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tv   Early Today  NBC  September 29, 2020 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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today joe biden will get his first crack at facing president trump face to face we'll preview the expectations game >> a growing of evacuation orders grow as devastating wildfires explode with intensity. >> breaking news with the breonna taylor closed doors. and as a growing number of democrats refuse to meet with
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rer. >> today happens to be national coffee day where you can score some sweet deals. "early today" starts right now good morning i'm frances rivera >> i'm phillip mena. the stakes are higher than ever as they deliver their dualing futures. it will cover everything from coronavirus to the integrity of the election itself. tracie potts joining us with a preview from d.c this may be one of the most anticipated debates ever >> this could be the debate. president trump and joe biden on the same stage for the first time in this fall presidential debate we are looking at debate prep but also expectations.
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a lot of the president's prep happens when he's quizzed by reporters frequently but we also know he has been working with rudy giuliani and chris christie to do some debate prep he's been drilling down on policy but also doing some homework on twitter and moat were asked about their expectations for tonight >> the debate is coming up how are you preparing specifically >> i think i prepare every day when you're president you sort of see everything that they're going to be asking >> it is going to be difficult i know the -- i mean, my guess is it's going to be straight attack it's the only thing he's going to do. he's not that smart. >> so there are six separate topics that they will be asked questions about tonight. they include their records, the
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supreme court and the new nominee. coronavirus, the economy, race and how that plays out in urban cities and of course the integrity of this election that debate happening at 9:00 p.m. eastern time. a lot of people will be watching >> the topics are predictable but what happens after wards will not be. you can catch all of the action at 9:00 p.m. eastern and we'll have all the highlights and analysis after wards >> hanging over tonight's showdown, taxes, he showed he paid sooe oh dollars in income taxes over the past ten years. >> shows he paid just $750 in federal income tax in 2016 and 2017 and none at all for ten of
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the previous 15 years before that >> totally fake news i paid tax and you'll see that as soon as my tax returns, they've been under for a long time >> the deeply reported times investigation reveals a man who built his brand on being a tycoon has been more successful playing a business mogul than playing one for real life. many of his businesses are struggling with him pouring in more than he's taking out. he's in an audit over a tax refund he claimed and received after walking away from his now shuttered atlantic casinos
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and the president's daughter and senior advisor appears to have received more than $700,000 in consulting fees while working as an employee of the trump administration also the president facing a mountain of debt more than $300 million in loans that president trump is personally responsible for will come due >> it's a national security issue. you could have a sitting president who owes hundreds of millions of dollars. the america people will want to know who he owes that money to >> the times note that he did pay oh reporting taxes the president's tax tactics already the focus of several issues in new york could lead up
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to issues when he leaves office. a new video from the biden campaign >> i mean, i pay a lot more taxes than he's paying and i consider myself a middle class >> the times investigation is riddled with gross inaccuracies and dismissing the report as a smear campaign in the runup to the election >> the biden campaign seizing on this report sure to be a topic of conversation in the debate between president trump and joe biden in cl new evacuation orders were ordered overnight in nap pa. >> reporter: before sunrise entire neighborhoods were engulfed in flames as towering
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walls of fire swept across four counties devouring an untold number of homes. >> fire evacuation in progress. >> reporter: amid the chaos and confusion the desperate and harrowing escape from the mouth of the inferno >> these houses were standing nearly 20 minutes ago. >> this hospital was forced to evacuate patients by air and ambulance. >> in the wind were to shift >> reporter: torching wineries all while closing in on this santa rosa retirement community. hundreds of seniors, many dependent on walkers and wheelchairs were taken to safety >> it was just, you know, a big red ball of fire right next to us. >> reporter: with 50,000 under
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evacuation warnings thousands have been forced to flee as wild behavior threatens to wipe multiple cities across the map. >> reporter: officials don't have an accurate number of homes lost what they do know, more are going up in flames every day with at least one blaze quadrupling in size, the tubbs fire obliterated butch of santa rosa with multiple fires on the move california is a tinderbox once again exploding. firefighters are expecting better weather specifically lighter winds. thank you. there's breaking news this morning in the breonna taylor case an anonymous member of the grand
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jury is filing for transcripts to be made public. he asked for the jury to be allowed to speak about the case as a matter of public interest daniel cameron responded overnight saying he does not have a concern about juror sharing their thoughts he also announced he will comply with an order to release grand jury recordings but says this could compromise the ongoing federal investigation. >> the former officer accused of firing bullets that ended up in a neighboring apartment has entered not guilty to the charges. senate republicans are racing to confirm the supreme court nominee before election day. today she will meet with mitch mcconnell and several others
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>> republicans pushing ahead to confirm president's supreme court nominee. >> if confirmed justice barrett will make history as the first mother of school aged children ever to serve on the supreme court. >> she has seven children and would become the youngest member of the court she has suggested the roe versus wade abortion case was wrongly decided. >> his judicial philosophy is mine too >> lindsey graham saying he'll start her confirmation date october 12th >> there's nothing unusual about the time period. we've never confirmed somebody in an election year after july but i expect they will show up
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and i expect they will challenge judge barrett about the law. >> some democrats refusing to meet with barrett privately but deciding not to boycott the hearing. >> i'm going to take every opportunity to know what's at stake so you know, i contemplated not going to the hearing but where does that get us >> democrats plan to focus on her health care record >> the reason the president is in a hurry to make this appointment and have this justice in place, no matter who it would be is because the november 10th arguments start on the affordable care act which le is determined to be overturned turn now to janessa webb
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who's monitoring fire conditions out wegs good morning >> good morning. we have some better news for the west coast the santa anna winds are going to die down by this afternoon but still the dry conditions are going to be in place until the rest of the week and hopefully we'll start to see a change in our weather pattern. on the other side of the country we have this broad cold froptd a fall feel along with the rain all the way into the boston area this will beand the cooldown from the great lake to the ohio valley you'll be sit
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i'm joe biden and i approve this message. you benefit. did you know that febreze air effects uses 100% natural propellant? cheaper aerosols use artificial propellants. that's why febreze works differently. plus, it eliminates odors with a water-based formula and no dyes. for freshness you'll enjoy. the stanley cup is headed back to tampa. the lightning shut out the stars 2-0 to take the series and the title in six games and they did it without their captain on the ice. it is the franchise's second stanley cup victory. >> back in tampa, the faithful fans celebrated the first cup win since 2004 now to body cam footage that leads to the arrest of the
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former campaign manager. >> reporter: frightening moments in fort lauderdale captured on police body cam video and the former chief campaign manager captured by police >> i have a really nice lady who is -- who came out and she thinks her husband has shot himself inside her house. >> reporter: on display in the three minute video, his wife describing her husband's behavior threatening to himself and others >> came out of his office with his hasn't handgun and went inside he manipulated his slide to the
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rear she fled residence and stated she heard a loud bang inside ten fire arms found inside >> you okay in there okay all right. can you do us a favor? can you walk out with no weapons. >> after contacting him by phone, a standoff for hours. he ignored fans to get down. >> the trump administration tweeting he's a member of our family and we all love him we are ready to support him. >> he's now under care in a medical center and a reminder, if you or someone you know call the national suicide prevention
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wall street rallying ahead of the first presidential debate tonight. the dow surged 410 points on the
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financial and energy sectors the futures right now pointing to more gains at the open. the coronavirus is showing no signs of slowing down and just as nations tried to reopen the pandemic has crossed yet another threshold. the virus has claimed more than 1 million people globally. roughly half of the fatalities have been reported in only four countries. in the u.s. the virus has killed over 205,000 people. in an effort to curb the spread the white house is set to start distributing 150 million covid-19 tests still ahead, a massive cyber attack cripples hospitals across
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in today's top stories a texas sheriff has been charged with destroying evidence in an officer related death. sheriff robert cody was recording a 22 minute car chase. it started after the man didn't dim head lights. he was arrested and later released on a $10,000 bail
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he ole be flying back to rome today as the catholic church faces a financial scandal. >> oregon police say a man fell to his death while trying to pose for a photo he climbed a cliff when a branch broke. he fell about 100 feet into the ocean. officials say he was on the other side of a barrier that warned visitors to stay away from the edge. california mazhas passed a major piece of legislation it will be illegal to take unauthorized photos of dead victims at the scene of the accident or crime. the new law will make such
4:28 am
photos a misdemeanor with a $1,000 fine with each offense. it is one of the largest medical cyber attacks in history. hospital chain universal health services appears to have been hit with ransom ware the chiefs and the ravens battled it out he ran it in for the game's first touchdown. he'll becoming the fastest in league history to pass for 10,000 yards lamar jackson with this score right here to start the fourth quarter. he had that one touchdown. patrick mahomes had four of them they win the ball game 34-20 >> and today's national coffee day and chains are celebrating with free cups of brew and
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discounts. duncan is offering a free medium hot or iced coffee and krispy kreme everyone can get our home was burned to the ground in the tubbs fire. the flames, the ash, it was terrifying. thousands of family homes are destroyed in wildfires. families are forced to move and higher property taxes are a huge problem.
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prop 19 limits taxes on wildfire victims so families can move without a tax penalty. nineteen will help rebuild lives. vote 'yes' on 19. soaking my house, my property, helping my neighbors. >> right now at 4:30, danger still looms in the north bay as the wildfires continue to burn forcing the entire town of calistoga to evacuate. >> there are multiple active fire lines at this hour. we have complete live team coverage straight ahead as "today in the bay" starts right now. good tuesday morning to you. thank you for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. of course we'll get to the traffic in just a bit.


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