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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 6, 2020 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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michael vasquez! i've heard such good things about you, your company. well, i wouldn't have done any of it without you. without this place. this is for you. michael, you didn't have to... and, we're going to need some help with the rest. you've worked so hard to achieve so much. perhaps it's time to partner with someone who knows you and your business well enough to understand what your wealth is really for. good morning. it is saturday, june 6th, the 76th anniversary of d day as we take a live look outside from communications hill over san jose on a cloudy morning. thanks so much for starting your weekend with us. i'm kira klapper. vianey arana joins us with your
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microclimate forecast. some of us are waking up to some windy conditions this morning. >> oh, yeah. good morning. we had those winds start to kick up yesterday. we will start to see them with periods of gusts today. you will notice how cool it is going to be and comfortable. of course we're off to a pretty cloudy start. the wind speed 14, 15. current temperatures right now, 50s throughout. so again very comfortable. and here is a closer look at a sneak peek of that temperature trend for the afternoon. notice what happens with the cloud cover in santa clara. we start to notice sunshine peeking through. the temperatures will be topping out only in the low 70s. a lot better than the triple digit heat than we had earlier this week. satellite radar right now, i wanted to show it to you because it showcases that cloud cover. but we're also tracking a system that's dropping just to our north, and that could bring the chance of spotty
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we'll see you in about 15 minutes. ft a san francisco man was shot and killed by police in the east bay. the department of justice will do a comprehensive review of the police department's use of deadly force policy. this follows tuesday's fatale shooting of 22-year-old, sean monterrosa. the police chief says officers were responding to a call of looting when a car rammed a police cruiser. monterrosa ran towards that car and dealt putting his hands up at his waist revealing what officers thought was a handgun. the officer fired five shots. what they thought was a gun turned out to be a hammer. his sisters tell us he fought
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for justice. >> every morning we cry. we know it's going to be a long day. my brother is up there telling us to find the strength in us to, don't cry for me right now. just fight for me. >> the police officers' association released a statement saying he challenged officers and, quote, took a shooting position. police have not released the body camera footage. this is the 17th officer-involved shooting there since 2011. in just about an hour from now, there will be a memorial and viewing for george floyd in north carolina where he was born. this after yesterday's memorial in minneapolis where he was killed. here in the bay area, people continue to fight for racial justice and police accountability. about 100 people were gathered late into the night last night outside san jose city hall. police standing close by. and earlier yesterday
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evening at that same a peaceful formal protest where peopledead. at 5:00 p.m. the crowd marched through downtown san jose. and over in the east bay, about 1,000 people gathered outside civic center plaza in walnut creek lending their voices to an end for systemic racism. protests gathered remembering george floyd and also brianna taylor who would have been turned 27 yesterday. the kentucky emt was shot and killed two months ago when police raided her apartment. she was not the target of that raid. police still have not been charged in her death. and in loss gattos, a crowd for two days in a row. now to a powerful moment in mill valley. take a look.
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>> take a knee! take a knee! >> there you see three officers taking a knee with demonstrators yesterday evening while hundreds of people protested. the crowd then observed a moment of silence together. afterwards, officers and some members of that crowd hugged. governor gavin newsome is ordering training now when it comes to training new officers. they will not be taught the carotid choke hold aimed at causing someone to black out by stopping blood flow to the brain. this all comes as the use of tear gas and rubber bullets was used at some of the demonstrations. the governor also plans to shut down at least two state prisons, work on probation reform and is
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tauting the state's progress to end the death penalty. >> because one thing we know about our criminal justice system, it's not blind. it discriminates based on the color of your skin, discriminates based on wealth. >> the announcement marks the governor's first action on police use of force following the death of george floyd. once again, people filling the streets and cities across the country last night, this is video from portland. it is the eighth straight night of protests there against racism and police brutality. thousands of people gathered for this peaceful demonstration. and in the nation's capital, demonstrators filled the streets despite strong thunderstorms, but it is nothing compared to what is expected today. city leaders are expecting anywhere between 100 to 200,000 people. the mayor of d.c. also has requested president trump remove federal law enforcement and
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military presence from the area. also in washington, d.c. yesterday, did you see it? the city renamed part of the street that leads to the white house black livese mayor said sd have their humanity recognized. back here in the bay area, the oakland mayor took a knee in a rally in support of george floyd and other victims of police brutality. but it was what she said about some police officers that raised eyebrows. >> excuse me, but [ bleep ] the bad apples. >> this was yesterday that the mayor spoke at a rally organized by the naacp. she promised to create safe spaces for peaceful protests. >> it is time for us to put our knee on the ground, not out of disrespect for our flag or
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country, but out of respect for the aspirations upon which our country was founded of liberty and justice for all. >> representative barbara lee also spoke at yesterday's rally. lee is introducing legislation to create a racial healing commission. we will take a moment and turn now to decision 2020. nbc news projected that former vice president joe biden is the presumptionive nominee in the race for the white house after last night biden exceeded the delegates needed after he won a series of democratic primaries in the last few days. biden officially will be selected by delegates at the dnc later this year. the democratic national convention. the convention is expected to be held in milwaukee, wisconsin in august. at 7:08, we do have much more ahead on today in the bay. coming up, joggers are being attacked on a busy east bay trail. we'll tell you about this man
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police are anxious to track down. plus, the friday night so many of us have been waiting for, a somewhat return to normality in the bay area. restaurants back open for outdoor dining.
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welcome back. it is 7:11 on your saturday morning. a live look outside cloudy skies over walnut creek. the wind that picked up yesterday will continue today. vianey arana is tracking a cooler weekend. should be along after the break. the east bay regional parks is asking for your help after a string of sexual assaults along a popular walnut creek mail. this man inappropriately grabbed female grabbers from behind. it happened along iron horse trail. there have been six attacks so far. the most recent happened yesterday. police are asking anyone who saw anything or has any information about this man to call them. and take a look at this picture. the fbi is asking for help
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finding this white van. they say this van is connected to the deadly shooting that happened outside a federal building last friday night in oakland. they're looking for thisth mode 2002. the fbi is asking for anyone who has photos or videos from that night to turn them in. the victim of that shooting was dave underwood. he was a contact security guard for the federal government. he was patrolling the courthouse during the oakland protest when he was shot and killed. it is unclear if his shooting was linked to the protest. we have much more ahead on today in the bay. coming up, it had the look of a normal friday night in the south bay. for the first time in many months, we'll take you to the lc and we're going to have fantastic weather for any sort of outdoor walk or activity. we'll talk about that, gusty winds and what's going on in the
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sier sierra. full forecast coming up. stay with us.
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vallejo. welcome back. 7:14 on your saturday morning. a live look outside at sfo. you can see the sun trying to peek through that. vianey arana details your forecast in just about two minutes from now. more bay area counties are easing shelter at home restrictions starting monday in alameda county. social bubbles will be allowed in outdoor spaces. businesses with limited person to person contact like alliance repair and pet grooming services, libraries can open for curbside pickup. in contra costa county starting this weekend, outdoor dining, out door religious services of up to 100 people. indoor religious services and the use of outdoor swimming pools. and in san matteo county starting today, outdoor dining. charter boats may operate once
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again with passengers observing health guidelines. indoor funerals may resume with a maximum of 10 people present and outdoor funerals are capped at 25 people attendance. al fresco dining also back. san jose was bustling last night as you saw there. many people taking advantage as restaurants started to get back to a new normal. what needs to happen for more restaurants to reopen. >> reporter: this would look like a typical friday night in 2019, but in 2020, it is almost surreal, diners say, simply eating counting how many days it's been since we've been out. i think it's been, what, 89 days. >> they came from freemont and chose pizza at their first meal. >> good opportunity to get out, have a few drinks and walk around. >> it is nice to see other
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people than just my close family, i guess. no offense. but, yeah, it is nice to see these faces. >> reporter: business was down 80%. but now sales have already tril ped today. >> it's day one and it's beyond expectations, going well. >> reporter: there are certain precautions. tables have to be sanitized and spaced out. some employees have been hired back with more on the way. >> this is working out great. this is better than we anticipated. so it's going to get close to getting as many as possible reemployed. >> reporter: the new health order also allows indoor retail, dog parks, too. and you can finally get together with one other household for outdoor recreation like tennis or soccer or to play catch. social distancing is required. >> we're okay being alone, but the kids. the kids. they need other kids. >> reporter: though all were
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cautious, many were out enjoying. the public health department has said it will wait and watch a full incubation period, 14 days. and if covid-19 cases don't spike, more to reopen on june 19th just before father's day. nbc bay area news. all right. time now to check in with vianey arana for a look at our microclimate forecast. wild weather out there for people looking ahead out to restaurants like we just saw in that story. >> yeah. and, hey, i miss the whole weekend squad. i can't wait until we can all go out to brunch. i'm just going to keep it real. >> me too. >> all right. so it's going to be a nice day. even though it's a little cloudy in some spots, it will be one of the cool, comfortable afternoons. all day the weather will be perfect. 56 degrees. we have got that cloud cover
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lingering. current temperatures in the 50s throughout. pretty comfortable to start. here is a look at satellite radar. you can see the cloud cover over san francisco and zooming us out. the reason i'm showing you this, these are the two systems that have been interacting to bring us cooler weather. down in southern california, they got a little bit of shower activity. if you notice towards portland, seattle area, some showers mainly for the bay. but first your highs for today. 60s and 70s, mostly sunny, especially for interior areas like san jose, concord, antioch. but it will be windy. we have already seen gusty conditions. so expect on and off again wind gusts through the entire afternoon as this cold front continues to make its pass. tomorrow is expected to be our coolest day of the week. with that in mind, if you have to travel for an essential reason to lake tahoe or anything of that nature, there is a lake
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wind advisory in place. they are talking about this possibility of seeing some rain and shower, even know activity. let's look at the hour by hour activity. if you notice, the time bar is right at the top. saturday 12:00, so noon today. stays pretty clear. and then notice that sort of activity popping up primarily to the north. but if you look where the sierra is, you can see that rain and also the pink and purple blue yellow hues are showers. so we'll transform from rain to snow showers in the sierra. 7:00 p.m. a little instability pushing through, which means the possibility of seeing some showers, maybe along the coast. . it is a very small chance, so not expecting a widespread rainy sunday, just a little instability early on. looking out ahead into monday and tuesday, notice how the color is orange and red now. that means high pressure rebuilds. guess what happens to those temperatures? they start to warm up again.
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we go from comfortable 70s in through tomorrow again, in through breezy conditions. monday it starts to warm up into the upper 70s. by tuesday, wednesday and thursday, upper 80s, low 90s. check out san francisco. windy to breezy tomorrow and the 70s make their return heading into tuesday. coming up next, i will talk about how california is look in. >> look forward to those numbers. thanks so much. it is 7:21. still ahead, taking money away from police. where san francisco's mayor now says she wants to send that money instead. ing all of us. and it's testing the people on the front lines of this fight most of all. so abbott is getting new tests into their hands, delivering the critical results they need. and until this fight is over,
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we...will...never...quit. because they never quit.
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welcome back. there is a new proposal in san francisco that may be creating some new divisions between the mayor and the city's police force. the mayor announced plans to divert funds from san francisco's police department
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and into the african-american community. today in the bay explores what that will mean both for the community the money would go to and the department the money would extinct species. >> reporter: for james who feels the pride in the neighborhood he grew up, he never knew it as a place to necessarily be proud of. >> you had to jump up over a stair to get to the next stair. >> reporter: he watched painful redevelopment. >> the african-americans have been displaced. >> reporter: these days as director of the community center, he is constantly on the hunt for funds to support the struggling african-american community he grew up in. in response to the nationwide outcry for police reform, the mayor and supervisor announced plans to redirect funding from the city's police department to groups in the black community.
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he says his center could use the money. >> if you ask me do we need some funding? do we need some help in this community, i'm going to tell you yes. >> reporter: the proposal didn't say much money they will take from the budget. even though his department is already short 100 officers, he understands the mayor's intent. >> as painful as any cuts will be, we are committed to doing what we have to do to change the narrative on policing in this country and in this city. >> reporter: but the police officers union is critical of the plan saying the mayor can still support the african-american community without cutting badly needed police funds. >> you don't have to take that from the police budget. we're a city that had a $12.3 billion even before all the other stuff happens. >> reporter: the mayor will include the police department cuts when she submits her budget in august. he hopes some of that money will trickle back to a community trying to hang on to its pride.
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nbc bay area news. 7:25. we have much more ahead for you on today bringing powerful moments like this. police kneeling with demonstrators. plus, expanding your social circle, but making sure it's safe. tips from san francisco's top health officer as people open up their lives once again. z3wvnz z1s6z
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y3wvny y1s6y
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good morning. it is saturday, june 6th, the 6th day of the 6th month, the 76th anniversary of d day as we take a live look outside as the sunshines down on san jose. thanks so much for joining us. i'm kira klapper. vianey arana joins us this morning with a look at our microclimate forecast. happy weekend. >> happy weekend. and i want to show you one of my favorite shots this morning. look at san francisco.
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the reason i want to showcase it is there is three different things i want you to look at. there is a portion that's clear. if you look up in the distance, just kind of zoom into your tv, you can see the flag waving right there on top of the building, the building right next to it. and that's showcasing sort of windy and gusty in some spots. that's what we're expecting through the afternoon. not to mention cool weather. it is going to be so nice out there today. freemont temperatures in the 60s by 11:00, 12:00. i know a lot of restaurants have reopened their patios for dining. it will be a nice day for that. it will be great to workout if you haven't had a chance to go outside recently, i will have a closer look at the next seven days coming up next. >> all right. we'll see you in about 15. thanks so much. the state is now stepping in after a san francisco man in the east bay. state attorney general and the
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department of justice will do a comprehensive review of the vallejo police department's use of deadly force policy. this follows tuesday's fatale shooting of sean monterrosa. yesterday, hundreds of people turned out to march where he was killed. the police chief says officers were responding to a looting at that walgreens when a car rammed a police cruiser. they say monterrosa starting running toward that car and then knelt, put his hands above his waist and revealed what officers thought was a handgun. the officer fired five shots through the windshield of his cruiser and what he thought was a gun turned out to be a 15 inch hammer. sean's sisters tell us they believe he was surrendering. >> every morning we cry. we know it will be a long day. my brother is up there telling us to find the strength in us to don't cry for me right now. just fight for me. >> just fight for me.
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>> the vallejo police officer's association yesterday released a statement saying monterrosa challenged officers and took a shooting position. police have not yet released their body camera footage. the nbc bay area investigative unit previously reported on vallejo pd's use of force. this is the 17th officer-involved shooting in vallejo since 2011. in 30 minutes from now, t s there will be a memorial and viewing for george floyd in north carolina where he was born. here in the bay area, people continue to fight for racial justice and police accountability. we have video from about 100 people still gathered late into the night last night outside san jose. earlier thousands of people gathered for a lie in, a peaceful form of protest where people simulate being dead. at 5:00 p.m. they began marching through downtown san jose.
7:32 am
s in eathe east bay, people lending their voices for an end to systemic racism. demonstrators also gathering outside pleasanton. there they remember george floyd and briaana taylor who would have turned 27 yesterday. she shot and killed when police raided her department. she was not the target in that raid. police still have not been charged in her death. and over to loss gattos where a peaceful crowd gathered for a black lives matter rally. there have been two days in a row of rallies and protests across the bay area for more than one week. now to a joining forces in marin county. >> take a knee! take a knee! [ applause ] >> there you see three officers taking a knee with demonstrators yesterday evening in mill valley
7:33 am
where hundreds of people protested. the crowd then observed a moment of silence together. now to the alameda police department which released body camera footage of an encounter between four officers and a mack black man detained outside his home. it is drawing attention on social media. ginger has more. >> just a small space to get into it with the music. >> reporter: these are the small intentional movements that he does every day. a mix of martial arts, dand rehr an injury he sustained years ago. >> there is a person, an african-american person in the middle of the street. >> at this point you are detained. >> reporter: body cam footage
7:34 am
released showing watkins being temporarily detained by police officers. >> stop resisting now! >> reporter: watkins said he tried to explain his activity to officers as clearly as he could. >> i said, my house is right there where i live. i literally asked him, what was i doing. he said you were dancing. and i didn't understand. >> reporter: saying an independent investigation of the incident will take place. transparency, he says, is important in alameda. neighbors showing random acts of kindness and support for watkins. >> that's our neighborhood. you need to feel safe in our neighborhood. >> reporter: it's taken me 44 years to get to this point. a lot of messups. it is time to heal, man. i have not heard back from the police department yet. watkins did also mention he was forwarding the citation he
7:35 am
received to his lawyers but was unclear of his next move. inlameda. now to gathering once again with family and friends safely. yesterday, san francisco leaders offered some socializing tips as more of the city reopens. the shelter at home order is still in place for the city, but the mayor and health officials say they do understand people may be starting to see friends and family again. people can make socializing safer by hanging out outdoors. avoid using shared objects like utensils and toys. stay home if you are sick or have any symptoms. continue to stay six feet apart and keep wearing those masks. >> we really often recognize that people are balancing the need for human connections with the need to protect themselves. >> and health officials maintain the best way to avoid catching
7:36 am
coronavirus is to stay home. now to sonoma county where barbershops and hair salons are ready to open today. barber and stylists have to take strict precautions, though. one business owner tells us she misses her clients and is looking forward to cleaning up their hairdos. >> we have got a lot of either completely grown out and super shaggy. i see one of my hippy looking clients over there. he's normally pretty tidy. and most of those never had their hair this long or just the buzz. >> i think i qualify for the shaggy. currently nail salons and tattoo parlors are still closed. indoor dining returns in sonoma county today as well. still to come on today in the bay, the nfl admits it was wrong. the surprising message from commissioner roger goodell. sports is next. look here, it's your very own all-in-one
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we hear you, and we were wrong. that's the messa rer goodell. he posted a video message one day after several players posted videos demanding the nfl condemn racism. >> we, the national football league, condemn racism and the systemic oppression of black people. we, the national football league, admit we were wrong for not listening to nfl players earlier and encourage all to speak out and peacefully protest. we, the national football league, believe that black lives matter. >> he is referencing the movement started by kcolin kaepernick years ago when he took a knee to protest police brutality. the commissioner also offered his con dolences to the familie of victims. golf will be coming back as early as next week. the memorial tournament will be
7:40 am
the first to allow fans back on to the court as spectators. it is slated for next month in ohio. it is unclear how many fans will be allowed on the grounds, but we will continue to watch that. san francisco pride is around the corner, but because of the pandemic, there will be a very different kind of kickoff this year. we'll explain. i think you are going to lovato day's forecast. not only that, but i have also got binks' dog walking forecast coming up. stay with us. all the hands you haven't held. all the dinners you didn't share with friends. the trips you haven' keep track of them. each one means one less person vulnerable, one less person exposed, and one step closer to a healthier community. so for now, keep your distance. but don't lose count. we'll have some catching up to do.
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good saturday morning. i hope you are having a pretty good start to your morning. take this weekend to self-reflect, give yourself a little self-love. call up your friends. do what you need to do and head outside and enjoy because it is going to be a fantastic afternoon. as a matter of fact, let's get my graphics going because we do have a live look over some of the beautiful shots of the bay area.
7:43 am
and if you want to go ahead and take my graphic, 5 5 degrees in san francisco. it will remain windy for the rest of the afternoon. you can see we have that cloud cover sweeping over san francisco. i'm going to zoom this out so you can get a better idea of the two systems we have been tracking that brought on this colder weather. we have a system to our south. through portland and see yattle that will drop through tomorrow. first let's take a look at your micro climate highs. 71 for san jose. 69 in pal low alto. what a nice relief compared to the triple digit heat and the 90s. here is a look at the on and off winds. check out san francisco, 22 plus miles an hour. in through san jose, it will start to kick up when it comes
7:44 am
to those gusts. i want to show you this gorgeous shot of south lake tahoe because there is a lake wind advisory in effect through this evening for lake tahoe because of this system. by 12:30, most of the bay area is pretty clear. look at what starts to pop up. instability where you see the green peak and blue hues. a mix of rain and snow showers. if you do have to travel up there for an essential condition, it will be get gusty at times. looking ahead, nstem, about 30% chance of seeing some rain. there goes that lake wind advisory through this evening. now, this is released this week. about 56% of california, mainly northern california, is in some sort of draught. 17% right now is definitely looking more like a, i would
7:45 am
say, moderate draught, about 40%. so we definitely need any rain that we can get. but we are officially wild fire season. if you would like to know more about how this impacts california, i did post this on my series. it is about 4% statewide, so we're definitely low on that. provides one-third of the water supply. we will head up monday and tuesday as well. enjoy the 70s before the 80s and 90s make their comeback. let's take a look at the dog walking forecast. she watches bicnks all the time. let's see if we can find binks. binks! he's not even awake for his shift this afternoon. >> he's literally in bed. >> binks, what's up, dude? >> you're showing him in bed right now.
7:46 am
>> mommy bear, this is her baby. >> thanks so much. just shy of 7:46. still ahead, minimizing use of force by police. we investigate the critical data that could bring real change to departments across the country.
7:47 am
7:48 am
according to the u.s. department of justice, nearly 54 million people every year have some sort of interaction with police officers from traffic stops to shootings. in a small percentage of those,
7:49 am
police use physical force. but unless a person is killed, there is no central clearinghouse to keep up with all of those other use of force incidents. experts tell senior investigator steven stock that's a big problem and can lead to instances like the one in minneapolis. >> reporter: this video shows officers using force to control a person deemed a threat to those around him. both police officials and an independent expert all agree this was appropriate given the situation. experts also say police can learn from these incidents by precisely tracking them. >> it's one of the most critical pieces of information we can collect about the police. >> reporter: this doctor chairs the department of criminal justice at seattle university. >> we really do need systemic data collection to help establish the reality of police use of force. >> five years ago, he teamed
7:50 am
with a private company called police strategies, also based in seattle to begin tracking data to show how, when and where police use force. >> with each data, we can start to understand how use of force incidents evolve and hopefully lead to better policies and training so we can try to minimize injury. >> so you can't have an evidence-based policy or evidence-based training if you have no data to back it up. >> reporter: bob is a former prosecutor and assistant director for c safety department. >> without the data to back it up and see a before and after of the training, we don't know if the training has had any impact on how officers behave and how they use force. >> for example, separate research conducted by the use of force project shows that police departments that ban choke holds can significantly reduce the number of incidents that end in death. >> we ban the choke hold. >> reporter: eddy garcia says
7:51 am
his department began giving their use of force data five years ago. san jose is one of only 88 agencies nationwide participating along with daily city and just recently vallejo pd. >> to see a transparent view of this is what your officers are doing, this is when they had to use force and who they are using force on. >> reporter: by using this, the chief has actually changed policy. he now asks his officer to use tasers to subdue unruly subjects than batons and night sticks. critics say officers tend to deploy them too quickly. sometimes with deadly results. but the data in san jose shows actual injuries are down. >> so we were seeing fewer fractures and serious bodily injuries because they were using the taser rather than the baton. >> reporter: the pd saw use of force incidents drop from 2015 to 2019, the time that tracking
7:52 am
has been taking place. and some racial disparities are disappearing. five years ago when san jose arrested a disphispanic man, th was a bigger chance they would use force against them. >> we have a lot more work to do, but i think the expectation is that we are moving that needle in that this tool absolutely helps us do that. >> reporter: the use of force project agrees with those numbers but still gives san jose an f grade, noting that in 2018, hispanics were 3.4 times more likely to have deadly force used against them than white people. >> is that the biggest problem right now, is police just don't know and there is not enough data analytics to say what works? >> you shouldn't implement any reforms if you are unable to measure the impacts. it may be good training or bad
7:53 am
training or maybe a waste of money. >> reporter: there are about 18,000 different law enforcement departments across the u.s. bob scales and others say only if all of them are required to turnover data showing how their officers use force will real reform and change take place. i'm steven stock, nbc bay area news. if you have a story for our investigative unit, give us a call at 888-996-tips or go to our website, we still have a few things ahead, including a look into short term loans. >> perhaps a small loan could help you make ends meet during the pandemic, but there are big red flags. nbc bay area responds next.
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for so many bay area
7:56 am
families, making ends meet is more challenging than ever. bills are piling up with little to no money coming in. a sherort-term loan may seem li a great solution. >> the consumer protection bureau has logged complaints. many involve payday loan stores which are easier than ever to get online. california public interest research group is warning that a short-perm payday loan store can have long term consequences. >> these loans have sky high interest rates, often 400% or more. that adds up really quickly and can force borrowers to take up new loans again and loan. >> watch out for lenders who might try to entice you with quick case. 11 payday loan store websites were accused of pulling money out of people's bank accounts
7:57 am
without their permission and bled consumers dry. the payday lenders trade group says regulators do a poor job of cracking down on shady operators. payday lenders are federally regulated at the federal and state level and are providing responsible services. before you dig yourself deeper into debt, try to get a conversation going with the people you owe money to, your landlord, utility company. see if you can set up a payment plan. if you do end up going with a payday loan store, make sure you read the terms and conditions, understand how much interest you are paying and ask questions about the penalty if you miss a payment. back to you. >> always with the great info. all right. well, the first weekend of june traditionally kicks off the month long tradition of san francisco pride, but of course this month is not a typical month ♪ >> that is the san francisco gay
7:58 am
men's chorus, helping launch the celebration online. city leaders led a flashy virtual program with a video of past pride parades. covid-19 forced san francisco to cancel this year's parade. there will be online events all month long. time now for our clear the shelters segment featuring our friends from pets in need. we want to introduce you to queen shadow. she's a three-year-old kitty. they say she is queen of the shelter. she only moves when she is being spoiled with affection and toys. we do want to mention she has feline asthma, so they have training her to get her to wear her pes ra tir mask when needed. if you are interested in ado adopting this queen, they will teach you. because of this disorder, she's not getting much adoption attenti attention, so they have waived
7:59 am
her adoption fee. thanks so much for joining us this morning. we will have more local news for you tonight at 4:30 and 7:00 because of indy car racing at 5:00. and we're always on .
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narrator: when you see this symbol you know you're watching television that is educational and informational. the more you know on nbc. dylan: welcome to "earth odyssey". i'm dylan dreyer. get ready to travel around the world. on today's show, we head to south america's biggest wetland, the pantanal. we'll meet giant river otters whose size never gets in the way of their ability to get out of a tight squeeze. and later, jaguars and monkeys don't make the hunting team, but there are two species that help each other from the water to the sky. all this and more coming up on "earth odyssey". [music]


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