ultrasonic scaler that removes tartar and shoots particles into the air that dental experts say can stick around in the room for hours. >> everything we do in dentistry
7:51 am
creates aerosols. >> so if you had an hour appointment and that first appointment generates aerosol that is infected, are the next two patients now in harm's way. >> reporter: the virus causing covid-19 can survive for hours, even days according to a team of researchers. fear of cross infection is compounded by oftentimes conflicting guidelines. >> counties are saying one thing. states are saying another. the federal government is saying something else. >> reporter: in april, the california department of public health released guidance about resuming california's health care about services. it was vague and even after the department provided more specific guidelines, problems persisted. >> each dental office works separately. they're kind of deciding where
7:52 am
they feel that they fall within the guidelines. >> open a little bigger. >> reporter: in san francisco, changes to her office to keep workers and her patients safe. she's installed barriers and stocked up on ppe and shows us what staff probably look like to patients before covid and after. >> it's still the same person underneath. >> reporter: dr. laura's office isn't performing cosmetic or most routine procedures right now, but she is seeing patients for urgent pain or underlying conditions. >> this is where us dentists have the liberty to use judgment. >> reporter: dr. laura says she would never resume cleanings or other nonemergency proceedings until she's confident it is fortune management suggests dental assistants may have a different motivation for staying home telling us they are refusing to go back to work because of their increased pay on unemployment. we brought this concern. >> that is a fair question.
7:53 am
this is not an extended vacation. i miss my job. i miss my patients. they're like family. but i will not go back until i can look them in the eye and tell them they're safe in what they're doing. >> i have a family to go to. my staff has a family to go to. the patients have a family to go to. i have a responsibility not just to the patients but to the country to really flatten this curve. >> reporter: dentists say it is important people feel safe about going to the dentist. if your dental health suffers, your overall health suffers. preventative dental care can resume as long as guidelines are followed. still ahead on today in the bay, no in person ceremony, but a celebration nonetheless. the video game graduation going the video game graduation going on at cal today. on the front lines
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