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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 8, 2020 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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today. at least we do have those before lunch time hours to enjoy some time outside. we'll talk more about this and what's ahead. mike, what's happening out there for the commute? kari, a very smooth drive for most of the bay. we'll take a look at the map. overall things green, of course, a little slowing. clear through livermore. circling there through oakland right where the freeway splits, a crash. a number of reports for a crash. i'll get details as soon as chp gets them to us. on capitol hill president trump says he will put pressure on governors to open kindergarten to 12th grade as cases soar across the country. alice barr live from washington with the latest. we're all ears, alice. >> reporter: kris, everyone is all ears across the country. the problem is there aren't too many answers coming to these questions about how to get
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schools reopened safely. there is pressure coming from the white house. that he wants schools reopened and he wants kids back in the classrooms as early as next month. the american academy of pediatrics has recommended this, trying to get schools reopen with many safety restrictions in place because we want to make sure kids don't fall too much farther behind. the trump administration making that point. they also have another motivation that basically it's difficult to get parents back to work and get the economy really move again when kids are not able to be in school. so that is a focal point for the administration. at that event yesterday they did not lay out any specific policies that they want to see happen or offer to provide any additional funding to help schools reopen safely and restructure. if they're going to have to be providing masks to students in the classroom, if they're going to have to be potentially adding more buses so that children can be spaced apart further. those are things that are going to cost money. at this point no offer to help
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there but some pressure from president trump. >> we're very much going to put pressure on governors and everybody else to open the schools, to get them open. >> reporter: many medical experts say communities need to be focused on getting the virus under control before they think too seriously about getting children back in the classroom and adults back in there with them who could potentially be more vulnerable to the virus. back to you. president trump will meet with mexico's president at the white house. the white house is promoting the visit as a celebration of the u.s./canada/mexico trade agreement that took effect july 1st replacing nafta. new this morning, we're learning supreme court justice john roberts is recovering after
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being briefly hospitalized after falling while walking near his home. the fall happened last month. his doctors believe it was likely due to light headedness caused by dehydration. now to the latest numbers of dehydration cases here in the bay area. you can see on the map nearly 30,000 cases, nearly 600 people have died. contra costa county reporting 214 new cases san mateo county. the future of sports now hangs in the balance once again because of covid-19. and now more people are questioning whether it is realistic to think we'll have sports at all. "today in the bay's" pete suratos joins us live with the details on how this is impacting teams here in the bay area. pete, it is nice to see you. >> reporter: nice to see you, too. good morning to you, kris. major league baseball is beginning in just a matter ofav tested positive forhe
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oakland a's. we'll keep a close eye on that situation. they're not the only baseball team dealing with some issues in the area. the san francisco giants are facing some issues around the issue of covid-19. they're saying their covid tests were not returned on time so they went ahead and suspended practices at oracle park. now major league soccer is also restarting this friday. you have the san jose earthquakes participating despite one team actually withdrawing altogether due to ten players on the team testing positive for covid-19. now we did speak with a local sports law attorney who explains what fans should expect this year when it comes to sports. >> a 15th rate product because essentially the virus would be deciding who wins the championship. >> reporter: now the nba and nhl will also resume their seasons. i do want to point out the warriors and sharks did not
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qualify to take part in those seasons, but a decision today will come for college sports with ivy league deciding the future of fall sports. we'll see how that impacts college sports as a whole. reporting live, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> thank you. more bay area mask developments and policies to report this morning. in san mateo county the board of supervisors voted to launch an educational campaign to highlight the importance of masks. in contra costa county the health officer also updated mask rules. businesses open must now make sure workers and volunteers cover their face and if a customer refuses to wear a mask they are not supposed to serve them or allow them inside. in orinda the owner says while most people cover their face, the mandate to refuse service will eliminate any debate. >> certainly helps to push back and then if they have an issue with it they can write the county like they would if they have a complaint about something else. >> contra costa county is
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requiring people who can't wear a mask due to medical condition to wear a face shield in public. a follow-up to the two people you see here facing charges in contra costa county for defacing that black lives matter mural in martinez. it happened on the fourth of july right in front of the downtown courthouse. the videos and the photos have been all over social media. you've probably seen them. now the duo faces vandalism and hate crime charges. >> retaliation, this crime committed based on the race of people exercising their right to paint and exercising that right under the cover of authority. another act of vandalism in martinez on tuesday morning but a couple of residents did rush over to cover a slogan that said white lives matter. a main change could be covering to buildings in uc berkeley. they are considering renaming two of its halls.
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one hall is named after two brothers, joseph and john, who both fought for the confederacy. the other is named for a anthropologist. the proposal says his work exploited indigenous man believed to be the last survivor of the tribe and claimed he took indigenous remains without consent. this comes as a groundbreaking decision was made in the uc system for the first time in its 150-year history, hired a person of color as its president. michael drake was most recently the president of the ohio state university system. drake is taking over for janet napolitano. now to making it in the bay and one way to help peo do that is by building more affordable housing. we've heard it before and happening today in berkeley the mayor is expected to announce more of that. the city is receiving a
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multimillion dollar grant to build more than 80 affordable units. two large developments, a plan at ashley avenue and adeline streets. more details on the project at that location coming up at 10:00 this morning. you know we will be listening in for that. and now a look at our forecast, kari. you have a little bit of light behind you, but i suspect you're going to tell us about the heat. yes, it will heat up again today. all that sunshine in the forecast as we check out our morning temperature trend for concord. if you're about to head out and go for a walk or a run, temperatures are in the low 60s. it's going to be comfortable for opening up those windows, letting the house cool down before it heats up again today. so we're looking at low 80s already by noon because we're heading to 92 degrees today. we're going to see some mid-80s for the south bay.
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san francisco keeps the natural air conditioning. we're staying in the upper 60s here. mike, any issues for drivers heading out the door? we do have a crash in the east bay in oakland. i talked about -- let's show you on the map. overall a green sensor flow for most of the bay. my concern is at the top of the screen, we're zooming in to where 580 splits. westbound 580, an update for a location. reports consolidating around that split and just after the split west 580 goes past mcarthur right about where there's a crash involving a number of vehicles. chp giving us the update there may be crash activity in all lanes. they may have to stop traffic shortly. the sensors don't reflect that but we will continue to follow that. you can choose between 880. 880 is clear as you head through oakland. no problem other than that through the area and the toll plaza. watching west 580. back to you.
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rapid results. you're going to want to see an all new covid-19 test that can give you answers before you even leave the clinic. more problems on facebook and not all coming from outside the company. we made a deal ages ago. man, babies, doesn't matter. we're soul mates. plus, call him mr. big. the gift vanessa bryant is sharing the gift kobe bryant gave her and how it relates to the show. first -- ♪ our tribute to the class of 2020 highlighting the graduates who work so hard to make it through school but didn't get an official ceremony. a big congratulations to these high school students. this is our last week for our great grads. thank you to everybody who sent pictures and, graduates, we are so proud of you. you did it.
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right now we're about 40 minutes away from sunrise and we're already starting to see a little light in the sky as we check out walnut creek. it's going to be a cool start s settling in with some temperatures already in the low 80s at noon. we'll get a look at our micro climates and talk about high valley heat coming up in a few minutes. and we're talking about high
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street, west 580 and macarthur in oakland. we had all lanes blocked. there was a short closure. chp just updated us. no major injuries. two lanes open. two lanes closed west 580. we'll see the sensors light back up. and good morning and a very happy wednesday to you. facebook is going to have a really tough day today. not only did its meeting with civil rights activists apparently not go very well, it's getting early word about a report that a commission on itself and that report says facebook has big problems. a preliminary draft was obtained by "the new york times." nbc has not seen it. "the times" says the civil rights report says, quote, facebook's approach to civil rights remains too reactive and piecemeal and when ceo mark zuckerberg allows people like donald trump to make threats
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through his posts, the company is elevating the president's speech while paid for by facebook, also goes on to say that facebook risks an echo chamber of extremism. meanwhile, facebook's mark zuckerberg and chersheryl sandb met to discuss that call for an advertising boycott. it's been a very effective boycott. activists say they were disappointed by the meeting. in a conference call rashad robinson, head of color of change, said facebook showed up to the meeting expecting an "a" for attendance. attendance alone is not enough. robinson w speak on the "today" show coming up at 7:00. >> what's going to continue to happen unless facebook fixes things, corporations are going to put up ads and show up next to white nationalists and white supremacist organizations and
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groups that are calling for a second civil war, who are saying some of the most hateful and egregious things. >> you can see more on "today" coming up at 7:00. guys, a quick check of the markets as well before i throw it back. looks like a fairly flat opening. we saw some takeback yesterday as investors continue to go both ways. they think the economy is going to be great. they run it up. they worry about covid, they run it back down again. >> it has been a roller coaster for sure. thank you, scott. amc entertainment, the largest movie theater chain is near a restructuring deal to avoid a bankruptcy filing in the near future. amc has seen profits crash as it hard to shut down more than 1,000 theaters. a quarterly loss of nearly $2.5 billion. u.s. theaters are scheduled to reopen on july 30th.
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trending this morning, vanessa bryant is sharing a sweet gift from her late husband kobe bryant. on monday a green dress she received from bryant. turns out the iconic dress was worn by none other than sarah jessica parker's character from "sex and the city." she was taken back by emotion and knows kobe is still loving her from heaven. >> wow. that is a gift and to get it after the fact that he's gone, too. a lot of thought put into that. also trending this morning it may not have taken place in a yellow submarine but it was a celebration that had some truly famous faces coming together on youtube in honor of a legendary museum. ♪ all you need is love love is all you need ♪ >> yesterday we told you this was going to happen. it is ringo starr's 80th birthday. celebrating part of his virtual celebration on youtube.
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paul mccartney and john lennon's widow yuko ono sent along their wishes. he had to get creative. it's nice to share it with everyone. >> yeah, we got to be there. >> i'm tapped out. that's all i know. >> are you done for the day? >> i'm done. hi, kari. hey, let's get started with a look outside from the tri-valley looking over the hills towards dublin. we watch the sun rise and it's going to be a very nice afternoon but it will heat up again today. a look at our temperature. yesterday you probably headed out late in the morning and evening. in between it feels uncomfortable.
5:19 am
we're in the mid-50s to start at 78 degrees. we see how fast they jump early in the afternoon. our hour by hour forecast we take it to lunch time. we're at 86 degrees in concord. you head down to palo alto it's in the mid-70s. in the middle of the day temperatures in the low 90s. more in the east bay while the south bay will mostly stay in the upper 80s for today. and then cooling off nicely. if you want to go for a walk, look at these temperatures. it is going to be perfect and we're going to see more weather like this going into the rest of the week. we also cool off quickly due to a stronger ocean breeze starting to pick up.
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hotter weather coming in by the end of the weekend. some 90s in the valleys. san francisco also looking at some much cooler weather there. upper 60s and a lot of sunshine in the forecast here as well. we may see the fog moving in closer. mike, you've been keeping an eye on the commute. how is it looking right now? you show off the beautiful sunrise colors. i also have sunrise color on the maps. a little bit of orange and red. that's not bad, just a little build for your expected commute there. two lanes open but two lanes blocked by a crash. the rest of the bay moves nicely. we have a lot of cars coming through the area. you do have company but no
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slowing. back to you. next on "today in the bay," nbc bay area responds. >> reporter: the trip of a lifetime gets grounded thanks to the pandemic. that was only the beginning of their trouble. i'm chris chmura, nbc bay area responds next. and our team is always on social media. we mentioned it maybe once or twice last month, that this incredible morning team won an emmy and the emmys have now arrived in the mail. mike inouye and our editor posting these pictures on social media. congratulations to everybody behind the scenes and in front of the camera who make this happen every single day. be sure to follow mike on facebook, twitter and on instagram. you're watching "today in the bay."
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mary kay letourneau has died. she's the former teacher who gained notoriety after being convicted of raping her student and then later marrying him. letourneau died after a long. she was convicted back in 1997 for the rape of 12-year-old. at the time she was 34 years old and was the teacher and he was her former student. she was pregnant with the child at the time of her conviction. she separated from her husband three years ago. they had two kids together. jeffrey epstein's alleged
5:25 am
accomplice as ghislaine maxwell gets ready for her bail hearing, "the sun" reports maxwell is demanding the epstein estate pay her legal fees. epstein's lawyers filed to dismiss the case. it has been delayed to september. "the new york times" reports the blackbird watcher who reported a white woman calling 911 will not take part in the case against her. it happened in central park and the woman was claiming he threatened her after he asked her to put her dog on a leash. amy cooper lost her job. a rapid test promises results within minutes not days. the new rapid test developed is less invasive and less uncomfortable for patients, too. the swab doesn't need to go deep inside the naval calfvity. after incubating for 15 minutes
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it goes into a testing machine that requires ten seconds to process. patients can wait for their results instead of getting them over the phone. >> i love that it's only 15 minutes, waiting four to six business days doesn't really help. >> the test is so new it's not covered by insurance and costs about $125 out of pocket. >> that was a lot more shallow than the one that i took. i don't know if you've taken one. >> i did. it was way up. >> i think they got my brain. tested my brain and everything. nbc bay area responds to a group of south bay travelers, more than $100,000 on the line. >> they asked consumer investigator chris chmura and his team to help. >> reporter: good morning. we hear almost every day from folks whose flights, cruises, hotels or other travel are in limbo because of the pandemic. recently that included a group of more than a dozen people in the south bay. they paid a travel agency six figures in total for an african safari that was supposed to
5:27 am
happen in may. as covid-19 spread it became obvious their trip of a lifetime wasn't going to happen. >> all of us 65 and over were having anxiety attacks for the last three months before they canceled our trip. >> reporter: he and his friends turned to us. what happened when we stepped in to help. also, we walk you through what you need to know if the virus interrupts your travel plans. i'll see you tonight at 11:00. a bay area doctor shot and killed while offroading with his teenaged son. what we're learning about this man who was arrested for the chilling crime as we hear from the doctor's family this morning as well. plus, travelers beware. the rise in spikes in covid cases in one of the most popular travel destinations is prompting action. more after the break. this home is equipped with gig speed internet from xfinity.
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right now at 5:30 making fall lesson plans, from the president to thousands of bay area families. next details on how some schools plan to teach this fall. after santa clara county clears up confusion over the outdoor dining, it's now committing to more kinds of reopenings. y'as roller coaster reopening ride. and a nice wednesday is ahead with a little bit of a warm-up in some spots. your forecast is next. this is "today in the bay." good morning. i'm cierra johnson. >> and i'm kris sanchez.
5:31 am
marcus and laura are enjoying a little bit of summertime off. mike, you're still watching the roadways and, kari, you're working from home. good morning. good morning. we are going to start out with temperatures for most of us feeling nice and comfortable. if it got really hot where you lived yesterday we are going to have at least the cool morning hours to let the house cool down before it heats up again as we check out our mountain view temperature trend at least it will be nice here. we're looking at upper 50s through 6:00. and then as we go into late morning, we're mostly looking at some 70s but some of us will reach into the mid-90s today. i'll talk more about this and what's ahead coming up in a few minutes. mike, any issues for the commuters? the bay bridge toll plaza, no backup. we've seen this pattern. no problem getting through contra costa county but alameda county we did have this crash west 580 over there at the split with the freeway.
5:32 am
highway 13. slowing has cleared from our sensors. the activity is still there just past the split to macarthur boulevard. a heads up if that's where you're driving in toward ped month. the rest of the bay looks good. i do have some unusual slowing maybe in the tri-valley. cierra, you have a much bigger issue. thanks, mike. new this morning fireworks are believed to have started a small fire in livermore. this is brand-new video in to our newsroom. that fire broke out around 2:30. the chp tells our photographer on scene that illegal fireworks could have started the fire. it burned about two acres before being contained. fireworks have started dozens of fires across the bay area since before the july 4th holiday. and all new from overnight fire crews are making huge progress against the crew fire burning in gilroy. it's now 50% contained. the fire started sunday and has burned 5,500 acres. some evacuations and road
5:33 am
closures remain in place. parents in the bay area are getting a better eidea what school might look like in the fall depending on the district. bob, some districts have already decided they're going to keep the kids home outright. some districts are doing a hybrid. some are still up in the air. >> reporter: correct, kris. let's take brentwood unified here in the east bay. they've already decided all 9,500 k-8 students will be 100% online starting july 28th, which is their normal start time for the fall semester with the option to move to a hybrid model when deemed safe by the county. last night alum rock district announced 90% of students will continue with distance learning online. the remaining 10% will come to class in person on campus. the district will decide who fits that 10% criteria based on homelessness, foster care and disability. san jose's east side union high school district will continue
5:34 am
online learning for the majority of its students. >> we just felt we needed to lower that anxiety of our staff, students, and families so they know what the plan is. it doesn't mean that we won't adjust when we need to adjust for in person but at least people know how we're going to start the school year. >> reporter: this morning "the chronicle" is reporting most san francisco unified students will be learning from home in the fall because of lack of money for custodians, soap and hand sanitizer. berkeley unified will update parents and students on its plans. that district is considering a hybrid model. later this afternoon oakland unified teacher, staff and parents will be doing a sort of protest rally, a car caravan to get the word out that they do not want the district to reopen in person this fall, and they're also demanding universal covid
5:35 am
testing to help stop the spread of the pandemic. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." thanks, bob. the numbers of positive covid-19 infections continue growing across the state. currently nearly 284,000 confirmed cases. that includes more than 6,500 deaths. in the bay area there are nearly 30,000 cases and 617 deaths recorded. and the wait is over for folks in the biggest county. numerous businesses in santa clara county now getting the blessing from the state to reopen with certain covid-19 restrictions. "today in the bay's" thom jensen is live. they are green lighted to reopen on monday. >> reporter: good morning, cierra. this really clears up and ends several days of really confusion and frustration for business owners and their workers. the state said they had not met -- the county had not met
5:36 am
all of the requirements for getting clearance to reopen. it caught health officials by surprise, so they scrambled together to put plans together the state would agree with. breathing a collective sigh of relief and hoping there are no more setbacks. >> until you have customers in my salon and that's when it's official, it's the real deal. >> reporter: health officials say santa clara county will not likely resume indoor dining in restaurants for quite a while. expect more solutions like what's going on here in mountain view with the streets closed down for more outdoor dining, one of the things that caused some of the friction between the state and the county. that's all cleared up now. the salons, the gyms, fitness, the hotels can reopen starting on monday, july 13th.
5:37 am
live in mountain view, thom jensen, "today in the bay." a lot of folks were waiting for that. thank you. now details in the murder of a danville father. deputies say they made an arrest as the man's family is speaking out. the sierra county sheriff's office says this man, john thomas conway, shot and killed that father. it happened when dr. ari gershman was offroading with his son friday northeast of sacramento. his cousin is now talking about the terrifying call she got from the 15-year-old son, jack, that night. >> dad's been shot. i think he's dead. i have no i am. and i am lost in the forest, and there's a shooter. i am scared and i don't think i'm going to make it out of here alive. >> more than 30 hours later jack was found alive, and he was safe. he says the suspected killer was a total stranger to them. he pulled up behind their atv
5:38 am
and just started shooting. a go fund me account has raised more than $300,000. happening today the vallejo police chief is allowing the family of the man shot and killed by officers during the lootings to watch body cam video. you may recall 22-year-old sean monterrosa of san francisco was shot in recall june as the nation was reeling from the george floyd murders. officers say they tried to arrest him at walgreens and thought he was pulling out a gun, but it turned out to be a hammer. the family has been asking for the release of the body cam footage for weeks now. this afternoon supporters of the family will gather outside vallejo pd as the family views the footage. new in our coronavirus coverage this morning we are learning now that more than 75% of californians say they are concerned about themselves or a family member contracting covid-19 according to a new poll from the california health care foundation. 78% of those surveyed also say they wear a mask when they are in a public place.
5:39 am
tougher penalties for l.a. county businesses that are not complying with the public health orders like asking people to wear masks or socially distance. they are now facing fines. they can also be shut down. meanwhile, yolo county enacted a hefty fine for its businesses that are not abiding orders. they can be fined by up to $10,000. supervisors in el dorado county plan to hold an emergency meeting tomorrow to talk about its surge of covid-19 cases. it's because tourists are not following mask and social distancing recommendations in the tahoe region. no word yet if the big crowds over the holiday weekend will cause an even bigger spike in cases. what's the plan for this week? i know it will be a little warmer. >> warmer but not too much. we're not talking about extreme heat here or a really serious heat wave.
5:40 am
we will see temperatures cool every morning but drifts of smoke coming up at times from the south county. we're at 58 degrees. you can see that it will warm up into the mid-80s. a touch warmer compared to yesterday with some low 90s and up to 94 today in clear lake. air quality and the crew fire. how is it looking for the commute right now? the crash in oakland cleared from 580. we'll start with our view out of the altamont where there's typical slowing to about north flynn road. a good amount of traffic to sunol. that's 84. we ex beckett that as well.
5:41 am
it's shifted, more in to sunol and the crew picking up, scheduled to be cleared by 6:00. the south bay shows that slowing where it says san jose. a live look out there. >> the outbreak is still growing at san quentin prison. what hospitals are doing to help with the patient overflow. president trump demands schools reopen, but so far the government has offered no plan or funding. ♪ two virginians and an immigrant walk into a room diametrically opposed ♪ firing back, what the creator of the musical "hamilton" is saying this morning to those criticizing the show. but first -- ♪ this is our tribute to the
5:42 am
class of 2020. we are highlighting graduates who made it through the struggle to graduation and then graduated without an official ceremony. big congratulations to these high school students. this is our last week for our great grads, so thank you to everyone who sent in pictures and good job, graduates. we can't wait to see what you do next.
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at 5:44 let's head over to pleasanton and how our morning is looking. temperatures about 54 degrees at 6:00. low 80s by noon today. we're going to have a hot afternoon. we'll talk about that and what's ahead in the forecast coming up. what we did forecast for san jose, a live look shows you the volume of traffic builds at 540. almost exactly at that time. the brake tapping and a very popular spot north 101 at 680. things go according to your typical plan it should clear up over the next ten minutes. the bigger view coming up. marin county hospitals are feeling the strain of the covid outbreak at san quentin. according to "the chronicle" they are taking care of about a dozen infected inmates in order to ease the strain at those impacted hospitals, the state set up tents for infected inmates at san quentin over the weekend.
5:46 am
as of yesterday there were nearly 1,500 infections reported at the prison. six people have died. new details this morning, several firefighters in southern california are now in self-quarantine after testing positive for the coronavirus. 2 dozen infected firefighters working at the fire department near l.a.x. crews say the station has been disinfected and all of their positions are being covered. los angeles police are looking for the reason why up to 300 officers reportedly called in sick over the weekend. focusing in on a letter that went around the department the week before that called for sick calls in order to send a message. it cited backlash and $150 million in budget cuts and warned of pay and pension cuts that could be coming next. that letter, though, was unsigned. the police chief says he is not jumping to any conclusions. in sacramento, a piece of controversial history is no
5:47 am
longer at the state's capitol. the christopher columbus statue was removed, it's called his last appeal to queen isabella. isabella financed and set off european colonization of the americas. the statue had been there since 1883. some california democrats are now asking state party leaders to stop taking campaign money from police unions. "the chronicle" is reporting a letter to the state's party, some minority and progressive leaders say the party expected nearly $2 million since 2017. one of the biggest contributors is the california correctional peace officers association. the letter points out that during that time more than 260 black and brown were killed by law enforcement officers in california. the party is expected to consider that letter in a few weeks. presi should be ashamed of itself for holding classes online.
5:48 am
scott mcgrew, the president says he wants schools to open. yes, and he says he'll pressure governors to make that happen. schools, remember, are one of the one things left that are really run locally by the communities that they serve. local control of education is something that president trump has often supported, but that clearly has changed. >> so we're very much going to put pressure on governors and everybody else to open the schools to get them open and it's very important. it's very important for our country. it's very important for the well-being of the student and the parents. so we're going to be putting a lot of pressure on open your schools in the fall. >> that came at a meeting about school closures yesterday. the white house did not offer a set of possible steps or solutions nor did it offer new funding. we're watching the supreme court this morning for a
5:49 am
decision. one of the biggest is whether a new york prosecutor can demand president trump's business records as he investigates president trump's business. can he demand those records from a sitting president? that's the question. or could that open the door to prosecutors all over the nation tying up a future president with records requests? in the middle of all this chief justice john roberts fell and hit his head and was recently hospitalized last month. it happened on a walk. a court spokeswoman says roberts was likely dehydrated at the time. the president of mexico will be at the white house to celebrate the u.s./canada/mexico trade deal. the prime minister of canada declined the invitation. he flew commercial, in coach, though it does look like he got an exit row, there was even a connection through atlanta. president obrador says he will get rid of the presidential jet. we'll be watching that meeting
5:50 am
at the white house. we'll be tweeting about it. you know where to find me on twitter. i'm @scottmcgrew. >> the president on a commercial plane in coach, had a is interesting. thank you, scott. sacramento is calling to repeal the city requirement to stand during the national anthem. this would only take a majority vote of the city council to remove the requirement which was adopted back in 1928. they say they were unaware of the requirement until someone filed a lawsuit challenging the ordinance. >> to have on the books an ordinance that says it is a misdemeanor to not stand at attention for the national anthem seems really out of place. >> that repeal will go before the city council later this month. "hamilton" creator lin-manuel miranda is responding to criticism of the show as it hits disney plus. >> he calls all criticism valid when responding to a viewer on
5:51 am
twitter. fans and critics. the show is drawing huge numbers while streaming. miranda tried to fit as much as he could in the two and a half hour musical. >> it is a lot to fit into two and a half hours. also trending this morning the classic movies people wish they had seen in the theater are coming back. they asked what film they wished they had seen when they were released on the big screen. horror classic "the shining" came in at number three. number two was "star wars." number one was "jaws." really hard to read these stories when i'm covering my eyes. i don't like scary movies. >> what is that? >> kari is popping popcorn. >> i have the popcorn. >> kari, when you're at home you just sit there and watch the green screen. >> oh! that's kind of boring.
5:52 am
>> kari, what's popping? >> that was a good one. >> it took me a minute. we're going to see let's check out our sunrise this morning. we know we've had beautiful colors in the sky. unfortunately, it's because we've also had a lot of smoke, too. this is looking from the santa cruz mountains near the crews fire just to the east of gilroy. as we go into the morning we're monitoring those conditions, but it looks like our weather has improved there. the temperatures are cooler. the temperature is slightly higher and that's going to hopefully help those crews there trying to get some containment on the wildfire. we look at what we're going to see her of our wind speed and miles an hour. wind speeds will increase today. that will be lower humidity than
5:53 am
we tend to see an ocean breeze, with more of it moving over the land we are going to have some drier air in place. if you want to head out for a run, air quaul hlity has improvn spots like martinez. temperatures low 60s. early in the day is best. it will heat up. warm weather inland and cool coastal temperatures and even going into next week no major changes here. our temperatures go up in response as we reach into the low to mid-90s for the inland valleys for the weekend. even early next week. we are going to at times see the fog get close are. we're still looking at a nice
5:54 am
and cool day. mike, how is it looking for the commute? it's looking pretty cool. lightening traffic. the burst at 5:30 and then it starts to lighten up by 5:50. that's what we see here. as we look at the maps, the sensors are also updating that same area with the arrow on the map, northbound 101 just north of 680. traffic flow shows a smooth run here as well as the rest of your south bay. no problems coming down and the slowing we saw in fremont did, indeed, clear heading to sunol as the crew cleared from overnight road work. the crash was completely cleared but another traffic break approaching highway 13. looks like that has once again cleared from the area but still activity on the shoulder so be advised through that portion of oakland, the approach to the bay bridge. no problem at the bay bridge. the volume is just now starting to build. no waiting but we'll watch for that over the next half an hour, kris. back to you. >> thank you, mike.
5:55 am
happening now actor johnny depp and his ex-wife amber heard are back in a courtroom in london for the second day of a trial over depp's libel case against a british newspaper. depp is suing the british tabloid "the sun" over an april 2018 story that called him a wife beater in the headline. the newspaper's lawyer plans to use heard's allegations of abuse by depp to defend the wife beater claims. the couple was married two years before divorcing, and now they bitterly accuse one another of abuse. there's much more ahead including the popular museum reopening today in the north bay despite the surge in covid cases. and all new this morning a car drives into a bookstore in fremont. up next, what the shop owner tells us is happening. that's coming up at 6:00. you're watching "today in the bay." businesses are starting to bounce back.
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new this morning you may have heard the fireworks going off in your neighborhood on the fourth of july and days before and the days after. menlo park was no exception. the amount of illegal fireworks was the worst he's seen in his 40 years of work. the fire chief says the fireworks were out of control. this is a picture showing one set of illegal fireworks going off right behind that electronic safety sign.
5:59 am
fireworks are illegal in menlo park. fireworks blamed for a dozen fires set across the bay area. well, today at noon there is a march in san francisco for peace and justice honoring gun violence victims. the family of a 6-year-old little boy who was shot and killed in the city over the weekend is making a painful plea. yesterday they gathered with police and the mayor to urge people to help them catch the gunman. he was just 6 years old, 6, was watching fireworks when he was shot on july 4th. the sfpd believes it was a deliberate shooting but he was not the target. his father says the violence has to stop. >> how hard it is to get up here as and lose your son to something so senseless. >> no arrests made so far.
6:00 am
right now at 6:00, the return to classrooms. >> we're very much going to put pressure on governors and everybody else to open the schools to get them open. >> the president is demanding students should return but medical experts are sounding the alarm. a live report on the warning straight ahead. plus, the return of sports also plagued by covid-19 concerns. a live report on when the giants and the a's might get back to practice as facilities shut down and more players test positive. black lives matter movement after two residents deface a bml mural. the charges they are now facing. the third hour of "today in the bay" starts right now. good wednesday morning. i'm cierra johnson. >> and i'm kris sanchez. marcus and laura are off. here we are with mike inouye and kari hall this is y


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