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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 29, 2020 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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death of george floyd. i'm sorry? >> you're under arrest. >> okay. will you tell me why i'm under arrest, sir? >> right now at 4:30, breaking news. fiery protests across the twin cities in minnesota overnight over the death of george floyd. protesters set a police station on fire as they clash with police. next, a live report on the tense situation still playing out right now including the live on-air arrest of a tv news crew. a very good, busy friday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. right now we want to go to
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vianey arana right now this morning -- let's go to kari first with a look at the forecast for you. kari? we're both here, yes. this morning we're starting out with some cooler temperatures and some fog as we get a look at our temperature trend in san jose, expect it to start out in the upper 50s and we'll see it making it into the mid-70s as we go late morning into the afternoon. it's going to be much cooler today. big relief coming our way with our high temperatures in the upper 70s in san jose, low 80s in antioch and for the north bay we're in the upper 80s. 78 degrees in napa, though. we'll talk more about this and even a chance of rain in our weekend forecast coming up in a few minutes. vianey, you're tracking the roads, and how is it looking for the early morning commuters? good morning. well, now we're doing overnight there was a deadly crash along westbound 80 at university avenue. there was a sig alert but now it appears as of 4:15 chp is
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reporting all lanes are currently open, which is great news because that hopefully slowed things down. unfortunately, it was a fatality, and we're going to continue to monitor this. so far it does not look like it's affecting any of the roads in terms of any back yums ups o bridge times. you're looking at about seven minutes to the san mateo bridge, 11 minutes, and it is friday. we should be seeing friday light commute for hopefully the rest of the morning. back to you. >> yes, we hope so. we'll check back with you. 4:32. back to our breaking news in minneapolis police are still out in full force after a chaotic night. some of it the most intense that we've seen. at one precinct it was set on fire. protesters again taking to the streets outraged over the death of george floyd, still no arrests. boy, was it a busy one last night, bob.
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>> reporter: well, and this morning as well, laura. just over an hour ago minnesota state police arrested a cnn crew covering the protest and what cnn called a violation of their journalist first amendment rights. the police say they disobeyed an order to clear the streets. here is a portion of what happened during the arrest which was captured live on the cable network. >> put us back where you want us. we are getting out of your way. just let us know. wherever you want us, we will go. we are just getting out of your way when you were advancing through the intersection. just let us know and we've got you. and this is the scene here playing out in minneapolis. this is part of the advanced police presence we saw come over the course of really minutes when local police showed up at the fire department -- or with the fire department, i should
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say, on the building we showed you that was burning. this is among the state patrol unit that was advancing off the street scattering the protesters at that point for people to clear the area. and so we walked away. i'm sorry? >> you're under arrest. >> okay. will you tell me why i'm under arrest, sir? why am i under arrest, sir? >> we're on the air with cnn. we are being arrested live on cnn. >> reporter: cnn reported their network president spoke with the governor of minnesota. the governor deeply apologizes for the arrest. the governor says it's totally unacceptable and inadvertent and cnn had every right to be there, and the governor is working to get the journalists released. cnn is questioning why their black reporter was arrested while their white reporter who was in the area was not
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arrested. last night protesters made their way into the third precinct of the minneapolis police department and ignited several fires. they targeted the building after george floyd died in custody of officers on monday. a police spokesman says the building was cleared of staff shortly after 10:00 local time. no serious injuries reported last night. 500 members of the national guard have been deployed. the mayor of minneapolis says those soldiers are protecting critical infrastructure for citizens like banks, grocery stores and pharmacies. there were peaceful protests here in the bay area last night. another one planned for tonight in oakland. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> all right, very visual there. stay with nbc news for the very latest on these protests. coming up in 30 minutes we'll have a live report from washington, d.c., with more on the president's response. now to the pandemic and a north bay sheriff defying state orders. sonoma county sheriffs says starting monday the department will no longer enforce the county's stay-at-home order.
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in a statement the sheriff says the curve has been flattened and testing has verified infection rates in his county are under control. supervisors blasting this move. the board tweeting out, quote, while we acknowledge the community's frustration with the situation and a desire to return to some normalcy, the sheriff's message had an unfortunate effect on creating confusion in our community, end quote. the santa rosa police chief says that mask requirements will be enforced within city limits. california schools are really starting to learn what kind of limits may be in place when schools possibly reopen across the state. "the chronicle" actually obtained a preliminary draft in the superintendent's office. the governor has not yet finalized. some public school guidelines include everyone must keep six feet away from each other, separation at all times. isolating groups of students all day, even at recess.
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teachers must wear masks. schools need to provide new hand washing stations as well. and meals will be served and eaten in classrooms. the nurse for san jose's alum rock says they are brain storming how to make the changes while facing possible budget cuts. >> we are forming committees to discuss each one of these guidelines. we will then be submitting our recommendations to the public health department and also the county office of education. >> the district has more than 9,000 students and even before the pandemic leaders were looking at $8 million in cuts. well, next monday, june 1st, means major changes in san francisco. >> every single day i'm fighting to give you more. >> from sitdown restaurants and hair salons to san francisco giants. mayor breed is laying out the specifics for what can reopen and when.
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"today in the bay" takes a closer look at the reopening plan. >> reporter: sewing hasn't stopped during the coronavirus shutdown. shoppers will be able to check out these one of a kind creations in person in a matter of weeks. san francisco's mayor london breed unveiled plans to begin reopening more of the city in phases. >> we actually have good news and we actually have a guide for what san francisco will look like as we begin to envision a new normal. >> reporter: most indoor retail shopping can resume june 15th. frances wolf says it feels like people are ready. >> i did have my door open today and a lot of people popped their heads in, so i'm hopeful. >> reporter: she's waiting for guidelines from the city but plans to approach reopening cautiously. >> i was imagining one person at a time. it's a small shop. >> reporter: june 15th is a big day for restaurants. that's when they can begin outdoor dining service.
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>> i mean, it's better than what we have now which is just takeout. to have some diners outside would be great. great for us, gre >> reporter: restaurants with patios will adjust seating for social distancing welcoming customers and a small sense of normalcy back to san francisco. >> we're just looking forward to what's next. we're ready. >> reporter: jean elle, "today in the bay." 4:39 for you that morning and coming up on "today in the bay," more signs of normalcy. costco bringing back a crowd favorite, maybe even the reason some people go there. how soon they plan to serve it up. and still ahead, joe biden setting a deadline to announce his vp pick. much more news ahead. 4:39. you're watching "today in the bay."
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because at best foods, we're on the side of food. may contain disodium distyrylbiphenyl disulfonate. yeah... i don't know either. switch to seventh generation. clean clothes, no unnecessary chemicals. cooling already under way as we see fog moving in and we start out this morning with temperatures in the low 50s as we are going to have a cooler afternoon. i'm excited about the rain, but i bet those commuters are a little concerned. we have friday light traffic. all the drive times and what the roads are looking like. another look at that coming up.
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i'm frank holland at cnbc headquarters. wall street is set to open up lower as investors react to rising tensions. stocks slipped in the final hour after president trump said he would hold a press conference today to announce actions against china. the dow breaking a two-day winning streak but still on pace for its best week since early april. also in focus today reports on manufacturing. construction spending and auto sales. the announcement made during the quarterly earnings call yesterday with executives targeting a mid-june return due to safety concerns over the spread of covid-19. the club operator isn't giving many details. shoppers will not be able to go and pick up a sample with their
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fingers. some big video game news, the madden franchise will be a part of the video game universe. owners have approved an extension of their deal with electronic art. the nfl and ea had a relationship for 30 years. the current contract was set to expire after the 2021 season. the new exclusive deal runs through 2026. more than 330 million hours of madden have been played since it was released last august. large increases in game play during the past few months. people are stuck at home. madden nfl 21 will come out in early august with the first looks of the game coming next week. long lines at your local game store. kari hall, back over to you. >> my husband will probably be in that line. right now at 4:44 we are starting out with a look live right now in the tri-valley as we check out dublin and our temperature trend today. we are going to start out with some upper 50s but then some low fef 70s.
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and a good friday morning to you. taking a live look out at the golden gate bridge. can't tell it's the golden gate bridge. fog is certainly in effect this morning but, yes, we are here on a friday. that's the good thing about it all. 4:47 this morning. >> and monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, too. the weather may be cooling off a little bit as you well
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know, beaches may still be popular destination. pacifica anticipating reopening beach parking lots tomorrow and for now for visitors remains in effect. but city leaders are waiting for county restrictions to be loosened to some degree today. beach parking in half moon bay and the nearby coastline are expected to reopen. >> it would. it would indeed. >> kari? the fog that we were seeing at the golden gate bridge will thinger throughout much of the day and the weekend with some storms moving in so it's probably not the best beach weekend as we take a live look outside. you can see that there are some low clouds and fog right there on the horizon and that's something we'll be watching as we go into today with some
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cooler temperatures. take a look at our highs for this afternoon, a lot of changes here and we'll still have a wide range in temperatures with low 60s in half moon bay, but you head up to ukiah where it will reach up to 88 degrees today. the fog moving in to santa rosa keeps it cooler there and we'll see in antioch today a high of 83 degrees. that was after hitting 100 yesterday. so as we go into the weekend we're going to start to see these clouds moving in today. by tomorrow morning we'll wake up to scattered showers. there will be the chance that as the storm system approaches we may have some thunderstorms and lightning especially for the north bay and parts of the east bay and that mostly happens in the morning. in the afternoon these little cells may be popping up that could produce thunderstorms mostly once again for the north bay and the east bay. some lighter showers, a very unusual storm system for this time of year. at the end of may we're starting
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to dry out, and so we're looking at a model showing us we could see about a tenth of an inch of rain, maybe higher further to the north with ukiah reaching up to 0.3 of an inch of rain. much needed if the storm could possibly bring some lightning and then as we look at the rest of the forecast the chance of rain comes in tomorrow. sunday we're still nice and cool but the clouds will linger. next week it gradually warms up as we head back into the low to mid-80s next week. vianey, you've been tracking that morning fog. how could that affect the drive this morning? >> whenever it comes to visibility, always a concern. i did see chp issue a fog advisory for the golden gate bridge and a wind advisory for some of the bridges. so far we're doing okay, crashes that have now cleared.
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an idea when it comes to the toll plaza, there was an earlier crash but that was along westbound 80 not affecting that at all. just a couple. hopefully we won't see any metering lights. we should see friday light commute. a live look at san jose along 280. that's doing fantastic as well, no reports of any crashes there. but getting over to my traffic maps i did just see what looks to be a pop-up along 580 in the tri-valley. i am going to go look into that and see what that's about. hopefully it's not causing any major delays. a closer look on that and another update coming up shortly. back to you. sounds good. we'll check back with you. some bay area churches are planning to reopen this week. that would be defying local health orders. this week governor newsom
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actually laid out his plans, his guidelines, for the reopening of places of worship. they can only hold 25% of capacity up to 100 parishioners. so far no bay area counties have gone that far. 1,000 passengers thretors thread services. the first state to renege on its reopening plan after confirming cases there jumped fourfold. they have not reported a single coronavirus case until one week ag has a population of 30,000. since last week the number of cases jumped to five, all from the person initially affected. businesses that recently reopened have now shut down for seven days. meanwhile just east of lake county all restrictions have been lifted in colusa county.
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about 20,000 live in that county and just five confirmed cases with no hospitalizations. two northern california lawmakers are betting on legalized sports waging to recoup massive budget losses. two-thirds of the senate and assembly would have to approve it. first california faces a $54 billion deficit. moving on to decision 2020 and presumptive democratic nominee joe biden says he hopes to actually pick a running mate by august 1st, about two weeks ahead of the convention. the former vice president said his campaign has now interviewed everyone on his short list. biden will likely select a female running mate. kamala harris and elizabeth warren are among those on his short list. 4:53 right now. coming up next on nbc bay area,
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nbc bay area responds. >> reporter: profiteers are looking to profit on covid-19. now a federal sweep is under way. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. you'll want to hear about the counterfeit bleach next. happening now a zookeeper attacked by two lions is in critical condition in australia this morning. police outside of sydney say that the 35-year-old woman was cleaning the enclosure when the cats mauled her. the crew lifted her -- airlifted her to the hospital. the zoo has been closed since march 25th due to australia's lockdown rules. more for you right after the break. 4:54. we're here for you and we're open. wow.
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when covid 19 first broke out various law enforcement agencies banded together, operation stolen promise tell us they've already gotten 14 search warrants, seized $3.2 million in elicit proceeds, arrested nine people and made 419 coronavirus-related ezurs. at sfo a shipment from japan called virus shutout confiscated, feds say, because its safety hasn't been evaluated and isn't registered with the u.s. government. the manufacturer didn't respond to us. at the mexican border 900 bottles of counterfeit clorox intercepted filled with bleach so diluted agents said it was ineffective. at airports agents impounded these imports from the uk. agents say the vials are fake covid-19 test kits. >> we don't know the quality control, if they could harm someone, or could give someone a false sense of security. maybe the test says they're negative but they may have the
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virus. >> reporter: federal agents say operation stolen promise is continuing. if you have a tip for them we've added links to our website. go to then click responds from the main menu. ahead on "today in the bay," a live report with the latest on the expansion of bay area testing sites that makes it as easy as driving up to a window. and a live look right now in minneapolis. reporter gabe gutierrez there with a sea of law enforcement behind him. this is after massive protests overnight in minneapolis. we're going to have more of that coming up in a live report. you're watching "today in the bay." a t-v news crew arrested l
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this morning - in the middle of protests in minneapolis.. rage and anger boiling over once again with if you're just tuning in, you are watching our correspondent being arrested. >> right now at 5:00, breaking news. a tv news crew arrested live this morning in the middle of protests in minneapolis. and rage and anger boiling over once again with protesters setting an entire police station on fire. next, a live report on how the president is responding this morning. breaking news overnight, first good morning to you and thanks so much for joining us on this friday morning. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. much more on that breaking news in a moment. first, get you caught up on the forecast today. meteorologist kari hall has been tracking that and, kari, finally that


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