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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 8, 2020 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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right now at 6:00, the return to classrooms. >> we're very much going to put pressure on governors and everybody else to open the schools to get them open. >> the president is demanding students should return but medical experts are sounding the alarm. a live report on the warning straight ahead. plus, the return of sports also plagued by covid-19 concerns. a live report on when the giants and the a's might get back to practice as facilities shut down and more players test positive. black lives matter movement after two residents deface a bml mural. the charges they are now facing. the third hour of "today in the bay" starts right now. good wednesday morning. i'm cierra johnson. >> and i'm kris sanchez. marcus and laura are off. here we are with mike inouye and kari hall this is your first
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time anchoring here at nbc bay area. how is it going? >> going well. it's going well. >> good team. good team. all right, kari, do you want to tell us about that forecast? it looks pretty good as we start out this morning. a live view in san francisco. we're starting out with a clear sky this morning. we'll get a lot of sunshine today as we head down to cupertino. expect it to stay at least comfortable for the next couple of hours, but it will warm up today. we're looking at slightly hotter temperatures for this afternoon as we reach into the low 80s here during the middle of the afternoon. we'll talk more about what's ahead in our forecast coming up. mike, how is it looking for the morning commute? take a live look out there, kari. we were looking at berkeley with a good volume of traffic. no major problems but i wanted to show folks how much traffic is heading down to the bay bridge. a live look shows you that.
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no surprises. the slowing just starting getting towards the incline but no problems through the area and really no outstanding issues for the rest of your commute right now. back to you, kris. thank you, mike. new overnight, check out this video. some intense moments in fremont after a teenager crashes into a bookstore. the owner is now cleaning up and boarding up this morning. this is video we just got in to the newsroom. you can see all of the damage there. police say the driver, just 15, clearly not licensed, and the car managed to get all the way into the store. you can see the skid marks where that teenager tried to stop outside. officers say alcohol was not involved. on capitol hill president trump says he will put pressure on governors to open k-12 schools in the fall as coronavirus cases soar across the country. "today in the bay's" alice barr is live with the latest from washington. alice, we are all ears.
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all kinds of parents, whether you have kids in private school, public school, upper grades, lower grades, we're all listening. >> reporter: yeah, we wish there were more answers to provide. that is the case all over the country trying to figurd my child back to school this fall? and while he's not offering a lot of answers to that question how it could be done safely, president trump is making it clear he does want students back in the classroom starting as early as next month. the trump administration believes it is critical to get the economy going again to have schools reopen because it makes it a lot easier for parents to go back to work if their children are in school. the administration also making the case that the social and educational drawbacks of having schools closed could be worse for children than the virus itself. and the american academy of pediatrics is recommending trying to get children back to school in person if possible to keep them from falling behind. that association says there needs to be very strict controls
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and r make this as safe as possible. during an event yesterday the trump administration did not offer up any suggestions for concrete policies to do that, and they also did not offer any extra funding for things like maybe providing extra school buses so that kids can be spaced out farther apart from each other there as well as in the classroom or potentially handing out masks to students. so no new funding at this point but plenty of pressure. >> we're very much going to put pressure on governors and everybody else to open the schools, to get them open. >> reporter: and there are medical experts speaking out already on this topic saying that communities need to be focused on getting the virus under control in their areas before they can think too seriously about reopening schools. while there is research showing children are less likely to get the virus and less likely to get seriously ill if they do get it,
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the long-term effects are unknown and there are a lot of adults that have to work in those school buildings that potentially could be at higher risk. there are a lot of hurdles still to clear before the next step toward reopening schools can be done safely. kris, back to you. >> thank you very much, alice. in just a few hours president trump will meet with mexico's president at the white house. the white house is promoting the visit as a celebration of the u.s./canada/mexico trade agreement. the trade treaty took effect july 1st replacing the north american free trade agreement or nafta. justin trudeau declined the white house invitation. and new this morning we're learning supreme court justice john roberts is recovering after being briefly hospita near his home. month. his doctors believe it was likely due to light headedness caused by dehydration. now to the latest number of covid-19 cases here in the bay
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area. nearly 30,000 cases and more than 600 deaths. contra costa county reported 214 new cases. san mateo county, 93. santa clara county, 80. the future of sports hangs in the balance because of covid-19. and now more people are questioning whether it's even realistic to think that we'll have sports at all. "today in the bay's" pete suratos is live in san francisco with details on how this is impacting teams here in the bay area. we'll go to pete in just a moment. all right. we will try to work this one out for you. we will get to pete in just a bit. cierra, you have a follow-up. yes, two people are facing charges in contra costa county for defacing a black lives mural in martinez. it happened on the fourth of courthouse. these pictures and videos have been shown all over social media. the charges include vandalism and a hate crime. >> retaliation, this crime
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committed on the race of people exercising their right to paint and exercising the right under the cover of authority. >> another act of vandalism in martinez tuesday morning. a couple residents did rush over to help cover a slogan that said white lives matter. a name change could be coming to a few buildings at uc berkeley. they are considering renaming two of its halls. one hall is named after two brothers, joseph and john laconte who both fought for the confederacy and the other a famous anthropologist. the proposal says the work exploited an indigenous man believed to be the last survivor of his tribe. it claimed he took indigenous remains without consent. again, we want to talk about sports because we're looking for a little distraction as we sheltering at home. pete suratos is in san francisco with whether or not it's realistic to think we'll have any sports at all.
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pete? >> reporter: good morning. that is the big question, the future of sports. we know there's going to be a big decision as it relates to college sports. we'll get to that in just a moment. but we know major league baseball is set to start in a matter of weeks and already, guys, several players across the league have tested positive for covid-19 including a member of the oakland a's. it's not just the a's that are dealing with the issues. the san francisco giants are dealing with issues as it relates to covid-19. their covid tests were not returned on time so they went ahead and suspended practices at oracle park. now major league soccer is also restarting. that will take place on friday. you have the san jose earthquakes participating in this despite one team in the league withdrawing altogether due to ten players testing positive for covid-19. now we did get a chance to speak to a local sports law attorney who explained exactly what fans should expect when it comes to sports.
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>> not even a second-rate produ product, like a 15th rate product because the virus would be deciding who wins the championship. >> reporter: the nba and nhl will also resume their seasons. the warriors and sharks did not quaul flify to take part. when it comes to college sports, the ivy league will decide this fall. we'll see if that impacts college sports as a whole. reporting live, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> thank you, pete. let's check out what's happening now in the east bay as we get ready to head out on this wednesday morning. a beautiful sunrise and our air quality has improved as we're starting to get not as much of that smoke moving in to parts of the east bay. then as we lock at our temperature trend we are going to have another warm day. you want to make sure you are out early in the morning with our temperatures starting to heat up as we are look at highs for parts of the inland east bay
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that will reach into the low 90s. along the coast we're in the 60s. napa today will reach up to 87 degrees. san jose reaching 86 degrees. we are going to have some slightly hotter temperatures today. we'll talk about our air quaul comi ity coming up and road conditions as you head outdoor for the commute. that's right and traffic volume is still light right now, of course during shelter at home, we're hoping that's helping the air quality. the maps, green sensors. a circle at the bottom san jose slowing, typical at 5:40. it cleared a half hour later. no surprises out of the altamont, the tri-valley. contra costa county, the arrow shows the approach to the incline. the bay bridge toll plaza itself, we're seeing the brake tapping. slowing in the middle lanes. a typical pattern. we should see the metering lights turn on around 6:30 because the volume builds starting now. back to you. have you gotten a
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coronavirus test? those of us who have, both cierra and i know it goes deep sometimes. you feel like they're testing your brain. a new test that doesn't go as deep but you get results a lot faster. you're going to want to hear that story. kris posted that video to her twitter and, oh, boy, that was very tough. as far as the tech things go, facebook facing its own troubles this morning, kris. futures this morning to the positive after a big loss yesterday. we made a deal ages ago. man, babies, doesn't matter, we're soul mates. >> what a classic. plus, call him mr. big. the gift vanessa bryant is sharing that the late kobe bryant gave her and how it relates to her favorite show. but first -- ♪ our tribute to the class of 2020 continues highlighting
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graduates who made it through the school year but didn't get to walk across that stage in front of their families. a big congratulations to these high school students. this is our last week for our great grads, so thank you to everybody who sent in pictures and graduates. we can't wait to see what you're going to do next.
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good wednesday morning. right now at 6:14 let's check out our temperature trend in danville. we'll start out with some 70s at 10:00, and it's going to warm up fast today. we're looking at some upper 80s in some spots. we'll reach the low 90s. get out there early. we'll talk about what's ahead and the smoke you're seeing to the south bay coming up in a few minutes. we're at the toll plaza, to the north, the bay bridge, the backup. brakes tapping, folks a little bit of a wait. how things are developing coming up. good morning and very happy wednesday to you. facebook is not going to have a very good day today. not only did its meeting with civil rights activists not work out early word of a report that it economies ecommissioned on i. a preliminary draft obtained by "the new york times," nbc has not seen it.
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"the times" says the civil rights repor approach to civil rights remains too reactive and piecemeal and says when ceo mark zuckerberg allows people like donald trump to make threats through his posts, the company is elevating the president's speech while kre censoring others. it says facebook risks an echo chamber of extremism. facebook's mark zuckerberg and sheryl sandberg met with civil rights activists yesterday to discuss that advertising boycott. it's been very effective. activists say they were disappointed in the meeting. in a conference call after the meeting rashad robinson, head of color of change, said, quote, facebook showed up to the meeting expecting an "a" for attendance. attendance alone is not enough. robinson will also speak on the "today" show coming up at 7:00.
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>> what's going to continue to happen unless facebook fixes things is corporations are going to put up ads and they're going to show up next to white nationalists and white supremacist organizations and groups that are calling for a second civil war, who are saying some of their most hateful and egregious things. >> you can see more on the "today" show coming up at 7:00. a quick check of the markets, mildly higher. the futures call the best that investors place after a pretty solid drubbing yesterday as we were talking about earlier. one day the markets think the economy is reopening so up they go. the next day they realize that, wow, you were reporting the new case numbers. the economy is suffering and down the markets go. >> i think we've gotten used to a little whiplash. >> roller coaster. >> indeed. thank you very much, scott. entertainment, the largest movie chain is nearing a restructuring deal to avoid a bankruptcy filing.
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amc has seen profits crash because it had to shut down more than 1,000 theaters worldwide because of the pandemic. the movie chain warned last month that it could report a quarterly loss of nearly $2.5 billion. amc's u.s. theaters are scheduled to reopen july 30th depending on local ordinances, of course. also, trending this morning vanessa bryant is reminiscing on a sweet gift from her late husband kobe bryant. on monday she posted a picture of a green dress. the iconic dress was worn by sarah jessica parker's character in "sex and the city." she was taken back by emotion and kobe is still showing his love from heaven. that dress is gorgeous. such a thoughtful move. >> a really sweet thing that she came across it probably when she needed it. these things happen. kari, we are looking at the gorgeous sunrise behind you, i
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would say even prettier than bradshaw's dress. >> how about the tulle fog. >> ooh! here we are seeing it rolling over the hills as we look at sausalito this morning. it is a beautiful sunrise. this is helping keep some of our coastal areas a lot cooler. then you head down to the south bay. it's going to be warmer this afternoon. let's check out our temperature trend. we'll see our temperatures in the low 60s here at 8:00, and then as we go through the day we'll warm up into the upper 80s. normal is about 81 degrees. we're going a little bit above that today. you'll notice it will be hotter today compared to yesterday but we're looking at the wind direction and wind speed. that has a huge difference in our air quality because we do still have the crews fire smoldering down there to the east of gilroy. and if the wind shifts, brings
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it in from the south, it could push some of the smoke into the south bay as well as the south county. right now we're locking at a northwesterly wind which tends to be drier and as it picks up later today our wind speeds will be at about 15 to 20 miles per hour in some areas. and then that will also help push that smoke off towards the south and east. so we're looking at temperatures today that will reach into the upper 80s for the inland east bay and a few low 90s as well with some upper 80s in parts of the north bay while the coastal areas stay cool. we are going to stay in this weather pattern but a little bit closer as we go into the rest of today. i did not say siri. let's check out what's going on with our forecast. our temperatures in the low 90s, and up to the mid-90s by the end of the weekend. early next week our temperatures in the upper 80s. and then for san francisco, it stays cool here. our natural air conditioning
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continues with some upper 60s. all right, mike, how is it looking for the commute? >> making sure all of my external mics are turned off. looking at the commute building and they turned the metering lights on about seven minutes ago. i thought it wasn't going to be until now. five minutes makes a big difference as we look at the toll plaza. forming and building now since they turned the lights on, all lanes filled. no problems getting there but at the toll plaza it's slow from out of the maze and across the overcrossing. a smooth drive, a little slowing out of the altamont and in through sunol, typical. no problems for the south bay. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. next on "today in the bay," nbc bay area responds. >> reporter: the trip of a lifetime gets grounded thanks to the pandemic. that was only the beginning of their troubles. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura, nbc bay area responds next. and you can find our team on social media. take a look at our producers receiving their emmy statues.
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they're keeping social distanced but you have to share the emmy, right? congratulations to our "today in the bay" team. it's such a joy to work with you. follow us on facebook, twitter and on instagram. always celebrating something behind the scenes. good job. >> way to go. explore floor and decor your way,
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grab a box of 15 or try them loaded. get 'em now with no contact delivery. a new covid-19 rapid test promises results within minutes, not days later. the new rapid test developed is
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less invasive and less uncomfortable for patients, too. the swab doesn't need to go deep into the nasal cavity. samples are taken from a shallower part of the nose, which is good. after 15 minutes it goes into a testing machine that requires ten seconds to process. patients can wait for results instead of getting them over the phone. >> i love that it's only 15 minutes because, you know, waiting four to six business days doesn't really help. >> the test is so new it's not covered by inshururance and cos about $125 out of pocket. >> much more shallow and much more pleasant. you said yours was pretty deep. i think they got a little piece of my brain. nbc bay area responds to a group of travelers. almost $100,000 on the line. >> yeah, they asked consumer investigator chris chmura and his team for help. >> reporter: good morning. we hear almost every day from
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folks whose flights, cruises, hotels or other travel are in limbo because of the pandemic. recently a group of more than a dozen people in the south bay. they paid a travel agency six figures in total last year for an african safari that was supposed to happen in may. but as covid-19 spread, it became obvious their trip of a lifetime wasn't going to happen. >> all of us who are aged 65 and over were having anxiety attacks for the last three months before we canceled our trip. >> reporter: tommy and his friends turned to us. tonight at 11:00 what happened when we stepped in to help. also, we walk you through what you need to know if the virus interrupts your travel plans. i'll see you again tonight at 11:00. travelers beware. next on "today in the bay," the recent spike in covid-19 cases in one of the most popular travel destinations. the action now being taken. the bay area's largest
6:27 am
county getting the green light for a lot more reopenings. coming up in a live reportpenin. you're watching "today in the bay." for the sweaty faces,
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and the hidden smiles. the foggy glasses, and the muffled laughs. a simple piece of fabric makes a big statement: i care. wear a mask. let's all do our part to slow the spread. right now at 6:30 making fall lesson plans on the minds of so many from the president to thousands of bay area families and teachers. next, all new details on how some schools plan to teach this fall. plus, moving forward after
6:30 am
santa clara county clears up confusion over outdoor dining it's now committing to more reopenings. a live report on the south bay's roller coaster reopening ride. and happening now markets reopen. making up for yesterday's sell-off. we are looking at the numbers there and at least they're in the green. "today in the bay" continues right now. thanks for joining us on this wednesday morning. i'm kris sanchez. >> and i'm cierra johnson. marcus and laura are off, enjoying a well deserved break. i wonder what weather they'll have the next couple of days. pretty nice out there. this is our typical summertime pattern where we have micro climates in full effect. it's cool along the coast but the valleys will be hot. that's what we're seeing right now this morning. as we check out walnut creek and our temperature trend, we do have the cool early morning hours where we start out in the mid-50s, but then you can see how it goes from 58 to 85 over
6:31 am
the course of a few hours. and it won't stop heating up from there. we'll see our high temperatures reaching into the low 90s. we're going to have some hot days as we go into the end of the week as well. i'll have more on that in a few minutes. mike, what's the update on the morning commute? kari, status quo out there. there are changes but we'll look at the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights are still on. the backups fill the screen. no surprises as we get to the maps and a slower drive developing at the incline but not into contra costa county or for the rest of the bay. right back to you, cierra. fireworks are believed to have started a small fire in livermore. this is brand-new video just in to our newsroom. the fire broke out around 2:30. the chp tells our photographer on scene that illegal fireworks. it burned about two acres before
6:32 am
being contained. fireworks started dozens of fires across the bay area since the fourth of july holiday. all new from overnight fire crews are making huge progress against the crews fire burning near gilroy. it's now 50% contained. the fire started sunday and has burned 5,400 acres. some evacuations and closures remain in place. amid the pandemic more parents in the bay area are getting somewhat of an idea of what school might look like for the kids in the fall and what their work life and family life may look like, too. bob redell joins us live. some districts already deciding to keep the kids home outright. the president saying he's putting on pressure for schools to open now. >> reporter: brentwood unified, for example, this week has decided that all 9,500 of their k-8 students will be taught 100% online starting july 28th which is their normal start time for
6:33 am
the fall with the option, and they're prepped to do this, to move to a hybrid model if the coronavirus cases were to decline and the health department says, hey, everything is safe and you can do that. right now their plans 100% online. in the south bay san jose's alum rock school district announced 90% will continue with distance learning. the remaining 10% will come to class. the district will decide who fits that 10% criteria based on homelessness, foster care and disability. san jose will continue online learning for the majority of its students. >> we just felt we needed to lower the anxiety of our staff, students and families so they know what the plan is. it doesn't mean that we won't adjust for in person but people know how we're going to start the school year. >> reporter: "the chronicle" is
6:34 am
reporting most san francisco unified students will be learning from home in the fall in part because of a lack of money for custodians, nurses, soap and hand sanitizer. a final decision expected by the end of the month. berkeley unified will update parents and students on its plan. considering a hybrid model. later this afternoon oakland unified teacher, staff and parents will start a car caravan, a rally, a protest to get the word out they do not want the district to reopen school sites in the fall. they don't want the kids back on campus, and they're demanding free testing to stop the spread of covid-19. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." the numbers keep growing in the state. currently nearly 284,000 confirmed cases including more than 6,500 deaths. in the bay area anotherly 30,000 cases and 617 deaths recorded. and the wait is over for folks in the bay area's biggest
6:35 am
county. numerous businesses in santa clara county now getting the blessing from the state to reopen with certain covid-19 restrictions. "today in the bay's" thom jensen is live in mountain view where hair salons, gyms and hotels are green lighted for reopening on monday. thom? >> reporter: good morning. yes, this ends several days of discussion between the state and the county about what is allowed and what's not allowed surrounding those businesses and over the weekend the county -- the state gave santa clara county their blessing to reopen those businesses, hair salons, nail salons, child care facilities, gyms, reopening on july 13th. it caught officials by surprise when the state told them last week they could not open the salons and other industries. they scrambled to put together a reopening plan the state could agree with. breathing a collective sigh of relief and hoping there are no more setbacks.
6:36 am
>> until i have customers in my salon and we're actually having customers that's when it's official, it's the real deal. >> reporter: closing strets here in mountain view, palo alto and other communities to make room for more dining outdoor tables is one solution, one of the things that caused some of the friction with the state. state health officials say santa clara county will not likely be allowed to resume indoor dining at restaurants for some time now. the excitement today and through the rest of the week the salons, the gyms, the child care facilities reopening on monday. we're live in mountain view, thom jensen, "today in the bay." >> thank you. and new this morning we're learning that more than 75% of californians are concerned about themselves or a family member catching covid-19. that's according to a new poll from the california health care foundation and 78% of those
6:37 am
surveyed say they wear a mask when they're in a public place, so that's good news there. >> that is good news. supervisors plan to hold an emergency meeting tomorrow to talk about that surge of covid-19 cases in el dorado because tourists are showing up but not following mask and social distancing recommendations in the tahoe region. no word yet whether big crowds over the holiday weekend will cause an even bigger spike in cases, but we know they have limited hospital capacity because they're just a vacation town. if you don't need to go, maybe don't go. we check in with meteorologist kari hall to see how we can enjoy our weather here at home and not wander all around. yeah, we can make a short drive and change our weather drastically across the bay area. we've been monitoring what's going on with the crews fire as we look from the santa cruz mountains over to gilroy. and you can see a small layer of fog, a shallow layer of fog, has settled into the south bay.
6:38 am
so our humidity is higher. so w. not much of a wind and cooler temperatures this morning. we have 50% containment right now and hopefully getting a little bit more thanks to some favorable weather conditions. and then looking at our wind speeds for today, the wind direction makes all the difference in where that smoke drifts into parts of the south bay as well as the rest of the bay area. as of right now it's pushing the smoke away and it will get a little bit more breezy. it will be a drier wind as we go into the rest of today. we're monitoring those conditions. mike, how is it looking as drivers get ready to head out the door? it's looking great, kari. we're looking at the maps and see green sensors all over the bay, out of the altamont, traditional slowing over there, and also at the toll plaza. we'll look at the travel times getting over there. we have a little more slowing so the number 17 at the top is your east shore freeway from berkeley. a live look shows you all lanes
6:39 am
are moving nicely and smoothly there. getting down to the bay bridge, getting up to the bay bridge through oakland, an easy drive. look at that. we'll send it right back to you. >> that does look nice. thanks, mike. up next, the return of sports plagued with covid-19, when the giants and a's may get back to practice as facilities shut down and players test positive. plus, speaking of sports, some nba players are not happy with the meals they're getting at the disney complex in florida. what's being served up next. president trump demands schools reopen but offers no plan how to do so. meanwhile, the cdc is saying largely the opposite. ♪ we continue honoring graduates who made it through the school year and 12 years of school without that final official ceremony and the walk
6:40 am
across the stage. a big congratulations to these high school students. this is our last week. we want to thank everybody who sent in pictures and tell all of you graduates good job, you did it.
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without talking to your doctor. so help heal your skin from within and talk to your eczema specialist about dupixent. if your financial situation has changed, we may be able to help. right now at 6:42. let's get a live look outside in walnut creek and check out our temperature trend as you get ready to make plans for the day. get out there early before it heats up. we have a nice, cool morning.
6:43 am
but at noon we're at 82 and then 85 degrees shortly thereafter. a look at all of our micro climates in the forecast coming up. and the backup at the bay bridge still sticking around. the metering lights are still on and that's the worst of it really for your commute. we'll show you how things shape up, the south bay and the peninsula coming up. the future of sports still in the balance because of covid-19 and now more people are questioning whether it's realistic to think we will have sports at all. "today in the bay's" pete suratos is live in san francisco with the details on how this is impacting teams and fans here in the bay area. pete, i know you're a sports fan and are listening closely. >> reporter: yes, indeed, a big sports fan here. of course safety comes first. we'll wait and see exactly how the sports play out. we know there will be a big decision for college sports announced a little bit later today. major league baseball, that season is set to begin in just a few weeks.
6:44 am
several players have already tested positive for covid-19 including a member of the oakland a's. we know the giants are also dealing with their fair share of issues, the covid tests. their covid tests were not returned on time, so they went ahead and suspended practices at oracle park. now major league soccer is restarting this friday. san jose earthquakes participating in it despite one team withdrawing due to ten players testing positive for covid-19. here is what one local sports law attorney explained what fans should expect this year. >> not even a second rate product, like a 15th rate product because essentially the virus would be deciding who wins the championship. >> reporter: the nba and nhl will resume their seasons. i do want to point out the warriors and sharks did not qualify for those seasons. but a big decision for college
6:45 am
sports with the ivy league deciding on the future of fall sports, we'll see how that impacts college sports as a whole. reporting live, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> pete, a couple pictures circulating on social media. the nba players in that restart bubble not too happy with the food in florida, right? >> reporter: that's right, kris. i saw a picture of that. this is from denver nuggets player troy daniels tweeting out what that first meal looks like for the nba players in the orlando bubble. you can see in there chips, fruit, not much to look forward to, not too inspiring. i did see another tweet of another player saying there was a meal with meat in those meal improve. but they want to make sure they stay healthy while there in that orlando bubble. >> that looked more like my middle schooler's lunch box, not of a person who is 6'11"
6:46 am
weighing 300 pounds. they might be hungry. >> reporter: a little more calories, more energy. >> exactly. thank you so much, pete. in sacramento now, cierra -- >> yes, a piece of controversial history is no longer at the state capitol. the christopher columbus statue was removed from the capitol rotunda called columbus' last appeal to queen isabella. isabella financed his voyage to the new world in 14 2 setting off european colonization. it had been there since 1883. and president trump says harvard should be ashamed of itself for holding classes online. >> scott mcgrew, the president says he wants schools open, just tweeting about it this morning once again saying schools that don't open should lose funding. i was just reading the same
6:47 am
tweet. good morning to you. saying this is the president talking, that he disagrees with the as to whether schools should open and how and that he's going to meet with the cdc over their rules about schools opening. now schools opening ultimately is a local decision, though president trump can certainly get involved with withholding federal funding from our children. local control of education used to be a very important matter to president trump, but apparently no longer. >> so we're very much going to put pressure on governors and everybody else to open the schools, to get them open, and it's very important. it's very important for our country. it's very important for the -being of the student the parents, so w pressure on opening schools in the fall. >> now at that meeting as to what to do neither president trump nor the education secretary offered any guidance. do we keep kids six feet apart
6:48 am
in classrooms and cafeterias? they didn't discuss screenings or what happened if a teacher contracts the virus or how to pay for it all. many states are relying on the cdc guidance. you heard what president trump had to say about that. the administration also said states should not, quote, hide behind what the cdc is advertising states to do to keep children safe. we're watching for the supreme court to release more big decisions. one of the biggest is whether a new york prosecutor can demand president trump's business records as he investigates trump businesses. can he demand from a sitting president or does it open the door to prosecutors all over the nation tying up a future president with records requests? in the middle of all of this we're learning chief justice roberts fell and hit briefly hospitalized last month. it happened on a walk. a court spokeswoman says roberts was likely dehydrated at the time. the president of mexico will
6:49 am
be at the white house to celebrate the canada/mexico/u.s. trade deal in a replaced nafta. the pm of canada declined. andres manuel lopez obrador flew commercial in coach -- looks like he got an exit row, though -- even a connection through atlanta. he says he'll get rid of the presidential jet. on twitter we're debating this idea of schools reopening if you cannot safely eat a hamburger inside a restaurant, should you be confident to send your kids to school? talking about it on twitter. you'll find me ther there @scottmcgrew. >> thank you, scott. >> thank you so much. trending this morning the classic movies many people wished they would have seen in theaters. pollsters in england asked people what film they wished they had seen when first released on the big screen. the horror classic "the shining" came in number three. number two was "star wars." number one was "jaws." i thought "jaws" was the most
6:50 am
terrifying movie of all time. >> that one i might be able to sit through. the special effects, my kids are like, what is that a puppet? >> would you watch "jaws" while at the beach in the water, on a projector. >> i did watch it on a cruise once. >> not enough popcorn, kari. not enough popcorn in the world for that. >> yeah, right. what are we watching this weekend? we'll have to dig out the classic movies and see what's going on. here is a live look out there as we look from highland peak over to the tri-valley. it is such a beautiful start to the day, but we know in spots like the tri-valley it will be hot, even a little bit hotter than yesterday. and then as we head over to san francisco, we keep that natural air conditioning. but that ocean breeze will not make it all the way to the valleys. we are going to have a day in parts of the east bay where you want to get out early, if you're going out for a run in martinez.
6:51 am
it looks like those temperatures will start out in the low 60s. and i'd say the next couple of hours are the best time frame. after that it's going to start to warm up. at 1:00 we're at 84 degrees heading to the 90s today. so that air conditioner will be on full blast. looking at ukiah, 93 degrees. oakland will be in the mid-70s today and some upper 60s again in san francisco while san jose will reach up to about 86 degrees. so what's happening here, high pressure is nudging in a little bit closer. we're not getting a strong enough ocean breeze to cool us off in the valleys. no major changes over the next where we have full micro clim areas stay cool while the valleys will reach into the 90s. this weather on repeat the next seven days. we check out san francisco. mostly some upper 60s here. a breezy wind.
6:52 am
at times the fog will get closer but we're not seeing that today. mike, you've been keeping an eye on the commute. looks like it's all clear as drivers head out around sunrise. i was eyeing that popcorn. it's lightening up in livermore. highway 84 no longer shows a slowing. we do have a build, 880 out of hayward and then also toward union city. a little blip should ease up. a live look, there are sensors starting to show more orange again. there is brake tapping. getting to the peninsula no problems for 92. a backup to the bay bridge. johnny deb and his wife in a
6:53 am
second day of trial over his libel's case. depp is suing that called him wife beater right in the headlines. the newspaper's lawyers plan to use heard's allegations of abuse by depp to defend that wife beater claim. the couple was married for two years before they divorced and now bitterly accuse one another of abuse. next a quick look at the top stories. what the grieving family of a man shot and killed by vallejo police during the lootings will be able to see this morning. and all new this morning a car smashes through a fremont bookstore. what the shop owner told us happened. you're watching "today in the bay."
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6:56 am
welcome back. here is a quick look at the top stories we're following. a teenager crashed a car no a bookstore. the owner along mission boulevard is now cleaning up and boarding up this morning. new video into our newsroom. you can see the damage there. police say the driver was just 15 years old and managed to get that car all the way inside the store, tire marks in front of the store where he tried to stop. officers say alcohol was not
6:57 am
involved. wow. and new this morning fireworks are believed to have started a small fire in livermore this is video in to our newsroom. the fire broke out around 2:30. chp tells our photographer on scene that illegal fireworks could have started this fire. it burned about two acres before they were able to contain it. fireworks started dozens of fireworks across the basins well before the july 4th holiday. all new overnight fire crews are making huge progress against the crews fire burning near gilroy. it's now 50% contained. the fire started sunday and has burned 5,400 acres. some of those evacuations and road closures are still in place. new details in the murder o. john thomas conway shot and killed this man, dr. ari gershman, while off roading with his son last friday northeast of sacramento.
6:58 am
his cousin is now talking about that terrifying call she got from 15-year-old jack that night. >> dad's been shot. i think he's dead. i have no idea where i am, i'm lost in the forest. there's a shooter. i'm scared and i don't think i'm going to make it out of here alive. >> the 15-year-old son was found 30 hours later. he was safe. he says the suspected killer was a total stranger to him and his dad who pulled up behind their av and started shooting. a go fund me site so far has raised more than $300,000. happening today the vallejo police chief is allowing the family of a man shot and killed by officers during the lootings to watch body camera video. you might recall 22-year-old sean monterrosa of san francisco was shot in early june as the nation was reeling from the george floyd murder.
6:59 am
officers say they tried to arrest him during the looting of a walgreens store. they thought he was pulling out a gun. it turned out to be a hammer. the family has been asking for footage of the body camera footage. a look at the forecast because we know you might want to go outside, take the dog out. kari, you're saying do it early. yes, it's going to be a warm afternoon. this weather is on repeat so no major changes. at least we do have our natural air conditioning in san francisco as we stay in the 60s. mike, how is the commute? >> the same. no major changes. at the bay bridge toll plaza metering lights are on. there's movement. we'll take movement. more cars coming through berkeley heading down to the bay bridge and the berkeley curve. no problems there. just a little slowing. a reminder as we come back i'll
7:00 am
be doing facebook live at 8:08. join me or i'll be lonely. >> we'll be watching. thanks, mike. that will do it for us. a live look at san francisco as we lead you into the "today" show. more local news coming up every half hour. good morning new milestone. the u.s. reaches 3 million good morning. new milestone. the u.s. reaches 3 million coronavirus cases and counting. the governor of texas where cases and deaths just hit new records now urging people to take eve possible precaution. >> the last thing that we want to do is to shut texas back down. >> and the debate over what to do about schools intensifies. president trump applying the pressure to reopen. >> it's very important for our country. it's very important for the well


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