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tv   Today  NBC  February 11, 2021 7:00am-8:59am PST

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beautiful sunrise to distract you in this shot. >> that is dreamy. thanks so much for watching. >> that's right. we're getting a peek at the different ones as we take a live look outside as well, storm ranger getting ready for the rain. ♪ good morning making their case. house managers set to wrap up their opening arguments at the impeachment trial against former president trump today after using disturbing never-before seen video of the capitol riot to try to prove he sparked the insurrection >> on january 6th, president trump left everyone in this capitol for dead >> lawmakers running for their lives pulled to safety by quick-thinking capitol police officers so what's next in the case against the former president we are live in washington with
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the latest as the trump team prepares to respond. double up? the new guidance on masks. and when you should wear two that could reduce your covid risk by nearly 97% and the vaccine rollout. taking a major step forward. two of the nation's pharmacies now ready to begin offering appointments we'll go one on one with dr. anthony fauci live morning mess a new winter storm creating dangerous conditions from texas to the northeast nearly 70 million people in the path of the hazardous mix of snow and ice that led to this scare in pittsburgh overnight. a plane carrying 77 passengers skidding off a snowy runway. we'll have the latest and al will have your forecast. family feud. britney spears' fight over who controls her career and fortune heads back to court today.
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will new information revealed in a documentary impact the case? all this, plus the g.o.a.t. tom brady and the buccaneers celebrate on the water in style during the super bowl victory parade and brady's message to anyone who thinks he may have enjoyed himself just a little too much today, thursday, february 11th, 2021 from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb, from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hey, everybody welcom thursday morning >> good morning, everybody stop me if you heard this one before, but nasty winter weather is taking a toll across a big section of the country snow is coming down in philly right now. it is a mess on the roads in new jersey
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and then further south it's treacherous mix of ice and freezing rain. al is going to join us with all the details and a storm track just ahead we want to start with where things stand with the impeachment trial. house managers will complete their opening arguments today. they're expected to focus on the aftermath of the capitol riot after showing senators previously unseen videos of the violent insurrection >> the former president's legal team will then have up to 16 hours over 2 days to present their side although, the trump lawyers are not expected to use that full time. senators will then get a chance to ask their own questions and could render a verdict as soon as this weekend. >> we have in depth coverage for you. we'll begin with kristen welker. good morning >> good morning to you the gravity of wednesday's arguments by house managers is still setting in after they tried to recreate the horrific events of january 6th, using former president trump's own words, tweets and actions against him. and a newly revealed videos,
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house managers are showing just how close some lawmakers came to those violent rioters. a warning for you now. some of the video is disturbing. >> reporter: in videos chilling and graphic, house democratsnev security footage of the capitol insurrection on january 6th they say was incited by president trump. this body camera video shows an officer brutally beaten by pro trump rioters at the capitol entrance officers pleading for reinforcements >> law enforcement injuries! dso, get up here >> reporter: house democrats also unveiling security footage showing the moment the mob breached the capitol doors, rampaging through the halls of congress some hunting for vice president mike pence seen here evacuating the senate chamber with his family while others outside called for his execution
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>> hang mike pence hang mike pence! >> reporter: other rioters searching for house speaker, nancy pelosi >> oh, nancy nancy. >> reporter: with the speaker in a secure location, this security video shows her staffers dashing into a conference room to barricade themselves the mob moving in moments later while the terrified staffers called for help. >> they're pounding the doors trying to find us. >> president trump put a target on their backs and his mob broke into the capitol to hunt them down >> reporter: house manager dean emotionally recounting the moment rioters tried to enter the house chamber. >> at 2:30, i heard that terrifying banging on hous chamber doors. >> reporter: democratic congressman eric swalwel revealing how close senators came as they evacuated >> i paced it off.
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you were just 58 steps away from where the mob was amassing and where police were rushing to stop them. >> on january 6, president trump left everyone in this capitol for dead >> reporter: among the very close calls? this security video showing a capitol police officer eugene goodman redirecting senator mitt romney away from rioters just down the hall. another video shows chuck schumer be escorted by a security detail, then quickly turning around after spotting nearby rioters the new footage underscoring house democrats' case against former president trump, accusing him of laying the groundwork for the insurrection months before it happened by spreading lies about a stolen election, and they say inciting his supporters to violence. and while the attack was happening, democrats say president trump did nothing to stop it. >> even when president trump
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knew what his words were causing, he didn't do any of those things to stop the crowd in fact, he did the opposite he fuelled the fire. >> reporter: now, there was no public reaction on wednesday from president trump although, some of his allies did acknowledge that the new video was compelling one of his top advisers, jason miller appeared on fox news and said the president feels confident in his legal team and on friday they will present its case in defense of the former president savannah >> all right thank you very much. let's turn to nbc's capitol hill correspondent kasie hunt this is a rare situation where the people sitting in judgment here, the senators are also witnesses and in some cases the intended victims here. how did these images, some of which have never been seen or heard before go over in the room >> well, i was in the chamber for part of the arguments
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yesterday, and you could really feel the weight and the emotion and see it on these senators' faces as they realized in some cases r thfofirst time just how close they came to real danger mitt romney in particular was clearly in very personal danger, and they're going to have to now weigh those feelings and what they saw with what they're actually going to do about how they're going to vote. and the early suggestions here seem to be that there are a lot of republicans who are saying, suggesting that it really didn't make that much of a difference even though those pictures, images, feelings were so devastating. >> the emotions aside, there's a legal case that the house democrats have to prove here and the issue is trying the former president's rhetoric directly to what happened at the capitol. based on what's come into evidence so far, what's the strongest connection between the president's words and what actually happened? >> exactly and i was actually in the
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chamber for part of the presentation where they were showing video of rioters who were looking at cameras and saying, i came to the capitol because donald trump told me to. i noticed senators were paying very, very close attention to those comments there also are questions about the timing of a phone call from president trump to a senator who seemed to tell the president that mike pence was in danger. and after that was a tweet from the president attacking his vice president. so there are a lot questions around that. it's also a critical piece of the presentation today as house democrats wrap up their arguments. >> was there evidence where some of the supporters would read some of these tweets >> so that's a big question here where they're look at their phones they're repeating things that the president has said and we still expect we may get some new evidence today that could tie these things together. >> all right kasie, thank you
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in our next half hour, a closer look at the new videos, including the harrowing moments in which officer eugene goodman led lawmakers to safety. and a reminder nbc news will bring you live coverage of the impeachment trial starting at noon eastern time turning now to the pandemic and the push to get america vaccinated the white house says at the current pace the country is on track to meet president biden's goal of 100 million doses in the first 100 days and there's important new guidance from the cdc when it comes to masks we'll talk about all of that with dr. anthony fauci in a moment first let's go to nbc's tom costello hey, tom good morning >> hoda, good morning. the cdc says more than 33. million americans have now received at least one vaccine dose remember, you need two doses with the current available pfizer and moderna vaccines. retail pharmacies will start offering vaccine appointments tomorrow for now, the best protection remains on masks now the cdc says in some cases
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two may be better than one >> reporter: even with average daily covid cases, hospitalizations and deaths all trending down, the nation's top health officials are warning it is not the time to let up reinforcing one of the most critical tools we have to stop the spread >> everyone needs to be wearing a mask when they're in public or in their own home but with people who do not live in their household. >> reporter: the cdc now says doubling up on your mask if you don't have a well-fitting facial covering can help better prevent the spread of air articles by up to 96% >> wearing any type of mask performs significantly better than not wearing a mask. >> reporter: the other critical tool, vaccines the u.s. now averaging 1.5 million doses a day. that's up from 1.1 million two weeks ago. and the biden administration now partnering with texas and new york to open five new mass vaccination sites. and establishing a health equity task force focusing on underserved and disproportionately affected
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communities. >> as the pandemic has progressed over the last year so, too, have the inequities >> reporter: researchers looking at data for more than 13,000 nursing homes found those with larger black and latino populations have more than three times as many covid deaths and despite being in priority groups in a majority of states, just over a quarter of u.s. seniors have received at least one vaccine dose now to expand access, major retail pharmacies including the two largest cvs and walgreens will begin offering vaccine appointments as early as tomorrow >> nearly 90% of americans are within ten miles of a pharmacy, and this is a convenient community-based location >> reporter: some private companies are also trying to help get people vaccinated target announcing it will offer hourly workers up to four hours of pay and cover some travel costs for them to go to their vaccine appointments
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it's one of more than a dozen major companies doing that, including trader joe's, mcdonald's, amtrak all offering incentives to their employees to get vaccinated >> tom, thank you. joining us now dr. anthony fauci. dr. fauci, good to see you, good morning. >> good morning, good to see you. >> we've got 30 million americans with one dose. 10 million americans fully vaccinated with both doses when you think of where we're going, needing upwards of 200 million americans at least to finally get vaccinated to ge herd immunity, are you frustrated at the pace of this do we need to pick it up >> well, i think it's going to be picked up because if you look at what's going to happen as we get into march and april, the number of available doses will allow for much more of a mass vaccination approach which is really much more accelerated than what you're seeing now.
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if you compare now to what we were doing the escalation is considerable i would imagine and i'm fairly certain that as we get into and toward the end of april, you'll see some of the implementation of what you just showed, namely pharmacies, community vaccine centers, mobile units stepping up the pace of vaccination so i believe we're on target we are on target of what the president said and hopefully as we get into the early spring, we'll have a much greater acceleration of dosage >> quickly, let me zero in you mean for everybody, the general population going to your pharmacy, getting a shot you don't have to be in one of those risk groups. >> we have those priority, 1a, 1b, 1c i would imagine by the time we get to april, that would be what i call for better wording, open season namely virtually everybody and anybody in any category can start to get vaccinated. from then on, it would likely take several more months just logistically to get vaccine into people's arms so hopefully as we get into the middle and end of
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the summer, we could have accomplished the goal of what we're talking about, namely the overwhelming majority of people in this country having gotten vaccinated >> how nervous are you about this uk variant? the cdc said this week it's spreading rapidly. we know it's more contagious it's doubling every ten days at the same time, we have seen the cases dropping here. are you worried that this uk variant poses the potential of erasing that progress? >> we take it very seriously, savannah i wouldn't say i'm worried about it there's a little bit of a difference i take all of this very seriously. you ask yourself, what can you do about it? the sobering news is that it does spread more rapidly we know that from the uk experience the uplifting news is that the vaccines that we now have, the moderna and pfizer and very likely the ones coming online soon, seem to do well against this uk variant. if you look at the in vitro in the test tube, looking at vaccine-induced antibodies that
7:16 am
you and i would get if we were vaccinated it seems to work well against this uk strain what we do is two things one, step up the public health measures of the masking, the physical distancing, the things we talk about all the time together with making sure we very expeditiously get people vaccinated as quickly as we possibly can if we do those two things as serious as we take this variant, we will be able to meet that challenge. >> let's talk about this mask thing because now the cdc says -- i think i've got this right. one mask is better than zero masks. two masks is better than one mask, but you don't have to have double masks is that right? >> it is in fact, you know, savannah, you and i had this conversation on your show. i meanit must haveeen b month or so ago. someone said i've seen people wear two masks the recommendation is not that you have to wear it.
7:17 am
what the cdc is saying is at minimum, wear a mask okay this is what they're saying. make sure you wear a mask. so you wear a mask then you want it to fit better, so one of the ways you could do it if you would like to is put a cloth mask over which actually here and here and here where you could get leakage in is much better contained that's all they're saying. one mask at least, but if you want to really be sure, get a tighter fit with the second mask >> are you a double masker it looked like you are >> well, i have. in fact, i have used it occasionally mostly, savannah, for what the cdc is saying. the fit is better. if you get the surgical mask on and you put a cloth mask over, those areas around where some aerosol can get in, a better fitting. again, minimal at least one mask likely a double ply type of mask would be good. but if you want to go further,
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just get a better fit. >> got it. quickly, we're going to answer a bunch of viewer questions next hour, but i know the number one thing has to do with folks who are elderly, my kid's grandparents a lot of them are getting their vaccines nown they see their once they're fully vaccinated, can they see their kids and go to a restaurant or costco? once they're fully vaccinated, can they go back to their normal lives? >> in essence, ultimately yes. the thing you would like to see, savannah, is if you have two parties vaccinated that's the question we get asked more often if i'm vaccinated and my daughter who lives in boston comes home and she's vaccinated, can we get much more of this pulling back on restrictions and saying we can sit down together without a mask, we can give each other a hug, and the answer ultimately is going to be yes. >> but if grandma is vaccinated but grand kid isn't? >> then you got to be careful. grandma could still get virus in
7:19 am
her nose, even though the vaccine is preventing her from getting physically ill, she could still have it in her nasal pharynx. that's the reason why we say until we have the overwhelming majority of people are vaccinated and the level of virus is low, when you're vaccinated, you still, it would be prudent to wear a mask for the reasons i answered >> really quickly because they're going to kill me with the time my kid's grandma is listening to this is the risk with the leftover virus that grandma might be emitting, is the risk to the person who is not vaccinated or is risk to grandma >> to the person who is not vaccinated >> okay. got it dr. fauci, thank you as always we really appreciate it. even brought props this time >> thank you see you later. >> i always learn from dr. fauci. i learned a lot today. >> yeah. a lot of people, we're going to answer viewer questions. that's a biggie. >> and we also have a cool tool. a lot of people don't know where or when to get their vaccine we'll have when and where to get a vaccine.
7:20 am
it's a new digital tool. >> and when dr. fauci says open season, end of april, may, a lot of us could be getting a vaccine, that's coming in handy. let's turn to the weather now. hi, al sorry for taking the time. >> it's important information. talk about dangerous weather this is what happened in pittsburgh last night. a delta flight on its way to atlanta, well, it slid off theas to get folks off it took about three hours to get everybody off. 77 passengers. nobody injured right now 66 million people from texas to new york under weather alerts you can see that area of pink and purple that's icing and that's going to be really dangerous today. we are watching another round of snow and ice for the mid-atlantic strong storms for central georgia. tomorrow a trailing low moves south. more showers and storms for the southeast. we are going to be looking a 1 to 3 inches from texas to the
7:21 am
carolinas and icing from hot springs to richmond and then additional snowfall through friday generally light. we picked up a few inches today. and then we've got another storm coming up saturday soaking rain for the southeast snow and ice impacting the mid-atlanta states and then that moves into the northeast with significant icing possible this weekend from saturday night into sunday potential for moderate to lighter snow stretching from upstate new york into interior sections of new england and maybe even some heavy icing as you get into the northeast. we'll get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. catch “almost” everything. especially a cold. that brings us to you. you're the one we made mywalgreens for. an easier way to save, shop, and perhaps catch a break. introducing mywalgreens.
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join and get 30 minute pickup at good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. as we take a look at storm ranger our mobile doppler radar. we are picking up on rain but most of us won't see the rain until this afternoon but scattered showers moving through northern sonoma county and stretching up toward highway 101. it may be a wet commute for you especially in the north bay. the rest of us will have a soggy evening commute. rain takes a break tomorrow and more showers back in the forecast on saturday. >> that's your latest weather. coming up next hour, brutal cold and another coastal storm. >> don't look so happy about it. >> i'm not happy >> al, thank you glad you're all over it. coming up, a closer look at the heroic actions of officer eugene goodman in the capitol siege.
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and then in the wake of a new documentary, a lot o attention on britney spears and who controls her fortune who controls her fortune we're live as that ♪ we always have a big party, it's a big thing for us. everyone gets together... to just have fun. the happy chaos... a lot of noise and...
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for me, i just enjoy it all... ♪ ♪ ♪
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craig, good morning. >> just ahead inside tampa's wild victory parade. we saw boats, dancing, tom brady throwing a trophy. after your local news. feel the cool rush of claritin cool mint chewables. powerful 24-hour, non-drowsy, allergy relief plus an immediate cooling sensation for your throat. feel the clarity, and live claritin clear. i'm a performer. always have been. and always will be. never letting anything get in my way. not the doubts, distractions, or voice in my head.
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and certainly not arthritis. voltaren provides powerful arthritis pain relief to help me keep moving. and it can help you too. feel the joy of movement with voltaren. . good morning. it's 7:26. i'm laura garcia. here's today's top stories including new bay area developments on the covid front. >> i'm cierra johnson at sfo. health officials through the bay area keeping a close eye on variants as two cases here in the bay area were identified as strains originally identified in south africa. now one of those cases coming from santa clara county the other from alameda county. so says some counties are working to improve how they monitor for those variants. dr. moss says his county should
7:27 am
expect to receive reports from labs detecting variants in the next couple weeks. i'm bob redell. los angeles is temporarily shutting down dodger stadium and four other mass vaccination sites because it is expected to exhaust its supply of the moderna vaccine today. mayor garcetti says l.a. only received 16,000 new doses this week. we do to the expect to see a shortage in the bay area. levi stadium started administering a thousand shots a day this week. the meskoni center started last week. storm ranger up and running on this thursday morning because we have rain in the works. here's kari. >> good morning. we are already starting to see some of that rain moving anywhere from heels burg to santa rosa. spotty showers to start but the
7:28 am
heavier rain later this afternoon into the evening. we'll track that with more updates throughout the day. >> sounds good. we'll be back with another local news update in a half hour. have a great morning.
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it's 7:30 now. thursday morning the 11th of february, 2021 boy, that is a picture that is hard to work out guess what because new day, new winter storm to deal with this is what it looks like in maryland this morning, bay bridge al says, believe it or not, yet another storm on the way this weekend. i know >> got the text message about an hour or two ago, another two >> we want the kids in school. >> yes, we do. >> yes, we do.
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president biden spoke with the chinese president xi jinping for the first time since taking office the white house says the president raised concerns about china's coercive and unfair economic practices president biden also pressed china's leader on the crackdown on activists in hong kong. the call came just hours after biden revealed a new task force to review the strategy in china. now to a huge drug bust in new york city. police this week seized more than 80 pounds of heroin from a queens apartment they say it is worth an estimated $12 million. they also found 1,000 fentanyl pills. $12,000 in cash. a 49-year-old man accused of running the drug packaging operation now faces a list of charges. more than two dozen fishermen rescued after the ice they were fishing on became separated from the store all the of it went down on lake superior in northern minnesota rescue crews dispatched inflatable boats within an hour all 26 were
7:32 am
plucked from the ice and thankfully no one was seriously hurt> now to more on the stunni na impeachment trial yesterday. >> one image in particular is putting a hero capitol police officer back in the spotlight. we're talking about eugene goodman. nbc's senior washington correspondent hallie jackson has more hey, hallie. good morning >> hi. you said it. he was already considered a hero even before the impeachment managers played this new security footage we're talking about. video that's only reinforcing the quick thinking and quick actions of officer eugene goodman on january 6th this is one of the stories where you're going to want to look at your screen if you're not already. for senator mitt romney who's there at the bottom of the screen in this never-before seen security footage he's walking out of the senate chamber, trying to get to his smaller office in the capitol building during the insurrection now look at the other end of the
7:33 am
hall that's officer eugene goodman sprinting to respond to the riot as he passes romney, barely breaking stride, he directs the watch again how fast it happens. >> officer goodman came and saw me and said go back in it's not safe here go back in you'll be safer in the chamber >> reporter: romney had been a frequent target of donald trump's and a familiar one to trump's supporters in that mob primed for violence. so this split second encounter may have prevented a troubling outcome. the senator had not seen this video before it was played a the impeachment trial and didn't know it was goodman who helped him. he said he spoke with the officer late yesterday >> i expressed my appreciation to him for coming to my aid and getting me back into the path of safety, and expressed my appreciation for all that he did that day >> reporter: goodman sharing how exhausted he was january 6th,
7:34 am
running through the building, up and down stairs to try to keep the rioters at bay like in this now well-known footage. it shows goodman luring th crowd away from the chamber where senators like romney had been huddling. leading them to police backup. goodman, now honored as a hero, escorting vice president kamala harris to the inauguration ceremony last month and a bipartisan group of lawmakers has introduced a bill to award goodman the congressional gold medal to honor what's obvious from these images. officer goodman's bravery, quick thinking, and poise under pressure goodman is also an army veteran who served in iraq he has very much stayed out of the spotlight and even though he's not going much talking, plenty of people are talking about him and his heroism. >> thank you the congress people running to
7:35 am
their offices. >> so much courage with not a lot of backup. must have been terrifying. >> thank god for officer goodman. up next, britney spears' legal battle to remain control over her life and career >> this issue is highlighted in a much-talked about documentar and the case heads back to court today. we'll have a live report right after this d we do with it first? (man) road trip. (woman) yes. (woman) off-road trip. (man) how hot is the diablo chili? (waitress) well, you've got to sign a waiver. [loud laughter] (woman) is this even a road? (man) yeah. (woman) so what should we do second? (vo) the subaru forester. the most adventurous forester ever. (vo) get 0% for 63 months on select new 2021 models. now through march 1st.
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we are back. today." it is 7:39 with "in depth today." this morning all eyes on a california courtroom and britney spears' legal battle over who controls her career and finances. >> it's been stoked by a documentary that examines her rise to fame and the controversial guardianship spears has been living under for years. more on what to expect this morning. erin, good morning. >> good morning. it's unclear if britney spears will appear in person or what will be discussed. she and her team are likely hoping for answers as she seeks to change the terms of the conservatorship. she's got a new wave of support thanks to that "the new york times" documentary but will it will have any impact on what happens in court? we could be just a few hours away from an answer. >> what do we want? >> free britney! >> reporter: the documentary
7:41 am
"framing britney spears" put the star back in the public eye after self-imposed hiatus from the spotlight. the film reigniting a movement to free her from a conservatorship. and highlighting the intense scrutiny she's faced over the years. since 2008 the pop princess's finances, professional and personal life controlled under a conservatorship by her father. that arrangement now being challenged. in november, at her request, a judge added a co-conservator but did not grant her other request, to remove her father. while a court of public opinion is on spears' side, it's unlikely to influence today's court decision. >> the judge really does have the information that we don't and is going to make the decision based on that information. >> reporter: coon serve -- conservatorship was originally put in place 13 years ago after spears was hospitalized for the second time in a month for an involuntary psychiatric hold. the years leading up to that moment now being re-examined. the teen pop star growing up fast in the public eye. at first adored by all. then criticized for being too
7:42 am
provocative. >> i think a lot of people were uncomfortable with her sexuality. >> reporter: her every misstep, erratic behavior and mental health struggles caught on camera. by a relentless paparazzi. some say she welcomed the attention. >> she never gave a clue or information to us that i don't appreciate you guys. leave me the "f" alone. >> what about when she said leave me alone? >> there were times where she was like can you leave me alone for the day, but it wasn't like leave me alone forever. >> reporter: also facing fire, the mainstream media. >> you're a sexy vamp in underwear. >> i wouldn't say in underwear. >> reporter: without addressing the film or the hearing, spears spoke out. remember, no matter what we think we know about a person's life, it is nothing compared to the actual person living behind the lens. nbc news did not receive a response from anyone in the spears camp.
7:43 am
jamie spears has always maintained he's looking out for his daughter's best interest. savannah? >> all right, erin. keep us posted on the case today. thank you. 7:42. mr. roker, you got your hands full. >> a lot of cold air. windchill warnings and advisories for 14 million people in the plains. we are talking frostbite that could occur in ten minutes. we have got this stubborn low parked over canada. it's not moving. so the next ten days at least we're talking about look at the windchills. it's going to feel like minus 25 in minneapolis into the weekend. minus teens in kansas city. all the way down to dallas, single digits. as you look right into next week, those minus degree windchills are brutal from bismarck, dallas to nashville. and then we've got this coast to coast storm that's going to be slamming into the pacific northwest on saturday, bringing feet of snow to the cascades, the sierra, the rockies. sunday it plunges into the deep south. heavy snow likely for the southern plains and the rockies
7:44 am
and then monday it reemerges out of the gulf, bringing arctic air, gulf moisture. significant snow potential from texas into arkansas all the way into the mid-atlantic. right now it's still too early to give you actual accumulations but we're expecting heavy snow from central texas all the way into the ohio river valley. this could be a major impactful storm into early to mid next week. that's what's going on around the >> good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. the storms for us will bring in some beneficial rain. we're seeing that in the north bay with scattered showers starting to move in but most of the rest of the bay area will won't see the rain until later today. it will clear out for saturday and we'll enjoy more sunshine, cool temperatures with highs in the upper 50s but on saturday some scattered rain will move in and we'll have some more widespread rain arriving on monday. >> and that is your latest weather. hoda >> al, thank you
7:45 am
up next, a side of tom brady we don't often see during yesterday's rowdy super bowl celebration. >> it was good >> tampa >> what the nfl superstar is saying about the instantly viral video showing him having shall we say, a very good time right after this hey rodgers! look, we are back and turning our that looked anything like me? have you seen mine? like looking in a mirror, right? now that one makes sense. look guys, i don't even have a stand-in. of course, you do. hold on, is that drake?? that's right. drake from state farm. (in unison) like a good neighbor (in unison again) like a good neighbor hey, stand-ins don't have lines. oh, okay. like a good neighbor, state farm is there
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all in one ♪♪ ♪♪ we are back and turning our attention to yesterday's super bowl victory parade. >> i thinks the safe to say that tom brady and the bucs may still be feeling the said effects of the epic celebration >> nbc's sam brock was there for the festivities. were you on the boat >> i wish i was. i mean, i would have loved to be on the boat. i was about seven or eight people deep off on the street, but we could see what was going on and man, very memorable the boat parade was only a couple hours packed with highlights,
7:50 am
including out of character moments for the team's biggest star, tom brady. >> reporter: bucs fans flocked to tampa bay to take part in this unique floating fun >> there are a lot of boats. >> reporter: boats big and small, bobbing all over the river. as tom brady decked out in an orange shirt and backwards hat cruised in on his multimillion dollar yacht the superstar hugging his kids to the delight of the crowd and giving tampa fans the long awaited trophy >> he's the g.o.a.t. >> reporter: brady was the missing puzzle piece for bucs nation, flying with his long time teammate rob gronkowski to lead the team to a championship. gronk, predictably ditching his shirt. but unpredictably holding on to football's greatest prize. this time brady who proved to be the biggest liability with the trophy, making a boat to boat completion despite his
7:51 am
daughter's protest, no >> reporter: arguably, the riskiest pass number 12 made a getting off the boat, tweeting that avocado tequila may have been to blame for his shaky condition. lebron james tweeting man oh man, i wish we were able to have our parade too, because i would have been walking beautifully just like you. the parade on the high seas reminiscent of the stanley cup celebration after the tampa bay lightning won hockey's title game the city's mayor calling the recognition important even in a pandemic >> this where every single buccaneers fan and we couldn't be more excited. >> reporter: a mask mandate was in place, although it appears not everybody was taking it seriously. >> i like wearing masks but i'll take it off to take a sip of beer >> reporter: there were other kinds of dropped calls, too. chris godwin reacting to a
7:52 am
teammate losing his cell phone in the river n the river at the super bowl parade bowl-sized celebration cameron great was the player that caught the lombardi trophy. he told a reporter it was the best catch of my life, and if i dropped it, i probably would have had to retire back to you. >> an entire -- that was my favorite part of all yesterday tipsy tom? my favorite. >> kind of fun >> exactly but, you know, he just eats salad so it probably didn't take that much. >> that's a good point >> i'm glad they had fun still ahead, and exclusive look at the look at the road to tokyo after the local news to blow off some steam. let's go... 1, 2, 3, 4... mr. blanks? there's no need to be stressed. geico makes it easy to file a claim online, on the app, or over the phone. yeah, but what if i never hear back?
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a very good morning to you. it is 7:56. i'm laura garcia. here's a look at what's happening now. >> good morning, everyone. i'm scott mcgrew. house impeachment managers will begin the second half of their opening arguments today in trump's second impeachment. yesterday we saw never before seen video of how close the attackers came to mike pence as they called for the vice president to be hanged. >> i'm cierra johnson in front of sfo health officials in the bay area keeping a close eye on covid cases as covid strains first identified in south africa were identified in two patients in the bay area. one of those patients from santa clara county and the other from alameda county. now dr. anthony fauci did speak
7:57 am
with "today" to explain we can do our part wearing the mask practicing social distancing combined with getting vaccinated will slow the mutations of the variants of covid-19. >> meteorologist kari hall is watching some storms that are headed our way. we're clear for the morning, right? >> yeah, for the most part. except for the north bay. we're starting to see light rain but the rest of the bay area the rain doesn't come in until this afternoon. we've seen hit or miss light rain that will get heavier once the main storm arrives and will bring in some times of heavy rain but most clearing out by tomorrow. we'll have scattered showers on saturday. sunday looks dry but more rain will be moving in early next week so that's three systems we're tracking over the next several days. laura? >> all right. you do such a great job of tracking it. thank you for joining us as well. another local news update is coming up in about half an hour. taking a live look e thursday mg
7:58 am
7:59 am
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it's 8:00 on "today. coming up, impeachment trial underway house democrats releasing never-before seen footage of the capitol riots while making their case >> you were just 58 steps away from where the mob was amassing and where police were rushing to stop them. >> including a new look at the heros who stepped in to help we are live with the latest. plus plan your vaccine we're going to show you a simple new way to help take the frustration out of getting that appointment. and our experts will join us live to answer your questions about the vaccine.
8:01 am
we'll break it all down. then, "mandalorian" mess inside the social media controversy surrounding one of the series' biggest stars. why gina carano will not be returning to the show. and in full bloom. how companies are working to keep up with the massive increase in demand for flower delivery this valentine's day. >> so right now what we're seeing is a 48% increase in flower boxes from last year to this year. >> 48% >> 48% >> why more people are stopping to smell the roses today, thursday, february 11th, 2021 ♪ it is thousand a miles between ♪ >> hello from hawaii love you hoda and savannah >> hello, "today" show happy 90th birthday to my mother, irma swift snoet ♪ oh my my my ♪
8:02 am
>> hi, we're from maine. >> our daughter is turning four. >> hi, everybody >> hi right back at you, sweetie. welcome back on a thursday morning. if you're just getting up, you know, stretching out, getting your coffee, we're happy you're sitting with us. >> good morning, sunshine. >> happy friday eve. don't forget, if you're just waking up, it's okay to get up later as long as you're setting the dvr starting at 7:00 a.m we don't want you to miss anything >> not a minute. let's get to your news at 8:00 house impeachment managers are set to finish their opening arguments a day after showing senators disturbing new video of trump supporters attacking the capitol last month "weekend today" co-host and white house corresponden kristen welker joins us with a closer look. good morning >> good morning to you house managers are gearing up for the final day of arguments after their gripping presentation on wednesday, and it is still reverberating. they tried to recreate the events of january 6th, using former president's words, tweets
8:03 am
and actions against him. we do want to warn you some of the video you're about to see is disturbing. >> reporter: in videos both chilling and graphic, house democrats releasing never-before seen security footage of the capitol insurrection on january 6. they say it was incited by president trump. this body camera video shows an officer brutally beaten at the capitol entrance house democrats also unveiling security footage showing the moment the mob breached the capitol doors, rampaging through the halls of congress, some hunting for vice president mike senate chamber with his family while others outside called for his execution. >> hang mike pence hang mike pence! >> reporter: other rioters searching for house speaker nancy pelosi >> oh, nancy nancy. >> reporter: with the speaker in
8:04 am
a secure location, this security video shows her staffers dashing into a conference room to barricade themselves the mob moving in moments later. while the terrified staffers called for help. >> we need capitol police, i think, coming down they're pounding the doors trying to find her >> that is a mob that was sent by the president of the united states to stop the certification of an election >> reporter: the house manager dean emotionally recounting th moment rioters tried to enter the house chamber. >> at 2:30, i heard that terrifying banging on house chamber doors. for the first time in more than 200 years the seat of our government was ransacked >> reporter: among the very close calls, this security video showing capitol police officer eugene goodman redirecting senator mitt romney away from
8:05 am
rioters just down the hall another video shows senate majority leader chuck schumer being escorted by a security detail and then quickly turning around after spotting nearby rioters. the new footage underscoring house democrats' case against former president trump accusing him of laying the groundwork for the insurrection months before it happened by spreading lies about a stolen election, and they say inciting his supporters to violence and on friday, former president trump's legal team will have a chance to present its case hoda >> all right thank you. you can watch live coverage of the impeachment trial starting at noon eastern right here on nbc. and now to the latest on the covid pandemic the cdc is advising americans to wear not one but two masks if they don't have a mask that provides a tight enough seal and even as new cases are declining, the rapid spread of thexpect vaccines for the general
8:06 am
population >> if you look at the projection, i would imagine by the time we get to april, that will be what i would call for better wording, open season. namely, virtually everybody and anybody in any category could start to get vaccinated. >> reporter: the biden administration says the country is on track to meet the goal of administering 100 million doses in the first 100 days of the administration >> open season in april could be a boost. we have another thursday boost >> i have one you're going to love a woman in minnesota, a single mom, having trouble finding a job because she did not have a car. she didn't know it, but her mom told her story on social media well, one man saw it convinced dozens of other people to pitch in and surprise her >> this is a gift from 65 strangers that wanted you to have a fresh start >> wow >> oh, my god. >> how about that? that incredible act of kindness.
8:07 am
total strangers. that mom crying as she got into her new car. and drove off. her life is getting better every day. how about that >> that's flat out amazing >> how about that? boy. >> i love that >> sometimes you don't like social media and some days you love it. this is a day you love it. meanwhile, we have heard from so many of you, so many viewers with concerns, confusion about getting that coronavirus vaccine. folks like michelle in florida >> if you have severe allergies like a peanut allergy, will you be able to get the vaccine >> a lot of good questions like that coming up next, doctors standing by to answer those and we have a new tool we want to tell you about to find the specific information you can go to your state and find out when, where, and how to get your shot. right after this have moderate te plaque psoriasis. now, there's skyrizi. 3 out of 4 people achieved 90% clearer skin at 4 months
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upgrade to febreze fade defy plug. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ (quiet piano music) ♪ ♪ comfort in the extreme. the lincoln family of luxury suvs. we are back now with a closer look at the coronavirus vaccine and the rollout as the pace of distribution of the vaccine quickens up, we know a lot of folks have questions. >> so this morning we brought in our team of experts to help you get answers.
8:14 am
nbc's senior medical correspondent dr. john torres and investigative consumer correspondent vicky nguyen >> first, a new digital tool we're hoping is going to help people especially as the vaccine becomes more widespread. >> it is so cool we know the eligibility requirements vary state by state and the path to vaccination has been filled with frustration and confusion. what if you could get an alert so you know when it's your turn and where to g to get that shot now you can. with our partner company, we're launching a one-stop destination to help. it's called here's how it works. plan your vaccine, the interactive destination with everything you need to know about getting vaccinated let me show you how it works first, select your state then your age group. then you want to click on your occupation and make sure you click whether you have any high risk health concerns easily learn the distributio timene in your state who is eligible now and who is up next.
8:15 am
hover over your state and you'll see the percentage of people who have been vaccinated and how much of the allotted vaccines have been used. another useful feature, this interactive map. all you have to do is plug in your zip code and it will show you the closest vaccination sites. just be sure to call ahead to make sure they have supplyter y for alerts as changes are made to vaccination plans in your state. and you can do it for as many states as you need for example, if you want to help your parents plan their vaccine and they're in another state, you can sign up and also get alerts for them. the site also breaks down all the information on how to make an appointment, what to bring, and any rules you need to know and we also want to mention this tool is available in english, spanish, and mandarin. and using this site you can check on your state's progress as well toward reaching herd immunity that depends on variables. all the information you need to know about the vaccine is in one easy to navigate place, and you may have noticed the qr code on
8:16 am
your screen. use your smartphone to scan it and it takes you to the website. we're aiming to take away some of the confusion that's go there and play with the site and let us know how you do >> it's really simple. i was clicking for my mom in the commercial it's simple. we'll get to our questions let's start with dr. john. a lot of people have this question two vaccines, moderna and pfizer both authorized. if you had a choice, is there one that's better or do you take what you get and don't get upset? >> i tell people the best vaccine you can get is the first one you can get. if you look at the moderna and pfizer, they were made in similar fashions and have a lot of similarities. they're both around 95% effective. they both take two shots to get. the big difference is the pfizer vaccine you take them 21 days apart. the moderna vaccine, 28 days apart. and so that's basically the hugest difference. you are going to get some side
8:17 am
effects. they're essentially the same you can get arm soreness, muscle aches, fatigue that's what most people complain about. that usually goes away in a day or two they are similar and especially considering how hard it is to get the vaccine, having this new plan your vaccine website is going to be very helpful and the first one you can get is the one you need to get. >> a question from michelle in florida. take a listen. >> if you have severe allergies like a peanut allergy, will you be able to get the vaccine >> dr. john? >> yeah. this is a great question because a lot of people have these types of allergies if you have a severe allergy to food, oral medications, pets, those types of things, that does not preclude you from getting the vaccine, but you might want to wait around 30 minutes instead of 15 minutes just to be sure if you have a severe reaction to
8:18 am
prior vaccines or injectable medicines, talk to the doctors about it if you have a reaction to prior covid vaccine, then you don't want to get this one, especially if it's a reaction to peg, the polyethylene glycol. that's an ingredient for everyone else, even with severe allergies, you can get the vaccine. >> another one for you here. a lot of women are pregnant, trying to get pregnant, breastfeeding and concerned about the vaccine. is it safe for them? >> this is a huge question i get. american college of on stet tricks and gynecology, the ob/gyn experts said if you're pregnant, you can still get the vaccine. and what they recommended is get the vaccine in your phase. that's when you would get it normally whether you were pregnant or not, as if you're a health care worker or someone with prior medical existing conditions. but talk to your doctor beforehand so you understand the risks and benefits because the studies were not done on pregnant women although women
8:19 am
got pregnant during the studies. there was no issues found in that as far as breastfeeding say they you should still get the vaccine. >> another one, heidi, on facebook, this is for vicky. >> if you get the vaccine, can you still carry coronavirus? >> that's the question >> yeah. and the short answer is yes. right before you get the vaccine and even after you're vaccinated, you could get the coronavirus, the one that causes covid-19 that's because it takes a few weeks according to the cdc for your body to develop the immunity the recommendation is even after you're fully vaccinated, you want to continue wearing your masks and washing your hands and social distancing. the good news is this morning the cdc is saying that if you are fully vaccinated and you are exposed to the coronavirus, you don't have to quarantine as long as you're not showing symptoms so until everybody is vaccinated, we still need to take precautions and be careful. >> all right vicky, thank you dr. john, thank you. they'll stick around for the third hour of "today" to answer more questions about the vaccine. and the ceo of rite aid will
8:20 am
join us for an exclusive getting ready for this >> if you want to know about your state or your eligibility, go to hoda has the hat for it. okay you can scan the qr code at the bottom of your screen if you like let's head over to mr. roker for a check of the weather >> to help you plan, we are looking at another storm comin in the pacific northwest we have icily conditions pushing into the northeast and mid-atlantic states. for today, below zero high temperatures through the plains. that western storm comes on in it's going to be a mess from central texas all the way into the central mississippi river valley with heavy rain down through the southeast. cloudy skies in the northeast. single digits as you get into . good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall, and we'll see some rain moving in by this afternoon. first starting in the north bay and then spreading across the rest of the bay area today, tomorrow will be a break from
8:21 am
those showers but then we'll have more hit or miss showers on saturday. doesn't look like we'll see anymore widespread rain and then on sunday it's a break from the rain once again with a third storm system coming in on monday, and that could give us widespread wet start to our new workweek. >> and that is your latest weather. guys >> all right thank you, mr. roker time for pop start >> let's get into it wars" spinoffs after sharing a series of insensitive posts on social media sheinelle has more on that good morning. >> good morning to you >> the "mandalorian" powered the streaming service to impressive subscription numbers carano's role got praise for bringing a calm strength to the role but now the company that produces the show says she is no
8:22 am
longer employed with them. >> until our paths cross >> reporter: this morning, actress gina carano, star of the "mandalorian" is out of a job. the 38-year-old who starred as mercenary cara dune is no longer working on the hit disney plus show with lucas film issuing a statement after carano shared a series of inflammatory messages on social media. some of which have been deleted. including one on tuesday comparing the treatment of conservatives in the u.s. to jewish people during nazi era germany. overnight lucas film writing gina carano is not currently employed by lucas film and there are no plans for her to be in the future. nevertheless, her social media posts denigrating people based on their cultural and religious identities are abhorrent and unacceptable it comes as carano, a former mixed martial artist well known
8:23 am
as one of the sport's first female stars, was the focus of social media backlash as fans began to post #fire gina carano calling for her removal for her political views. last fall carano mocked mask wearing amid the coronavirus pandemic and falsely suggested voter fraud occurred during the 2020 presidential election nbc reached out for comment from carano but has not heard back. up next on pop start, a first look at simone biles' facebook watch series. it's an inside look as she prepares for the summer games. >> the olympics are officially postponed. gymnasts' bodies are like ticking time bombs it's like a nightmare.
8:24 am
how to prepare for another year. ♪ i am a fighter ♪ having to come back, am i going to be just as good can i do it again? >> yes, you can. >> can you imagine having to wait a whole year? that's just got to be -- if you're a trained athlete, everything is on schedule, pushing it a year. >> she's ready >> she's ready >> that looks great. watch that, it premiers on facebook watch later this summer next up, michelle obama has always had a passion for getting kids up and moving and encouraging healthy eating in her new netflix show "waffles and mo chi" she teams up wit the characters as they set off on a culinary adventure to discover new recipes and foods and with the help of some familiar faces check out this exclusive look. >> it's like an explosion of colorful flavors >> it's spicy. >> it is
8:25 am
>> what strange things >> we've seen stranger things than that. >> oh, stranger things than the mushrooms. >> yeah. >> waffles >> mochi >> best book ever. >> i couldn't have done it without my friends, mochi and waffles. >> this, mochi and waffles, is your new home. >> waffles and mochi >> wow that looks good, too >> a great show. >> who didn't they get for that? very cool. "waffles and mochi" premiers on netflix on march 16th. and here we go what we've been waiting for. the results of our rom com later speaking of love, just ahead, our look at love in the time of coronavirus. guess what it's looking good. >> that's right. cupid jenna shows us why good old fashioned dating is making a comeback
8:26 am
good morning, it's 8:26, i'm kris sanchez, more people are it even prompted one gruf of volunteers to start patrolling the city's chinatown on foot. video from one recent attack shows the horrifying shoving of a 90-year-old man. he was pushed to the ground. that violence also sparking anger, even drawing attention of hollywood actors like danielle wu, they put up a $25,000 reward to find the people responsible. one person is in custody tied to at least three cases. now we want to get a look at our forecast because meteorologist kari hall says those storms are stacking up.
8:27 am
>> yeah, we have three of them headed our way. the first one today is -- looks fair ly weak. we start out with hit or miss showers. most of us won't see the rain until this afternoon. we're taking a break from the rain chances tomorrow. but then we'll see some off and an showers, possible on saturday. sunday is looking dry, but then we'll have some new rain to move in for the new workweek. so we'll be tracking all of that. >> thank you, kari, and we have more local news coming up for you in just a half hour. have a great morning.
8:28 am
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♪ 8:30 now it's thursday morning. february 11th, 2021. reminder, our new plan your vaccine tool is up it's live. it's running you can do one stop shopping for your questions and how, when, and where to get your shot when it's your turn. just scan the qr code. just open your camera on your phone and hold it up there and it will take you to the website. you can check it out it's a really good tool. and especially as it's more widely available, i think people will need a tool like that >> i think so. meantime, it is almost valentine's day, and we're all about the love jenna is here talking about relationships in the pandemic.
8:31 am
in fact, she talked to one expert said it's a good time to work on your relationships right now. or it's a good time to find a relationship if you don't have one. >> very cool speaking of valentine's day, what would it be without some flowers? deliveries are through the roof. as you can imagine this year and kerry sanders will be here to show us why. >> our own little cupid. and then another holiday to celebrate. we're going to cook up a feast for the lunar new year fried noodles and spring rolls on the menu. in the third hour, "bridgerton" author is going t talk about season two of the hit show based on her books and she's also going to give us her favorite valentine's day reads so many sales to shop this holiday weekend. we're going to have the presidents day deals you want to know about we also want to say a nice good-bye to one of our camera people he has worked at nbc for 41 years. >> wow
8:32 am
>> today is erik's last day on the "today" show he's going to do a little "snl" in a couple weeks, but he's been with us since the early days >> yes >> since jane and tom. right? >> jane and tom. >> we love you, erik >> take us with you. >> long-time philly fan. >> i was going to say go eagles. >> there you go. all right. mr. roker, a check of the weather. >> going to miss him let's show you what we have for the weekend as we look ahead to friday heavy rain down through the gulf dangerous cold down in the plains another storm in the west. on saturday, snow and ice in the mid-atlantic states. snow around the great lakes. another big storm into the pacific northwest. with snow through the rockies. sunday, sunday we are talking about heavy, i mean heavy snow for places that don't normally get it especially into the southwest and into texas pacific northwest, snow in the northeast and new england, and heavy rain down through the southeast. that's w
8:33 am
good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. we're taking a look at an incoming storm that's going to bring us some much needed raini. we are starting out with some light. going into tomorrow the rain will be moving out, we'll take a break, but then there will be some more spotty showers in the forecast on saturday. sunday is looking like a dray day but then we'll start our new workweek with our third storm system moving in. and that's yo weather. >> all right thanks, al before we get to jenna's great story on love, carson, it's rom com time. >> it is it's rom com time. final four in the bracket showdown thanks for voting. we started with 16 sappy films and now we're down to two. "pretty woman" and "sleepless in seattle. that was almost a tom hanks tom
8:34 am
hanks final. "you got mail" beat "something's got a give. who do you like for the big one? "pretty woman" a prostitute falls in love with a businessman. unlikely pairing most popular movie of all time eight years ago, meg ryan plays a bookstore owner. she falls in love with the owner of the big corporate booksreto those are the plots. rom com is in the air. >> "pretty woman" because it's icon, but i think i'd vote for "you've got mail". >> who do you like "pretty woman" to win but i liked wings to remind you. >> do you have your finger on the pulse? >> i know your last chance to vote >> revealing the winner tomorrow >> i don't know. >> yes >> yes >> control room says yes >> coming up next, jenna is going to show us how the
8:35 am
pandemic is changing relationships in a positive way. >> if you're looking for love, we have a few tricks for setting up a successful online dating profile.
8:36 am
8:37 am
we're back it's 8:37 on this thursday morning with our ongoing series, "love in the time of coronavirus. >> yes, as we get ready for valentine's day, singles across the country searching for love are having more luck than some of you might think. >> our resident cupid has the story. hey, girl. hey, jenna >> you're going to only call me cupid from now on. believe it or not, 2021 may be the year to find the one. a recent survey found the pandemic is actually accelerating love. more people chose to move in with their partner in 2020 compared to 2019 so how in the world when we're forced to stay apart are we actually growing closer? i got to the bottom of that question with love expert helen fisher at the lota new york palace hotel and she made one thing clear.
8:38 am
now is the time to date. >> reporter: hunkered down at home, singles used 2020 to step up their dating game online. in fact, experts say we're seeing the return of successful dating dr. helen fischer is the chief science adviser to she studied love for nearly five decades. >> there's a global pandemic how has it changed the way we date >> it's changed dramatically the way we date, and oddly enough, i hate to say this but in a very good way >> reporter: a recent survey found more than half of singles are prioritizing love. redoing the checklist, including the qualities they're looking for. and 44% are opening up with more meaningful conversations there's even a whole new dating stage. the video chat >> i've always wanted to meet someone organically, but 2020 showed me maybe that's not exactly how it's going to happen >> reporter: last year one in five people went on a video date with 50% saying they even fell in love during a video call.
8:39 am
do you feel like video chatting is here to stay? >> yes it is here to stay to save your money you don't have to deal with sex, and you can get to know somebody >> reporter: it seems a little bit like people are dating the way our grandparents dated which is they took their time. there was letter writing to keep them together when they were apart. does it feel like a throwback to you? that these people are the new they want to prepare themselves before they walk down the aisle. >> reporter: the concept, something dr. fisher calls slow love, is a longer period of precommitment. and millennials are leading the way. >> there's new data out of the university of chicago that when you date online, you're more likely to build a long-term stable marriage. i thought to myself, why would that be? as it turns out, the people who meet online are more likely to have full-time employment
8:40 am
have higher education and employed and more likely to look for a committed partnership. it was the way to go >> reporter: and this year a majority of bumble app daters say they've made a dating resolution i'm sure there are a lot of people writing down their new year's resolution to fall in nd meet someone. >> now is the right time to do it it is probably the best time in my history of studying this everybody is on the internet right this minute. and they're looking for a long-term partnership. bad boys, bad girls are out. long-term commitment is in >> reporter: so if you're one of those singles looking for love, consider a profile redo. >> people really care about grammar. they like punctuation. be upbeat. be lively. when you laugh and you get somebody else laughing, it drives up the dopamine system in the brain and it gives them energy and focus and motivation so get them laughing if you can, even in your profile. work on the profile. 68% of men and women read that profile carefully. make it transparent. do some self-disclosures and talk directly to the person.
8:41 am
everybody wants to have a glass of wine in front of the fire >> reporter: a meaningful bio leading to more discussions and this expert is swiping right on love you've been studying lov for almost 50 years. do you think this is the most interesting time you have been studying it? >> nobody has ever asked me that, and yes, it is, because the rise of this video dating and the rise of the internet, we can finally meet people. we're seeing people of all ages finding love and finding love again. bottom line is we're built to love but you got to get yourself out there. the brain system for romantic love is like a sleeping cat. it can be awakened at any time just give it a chance and it will survive >> don't you love that there's been a lot of cats on the show this week the future of dating is all online and actually a new trend we may see is the proof of vaccination.
8:42 am
on tinder, for example, vaccine mentions in bios rose 258% between september and december >> wow >> i think we know why >> i am just holding my tongue >> i know. >> yeah. >> if you've been on a bunch of video chat dates and you're considering a socially distanced real date, some people may have anxiety. because you haven't really seen - >> hiding behind the screen to some degree. >> this is advice from the doctor not from me who hasn't been on a date since 2000. dating is always know that. because of the video calling we've been doing, we've lost some of our social skills. when you're on that date, remember to be upbeat. try to make the other person laugh. she says, of course, humor helps. if you give it energy, focus, and self-disclosure is another important point. tell your date more about who you really are and finally, this is an interesting one. she says brag but just a little bit. a lot of people can be too modest tell them something about how
8:43 am
awesome you are. not too much not too much >> i don't know about that one >> humble brags. >> humble brag like this is what i do and this is why i'm worthy of being with you. >> okay. all right. >> imagine how many awkwar dates could be coming up maybe april. maybe -- let's pad that. late spring, early summer. >> she's saying all these people are already dating on video chat >> that's different. that's a different environment my interviews on computer are easier than the in person ones >> really? >> i don't have the courage to ask in person what i do at home talking to a celebrity during an interview. the dating dynamic changes greatly when you're sitting in a bar two feet from each other >> and you haven't practiced anything the key take away -- >> like making out nobody has been making out for a year >> unless you have the vaccine >> yes unless you're in a pod with your husband, then maybe there's a little making out. >> oh. >> unless you have kids. >> let's pull it back. >> all right, jenna -- >> the key takeaway is that if you're single, now is the time
8:44 am
to get online. i texted a friend of ours we all know and i said get out there. >> but online. >> yes >> jenna, you'll have more i know there will be on the fourth hour. you'll have more tips on how to date during the pandemic go to >> i love this i think you've found your wheelhouse >> books and love and queso, i'm in and the staple of love and valentine's day, flowers kerry sanders finding out why bouquets are bigger this year than ever before he'll introduce us to small businesses around the country that are stepping up to meet the new demand
8:45 am
8:46 am
we're back with the rush to get the flowers to your special someone on time. this valentine's day >> with the pandemic shutting down many restaurants and keeping us distanced, cupid is sending more gifts by mail than
8:47 am
ever before. >> kerry sanders is in miami with that story. hi, kerry. good morning >> good morning, i'm at miami international airport in the ups area where the planes are coming in from colombia, loaded down with the flowers you can see here is a tub coming by each of these pallets as 15,200 red roses and other flowers. it's sort of interesting here, but as the flowers are arriving, they're also responding to the pandemic, and in a curious twist, there's a greater demand for flowers now than ever before >> reporter: our gestures of love and affection begin on flower farms like this one in ecuador. within just hours of being cut, the blooms from south and central america and mexico that will make up almost every bouquet in our country are at miami international airport where a coordinated high speed ballet is more
8:48 am
accelerated this year than ever. >> right now we're seeing a 48% increase in flower boxes from last year to this year >> reporter: 48% >> 48% >> reporter: and how much does the pandemic have to do with that >> we're all tying this back to the pandemic >> reporter: shops like extra touch flowers in palm beach county, florida, which has hired on 21 extra people this valentine's day say customers wary of coronavirus in enclosed spaces are skipping traditional romantic dinners >> they're spending more money on the flowers because they're not going out to dinner. >> reporter: the statistics tell the story. u.p.s. adding 73 flights to bring in 21 million more stems than prepandemic that's 850,000 more boxes than a year ago u.s. customs agents spot check the shipments for illegal drugs and bugs >> they look for pests and things that can be included in the type of shipment
8:49 am
>> reporter: it's a fast turn around the flowers are kept in giant coolers at miami international for three hours before moving back out to florists around the country. arriving only 24 to 48 hours after they were first cut. >> the pressure is on? >> the pressure is absolutely on but we're ready for this >> reporter: it's cold in here i have my gloves, my hat on. look at you. >> we keep moving. we keep moving we're moving in this business. >> reporter: among those at the controls of the cargo planes, captain bud pods he used to fly fa-18 hornets a former navy pilot with a lot of missions. what about this mission? >> this mission is important to me and us in miami and throughout because we know we're bringing happiness to many people who need it this year. >> reporter: a much-needed reason to smile during our pandemic valentine's day i'm a little early, but for hoda, savannah, i love you guys
8:50 am
so happy valentine's day and because the guys should not be left out, i just learned this one, happy palentine's day, guys >> thank you, kerry. up next, we're making a few dishes for the lunar new year. they're quick and tasty and it's going to be in your rotation, your weeknight rotation.
8:51 am
8:52 am
welcome back this morning on "today," we are introducing you to chef laura lee. >> she runs a successful catering business in london called kiwi and rue. she serves a lot of high profile guests including, get this, the royal family >> she's also got a cookbook out, "coconut and samal, recipes from my indonesian kitchen." this morning she's sharing twoa
8:53 am
enjoy for the lunar new year good morning. >> yeah. chef laura lee, good morning thank you for being with us. >> thank you so much for having me what a dream on come true to be on the "today" show. >> speaking of dreams, you actually catered for the royal family can you tell us a little bit about that >> well, it was prince harry and meghan markle, and you can hear i've got an australian accent. i do live in london but i made them aussie morning tea. they wanted sausage rolls and biscuits full aussie fare and they loved it so it was super fun >> are they both big eaters? >> you know what it was at a event so what they wanted to do because they get so inundated with people wanting to speak to them, that we created a special plate for them that they can go behind a partition and eat when no one is watching. which i understand it's hard to eat in front of people right? >> and what's the significance of lunar new year for folks who might not be familiar with it?
8:54 am
why is it so important >> sure. so i mean, you know, a quarter of the world's population celebrate lunar new year typically it's people of east and southeast asian background really, anyone can celebrate it. i'll give you a few tips on how essentially it's bringing in the new new year that's based on the traditional chinese calendar this coming year is the year of the ox essentially, what it's about is about togetherness it's family coming together. it's abundance and a lot of eating pretty much overeating >> speaking of eating, what are you making for us first, laura >> well, so i'm half chinese indonesian and half australian today is a lunar new year indonesian menu. i have a fried noodle dish the noodles are important. the long strands represent long life and longevity, and who doesn't want that. right? and the other dish i'l is spring rolls.
8:55 am
in indonesia, we call this mumbia but the spring roll represent gold bars which helps bring in wealth for the new year that's another kind of lucky, kind of tradition for lots of people that they like to eat to bring the wealth and good fortune. >> is it did i feel to make? we have about a minute and a half left. can you just show us the main points >> yes absolutely i have my pan on hot heat. and i'm going to add some garlic this is a super easy recipe to cook up. it's not just for lunar new year it's any time of the week. could be a tuesday night super easy to whip up. i added snow peas and i'm going to soften the vegetables i'm going to push them to the side i'm going to add scrambled egg which i'm going to add to the top of the pan >> breakfast >> yes and we're going to let the egg set and become a little bit of an am let. the omelet becomes like -- we're
8:56 am
going to add our long life, stir that together and add our longevity noodles into the pan i precooked those. super easy then i've got some precooked prawns i have some precooked chicken thighs you can use any protein, tofu, beef, shrimp whatever you want. chuck those in and then this is the -- >> that looks amazing. look at that, guys unfortunately we have to run, but thank you so much. we appreciate it check out her cookbook at >> thank you very much >> comin good morning, it's 8:56, i'm kris sanchez. stanford researchers confirmed the arrival of a new fast moving covid variant. this one is the one first identified in south africa. two bay area cases, one in alameda county and one in santa clara county are under investigation. both of the people infected are
8:57 am
said to be international travelers who quarantined when they arrived and neither developed life threatening symptoms. now, while there is no evidence that this variant is more deadly it is said to be more resistant to the already approved covid vaccination. happening now we are following several bay area covid related developments including concerns about bay area vaccine supply. other regions in california, including l.a. county, are now starting to run low enough to cancel mass clinics. i'll link to the latest on our home page. also, the trump impeachment trial is getting ready to resume any minute now. house impeachment managers are still in the process of laying out the case death sentence donald trump saying he incited the january 6th capitol riot trump defense team is expected to follow with its own response. nbc news will have special coverage when the trial resumes.
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the president pro tempore: the senate will come to order. the senate will convene as a court of impeachment. the chaplain, dr. barry black, will lead the senate in prayer.


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