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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 13, 2020 5:00am-6:00am PST

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sfx: dog bark sfx: bubbles give thanks, no matter how you share it. he's our president right now. don't know if he'll be president january 21st. >> the need to get full access. >> right now at 5:00, rising transition tensions on capitol hill. president-elect joe biden not yet receiving classified intelligence briefings. our washington insider breaks down the new republican push to challenge all of that. and calculating your risk, an all-new tool that can help you track which covid hot spots to avoid this holiday season. plus, rain returning to the bay area. meteorologist kari hall is timing out when you may need to break out that umbrella and how long the wet weather will stick around.
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"today in the bay" continues right now. good morning. thanks so much for joining us for this friday the 13th "today in the bay" special. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. friday the 13th in the year 2020. nothing is going to go wrong today. it's going to be a great day in the bay. >> sounds great. >> mike has a look at the roads in a bit. first, we have to talk about that forecast. meteorologist kari hall has been tracking the rain coming into our area. right, green is a lucky color, right? we're seeing that on the radar as we're starting out on this friday morning. it's to the north of us and will be moving closer into the afternoon and evening hours. right now we track the rain to our north and once again moving around ukiah, parts of lake and mendocino counties. a time line of what you can expect coming up in a few minutes. mike, any issues heading to work this morning? >> well, kari, my speed sensor
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is great but a section not green, oakland. a live look and show you the taillights past the coliseum heading up to high street right at the high rise north of our shot, a crash. allow yourself another five or ten minutes. 580 is a good option as well. the crash blocks your fast lane at high street and then the construction zone. marcus, that's the only slow spot. over to you. while were you sleeping a big development in the race for presidency, ten days after the election with the 99% of the vote in. nbc called joe biden the winner in arizona. that means he picks up 11 more electoral votes. but for some in washington the race is still in limbo. "today in the bay's" tracie potts joins us live in washington, d.c., with a look at where republicans now stand on the biden presidency. good morning, tracie. >> reporter: laura and marcus, good morning. good morning, everyone. few republicans here are acknowledging joe biden winning this race.
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but more republicans are saying the trump administration needs to cooperate and open doors for the transition. nbc news called arizona for president-elect joe biden overnight. there's growing pressure from republicans for biden to get classified intelligence briefings. >> i do think they're going to have to work that out in very short order. >> reporter: president trump's closest allies say it's too soon. >> he's not president right now. i don't know if he'll be president january 20th. whoever is will get the information. >> reporter: the biden team insists the lack of cooperation in briefings is slowing down the transition. >> joe biden and kamala harris doing their jobs. but as time passes the need to get the full access we are entitled to, and the full access the american people want us to have, grows each day. >> reporter: biden has been on the phone with congressional leaders pushing for covid relief. >> we're willing to sit down and talk. they haven't wanted to talk. they've stuck to their position.
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>> hopefully we can get past the impasse we've had now for four or five months. >> reporter: a coalition of federal agencies is now reputing president trump's baseless claims of election fraud calling this the most secure election in american history. tracie potts, nbc news. a full hand recount of election ballots gets under way today in georgia. president-elect biden leads president trump by about 14,000 votes, which most experts agree is generally far too great a margin to overcome a recount. >> developing for you a minor legal victory for two men possibly facing death if convicted in the deadly shooting of an oakland guard. they are accused of murdering patrick underwood in may. carillo is accused of killing a sheriff's office in ben lomond. they are seeking the death penalty for both men but a judge
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yesterday sided with the defense calling the doj's efforts premature. her ruling delays any final decision on the death penalty until the new u.s. attorney general is appointed some time after inauguration day. new details according to "the chronicle" charges dismissed on two alameda county deputies that they faced in a violent arrest five years ago. it happened at the end of a car chase when deputies repeatedly used their batons on a car theft suspect in an alley. video was released. alameda county has since had a $5 million settlement. turning to the pandemic california has now surpass eed million confirmed covid cases with more than 18,000 deaths. we're getting new numbers on the people most impacted by the virus.
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the state health department finds latin-x people make up three times more than white people and 18% asians and blacks each make up less than 6%. uc davis has developed the first rapid test for both covid and the flu. test results can come within 20 minutes. for now the school says the test will largely be used in emergency room settings and situations when speed is critical. health experts are worried a bad flu season could combine with a surge to overwhelm hospitals. if you're heading home for the holidays and wondering about your risk, georgia tech researchers developed a new risk assessment calculator. you just enter in the group size and the county you're visiting. it will actually tell you how likely someone infected will attend your event. we showed it to travelers at sfo and it had at least one woman thinking more about her upcoming
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plans. >> i would absolutely have second guesses whether to go or not. >> the risk assessment equation looks at covid case rates and population data. developers say that they want to give people a way to make a better informed decision. a live look at the golden gate bridge this morning. it's seen a dramatic drop during the pandemic. fewer bus and ferry commuters has left the district facing tough questions. "today in the bay's" cierra johnson is live in marin this morning. as soon as today the answer may be some layoffs and an emergency toll hike or some combination of both? >> reporter: good morning. exactly. leaders here with the golden gate district have some tough decisions to make. they say because of the pandemic they're dealing with a $48 million shortfall and this morning those leaders, as you mentioned, will have to make those decisions and options to
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make up for the shortfall. the first option eliminating positions with the district that can include 205 jobs with 146 layoffs. the second option would be to avoid layoffs and consider a temporary $2 toll hike on the golden gate bridge. the third option would be a temporary $1.25 toll hike and a one day a week unpaid furlough for employees affected by the layoffs. to give you an idea how much the golden gate district has lost since about march, the bridge saw a $2 million drop in bridge tolls and transit fares each week. and while some folks have continued to go back to work as traffic is picking up, the district says their numbers are still really down. bus ridership down 75% and ferries down a surprising 96%. that's because of local and tourists not being in the area. again, that meeting kicking off 9:00 this morning.
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some tough decisions will have to be made to make up the shortfall. cierra johnson for nbc bay area news. >> cierra, thank you. our storm ranger has been busy this morning. the rain is coming. and for tahoe that snow. our live cameras showing you clear skies, but things are going to change in the forecast. meteorologist kari hall tracking all of that for us. we're starting to see some of that further to the north right now. we're tracking it on storm ranger. can you do the same if you have the nbc bay area app. actually you can look at what storm ranger is scanning at the time. that's the red scan we're seeing there on san bruno mountain. let's go through the time line because once again it's starting from the north and moving to the south so here we are during the early afternoon still in the north bay and the rest of the bay area in time for the evening commute. we'll talk more about how much rain you could see coming up.
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mike, how is it looking right now for the commute? so far, kari, there are two spots that i'm watching right now. let's get you out to the map. what that means at 5:09, 5:10 if there's anything other than green out there as we zoom to the tri-valley at 680 right at the dublin interchange a disabled vehicle reported trying to sort out the lane information. you see a little bit of slowing. the arrow shows you the only unusual spot. usual slowing there. northbound 880 very slow approaching high street. there was a crash there. i think judging by the speed sensors that it might be clearing. we'll take a live look in a couple minutes. back to you. okay, we'll check back with you. thanks, mike. 5:10. costco customers beware. next on "today in the bay" the strict new covid rules customers need to follow. new rules at the grocery store as well. there may be some restrictions on what you can buy. plus --
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most common side effects were nausea and tiredness. serena: ask about ubrelvy. the anytime, anywhere migraine medicine. looking in the north bay and our commute starting out mostly dry and then rain chances going up later this morning. if you're going to be gone for a while make sure you have the umbrella. the time line for the rest of the bay area coming up. the real slow spot in oakland 880 right around high street. two things going on. first of all take a look when we see northbound those taillights no longer bunching up at the high rise. the map shows you that section up to high street and everything clearing.
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some slowing farther north to 29th. a very happy friday the 13th to you. the pandemic is straight out of control in some parts of the country. more than 27,000 americans around last friday are not now. "the wall street journal" says several large grocery chains are planning to restrict certain items so you can only buy a few at a time. some smaller stores do this. this is a holdover from last spring. antiseptics are the most commonly restricted as are paper towels and eggs. wall street sinks a bit as investors worry about the spread. pfizer and others said we were closer to a vaccine.
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mortgage rates are ticking up a bit but so, too, are house prices. the national association of realtors says for the first time since 1980 prices in all of the major markets they study are up all at the same time. the median american home rose 12% over the past year to $313,000. tiktok's deadline came and went. it's still ticking. a federal judge delayed the government's demand that tiktok sells itself. elon musk may or may not have covid. he complained on twitter he's taken a test for times and tested positive twice, negative twice. some of his twitter followers suggest he's taking the wrong time of test. one saying rocket science hard, biology harder. musk claims, and i'm quoting here, something bogus is going on.
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it's best if you don't get your covid information from elon musk. he predicted zero cases in april. i can't remember how many there were in april. i could look it up but i can tell you there are 11 million in the u.s., 58 million worldwide. you'll also recall that musk insisted employees go back to work when the county said it wasn't safe and calls some of those officials serious names. >> very concerning. costco now tightening its covid rules. starting on monday costco will require all shoppers to wear those masks when shopping. so back in may instead of requiring masks only for those with medical conditions. if you don't have a mask you will need a face shield. well, who knew santa could get away from the north poll this early? he's making appearance at bass pro shops. strict guidelines include booking ahead online.
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it's not taking anything out of the experience of seeing santa. >> start joy early this year. it's for the young of heart as well. >> other places like stanford shopping center will bring the big guy in later this month. keep your distance. lil nas x dropped his new single. ♪ >> what was that about michael jackson? >> he says i'm bad like michael jackson.
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♪ i'm bad like michael jackson >> oh, because that's a holiday song. >> that music video featuring lil nas x and santa's workshop. that's what that is. he dropped a teaser video with michael j. foxx in it. pretty cool. futuristic. >> there we go. that's the holiday connection there. >> he's looking ahead. this weekend, it might be a wet one out there. >> i'm so looking forward to rain. we'll see that moving in for most of us this afternoon. seeing it farther to the north. that's our mobile doppler radar and the red scan. starting to make its way into the far north bay and the rest
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of the bay area later on. the rain is out of here. we'll have some mild temperatures, but i'm also watching out for king tide along the coastline and then as we go into next week more rain chances coming in. we'll need it because this system coming in is fairly light. and as we track it hour by hour we're going to start to see at 1:00 some spotty rain mostly in the north bay and then as it continues to move into the south bay it doesn't arrive until about 4:00 or 5:00 in parts of the east bay as well as moving down the peninsula. hopefully we can at least squeeze a few rain drops out of this system before it moves out. but we're not expecting a whole lot as that system continues to move through. so i wanted to show you what one of the models is showing for us in terms of rain, the possibility of getting about a tenth to a quarter inch of rain higher for the north bay as we normally do see. and then for the sierra snowfall totals also fairly light for the weekend.
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3 to 5 inches but as high as 10 inches for the end of the weekend. we're going to be watching out for king tide starting on sunday into monday late morning. if you normally experience some coastal flooding watch out for that. as we go into the end of the week and early next week as we take a look at our seven-day forecast we are going to warm up and dry out. we'll be tracking some more rain early next week. you can track today's rain if you have the nbc bay area app. get that storm ranger icon on there. you know you can see what's going on second by second and zoom in to your neighborhood. mike, how is it looking right now for the commute? great, kari, because i do have an app. i have kari's cell phone number, also. looking to the dublin interchange, the arrow shows you slowing earlier. it's cleared the disabled vehicle and we're back to minimal but typical slowing. to observiakland through the construction zone north 880 a little slow to 29th.
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the big delay from the earlier crash that cleared and so did that big delay. no more problems getting to the toll plaza or at the toll plaza. the overall picture is green sensors as you would expect from 5:22. back to you. thanks so much, mike. up next on "today in the bay" al roker is giving his fans an update. first, nbc bay area -- >> reporter: it's friday, we want to save our folks some money and so does our sister station. i'm chris chmura. the cases and the cash next. and our team always on social media. we've been showing off our at-home co-workers this week. check out the cats helping the team out. they look cute, don't they? i've got this. cute photos. we'll be back right after the break. 5:22. did you know the source of odor in your home...
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good morning. our two teams have returned almost $5 million to families around the bay area. two cases recently starting with telemundo 48 and arlen fernandez. she helped victor in san jose. there was a major mistake with a shipment. it was supposed to be $47 but victor's bill was more than $1,000. arlen helped put $1,121 back in
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victor's pocket. here at nbc bay area rehelped mason and makayla. they had trouble canceling a vacation rental. the host and property manager were at loggerheads with more than $1,000 on the line. we sent one email and the couple got their $1,013 back. perhaps we can help you with your consumer complaint. here are our numbers in english, 888-996-tips. have a great weekend. >> you, too, chris. happening now for you, four people are dead and two people are missing after the heavy rain led to flash flding across the carolinas. that heavy rain fueled by tropical storm eta, more than 30 people were rescued from rising floodwaters. this is at a campground. at times that water reached rooftops and some vehicles were even fully submerged. turning back to the pandemic as cases spike in new york a
5:27 am
statewide curfew is set to start tonight. bars, restaurants, bowling alleys and gyms must close at 10:00 p.m. restaurants can only do curbside pickup after that time. a southern california brewery is thinking outside or maybe even inside the box to serve customers. brewjaria lahas converted its shipping container to an outdoor dining space. they have been struggling but with the new method they have more space to give another option besides sitting out in the cold. al roker is giving fans a positive update after undergoing prostate cancer surgery. the "today" show weather man posted a photo of he and his wife deborah roberts revealing he had undergon the procedure and was now back at home. he announced his diagnosis on the air last week. we're wishing him all the best. 5:27 right now. up next the new surge in covid
5:28 am
cases making people rethink their holiday travel plans. a live report on the newest advisory. plus, investigate traveling to disneyland for the holidays. an update on the shutdown and who disney is singling out for its continued closure. we have the power to harness california's
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abundant wind and solar energy, but it's not available all day long. use less from 4 to 9 pm and we can protect california for generations to come.
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right now at 5:30, dealing with more setbacks, reopening rollbacks set to happen across the bay area due to the spike in
5:31 am
covid cases. the new regulations making struggling business owners even more nervous. and no commute, no problem. well, the unusual impact working from home is having on south bay's rental markets. plus, clear skies for now. a live look outside in san francisco at current conditions. meteorologist kari hall is tracking when you're going to need to break out that umbrella. "today in the bay" continues right now. good friday morning to you. made it to friday, now just have to make it through friday. it is the 13th. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. let's talk to kari hall about that forecast because that storm is coming our way, kari. yeah, we are going to start to see the rain moving in mostly for the afternoon, already starting in parts of the for the bay. we'll be tracking it on storm ranger as it does show some of
5:32 am
the light showers moving through lake and mendocino county and approaching northern napa county as we're seeing some light green here indicating light rain. this will be spreading into the bay area later today. we'll take a look at the time line coming up. mike, any issues heading out the door? >> no, kari. we're calming down to our typical area. oakland has the activity now much less than the last half hour as we look at the maps. you see green all over the place even out of the altamont pass though there's a little slowing for 84 cutting through into sunol. we're looking at 880 northbound, a little slowing north of the kol seal, marcus. typical road work there and 580 in the same area we have one crash that should be to the shoulder. back to you. >> thanks, mike. now to our pandemic coverage and with covid cases surging reopening roadblocks are starting to get in the way and make their way around the bay area. "today in the bay's" thom jensen is live for us in contra costa county. downtown is lit up for the
5:33 am
holidays. thom, i know a lot of businesses will face some hardships this coming holiday season. >> reporter: and all because of coronavirus. it is lit up for the holidays, a time shops and restaurants around the plaza would see an increase and make a lot of their money. health officials cannot ignore what's going on with the coronavirus. the spike here and across the nation and the temptation for people to travel to see family during the holidays. even with the record number of new covid cases people continue to travel by air for leisure and nonessential work. nbc bay area head up with a couple heading home to be with family for the holidays despite the warning in chicago and here
5:34 am
in the bay area. >> a lot of stories from back home people that my family knows got covid just from gathering. >> reporter: a new digital tool shows the couple has a 39% chance of coming into contact with someone at a family gathering of ten in the windy city and other areas show greater than 50% chance with somebody with coronavirus in a gathering that size at other locations across the country. health officials are once again tightening down the things that bring a lot of people together and here in contra costa county it means high-risk activity is scaled back effective today. indoor retail stores and malls have to reduce occupancy to 50% or 100 people, whichever is less. that does not include grocery stores which remain at capacity.
5:35 am
food courts have to cut back to 25% of capacity. colleges and trade schools must follow the same rules of 25% occupancy and 100 person maximum placed on stores and office work also have to be done remotely and for now indoor entertainment like bowling and others must close here. and at midnight tighter restrictions will go into effect in san francisco. the city will no longer be in the minimum pally restrictive yellow tier. indoor dining will be suspended until further notice. that affects all venues that serve food or drink not just those labelled as restaurants. also tighter restrictions on indoor theaters, 25% capacity and a maximum of 50 people in all auditoriums or theaters. the same rules of 25% and 50 also being placed on gyms and fitness centers. contra costa county also prohibiting outdoor entertainment like musical ev s
5:36 am
events trying to keep people from coming together and that is going to be so tough during the holidays. still a lot of uncertainty for folks heading into the holidays and the new year. we're live in concord, thom jensen, "today in the bay." >> thom, thank you for that. meanwhile alameda, napa and solano counties are all moving into more restrictive tiers. health leaders warn a move back into the red is not out of question for the next week. this is by next week because they say solano county could fall back into the most restrictive purple tier if cases there keep climbing. napa county leaders warn that its recent increase, orange, could become red or sliding back into purple. a live look at sfo, thanksgiving now less than two weeks away and travel plans no doubt a hot topic for anyone hoping to reconnect with family we missed. what are people in the bay area
5:37 am
doing, and what do experts recommend? "today in the bay's" kris sanchez joins us live this morning with a look at the buzz. i know i miss my family desperately. >> reporter: i miss my family, too. my parns canceled their plans to see my sister in texas and we are expecting my mother-in-law from new york and having serious conversations about that right now. i can tell you if you plan to travel, you probably are not going to have a lot of company. fewer than half a million say they will travel by air and nearly 6 million californians say they will drive. but look at this. 7 out of ten americans say they plan to stay home according to the american hotel and lodging association. covid is surging in so many communities that health leaders say there's still a covid risk to staying put.
5:38 am
>> we can say in this event will covid be there or not? and in many places in the country there is a greater than 50% chance, so there is a likelihood, high likelihood, greater than chance that covid will be at that event. >> reporter: so that is the reason bay area public health leaders started recommending quarantining for anyone who chooses to travel or gather with people outside their household. the "l.a. times" reports southern california health leaders are also considering the same thing and in chicago things are much more drastic. the chicago mayor issued a stay-at-home advisory asking people to only leave home for work, school or essential services like medical care. so these are the cdc guidelines for celebrating thanksgiving this year. they say celebrate with just the people in your household but if you are hosting, keep it small and take to gathering outside. ask your guests to wear masks and keep social distanced.
5:39 am
this one is a lel hard to swallow. the cdc says if you are a guest bring your own food, your own drink and utensils, your plates and such. my mom would just not have that. maybe most importantly discuss those expectations beforehand so that you don't have that uncomfortable discussion at the dinner table. again, we are still having those conversations in our household and our family and i hope that you are also having those conversations. i would love to know what your plans are for thanksgiving. you can find me on facebook and twitter this morning. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." thanks so much, kris. uc students won't be getting refunds for fees they paid during the shutdown. a federal magistrate rejected claims filed by students, a class-action lawsuit filed in april claimed the uc system broke its promise to provide services when it stopped in-person learning. fees can exceed more than $2,000 a year for state of the union
5:40 am
services, health care and campus facilities. when it comes to making it in the bay the south bay reportedly appears to be the exception rather than the rule when it comes to lower rent in big cities. so as you probably heard cities across america including san francisco and oakland are seeing the largest drop in rent. according to a new apartment list study reported by "the mercury news" san jose has only a 6% rent decrease. suburbs including mountain view, sunnyvale and santa clara have seen rents drop nearly twice that at 11%. some of this may have to do with silicon valley companies and those areas allowing more work from home during the pandemic. as you make your weekend plans you may want to plan ahead. our storm tracker being put to work tracking this incoming rain. a live look outside in san jose and san francisco. a nice start to our friday morning. clear now. kari hall has been timing out when we could see this rain. we certainly need it, kari.
5:41 am
>> i'm bummed it's not going to be a heavy rain. we'll track it all on storm ranger as we look at the red scan. that's parked on san bruno mountain and is picking up on some rain furpt ther to the nor. we'll see the rain spreading into the rest of the north bay and then making it into the east bay and peninsula by about 4:00 this afternoon. so this is going to roll in here and out by this evening. so we'll talk more about that coming up in a few minutes. mike, any issues as commuters head out to work this morning? >> yeah. kari, the east bay, i have to show you this. look at the screen if you're traveling on the nimitz freeway and quite a few folks going smoothly past the coliseum just bunching up heading to 29th. the map shows you that the construction area to 23rd, i believe they are clearing right now and that's what happens is the worst of the slowing happens as crews cross the freeway to
5:42 am
get out of the area. north 880 jammed up at the coliseum. 580 westbound is clear. so is the rest of the bay. back to you. all right, thanks, mike. it's 5:21. some new ideas to try to provide a sense of normalcy as covid cases surge. next on "today in the bay" the warriors want to test all fans at their games. what has to happen to make that a reality, and would it actually work? nbc news projects that joe biden has won arizona. it's been years since a democrat has won arizona. we'll take a look at the numbers coming up when "today in the bay" continues. [ whispering ]
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right now at 5:44 rain moving in vacaville, as we're going to be tracking this rain throughout today and as it moves from north to south. we'll talk more about the time line and when you can expect that coming up in a few minutes. over my shoulder the big stretch to the north, a look at the live look, this is observak. a crew, i believe, should be just clearing around 29th. some folks may want to use the san mateo bridge because of that slowing. san mateo bridge moving smoothly. >> thanks, kari and mike. well, as the clock ticks towards scott peterson's death
5:46 am
sentence retrial attorneys on both sides will be in court today for a preliminary hearing. the court is reconsidering his death penalty 15 years ago and the killing of his wife, laci, and their unborn son. prosecutors say they can seek the death penalty again but still some issues to sort out in the filing of legal notices. some of that may be sorted out today. investigators are trying to figure out what caused a deadly small plane crash outside of los angeles. the single engine cessna went down near homes about noon yesterday and burst into flames destroying nearby cars. a look at the site there. the pilot died was flying solo and has not been identified. it's 5:46. nbc news projects joe biden has won the state of arizona. >> that leaves georgia and north carolina yet to be called. >> georgia is so close nobody
5:47 am
could call it yet. north carolina is leaning towards president trump. we can now say joe biden has indeed won arizona. it might be more mathematically accurate to say there's no way president trump can win it. arizona is worth 11 electoral votes. i want to be really careful here because everybody's vote counts, but it really doesn't matter that biden won arizona or trump may win north carolina. the math says biden already has 270. the final count will be important to history but it will not affect who is on those capitol steps come january. georgia still matters as far as the two senate races go there. it looks as if they will both go to runoffs if the democrats in those races were to both win, that would create a 50/50 tie in the senate between republicans and democrats and as you recall from civics class vice president harris would then be the tiebreaker. president trump tweeted without any prove or even a link to anything that tens of millions
5:48 am
of votes had been incorrectly counted. leaders in his own cabinet relearele released a joint saying 2020 election was the most secure in history. the cyber security agency is part of the department of homeland security. in this statement it says there's no evidence that any voting system deleted or lost votes, changed votes or was in any way compromised. let's pause just for a minute, though, and give thanks to the cyber security community. we know foreign actors were attacking our voting databases. that according to homeland security we were able to prevent them from damaging the purity of the election is indeed an achievement. former president barack obama will be on "60 minimum" this sunday. cbs sent us a clip. >> they appear to be motivated in part because the president doesn't like to lose and never
5:49 am
admits loss. i'm more troubled by the fact that other republican officials who clearly know better are going along with this, are humoring him in this fashion. it is one more step in delegitimizing not just the incoming biden administration but democracy generally. and that's a dangerous path. >> as always we enjoy your comments and questions on twitter. we try to answer as many as we can. you can find me there. i'm @scottmcgrew. disney will remain closed for the rest of the year. the company ceo is expressing disappointment. this is about california's restrictions keeping it closed. disney recently laid off nearly 30,000 employees. tomorrow's scheduled game at arizona state, players are in
5:50 am
quarantine but are talking about the game actually going on. in the meantime it's being called bubble view. 40 college basketball teams are set to play in a bubble at a resort in connecticut starting over thanksgiving holiday weekend. >> with the nba set to return before christmas, the warriors say that they have a way for more people to safely bring back fans. rapid covid testing program for fans who can't pretest at home pretty much everyone admits that the plan still has a lot of hurdles to overcome but the state-of-the-art chase center has some advantages here including advanced air filtering systems that may help bring back as many as 9,000 fans to the games once the season begins. a poet and mother making headlines after rewriting one of her poems about vice president-elect kamala harris. >> leslie immediately updated her poem brown girl, brown girl,
5:51 am
after learning about the election results. it's a twist on the children's book "brown bear brown bear what do you see." she says she rewrote it to show girls of color you can be anything you want to be in this country. that's beautiful. love it. well, trending, did you see this, msnbc's so-called map guy steve kornacki making headlines. his khakis came from gap, the company saw a huge boost in sales. while his pants are having their moment in the spotlight, it seems like his tie wasn't quite as lucky. he said on election night he had to use staples to keep that tie together. we've got to get him a new tie. >> just toss it aside like we do. >> that's right. casual friday, guys. >> that's catchy. >> i looked at gap stock -- >> kornacki khaki?
5:52 am
>> it was interesting. >> yeah, core yakkornacki's kha they're going to change the name. all right. let's get a look at storm ranger this morning as we are going to be tracking some rain heading into the bay area. we're seeing some of that on storm ranger as it moves into our far northern cities around the bay area. let's get a closer look as we're start to go see the rain making that commute wet whether you're heading into the bay area or out of town just plan for that. let's look at what to expect. today that rain moves from north to south. tomorrow is looking pretty spectacular with some sunshine and mild temperatures. we'll be watching out for the king tides especially by sunday into monday. next week will be warmer but we'll see more rain chances moving in. as we time out the rain it starts out here at lunch time. we're seeing spotty rain up around santa rosa and just south
5:53 am
of ukiah and then going into 4:00 to 5:00 we're seeing the rain spreading to the south bay around sunset and shortly thereafter. you can see the lighter rain. we're look iing at the possibily of getting a tenth to a quarter inch of rain for most of us but it may be higher for parts of the north bay where the rain lingers longer so we could see up to half an inch of rain from the sierra, 3 to 5 inches of some snow and up to 10 inches in the upper elevations so that makes the roads very slick. we'll have a bigger storm system. as you make weekend plans you can track it on the nbc bay area app and get a look at storm ranger as that rain moves in. mike, how is it looking right now for the commute?
5:54 am
looking good but, kari, as you mentioned that first rain we have to watch for the oil deposited on days like this. we'll get you out to the roadway. slowing in one spot. the bottom of your screen, san jose, typical slowing. that's silicon valley. that's about it outside of this slowing. this is the big one. northbound 880 jams up past the coliseum all the way to 29th. construction is still active. let's take a look. the oakland coliseum camera shows you the taillights jammed up from about 98th to high street that is going to slow you down, west 580. a smoother drive. if you're north of that on the nimitz, for example, this is a clear, easy drive into san francisco. back to you. >> all right, mike, thank you. happening now for you, thick mud and debris overwhelming villages today after a typhoon caused ex tentensive flooding. the deadly storm killed at least 39 people. thousands have been rescued and
5:55 am
waters have mostly receded. today's ways of working, may work differently tomorrow.
5:56 am
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i like the flexibility. it also allows for picking up shifts. safety comes first, speed comes second. safety. safety. safety. we're making sure that somebody is getting their very important items. it makes me very happy. ♪ welcome back. 5:57. according to "the chronicle" d.a. chesa boudin has dismissed charges in a violent arrest that
5:58 am
got national attention. it happened at the end of a car chase when deputies repeatedly used batons on a car theft suspect in an alley. former public defender released that video. alameda county has since paid a $5 million settlement to the suspect. "the chronicle" reports boudin dismissed the case in march. he also says at some point he plans to refile. vallejo police are announcing new protocols when it comes to investigating deadly incidents involving police officers. all will now be investigated by the solano county major crimes task force. it is in partnership with the district attorney's office and was approved by police throughout the county. the announcement comes following several deadly shootings involving vallejo police officers of the past few years. turning back to the pandemic as cases spike in new york, a statewide curfew is set to start tonight. bars, restaurants, bowling alleys and gyms all must close by 10:00 p.m.
5:59 am
mayor bill de blasio is considering shutting down all schools with a switch to virtual learning before thanksgiving. health leaders say the spread in schools remains low. breweries are thinking outside or inside the box. a shipping container has been converted into an outdoor dining space. the owners say they have struggled during the pandemic but they'll have more space to give people another option besides sitting out in the cold. it's approaching 6:00 quickly and this morning arizona is for joe biden. that is the projection. happening today for you, fallout from the pandemic may jeopardize livelihoods of hundreds of golden gate bridge workers and drivers.
6:00 am
coming up in a live report the option they're left with as money drys up. and we're expecting an end to dry conditions, kari hall is tracking incoming rain hour by hour. "today in the bay" continues right now. a very good friday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washing wash washington. that rain is coming our way. >> we are going to see some rain moving in by this afternoon. we're starting to see it move no some of our far northern towns and this will be making its way from north to south as we go into today. i'll be tracking this with storm radar, the red scan. we have it parked on san brow know mountain, a high level detail as we get a closer look at some of the rain now


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