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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 28, 2020 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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overall looking good. on the big map i have circled an area on the peninsula around where 101 is. a disabled vehicle reported just off the high rise. i think it's been taken care of. i have my eyes on that report just to make sure as you pop up near the dublin interchange. it's eastbound and now over on the shoulder. no problems. we'll look at the commute as it's starting to build out of the altamont. no problem getting to the bay bridge, laura. right back over to you. >> thank you very much, mike. developing right now another long and chaotic night outside the federal courthouse in portland as protesters clash with federal law enforcement officers. through the night they used tear gas on activists even into the early morning hours. small debris fires could be seen in the area. protesters have been out every night since the death of george floyd two months ago. happening today oakland leaders take new steps to ensure they can avoid a similar
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scenario here. they'll debate a resolution allowing the city to take any lawful stepscounter potential threats. the most recent one took place on saturday night, actually started as a rally to support portland activists. mayor libby schaaf said it's costing the city some $200,000 to repair damage to oakland's superior courthouse and a police substation. now to a live look at capitol hill, the republican coronavirus relief plan is already under fire as lawmakers friday's deadline to renew unemployment benefits. this comes as millions of americans struggle without jobs amidst the pandemic. "today in the bay's" tracie potts with the latest. this is certainly not getting easier for those unemployed right now. >> reporter: no, it's not. so if you're getting that extra $600 it will be in limbo if lawmakers can't work this out in the next three days. friday is the deadline for that
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bonus payment to run out and we now know republicans want to significantly reduce the amount. >> reporter: already facing criticism. >> we don't even know if senate republicans fully support them. >> reporter: the senate's top republican didn't even realize it includes nearly $2 billion for a new fbi headquarters. >> i'm not sure that it is, is it? >> reporter: the act would drop bonus from $600 to $200 a week. it provides $1,200 payments to americans and billions for testing, schools, rental assistance, and back-to-work grants. >> the american people don't just want relief. they want opportunity. >> reporter: there's $6 billion to distribute a coronavirus vaccine. >> we've shaved years off of the time that it takes to develop a vaccine. >> reporter: moderna got fearly a billion dollars from the
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government, entering phase three trials. >> the safety data thus far looks good. but now it's crunch time. we're trying to figure out does it actually work? >> reporter: three more companies are entering the final testing phase. dr. fauci says a vaccine is possible by november. and it can't come soon enough because this virus continues to spread including to the white house. confirmation robert o'brien, the national security adviser, tested positive. he's the highest ranking official there so far, marcus, to do so. >> it shows anyone can catch this virus. thank you, tracie potts in washington. vice president mike pence and former vice president joe biden both plan to honor congressman john lewis as his body lies in state at the u.s. capitol building. both say they will pay their respects. biden went yesterday. now the president says he does not plan to visit. last night mourners held a
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funeral procession in washington, d.c., to pay their respects. >> i value sacrifice and struggle, and i feel he is someone who represents sacrifice and struggle to the greatest extent. >> lewis will lie in state at georgia's state capitol tomorrow. he died july 17th at the age of 80. new details in the case of a visiting chinese scientist accused of actually hiding out in the chinese consulate in san francisco. today she'll make her first court appearance. the 37-year-old is accused of concealing her military ties to china in order to work in the u.s. authorities arrested her last friday and she's being held in sacramento. prosecutors call her a flight risk. they say she is caught up in hostilities between the u.s. and china. developing this morning concord police are investigating a deadly shooting. this hammed a little afternoon
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yesterday. police say that someone shot a man in the parking lot and he died there at the scene. the victim has not been identified. so far police have not released any suspect information. tonight one year later a mass shooting left the city broken and the community will come together to showcase why they are still gilroy strong. three people died. this is during the annual garlic festival. nearly 20 more were injured before the gunman was killed. today at 10:00 city leaders will hold a small, private commemoration at the site. and then tonight another ceremony will be held at the park to honor both the victims and the survivors. oakland councilmembers today discuss authorizing the settlement in the ghost ship warehouse fire. the city agreed to pay $32 million to the families of 32 of 36 people who died if the 2016
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fire. they also settled with a survivor who suffered permanent injuries. today's resolution will move the settlement forward in the city attorney's office. protesters are demanding vallejo councilmembers tonight vote to defund police. last night they held a car caravan to honor sean monterrosa who was shot and killed when a police officer mistook a hammer in his shirt pocket for a gun. allegations are being investigated police destroyed evidence tied to the case. demonstrators say they want money spent elsewhere. >> health services, affordable housing services, mental health, youth programs, things of that nature. >> vallejo police department attorney now says that all evidence was photographed and examined before it was destroyed. monterrosa's family says that they should have been allowed to examine it themselves. continuing our pandemic
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coverage across the bay area now over 47,000 covid-19 cases. 876 new cases were reported yesterday. we do have encouraging news on efforts to halt the latest outbreak that happened at the santa rita jail. alameda county sheriff's office says the number of infected inmates dropped by more than half over the week, about 100 infected inmates positive at the end of last week. now there are 37 most of whom are asymptomatic. state school superintendent tony thurmond continues his push to revise the state's ethnic studies curriculum hoping to shift the way native american studies is taught. meanwhile, san francisco school leaders tonight will review the district's reopening process. as of now schools will start with distance learning. classes begin on august 17th. berkeley leaders today make the call for new protections to help students struggling trying
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to just make it in the bay. they've scheduled to debate a resolution asking uc berkeley leaders to comply with local measures restricting evictions delaying rent payments. councilmembers will also ask the school to allow student tenants to terminate leases without penalty. in the midst of distance learning some students are still locked into long-term leases even though they're not attending classes on campus. here we go with your terrific tuesday, as i like to call it. 5:08. meteorologist kari hall has been tracking that. kari, a little too early for the sunrise. clearly you have something beautiful behind you. what are you looking at behind you? i like your tour around the bay with all these photos you have for us. we're checking out mountain view. this is actually a picture kris sanchez took one morning when she was reporting there and i use it as my background because it's one of my favorites. as we look at our temperature trend this morning we are going to see it starting out in the
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low 60s and then in the low 70s by lunch time, so we have a nice trend today with a wide range in temperatures from the low 60s near the coast to the mid to upper 90s for the inland areas. we'll have another look at this forecast coming up. mike, any more issues on the roads this morning? kari, there's one that i thought was clear so let's take a look at the big view of the bay. everything is looking pretty normal from our view. green along the peninsula, the south bay, and looking south of the map. highway 17 near the summit. a disabled big rig. i thought it had cleared. it had not. i believe the tow truck is on scene now. one lane is blocked. that's why you have slowing heading down to the summit. you see the sensors just changed again. we'll keep tracking that. meanwhile the build for the altamont area, the tri-valley, no surprises. back to you. >> thanks, mike. well, a rare attack. still ahead for you at 5:25 that growing concern after a woman is
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killed in what is believed to have been a shark. plus, turbulence or cleared for takeoff? the new rankings revealing which air carriers are responding the best to the pandemic. what you should know before booking that next flight. you've heard the republicans have passed or tried to pass a coronavirus stimulus. how much money specifically might you get? it could be well north of that $200. ♪ let your body move to the music ♪ ♪ shake it up baby ♪ twist and shout okay. you heard those two songs there. you probably know them. the next story not necessarily about those songs. a singer that just wrote a previous record held by stars like the beatles and madonna. who is it? i bet you're wondering. we're going to tell you when we come back. it is 5:10. you're watching "today in the
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even that that pet-camera thingy. [ whines ] can your internet do that? xfinity xfi can because it's... ...simple, easy, awesome. [ barking ] for the ultimate in-home wifi, click, call or visit us today. right now at 5:13 morning will be the best time to get in outdoor activities. we start out with some clouds and quickly warming temperatures once it clears out at noon. we're already at 80 degrees. we'll get a look at our microclimates and talk about the rest of the week's forecast coming up. and i just showed you the
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tri-valley. things were picking up out of the altamont and into sunol out of livermore. we'll show you the live pictures through the nimitz. a good steady flow of traffic, headlights heading south past tesla. no problems but you do have company. we'll show you how else everything else is going coming up. well, good morning. a vep happy tuesday to you as well. tracie potts was telling us about the republican senate stimulus plan which includes another $1,200 to go to many americans. i want to focus on the unemployment part of it. as you know as of friday that extra $600 a week goes away. the new republican plan would replace that with a $200 a week check on top of what states are paying. rising to 70% of your previous wages once states can manage that data. but never more than $500 a week. the democrats put a competing plan together but it's three times as expensive with what
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republicans had in mind. neither plan includes the president's idea of a payroll tax cut. now the argument over the $600 extra a week is fairly simple. many republicans feel it discourages people from going back to work. after all, if you weren't making that kind of money, it would just make economic sense not to take a job that pays less than not working. a brand-new study out of yale shows that may not be true, workers do go back to jobs even if they do pay less possibly because workers realize a steady job is better than unemployment benefits that will at some point run out. this is judy shelton and it's looking more and more as if she will not be a new federal reserve governor. republican senator susan collins says she will vote no on trump's pick. mitt romney has already said no. a third and her nomination will sink. she is controversial. many think she would make the
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fed less independent. we've talked about this movie "tenet." i don't know what it's about but a real symbol of hollywood struggle with the pandemic. the relows has been delayed several times. now we hear it will play internationally but not here yet. america gets the american movies first and then they go international. marcus and laura, this has become a symbol of what's going on in hollywood where, you know what, other countries have earned the right to go to the movies and we have not. >> we'll be watching and thinking maybe we should rethink this. mask on for sure. i miss the movies. thanks, scott. new u.s. airlines' response to the pandemic. delta ranked number one, alaska, jetblue, american and southwest rounded out the top five. rankings are based on the best policies to protect flyers and
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frequent flier problems. disney is now changing its tune on the reopening dates for some resorts including disneyland. that's according to the usa's reporting this morning. disneyworld in florida reopened earlier this month as coronavirus cases in florida surged. so far disney has not set a new reopening date. trending this morning, prince harry's secret instagram account is exposed. he set up the account in 2016 to communicate with his friends and then girlfriend meghan markle when they first started dating. he reportedly used a user name based on his love of music. drake is sitting on top of the music world right now. he has the most hits in the history of billboard's 100. ♪ ever since i left the city you
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got a reputation for yourself now ♪ ♪ everybody knows >> i remember when i first heard that d.c. i was in my buddy's car and said listen to this. that was a big one. definitely one of those hits drake has been pushingut couple of years now. so drake has now passed madonna who had 38 songs on the top 100 back in the day. the beatles had 34. and drake said, hey, i'm taking over. >> some classics there. >> new. everything old is new. [ all talking at once ] >> i have no idea what all three of you said. one at a time. >> sometimes it happens. >> that's right, kari. >> it's like the thanksgivi
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thanksgivinthanksgiving -- over the past 12 hours i'm looping the radar not because we've had stuff happening over the bay area but as we look at the sierra there this is what we typically see, monsoons comes in and causes storms to develop. we've seen that happening for at least the past week. and then look at all of the activity that happened yesterday. if you will be traveling there, make sure you're careful. over the weekend we found out that we had our first lightning fatality since 2015, and this was a man just getting on a jet ski and was struck by lightning. so just a heads-up about that that we're still going to see a chance of storms in the forecast over the next few days. as we look at where we're starting this morning in the bay area some low clouds and fog and we're still looking at a wide range in temperatures. that fog will linger as we go
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into todayur temperatures will start to warm up for the inland areas. so so at noon we're at 81 in antioch and 79 in san jose. but then you head over to san mateo where it's 70 degrees and during the middle of the day the peninsula in the mid to upper 70s. we'll see some 90s for the interior valleys. and then that fog rolling right back in once again. as we go through the seven-day forecast it will be slightly cooler for the rest of the week but not by much. just coming down a couple of degrees. and it will be another hot weekend as we reach into the low 90s. but really no major changes for san francisco as we continue to see that fog right there near the coastline. mike, how is it looking right now for the commute? it's looking good, kari. we will take you to the big view of the bay. folks are able to get most areas o of the altamont and that's holding with a standard build and easing up past north flynn road. slowing for 84.
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a little build there over to 680 out of livermore. no surprises. we expect that on a tuesday. now this, highway 17, the traffic pattern and slowdown is shifting south of summit. there you go. you see that. judging by that i do believe they have just cleared that disabled big rig heading south down to the santa cruz side. we get over to the bay bridge toll plaza an easy drive throughout the area. back to you. all right, thanks so much, mike. 5:21. mystery thieves. the new warning about not planting anything in your garden that you didn't order online. we'll tell you about it next. plus, what forced a small plane to make an emergency landing near a busy southern california interstate. but first, our team is always on social media. you can get synced in on the top headlines on the go. just follow nbc bay area on facebook, twitter and instagram to watch. (vo) morning, noon, night;
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when it's made with love, it's made to be shared. 5:24 for you this morning. welcome back. so developing for you that morning the governor of texas today plans to visit some of those areas hardest hit by hurricane hanna. governor greg abbott will look at the damage to the rio grande and corpus christi. a hurricane made landfall twice
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before being downgraded to a tropical storm. evacuees are back in their homes this morning after a fast-moving brush fire swept through an area in l.a. county. it actually started yesterday afternoon and closed highway 138 between gorman and lancaster. about 300 acres burned, briefly threatened homes there. as of last night it was 40% contained. marine authorities in maine are investigating the death of a woman who witnesses say was killed by a shark. a witness says that she saw one of them tossed out of the water. a scary situation there. so the coast guard officers say that the kayakers brought a pair to shore where the woman was later pronounced dead. if it's confirmed as a shark attack, this would be the first of any kind in the state since 1837 and in that case historians don't know if that attack was fatal.
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an emergency landing turned one section of i-5 into a runway near camp pendleton. there are some photos to show you here. the pilot says the plane's engine failed just before 1:00 yesterday. first he considered landing on the pacific coast highway but realized it might not be wide enough. so after spotting a traffic break on i-5, he safely landed there. one-time ucla soccer coach pleaded guilty to accepting bribes in connection to the varsity blues admission scandal. he admitted to t$200,000 to help two students. he entered his plea as part of a deal to help prosecutors. he's the sixth coach to plead guilty in the case. a new warning this morning from the department of agriculture. authorities say people across
5:27 am
the nation are receiving seeds in the mail from china that they didn't order. they are disguised as packages containing jewelry. do not plant them because they could be an invasive plant that could be harmful to livestock and you should report it to the usda immediately. coming up next on "today in the bay" the top stories we're following for you on this tuesday morning including cracking down. another bay area county considering steep fines for anyone not following health orders. plus outdoor religious services sweeping through california and could soon come to your town. we'll have more of that coming up for you. 5:27. you're watching "today in the bay."
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do i want to be on the watch list? absolutely not. right now at 5:30, the bay area's only holdout, san mateo county, is heading for the state's dreaded watch list if things don't turn around. next the key factors that are ringing this morning. plus, today's giants' home opener overshadowed by the marlins' outbreak that could put the entire season at risk. a live report on the possible impact beyond the ballpark. and today marks one year since the gilroy garlic festival shooting and the pain for many is still all too real. this morning we remember the lives lost and look towards the future with the community. "today in the bay" continues right now.
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and a good morning to you on this tuesday. i want to thank you for starting your morning right here with us. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. we're happy to be here, aren't we, team? >> oh, yeah. >> we want to get a look of the forecast with meteorologist kari hall. how are we looking? looks pretty good today. we start out with clouds as we check out our live view over san jose this morning. we'll see some clouds early this morning but not all day. it clears out and our temperatures gradually warm up. we'll be in the low 70s by lunch time. we'll be comfortable, 91 in concord and today in napa, 86. mike, how is it looking right now for the commute? a great drive for commuters out there, folks. we're looking at the speed sensors all around the bay.
5:32 am
the east bay is looking good, the tri-valley typical there. south 242 specifically the off ramp, look for the build in through concord and contra costa county. no problem at the bay bridge toll plaza, marcus. this morning for you another bay area county could be added to the watch list. kris sanchez joins us for what this means for san mateo county and if there's a way out. kris? >> reporter: hi there, marcus. it might be too late to keep san mateo county off the watch list because the area of concern is the rate of infection over time. so the damage might already be do done. on average 127 cases per 100,000 people. in order to stay off the watch list a county has to be infected at fewer than 100 cases per
5:33 am
100,000 people. speaking with governor newsom the state secretary of health says californians there and here need to get even more serious about stopping the spread of covid-19. today's hospital numbers really came from infections weeks ago so if we want the situation in the hospitals here in the central valley and throughout the state to improve, we need to do today. redouble our efforts to improve our own behaviors. >> reporter: san mateo county is the only bay area county not on the watch list, which means that days could be limited for businesses offering indoor services like salons, gyms and indoor worship. positivity rates are holding statewide at 7.5% and people ending up in the hospital and the icu are ending up there at a slower rate. so still a lot of
5:34 am
hospitalizations and people going to the icu but not as many as fast as before. in menlo park, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." thanks for the latest there, kris. today contra costa county could join the list of bay area counties enforcing citations for anyone that is violating public health orders during this pandemic. anyone not properly socially distancing could pay up to $100. for businesses, it could be up to $1,000. it would be up to city and county officials to enforce the rules. similar orders are already in place in marin and napa counties and sonoma county will vote on fines next week. supervisors are expected to vote on the proposal later today. things will look different in downtown campbell today to make room for more outdoor dining. it's the most recent city to shut down streets to help restaurants stay in business. for the next two weeks traffic will be closed on east campbell avenue. restaurants will be able to set up tables on the street and give patrons an outdoor dining experience.
5:35 am
the fda is expanding its warning on hand sanitizers. dozens of brands were recalled last t on "today in the bay." now there are nearly that can c injury or blindness if absorbed through the skin. the sanitizers were sold at walmart, costco and other national chains. the new order urges people to avoid using any brands on the recall list even if your bottle's specific lot number is not included in the recall. we have a full list on the giants will play their home opener at oracle park but concerns over whether the already shortened season should continue after several marlins players tested positive for covid-19. what's major league baseball saying about it? >> reporter: i know. we're not even a week into the opening season and we're already having this come up, laura.
5:36 am
commissioner rob manfred says if the positive test results are not unexpected and this is not a nightmare scenario. he believes the protocols are still strong enough for all teams to continue to play ball. 12 miami players, two coaches tested positive for covid-19. as a result the marlins canceled last night's home opener. some remain quarantined in philadelphia. the phillies, too, postponed their game last night against the yankees. here in the bay area the giants organization says it is following all protocols set forth by major league baseball. however, some giants fans say it seems too risky to continue. >> no need to be entertained so badly people's health is at risk. >> just test it. slow it down. i think that's the right approach. they're smart. let them figure it out. and they're not going to do what's bad for them and the players. >> reporter: no fans will be in
5:37 am
attendance at oracle park. the same thing we've seen at other ballparks like across the bay, at the coliseum. some seats will be filled with cardboard cutouts with fan photos pasted on them. first pitch at 6:45 tonight against the padres. you can watch the game on nbc sports bay area. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> i'm sure a lot of people will be watching. bob, thanks. 5:37 this morning and police defunding activists plan to take part in a virtual hearing for contra costa county supervisors. organizers are calling for the money to be allocated to the sheriff's office and be given instead to the health care department as well as housing and youth programs. also today a call to action to reform the stanford campus police. at the beginning of the month the group abolished stanford, marched in front of the university president's home demanding he defund the campus police. now that group is holding a rally to find different ways to police the campus. that rally starts at 9:00 a.m.
5:38 am
in front of the hoover house. happening today san jose city councilmembers will debate amendments to the so-called strong mayor ballot measure this fall. councilmembers approve the charter amendment last month. it would give the mayor more powers and move the mayoral election to presidential election years. councilmembers have been divided on the measure and local unions recently came out against the current plan. a slowdown on a new housing project in san francisco. it could affect a lot of people trying to make it in the bay. start construction on the first of six buildings to create more affordable housing. that would mean about 600 units on mark and franklin streets. most san francisco developers say that due to coronavirus and plummeting rent prices, well, the projects won't start until 2021. getting outside today for
5:39 am
anyone just wanting to get some fresh air is going to be met with what, kari, because i know it's starting out with fog in san francisco clearly. yeah, this is what we've seen recently just about every day and that continues today as we look at that thick marine layer producing all of this fog. at times some mist and drizzle. we're so excited to see some baseball, even if we're just watching it on tv. we'll have some nice weather for the giants tonight. first pitch at 6:45. at about 65 degrees but foggy throughout the game as it continues to cool off. we're looking at all of our microclimates in the high temperatures anywhere from the low 60s near the coast to the upper 90s farther to the north. mike, how is it looking right no i have it easier than you. you have to watch a 35-degree span in those temperatures. over here we're looking atstly view of the bay. a smooth drive for most of our drivers. that stall is still there at the concord off ramp southbound 242.
5:40 am
typical slowing out of the altamont pass. i've circled san jose. 101 may give a little slowing. we're looking at the san mateo bridge. a nice drive with all those lights across the bay. back to you, marcus. >> thanks, mike. a community still working to heal and overcome. next here on "today in the bay" the memorial marking one year since the deadly shooting at the gilroy garlic festival. and we talk live with a volunteer who was working to help the victims. in washington this morning attorney general bill barr is facing some very tough questions. that is, of course, assuming he shows up. and a season like no other, the 49ers reporting to training camp in just a matter of hours. the boxes they'll be required to check first before they ever hit in the field.
5:41 am
♪ and fresh off her new album release taylor swift is making headlines again. we'll tell you about the sentimental gift she gave to kobe bryant's daughter. hi. we're glad you came in.
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can you help keep these guys protected online? easy. connect to the xfi gateway. what about wireless data options for the family? you can customize and save. what about internet speeds that can keep up with my gaming? let's hook you up with the fastest internet from xfinity. and now with our stores reopening, we're putting healthy practices in place. come visit a store today. stop in or book an appointment online at a time that works for you. now that's simple, easy, awesome. ask. shop. discover at your local xfinity store today. right now at 5:43 let's check out cupertino and our trend for the morning. we'll see some sunshine today and nice, comfortable
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temperatures. a lock at all of our microclimates coming up. and i showed you that slowing through san jose. it's right where we expect on our map, north 101, slowing north of 680. this may delay folks into the area from the summit. the opposite side of the earlier issue, i'll give you more homework and get you the latest details coming up. one year later we look back. after a day of fun turns deadly. >> the bullets were just -- gone. everyone was running, screaming. >> a begunman opening fire at the gilroy garlic festival. by the end three young lives would be taken and a community left in pieces. >> my son had his whole life to live. he was only 6. >> we look back to what happened in the south bay community, the recovery, the future, and where things stand now. ♪ but i know that god needed you more ♪
5:45 am
>> a really tough time for the community down there. recovery in gilroy will no doubt really take some time, but here now to talk about some of the ongoing efforts to support the community one leader of the leadership gilroy, thanks so much for joining us this morning. it is hard to look back but you're looking forward as well. you've helped organize some events to help some nonprofits out there. tell us about it. >> correct, yes. the leadership gilroy has a passion project we do every year and we decided to do a weekend sales event, the same weekend that it would have landed. because this year the pandemic hit, we didn't get to experience it but still rallied together and made three days out of it. friday, for example, was our
5:46 am
business nonprofit awareness day. saturday was our all-around health and sunday was more of a block party with a little bit of a 5:30 remembrance ringing of the bells. >> which was nice to pay the tribute that you did as well. the festival itself really it was the biggest one the city of gilroy always put on. why is it important to continue to have these events just to support the community, do you think? >> i mean, these events support our nonprofit and in gilroy there are so many that help our community out. we felt the need to help out our nonprofits since they weren't profiting from the gilroy garlic festival this year. >> and you've raised a lot of funz and have an event that's kind of fund. it's continuing to go on? it's eating a clove of garlic, i
5:47 am
understand? >> correct, yeah. it's our gilroy clove challenge. yeah, you just eat a clove of event as well as funds for the nonprofit. you get to see a lot of people have fun with it. it was fun to see people's reaction to it. >> and they say that garlic is good for you, too. it's a nice way to give back and contribute. thank you so much for joining us. we know it was early this morning but it's good to talk about it. and we'll continue to, of course, have stories and listen to live interviews remembering, of course, the victims of the gilroy garlic festival shooting one year later. we'll have more on our website at 4:47 right now. a showdown in washington this
5:48 am
morning. >> attorney general bill barr is supposed to face intense questioning, scott mcgrew. yes, and this is the opportunity for the house judiciary committee to ask the attorney general what's going on. everything from dismissing a u.s. attorney who was investigating rudy giuliani to that bizarre situation where the justice department wants to drop the charges against michael flynn even though flynn has admitted to and been convicted of the crime. and that's just two of the questions lawmakers and many americans have. barr is scheduled to testify before the house judiciary committee at 7:00 a.m. our time adding to tld and was the commutation of roger stone's sentence in exchange for his silence. note we said scheduled to and is supposed to and that's because america's top law enforcement officer might not show up.
5:49 am
he hasn't shown up in the past. president trump was in north carolina yesterday inspecting a lab that's contributing to the race for a vaccine. you see he's wearing a mask, something was less willing to do in the past, saying he did not want to be photographed that way. he wants to call for young people to protect their parents and grandparents. and an update in what's turning out to be an odd story. the president announced he was going to throw out the first pitch at a yankees game next month and then said he wouldn't because he's too busy. "the new york times" says the yankees knew absolutely nothing about it, no plans whatsoever. they had an open invitation for a president to throw out a first pitch as most teams do but never had any specific date in mind. president trump made his announcement about his first pitch an hour before dr. anthony fauci appeared on the mound at a nationals game. we're watching what's happening with bill barr and will have a
5:50 am
full report. you can find me @scott mcgrew on twitter. state democratic lawmakers say they have a new plan to help california's economy get back on track. lawmakers say the $100 billion plan will focus on future tax couchers. it would allow the taxes to be repaid at a slight discount. plus, the state may speed up the tax money spending to generate programs like mass transit. lawmakers are considering adding an extra $600 in benefits to people who are unemployed if another stimulus package is not approved by congress. and an outdoor religious service like this may be coming to a park or beach near you. this gathering of 1,200 people happened sunday on a san diego county beach. the organizer is shawn foyt, a christian musician. he ran for a congressional seat near sacramento but lost. a similar event was held in
5:51 am
redding recently. next up is los angeles next month. san diego officials condemned the event saying it puts more people at risk of becoming infected. technically 49ers veterans return to camp today but they will not be hitting the field anytime soon. a live look at levi stadium where nfl players everywhere will report to their stadiums around the country. they're going to be tested as well as self-quarantine. only after three straight days of negative tests will they receive their physicals. and if everything goes according to plan practice may begin next week. commissioner roger goodell sent a letter to fans yesterday confirming cancellation of the preseason reminding everyone adjustments may be necessary. the san jose earthquakes are suddenly on a role in the season opening tournament last night in orlando they beat real salt lake 5-2 outscoring 4-1 in the second
5:52 am
half. the win means the quakes move on to the quarterfinals. they'll play saturday against the winner of tonight's minnesota and columbus matchup. 5:51 right now. trending this morning, singer taylor swift gave one of her fans a gift she'll certainly never forget. >> the singer gave kobe brian's daughter natalia a cardigan she used in the video "cardigan" from the album "folklore." she posted it on the feed. you can see her smiling with the cardigan. she says on social media she is obsessed with the new album. >> a lot of people are. >> absolutely. she was in san francisco today that cardigan could be used because it will be cooler there, kari. yeah, it's going to be a cool morning but you'll be taking it off this afternoon. that's something you don't wear, you just frame it and, of course, post pictures on social media. we're posting pictures of our beautiful sunrise this morning as we get a live look outside in
5:53 am
walnut creek. a nice start to the day. if you're about to lace up those sneakers and go out for a morning run around the area in the east bay we're looking pretty nice but there will be some clouds, temperatures in the upper 50s. you can really go out at any point this morning. this afternoon it's going to really start to heat up. we're looking at our microclimates, taking it hour by hour. i want to show what you it will feel like at lunch time in the north bay in santa rosa. we're up to about 72 degrees and the rest of the bay area looking pretty nice. fog near the coast keeping it cool there and then as we go into the rest of the afternoon we're going to warm up into the 80s as well as some 90s for the inland east bay and then the fog rolling right back in. so as we go through the forecast a couple of storm systems pass to our north that will create some more breezy winds especially by the end of the week and just a slight cooldown. it will heat up again in time for the weekend. so we're looking at some mostly steady temperatures here. low 90s today, upper 80s for the inland areas and then by the
5:54 am
weekend we're in the low 90s with a slight boost in our temperatures for the end of the weekend as we check out san francisco mostly some 60s here. every day we start out with some fog and then it clears up for a little bit during the afternoon. mike, is it clearing up out there for the morning commute? we have an issue for the south bay. we'll look at the traffic alert that's been called for in the santa cruz mountains. we thought it was northbound but it's southbound 17. the second crash of the morning. no slowing shows up just yet. i do believe both lanes are blocked. standard slowing through san jose. silicon valley and anywhere north of there looking standard, marcus. back to you. happening now for you america's top doctor, anthony fauci, isn't just fighting the
5:55 am
coronavirus. he's also breaking records with his baseball card. the trading cart is setting all-time records. the card was only available 24 hours and in that time sold more than 51,000 copies. first a bobble head and now a baseball card. up next on "today in the bay" this morning all new overnight there was a house fire in east contra costa county. a woman and her several puppies were inside. we'll talk about how it all turned out this morning.
5:56 am
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welcome back. you're watching "today in the bay." it's 5:58. new overnoitight a woman and he dog rescued from pittsburg, it happened just about three hours ago. firefighters say they were able to reach the woman and her two dogs with five puppies quickly. all are safe. there were concerns someone else was inside but it turns out the person was not home at the time of the fire. happening today health care workers in the south bay are expected to get more protections from covid-19. state and local medical associations plan to hand out free ppe at san jose city college. a similar event scheduled for august 10th.
5:59 am
this is good news for a lot of folks. the oakland zoo is finally reopened. nbc bay area cameras got a chance to go inside, check out all the animals. right now it's for members only but the general public can start visiting tomorrow. zoo staff have been waiting for this since they were on the verge of shutting down. we're not like a retail shop or restaurant. you don't turn the lights off and go home. we have a living population in animals. >> the number of visitors are limited to 1,200 a day. zoo keepers say that should be enough to keep them going. tickets are available online. when you get a chance support the zoo. they could use it. coming up right now at 6:00, all new clashes between protesters and federal law enforcement in portland. up next the action oakland leaders are taking today to stop federal agents from coming here. plus -- but now it's crunch time. >> excitement grows at the white house over the promise of a
6:00 am
vaccine sooner than later. but on capitol hill the battle over new financial relief for americans is only just beginning. a live report for you straight ahead. and one year ago today gilroy changed forever after a gunman opened fire at the iconic and beloved garlic festival. this morning we look back and forward with the community. the third hour of "today in the bay" continues right now. and a very good morning. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. so we want to get you started with the day. mike has a look at the commute. we'll get to that in just a first. first the forecast as you head out the door, kari, do we need a jacket? short sleeves? with a do we need today? you'll need just about everything to prepare for our microclimates and way we start out the morning will not be what we'll feel this afternoon. it's a nice, cool start in dublin as we look at our sun rise and a lot of people home run up a


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