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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  February 11, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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reservations. it was a dry winter, which means there was no falling water to create this magical image. hope to see you at 6:00, bye, folks. . tonight the dramatic final hours as democrats drive home their case in donald trump's impeachment trial. how prosecutors arguing the rioters stormed the capitol following orders directly fromformer president trump and he shows zero remorse the danger they say he still represents president biden on the never before seen video. the covid vaccine shortages, biden announcing the u.s. is secured of another 200 million doses but leaving the timeline murky, not everyone will be vaccinated by the end of summer. we are helping you plan your vaccine, our new
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interactive too many the deadly 100 cars pile up in texas icy freeway the race to rescue those trapped in freezing temperatures our exclusive, the first camera allowed inside the irs forensic lab chasing violators who caused taxpayers billions the fearless mom tackling the suspect to protect her daughter and a world bringing masterpieces to life >> announcer: this is "nightly news" with lester holt good evening everyone former president trump showing no remorse and playing more disturbing videos, police officers rushed by crowd and breaking through
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barriers, and streaming "traitors, traitors. believed they were sent by the president. the impeachment manager trying to show a pattern of trump condoning violence from provoking supporters during rallies. trump's lawyers are readying their case, peter alexander has the late details >> what is impeachment conduct if not this? >> reporter: house democrats hammering home their case against former president trump. >> reporter: using the words as those in the mob as evidence that mr. trump incited them >> president trump requested that we be in d.c. on the 6th. >> one rioter says, quote "she
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>> one rioter says, quote "he will be happy, we are fighting for trump. >> let's show trump what's up. no, just say we love you, we love you bro, he'll be happy, what do you mean we are fighting for trump. >> reporter: the most extreme supporters took their cues from him. >> they said what donald trump said and they echoed each other, stand back and standby. stop the steal, fight like hell, trump except us. we are listening to trump. >> reporter: all accommodating they say in these comments before last month's riot >> we fight like hell if you don't fight at hell, you are not going to have a country anymore. >> here is the thing, it was not metap metaphorical it was not rhetorical.
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he made it perfectly clear that when he said "fight," he meant it >> reporter: democrats accusing mr. trump a lack of remorse. when you and i make a mistake, something very bad happens, we would show remorse we would accept we would accept responsibility president trump didn't do any of that >> reporter: replaying this clip from days after the violent siege. >> my speech and my words and final paragraphs and everybody thought it was totally appropriate. >> he knew people died his message was and his conduct his message was and his conduct was totally appropriate. >> reporter: their presentation peppered with video from charlottesville and mr. trump's endorsement of rallies. >> january 6th was not radical break from his law-abiding and disposition. this was his state of mind and essential mo >> reporter: democrats trying to persuade republicans he should be the first president barred from holding futures office
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>> we humbly ask you to convict president trump for the crime which he overwhelmingly guilty of if we let it go unanswered, who's to say it won't happen again? >> reporter: all of it as mr. trump's legal team prepares for rebuttal tomorrow. nbc news spotted the former president during today's proceedings. his lawyer is under critical review and now hoping to wrap up their case in a single day >> it should be as short as possible given the harm that this has caused people >> it is unconstitutional and selfish on democrats who are pursues their own here they need to take seriously of their oath of office
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and start focusing on the american people. >> reporter: one of the former president's defense lawyer arguing democrats failed to tie the violence of mr. trump. there could be a verdict before the end of the weekend. lester let's bring in kasie hunt what's the mood now that house democrats wrapped? >> reporter: the temperatures seen a lot lower tonight as senators further removed from the emotions watching those new videos of the siege yesterday. i was in the chambers today, many senators not in their seats, several are coming and going and not paying attention. it was much different than yesterday's presentation when afterwards there were real questions whether some republicans may change their minds. >> all right, kasie, thank you. president biden found that new video of the attack deeply disturbing as he talked about it
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for the first time and he's also speaking out about the timeline when most americans can get the covid vaccine. kristen welker now with the latest >> reporter: tonight president biden weighing in on the trump's impeachment trial for the first time when pressed by nbc news on those newly released videos of the capitol riot >> did you see the video during the impeachment trial and what was your reaction? >> i like most americans watching the news, i think the senate has an important job to complete >> reporter: the president still did not say his predecessor should be convicted. the white house says his comment was not meant to offer a projection but explain his emotional response >> we found it deeply disturbing and how the president
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felt when he watched it. >> reporter: the president had been aiming to keep the focus off the trial and on his agenda today announcing his administration secured another 200 million doses of coronavirus vaccines there will be enough supply for 300 million americans but not everyone will be vaccinated by the end of summer. >> we'll be in a position where it is going to be, it is not going to be by the end of summer >> reporter: tonight is still unclear when everyone who wants a vaccine will be able to get one, given what president biden calling the logistical challenges of the vaccine. we want to turn to the massive pile-up now, left six people dead and dozens injured today near fort worth, texas, our morgan chesky has late details. >> reporter: the video capturing the tragic aftermath about to get worse. cars flying the crunch the chain reaction
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smashing more than 130 vehicles, sending 65 people to the hospital and leaving six others dead >> reporter: by the time first responders arrived, that debris field stretched more than a mile down the interstate. semitrucks after semitrucks scattered and pieces on the highway. some cars crushed beneath and the victims inside blake didibel. they franticly searching for their son. >> reporter: after hours of waiting, their son were able to walk away but still shocked. >> i was in about 100 feet or so and hit the wall and these semis came through and plowed through a lot of people. >> reporter: heartbreaks spared for some morgan chesky, nbc news much of the country is facing new threats from ice and snow and another cross-country
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storm. al roker is tracking it for us. what are we looking at >> dangerous weather condition with 16 million people some sort of winter weather alert, we got icing going on with snow into the mid-atlantic state. heavy rain, 2 or 3 inches in the southeast. ice accumulations from the ohio river valley lighter snow amounts as we move into sunday, believe it or not, from coast to coast, we got another big storm from the northwest into the northeast. 43 out of 48 states seeing snow some really heavy. >> thank you, in just 60 seconds, the question so many families are asking, when can children get vaccinated and how to plan your vaccine, we got everything you need to know
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just under 35 million americans have now received at least one dose, hospitalizations are down again to just under 77,000 miguel almaguer has more >> reporter: at the time it is needed most. four others across l.a. are shutting down two days the city center of the covid crisis has no vaccine to give. >> i am very concerned right now that our vaccine supply is uneven and unpredictable. >> reporter: california leads the nation in covid deaths it is one of the many states desperate to secure more doses >> 10 million new yorkers are chasing 300,000 vaccines >> reporter: several super sites across the country are inoculating those >> there is not a vile warehouse, the state of
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california does not have any vaccines >> reporter: counting up in production, dr. fauci tells savannah on "today," he's optimistic. >> by the time we get to april, anybody can start to get vaccinated >> reporter: the dodgers stadium shuts down, some local pharmacies will begin vaccinations tomorrow. it is just a fraction of the doses been given out here >> miguel. as millions of adults get the vaccine, we don't know when it will be available to children >> reporter: caleb cheung is a typical 12-year-old may be the key to end the pandemic >> he's one of 2,000 children enrolled in the pfizer critical trial. >> do you feel like a hero >> i know doing this vaccine trial has a potential to really help out in the world of children
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>> reporter: while children are at high risk in developing severe illness and their thought of spreading the virus less than adults they make up a quarter of the population so vaccinating them could be vital to herd immunity >> you start vaccinating the children before the natural virus mutates. we need to start vaccinating children sooner or later. >> reporter: dr. fauci hopes it will be sooner by summer the timeline for young children are still unclear. pfizer is studying 12 to 15 olds now and begin trials from 5 to 11 next for parents enrolling kids can be a big decision, caleb's dad is a pediatrician. >> my initial reaction was excitement and to make sure we make that decision together >> reporter: for pilar manson is
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not an easy decision the trial has a big impact on stopping the pandemic it is a way that we can impact people when usually we can't as kids >> reporter: kids rolling up their sleeves and doing their part, hoping their fears are not far behind kristen dahlgren, nbc news for millions of americans getting to vaccination sites is not a community task and transportation is a big challenge. ride share companies are pitching into help >> reporter: after struggling to make a vaccine appointment online harvey and gayle smith still have another problem >> it is important because i am high-risk. >> reporter: uber gave them a free ride. one of 12,000 promised in jersey alone making i
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seniors and those living in lower income community to have a shot >> the anxiety of getting the vaccine because we are vulnerable group >> reporter: 45% of americans have no access of transportation one study estimates of 6 million delays of medical care each year because they don't have a ride. >> majority of the people here don't have cars and higher percentage when you talk about seniors. >> reporter: across the country, companies like uber and lyft and meals on wheels are stepping in. lyft driver helped a woman who's been skeptical of the vaccine so her family insisted >> they really care about her. >> reporter: harvey and gayle smith also got their shots. >> it takes a lot of pressure on my shoulders and i can relax a little bit more. >> reporter: they'll be back for
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another ride gabe gutierrez >> we know you have a lot of questions when and where you can get the vaccine. we are here to help on plan your vaccine campaign vicky nguyen tells us how it works. >> reporter: plan your vaccine of everything you need to know. first select your state and age group, you want to click on occupation and make sure you risk if you have any high-risk health concerns. learn the distribution timeline in your state, who's eligible now and who's up next. hover over your state and you will see the percentage of people who's vaccinated and how much of the alloted of vaccines have been used >> this interactive map and it will show you the
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closest vaccination site be sure to call ahead to make sure they have supplies available. you can enter your e-mail and sign up for alerts you can do that for as many states as you need if you want to help your parents plan their vaccine, you can sign up and get alerts for them it is available in spanish and mandarin, vicky nguyen, nbc news up next, a look inside a little known crime unit of the irs.
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forensic crime lab, investigators violators causing taxpayers millions of dollars. tom costello with our series "the price you pay your taxes." >> reporter: never before cameras been allowed through these glass doors. inside the irs's own version of a csi lab focusing on big cases of money laundering and check fraud. >> reporter: it is here they lift the most difficult fingers and fingerprints >> a lot of this to a person may seems tedious. >> it can be but in the end we hope to break the case and contribute to the investigation. >> reporter: they still take
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pride sending al capon into prison 90 years ago for tax evasion. >> reporter: they work about 300 cases every year, lifting prints on documents or dvds, it could be drug money or packaging or laptop and cash. >> reporter: kevin's job piecing shredded documents together bank statements >> it is like solving a puzzle and you don't know how many puzzles there are. >> reporter: irs special agent. >> there is a distinct between an honest mistake and criminal activity >> criminal investigation,
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special agents get involved when you have done something wrong but your intent was criminal your intent was to commit fraud >> reporter: the challenge today following a web of leads that extends deep behind the computer screens. tom costello nbc news, chicago. a texas mom tackled a man spying on her teenage daughter's window police arrested him on several charges. the mom joked her next step is trying for the nfl i know a few teams can use her. up next, a day at the museum that's inspiring america virtually.
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tonight in these gloomy days, we find the things to inspire us as we look to brighter days ahead. >> reporter: what if you can take inside a beautiful van gogh's painting? at the chicago van gogh exhibit, you can do just that this massive space has turned to a beautiful canvas >> this is how the art should be taken in >> reporter: the trouble artists' bold and vibrant strokes and blues helping ease our blues during this unsettling time >> reporter: how do you think? >> i like it >> reporter: a virtual palace filled with natural wonders. >> once you step into the room, we guarantee you will forget >> reporter: in this pandemic
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dead of winter, we can all use this escape room dive in and lose yourself kevin tibbles, nbc news, chicago. >> art therapy at its finest that's "nightly news" on this thursday, thank you for watching everyone, i am lester holt, please take care of yourself and each other good night i'm tracking that rain on storm ranger. he'll show you when the heaviest gets here tonight and more details on the weekend chance. plus, vaccines are if short supply in the bay area, and some are getting left out. >> there's a life-saving vaccine, and we're being denied it. and it's crushing. >> the people who are demanding the state reexamine the vaccine tiers. and reversing course, the
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judge's ruling that will reverse restrictions on churches in the south bay. i'm jessica aguirre. >> i'm janelle wang. the rain has returned to the bay area. the rain, as you can see on the lens, and it's moving across the entire bay area right now. let's bring in chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. he's tracking it for us. and it seems like a pretty quick-moving storm. >> it definitely is. that's the good thing about the storm. we're getting beneficial rains but not seeing the flooding issues like we did with the atmospheric rivers a couple weeks ago. a quarter to a half inch. oakland hills above a quarter of an inch. you can see the trend here drops off as we get to san jose with just .600. it moved in fast. over the past three hours we've


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