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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  November 23, 2020 11:00am-11:30am PST

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right now at 11:00, a car crashes into a east bay building after a police chase. officers saying it all started with a brazen home invasion early this morning. we have the new details for you. we are following from the scene. good morning to you. thanks for joining us for our mid-day newscast. i'm marcus washington. we first told you about our story this morning. nbc bay area news bob redell is at fremont at the scene. very active scene behind you still, bob. what is going on now. >> reporter: fremont police have arrested two young people, one
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possibly a juvenile and the suspects. they were trying to escape their car when they crashed here. on mission boulevard here from fremont they crashed into the office of the mission irrigation supply. the white sedan was covered in a lot of debris. fortunately this was earlier in the morning so no one inside the office at the time this happened. we believe one of the suspects was arrested here on the scene. the other ran away but was caught a short time later. police tell us just before 5:00 this morning, the suspects broke into this house on the 44,000 block of -- way and five and a half miles from here. no one in the family was hurt. it's not clear what the suspects stole from inside the home but they escaped in the family's car which was wrecked here behind me. the suspects had also broken into a second house on the same street where people were asleep at the time. we spoke to a couple of neighbors this morning, including one who would like the
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details into what happened. >> we live here. we need to know, right? we have a right to know what happened to our neighbors, you know? for their safety and for our own safety, right? i think more information is helpful. >> i guess we have to use our alarm? if we had it. never really utilized it that much but we have been, you know, making sure the door is closed and all of that type of stuff. >> reporter: this is -- >> incredibly unusual. >> reporter: the suspects caused a gas main leak when they crashed the family's car here. mission boulevard was shut down in the area for a few hours this morning. the gas has been shut off. fremont fire department is out here and trying to shore up that part of the building that is leaning there. it doesn't have support so they are trying to put that back in
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place and cars going back and forth and traffic is back to normal. >> breaking into a home while people were inside is scary. glad they caught the suspects. in the concealed carry gun permit scandal now rocking the south bay. we have just learned that apple's head security has been indicted. santa clara county d.a. jeff rosen spoke about the latest developments in this case and saying 13 people are indicted. nbc bay area broke this latest twist last friday. we learned the under sheriff was the fifth person to be indicted in the grand jury investigation. that probe centers around claims someone traded concealed weapon permits for donations to sheriff laurie smith's relex campaign in 2018. she has not been charged with any wrong doing. song is on administrative leave. three others have pleaded guilty and are now cooperating with investigators. you can get more of this back
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story including how the entire thing was uncovered from our investigative unit page at we will have more on this story and live report tonight at 5:00 and 6:00. san jose police are now saying they have a suspect in custody. this is after a deadly stabbing at a church. grace baptist church is a crime scene after two people stabbed to death last night and between south 10th and 11th streets. nbc bay area kris sanchez is live in that area now. talk to us about what happened here. >> this is really sad. this church is supposed to be a sanctuary is not yu just in the religious sense but sanctuary for unhoused people and something went terribly wrong last night. police say they arrested one man last night. last few showers the san jose
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police confirmed one man under arrest. a man died and established and a woman died at the hospital after stabbed and three other men who were stabbed are in serious but stable condition but expected to survive. the san jose police spokesman said the scene was total chaos. >> we had a very motivated individual that was able to stab five people. this isn't like a shooting. to stab somebody you have to get up close and personal. luckily, we got here quickly. that person was taken into custody. >> reporter: that suspect and all five of the victims and survivors were at that church as part of a homeless shelter there, not because of any religious service. at this point, it's not clear whether they knew each other or what the suspect's motive might have been. the scene is still active. the road closures will last through lunch hour so detour around the area of south 10th and south 11th streets from east
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san fernando to snoan antonio streets. the man and woman two died are victims of homicide in the city this year, that kind of crime has not slowed down and beyond the homicide rate last year and the last ten-year average in san jose. >> kris, thank you. developing news for you in the race for a covid-19 vaccine. new phase three results from oxford university shows astrazeneca vaccine candidate up to 90% effect in preventing covid-19. each company is saying 95% effective and astrazeneca says its can be kept at refrigerator temperatures. both pfizer and moderna vaccines
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must be stored in much colder the governor and his entire family are quarantining for 14 days after being exposed to the virus. he tweeted late last night the entire family tested negative they will follow guidance. this comes after three of new m newsom's children were exposed for a chp officer who tested positive for covid-19. newsom and his wife had no interaction with the officer. we learned that one of newsom's children is quarantined for exposure. this is for his decision to attend a birthday dinner at a french laundry as restrictions tightened around the state is being criticized. tonight marks the third of the state curfew amid the reducing of the spread of covid-19. the order started saturday night at 10:00 p.m. and will go into 5:00 a.m. every day.
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uc san diego infectious disease specialist hopes people take the new curfew at least as that big warning that things are getting bad. >> right now, this virus is at its highest peak and [ inaudible ] as it was before [ inaudible ] pandemic. we adding -- situation. >> san francisco remains in the slightly less restrictive red tier, residents should keep in mind that things could change. officials tell the chronicle that the county is likely to move into the purple tier this week due to the ongoing surge. turning now to the micro climate weather forecast for you. a live look at the bay bridge. still a little foggy out there. everyone is wondering what will things be like for thanksgiving
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outside? how are things looking today and the rest of the week in. >> should we have an outdoor gathering? we have been having cold mornings with 30s on the map. right now live look over san jose, looking fantastic. let's look at the current temperatures throughout the bay area. i'll go into more details coming up. are we going to see any rain?
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the full forecast is coming up. > . so much happening is happening. here comes the turkey. scott mcgrew, i know the president will pardon the turkeys tomorrow? >> it feels like an old tradition but it's fairly recently. ronald reagan was the one who originally pardoned a turkey. before that, it wasn't uncommon for the turkey to end up as the white house dinner. george h.w. bush made this into a yearly thing. these are the turkeys this year who spent the night at a hotel suite neat the white house and presented today and pardoned tomorrow. their names are corn and cob. normally all we would have to say about this but one of the things so true about the trump presidency is if you look back into his history, there is often some sort of irony pops up as twitter users say, there is
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always a tweet! in this case by go back two years when president trump was deciding whether to pardon peas or carrots, the two turkeys that year. peas won the vote. >> the winner of this vote was decided by a fair and open election conducted on the white house website. this was a fair election. unfortunately, carrots refused to concede and demanded a recount and we are still fighting with carrots! and i will tell you we have come to a conclusion. carrots, i'm sorry to tell you, the result did not change! >> both were pardoned but only peas got the nod for national turkey. looking at the real election, president trump continues to claim he won it. he did not! michigan and pennsylvania work on certifying their votes today and georgia certified its votes on friday and joe biden winning there as well. president trump has asked for a recount in georgia.
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there had already been a reap count in georgia so this will be a recount of the recount. meanwhile, president-elect biden named more moomts appointments cabinet. secretary of state will be andrew blinken and alejandro mayorkas as the homeland security. avr avril haines is also on the cabinet. they hope to hit the ground running on day one. >> day one, things start, no matter if you're ready or not. thanks, scott. help for people today before thanksgiving. food drive is going to right now. plus, millions are traveling for the thanksgiving holiday despite the warning. the concerns for travelers and the people back home.
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downy helps prevent stretching by conditioning fibers, so clothes look newer, longer. downy and it's done. welcome back. happening now. despite the cdc warnings and the dramatic increase in numbers of coronavirus cases and deaths across the country, millions of americans are planning to hit the road or take the skies this holiday weekend. live look right now at san francisco international airport. if you go there, expect long lines. some say flying may be high risk this year but airports are still expecting crowds. nbc jay gray is at chicago's o'hare airport with this update. >> reporter: hey there. we are seeing a steady stream of travelers through o'hare airport
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and they are coming in waves. sometimes busy at security. others just a trickle going into the terminal here. flights have really picked up over the last few weeks. we have seen a lot more people traveling by air this weekend a huge explosion. of course, the virus is exploding as well seeing infections rising across the country. we expect to see crowds throughout the day not only here at o'hare in chicago but at airports across the country. the start of what is going to be a month of holiday travel. when you talk to those that are making the trip, what they will tell you is after being cooped up for months, the pull of being with family and friends during the holidays is stronger for them right now than what the chances of infection is. >> we just felt like, okay, well, it doesn't seem like it's getting any better so might as well just try to have a little bit of fun without getting sick. >> reporter: still officials at every level, local, state, federal, doctors, nurses, all
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health care professionals urging people not to make a trip this holiday season. concern that we could see the rate of infection with covid-19 spike to a level we haven't seen since the start of this pandemic. a lot of tough decisions right now for a lot of families. the latest from here at o'hare airport. >> jay, thank you. more people this year are relying on food banks to make it in the bay. today, the south bay sacred heart community will help out. therapy preparing 4,300 box meals weighing in at 50 pounds with a hundred dollars worth of food. over the weekend the thanksgiving spirit got car club members revving their engines. on saturday, members of a corvette club of northern california dropping off thanksgiving meals to about 50 people, many of whom live in care homes.
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if you want to help out, here it is. help families right here this season in our area. next time you're at safeway, make a 10 dollar donation and that money will go to local food banks. our annual nourish neighbors food drive runs through late december. so you still have time to get out there and help out. everyone are still talking about those moments during last night's american music awards and norad is explaining why santa won't be sidelined by the coronavirus. laura garcia is here to explain it all for us. >> reporter: trending this morning besides some backup dancers in masks things at this year's american music awards looked pretty normal. ♪ >> good song there. the weekend taking the stage with fireworks backdrop. super bowl bound superstar won three amas last night. taylor swift was not there to accept her artist of the year
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award. >> the reason i'm not there is i'm rerecording all of my old music in the studio where we originally recorded it, so it's been amazing. >> reporter: swift is in the middle rerecording songs because -- here is a look at other winners. spirit of giving is in full force outside of tyler perry's studios in atlanta. over the weekend 5,000 families received holiday food bags. others waited nearly 16 hours. they had to be turned away because they just ran out of food. instead they did receive some gift cards. perry has been stepping up to help many of those in need in the atlanta area. so nice to see.
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children of the world can rest easy despite the pandemic. santa claus will be coming to town. dr. anthony fauci says santa is exempt to the virus because he has innate immunity and called santy bodies. they say kids can still track santa on december 24th, however, some changes. not every child will be able to get through to a volunteer at the center because of covid staffing woes. but santa should be read to deliver so that means you better be good. back to you. >> oh, no. all right. the question is, vianey arana, have you been naughty or nice? >> i think i've been nice. marcus, i am always tracking santa's weather leading up to the big day. we always want to make sure we give the forecast for santa's big journey.
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once that time comes around we got you covered. let's start off with a great shot of your weather undergroununderground kaem. look at this stunning skies there at south lake tahoe. mission district san francisco is not too bad and using our weather underground cameras. san jose is cloudy and fog is making its exist into the afternoon. that is going to make way for at least a combination of sun and clouds. not fully cloudy. we are going to expect to see current temperatures in the 50. 55 in san jose. [ inaudible ]. >> looks like we are a little issue with her microphone. you can see it's 62 in san jose
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and palo alto 63 and san francisco 62. a long-range look here. showers coming into the area but looks pretty clear in the bay area. she is keeping track of what we can expect with that. the rain looking light but you see fog moving in. here is the seven-day forecast. we also want to look more what we can expect here in san francisco. if you have outdoor dining that you're planning, a good option. the weather looks like it will hold up for us. much more of your forecast is coming up. a new panda cub at the smithsonian use. a new video and name will be
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revealed. the united states pledges to donate precision guided missiles to the philippines. conservative promise made by president trump. the president told the president of the philippines that the missiles would help them fight the militant president. he asked them there to congratulate president trump but they congratulated joe biden. make your holidays happen...
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our team always on social media. kris sanchez is cooking up a storm for her family over the weekend and making a spicy fish stew. many call it san francisco's most famous recipe. you can find a link how to make it yourself on kris's facebook page. the votes are in at 11:00. america has chosen the name for the smithsonian national zoo's 3-month-old giant pan take. under 135,000 votes. the winning name is a name that translates into little miracle. all cubs born at the zoo moved to china when they are 4 years
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old. smithsonian's national zoo is a temporary home for them but it's temporarily closed to the public but you can watch more photos of the baby panda online. new videos showing a florida man rescuing his puppy from the jaws of an gator. his dog was taken a hold by the alligator. gunner only had a few bruises. he had a few scratches on his hand but the dog doing just fine. wow! a final look at the forecast here with vianey arana. looking good? >> thank you for holding down the fort when i was having mike issues early. you're right. we are steer clear of the rain the next seven days. temperatures in the 60s for inland areas. san francisco will be also cool and comfortable in the 60s as
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well. >> thanks. thank you for joining us for our mid-day newscast. next one is at 5:00. remember, we are always on with information you need to know at have a great day!
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iwe have the power to harness geicalifornia'se. abundant solar and wind energy, but it's not available all day long. use less energy from 4 to 9 pm for a cleaner california. right now on "california live," a man for all four seasons. lawrence is back and looks delicious. >> your man for all seasons is hanging out at the four seasons italian style. get your passport because we are heading off to italy and it's time to munch. >> sushi confidential. malou is on a roll. >> excellent. >> a little piece of today hits l.a. with the deal of the day. >> as we begin to prepare for a holiday season like never before, i hope you'll escape with me. plus, amber has got someone who is going to show us


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