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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  September 14, 2020 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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passengers to their destination, but many were left to figure out their own way home. >> it is a little frustrating, but at the end of the day, i'll probably just call a $50 uber and find a way home. >> reporter: as bart prepares to boost service on three of its five lines tomorrow, the spokesman says the agency has right now at 11:00, our learned from today's issue and is taking steps to make sure it cameras can still see it. smoke all across the bay area, doesn't happen again. but relief actually coming soon. >> so one lesson we have learned is that our engineers have been able to implement a new configuration change to the network which is expected to protect against one device if it i'm terry mcsweeney. failed shutting down the entire >> and i'm anoushah rasta. the bay area hasn't seen system. >> reporter: in san jose, nbc anything like this. but as the week begins, new hope bay area news. >> our investigative team spent this will be over soon. the last several months digging this is downtown san jose where into the bart. we uncovered the good, the bad, you see it right there. all that smoke just sitting there. the ugly. rob, give us some good news go to our website, apple tv, here. when does this clear out?
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roku or of course youtube. >> yeah. a very dangerous situation weeks of unhealthy air. played out in the middle of the day on the golden gate bridge. just talking about a day or two away of this thing starting to officers stopped a car. what they found inside sent wind down. air quality levels starting to improve. several of them to the hospital. but again at this hour, we're still seeing pretty unhealthy sergio has the details. >> reporter: this all started air. what made matters worse was more when someone spotted this lexus activity from the south and east. you can see the sqf complex fire sedan in the fast lane hrt on 1. burning strong and pumped a that person called 911 we love to leave you with something memorable. delivering the driver of the i think we have something for little more slope towards the you tonight. east bay and south bay at times. lexus was under the influence. dozens of baby sea turtles are >> as we were on the phone with look at san francisco. them, they advised that the making their way ever so slowly, vehicle had actually collided briefly again going up to 208. the turtles, to the shore. with the movable median barrier. this is very unhealthy. >> all thanks to the efforts of >> reporter: the car crashed into the center divide here some environmentalists. as we go through the day close to the toll plaza. this is the logger head sea tomorrow, we're staying in that turtle. they're tiny. unhealthy range for another day. they found the driver behind the it is currently an endangered wheel unconscious. but just offshore, we're we he was blue in the face and there was a white powdery species. beginning to see some changes. one storm system approaching the substance in the car. out of a hundred survive and coast that will bring change our they suspected the man was under way. the influence of an opoid. turtles lay begs. within 24 hours, we will finally >> they are so small. start to see the air pollution the chp and golden gate prij >> but they are so cute. >> yeah. levels calm down. we will luke more about that and patrol towed his car to the >> i'm hoping my son doesn't ask other side of the bridge when a
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how this storm could bring a to bring one home. >> they assisted the turtles on chance of showers to staparts o chp officer who reached into the car early on started feeling their journey from land to sea. sick. >> based off his training, >> your son right now is seven months, so it might be a little northern california. believed he may be experienced >> sounds good. while until he asks. let's check out a few fire. >> but they grow so fast, i symptoms of feintanyl exposure. wouldn't be surprised if -- this, a new fire near livermore. those symptoms escalated. kids, i mean. not the turtles. maybe the turtles, too. good news on this one. >> three other officers, a burning 50 acres through the i don't know. land fall. thanks for joining us. >> have a great day. golden gate bridge have a great week. tonight it is already 75% officer and a tow truck driver contained. >> some colleges across the bay area are having to make even started feeling symptoms. more adjustments to their plans. they decontaminated the lexus campus will be closed tomorrow and at least three chp cruisers. and only faculty and certain students are allowed to be there >> once it is determined it is a during the pandemic. possible fentanyl haul, we have cal state east bay is taking a to treat it just as we do with different approach. in person classes and staff will all other infectious diseases with allowed to return tomorrow. for chemicals. >> air quality in the south bay >> reporter: they did not find put up a challenge for the 49ers today. the teams managed to play through at levy stadium. tr traces of fentanyl in the car. the hazmat team was sent there nfl had been monitoring the to decontaminate another
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situation to see if the air cruiser. quality surged to 200 or above the driver had been booked into the san francisco jail on dui today. if it had, there wouldn't have and possession of controlled been a game. substance charges. it didn't happen. all the officers involved as 49ers played -- say it didn't well as the golden gate employee play a factor in them losing the have been treated and released. in san francisco. tiktok appears to have first game of the season. >> it was something we really didn't talk about. settled on a buyer for its u.s. we had a football game to play operations. oracle won the bit. earlier today microsoft released today. a statement confirming it had it was an even playing field. there is no excuse for that. not been chosen by tiktok. the development comes a few days >> they lost to the cardinals before the deadline set by 24-20. more about the game coming up in president trump ordering tiktok to sell its u.s. business. sports sglrchlts happ s sports. happening tomorrow, president trump will be in california. he will be on a briefing for the scott puts this in perspective wild fires burning out of for us. >> tiktok is one of the hottest control. mr. trump make several stops in nevada, a date he lost in 2016 media companies in the world but is working hard to win in right now. oracle being the lead in thisdy november. he spoke to an enthusiastic vid. well, there are some positives.
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oracle has a lot of money. crowd in henderson. the president's speech was very it could buy tiktok, leave it similar to a speech delivered independent and let the last night tauting the economy and jobs, his tough response to tiktokers goo wild. on the other hand, there is the china and his commitment to law ♪ chinese government concern this sunday the president and the pandemic. and order. he also railed against joe biden versus our government. oracle is a big company. >> i didn't lie. >> bob woodward reveals and the democratic party calling president trump knew how deadly many a big company has had the coronavirus was. them extremists. >> what i said is we have to be >> biden will always do whatever relationships with the calm. government that has made small we can't be panicked. the radical left demands. companies uncool. >> at the same time he was and if elected, his radical there are rumors here that the saying this. >> now you treat this like the supporters won't just be causing oracle founder is number one in flu. the running now for tiktok >> one day it's like a miracle, because he is a backer of it will disappear. mayhem in the streets. they will be running the >> mr. trump on the defensive. department of justice, the president donald trump. >> they wanted me to come out department of homeland security either way, the u.s. government and by the way the united states and scream, people are dying, saying tiktok has to be sold to supreme court. >> it's been a turbulent week we're dying. >> and under attack. >> he lied to the american an american company or else it would get rid of it and that people. >> even hearing from his own for the president's campaign would be terrible for tiktokers. experts. where he admits to down playing >> when you downplay something the seriousness of the coronavirus. so there are many ways for we'll have more on that later on in this newscast. tiktok to become uncool. the only way for it to stay cool >> senator kamala harris is also and hip and hot is for a company headed to california. democratic vice presidential to buy it here in the u.s. and candidate due to travel to let it remain tiktok. fresno on tuesday. that's near where the creek fire we'll keep you posted. is raging with very little >> new details in the shooting that left two los angeles containment so far.
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>> the north complex fire has sheriff deputies wounded. been burning for nearly a month the message from community leaders as tensions rise. now. and despite better weather >> and they have been doing it for years so why is the city conditions, firefighters are finding it very tough to just now increasing parking increase containment. tonight the fire is 26% citations. tonight a group of neighbors are contained, which is just up 3% demanding answers. from yesterday. >> and we're closely watching so far 12 people have died and air quality changes as we go thousands of homes destroyed. through the weekend. the north complex fire has the wind picks up to help with burned nearly 259,000 acres so that. plus some shower far. as many survivors are starting to rebuild, another fire is threatening them. take a look at this map right here. you see a campfire and the north complex fire. you can see where both of these fires burned. hi. we're glad you came in. what's on your mind? notice how some places have been can you help keep these guys protected online? hit by both. easy. connect to the xfi gateway. now some of them are having to evacuate once again. what about wireless data options for the family? >> let's take a look at the you can customize and save. progress firefighters are making what about internet speeds that can keep up with my gaming? in and around the area. let's hook you up with the fastest internet from xfinity. holding steady at 98% and now with our stores reopening, we're putting healthy practices in place. containment. the lmu fire now 96% contained. come visit a store today. stop in or book an appointment online
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at a time that works for you. no change over the past couple now that's simple, easy, awesome. days. the czu fire in the santa cruz ask. shop. discover at your local xfinity store today. mountains now 89% contained. that's up from 85% yesterday. the august fire now 28% contained. that is also up from yesterday when it was 25% contained. >> a system wide shut down left riders stranded today. nba bay area marianne favro with more. >> reporter: this is one of 50 bart stations that shut down this morning, impacting as many as 18,000 riders. >> i was actually heading back to the east bay. and i had to find another way back. yeah. it's unfortunate. >> reporter: at this station in san francisco, people sat on stairs instead of on stairs.
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a computer issues caused every bart system to shut down yesterday. >> it is tied to one device out in the field. when that devicem is designed t in drove some i. los angeles county deputies out of surgeries and expected to survive after a gunman ambushed them. these images may be disturbing to some. the gunman walking up opening fire as the deputies were parked as a train station in compton. the shooter, as you see, running away. at this point hasn't been found. community leaders are urging calm. >> my heart is heavy when there is senseless violence like this. my heart is heavy. so we need peace. >> the deputies are a 21-year-old female, a 24-year-old male sworn in 14 months ago.
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both expected to survive. there is a $100,000 reward for information about the suspects. san jose police chief eddy garcia tweeted we stand with our brothers and sisters from the los angeles county sheriffs department. we are praying for a full recovery. god bless the peace keepers. blind sided by parking tickets. demanding an explanation after they say the city randomly started fining them for parking the same way they have been parking for years. a resident says this is the last thing they needed during the pandemic. >> for years in this neighborhood, they parked on the sidewalk like this because they say the street is too narrow and they live on a hill. >> we're on a blind corner, so people come pretty fast down the hill even though we're one block long street. so we have to park in a little bit so that we don't get hit.
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>> reporter: in all these years she and her neighbors have never had a problem doing it this year. >> we moved in in may of 1983, so almost 37 and a half years. and we have never ever ever had an issue with parking, with tickets. >> reporter: until now when suddenly they're seeing a lot of parking tickets. neighbors have complained to the police department and the mayor, arguing that getting a ticket for parking on the sidewalk like this is unfair because there are no other options and parking has not been enforced in the past. they're also upset that now it is being enforced they never got a proper warning ahead of time. >> i would encourage anybody that feels they were unjustly cited make sure they appeal that and talk to the police department about steps they can make. >> reporter: the major says the reason parking rules are being enforced now is pause the city was getting bombarded by complaints from other neighbors.
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>> it is true that in many neighborhoods they haven't seen a lot of enforcement in the past because police officers are very busy doing other things. >> reporter: the mayor explains when they started hearing from angry neighbors, the city decided to hire an outside company to start enforcing the rules. that's the company now giving out the tickets. but when the pandemic hit and more people started working from home and leaving their cars there, too, the mayor argues they asked enforcements for a while. but that's not happening, noting that her and her husband got tickets on tuesday, tickets they now plan to fight. >> getting two tickets, $42 each when you are standing there working our way, staying home, being safe, dealing with covid. this was not what we needed right now. >> reporter: because they had written so many tickets, the city council is now planning to look into the issue because the major says they're also starting to think that residents did not get fair warning about the
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enforcement. a rocky week for the president after the release of a recording in which he admits to downplaying the seriousness of covid-19. president trump told journalists in early february he was trying to avoid a panic. woodward's new book on the trump presidency "rage" comes out on tuesday. woodward said he had a duty to warn americans about the danger. >> when there is a crisis, when the president particularly knows something, it is time to tell the public in some form. he failed. >> the white house insists the president has never lied to the american public. instead they characterize his behavior as crisis. tomorrow morning on the today show, savannah guthrie will interview him live and he will unveil a brand-new recording of the president tomorrow morning on "today". joe biden is getting a big boost in florida from michael bloomberg who says he will spend
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$100 million in florida to help biden win the state. the money will reportedly be spent on a mix of television and digital ads in both spanish and english. bloomberg spent more than 400 million dhr on his own presidential campaign. since dropping out, he spent $18 million on the democratic national committee. biden's campaign is not the only one.heing out. it seems like tomorrow would never come. many more will be allowed indoor customers. of course a limited capacity. but still indoor customers. here is a quick list of the changes going on. it includes hair salons in barbershops. nail salons, hotels, churches. one person inside at a time. and outdoor family entertainment like mini golf, batting cages and golf carts. more restrictions easing tomorrow. permitting additional car based
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gatherings. we have seen a lot of graduation ceremonies and religious gatherings, but that is expanding. the number of cars allowed will increase from 200 to 400. and you will also be able to preorder food and other goods for pickup. >> there are more than 93,000 cases and more than a thousand deaths in the bay area. alameda county is reporting more than 154 cases since yesterday. contra costa county added 148 more cases, bringing its total to more than 15,000. marin saw an increase. let's get back to the big news of the night. some really good news on the weather front. i will let rob tell you all about it. rob? >> well, changes are finally underway. changes that within 24 hours will start to really make a dent
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in all the smoke we see now for the last four weeks. let's show you what we have outside. one of the changes we're starting to see a more of an on shore push. not really making a big dent. but numbers in the mid 50s across the bay area and actually inland. livermo rr livermore and the tri valley cooled off. sure enough, wind in fair field. southwest at 20 miles an hour. it's just that there is such a volume of unhealthy air in dense smoke that is still just stuck in the region. look at san francisco. back to very unhealthy. by morning, oakland, hayward, pal low alto and san jose over 200 again tomorrow morning, but you can see we're still very unhealthy for parts of the bay area. so as this process of improving our air quality starts to get underway, we're still seeing a spare the air day tomorrow. 150 and 200.
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but as that chart at the top of the screen shows you, spare the air criteria is 100. so these conditions may improve tuesday, but it's going to continue to slowly unwind high plugs numbers around the bay area. areas of smoke again. but look at the low clouds. you might find that into solano county, too. more hazy sunshine. 80s for morgan hill, upper 60s for san francisco. mid-80s for the tri valley. so this for the most part has been the pattern we have been seeing. so what we need is area of low pressure or more mixing of the atmosphere. i think that is how wednesday will look. before we get to wednesday, we still have tomorrow. notice monday we begin to see some of the thicker smoke bands from the smoke that is burning from wild fires to our south and east. that starts to get redirected out to the sierra. north bases improvement during
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the day. the wind will help clear the air year leading to red flag warnings near the complex fire. we have to watch that for tomorrow as the winds pick up. by wednesday, better air quality. this same weather quality bringing the wind to bring some rain showers. but some of that might just make it to the northern california coast. wouldn't that be nice? friday into saturday showers there out. then as we move into the weekend, some north wind might try to pick back up again. such is the fortunes of our forecast as we approach the end of summer here. you see we got numbers climbing a little bit for the middle part of the week. i think the best air we'll see will be wednesday through friday. then next weekend stay tuned. we will see those temperatures rebounding a bit. not only have to watch that for dry conditions but will the smoke try to come back down to the south?
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it is a very complex forecast. day-to-day changes in the wind, short term and midweek it looks betterment chance of those friday showers. but next weekend stay tuned as those temperatures climb once again. we'll send it back to you. >> rob, thank you. still ahead, new changes for the golden gate bus service. what you need to know ahead of your commute and the reason for the change. football season officially kicking off and the nfl has had to come up with a new p give you my world ♪
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♪ how can i, when you won't take it from me ♪ ♪ you can go your own way ♪ ♪ go your own way your wireless. your rules. only with xfinity mobile.
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golden gate trains will be cutting down service tomorrow because people aren't riding the busses as much. ridership is less than 20%. for riders affected by the
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changes, alternate routes will be available as well as the golden gate ferry. changes will only be temporary and routes will be added back after shelter in place orders ease up. ourut bart dropped a brand-new season. how bart is coping with covid, a financial crisis and a racial reckoning. >> spent months riding and recording on the trains. so what does bart look like in the midst of a health crisis? here's a preview. >> you know that age old question about the tree in the woods, the one that falls when no one is around. does it make a sound? so much of how we have experienced a place is what it sounds like. but what happens when the normal sounds, the normal crowds aren't there anymore. new sounds chime in.
1:22 am
it's like this whole time this weird orchestra was playing that we just couldn't hear over all that other noise. >> the shuffling of shoes. dancing keys. someone a little off key. actually, that's not so bad. so does the train make a sound if there is no one at the station to hear it? who's to say? but maybe the bigger question is, when is everyone coming back to bart? will they come back? >> be sure to check out our brand-new episodes of "derailed," our digital series about all things bart.
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welcome back. the 49ers dropped their season opener to the arizona cardinals. let's show you the highlights. the game was played with no fans inside the stadium. it takes a little getting used to see an empty stadium. niners up three. jimmy garoppolo with a wide open mostert over the middle and he is off to the races. 76 yards to the touchdown. the niners led at halftime. it will stay that way. jimmy g. hits derek mckinnen out of the back field so the 49ers take a 27-2 lead, but arizona
1:26 am
would march down the field, 75 yard drive. the 49ers could not answer in the final minutes and the cardinals beat the 49ers 24-20. >> obviously not the way we wanted to start the season. but they worked some positives. the consistency for our offense just needs to improve. >> that's how football goes. we had a number of chances to win that game. last time we played those guys we came down to the wire just like this one did. we had a chance to win it there at the end. we just came up a little bit short. >> next up the 49 ers hit the road. first game ever for the las vegas raiders. on the road at carolina, former stanford cardinal christian mccaffrey gives the panthers the lead. then in the third quarter, josh jacobs takes it in.
1:27 am
the panthers would retake the lead. then jacobs with his third touchdown of the game. there were seven lead changes in this one. the raiders beat the panthers 34-30. the giants were back in action for the first time since the team announced that someone in the organization had tested positive for covid-19. so that led to two games being postponed. the giants said it was their left fielder alex dickerson. he played today as the giants were swept in a double header. the team says he tested positive at thursday and was tested at least a half dozen times and all the results came back negative. today dickerson was emotional calling out a report. he says it's false that he broke protocol to see family risking the health of his teammates and his wife who is 39 weeks pregnant. >> that was something you can't really prepare for. you deal with it. it was stressful. i didn't sleep much. but that's the year we're having and a lot of people have it very
1:28 am
tough right now. and that's where you find out how to get through things. the a's in texas with the final of a four game series with the rangers. bottom of the six. odor with a three-run homer and the rangers go on to beat the a's your final 4-1. final round of the safeway open, sue wart sink had it going. he was seven under for the final round. he wins by two shots at
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>> the fire burning in the south and east bay is largely out. today the firefighter base camp packed it up. it is no longer needed. the fire grounds also an evacuation site for portions of livestock. the smu complex is one of the largest fires in 400,000 acres containment at 98% and has been for the last few days. there is a whole new set of rules for anyone allowed in stadiums on game day has to go by this year. temperature check, masks and much more. all part of the protocol. we're getting a look at the extreme measures the nfl the taking to keep players safe. >> an exclusive look and has the story. >> reporter: the locker room of the cleveland browns. hallowed ground, changed perhaps forever. >> you have 30, 35 guys in here. 25 guys in a room next door. >> the team senior's vp of
1:31 am
player health and development takes us on an exclusive tour. >> we really have a new normal, right? our day to bay process is unlike anything we have down in the past. >> now ruled by a new set of protocols to reduce the risk of covid- covid-19. everyone, players and staff tested daily. >> reporter: this is the nfl's chief medical officer. >> over the first five weeks, we have done over a quarter of a million covid-19 tests on players, coaches and staff on team personnel. >> boisterous game da bravado now socially distanced. >> you space lockers out six feet a part. a room now houses 40 in an overflow locker room. >> reporter: still some 60 players have decided to opt out of playing this season due to
1:32 am
the pandemic. brown center and president of the players association says everyone wants to play safe. >> we worked tirelessly this off season trying to find a way to open back up safely. >> reporter: cutting edge technical changes, too. locker rooms fitted with ultra violent lights to further sanitize equipment. >> everyone in our building gets one of these devices. >> reporter: new electronic safe zone tags, which flash red within six feet of someone else and record who you meet. so if someone tests positive -- >> we can find that person and all the close contacts to that person. >> immediately. >> immediately. >> reporter: and the helmets all fitted with no plastic shields that act like a cloth face mask. >> the goal is to limit respiratory droplets while in play. >> reporter: while all the preparations are in place, no one really knows what's going to happen until the players line up
1:33 am
across from one another on the field. while in sam stadiums like here in cleveland, there will be some fans. others may be empty. >> it will be weird, but we're excited to get back out there and play. >> reporter: nfl teams are working together to tackle a common opponent, covid. >> we really realized it's a shared and collective responsibility to all make good decisions to give us the best chance to play football this ball. >> and stay safe. >> reportecleveland. coming up, helping those displaced by the fires. tonight what one volunteer group did to help farm workers in the north bay. tracking some changes in the wind over the next days. th
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eight families of farm workers are out of their homes after another wild fire sprang up overnight. the new 40 acre fire flaired up. a volunteer group today collected donations for the families. they ae're currently staying in hotels, but volunteers took donations for long-term living. group met today in oakland to collect the goods and headed up to give out the donations to
1:37 am
families. >> rob, it seems like, you know, you kind of win. you kind of lose. we will get some wind that gets the smoke out of here. it will also be pushing flames in the fires going out around the area. >> yeah. it's a good point. we really need wind to be in the right direction. but in doing so, you mentioned that's going to bring up the wind speed around some of those fires, especially in northeastern california around the north complex. it is a trick yes kwaugs i will be watching over the next couple of days. those fires will make a push. right now, there is not enough wind to clear out the smoke we still have in the bay area. still very unhealthy in san francisco. i wouldn't be surprised to see them settle in to oakland and san jose for the weekend. so the forecast officially for tomorrow carrying over the
1:38 am
unhealthy range. that's from 150 to 200 for monday and we're expecting with the next update with the bay area air quality management district the temperatures will start to come down. but keep in mind spare the air numbers that was back when we had it over at 100. you might see in the issued for tuesday. but the overall trend should be to decreasing numbers approaching midweek. san jose right now a little combination of fog and smoke. similar conditions in walnut creek. the high today, similar conditions tomorrow for places like concord and dublin. probably get some low clouds and maybe some drizzle along the coast. in terms of fire danger, all the air pollution is not. but look at how inland that low cloud cover could be. straight for the morning with patchy areas of dense fog. watch out for that for the morning. we will see the low clouds
1:39 am
retreat back to the coastline. temperatures climbing through the 70s around lunchtime inland and highs generally in the 80s. no 90s in the forecast tomorrow. so that is the weather system that should bring us better wind here through about midweek. if you look closely there on friday there will be some rain out of this. for the wild fires, welcome news there. we're talking about an inch or more of some rain north of the border there as we drop down closer to our northwest coast. by friday and saturday, substantial rain around you aeu. boy, stay tuned for next weekend as high pressure builds in behind that system. we're not expecting strong, damaging, gusty offshore winds but the problem with that is it may try to push smoke from the fires to the north back at us by next weekend.
1:40 am
short term midweek we're expecting gradually improving conditions in terms of air quality. the best part of the forecast is that thursday to friday forecast for parts of the state, especially north of the country. we will see some showers. but keep a close eye on next week end. we will have to watch the wind again. but those fires still ongoing as we know too well here from the last four weeks any subtle shift in the wind will bring smoke back to the bay area. for now we'll focus on the positive. and then focus on next weekend next weekend. focus on the good news the next three or five days. >> taking it one step at a time.
1:41 am
1:42 am
got a battle brewing on the coast this week. at issue whether people should be allowed to drink alcohol on half-moon bay beaches. a year ago leaders decided to include city beaches as
1:43 am
designated parks, but they didn't realize is that that meant an alcohol ban on the beaches. so when city leaders tried to change that ordinance to allow alcohol again on the beaches, some people questioned is drinking on the beaches really a good idea in the first place. this week city council will ask for people to weigh in. this comes as half-moon bay has been dealing with crowded weekends during the pandemic. people are afraid to ride bart before the pandemic are in the midst of a health crisis. our health reporter found out how a wouns world class transportation system got detailed. >> that's our digital series all about bart. >> a lot has changed since the last time we brought you on board. how is bart coping with covid, the financial fall-out and a racial reckoning impangting its own police department. we spent the last few months
1:44 am
riding and recording on bart to find out how a world class transportation got derailed. you can bing watch our brand-new season two online right now. and all this week in this newscast, we'll be giving you a preview of this series starting with this one. sick and tired of being and tired. >> smoke is billowing in the air. >> stand your ground! >> we're not doing nothing. >> america is struggling to survive a racial reckoning and a deadly virus. >> i'm declaring. >> state of emergency. >> across the globe. >> so far the country hasn't recovered from either. >> the pandemic is infecting people across the globe.
1:45 am
there is no cure or vaccine, and it could be easily spread from person to person in confined spaces. so like on trains? welcome back to bart. >> a lot has changed here. masks are now a must. seats are pretty much wide open. and no one is really fighting over the hand straps anymore, let alone touching them. coronavirus made commuting pretty strange and even scary for some. it is a weird time to be on bart. it is a weird time for bart and a lot of decisions are about to be made that could impact your health for years. >> iomne came up to me, threw a punch at me out of nowhere. >> as soon as i sat down, i felt the pick.
1:46 am
it was a used needle. i was worried. >> station agents and cops cannot deal with the kinds of things we're seeing on the train. >> your hands up higher. >> it's impossible. >> some felt unsafe riding bart before the pandemic. >> we reliable and safe. >> it's one of those things that if i can avoid it i will. >> bart wants to dramatically e reshape the role of police. >> all problems don't need to be interceded with a badge and gun. >> some believe that plan will lead today i don't say. >> it does nothing for actual safety. >> plus, we obtained and reviewed thousands of criminal records from police and disciplinary actions against its own officers. we'll show you what we found and why it isn't sitting well with bart's top watchdog. we take you to the front lines of the debate and bart's efforts
1:47 am
to reform the police department that has been forced into this position before. >> he did not deserve to die. he deserves to live. >> the pandemic. >> the risk is not zero. >> the financial mess. >> our budget is shot. >> and the racial reckoning. >> it's racist. >> black people and brown people are terrorized on the bart system every single day. >> when do you think you will ever ride bart again? >> hopefully never. >> pack some sanitizer because we're headed to our next stop and we have got a lot of ground to cover. >> okay. be sure to check out our brand-new episodes of "derailed." you can bing watch season two and get caught up on our last season. you can find it all on our app, youtube, apple tv. >> we are back with more in two
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