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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 31, 2020 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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>> reporter: yes, good morning. firefighters pulling someone we don't have an update on the also involve a few more weeks from a burning the roof. person rescued from this apartment building. and normal years. we do know they are still in the the tech giant usually unveils ahead in a live report the details of the rescue. hospital. there was also a dog rescued and the latest and begins shipping them out at the end of the one of the units right now is month. but that has been put on hold plus -- >> that was really helping us this year of course because of with our rent. uninhabitable. the pandemic. from the last half hour it's like night and day. apple says the newest e pho ese that life lyine is expiring you don't see the damage but it's from the side and rear of should be out in october. so many businesses are today n. a live report from the building. we do have video from the trying to stay afloat during the capitol hill, why congress is pandemic but one company says poised to miss today's deadline to add the weekly unemployment citizens app from right around the time the officers arrived on that it is starting to turn the payment. the third hour of "today in the scene. bay" continues right now. i was told by one of the corner and we're talking about tenant's grandsons when he showed up the rear of the starbucks. in an exclusive interview the building was in flames. he says there was a tenant that and it is friday morning. ceo said the economic pain will went around knocking on other we are glad to morning. residents' doors when he continue they believe until there is a vaccine. i'm kris sanchez in for laura realized the building was on fire. he says that may well have saved garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. a good portion of lives. you see mike there waiting to >> there will be some stress in tell you about the commute. the system and those that can you're going to have to wait take a listen to what he had to adapt rapidly will succeed and just a second. we have to get to meteorologist say what he saw when he arrived kari hall to find out about the on powell. do bewell. friday forecast. yeah, we don't want to wait we all have a responsibility to and we don't have it. to look at this beautiful help each other through this. we'll have it in the next half >> in the earnings announcement sunrise we're seeing over the berkeley hills with the fog hour. starbucks said that business is
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he was really excited that rolling by and that fog will individual went around knocking steadily recovering thanks in linger for a little while longer on those doors. he said his grandmother is okay. part to changes to its business but help keep us nice and cool her unit, though, suffered model. the company says it believes it for some of our inland areas. we're looking at a hot day as we will return to profitability in the next few months. reach into the 90s. significant damage. there is strong smoke and water along the coastline up to 60 in 6:19 for you this morning. half moon bay and mid-60s for damage. we all know that line everything back out here live the fire old is new again. trucks have gone. san francisco. there are still some we'll talk about the week coming investigators on the side of the well, during the pandemic, that up. mike, how is it looking for the building. we don't know what started the commute? applies to movies. it looks like i'm worried fire. we do have a cause, we will >> hold on to your butt. bring it to you both on air and about this person on the san >> oh, no. jose camera. i saw a car stopped and they online. >> oh, no. must have been hit by someone or cierra johnson for "today in the bay." >> thank you for that update. movies three decades old and older have taken the top box this morning we can tell you have some mechanical issues office spot over the last three that the bay area has surpassed weekends including "jurassic approaching alum rock just north 50,000 cases of covid-19. of 680. park," "empire strikes back" and the middle lane, very tough. folks are getting by safely, that 50,000 case mark, more than hitting the brakes. "ghostbuster." you see the red and yellow where 1,000 added yesterday. the arrow is hitting north. not the old one. alameda county has had the highest number of new cases at that's it for the south bay. on only 1,000 theaters are open 358. contra costa added 86 new cases. across the u.s. >> i saw "jurassic park" 2 on tv slowing shows up here or at the today the death toll is expected bay bridge so far. to hit 800. >> mike, back to that breaking and i was glued to it. some big concerns right now news coming out of southern california this morning where in the south bay. military search crews are
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four costco stores have >> the kids are like, those are combing through the waters experienced coronavirus there. san clemente island. special effects? this is following a training outbreaks among its workers. >> i know. not the same compared to what we accident involving an amphibious "today in the bay's" bob redell is joining us live from assault vehicle. have today. one marine is confirmed dead. >> they don't have the nostalgia sunnyvale. eight more missing. bob, with all of this, are factor. this happened a little bit 6:00 customers at risk? >> i can do that with my phone. last night during a routine >> maybe we can project the >> reporter: according to the santa clara county health movie outside, kari. it could be a nice evening. training involving teams from department, marcus, no. camp pendleton. they don't think people who this is ole video of the shopped at the lawrence station previous training mission involving that same group. road costco in sunnyvale are at yeah, that's a great idea, we'll try to get to that. spending time in the backyard last night that accident risk or the other three with the family. involved a total of 16 service locations in the south bay, the the weekend will still be very nice. members. costco locations. we're starting out with clouds eight of them have now been the county poliemployees have b as we take a live look outside recovered. one of the two rescued, well, in san jose. if you're getting up early this morning and going out for a run they're in critical condition. around morgan hill it will be cloudy and temperatures in the we have breaking news out of infected outside of work. mid-50s there. san francisco as well in the the rest of the morning we'll clear out around 9:00 and north beach neighborhood where all four stores have been able starting to warm up. there was a fire that required to remain caltrain station if so i think the early hours, the firefighters to do a rescue this best time to get out there you're wondering what the noise before we reach into the upper morning. "today in the bay's" cierra was. this cluster includes four 80s today. we're in the low 80s in johnson live on the scene. stores, 13 cases here in cupertino, downtown san jose sunnyvale. four in mountain view. eight at the san jose center will reach 81 degrees. for the east bay some low 90s in road site and four cases in a few spots. but mostly 80s as you head from
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gilroy. at this point the contact tracers have not pieced together martinez down to pleasanton and any connections to any of the in fremont today we're reaching cases out of each store. we did speak with one costco 81 degrees. looking at the coastal areas still soggy and cool with some worker who wishes to remain anonymous. this worker believes costco low 60s. a lot more sunshine in palo alto needs to provide more protection as we warm up into the upper for its employees. 70s. for san francisco we have some 60s for the most part. >> they don't understand that the north bay where it's hot you have pregnant employees, employees with young kids, employees that go home to into the mid-90s for clear lake. grandparents, elderly parents santa rosa will be much more and everybody is at risk. comfortable. as we go through the weekend a weather pattern that continues >> reporter: nbc bay area did with high pressure to the west. speak to two other costco a couple storm systems passing employees off camera who say to our north. they feel costco is trying to keep workers safe but there's stronger ocean breezes going always a risk when dealing with into next week which will help the public. cool us down just a few degreest reporting live in sunnyvale, bob redell, "today in the bay." warm-up. >> thanks for that update there. no major spikes in temperatures. 6:06 this morning. for san francisco we're also a live look at capitol hill continuing on with our pattern with highs in the 60s. where the worst economy on record, coronavirus numbers are mike, how is it looking right now for the commute? growing, and a stalemate in washington over renewing unemployment benefits. overall, great. now there's a lot to cover as we start out with the not great those $600 a week payments end part. we look at the live camera,
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slowing over my shoulder in today. tracie potts is live for us in front of you on the live camera, washington to break all of this we see the crash on the shoulder down for us this morning. is mostly clear now. just two vehicles remain. tracie? >> reporter: marcus, one is a tow truck. unfortunately, unless something no big distraction. speeds should continue to dramatic happens and we're not hearing that this morning, the payments are set to end today, improve here. the map shows you recovery as not be reduced, but they'll go you approach story. away until democrats, this is much better than ten republicans and the white house figure out what to do here. minutes ago. the rest of the bay is just fine and no backup at the toll plaza. this is the extra $600 federal everything is good. back to you. woe bonus for people who have been employed, $600 a week. coming up next on "today in republicans wanted to reduce it the bay," nbc bay area responds. to $200 and confirmed this morning the white house offered >> reporter: a cruise a one-week extension that cancellation, a dispute with movers, and a money transfer democrats rejected. mix-up. we take on they said that's not really going to solve anything. the president says it would at least keep money in people's it is morning and we know that you want coffee. wallets until they figure this out. >> this will provide a critical bridge for americans who lost their jobs. >> what is a one week extension good for? a one week extension good if you have a bill and you're working it out.
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>> reporter: but they don't have a bill and they're not working it out. there's a democrat version, a republican version, and they all admit they are far apart. in terms of the coronavirus numbers, we can hear more about that today when dr. anthony fauci, the infectious disease expert, the head of the cdc, the assistant health secretary all testify on capitol hill. the focus of the hearing is national strategy to deal with these growing numbers. marcus? >> all right. something we are all having to deal with. it's certainly hard for a lot of people. tracie potts, thank you. it is 6:08 now and happening right now hurricane isaias is charging toward florida's east coast with miami right insight. isaias is not expected to arrive until tomorrow. right now it is hovering near the bahamas. check out the damage that isaias did across puerto rico yesterday when it arrived over the island as a tropical storm.
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how is it looking as you watch the commute? >> kari, i'm watching on a tiny screen here. folks, take a full screen and look at our san jose camera. northbound 101. i belvetow truck has arrived and pulled this out of lanes. welcome back. the tow truck, another truck and 6:25 for you this morning. a couple other vehicles, one of nbc bay area responds to dozens which was blocking your second of complaints every day. lane for about 20 minutes. now you see the traffic moving much more smoothly past the >> that's right. camera. chris chmura shows us what his the map shows you it's jammed up team has gotten done for you. starting just north to story and >> reporter: good morning. we are just past the midpoint of the 680 inchange. 2020 and so far we have helped our camera is just right there where things start to get better viewers like you save or get back because you saw the lanes clear. the rest of the bay is clear. the bay bridge toll plaza has no the amounts range from a few backups. back to you. bucks to a few thousand like >> thanks, mike. hello, hello. jerry in san jose. hey, hello. oh, yeah, iphone users, listen he said a money wiring service made a mistake. up to this one. we connected with the company and jerry got what he wanted a coming up we have some bad news. the reason you're going to have $19.99 refund for a service fee. to hold a bit longer for the latest brett in san leandro had trouble with a mover. he said they damaged some of his
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family's belongings. we did some heavy lifting with the company and its insurer to n. a way it sort of is. get brett $858 back. out to the futures trading finally lourdes in alameda asked largely flat on this friday. for our help canceling a cruise just as the pandemic started spreading. our crews stepped in and lourdes >> are you okay? >> he slimed me. got a refund of $9,212.16. >> an upside-down summer. those old movies still setting perhaps we can help you, too. box office records with pull up and then hollywood on pause. tap responds from the main menu we'll be right back with much more for you. or give us a call, 888-996-tips. have a great weekend. make sure you join chris chmura and the rest of the nbc bay area responds team tomorrow as we help you prepare to get back to school. join us for a half hour back-to-school special saturday night right after the nhl on nbc. >> it should be good. coming up next for you as we head into another weekend one east bay town is making some changes to its downtown outdoor dining plans. we'll tell you why they're scaling back. plus --
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just laying there is scary. >> we'll have more on that fire in san francisco. cierra johnson is live out there.
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as you head out the door in walnut creek a beautiful start to our friday morning and a nice, comfortable morning it will be. a nice, cool start with low 60s. at lunch time, mid-70s. the weekend forecast is coming up. and a live look at san jose, again, the crash we just saw just after they cleared it. look at that. one tow truck leaving the area. another one is sticking around. no injuries reported but it has slowed you down. recovery approaching story road up to this scene but only about a half mile to the south bay. good morning. very happy friday to you, right now at 6:30 an particularly a happy friday for overnight fire ripping threw a residential building in san apple shareholders after the company announced a four for one francisco. a live update on the rescue by firefighters. stock split.
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you'll own four shares of apple. more than 2 million now they'll be worth just a californians still waiting for quarter as much. their unemployment benefits. up next the person at the top is it makes apple stocks more blaming for those long delays. affordable for others to buy a apple right now trades -- will and remembering the day we lost paradise. trade at $384 a share. take a look at amazon. you'll see what i mean. a new documentary on the most destructive wildfire. "today in the bay" continues right now. stock at more than $3,000 a share. that's a company that's ripe for and we all certainly remembered that day. a good morning to you on this friday. splitting. it was just coincidence but a i'm marcus washington on this day after the major four ceos last day in july. testified before congress, the company reported profit, all four, apple, amazon, google, >> isn't that wild? i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia. yesterday i did fast forward to facebook. you remember a bunch of people august as i was talking to kari. had their twitter accounts we're looking forward to the end hacked. twitter says those hackers first of things being so weird. got in by calling twitter >> right. headquarters and talking to people on the phone, fooling i know that's right. workers into giving them access we're just trying to have a sense of normalcy here. into the network. social engineers calling up and we check out foster city and
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acting like you are part of the our temperature trend in the morning. upper 50s, some clouds and we're company. these are artist rendering going to see a nice day ahead. of a new type of movie theater, and they are really building we had some low 60s near the this. this is for real. coast. some low 70s for oakland and in paris. some mid-90s for the inland east designers came up with the idea bay. we'll talk about all of our of individual pods before microclimates and the week forecast. coronavirus but just right for mike, how is it looking as drivers head out? social distancing. i tracked one of the designers it's friday and there's no down. backup at the bay bridge. the map will show you there's a >> it makes it look closer to little slowing up the incline. we also have circled down below the bay bridge on the map. the screen. we have some slowing for i think what i had in mind is observing, north 880. something like you would find in the deal there is the fact we opera or a theater house from a have a disabled vehicle around long time ago. 29th and maybe sticking out in the slow lane. i made a little change on the fly. the rest of the bay, a smooth >> a long time ago. drive, almost fully recovered the idea you can put the after the crash on 101 cleared projector in the center, you might be above the projector but to the shoulder. will get the amazing view that we'll look at that camera coming up. back to you. no one else, or everyone else is all right. getting that you wouldn't so breaking news out of southern normally get in the traditional california this morning where
6:14 am
theater. >> scott, i know you can't see military search cruise are combing the waters off san it, but kris' husband is so clemente island following a excited about it he's running to training involving an amphibious paris right now. assault vehicle. one marine died in the accident. >> i say stand by and people eight more are still missing. it this happened before 6:00 say, oh, it can't possibly me. last night during routine the kids will be coming through in just a second, swim practice training involving teams from camp pendleton. in half an hour. you're looking at old video of a come on, man. >> kris, we love them. previous training mission vochg the same group and same type of >> this is so stressful. come on, ladies, come on craft. last night's accident involved through. let's get the dog in here, too. 16 service members. eight have been e of the two re >> hey, kris! >> they all say hello. my husband's name is chris, too. chrisc critical condition. our sister station was told a he may as well say good morning. news conference will later happen this morning. in the north beach a the kids have swim practice at building going up in flames with at least one rescue. 7:00 in the morning and we live "today in the bay's" cierra in a 1,000-square-foot house. johnson is live at the scene. cierra, i know this was very there's only so much we can do, scary for a lot of people who right? lived in the area. >> keep it moving. that's what we do. >> thanks, scott.
6:15 am
>> reporter: yeah, definitely. look, if you always loved we'll get to the video what it looked like when firefighters release the phones one, apple arrived on scene. now that the crews have left and the sun has come up we're able a littleg the wait will to see just how bad the fire was. if you take a look you can see the entire side of this of thos individuals' belongings thrown onto the street. the balconies are disintegrated. you see the two cars in the carport are completely destroyed. i don't know if you can hear but you can hear water just running down the inside of thishe the f working to knock down the blaze. everyone was able to get out safely. one person was hospitalized. firefighters say they also rescued a dog from the scene. take a look at the video from the citizens app, what firefighters saw when they arrived on scene. witnesses tell me there was plumes of fire and smoke on powell street. i did have a chance to speak
6:16 am
with a gentleman whose grandmother had lived in the building for more than 30 years. he says he was frantic when he arrived on scene. he didn't see his grandmother. he spoke to firefighters. they hadn't seen her. take a listen to what he had to say when he realized she had gotten out okay. >> another officer approached me and said who is it you're looking for. i said my grandmother. so my grandma and all the survivors thankfully made it alive and were on the back side of an ambulance being taken care of and looked at. >> reporter: that individual told us that there was a resident in here that went door-to-door knocking. six units total. you can see how bad this fire was. thankfully everyone was able to escape, but a lot of cleanup and a lot of work needs to be done to make this inhabitable if at all possible.
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we're live in north beach. cierra johnson for "today in the bay." >> seeing that damage you know it could have turned out in a different way. thank you, cierra. new this morning a berkeley police officer after seeing people she thought were stealing from a store. berkeley police say the officer fired at least one shot when she was trying to detain one of suspects. this happened around 9:00 outside the cvs store. investigators say they haven't found anyone who was shot but the officer was taken to the hospital after injuring her foot. this morning those $600 supplemental payments for millions of jobless americans expires today and it'll stay that way if senators can't reach a new deal. that stimulus deal they have been working on. state lawmakers say that their offices have been flooded with calls and emails from constituents. they had tough questions for the
6:18 am
director of the employment development department. more than a million people this california still have not received those unemployment payments even though they have been cleared to receive them. now we want to get a look at the latest covid-19 numbers for you this morning. the death toll is rising to its fastest rate in months. here in california 194 deaths were reported. governor newsom making a plea to californians again to wear those masks. and san francisco health leaders sa major surge in cases. take a look at this graph right here. this one showing you the number of hospitalizations within the city over the past four months, april to july. so you can see here a rise in april. you saw the cases reaching 94. and then in may we saw a drop even into june but in july you see the numbers creeping up again hitting the high there at
6:19 am
112. and at the beginning soared again. san francisco's public health director says that if cases continue the city could have more than 750 people in the hospital with covid-19 by mid-october. take a look at the unique way people are coming together to help those struggling most to make it in the bay. n idea that started in new york city and is now in cities like san francisco, oakland and los angeles and now heading to san jose. one fridge was filled with produce, bread, water, even guacamole. they say it's helping those in need. >> it's been great. it's provided some sustenance, got some eggs, some bread, just a few things because that's really all i need. >> oakland city leaders have mixed feelings about the
6:20 am
project. a spokesman says there are health and safety regulations that have to be considered but the city is working on a solution that can make this project work. happening today ron howard's "rebuilding paradise" will debut on stream the day the town of paradise went up in flames in what was one of the worst firestorms here in california. here's a look at the documentary. >> all units be advised the town of paradise is under mandatory evacuation. >> lord, pray for us. >> oh, god. >> i need an ambulance immediately. >> as you might remember 85 people died in the firestorm, more than 18,000 homes and structures were destroyed. the documentary will be available across several on-demand and streaming platforms starting today. a live look in danville where today a scaled down week street closure of harts avenue
6:21 am
takes effect. going forward it will stretch only between prospect and school street. now the old closure was about twice as long to diablo road. many merchants in the area felt dining this weekend, kari, will be a good one for that. it will be a very nice weekend. take a look at our cooling fog that we have rolling over the berkeley hills this morning. this will clear out within the next couple of hours and our temperatures will go from the upper 50s to the low 60s here in oakland. at lunch time it's going to feel comfortable with upper 70s in the south bay. some of us will still have a warm day in the inland valleys reaching into the upper 80s and low 90s. san francisco will stay in the mid-60s today. santa rosa in the lower 80s. if you're planning to go out for a walk later this evening, we're all going to have a cooldown as we head back into the 60s and 70s.
6:22 am
we'll take a look ahead to the week forecast coming up. mike, how is it looking for the commute? kari, it's looking slow in oakland. a live picture past the coliseum and then i'll show you what's going on for the maps. the northbound side over on the right really jamming up from high street up past the coliseum up to about where that crash is over on the shoulder but blocking the slow lane and that's why there's the slow down. the nimitz through oakland, 580 is clear. there's no backup there. clearing over in san jose we still have activity on the shoulder. not a big deal. back to you. up next, coming up this week do you have plans to do your shopping at your local costco store? up next a live report on what workers are claiming is happening in the store, why they're worried, why customers are asking questions. this all after four outbreaks at local stores. we'll show you where.
6:23 am
president trump suggests we delay the election went over poorly with conservatives, one calling for another impeachment. let's take you out to the stock market this morning, fairly quiet on the dow. a big day on the nasdaq as this jumped about 100 points. plus, ellen degeneres promising changes. her response to some controversial work place allegations. ♪ menutaur
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right now at 6:43 as we check out our temperature trend in pleasanton we are in for a nice day. get out there early if you want some cooler weather. we're going to warm up this afternoon. we'll get a look ahead to the weekend forecast coming up in a few minutes. getting a look at oakland, still slow past the coliseum, jammed up to fruitvale where the exit is accessible. a crash blocking the slow lane. we'll map it out coming up. the top stories for you this mornin a bay. four costco stores have experienced coronavirus outbreaks among its workers. "today in the bay's" bob redell live for us from one of those locations in sunnyvale. bob, we hear that the workers are the ones experiencing covid-19 but what about the customers going in and out every day? >> reporter: marcus, the santa clara county health department doesn't think the people who shop at the lawrence road costco location are at risk and the
6:27 am
same for the three other locations here in the south bay. the county believes that the employees who were infected were most likely infected outside of work. costco has been very cooperative and taken numerous precautions, one reason all four stores have been able to remain open. this costco covid-19 cluster includes four stores, 13 cases in sunnyvale, 4 in mountain view, 8 at the san jose, and 4 cases in gilroy. at this point santa clara county contact tracers have not pieced together connections to any of the cases at each store. one worker remains anonymous believes costco does need to provide more protection for its employees. >> they don't understand that you have pregnant employees, you have employees with young kids, employees going home to grandparents, elderly parents. everybody is at risk. >> reporter: nbc bay area did
6:28 am
speak to two other costco employees off camera who say they feel costco is trying to keep workers safe but there's always a risk dealing with the public. reporting live in sunnyvale, bob redell, "today in the bay.">> t. state health workers are headed to sonoma county to fight covid-19 cases that are erupting at skilled nursing centers there. at least 25 of the 32 coronavirus deaths so far in sonoma county have happened at that kind of facility. "the press democrat" reports t.lp from the state is expected state infection control teams will offer daily recommendations and assist with follow-up. and a very prominent republican says president trump should be impeached again if he tries to delay the election. >> scott mcgrew, president trump made that shocking suggestion on twitter yesterday. and probably had no idea how
6:29 am
fast his own party would shut him down. good morning to you. we are going to have a presidential election on november 3rd. there's nothing the president can do to stop it. one of the most forceful reactions to the suggestion of delaying it came from steven calabresi. this may not be a familiar name to you, but he's one of the founders of the federalist society, which helps trump and other republican presidents pick supreme court justices. a very conservative group. in a letter published by "the new york times" calabresi says trump must be removed from office if he keeps up his call to delay the election saying until recently i had taken his politicalsstion that president trump is a latest tweet is fascistic and is itself grounds for the president's immediate impeachment again. again, this is not some left-wing democrat. this is an extremely
6:30 am
conservative founder of a right-wing movement. mitch mcconnell is also breaking with the president. >> never in the history of the country, through wars, depressions, and the civil war, have we ever not had a federally scheduled election on time and we'll find a way to do that again this november 3rd. >> in a later tweet the president said he was only trying to draw attention to mail-in voting. at a press conference yesterday, he sort of split the difference saying he didn't want to delay the vote but that he didn't want to wait on the results either. joe biden had predicted president trump would suggest delaying the election. at the time he was scoffed at. the president said it was propaganda invented by biden's camp. take a listen. >> your likely democratic opponent joe biden recently suggested that you were considering changing the date of the election, that you might try
6:31 am
something like that. >> i never even thought of changing the date of the election. why would i do that? november 3rd is a good number. no, i look forward to that election and that was just made up propaganda. >> live pictures from the house as we have yet another hearing this time with dr. anthony fauci among other health experts. you'll remember the white house tried to stop this hearing, denied dr. fauci could go to this hearing. democrats will be asking tough questions about the coronavirus pandemic as it is significantly worse, we are to the point where one american is dying every minute. we'll be taking a look at what's happening in that committee hearing on twitter. you can follow me there. i'm @scottmcgrew. >> thanks for always putting it in perspective, scott. ellen degeneres says there will be changes in the show work place after some complaints about mistreatment.
6:32 am
in a letter to staffers the talk show host said there will be changes made to staffing in the wake of that internal employee review by warner brothers, the company that produces the show. employees anonymously said it was a toxic work environment. >> some former employees said that because of ellen's name and face on the show they want her to have more accountability and involvement about what goes on behind the scenes. >> the "today" show will look closer at those changes that are going to happen at the "ellen" show and new allegations still emerging. nbc bay area airs "ellen" every day at 4:00. and now we want to pass along a story about a pleasant hill couple trying to do the right thing. a man says he found this ring while he was running at the track of the college park high
6:33 am
school on tuesday. if you take a close lock at it you'll see it is silver and it has an inscription that reads, quote, i will always be with you. the man and his wife are trying to find the rightful owner. i sure hope they find that person because that's the kind of sentiment you give to somebody you really care about, that you love. >> it looks a little bit like my precious. my precious. >> we'll have to do the side-by-side and see. kari, you're always with us, too. and so, too, is the fog every morning that we've seen around the bay area. a live look outside in san jose, it's a cloudy start but we'll see it clearing out, our typical summertime pattern as we watch the game, the giants game later this evening. first pitch at 6:10 and players
6:34 am
will have a comfortable weather, cool temperatures, low 60s and continuing to cool off there. we'll be watching it from home with some beautiful weather but it all depends on where you are. some low 60s along the coast and cool and foggy weather. but then as you make your way inland it will be sunny and hot as we reach into the mid-90s in antioch. we're up to 95 in clear lake today while napa will reach 80 degrees and some low 80s for the south bay. we've been tracking the tropics and this is something that will be making headlines as we go into the weekend, hurricane isaias will continue to move off to the north and west at about 17 miles an hour. before it moves closer to the florida coast and moving over the bahamas. hurricane isaias will be a problem for the whole east coast. it continues to move off to the north and east. we'll be watching that here. we are going to have some nice
6:35 am
and calm weather with our inland temperatures in the upper 80s and low 90s and still our microclimates. looking at 60s in san francisco with some fog. there may be a little bit more sunshine throughout the week. mike, how is it looking right now heading out the door? kari, we have one hang-up for our friday commute. everything else looks great. we'll show you the oakland camera northbound from about 98 past the coliseum and to and steadily. avoid this section of 880 on the map as north and to downtown oakland for the nimitz. 580 is clear and the disabled vehicle blocks one lane. i think it might send more folks to the san mateo bridge. so far the sensors are fine there as well as the rest of the bay. back to you. thanks, mike. happening for you, hong kong postpones its highly anticipated legislative elections. so hong kong government is invoking an emergency ordinance
6:36 am
in delaying the elections by a year. officials say voting during a worsening coronavirus outbreak could make more people sick. and next a quick look at our top stories including free coronavirus testing coming to a ba.a.r.t. station near you. we'll show you where. plus, breaking news overnight out of southern california, one marine is dead after a training exercise gone wrong in southern california. eight more are still missing. coming up the latest on what is now a desperate search. you're watching "today in the bay."
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6:57. here are the top stories we're following this morning. >> military search crews are looking off the waters of san clemente island for eight missing marines dead but, again, eight are still missing. this happened during routine training involving teams from camp pendleton. we're showing you old video on your screen.
6:40 am
the same group and same type of craft. last night's accident involved a total of 16 service members, one of the two rescued service members is in critical condition. now san francisco's north beach this morning where new overnight one person is now recovering. this is after being rescued from the fire you see right there. you see just how bad that damage was. and it was a three-story residential building. this is on powell near bay street. the fire started around 3:00 this morning. everyone got out safely, but firefighters had to pull one person from the building. they also rescued a dog and at least one other person is displaced. and continuing our coronavirus coverage now yesterday a area added more than 1,000 new cases with alameda county adding the most, nearly 800 people in the bay area have now died of covid-19. and ucsf is helping to set up a new testing site you might be
6:41 am
able to hit as you head out on your commute in the mission district at 24th and mission. for the next three weeks that clinic will offer testing on wednesdays and on fridays and workers from the surrounding areas will be eligible to get the fast track testing. a look at our forecast which looks lovely. we are going to have a nice weekend. temperatures inland reaching into the upper 80s. low 90s for the weekend. mike, how is the commute rolling? it looks bad in oakland past the coliseum, but we'll see a quicker recovery as the disabled vehicle has been cleared. that's going to do it for us this morning. more local news later. a live look for you in danville where the outdoor dining continues this weekend, but, of course, downsized. if you go out, make sure you wear those masks.
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good morning.
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