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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  June 1, 2020 11:00pm-11:34pm PDT

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right now at 11:00, time to go home. that is the message law enforcement is sending to protesters across the bay area tonight. video just into the in alameda county, most of them because of violation of curfew. and tonight in san jose, police are out in full force after days of vandalism and looting, but there is quiet on
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the streets. all of this following a day of demonstrations largely peaceful but some disruptive. protesters blocking free ways in walnut creek and palo alto, calling for justice after the death of george floyd in minneapolis a week ago. we begin tonight with nbc bay area's terry mcsweeney in oakland, the city with the area's largest protest today. and, terry, really the largest number of arrests. >> reporter: yeah. 40 people arrested here in oakland tonight. the vast majority because of that curfew. a couple thing you really notice different in oakland tonight. the number of police officers, they seem to be everywhere and from a number of jurisdictions. also you notice how few people are in the streets. several dozen arrests on broadway near 14th tonight. all were in violation of the city's new 8:00 p.m. curfew. some were in violation of much more. >> after 8:00 p.m., officers were having rocks and bottles
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thrown at them, assaults against officers. we announced multiple times an unlawful assembly. >> reporter: dozens of people cited for violating curfew. oakland police say if they are seen again tonight, those cited will be arrested. this group, a very small percentage of the estimated 15,000 protesters who for hours peacefully marched the oakland streets expressing their anger at the killing of george floyd. the throng ended up outside oakland city hall. from there a splinter group headed to police headquarters only to be driven back by police. when it comes to curfews, san francisco and san jose went before oakland here in the bay area. police are happy that city officials finally did. they need a tool to help them get control of the situation. they do not like what they've seen here in oakland, the destruction over the past five nights. live in oakland, terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, terry. in an effort to curb that violence and end the looting as terry just mentioned, a number
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of bay area cities are under curfews tonight. they include every city in alameda county. you can see them listed here. most run from 8:00 p.m. through 5:00 a.m. and extend through the end of the week. tonight san francisco police made good on a curfew warning that started at 8:00 sharp. >> on the sidewalk, in the street, in the plaza, subjects will be arrested immediately if you do not disperse right now. >> anyone still outside city hall in san francisco quickly arrested. dozens if not hundreds of officers were there to enforce that curfew. most of the protesters at least in that area did heed the warning. now, it was a similar show of force in san jose although two women were arrested right after officersters in front of l that the curfew was going into effect. most of the other demonstrators went home peacefully. now, just into the newsroom, police in fairfield are asking neighbors to stay home. officers say they're dealing
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with looters at the solano town center mall. someone was able to drive construction equipment through the doors of best buy. this is a look from sky ranger that you can see. pretty much a lot of damage done there. the mall, which had been shut down during the pandemic recently just reopened its doors to shoppers. and looters broke into the hilltop mall in richmond tonight. police were able to control the situation there pretty fast. you can see that cluster of cars driving away as the police cruisers pulled in. richmond police say misinformation spread on social media that an officer had been shot at the mall. they say there was no shooting, no officer hurt. police, by the way, are still at that mall. well, late this afternoon, president trump threatened to invoke a 213-year-old act. it's called the insurrection act. the president saying he could bring in the military to deal protests, and he warned governors to get the situation under control, or he would use
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active-duty soldiers on city streets. >> if a city or state refuses to take the actions that are necessary to defend the life and property of their residents, then i will deploy the united states military and quickly solve the problem for them. >> those comments came after the president urged the nation's governors to get tough with demonstrators. that happened during a conference call earlier in the day. then the president later stood outside a church vandalized yesterday, holding up a bible, and he repeated that he would bring in the military to quell the violence. in new york city, thousands of protesters filled the streets. sections of the city have been hit hard by groups smashing windows and lighting fires. so far, more than 200 arrests there. in portland, demonstrators gathered for a fifth night in a row. the governor dispatching national guard troops to help local police. and more than 1,000 people marched through downtown sacramento. those protests ending at the
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state capitol. well, death from asphyxiation. that is how george floyd died according to a new autopsy report. floyd's family paid for a second autopsy. the report shows he died as a result of pressure from the officer's knee on his neck. this, though, disputes the finding from the coroner's report, which said floyd died from underlying health conditions. >> but for the sustained pressure on his neck and on his back, george floyd would be alive. that's the simple premise here. >> that autopsy comes as the memorial for floyd continues to grow in minneapolis. you can see there flowers, artwork, posters lining the street where he died. well, the tipping point that has fueled protests across the country is that cell phone video that showed floyd repeatedly saying he couldn't breathe as that minneapolis police officer kneed him in the neck. protesters say that it's that kind of aggressive behavior that has to change.
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and as nbc bay area's jean elle shows us, for most of them, it begins with police reforms. >> reporter: protesters call on san francisco sheriff's deputies to kneel for george floyd, expressing anger and grief over floyd's killing at the hands of minneapolis police. >> that could have been me, you know? it doesn't matter your educational background or socioeconomic status. being black, it just invokes hatred, and that's why i'm here. >> reporter: garry didn't want to tell us his last name but said floyd's killing is a tipping point that must result in police reforms to stop the killings of unarmemen. >> i'm so tired and frustrated. i just want to leave my house on a daily basis and not having to worry. i'm constantly worried in my rearview mirror. >> reporter: holding officers accountable when they break the rules will lead to change,
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shamann walton says. >> walton is introducing a resolution tomorrow, urging the board to support legislation preventing sfpd from hiring officers from other department who's have a record of excessive force. while lawmakers work to change the rules, protesters continue to speak up, demanding it. >> if nothing changes after this, we're lost. this has to stop. >> reporter: jean elle, nbc bay area news. as for protests in walnut creek, they moved from downtown streets to 680 where demonstrators blocked traffic and smashed some car windows. police eventually used tear gas to break up the crowd. in palo alto, four protesters walked right onto 101 at embarcadero, triggering a major traffic backup. the officers were able to detain a couple of them. some of the others ran off. traffic was held up, though, for about an hour. and in dublin, in the east bay,
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dozens marched through the streets until finally reaching the police station. they held signs, and they took a knee during the security fence. in the south bay, peaceful protesters marched through the streets, then ended up at san jose city hall, again demanding justice for the death of george floyd. governor newsom today urged peace amid the protests, acknowledging the pain felt across the country and the long history of what he calls institutional racism. >> you are right to feel wronged. you are right to feel the way you are feeling, and we collectively, society has a responsibility to you to be better and to do people he says are exploiting the protests to says the african community is not responsible for those acts of destruction. we invite you to stay with us for the latest on the protests. our nbc bay area sky ranger has been monitoring the situation
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above. right now there is a heavy police presence at a walgreens in oakland. this is international and 81st. we can see at least one person being taken into custody. at this point we don't know why, but of course we'll continue to monitor that situation. our other top story tonight, lifting restrictions in the hard-hit south bay. friday, santa clara county will move another step forward. a new health order will allow outdoor dining and indoor retail shopping. but there's some other notable activities still not on the list. nbc bay area's ian cull has more. >> reporter: with each passing day of the pandemic, the anticipation of normalcy grows. and now some relief in the south bay. santa clara county has a revised order allowing outdoor dining starting friday. >> i'm ready. i'm past ready. just sitting out there and relaxing, especially now that summer is coming. >> reporter: at john's in willow glen, they're renovating.
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>> i want my customers to come and enjoy. >> reporter: the customers have been calling in asking if they could just sit outside and eat. friday, they can. >> everybody's waiting for that. waiting for that and they'll be very happy to come and enjoy the patio. >> reporter: also allowed under the new order, in-store retail, all manufacturing, outdoor religious, cultural, and civic activities of 25 people or less, and child care and summer programs for groups of up to 12 children, all with social distancing requirements. nails and hair salons are not allowed to open yet. county supervisor cortese says he expects more will be lifted after another 14-day incubation period if the numbers stay flat. >> the pattern now is every week or two we are getting an opportunity to lift shelter in place more and more. they told us it would be gradual, but i think we all want it to be gradual, safe, but to keep coming, and today's a good sign. >> reporter: the county says it is encouraging that testing is
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increasing and the positivist rate is going down. hospitalizations also remain low. in san jose, ian cull, nbc bay area news. it turns out san jose could be the next city to require masks in public regardless of social distancing. the city council is set to vote on a proposal that would require masks in all public places. currently a mask is only required if you expect to be within six feet of another person or if you need to go inside a business or an office. now let's take a look at the latest numbers. alameda county continues to be a hot spot with 80 new cases since yesterday. san mateo county added 61, and santa clara county, 29. ahead, looking for answers to put an end to violent interactions with police. we investigate how well bay area police departments reflect the diversity of the communities they serve. and the protests getting bigger but the pandemic isn't over. one thing bay area health departments are telling all protesters to do.
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i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri tracking a major surge in temperatures. when those 100s return and then a big change for the upcoming weekend. i'll have it for you in about eight minutes.
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well, of course we're continuing to follow the breaking news for you. a long list of bay area cities are under curfew tonight. this is new video from san francisco. police have now set up barricades around union square to prevent people from driving in. last night they arrested nearly 90 people for violating the curfew. tonight you can see the streets are virtually empty. now, some believe that hiring a more diverse police force is one way to reduce the likelihood of any type of officer misconduct. tonight senior investigative bigad shaban has more on the research and tells us whether our local police departments actually look like the communities they're sworn to protect and serve.
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>> my name is rob davis, and i'm a former chief of police in san jose, california. >> reporter: the former top cop spent 30 years as an officer in san jose. for the past decade, he's worked as a consultant with the security firm hill ard heintze, where he's helped reform law enforcement agencies across the country, including those struggling to diversify their ranks. >> your police department has to be reflective of that community. >> for those who might think if you have an officer who is well trained, what difference does their skin color or gender make? >> well, that's a knee-jerk reaction on the part of a lot of people, but i think we all have certain types of biases. so i think having those people on the department that represent these different community groups helps them understand when they're in the community interacting with the community, some of the sensitivities of the different cultures. >> reporter: our investigative unit took a look at diversity police departments in the bay area. in san jose, african-americans make up about 3% population and about 4% of the police force according to the
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most recent data available on the department's website. hispanics make up 32% of the population but only 23% of officers. >> we recruit a diverse pool of candidates, and we will continue to do that. >> reporter: san francisco police chief bill scott says his force is fairly representative of the city's population. but the number of african-americans living in san francisco has decreased dramatically over the past few decades. black people only make up about 6% of the population and about 9% of the police force. and while asians are about 36% of the population, they only make up about 23% of officers. white people account for 40% of the city and 48% of police officers. >> so i'm satisfied generally with the diversity of our department. we are a very diverse department. when you have a diverse collective of perspectives, youn terms of policing, a better >> 24% of the population is black but only 16% of officers are.
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could a more diverse police department actually lower the prevalence of abuse within a police agency? >> there's just a natural organic way in which people become a little more open minded, a little more progressive thinking, a little more compassionate and empathetic because they see in these individuals their own friends, colleagues, peers. >> reporter: one study in the american society for public administration looked at hiring trends at police departments in the uk and found more diversity often led to less police misconduct and fewer complaints about officers from minorities. in the bay area, gender remains the largest diversity gap among officers with many comprising as much as 90% of some departments. with the investigative unit, i'm bigad shaban. >> if you have a story or bigad or anyone in the investigative unit, you can call 888-996-tips or visit our website, today, oscar award winner jamie foxx rallied outside of
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san francisco city hall. ♪ no wean >> fox and mayor london breed joined thousands of peaceful protesters taking a knee to honor floyd and many other victims of police brutality. >> there has to be a deterrent. if that man can be handcuffed and then they can sit on that man's neck for that long and feel comfortable about it, that means that he's not afraid of what's going to happen. we have to change the language. >> foxx also has a message for his hollywood colleagues. he says it's not enough to tweet or text. quote, he said, you gotta get out here. dozens of public defenders are gathered to protest santa clara's decision to shut down all courts today. santa clara county judge ordered the emergency closure late last night, citing safety concerns due to civil unrest. the public defenders say the
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closure is unconstitutional and violates their clients' right to a speedy trial. it is unclear how long the courts will remain closed. the death of george floyd could also lead to changes in conversations at california schools. state superintendent tony thurmond says the outpouring of anger and sadness across the nation includes a message we cannot ignore. the california school chief says children will need to talk about this, and he thinks public schools should provide that opportunity. >> i am haunted by the sounds of his voice begging to breathe, begging for life. and we must address that trauma head-on. and we must have hard conversations. >> a visibly emotional thurmond says adults must be part of the process as well and says he'll start having what he calls courageous conversations with lawmakers and law enforcement about the issue. all right. let's turn our attention now to
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our jeff ranieri and the days coming ahead. jeff, it was pretty warm outside today, but you say it's going to be warmer in the next couple of days. >> yeah, 10 to 15-degree increase as we roll into tomorrow. so things are going to get uncomfortable and fast here across the bay area. now, i did want to start off tonight with my top headline graphic explaining where this heat is coming from. you can see it's this bubble of heat in the southwest that's really going to be pushing up here over the bay area as we head throughout the next two days. so expect that dangerous heat for about a two-day event. we'll start to see it drop down once we hit around thursday and friday's forecast as eventually this cooler system to the south does get closer. but, again, tomorrow it's all about the warm-up. starting off at 69 in the tri-valley. it's certainly going to be the best part of the day, most comfortable part if you get up early to get anything you have to get done there in the tri-valley. peninsula, 66. the south bay at 68.
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also starting off at 69 in the east bay. san francisco, 62. the north bay, 68. now, i did talk about that 10 to 15-degree jump, and you'll see it's evident down here in the south bay. san jose going back up into the 90s. i have you at 94. also keep your eye on the microclimates as we go around here. the wind will be a little breezy, 10 to 20 miles per hour out of the northwest and some lower humidity. so you're definitely going to feel that lower humidity in your skin, feeling certainly drier and that's also going to lower our increase rather that fire danger a little bit. 98 in concord. 94 martinez. oakland, 78. the peninsula warming up as well. 87 in san mateo. 88 in redwood city. san francisco, 70s all across the board except for the mission, which will be in the 80s. without a.c., it's going to start to get a little uncomfortable for you there. in the north bay, 96 in napa. 93 santa rosa. 88 in mill valley. my extended forecast has big changes rolling in once we hit
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friday, saturday, and sunday. a storm to our north will move on in. it's going to pick up the winds, drop those temperatures back down to 64 by sunday. for the inland valleys we go up to our hottest on wednesday. 100 degrees with a heat advisory in effect. then some cooler 70s friday, saturday, and sunday as that wind picks up. we'll also have some rain to the north by sunday. i wanted to show you right now everything shows this staying out of the bay area. could even get some sierra snow showers. we'll keep a close eye on it because if this moves a little more to the south, we might be talking about some rain on sunday. but for right now, it's all about that heat the next two days, jess. >> another potentially wet sunday. thanks, jeff. coming up, chase center opens its doors for the first time since the nba season was postpones. the first signs the warriors are getting back to basketball. and we have jimmy. >> hey, everyone. it's an all new "tonight show" show tonight with cnn anchor don
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lemon. we have ncaa president derek johnson and educator jane ig after your late local neng along with the historic protest, historic prison lockdown. for the first time in 25 years, the entire bureau of prisons system is under complete lockdown due to the unrest. 122 institutions in the system started the lockdown late this frn a. the bureau of prisons already operating under a modified lo d lockdown to promote social distancing. it's not clear at this point how long the new measures will last. we're back with more in a moment.
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i'm kent coloma, it's my job to make sure all the packages that go out today get delivered. there are people who can only get food from amazon. when you come into work, that's what drives you. my little one, i would say he's definitely proud of me. every time he sees the blue prime trucks, he says, "daddy, there's your people!" i know every single one of us is here busting as hard as we can go every day to make sure these packages get delivered. well, as pressures and tensions disrupt society, a message of unit from the bay area's public health departments. in the midst of what they call
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the most challenging times, health officials are praising people who live in the bay area for weeks and weeks of cooperation during the pandemic. as the state starts to reopen, they're reminding everyone to keep washing their hands and wearing those masks. santa clara county's health department recognizes that, quote, peaceful protest is critical to the health of a democracy, adding that anyone who takes place in a large gathering or one of those protests should get a coronavirus test within three to five days. and as more people take to the streets, health leaders are issuing warnings about a likely related spike in covid-19 cases. our nbc news medical correspondent says not only are the protesters not social distancing, but that shouting spreads the virus more easily. >> masks are certainly going to be helpful, but remember even just the average kind of face mask that's not medical only screens out about 60% to 70% of the particles. >> dr. patel says people should quarantine themselves for about three to five days after going to a demonstration and then get a covid-19 test.
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getting tested right away may be too soon to register the virus. governor newsom is also urging and encouraging protesters to get testing. shaking up palo alto traffic patterns could be the best way to help the city restaurants reopen. that city considering closing stretches of university avenue and california street thursday through sundays so that restaurants can use sidewalks and streets as open-air dining rooms. the extra table space would make up for all the space they can't use inside, allowing those smaller restaurants to fully reopen. the warriors back at work. the question is for how long? coming up, sports.
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♪ here's what we want everyone to do. count all the hugs you haven't given. all the hands you haven't held. all the dinners you didn't share with friends. the trips you haven't taken. keep track of them. each one means one less person vulnerable, one less person exposed, and one step closer to a healthier community. so for now, keep your distance. but don't lose count. we'll have some catching up to do. in an unprecedented crisis... a more than $10 billion cut to public education couldn't be worse for our schools and kids. laying off 57,000 educators, making class sizes bigger? c'mon. schools must reopen safely with resources for protective equipment, sanitizing classrooms, and ensuring social distancing.
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tell lawmakers and governor newsom don't cut our students' future. pass a state budget that protects our public schools.
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it was a quiet first day back at work for a handful of warriors. after nearly three months, the team opened up its practice facility inside chase center. sources confirmed to nbc sports bay area that at least five players showed up for individual workouts. last week san francisco's mayor said teams can begin practicing as long as covid-19 safety protocols are followed. the nba recently laid off a few possible scenarios for resuming the season in late july. the warriors, which currently have the worst record in the league, are unsure whether
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they'll be involved in any of those scenarios. will major league baseball be back this center? maybe. but to do so, the league still has to reach an agreement with the players. after rejecting the league's initial plan, this is reportedly the players association's counterproposal. it includes a 114-game regular season up from the 82 games that management offered. after three weeks of preseason training, opening day would be on june 30th and the regular season would end october 31st. the biggest gap between the two sides remains to be player compensation as you might expect. we're back in a moment.
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all right. before we go, this is from oakland. 14th near broadway. police arresting 40 people for violating a brand-new curfew the mayor announced today. alameda county deputies say they arrested more than 100 people. san francisco police arrested 87. this is what it looks like tonight around union square. barricades are up to prevent people from going in or driving in. and pretty quiet in san jose. police out in full force after days of vandalism and looting. no word yet on any arrests in the south bay.
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curfews now in effect in cities all across the bay area. you can check it out right there on your screen. the goal, of course, to curb the violence and looting that we've seen in the past three days. most of the curfews run from 8:00 at night till 5:00 in the morning. you are being urged by all means to make sure you stick to those. those curfews extend through the end of the week, and they are being rigorously enforced. that's going to did it for us. thank you for being with us. our next newscast is "today in the bay" starting at 4:30 in the morning. we'll see you tomorrow. bye-bye. be safe. welcome to the "tonight show.


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