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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 22, 2020 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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♪ when it's made with love, it's made to be shared. right now at 4:30, and all new overnight, oakland leadership rejecting millions in cuts to the police department. next a live report on who was the deciding vote. and a first for downtown san jose, a street shut down today to allow restaurants to serve outside. why this closure is such a big deal. and the forecast for the south bay and the east bay will be just right. but that's not the story for the coast. we'll get a check of weather and traffic for you as "today in the bay" starts right now.
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and a good morning to you on this wednesday. thanks for joining us. i'm marcus washington. morning . let's say good morning to kari. she has a look at the forecast. good morning. we are going to have another really nice day. some high clouds moving in yesterday and a little bit more humidity. we'll just do it all over again today. as we start out with a cloudy sky taking a live look outside in the south bay our temperatures will be in the upper 50s. we'll see it clearing out throughout the morning and slowly warming up as we reach into the upper 70s for the south bay, low 80s for the inland east bay, and then for napa expect a high of 79 degrees. we'll get a look at our microclimates and what's ahead coming up. mike, how is the early morning commute looking? it's looking great but i have to remind folks about the closure for highway 101. we're looking at what you would expect from the big view even just mild slowing out of the eight days from now the nba
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altamont. we are looking in san francisco season resumes for 22 games. north 101. that's the direction where the alemany project has that full starting today they begin closure possibly for another playing exhibition games. half hour. between now and july 30, 33 but yesterday it took until games will be held in orlando. about 5:30. so far the bubble seems to be tonight and tomorrow night will working. not one of the 346 players there be the southbound side, so we'll watch for that, we'll warn you have tested positive. about it. everything else looks great. this afternoon the first matchup i woke up with this alert and will see the clippers take on the orlando magic. breaking news. that's right. it is breaking overnight, alaska marcus, no nfl preseason still experiencing aftershocks action for fans to enjoy. following a very large the nfl players association and earthquake. this one was a 7.8 magnitude nfl owners agreeing to scrap the quake striking off the state's coast just a little bit after 2020 preseason. 11:00 last night. cutting from four to two games. it was centered about 500 miles the players union pushed back from anchorage. concerned about coronavirus it triggered a tsunami warning spread. an nfl reporter for "usa today" for parts of alaska which caused says the fact both sides could come to an agreement shows evacuations. people gathered at a high school progress for a real season to actually happen. in kodiak following evacuation orders there. those tsunami warnings are now they're on the same page as how canceled. the state is seeing many they're going to states this aftershocks with one registering preseason and the preparation for the regular season. 6.1 magnitude. we're still waiting to find out
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if there is any damage or injuries. new for you that morning the city of oakland pushes back against movement to defund its trending this morning fans police department. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live for us. looking for some hope during the bob, i know the city has already pandemic. cut opd's budget by mill we have you covered. ♪ no one told you life was going to be this way ♪ >> reporter: correct, marcus, by >> had to do that clap there. $14.3 million, and the observing >> i did, too! city council could have cut >> david schwimmer says the opd's budget by another $11.4 million last night but the upcoming reunion for hbo max council said no to that plan in could start filming as soon as next month. a vote that was evenly split by councilmembers with mayor libby he says that the cast plans to schaaf of oakland breaking the wait another week or so to make sure they make all the final tie with her no vote. schaaf pointed out the council already cut that $14.3 million decisions. he tells jimmy fallon on "the tonight show" it is all from the budget in late june and dependent on safety had moved to mobile assistance considerations due to the community responders of oakland, also known as m.a.c.r.o. pandemic. have to be safe. good to hear that. >> maybe they'll incorporate under last night's proposal that in, too. voted down another $11.4 million from the police department would "friends" during a pandemic. have been allocated to >> i've heard other shows are underfunded programs that help doing that as well. things like education, housing we'll have to wait and see. and social services. there has been a movement nationwide to defund police next here on "today in the bay,"
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a live report on why the number departments after george floyd was killed by a police officer of people already infected by the coronavirus here in the bay in minneapolis this past may. area is much greater than previously thought. vandals attacked mayor schaaf's home in oakland early yesterday plus, our washington insider breaking down what could be next morning spray painted her for oakland and the anti-violence plan president trump is set to reveal today. it's 4:58. we'll be right back. for all. other messages include take responsibility and wake up, libby. the mayor's office condemned the attack. opd is investigating. schaaf's home and many of her neighbors have black lives matters signs on their windows or on their property. many think vandals are outsiders exploiting the black lives matter movement. bob redell, "today in the bay." we have more details for you. b.a.r.t. leaders pledged to move $2 million from b.a.r.t.'s police budget. "the chronicle" report that go money will go instead to unarmed ambassadors. the money had been meant to cover police costs tied to
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covid-19 through the hiring of five new police officers and four fare inspectors. now to our road to recovery coverage. in san jose a big day is set for restaurants trying to just get back on their feet during this pandemic. a road will be shut down in the name of food. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez joins us live to explain. it could be a bit of a game changer. >> reporter: yes. we've seen some of those road closures in other bay area cities around the bay area, but this one could be different in san jose because this one could turn out to be permanent -- a permanent road closure for diners. for now the closures around san pedro square are in effect until at least september. and san pedro square will be closed between santa clara -- you can expect all san pedro restaurants to have a presence right now at 5:00, breaking there. now in just a few hours, around news. alaska rattled overnight as a 9:00 or so, city crews will move large trees at either end in 7.8 quake shaking the state's
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order to provide a barricade peninsula triggering tsunami warnings and sending people between traffic and diners eating outside. if you went out and celebrated running for higher ground. an update on the quake and another one in canada. a look at the aftershocks. for super bowl 50, the city will plus -- >> ripping down that city, destroying the city, looting it. >> first portland and now oakland. use almost $200,000 in city and next a live report from capitol county funding and also about hill on what the president may $600,000 in federal money for say today about sending federal agents to cities across america. the c.a.r.e.s. act. there's no secret or surprise that restaurant owners have been and all new this morning the number of bay area coronavirus struggling to survive during the infections now considered to be much greater than previously pandemic on just takeout orders thought. alone. so being able to add to the volume of their seating will a live report coming up on new help. this is something that the numbers. downtown association has been "today in the bay" continues pushing for. right now. the restaurant association as well. a very good now wednesday so we'll have to see comfortabl mo and dining outside now that we're seeing, also, that surge in cases. we've seen the outdoor seating but perhaps not quite in this context where now the health concern is also rising at the same time. but we're going to get video of that when the trees start to
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move around san pedro square creating that extended outdoor space. we'll bring that to you in the midday news. laura? marc marcus? thank you very much. talking about that health concern, the bay area added close to 1,000 additional new cases of covid yesterday. santa clara and contra costa county added the most, more than 700 people in the bay area have died. well, there's now mounting evidence that wearing a mask does not just protect the people around you, it protects you as well. ucsf doctors found masks prevent a person from inhaling large amounts of covid if exposed. the lead doctor says their data is from several recent and old studies. the team also looked at outbreaks in processing facilities, places that require masks showed the virus still spread but most of those workers never had symptoms. >> if you are wearing a mask, you are unlikely to get the
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infection. if you do get the infection, you are more likely to get asymptomatic infection, no symptoms or not getting sick. >> the findings will be published in a medical journal next week. now downfall of not wearing a mask, getting fined. marin county approved a series of fines, as we told you yesterday. the first offense is a warning with education. after that people could be subject of fines of at least $25. commercial businesses would be fined a minimum of $250. happening today lyft drivers plant to hand out ppe to their colleagues outside company headquarters in west oakland today. it's all part of a caravan aimed at criticizing the company for selling the equipment to their employees instepped of giving it to them for free during the pandemic. last week lyft said it would not profit from any ppe it sells. today's caravan is protesting a
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november 2020 ballot proposal that would make uber, lyft and do doordash independent contractors. 4:38 right now. an all new warning amid the pandemic. still ahead on "today in the bay," the california city that could soon become the first in the nation to issue a second shelter in place order. plus, travel demand under pressure. the cuts united airlines says it could soon be forced to make to its staff if it doesn't get any more federal funding. much more ahead for you right here on "today in the bay." it is 4:39. dear california, we know these are challenging times...
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and with summer here, energy bills are rising. together, we can save energy and money...
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by taking steps to stay cool while using less. keep safe and keep it golden. good wednesday morning. right now at 4:41 let's head to concord and look at our temperature trend. we'll see it starting out in the upper 50s, a lot of clouds and slowly warming up for another comfortable day. coming up in a few minutes we'll head across over to mountain view for a look at our temperature trend coming up. well, kari, normality of mountain view our palo alto camera. you may notice flashing lights off in the distance. a lot of construction spots in the peninsula. no major problems but we'll talk about what's going on for the golden gate bridge further north. good morning. i'm dominic chu, here are your top business stories today. wall street is set to lower
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slightly open. stocks finished mostly higher yesterday but limped to the closing bell after hopes faded for a fresh round of fiscal stimulus in the coming week. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell saying congress would most likely not pass a $600 per week jobless benefit runs out for millions of americans. the nasdaq ending lower as well on weakness and technology stocks ahead of big-name earnings reports today. you have microsoft and tesla both reporting results after the closing bell this afternoon. also in focus economic data on existing home sales. united airlines warns travel demand will remain under pressure until there's a widely accepted treatment or vaccine for covid-19. united plans to fly about 35% of its summer schedule. in context its planes were about one-third full this spring during the pandemic. this does not bode well for airline jobs in the fall when the government stimulus package expires. airlines are offering a number
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of packages to encourage employees to leave voluntarily. and in food-related news, wendy's is adding another way to get free food through its mobile app. it's launched a new loyalty program called wendy's rewards letting members cash in on points earned for purchases for things like chicken nuggets, frostees and burgers. members will your honor ten points for every dollar they spend and for a limited time double points on your first order. i'm not sure if meteorologist kari hall likes lunch for breakfast, but i certainly do here in the new york area. back over to you. my first job was at wendy's, so that's a little tie there. let's head out to mountain view to check out our temperature trend. our morning will start with clouds and a nice afternoon. we're going to talk more about that and what's ahead coming up next. kari, maybe you can teach us how to make square burgers. an alert for the altamont.
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there may be gusty winds. that's not a surprise, but chp wants me to pass it along.
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welcome back. dark and early taking a live look at the golden gate bridge. not a lot going on there, one car. mike will have a look at that later. we will start with meteorologist kari hall monitoring things not just here in the bay area but another earthquake up north. yes. so this one is just off the coast of vancouver, canada.
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6.4 and it's on that pacific plate. we're pulling up the usgs website because this is just now breaking. as of right now there's not a tsunami warning but that' and we also know about the 7.8. earlier this morning along the lucien islands triggering a tsunami watch but it did not trigger a tsunami. that has since expired. a tsunami is an earthquake that occurs under water, causes the land to shift and those waves can travel very rapidly, up to 400 miles per hour. now we have to watch out for that because the waves traveling so fast can become basically displaced and can travel hundreds of miles. it forcesha head up along the coast and for the
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inland areas can cause a very destruckid destructive waves. one can trigger another and that's most likely what we are seeing right now as we talk about that new earthquake that just occurred near vancouver and this earlier one that was much larger occurring along that same plate boundary farther to the north. that's something we'll be watching as we go throughout the morning with a possibility of more earthquakes throughout the morning. still a wide range in temperatures with some upper 50s in half moon bay but some mid-80s in the inland east bay. that was the reason why, it was a very humid afternoon if you are feeling that. that will continue but then as we look at our seven-day forecast, at least our temperatures are down combined with that humidity. we're looking at mid-80s for most of our inland areas.
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as that humidity starts to drop and we're going to see our temperatures going back up by the end of the week. san francisco still looking at some fog and drizzle at times. we're going to keep it cool here with highs reaching into the mid-60s. mike, how is it looking for the commute right now? looking good. the light volume of traffic is why they do the construction work or any construction work early in the morning. you do see a few more headlights. they are steadily moving but i believe they're single file at one point as you travel in from the north bay. the map shows you no major problem but i did circle at the bottom of our map we have that 101 alemany project. it will be closed from 11:00 to 5:00 the next morning for the southbound side as they continue on the barriers there. the rest of bottom of your screen, a slowdown we see every day, it migrates down,
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unrelated to a crash that's in the area. the slowing should clear and the crash should be on the shoulder. back to you, marcus. developing for you right now the man authorities say ambushed a federal judge's family in new jersey on sunday is now suspected in another recent deadly ambush. he disguised himself as a fedex driver and opened fire on the home of the judge esther salas. her 20-year-old son died. her husband was critically injured. the next day he was found dead and is now being looked at in an ambush 11 days ago in san bernardinoount he also killed another attorney at his home. >> a lot of people believe that some time this week l.a. mayor eric garcetti may issue a second stay-at-home order. he's been hinting at it for
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several days now. the order would shut down all but essential businesses. l.a. would become the first large city in the u.s. to fully roll back its reopening. more than 2,200 patients are hospitalized near their recent record high. more than half of yesterday's new cases were people under 41 years old. california is leading a new lawsuit filed by 20 states to block a white house rule that would roll back the clean water act. in april of 2019 president trump issued an executive order to change the rule which the epa says increases transparency and speeds up the outdated review process. state attorney general xavier becerra argues the change would limit a state's ability to protect water bodies by restricting their reviews on projects approved by the federal government. he calls it an end run to speed up fossil fuel projects. back on the court. coming up next on "today in the
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bay," what's expected as the nba resumes games today and the big announcement from the nfl. plus -- >> how you doing? >> we didn't always know it would be this way. what we're learning about the filming of the "friends reunion" amid the pandemic. and happening now, secretary of state mike pompeo is in copenhagen, denmark, right now on a u.s. diplomatic trip talking about china and the arctic. we'll wait to hear what he has to say about breaking news this morning. the sudden shutdown of the chinese consulate in houston. pompeo is also expected to meet with greenland's foreign minister.
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