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tv   Early Today  NBC  February 11, 2021 4:00am-4:30am PST

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tasting breakfast. with eggs, bacon, sausage, cheese and taters. and when you finish, you know you had something to eat. the evidence will show you that ex-president trump was no innocent bystander the evidence will show that he clearly incited the january 6th insurrection. >> democrats leading a full court prs against donald trump including new video and layers of the january 6th riots we'll leave you with the preview of today's fireworks >> new guidelines from the cdc and masks and what you can do to reduce covid by 90%. the kidnapping of a
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9-year-old girl and the sanitation workers who rescued her. credit card debt or savings. which one do you have more of? and find out which company is giving their employees $1,000 bonuses. "early today" starts right now. >> good morning. i'm phillip mena. >> and i'm frances rivera. today is the second day of the impeachment trial of president trump. members of congress and their staff can be seen rushing to safety moments before the rioters breached the capitol. >> in this footage you can see them exiting many members are still wearing their gas masks. they walk just feet away from where capitol police are holding an insurrectionist at gunpoint just minutes earlier that insurrectionist tried to open
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the gallery door and flange was stopped by the tactical team. >> and there are scenes of mike pence and his family being evacuated from the senate chamber not long before the area was invaded. another shows chuck schumer and his security detail rushing down the hallway only having to rush back in the other direction to evade the crowd. and mitt romney was directed by the officer. he reacted to that overnight after seeing the footage for the first time. >> did you know you were that close to those folks when you came down the hall >> no, no, i did not. >> did you know that was officer goodman. >> no, i did not i was very fortunate to know that officer goodman got me in the right direction. >> newly revealed body camera footage showed the police facing off for hours.
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the house impeachment managers outlined their argument that president trump incited the attack nbc's susan mcginnis joyce us from washington. good morning how are the democrats flaming this case? >> they're framing it and tighttisaid that it was tightly choreographed months before. inviting them to washington january 6th to watching the violence unfold on television with enthusiasm and doing nothing to stop it. >> the evidence will show you that ex-president trump was no innocent bystander the evidence will show that he clearly incited the january 6th insurrection it will show that donald trump sur rendering his role as commander in chief and became the inkrecinciteer in chief of
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dangerous insurrection. >> some will say who was paying attention anyway that mob was paying attention. >> this clearly was not just one speech it didn't just happen. it was part of a carefully planned months-long effort with a very specific instruction. show up on january 6th and get your people to fight the certif certification. he incited it. it was foreseeable. >> senators on both sides of the aisle said to be riveted by this brand-new video, some of them getting emotional. but the reaction from gop senators was mixed. >> the not guilty vote is
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growing after today. i think most republicans found it offensive and absurd. >> frankly, i don't see how after the american public sees the full story laid out here not just in one snipt on this day and another on that, but this whole -- this whole scenario that has been laid out before us, i just don't see how donald trump could be re-elected to the presidency again. >> it was riveting obviously i'm not going to make any final decision, current decision at all until i hear the other side, but the presentations support compelling -- >> evidently there's trouble
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getting a thought on the top republican mitch mcconnell had said frances. >> thank you. the cdc is out with important new guidelines on wearing masks. the report shows that a tightly fitted mask or wearing two masks gives better protection against coronavirus. our erin mcgllaughlin explains. >> reporter: good morning. the cdc issued new guidance focusing on the fit of the mask against your face. the cdc says double masking offers more protection against,% of the virus. >> with cases, hospitalizations, and deaths still very high, now is not the time to roll back mask requirements. >> reporter: the cdc recommend americans wear masks with nose
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weiers and tie loops on surgical masks for the best fit the new research comes months after cdc has been slow to issue mandates on mask wearing. >> the cdc says wear a surgical mask like this one for the first layer with a cloth mask on top. >> reporter: the university shows the benefits of wearing a double mask. it helps block particles from escaping rchers say there's even more to do to make sure your mask fits correctly. >> if you live in a cold environment and your glasses or sunglasses are fogging outside, that means air is flowing up around your mask and into your eyelids, that means air around the smask leaking. >> reporter: with a more contagious variant projected to be dominant by march, the cdc recommends any mask is better than no mask n95 masks offer the best overall protection however, the cdc is still
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reserving those for medical professionals unless you're taking care of someone sick. phillip? >> w thank you. violence, robberies, burglaries and more. there's more attacks against asian seniors, they're saying, is due to covid-19 here's nbc's vicky nguyen and a warning the videos are graphic. >> reporter: brazen attacks against asian-americans. in san francisco this 84-year-old thai man died after being shoved now a chorus of voices calling for allies and action. broadway's singer urging a united front against hate. >> there's been the black lives matter movement. now it's an asian lives matter movement these kinds of attacks are wrong and people are getting fed up. >> reporter: nbc first reports
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on the spike in asian attacks last spring after stop aapi hate so far they've recorded 2,800 incidents. >> they get pushed, shoved. >> what should they do if they're a victim of an incident like this or witness it? >> you have to get to a safe place. we encourage people to report. >> reporter: lack of reporting, language barriers and others prevent them from filing crimes spiked 23% from last year. >> we'll do outreach, let the community know we're here, helping, and we care. >> reporter: at a town hall then candidate joe biden said he would fight racism >> i'm asking agencies to combat xenophobia. >> reporter: many are hoping for new action against these ongoing attacks. >> vicky, thank you for that
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report. we've got a lot going on outside. here to tell us more, meteorologist janessa webb hey, janessa, good morning. >> good morning. good morning, everyone go have snow that's starting to accumulate across sections of the northeast especially new york city to philadelphia. we already have 2 to 3 inches on the ground this is a quick mover. i do promise you sunshine by mid afternoon as high pressure starts to take over in that colder air also watching this major ice storm really develop across the mid-mississippi valley, kentucky all the way to memphis really dealing with some ice up to a quarter of an inch, and a power outage concern, downed trees in the area throughout your day 83 million people under some kind of winter weather alert i do think this starts to expand into areas of the deep south as this storm system starts to make its way through. so you can see the ice accumulation even makes its way into sections of the
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mid-atlantic greensboro could be dealing with some ice early this morning before it starts to sweep out of the area this is quick moving and then rain starts to really impact the mid-atlantic today. and then friday we'll see a little bit quieter conditions as high pressure starts to build in and then the southeast will star into the upper midwest the heat, though, it's starting to build from el paso to phoenix, mid-70s this is not the time to let your guard down we have two more storm systems on the way i el show you when coming up. >> covid and storm do not let your guard down that's the theme this morning. janessa, thank you. a historic billing owned by
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shaquille o'neal has been damaged by a raging fire a krispy kreme store caught fire on wednesday just after midnight twhe back of the building, but they were able to escape without injury. firefighters were able to save most of the building which opened in 1965 and fed mourners after martin luther king jr.'s funeral in 1968. shaq bought that store back in 2016 so there's much more than delicious doughnuts inside. >> he'll lead the community and make sure that's back up and built better than ever. >> shaq will. still ahead, watching your wallet how the pandemic is impacting your savings. and next, how these sanitation workers helped rescue a kidnapped girl you've got to hear this one. urnh acid refluxes into the esophagus. prilosec otc uses a unique delayed-release formula that helps it pass through the tough stomach acid. it then works to turn down acid production,
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our morgan chesky has the story. >> i just seen this gray car parked in the field. >> reporter: it's the video capturing the strange car dion had never seen on his trash route, a nissan sedan, instantly recognized from an amber alert just hours earlier. >> how did it hit you? >> like a ton of bricks. >> reporter: the little girl, a 10 yorld taken sunday afternoon from her home. police call him a sexual predator. >> i told brandon, that's the car that guy took that little girl in. >> reporter: that's when this team turned into batman and robin, called 911 and then turned their trash truck down the road to block an escape. >> as soon as the suspect seen us, he backed his car up. >> reporter: the duo stood in shock as the deputies rolled in, saving the girl and taking the
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man away in handcuffs. >> thank god, bro. they got him now. >> reporter: the girl's father with these words for her new heroes. >> i can't thank them enough they took the time and she's bat hoke. >> reporter: on the job and always on the lookout. morgan chesky, nc news >> not only did they recognize her but stepping in, using their truck? it's amazing. >> a lot of people don't give those amber alerts much thought. you're at work, you've got a lot going on how lucky that family is employees of the year right there. sty.still to come, a day in >>ep rorter: got to snatch them all. the uproar over these happy meals. we tested our vitamin b3 formula and beat japan's top moisturizers. south korea's most innovative. and even the $400 french cream. olay regenerist faced 131 premium products
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> >>en mandela finally emerge from the prison, it was a moment to savor for all these years, nelson mandela has been the unseen symbol now here was the man with all of his regal bearing. >> this morning we honor anti-partied nelson mandela who was freed from after african prison after being there for 27 years. would go on to be the first black head of state and the first to be elected by the south african people
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this day, especially this month as well, teaching a lesson for my kids. it's one thing to learn the lesson at school but to give them your own perspective, it makes such a difference. >> he led with such strength he invited his captors to his inauguration and never held bitterness globally admired. as this pandemic wears on for a full year now, where do most americans stand when it comes to savings versus credit card debt. joining us now with details from a new study is cnbc's steve sedgwick good morning good to see you. >> good morning. i've got a couple of great stories for you. here's what's interesting. americans are saying we want less credit card debt, revolving credit, and more savings a little bit of cash on hand seems to be the way forward for the first time since 2017. the debt is down b in the last .
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now, if you're saving a little bit more, maybe this is where they're going to be spending it. a big alert for the gentlemen and ladies, valentine's day is coming and it's coming on the 14th three days away. this is very interesting according to wallethub, americans are goingto spend $2 billion on valentine's day this time around. i don't know, phillip. i think there's something wrong here the men are projected to spend 231 bucks, but, frances, the ladies, only 101 bucks on their other significant half is there something slightly wrong there? >> we said time for some equality with everything i'm sure it applies when it comes to this. >> that's the way it is. the way it's always been and will be. it's part of it. every day should be valentine's day. that's how you get around it, i guess. thank you. janessa is up next with the details on not one but two big win tore storms. >> the boss sidelined ter afa
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power through your day medicine. in "today's" top stories, jeep has suspended its super bowl ad featuring bruce springsteen. it comes after he was allegedly arrested in new jersey for allegedly driving drunk. a spokesperson confirmed springsteen was arrested back in november in sandy hook he was charged with iks tox indication, reckless driving, and consuming alcohol in an enclosed area. they paused the ad while they
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establish what happened. drinking and driving can never be condoned. larry flynt, the owner of hustler magazine passed away he was 78 years old. georgia state leaders are promising a one-time $1,000 bonus for state employees. the announcement was made on wednesday by house speaker david ralston. those who make less than $80,000 a year will qualify. those who work in public health, public safety, and more. it will cover around 60,000 state workers. >> nasunced the plan it will be delivered by the falcon x rocket in 2024. it will be one-sixth the size of the international space station and will be a post for as trow
4:28 am
naughts headed to the moon. the buccaneersam hundreds of boats soaked in the sun enjoying the buccaneers in the water. many spectators wither not wearing masks, nor where they socially distancing. he made headlines. check it out he tosses the lombardi trophy from one boat to another that's tight end cameron brate who captured that. that's the confidence of a man who has seven. if that was his first super bowl trophy he wouldn't be throwing it around. >> that's got to be sweet. a special ronald mcdonald's happy meal was born as part of pokemon's anniversary. each contains a mcdonald's
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exclusive holographic card, and there are more than 50 to collect in total while some of the restaurants are limiting the number of happy meals a person can buy, that hasn't stopped resellers from completely clearing out some of those items. collecrs on toeb
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hours, afternoon hours, . right now at 4:30, reconstructing the attack, brand new, never before seen video unveiled from the capitol riot as the impeachment case against former president trump moves forward. we expect to receive more reports from labs detecting such variants in the coming weeks. >> one of the c in the bay area. we'll tell you what we know about the newest variant. >> we're firing up nbc bay area storm ranger.


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