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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  June 19, 2020 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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i'm doing well, personally. holding signs condemning police i'm fully recovered so that's brutality. good. i work at ucsf, and we've still the color of her hair has changed but the significance been doing okay. behind that clenched fist has not. we're picking up slightly but we civil rights leader angela davis have not gotten a huge surge of was surrounded by the new people from protests and rallies generation of racial justice and that type of thing. we have not seen a huge spike in activists. at the port of oakland this morning union members stopped covid cases or a lot of injuries work to protest systemic racism. from violence or anything like that so far. >> that is very good news. >> thank you for shutting down there's this whole movement the port today on juneteenth. right now on anti-racism, and >> other speakers included the you've been part of educating father of michael brown, the residents about racism in unarmed black teen who was shot medicine. and killed by police i, missour. what is your background, and why is it so important to you? >> justice is all we want. >> so my personal background is we are done dying. i'm biracial. >> actor bay area native danny my dad is from haiti, my mom is glover wasn't there physically but the 73-year-old called in to white, so i'm a person of color encourage the activists to keep on fighting. and i identify. >> you are the next generation. i did a fellowship in education >> reporter: a generation and one of my roles is educating between a pandemic and a our emergency room residents and reckoning of racial injustice. some of our faculty across the campus actually around issues of
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organizers wiped down apart. racism, bias and inclusion. michael thomas from san so that includes all kinds of francisco who says he suffers topics, but the kind of hot from asthma listened from a safe topic right now is racism. distance. >> i'm considered high risk so i for all the right reasons we're want to make sure i do stay talking about it, which i'm glad we're acknowledging how much of safe, i'm well protected. >> reporter: the caravans made a role it plays in medicine and its way to the plaza where how much it's part of our structure and we need to break demonstrators in masks clustered it down and recognize how it's together with little room to affecting us and what we need to spread out. >> i am a little worried because do to be better. >> we talked to doctors across i don't want anybody to get the country and they talk about anything out here, you know, the health inequities in fighting a good cause. hospitals. >> reporter: and a bay area like people from different backgrounds are treated differently. native as well as grammy award what is your role, and how do you think we can bridge this winner boots riley was here divide and bring people together when it comes to health equity? today talking to the crowd and giving them words of >> so the data is there, where encouragement, but i've got to tell you it's a very diverse and it's been there for years and years. group of people i've seen here, as long as we've been collecting data on race we've seen there's young, old, from diverse unfair treatment from maternal health care to getting people backgrounds and all here to the correct screen for cancers. in the emergency department there's a lot of issues with celebrate juneteenth. >> and some companies are rooming people correctly and in recognizing it as a company holiday already. fair time, pain control, you thank you so much, melissa. name it. there's issues with racism and
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let's go back above lake merit bias in medicine. so i think first of all and sky ranger over the scene recognizing the data and realizing that it's true, and and looks like a couple of second, educating people on the people still there with tents fact those things exist and setup and blankets out. the crowd is dissipating a talking about strategies for little bit from where it was an mitigation and coming up with policies and protocols that are hour ago. anti-racist policies and some of these folks have taken protocols where we can work part in all the demonstrations really hard to eliminate those today and now this celebration. we're going to continue to inequities when we see them. flyover this celebration and we'll keep you posted. >> we are out of time unfortunately but thank you so much. keep up the good work and keep us posted on all the good work also in the east bay it was you're doing. slow going on the cbridge this >> great. we haven opidate on that afternoon and you can see why. mountain lion trapped in oracle park. he may have killed some other police escorted some marchers, animals at the zoo. zoo officials say two wall aroos they were concerned they might hop onto the freeway. and it looks like one person wa. and a red kangaroo were found dead in their outdoor exhibit in santa rosa a crowd earlier this week. the findings suggest they were gathered at pioneer park. killed by another wild animal. now, over the past week we've it was a chance for friends and family to catch up complete with had several stories on this big music, food and a lot of guest cat. he was spotted all over the city speakers. for many in the crowd it was including russian hill and their first time celebrating
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juneteenth. >> i like that in the black rinconhill. animal control finally caught up community we kept this tradition with him in mission bay. for years, you know, but it's let's get a check of our also nice to see that even people who aren't black are kind forecast. it's father's day weekend, a big of celebrating with us. weekend ahead and it's cooling >> students organized this march and this celebration, and many down. jeff, take it away. people told us they'd like to >> yeah, it is so, so nice see juneteenth again as we outside right now. out here in the east bay just mentioned from previous stories when you think it's becoming too recognized as a national holiday. b.a.r.t. police vowing to hot outside we begin to feel make changes in the wake of recent protests. some of that ocean breeze coming the board president announced out of the west. today they will be expanding as we start off our microclimate training that will include forecast i wanted to set the anti-racism courses, a ban on scene from what's happening tomorrow. big in the world of weather is the beginning of summer. the carotid control hold and the so setting the scene for you might have a little fan outside agency allocated $2 million to increase the members of unarmed to help keep you cool. staff members such as outreach might be under the umbrella with the table and chairs. workers. >> moving forward community but really the perfect spot to support and community trust for be if you have one would be all b.a.r.t. riders is our right there in the pool with a chair, your sunglasses as summer commitment. officially arrives at 2:44 and as riders come back to the system we hope that they will tomorrow. see this commitment. almost seems like you can take a dip in that pool. >> b.a.r.t. will also begin let's give you a first look at implementing a law that was summer's forecast. signed by the governor last 7:00 a.m. we have that fog near
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the coastline and some patchy year. sets a new standard for police low clouds there for the bay and officers deadly use of force. north bay. as we roll through the afternoon we keep that sunshine inland, amidst all the social and near the coastline that fog will stay. and that keeps that cooler activism our covid pandemic is changing dramatically. breeze in place. businesses continue to open. so tomorrow does not look too it can be hard to keep track of hot. i do think we will stay out of the 100s. what's open and what's not, so so some good news there. we're going to break it down for low to mid-60s as we start off you. here's what's reopening now in with mostly clear skies except both napa and sonoma counties for again the bay and the coast today. gyms, hair salons, here we go, with some patchy areas of fog. movie theaters and many museums we'll go down to the north bay at 58, san francisco at 59. have the go ahead to reopen. so with that ocean breeze in sonoma county went one step place our forecast down here in further than napa county. the south bay really looking starting today hotels and perfect. downtown san jose at 86, short-term rentals can start accepting guests. alameda county, indoor shopping, outdoor dining, religious coopertino at 87, milpitas, 85. we had upper 90s this weekend. services, outdoor fitness now we're backing it off to 85 classes can resume in alameda county. and that county has been one of in walnut creek, 77 vallejo. the slowest counties to able t peninsula really going good with this nice stride of weather. reopen, hair, nail and massage. relatively light winds as well. san francisco 59 in the marina,
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>> reporter: with less than two days notice some of the nail 64 for the engel side. salons in san mateo county told 86 in napa, 81 in sonoma, 85 in us they were simply not ready to open by today, but for those that could open the phones are ringing off the hook. just hours after opening the nuvado. after this weekend i have warmed things up with some low to nail spa is busy and booking mid-70s monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday and friday. for the inland valleys we are in clients into next week. >> it's been three months and the upper 80s saturday and i'm so excited. sunday, and then we'll also warm i couldn't sleep yesterday after things up as we head through i made my appointment. next week with some low and mid-90s. kept deciding which nail color but let's take a closer look at to choose. >> it's mani, pedi by father's day. and my grilling forecast, yes, appointment only, and then when adjust your eyes that is grill you arrive you must wear a mask and get your temperature on-screen. and as you get in closer here checked, use a little hand you can see for father's day 77 sanitizer and then they ask you at 11:00 a.m., mostly sunny to fill out a contact tracking skies. look at these burgers flip, questionnaire. there are new barriers up. they're using every other folks. 85 at 2:00 p.m. and sunny, and pedicure chair, and there are plastic shields at the man cure 88 and also sunny skies for you tables. >> i love all the precautions late grillers. they're taking. i don't know about you but i can it's really good. >> the owner says he thought almost taste those burgers with they might not be able to open how good they look on-screen. until july but this is right on >> a hot dog is mostly sunny. time. they were staying afloat and paying the rent using their >> happy father's day, raj.
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savings. do you want a burger or hot dog >> we were not lucky enough to get any money from the federal this sunday? government. >> i want both. that just fell through. >> all right, anything you ask it's not an easy process. >> reporter: but at least for now their customers are coming for this father's day. coming up steph curry is sending a message to other athletes. back. i'm roz plader. how he's challenging them to help lift the black community. when we closed our doors in march, >> to see our guide what's open and what's not per county use our qr code on the bottom left of your screen. you can see it right now. simply point the camera on your phone at that code and it's going to take you right to the article on our website. so what about the surge in cases? the states in green are seeing a decline in cases. that's most of the east coast. over here new york, new jersey, up here towards maine as well as a few in the midwest, minnesota and michigan. now, the states in the shades of wynn committed instantly orange you can see it here and yellow are seeing an up tick in to keeping all 15,000 team members on-board. cases. that's most of the west coast we then focused our five-star level of service along with the south. look at california. it's kind of a light orange, to all who needed it. yellow right there. we made improvements to people's lives. that's an 80% increase in daily
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new cases. we strove to be better places like florida and arizona and we made people happy. this closure may have temporarily a 100% increase in cases. taken us out of wynn and encore, our next graph shows california's new daily cases but it couldn't take the wynn and encore out of us. compared to new york state. look at new york's curve. and now, we are proud to welcome you back. here's new york in the blue. it curved up, peaked and went dramatically down. it's consistently trending down. california is still drastically increasing. >> president trump's rally in tulsa, oklahoma, tomorrow can go on as planned. that was the ruling from the oklahoma state supreme court today. people in tulsa were trying to block the rally due to concerns of spreading the coronavirus. the arena for the event can hold over 19,000 people. members of the president's coronavirus task force including dr. fauci warned the president the rally could trigger an outbreak of new cases, but that hasn't stopped hundreds from lining up outside the arena waiting to get inside. >> it's really important for us in the midst of everything going onto come out in really great numbers and show our support to president trump.
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>> you don't have to be a rocket scientist to know this rally puts us at risk. >> the rally was supposed to be tonight but was moved to tomorrow because today is juneteenth holiday. the president tweeted today warning protesters and looters to stay away. back here at home hundreds gathered to sebrate the life of a federal officer, david patrick underwood. underwood was working at the federal building in oakland when two men opened fire and killed him. today's memorial drew everyone from family members to several dignitaries. >> reporter: i'm outside where patrick underwood went to high school and hundreds of his friends, family and law enforcement chose to come together and celebrate his life. and comfortably shop over a million square feet of in- stock flooring! our expansive store is fully equipped as the country navigates race with safe distancing guides, so you can browse our wide aisles and policing both black and blue and be amazed with our even wider selection. came together today to celebrate or easily order online,
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one man who represented both. and pick up all the products you need for your flooring project curbside! >> it's all about patrick today. so come discover the perfect floor at the perfect price >> reporter: federal officer and african-american man david in whatever way is perfect for you. patrick underwood was killed on all in one stop! may 29th. visit floor and decor in person or online. authorities believe violent extremists used the george floyd protest as a cover for the killing. they shot underwood as he guarded a federal building in oakland. >> someone so motivated and misguided by hate would deliberately and callously target another person simply because they chose to wear the uniform. >> reporter: described as hardworking and humble underwood grew up in pinole, a star i don't want my children to have to witness more of their baseball player passing up relatives, more of their opportunities in the major community being killed over league to stay close to family. social media platforms. friends call him a peacemaker. i'm here because my youth are standing behind me and i want to >> my caondolences go out to al create a better future for them. the floyd family and others but >> she is one of the hundreds who rallied outside san also patrick underwood he needs francisco city hall today to to be honored. mark juneteenth. >> when he left home that day he members of the group called was happy. coleman advocates for children
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>> reporter: his sister angela asked for all of us to find a and youth used this day to honor path forward. its historical squiignificance >> overcome discrimination, bias, hatred and violence of any also a platform to push for change in the city's school kind. district. it's calling for more counselors whether it be against to help students instead of african-american or against police officers on campus. people who wear the uniform. this juneteenth we want to >> reporter: or in her brother's remember the lives lost, the case a mix of both working in lives that sparked nationwide unity. protests and calls for change. the black lives that pushed in pinole, lili tan, nbc bay america to a breaking point. our digital journalists put together this timeline spotlighting cases. area news. while it is in no way a up next here at 5:00 comprehensive list it is a way discrimination and a pandemic. to read some of their stories we're going to talk with a local and their calls for reform now er doctor who has a history of happening. battling both. you can see it at warriors star steph curry and squaw valley might soon be no more, at least the name. joined dr. clarence b. jones, the reason the popular lake the leading voice for social tahoe resort could be making justice today in a conversation this change. about race, social justice and i'm chief meteorologist jeff change. curry says it's time that raniere enjoying the beautiful everyone starts having those tough conversations about race. weather outside right now. coming up i'll show you how hot for the first day of summer, and a grilling forecast you're going >> everybody's participating whether you're in the black
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to want to see for father's day. community, whether you're in the i'll see you in about 8 minutes. white community or whatever it is that you are getting uncomfortable with the conversation, that you are assessing your every day life to know where are my inherent prejudices, where are the places i've kind of turned a blind eye? >> it was hosted there by usf. curry added young people should embrace this opportunity to make a change for the next generation. we have a story about a misbehaving turkey and now gerald the turkey is off of death row. usually we report turkey pardons during thanksgiving, but he was more on that grim statement from the world health organization today about the dangerous new phase we've attacking visitors at oakland's reached in the pandemic. also from dining out to haircuts rose garden. disease experts when the city moved to euthanize gerald neighbors launched an online petition pleading for his relocation. people on twitter amplified his plight so the fish and wildlife department tells us they're looking for gerald's new home.
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he will not be euthanized. >> gerald is so cute. i'll take him if i have room. a tribute to the hardworking graduates of the class of 2020. look here, it's your very own all-in-one do you have concerns about mild memory loss related to aging? prevagen is the number one pharmacist-recommended memory support brand. entertainment experience, xfinity x1. you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere. it's the easiest way to watch live tv prevagen. healthier brain. better life. and all your favorite streaming apps. and now x1 also comes with peacock. ooh la la. this rare bird lets you stream tons of movies, shows, news, sports and more. with x1, it's all at your beck and call. show me "parks and rec." see? the best really did get better! among our many rallies magnificent. xfinity x1 just got even better across the bay area this one in san jose was a mix of juneteenth with peacock premium included for no additional cost. no strings attached. celebrations and black lives matter. the rally there. the community group youth hype organized the event and it
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included a drive to register new voters. until now juneteenth has mostly been an unofficial holiday but companies and states are swiftly moving to officially recognize it. juneteenth has been celebrated for more than a century as a way to mark the day in 1865 that texas slaves learned of their freedom. our cultural awareness is reaching lake tahoe. california's largest ski resort is reaching out to native-american leaders and scholars. it's asking for input on changing its name. this isn't the first time that squaw valley, the owners there have explored renaming the popular resort. native-americans consider the word squaw an insult and a slur. it's an english slang term. the resort will also reach out to dozens of nearby businesses which also use squaw in their names. racism not only a safety threat but also a public health threat. as doctors and nurses continue to battle the virus on the front lines they're also standing up for social justice.
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an emergency room doctor and covid-19 survivor joins us now. dr. daniel, so nice to see your face again. first of all how are you doing and how are things at the er since thousands of people are taking part in aing. tonight at 6:00 the state made them mandatory but will you get punished for not wearing a mask in public?
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governor newsom answering that question head on. that's coming up on our 6:00 newscast. and doctors weigh in on where they would and not go as covid restrictions relax. lester holt joins us in about one minute. >> and we always like to end with something good. the pictures and the smiles of our future. >> yes, we're so happy to honor our bay area graduates. congrats class of 2020.
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tonight the stark new coronavirus warning, the w.h.o. saying we're in a few and dangerous phase. the pandemic is accelerating a record 150,000 new cases worldwide in a single day in the u.s. cases spiking in 21 states, among them oklahoma. ahead of president trump's rally tomorrow what we've now learned the event moving ahead despite a warning from top members of the president's own coronavirus task force. louisville police moving to fire an officer over the shooting death of breonna taylor why did it take nearly 100 days juneteenth marches across the country,
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