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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  June 1, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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also with us, raj. >> had is a pandemic of a different kind of social justice and racial relations that many people this is more damaging and destructive than the covid pandemic, and an honest assessment from one of the bay area has highest profile black athletes. >> let's take to you walnut creek. breaking news there. hundreds of protesters shutting down 680 in the last 30 minutes or so. >> yeah, and terry mcsweeney watch withed it go down. we saw an s.w.a.t. truck, tear gas. what is the situation now? p. >> reporter: please have gotten the upper hand. you hear sirens. they have cleared protestors off the northbound 680. the protestors them.
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they blocked, sat down. there were limited confrontations. nothing terribly violent, a little pushing. but mainly, they came out, had their way, and shut down 680 north bound, and probably as a precaution in case they came over the barrier. police began to get masks out here. fired flash bangs, tear gas fired as well. people back up the onramp they had come down. they wasn't back up there, and some people proceeded to go southbound, walking along the side in the northbound lanes. i mentioned a vehicle's windows smashed. one vehicle we saw, a suv, had a window smashed by a protestor. i did not see anybody arrested for that. i did see smoke out here. tear gas and the four or five flash bangs to get the pro
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protesto protestors' attention. let them know that the chp, and waln walnut police and others meant business. looks like they able to reopen 680 any minute now. >> yothank you, this is not the only unrest we have seen. this is the largest one we have seen today. thousands gathering in oakland high school that is on broadway. this is an organize prod test put together by the students. let's take you live. that crowd now marching towards oakland police headquarters. it was very clear when the mess an went out that it wous going to be a peaceful protest. the letter that went out to -- urging people to join them, sbrt students, urged everyone to come and be civil, cannot unrest, and the headquarters right now. >> over on the peninsula, they
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first started and went up to university avenue. and triggered a major backup, and officers were able to detain a couple of them and two others ran off. terrific is now back to normal. again, traffic was at a stand still for about one hour. >> the east bay, dublin, dozens marching the streets until the police station in dublin. they took a knee near the security fence and dozens of protestors blocking the interaction there, holding signs and chanting. >> this walmart closed down early today and put wooden pallets in front of its doors to keep potential looters out tonight. >> several bay area cities have curfews, today, 6:00, started three minutes ago, pleasant
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hill, 7:00 p.m. most other cities begin at 8:00 pin. including san francisco, oakland, santa clara and san jose. we have curfews in alameda county that begins at 8:00. >> stay at home. that is the oakland mayor libby schaaf. melissa colorado is live outside the headquarters. we have been tracking the protestors coming towards you. the goal is toend end up the at police station. >> reporter: right here at 7th and broadway in front of the headquarters. they are peaceful demonstrators. we are talking about well over 1,000 peaceful the demonstrators who are making their way down bredway. this a youth-led protest. a lot of young adults, a lot of teenagers from oakland tech high school. i saw the flyer that was shared on instagram. i said no destruction.
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wear masks. stay six feet apart. but one all the people start coming down here to 7th and broadway, you have to imagine protestors are all going to pack together. so what just happened in the last couple minutes, pd created a barrier, a buffer zone between them and the peaceful demonstrators. it's a ten minute drive from oakland tech high school down here to the oakland pd headquarters. that is where they are stationed, they are ready. we know that multiple agencies from across the bay area are helping out tonight. i saw a squad car from are san mateo county as well. more than 50 volunteers. they brought out their own broom,ing and detergent, and wash cloth to scrub out graffiti. demonstrators packed their cars
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and took part in a caravan protest. they signed light for essential workers and victims of police brutality. it made it to oakland's trueville neighborhood where protestored demanded an end to police brutality. >> we're being slaughtered and it has to stop. it has to stop. >> some people can do what they did last night. come of us can to do. it's a balance. >> and overnight, vandals targeted small businesses in east oakland, ranging from known stores to jewelry shops. i can tell you the police officerers have helmets, batons, they have cuffs in case they have to take anyone in custody. this is where we with expect the connection between the police and protestors making their way down broadway. they're going to be here any
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minute now, in front of the oakland pd headquarters. back to you. >> thank you. now to san jose. tonight, the curfew is set for 8:30. you have seen the scenes for days now, vandalism, looting. it turns out the vandals are not the only ones under the microscope tonight. robert handa from downtown. we are talking ability the attention on the behavior of the lawbreakers and police as well. >> reporter: well that's right, and the confrontational attitude is already starting to build and you can see behind me right know, the san jose police has just arrived here and they have moved the protestors down the street. think are partial blocking lanes and they are moving the crowd back. and it does designed to ease the tension and you can see, many protestors here say it will make things worse.
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>> peace proful protestors line in san jose city hall today, that many object to. >> the curfew is to keep people fighting for their rights. that's it. we have a right. >> reporter: however, many protestors said that they thauns vandals forced the curfew. >> i want my city safe. >> reporter: anyone with a legitimate reason to be out will not the be arrested. >> i know they said it's a seven-day order. i expect it will be fully lifted adds soon as we have a seen that things are calmed down. >> reporter: but many protestors say they have skeptical, and
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relished the idea of firing to the crowd. >> i'm glad he is put on desk duty and is not on the street. think is an individual i would have a concern policing the east side of san jose. >> reporter: as you can see, the situation heres a escalated a bit with san jose police arriving on the scene to corral the protestors in front of city hall. again, the deadline is approaching. are still a couple hours left. the tension seems to get a little stronger between the two sads and we will find out probably around 8:30 whether the planned curfew will do what it's intended to do. >> all right, today, president trump had had combative words
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for the nation's governors to use force to take back the streets. not every governor agreed. let's bring in raj mathai. an emotional message from governor newsom. >> matching the emotion of so many of us. it's difficult to bro sess what is going on, regardless of the color of your skin. there is an anecdote, don't worry about the symptoms, you have to worry about the illness. the symptoms is the violence, the looting, and the illness is social inequality. we have been following this march from oakland tech high school. peaceful, very peaceful the as we have seen from most of the marches. right now, you see thousands of people gathered around and perhaps the next stop, now to city hall. the next stop is over to oakland
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pd headquarters where melissa colorado is reporting from. back to the governor now, the social unrest is more pressing than the k0e6d pandemic. >> we have to own up to very difficult things. the black community is not responsible for what is happening in the country rye now. we are. we are. our institutions are responsible. we are accountable to this moment. people have lost patience because they haven't seen progress. so if you're out there saying people need to be patient, consider people have lost patience for a reason. . they have been told that over and over and over again. those of you who are out there, protesting, i want to you know you matter. and i want to you know i care. we care. i don't want to just can
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democr demonstrate that rhetorically. i want to you know that have a unique responsibility that prove it to you. you lost patience. so have i. you are right to feel wronged. >> losing patience is a big theme here. again, for years and decades we have seen the same type of protests. can anything be done? we will check in with president obama later in the news cast. his guide lance how to make change. back to you. >> thank you. up next, easing restrictions. what you will soon be able to do in santa clara county. >> do the police departments need to have neck rere -- restraint during an arrest are. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. we will show you when 100 degree up temperatures return and a check of the reservoirs in about seven minutes.
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today oscar award winner this is over oakland right now. this is our nbc bay area sky ranger. and telling you about a protest demonstration put together by students of oakland tech high. it's headed over to the oakland police department. it looks like a good 11,000 demonstrators there in oakland. again, with we will continue to monitor this. very peaceful so far. no signs of any hostility or anything else. we will keep you posted on it. >> star power in san francisco. oscar winner jamie foxx rallied outside city hall. ♪ no weapons against me
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>> foxx along with hundreds of peaceful protestors took a knee to honor george floyd and many black lives lost and to protest police brutality. >> there has to be a deterrent. if that kman be handcuffed and he can sit on his neck for so long, and he is not afraid of what is going to happen. we have to change the language. >> foxx also had a message for his hollywood friends. he said it's not enough to tweet or text. you have to get out there. the the protests are in response to a minneapolis police officer with his knee on george floyd's neck. now, a handful of videos depicting other officers using similar tactics have surfaced. one of the cases here in the bay area. candace wen reached out to find out if it's a common practice.
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>> reporter: the the video of derek chauvin using his knee to restrain george floyd is similar to other videos. one of them is ans dent involves san francisco police. you see an sf police officer with her knee on his neck. after the cell phone video circulated over the weekend, san francisco police released the body camera footage showing more of the incident. we spoke to mike nevin from the department's force optics unit. does san francisco police policy allow for an officer to use a knee on the neck to restrain them? >> no, what i saw on the video in minneapolis, minnesota, was horrific. >> reporter: san francisco police chief invited the dependent's police
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accountability to investigate the arrest. our investigative unit reached tout other agencies throughout the bay area. they tell us they do not allow their officers to place knees on necks to retrain someone. these agencies did not get back to someone for the report. san jose says our policies can not cover every situation. a handful of agencies have pressure applied to someone's artery. they say officers' knees should not allow for that. they haven't been allowed since 2016. >> san to ta clara county starting this friday, you will be able to eat outside in a restaurant, shop inside a score,
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swim in a local pool or attend religious services outside with restrictions. scott budman on what is about to open in santa clara county. >> these local artists are with permission spray painting the outside of bill's coffee near san jose state. they can decorate outside but they haven't been able to dine alfresco in months. they will change. santa clara county is about to loosen its shelter in place order. allowing for indoor shopping, child care, summer camp, outdoor religious worship and dining. >> i'm looking forward to seeing dogs, their doses of the day. i'm excited. >> some say they are ready to spread their social wings a little -- >> i do miss it. i like going out and dining. >> others say it feels early with so many covid cases
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reported. and some worry the masks cut down on romantic dining. >> i do want to do it baaut i don't think it's going to be the same for us having to sit in a restaurant and we have to wear a mask. >> there are limits to the number of people who can gather for outdoor dining or church surfaces. it's 25 people at a time. children, school, summer camp, groups of 12. in san jose, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> let's get a check of the forecast. people start to dineo outdoors. jeff ranieri, it's going to warm up. >> today was very comfortable outside. we had sunshine. we had 70s, a few 80s and vently here, it's going to get uncomfortable. let's get to you the live sky network. we have clouds outside. if you are headed out for dinner on the back porch, you have the table set up and umbrella.
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we have a high of 79, down to 75. perfect out there right now for front or the backyard, and cooling off to the 60s as we hit 9:00, 10:00, and 11:00. a cooler breeze on the way that will be nice for you. tomorrow, it will be a big jump. 10 to 15 degrees hotter. so in san jose, instead of the 79 we had today for the high, we are going up to 94 degrees and some of the hortest west will be over to concord and and antioch. and tomorrow, we have the heat warning in effect for wednesday. the north and east and south bay looking at temperatures of 75 and a few low 100 degree readings. plen plenty of water wednesday. and we have big changes. the seven-day forecast. friday and sad. wingd picks up, temperatures in the 70s and sunday, we not yet
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rainfall off to the north. with the most recent heat, i am hering fr hearing from a lot of you. you want though know about the reservoirs and the statewide levels, we are doing good here despite the lack of storms, much of southern california, 110% of normal. coming up, rain moving in california on sunday and i will show you how close it's going to get to the bay area. see new 25 minutes. >> okay, thank you, jeff. still to come, a call to action. how president obama thinks we can make this moment a turning point to bring change. raj mathai rejoins us.
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want to take another look at the nbc bay area sky ranger. a live look at oakland. it is a powerful site. thousands of people. it started at oakland tech high school. we told thaw, many of the people down below are students at oakland tech high school. it leads us to former president
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obama. he said today it will be up to the younger people to implement miningf mi meaningful change. we have seen the protests for years. the question now, what can be done to actually make change. the former president outlined his vision in an essay he released today. throughout american history, protesting is vital because it's an uncomfortable spotlight on elected officials and it does prompt change. the president and former president suggest that keep up the protests and also be a part of the politics. get out and vote, especially in the local and state elections. that is where the real change comes regarding police chiefs and district attorneys. he adds the peaceful protestors should be respected and supported and not condemned. here is one thing that is different from the previous protests we have seen in years past. the face covering, the face masks. that has prompted a reality
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check for a lot of african-americans and people of color, including richard sherman of the 49ers. echoing what a lot of high profile blacks are showing, and sherman, a stanford alum, tweeted this. it's curious the way i'm treated in public when i have a mask on. when i wear a mask, i feel the tension i have felt since i was a child. i can feel the look i of people who assume i'm a threat. when the mask comes off, suddenly, i'm not a threat. it's difficult for a lot of the people. e we heard governor newsom and our friends, and for all of us regardless of the color of your skin. >> thank you, raj. >> so true. >> up next, 6:30, conflicts autopsy reports.
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george floyd's family releases its own investigation as they call for an end to violence. vowing to stop the lawlessness. president trump threatens states that don't stop looters.
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>>. >> i want to give you a live look at the crowd of thousands of protestors who made their way through the streets of oakland. they started off at oakland tech high school. this group organized by students and joined by thousands of others. that made it down broadway and are now at the plaza where they
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stopped for the moment. the bart stations at 12th and 19th on broadway have now been shutdown. those are the two bart stations that basically are on either side of the city center there. so again, these bart stations are not open right now. they have been shutdown. this is a very peace. protest so far. people are now at the plaza. they have another intended location to go to. >> yeah, they're going to walk a half mile away to oakland police headquarters. that is where we can find melissa colorado with an update. melissa? >> reporter: we are starting to see more activity at opd headquarters. we just saw that hers parked right there. you can guess what the symbolism
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is there. we are waiting for the hundreds and thousands of protestored that started the peaceful demonstration, a ten minute drive from here, mayor their way to opd headquarters and we know they have assembled at frank play plaza, at city hall. we know this is a youth-led protest. i saw the flyer on instagram, and it clearly said, wear masks, maintain six feet of social distancing, and this was key, no destruction. so again, just reiterating, had is a peaceful dem station. opd, they are ready for them. they have created a barrier. and the multiple police agencies, and you see that tactical vehicle right there. and again, the opd officers waiting right outside, and it has -- and they have the plastic
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ties ready just in case they have to take any demonstrators, and again, we are waiting for a thousand demonstrators to march peaceful thely down broadway, and wait withing here, the black hearse that just pulled up. and we will see the demonstrators make their way to opd headquarters. >> thank you so much. and also in the east bay, protests in walnut creek from downtown to interstate 680. and protestors blocked traffic on the interstate from north main street, facing off with police. there are a couple hundred there, officers started using tear gas, just before 6:00 p.m., and most of the demonstrators moved through the cars, and one saw them smash the car window, one driver stuck in traffic, and peaceful protests on the city streets of walnut creek.
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>> tonight we have conflicting autopsy reports, as the protests continue to erupt here in the br bay area and all across the united states, and today marks one week since the death of george floyd in minneapolis. this is at the core of what is happening and reverberating across the nation. late this afternoon, floyd's family released results of their own private autopsy they paid for. >> yeah, it said that floyd died of asphyxiation. the result of a knee on his neck. this disputes the finding that says he died from under lying health conditions. the results come as protestors demonstrate in more than a dozen cities, and a fire in a park across from the white house. and several cities, extreme violence and looting broke out. today, floyd's brother break out
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in minneapolis. >> what are you doing? you're doing nothing. that is not going bring my brother back at all. >> employfloyd was standing in spot where his brother died. late this afternoon, president trump walked outside the white house to invoke the 213-year-old insurrection act. he condemned the violence and looting and saying he will use active duty soldiers to stop protestors. >> if a city or state refuses to take the actions necessary to defend the life and property of their residents, thenally deploy the united states military and quickly solve the problem for them. >> now, those comments came after earlier in the day mr. trump urged the nation's governors to get tough with the demonstrators. the president after the rose
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church holding a bible repeating he will bring in the military to quell the violence. let's bring in our nbc bay area political analyst larry gerston. let's start with the the phone call that mr. trump made to the nation's governors that said the phone call was very acromonious and ouch of it is -- is there any political part of that call? >> i think it's fair to say that everyo everything right now is political as far as the president goes. he has his eye on november 3rd. there are a couple reasons for all of this that we see right now unfolding. from the conversations he had, derating the governors to the short speech he made tonight saying he is going to bring in the military and have them do
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what the governors won't do. one of the things is that he needs to stoke the base. the base has to know and believe in what the president is doing. keeping the base involved. showing the base he is doing what he wants thome do, and there is nothing better than a few riots and people protesting for him to show the case that he is very involved and he is on their side. the second reason that he is so involved has to do with escaping from covid-19. let's remember, 105,000 people have died and more many thousands expected. and it's expected by many experts to be a national failure by the government to do anything at all. this is an attempt to run from covid-19. you put those two things together, and running from covid-19 andether he sends them another story. but saying he could, even though
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e that people question the legality of it and trump is on his way to tint it up and move to the election. >> the numbers from covid-19 could raise dramatically after we have seen the protests. let's talk about bringing active duty soldiers and putting them on the streets, and put him in charge of the protests. i mean, the spector of that is certainly frightening for many people. >> he is invoking, the president is, the resurrection act of 1807. and if you read it closely, yeah, the president can send the military to states. but what the president neglected to say is that they have to be requested by the state. the governor has to say, mr. president, we need the troops, please send them. that is a huge missing piece
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here that does not disclosed by the president. so this is a long way from happening. what is perhaps more frightening to some is that the president could declare a national emergency. if that happens, it's beyond the resurrection act. any time the president feels a country is in jeopardy, like a national outage of power a hurricane, he can declare a national emergency, temporarily. but in this case, it doesn't seem to be any of those things unfolding other than the fact that the president is not happen with the way the protests are doing and wants to politics his muscles. >> and quickly, let's talk about the tenor before the lawmakers. is there unity there or polarization? >> it's easy now. the s have been very, very quiet.
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the usual support. the usual rally around the president. we haven't seen much of that, and the temperatures and spoken up. which makes sense given their position. what is so interesting about this, it's not only the rank in congress, but also the rank among dps a among dps and republicans. there is so much between them. how the police are acting, not so good. the republicans say, they are fine. do we have equality? the democrats say no, no, the re republicans say yes. and there is a huge cassasm cha the president find within him the ability sho to show some reconciliation in a time of crisis w so much polarization,
6:40 pm
we need reconciliation. and the looting, the prepro test tors they are hurting for themselves and their country. that is what we need to call on the president to do what presidents usually do best. put out their hands to both sides and say let's find a way to make it better will we see that emp thattic note? we will see. >> we will be back.
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okay, we'll take you live over oakland. sky ranger over the scene where a large peaceful demonstration began at 4:00 p.m. today. these are the city streets of oakland. looks very quiet right now. not far from home, thousands of people at the plaza, demonstrating and loeldiholding rally to protest the death of george employed.
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this is going to move to oakland police headquarters. police on hand if it gets out of hand. you see the thousands of demonstrators and melissa colorado is at oakland police headquarters. it's a half mile away. so far, very peaceful demonstrators and of course we will have a live report at 11:00. >> let's pivot and turn things over. we saw the return of summer again after a lot of rain this weekend. >> yeah, it certainly was beautiful today. we are talking at dangerous heat. i will have full details on that coming up and a look at when rainfall will be moving through northern california. see new seven minutes.
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we are hearing a lot about contract tracing lately. health officials say it's vital to contain the virus but scammering are lining up to take vaung. let's turn to chris chmura with a warning from the federal
6:46 pm
stride commission. chris? >> if this person tests positive, the state wants to alert all the people this person contacted and offer them testing. public hoe public health just launched these public service announcement mgts. >> if you have been exposed to covid-19, here is what you will expect. you will see a worker -- >> that call is where the federal trade commission will try to find scammers. first, it's run by a new state program called california connected. callers will share health information about possible exposure. they will not ask for personal information for social security number, bank information. they are not going to charge you anything. if a contract trags caller
6:47 pm
starts asking for money, hang up and report them to county health. the state says it might send a text message or email. a real one that you can expect a call. and you might have a link to tap on. it could expose to you hacker. there are a lot more information. we put a link on our website. nbc bay back to you. >> thanks. san jose could be the next city to require masks in public regardless of social distancing. they have a proposal in all public places. it's only required if you expect to be six feet within a person. and the coronavirus relief fund and providing e eviction protection for renters. >> shablging up palo alto
6:48 pm
traffic patterns. the city is considering closing stretches of university avenue and california street thursday through sunday so restaurants can use the sidewalks and streets as open air dining rooms. it will open space to spread out tables and make it worthwhile for smaller restaurants to reopen. the majority of base owners favor the idea in a recent poll that was taken. >> a check of the weather. it's monday, midweek and starting tomorrow, we are going to see and feel the warmup. jeff? >> yeah, and it is going to get a little dangerous here. especially for those of you without air conditioning. i bring to you the microclimate forecast, it's one thing say it's going to get hot. and i hope it gets behind the story to e show where you that heat is going to be coming in from. as we start off the forecast tonight, you can see here, the dangerous heat. that is basically building in from the south.
6:49 pm
so all of this is going to be moving in as we head through the next few days and it will are keep a cooler system out here in the pacific at bay. eventually the cooler system will drop the temperatures but right now, it's the southerly surge of heat. as we move through tomorrow morning, the temperatures start to heat up. this is the best part of 2k34r5i679 69 in the trivalley, the peninsula at 66, and notice we are warming up pretty fast here in the east bay to 69. that is 6 and the north bay at 68. temperatures tomorrow, a ten to 15 degree jump from what we experienced today. so you are certainly going to notice it. in the south bay, back up to 94 in downtown san jose, 95. notice the humidity, the box on the upper left, and i put your humidity and wind speed.
6:50 pm
down to 22%. that will increase the fire danger and you will notice in your skin and hands, and lips feeling a little chapped. upper 90 fs for conditiocord, a city, it's wear to get up to 73 e degrees. and san francisco, in the 70s tomorrow. everyone in the 70s. the mission will pop up in low 80s. the north bay, napa, 96. clear lake, 96. stan rosa, 93, and a little ocean and bay breeze here. that is why you will be the most comfortable spot. plenty of things happening this week. a good fix on this and you soo see, friday, saturday, sunday, wind picks up, 15 to 35 miles per hour and temperatures will drop. and sunday, we will see rainfall north of the bay area.
6:51 pm
that cooler and windier system, by this weekend with, will drop the temperatures and bring rain to north california. the inland valleys, we go to the hottest on wednesday. up to 100 degrees and the 70s friday, saturday and sunday. let's get a closer look at the rain here. the zoomed out view and you will see on the future cast, it's real close. some of the wet weather and tahoe, snow in june. right now, it's missing us. we will keep a close eye and to the south, with we could see things change for us. the good news we have one day of the triple digits and we will get it it out of here. at least it's not seven days of 100. that will be way too much. >> thanks, jeff. still ahead, the major league baseball association came up with ways to salvage the 2020
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season. how far off is it from the team owner plan? span sports is next. look here, it's your very own all-in-one entertainment experience, xfinity x1. it's the easiest way to watch live tv and all your favorite streaming apps. and now x1 also comes with peacock. ooh la la. this rare bird lets you stream tons of movies, shows, news, sports and more. with x1, it's all at your beck and call. show me "parks and rec." see? the best really did get better! magnificent. xfinity x1 just got even better with peacock premium included for no additional cost. no strings attached.
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here's what we want everyone to do. count all the hugs you haven't given. all the hands you haven't held. all the dinners you didn't share with friends. the trips you haven't taken. keep track of them. each one means one less person vulnerable, one less person exposed, and one step closer to a healthier community. so for now, keep your distance. but don't lose count. we'll have some catching up to do.
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it is the $64,000 question. will major league baseball return this sum center maybe but an agreement has to be reached between the league and the player's association. >> this is recordedly the players proposal. 114 day regular season. the regular season ending october 31st. the biggest gap remains to be player compensation. >> sports stars across the globe have anger over the killing of george floyd. after scoring, sancho removed his shirt and written, and then
6:56 pm
another tooking a knee after scoring. it has been a tough couple days and a tough couple months that we have been in difficult times. so that has become our tradition. we want to end on something good. the seniors a huge smile stone. graduation. >> we have seen some virtual graduation ceremonies. we want to say congrats to the class of 2020. ♪ ♪ you have
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support. >> heros and moments of change. >> before you call the cops, i just want you to know. >> "ccess hollywood" focuses on the message behind the movement. >> i am ready. ♪ i just want to >> his anthem for change grows stronger. our surprise for kedron bryant when he could use one. >> is that kurt franklin?


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