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tv   Today  NBC  February 18, 2021 7:00am-9:01am PST

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gorgeous sunrise this morning in marin county back in san francisco. what a beautiful place we live. thanks so much for starting your day with us. good morning. mounting misery. >> it's freezing. blackout. no electricity. >> nearly 1 million people across the south facing a fifth day without power in some of the harshest winter conditions in decades. >> my apartment is under 40 degrees. >>omeowners in texas turning to desperate and dangerous measures to keep warm. pipes now bursting and flooding homes. and a powerful new storm stretching from the south all the way to new england making matters even worse today. covid confusion. mixed messages from the white house and health officials over what it will take to get students and teachers back in
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school. >> but if they're not vaccinated, is it safe for them? >> well, i think we have to decide if we can put in place safe measures. >> this morning, the lingering questions and the frustration felt by millions of parents across the country as the vaccine rollout is hit by more delays. >> everybody wants the vaccine and it's a problem to get it. >> we'll have the latest. under investigation. the fbi and u.s. attorneys now focusing on new york governor andrew cuomo and his administration's handling of the covid crisis. could he face charges for the controversial decision to send sick patients back to nursing homes? remember rush limbaugh. fans paying tribute to the hugely popular and highly controversial radio icon. this morning his rise to become a leading conservative voice in america as former president trump breaks his silence to remember his late friend. >> he is a legend.
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he really is. those stories, plus breaking overnight, serena williams fighting back tears after an emotional exit from the australian open. >> i don't know. i'm done. >> just ahead, the questions that moment is raising about the tennis legend's future. and nasa nail biter. >> we know we have our work cut out for us. >> the space agency just hours away from a rover landing on mars a decade in the making. >> definitely we're human beings, an historical moment. we're going to fly on another planet. >> inside the ground breaking mission that could finally answer the question, is there life on another planet? today, thursday, february 18th, 2021. from nbc news, this is
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"today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb, from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hey, everybody. welcome to "today." so happy you're joining us. another cold one on the east coast. >> a cold one, but what's it up in space? that's where the eyes are going to be this morning. this morning's nasa's most important rover will land on mars. tom costello will talk to the men and women behind the incredible mission. and back on earth, winter weather is making it tough on people. this, by the way, day five of the power crisis in texas. 1 million people there and across the south still in the dark while facing a relentless winter blast. >> now we could tell you how cold it is. maybe these stunning images tell the story better. burst pipes caused icicles on this ceiling fan. just look at this. yep. that's ice coming out of this bathroom faucet. and check out this car wash in austin. the person who posted this picture summed it up well saying
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i guess i'll wait until next week. >> the situation is not going to get any better today as a potent new storm sweeps across the region and into the northeast. 100 million people now under winter weather warnings and alerts. we got it covered. we'll start off in dallas with nbc's morgan chesky. hey, morgan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. for the first time since this disaster began we're seeing real signs of recovery on the power front. right now fewer than 1 million texans are without electricity. but today a brand new crisis. 7 million under a boil water advisory making the fight for that resource even tougher. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: this morning misery in texas. >> it's really freezing. it's horrible. >> reporter: millions statewide spending another night in the dark without electricity, heat, and for a growing number, running water. flooding homes only adding to the nightmare. state officials offering little guidance on when any of it will
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be over. >> every source of power that the state of texas has has been compromised. >> reporter: these two have spent the past four days inside a cold, dark home using a single gas stove to stay warm. >> i know god is here, but who else? we're supposed to take care of our people. >> reporter: to the south in houston and galveston, millions being told to boil their water after outages impacted treatment plants. >> going to be in this a couple for days. >> reporter: emergency officials fielding hundreds of calls related to carbon monoxide poisoning as people resort to desperate measuring to stay warm. >> do not use grills indoors and do not run your car inside your garage. >> reporter: with limited water, even fire departments are struggling to battle blazes. >> they're running from one call to the next, trying to do the best they can. >> reporter: the lone star state is alone in having its own power grid. allowing it to bypass federal
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regulations that would require safeguards for this exact type of cold weather. ercot, the nonprofit that runs the grid, admitting they are not able to compete with mother nature. >> ercot saw the storm coming. it also did damage to the supply side. that knocked us enough out of balance that we had to take on these outages as difficult and damaging as they have been. >> reporter: the dangerous storms roaring across the country leaving snow and bitter cold from arkansas to illinois. the northeast now bracing for impact. as folks in texas do their best to survive. >> it's really terrifying to think about people dying from these freezing conditions. and we don't want to be one of the statistics. >> reporter: this morning the biden administration pledged generators and diesel to keep texas hospitals and vital facilities open throughout this weather crisis and governor greg abbott saying he's making the
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sale of natural gas illegal over state lines. hoda? >> let's go back to the viral photos that just showed how freezing it is there in texas inside the homes. we saw the freezing ceiling fans and the water that couldn't come out of the sink. so does this underscore how the area isn't built for those kinds of conditions? >> reporter: it really is unprecedented in the shear scope of the impact across the state of texas. want to show you a photo of the imact of this, we're talking about a cactus encased in ice out toward the western part of texas. that's nearly unheard of. and then look at this. down in houston where it's typically balmy this type of year. a playground looking like an icicle collection. and people forced to literally camp inside their own homes in a effort to stay warm. i have actually had friends park their family in front of a fireplace inside a tent until their power comes back on.
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hoda? >> you hear about people burning their own furniture so they can have more firewood. they're going to desperate measures. morgan, thank you so much. >> a lot of emergency calls about carbon monoxide poisoning. people going into their garages to warm up any way they can. the situation is dire. >> it certainly is and it's not really going to warm up to 40s, 50s until we get to the weekend. it's going to stay brutally cold. we're watching the storm make its way into the mid-atlantic and northeast. it is snowing pretty good in philadelphia. starting to coat the grounds there and we are going to see that continue for the next several hours. to add insult to injury, temperatures right now are below freezing across most of texas and we have just a little disturbance producing more snow and more ice. but the big event we're tracking for today is bringing the snow through new jersey, through maryland and delaware. we're seeing the icing, though, in areas like virginia where we already have about a half inch, up to three quarters of an inch.
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coating the ground. a treacherous, dangerous situation there that will likely lead to power outages, as well. later into this afternoon, the snow and ice fizzle out. it regenerates overnight into friday morning. so we'll see a secondary round of snow and ice across the mid-atlantic through friday morning. we're looking for mostly ice through virginia. that's the dangerous stuff. we have more snow and ice likely across south western texas of all places. additional snowfall through the northeast. we're looking for 4 to 6 inches of widespread snow. but it is really the icing that coats the power lines and roadways that will be the biggest concern. i'd say widespread 4 to 6 inches. lesser amounts as you go south where you see the changeover, and here is the ice we're talking about in virginia and maryland. half an inch up to three quarters to an inch of ice. it's very dangerous. savannah? >> dylan, thank you. we'll check back. the storm is taking a toll on the vaccine push from coast to coast. the cdc is reporting widespread delays. we have in-depth coverage on
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that and the new battle over reopening schools. nbc national correspondent miguel almaguer is in los angeles with that. miguel, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the problems created by that nasty winter weather are two-fold. it's forcing vaccine sites to close where conditions are just too dangerous and it's also impacting distribution to make matters worse, it comes as getting shots into arms is more important than ever. this morning as much of the nation waits anxiously for their turn to be vaccinated, protection from the virus can't come soon enough. >> everybody wants the vaccine, and it's a problem to get it. >> reporter: and this week's brutal blizzards are adding many delays and cancelled appointments. wicked winter weather impacting some 30 states. crippling the distribution pipeline nationwide. the snowstorm in chicago preventing more than 100 providers from getting shipping supplies. grocery stores inoculating seniors in florida also out of
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doses. long lines wednesday at metlife stadium just outside new york city. people racing to get their doses before today's snowstorm. >> we're going to run out today, tomorrow. and on top of that, we've got the weather problem. >> reporter: the u.s. is now inoculating 1.7 million people a day. the focus now widening to tackle virus variants. the biden administration pledging $200 million to help identify variants more quickly as a new study suggests the pfizer vaccine may lose some potency against the south african variant. those findings based solely on lab experiments. in all, more than 1,200 cases in 42 states of the known variants. >> and miguel, just out this morning, new data. and it really shows the effect of the pandemic on life expectancy in the u.s. what can you tell us? >> reporter: for the first time since world war ii, life expectancy in the u.s. has dropped by a full year. it is a clear and somber
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indication of just how serious and deadly the pandemic is. >> all right. miguel, thank you. let's move to the latest on the push to get kids back in the classroom. classroom. with a lot of students struggling to keep up and mixed messages from the biden administration, this morning there are new questions over when and how schools can reopen safely stephanie gosk has the latest. steph, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the cdc recommends that teachers get vaccinated but they say it's not mandatory for them to do s to go back to in-person teaching safely that has a lot of people scratching their heads saying which is it? this morning top officials are landing on an answer that may not sound very satisfying. they say it depends. the growing question this morning? what will come first vaccinations for teachers or in-person learning some finding messaging from the biden administration confusing after vice president harris spoke exclusively with savannah on wednesday >> first of all, let me say
7:13 am
this the president has said it and we're all really clear teachers should be a priority. >> but if they're not vaccinated, is it safe for them? >> i think we have to decide if we can put in place safe measures >> reporter: dr. fauci clarified the administration's position. >> we don't feel every teacher needs to be vaccinated before you can open school. that doesn't change that we strongly support the vaccination of teachers. >> reporter: while 28 states have made all or some teachers eligible for supply, there's strained supply causing delays and the reluctance to require shottings before reopening is upsetting many teachers. >> they should say we need to be vaccinated before we return to work we're not just sitting at home because somebody said we have to close the schools. we're sitting at home because of life and death >> reporter: across the country districts are divided. in los angeles, despite pushback from teachers unions, elementary schools can reopen this week >> it's a real lifeline for our
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students to think they can return to school, be reunited with their classmates. for some of them, they're meeting the teacher for the first time >> safe return, no return! >> reporter: but after protests with teachers in philadelphia, a classroom comeback for students has been delayed for a third time >> no one should be asked to return to school unless the proper precautions are in place. >> reporter: still, many parents whose kids have been learning virtually for almost a year now say it's past time to get back to school. >> put children first in this conversation teachers are obviously important parts of our communities, but how do we balance this correctly so our children are not left behind in this pandemic? >> reporter: dr. fauci and the head of the cdc stress the importance of the safety guidelines in schools. those are the things we hear to much about washing hands, social distancing, good ventilation when those things are in place, the research shows there's very little transmission of the
7:15 am
disease. hoda, back to you. >> stephanie gosk for us in upper manhattan. thank you. craig joins us now with more news on the pandemic good morning >> good morning. nbc news has learned both the fbi and the u.s. attorney's office have launched a preliminary investigation into the state of new york's handling of data when related to covid deaths in nursing homes. nbc's anne thompson joins us with details on this one good morning >> reporter: good morning, craig. there are bipartisan calls this morning from state lawmakers to strip new york governor andrew cuomo of his emergency pandemic powers his administration now faces growing scrutiny over the handling of the state's nursing homes in the early days of the pandemic an issue that has gotten the attention of the feds, too this morning, new york governor andrew cuomo's administration is under federal scrutiny for its
7:16 am
handling of covid related fatality data at nursing homes according to a senior official familiar with the investigation, the u.s. attorney's office in brooklyn and the fbi have launched a preliminary inquiry a spokesperson for the u.s. attorney and fbi have declined comment. but overnight the cuomo administration said in a statement, the doj has been looking into this for months we have been cooperating with them and we will continue to the fallout comes after a 76-page report from new york's attorney general last month revealed the state had been underreporting deaths in nursing homes and long-term care facilities by as much as 50% more than 15,000 people have died in those facilities during the pandemic governor cuomo has been adamant his administration never hid any of the numbers and he also defended his controversial policy of sending infected residents who had been hospitalized with covid back into nursing homes during the
7:17 am
early days of the pandemic >> my health experts don't believe it was wrong and we've gone through all the facts several times. >> reporter: earlier this month, cuomo's top aide melissa derosa said the administration delayed releasing nursing home death data over fears it was going to be used against us by then president trump and the doj. >> my administration created the void and that, i feel bad about >> reporter: when new york was the u.s. epicenter, early in the pandemic, cuomo was lauded for his leadership, even receiving an emmy for his regular briefings. for many grieving family members, cuomo's words aren't enough governor cuomo turned nursing homes into covid death chambers. >> reporter: new york state senate could take up measures to repeal the governor's emergency powers as early as next week, craig. >> anne thompson for us this morning.
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ann, thank you 17 minutes after 7:00. let's go to dylan with the rest of the forecast. >> good morning. we talked about the rain and the snow and the ice but i want to also point out the severe weather potential, especially down through south carolina into georgia and the panhandle of florida with damaging winds and tornadoes also a possibility that's a look at the weather across the country we'll get to your local forecast in the next 30 seconds keep yours healthy with new crest advanced gum restore. it's clinically proven to detoxify below the gum line, and it restores by helping heal gums in as little as seven days. because you can't have a healthy smile, without healthy gums. advanced gum restore from crest. the #1 toothpaste brand in america. good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. let's take a live look outside in san francisco, waking up to clear sky, but it's also chilly as you head out the door. as we go into today we'll start
7:19 am
to see more clouds moving in but it will be a nice warmup, reaching into the mid 60s. tomorrow scattered showers start early in the morning and clear out for the afternoon with another chance of some spotty showers early on saturday morning. the rest of the forecast looking sunny as we warm up early next week. and that's your latest forecast >> thank you coming up, we'll look back at the life of rush limbaugh, the controversial radio icon who became one of the country's leading conservative voices. plus all eyes on mars. in today's historic and risky landing of nasa's perseverance rover. tom costello takes us inside the delicate mission for signs of delicate mission for signs of lii'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv.
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with every dark green bottle of suave. experience unbelievable softness. get a refreshingly deep cleanse. smooth, invigorate, feel great. suave in dark green. beauty with benefits. a very good morning to you. i'm laura garcia. weather problems elsewhere creating delays in the bay area vaccine rollout. >> i'm kris sanchez, mild weather here but weather else where is impacting covid vaccinations in the bay area. this is part of a letter sent to marin county residents with appointments today and tomorrow canceling the appointments saying severe weather delayed our vaccine shipments. in sonoma county a ship month of more than 8,000 doses was delayed by the winter storms set to arrive this week an as of yesterday had not arrived. the federal government says that there could be more delays ahead. the state is telling counties to prioritize second vaccines.
7:27 am
i'm bob redell at nasa ames in mountain view later this afternoon the space agency will attempt to land a mars rover perseverance on the surface of the red planet and it will be a nail biter for some of the researchers here who developed some of the technology on that rover because it's been describeds as seven minutes of terror, the time it takes for the three $3 billion rover to complete its descent on to the red surface, it's frightening because flight controllers can only watch as the preprogrammed spacecraft uses a parachute to decelerate from 12,000 miles an hour and have a rocket steered sky crane lower on to the surface. pretty amazing. let's check the forecast. meteorologist kari hall. >> and we're looking pretty good here. more clouds moving in today, but it's still going to be fairly warm reaching into the low to mid 60s across the bay area. by tomorrow we'll start out with some early morning showers and clearing for tomorrow afternoon. saturday also a chance of rain
7:28 am
but warming up next week. laura. >> sounds good. thanks for joining us. we'll be back with another local news update in about a half hour.
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♪♪ ♪ look at me i can be center field ♪ doesn't the crack of the bat sound so good? >> we're back. the sights and sounds many of us could use. a good image a moment of zen. well, you know what? it's not like that here in the northeast. that's the northeast and the snow is already coming down we're seeing this big snow storm move across. we've seen what happened in the south. a lot of schools cancelled right, craig >> schools cancelled yeah >> for you guys? >> oh yeah that was before the snow even started. we're going to start with your 7:30 headlines. one man fighting for his life. seven other people recovering
7:31 am
this morning after a gunman opened fire in philadelphia yesterday. it happened right in broad daylight near a public transportation station surveillance video shows people running to escape the gun fire the man is in critical condition after being shot in the stomach. police say one person was taken into custody there's no word on the motive. a baby in central florida is home safe this morning after the suv she was in was carjacked the one-year-old was sleeping in her car seat in the driveway while her mom was unloading groceries. when somebody jumped in the driver's seat and took off more than two hours later the suv was found abandoned in a church parking lot about three miles away the baby girl was unharmed and reunited with her parents who say they're relieved and grateful she's okay. the search for the suspect is underway europe's most active volcano is putting on quite the spectacular display this week. this is in sicily's east coast, mount etna
7:32 am
it's erupted sending lava and ash high in the air. the eruptions forced a local airport to shut down as a precaution officials say at this point there's no serious danger to residents in nearby villages. quite the show >> indeed. now to the death of a talk radio icon rush limbaugh, the conservative and controversial host hugely popular with millions of listeners, he passed away yesterday after a battle with lung cancer. >> senior washington corresponden hallie jackson has more. good morning >> reporter: good morning to all of you you know, so many people are remembering lush limbaugh this morning, including former presidents like george w. bush who called him an indominabl spirit with a big heart. he was incendiary, criticized for his controversies. his wife in announcing his death calling limbaugh larger than life tributes this morning from some of the biggest names in the republican universe. >> he is a legend. he really is >> he was a man who walked with
7:33 am
kings and influenced nations >> reporter: remembering rush limbaugh, radio host and conservative giant >> i am rush limbaugh, america's real anchor man. >> reporter: partisan, polarizing and provoktdive. >> imeat not controversial bombastic? outrageous >> reporter: limbaugh was rising to radio fame from a small town in missouri after eventually dropping out of college and bouncing between jobs he landed on the air and never left. his program eventually syndicated in 1988, growing to include tens of millions of listeners, tuning in for his conservative brand of political talks. at times misogynistic, homephobic and racist. dismissing donovan mcnab >> the media has been desires that a black quarterback do well >> reporter: scoffing at michael j. fox's parkinson's symptoms. >> it is clearly an act.
7:34 am
>> reporter: and apologizing after shaming a georgetown law student advocating for birth control. >> that means you're a slut, right? makes her a prostitute >> reporter: he embraced conspiracy theories like birtherism and downplayed covid when the pandemic first started. >> the coronavirus is the common cold >> reporter: all the while relishing his role mocking the media and his political opponents. >> i have a question for the democrats. when are you people going to get tired of losing? >> reporter: limbaugh appearing on "today" in 2009 >> i think it would cross a line yeah, probably, but you just come back and apologize for it >> reporter: a kingmaker in conservative politics courted by contenders seeking his stamp of approval he found a friend in donald trump. the former president honoring him with the presidential medal of freedom just a day after limbaugh went public with his cancer diagnosis a year ago >> i have been diagnosed with advanced lung cancer this day has been one of the most difficult days in recent
7:35 am
memory for me. >> reporter: he was open about other personal battles, too, like losing his hearing in 2001 before getting cochlear implants and his addiction to pills >> i thank god for my addiction because i learned more about myself in rehab than i would have learned otherwise >> reporter: limbaugh, a divisive legend who never held back >> my goal was to be the most listened to show you've made it possible. >> for all the controversy that he did embody, he still received an outpouring of tributes including as you pointed out including tributes from former presidents what does that tell us about what rush limbaugh represented in conservative politics specifically >> reporter: i think it tells us a lot. he was a towering figure in conservative politics, in gop politics
7:36 am
you know, limbaugh once read a dear rush letter on the air from former president ronald reagan praising him as a voice of conservatives in the country he was made an honorary member of the class for helping them win the majority with the support. polling from last year showed him among the most trusted news sources for conservatives. a sign of how influential he was and how much he will be missed by many conservatives here >> senior washington correspondent hallie jackson for us, thank you. just ahead, the history that nasa is hoping to make on mars starting with a daredevil landing that's happening in a few hours. >> and it could give us the best views of the planet we've ever had. and answer some really important questions about life beyond earth. tom costello on the story right after this
7:37 am
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7:41 am
>> yes, it is. this afternoon nasa will land the latest and greatest unmanned rover on mars. "perseverance," bigger and apparently much more sophisticated than any previous rover. >> it even has a miniature helicopter that will fly over the martian surface. that's not an advertisement for a new toy. tom costello covers nasa we are all geeked up about this one, tom >> reporter: who doesn't love this stuff it's fantastic but listen, they're really going after a few critical questions here has life ever existed on mars? does it exist there right now? we know that the conditions were very similar to earth billions of years ago so did life die off or did it move underground it's taken this rover seven months to get to mars and now nasa is promising a view of the red planet like we've never seen before veteran nasa engineers call it their seven minutes of terror. this afternoon, the spacecraft named "perseverance" begins the
7:42 am
final fiery descent traveling as 12,000 miles per hour as it breaks through the thin martian atmosphere deploying the biggest super sonic parachutes ever made then using new imaging technology, it will guide itself towards the martian landing zone where a sky crane will gently lower the rover to the ground. >> there are many things that have to go right to get "perseverance" on to the ground safely >> reporter: the target a crater right there. a dried lake bed about the size of lake tahoe, 3 to 4 billion years old. selected because buried in the delta may be the best evidence of ancient microbial life. >> did that ancient life adapt as life on earth has and is it somewhere underneath the surface hiding from the radiation, hiding from the stark low pressure of mars atmosphere?
7:43 am
>> reporter: to find out nasa sent "perseverance" its most sophisticated rover yet. loaded down with microphones, so humans listen to the surface. cameras, imageers, radars and drills "perseverance" will drill from the rock and soil, collecting samples in dozens of sterile tubes to be brought back to earth in ten years or so helping to plot the rover's precise location and coordinate its live data feeds, engineer farraf alaba >> i always say to people, i'm an explorer through the eyes of a rover. right? from the home in the comfort o southern california weather, i get to be on mars every day. >> reporter: one of the coolest features of the mission, a four-pound mini helicopter, a drone, really, named ingenuity that will take off and skim the martian surface photographing the terrain. but flying in an atmosphere that's only 1% of earth's at fear, engineers had to develop a special twin rotor system that
7:44 am
could provide the necessary lift this pilot calls it a wright brothers moment for mars >> it really will be phenomenal. technically, first-time event, but definitely for human beings, a historical moment. we're going to fly on another planet >> reporter: and to pave the way for future human missions to mars, the rover is carrying a science experiment to turn the carbon dioxide in the martian atmosphere into breathable oxygen, and for making liquid oxygen that could be used as rocket fuel to return to earth how soon >> what is your realistic expectation on when people may be able to actually land on mars >> we're cautiously optimistic that by the end of the 2030s, we may be able to send and do a round trip mission with astronauts >> what i love is all their enthusiasm these guys love their jobs, but to pick up on his point, that means probably astronauts will not be on mars for another 20 years at the soonest
7:45 am
first, they need to return to the moon and build operations there. and the acting nasa chief tells me a lunar mission probably will not happen in 2024 as first hoped. savannah >> tom, i caught this little detail some of the engineers are going to work this mars mission and switch over to living on martian time >> yeah. >> that raises the question, what is martian time >> yeah. so the mars day has an extra 40 minutes in it. if you live on mars time, to make sure you're awake during the daylight hours so you're up and watching the rover when it's running, you quickly get jet lagged add another 40 minutes to your day. every single day they do it a few months at a time many work at home. some are at nasa's jpl in pasadena they'll have cots in their offices, working 12 and 14-hour shifts and they quickly get out of sorts >> just one follow-up. when is cocktail hour on mars? >> whenever you want >> tom, thank you very much. how cool is that
7:46 am
>> the coolest we know dylan loves it she is our science gal >> i love it average temperature minus 80 degrees fahrenheit >> is that right >> you think it's a warm planet. it's red, warm, but it's actually very cold >> today years old discovering there was martian time did not know that. >> i know. >> tom mentioned the acting nasa chief. in the third hour we'll have him on and talk about what's at stake with the mission >> all right >> very cool >> all right dylan, what have you got >> i have so many questions for him. >> i know you do >> i'm so excited for that interview. speaking of the cold, we have temperatures that will feel like it's about 9 degrees below zero in oklahoma city that's currently right now abilene, texas, it feels like zero as we go into the afternoon, temperatures aren't going to warm up that much. we'll stay mostly below freezing houston should get up to 39 degrees. the windchill will feel like 28. still feeling just brutally cold, especially for that area and then tomorrow morning, we're likely to break records. dallas, the record is 15 degrees.
7:47 am
forecasting a morning low tomorrow morning of 15 degrees abilene the record is 19 forecasting a low of 10 degrees. midland, texas, 8 for tomorrow morning. warmer weather is in sight and it is going to arrive this weekend. look at sunday in houston. we should get back up to 60. san antonio, 64 degrees. memphis, we'll go from 28 on friday up to 48 on sunday. warmer air in sight. it takes a couple more days before it gets here. >> good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. taking a live look outside in san francisco we're waking up to a clear and sunny day, but we'll start to see some clouds moving in. it's also fairly chilly out there. we will warm up back into the mid 60s with a high of 60 in oakland, 65 livermore and 61 in santa rosa. as we go through the forecast we'll have some rain in here early tomorrow morning but only spotty showers and another chance saturday morning before it dries out once again.
7:48 am
>> and that's your latest forecast >> all right thank you. just ahead, rescues tied t the brutal temperatures getting a lot of attention this morning. frantic effort is underway to save cold turtles. >> we have that story but first these messages ulin. and trulicity activates my body to release it, lowering my blood sugar from the first dose. once-weekly trulicity responds when my body needs it, 24/7. trulicity is for type 2 diabetes. it's not insulin. it isn't for people with type 1 diabetes. don't take trulicity if you're allergic to it, you or your family have medullary thyroid cancer, or have multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2. stop trulicity and call your doctor right away if you have an allergic reaction, a lump or swelling in your neck, severe stomach pain, changes in vision, or diabetic retinopathy. serious side effects may include pancreatitis. taking trulicity with sulfonylurea or insulin raises low blood sugar risk.
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7:52 am
and we're back with carson >> hey, good morning, everyb . we are back with carson. >> good morning, everybody just ahead, serena williams' emotional exit from the australian open. just ahead, what she did plus we are cooking with valerie bertinelli after your local news there was nothing i could do. (daughter) daddy! (dad vo) she's safe because of our first outback. and our new one's even safer. (vo) welcome to the 2020 subaru outback. an iihs top safety pick+. the highest level of safety you can earn. (vo) get 0% for 63 months on select new 2021 models.
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7:56 am
make bubly sparkling water at home with sodastream. a very good morning to you. it is 7:56. i'm laura garcia. here's a look at what's happening now. >> i'm cierra johnson right now we're getting a clearer picture of just how many people decided to leave san francisco in the midst of a pandemic. many folks were able to work from home beginning in march and they took advantage of it, leaving the area. researchers used cell phone data and change of address forms to determine about 8,000 folks moved from alameda county, another 7,000 folks to san mateo county, and some left the state completely with austin, denver and portland, oregon, the top out-of-state cities. good morning, everyone. i'm scott mcgrew. on capitol hill this morning the ceo of reddit and the ceo of the stock trading app robinhood will testify at least virtually before congress today talking about the whole gamestop share
7:57 am
buying debacle. also, a stock trader who goes online by the name of roaring kitty will testify as well. kari hall joins us right now with a look at our forecast for today. kind of a cold start. >> yeah. it's cold this morning but at least it will be a mild day. it won't be as bright and sunny as the weather we had yesterday. more clouds will be moving in, but hey, at least we're going to reach a high of 65 in morgan hill, 63 in martinez and santa rosa at a high of 61. tomorrow rain moving in for the early hours and does clear us for the afternoon reaching 60 degrees and another slight chance of rain saturday morning, especially for the north bay. the rest of the forecast is sunny and temperatures warm up. by early next week highs in the 70s in the inland areas. i'm looking forward to that. it would be nice to get some more rain, laura. >> we need it.
7:58 am
you're right. thanks, kari. thank you for joining us as well.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ it's 8:00 on "today. coming up, winter weather watch. 100 million people bracing for another round of snow, rain, ice. in texas, residents there facing historic freezing temperatures with hundreds of thousands still in the dark. >> it's really freezing. it's horrible. >> dylan has the full forecast then, life after the vaccine. from mask wearing to seeing the ones we love how will things change after you get the vaccination? >> the importance of the vaccine is that it's going to prevent you from getting very sick >> just ahead, we'll show you the dos and don'ts of post shot life
8:01 am
plus, cooking with valerie easy recipes that will surely impress. valerie bertinelli joins us live to show off some of her favorite dishes >> and shell shock and shell shock. the massive effort underway to save sea turtles stuck in the historic cold. >> how do you feel participating in this incredible rescue effort >> true definition of community. unity. we're all coming together to help out one another >> we'll take you inside the operation as volunteers work around the clock today, thursday, february 18th, 2021 ♪ i said oh ♪ >> it's a big week in the ford household. >> it's our birthday >> happy birthday. >> we're the mendez family >> from sunny florida. >> and today i turn 16 ♪ oh what a day ♪ >> today, we're celebrating my
8:02 am
dad's 92nd birthday. >> and here we are on the "today" show from rhode island >> happy birthday! >> oh. >> happy birthday. gene, he looks good. we're back it's a thursday morning. glad you woke up it's snowy out here. >> yeah. >> we're going to get right to the news at 8:00 hundreds of thousands of people across the south facing a fifth day without power, without heat and water with more harsh winter weather on the way. we'll check in with dylan in a couple minutes first, nbc's morgan chesky is on the ground in dallas morgan, good morning >> reporter: good morning to you. for the first time since this disaster really began, we're finally starting to see some progress on the power front here in texas as it stands right now, fewer than 1 million texans are without electricity, but we're starting to see a new crisis begin to play out. that's the fact that 7 million across the state are under a boil water advisory. and the fight to find the
8:03 am
precious resource is getting even tougher as far as the electricity situation goes, the bide administration has pledged generators and diesel to try to keep texas hospitals and other vital facilities open. heartbreaking scenes across the country in water damage. pipes are bursting others are frozen and now we're seeing long lines as people try to get whatever water they can to go back home to hopefully weather out the brutal cold snap hoda >> morgan, thank you for more on the latest storm, dylan, what have you got? >> we are going to see the snow continue for the next several hours. we have the snow falling just kind of a little extra bit to the system through texas and ice just north of houston. but this is the big part of the storm that's producing significant amounts of icing through virginia we're also seeing the snow take hold of areas like philadelphia just north of philly, we have reports of just around 4 to 6 inches of snow that's going to continue through the next several hours with the
8:04 am
widespread 4 to 8 inches of snow through the mid-atlantic but ice is going to be a major concern. down through virginia but also icing possible across parts of maryland into delaware washington d.c we could see up to i'd say a half inch to three quarters of an inch with some areas picking up an inch of ice. that coats the trees and power lines and makes the roads impassable s if going to set up to be a pretty dangerous situation, craig. >> dylan, thank you. that brutal cold in texas has led to another situation there. the sea turtle population in south padre island is not able to swim in cold water. so volunteers are working around the clock to rescue them kerry sanders has the story for us kerry, good morning to you and your friends, as well. >> reporter: good morning. you know, as the sun comes up, there was a massive effort that will resume again today. volunteers who are heading out to look for sea turtles, endangered sea turtles, just
8:05 am
like these off south padre island, no one has ever seen it like this before >> you could say easy, easy. >> reporter: a tragedy in the making motionless, bobbing at the surface. >> turtle. turtle after turtle after turtle >> reporter: each stunned by the extraordinary climate shift. >> we've never seen anything like it. >> reporter: the laguna madre water temperatures fell this week at an unprecedented rate from 80 degrees to 37 in just four days. turtles are cold-blooded when a cold snap hits them, what happens then >> you hit the nail on the head. they need the water to regulate their body temperature because they're cold-blooded in a cold event, it causes them to float to the surface of the water, and although they know what needs to happen, because they're unable to lift their head to draw breath, they drown.
8:06 am
>> reporter: it took six volunteers to rescue and mov this giant green turtle to the warmth of heating lamps. >> he was well over 400 pounds they're estimating to be at least 200 years. he was the biggest rescue they had. >> reporter: how do you both feel participating in this incredible rescue effort >> through definition of community, we're all coming together to help out one another. >> reporter: with so many rescued turtles and more still coming, there's not enough room in the local turtle hospital so sea turtle inc., marshaling this massive rescue effort has turned this convention center into a temporary turtle hospital but like so much of texas, there's no electricity >> we are closely monitoring the condition of the turtles here to make sure they continue to be regulated with their body temperature. >> reporter: at another makeshift hospital, a space generator donated by spacex
8:07 am
helping warm the numb turtles. all the rescued turtles are eng dangered hawks bill loggerheads. leather backs and green turtles. what are the chances these turtles behind you will survive? >> you know, it's hard to say. we'll know probably by thursday or friday what the mortality rate of all of the turtles here are and have a little bit of an indication as to our success rate at that time. >> reporter: the good news is when a turtle is stunned by the cold, they can still survive i'm at the gumbo limbo nature center here in florida where they have 14 turtles that were stunned by the cold off of new england. three have already been returned out into the wild. they're living fine. in texas sea turtle, inc. is hoping if they can bring the temperatures up for the turtles and the water temperatures rise, they'll be able to return into the wild, but they're also making plans to send perhaps some of those turtles to the warm weather here in florida,
8:08 am
but they're hoping the temperatures rise for the people and the turtles. everybody hoping for that warming trend. >> turtle relocation we were sitting here scratching our heads. 400-pound, 200-year-old turtle >> reporter: it's remarkable you know, if you look at the history of turtles, they go back to the jurassic period it's amazing this animal is still with us. i talked to a lot of people in texas as they saw 4,725 already rescued. they were like we knew there were turtles out there, but we had no idea there were that many >> kerry sanders for us, thank you. overnight serena williams lost in the semi finals but it's what happened after that has some people wondering what's on the mind on tennis' most dominant star. >> she was looking to add a record tieing grand slam title
8:09 am
to her resume. she fell in straight sets to naomi osaka. serena leaving many with a touching moment leaving the court in tears after serena williams, tennis's most dominant star for nearly two decades, was unable to hold off. losing to naomi osaka overnight at the australian open the young star representing japan, cruising to victory >> i had so many opportunities. and yeah it was just -- i don't know. yeah it was just -- just made too many mistakes there. easy mistakes. >> reporter: but it was this emotional moment from williams after the loss t many. pausing to wave to the cheering crowds before walking off the court to a standing ovation. >> i think with that little move we saw from serena, that might be the last time we see her
8:10 am
here. >> reporter: afterwards she was asked about the moment. >> you were almost saying farewell. >> i don't know. if i would say farewell, i wouldn't tell anyone. >> reporter: and later serena's smile fading. >> was it just one of those bad days at the office? >> i don't know. i'm done. >> reporter: the 39-year-old won her last major four years ago in melbourne before taking a break from tennis to give birth to her daughter. after last night's match, osaka gracious in victory, explaining that she is still star struck by her childhood idol, serena. >> i was a little kid watching her play, and just to be on the court playing against her for me is a dream. >> reporter: now osaka will face jennifer brady in the finals on saturday.
8:11 am
the up and coming american reaching her first major. >> i can't feel my legs. my legs are shaking. my heart is racing. >> reporter: as the tennis world is now left wondering about the future of one of the best to ever play the game. like all of the players at the australian open, serena had to quarantine for two weeks before the start of the tournament. something that she indicated only made it more difficult to prepare both physically and mentally. savannah, you're our resident tennis expert. i'm such a softy. i don't want to see anybody lose. it seems like it's hard to speak after -- >> we were just talking about that in sports when they make the athletes who put their hearts on the line, have to answer the questions. i don't know. i think for her, she's come so close so many times and all of these grand slams but she hasn't quite gotten that title since she gave birth to her baby. maybe it caught up with her in that moment. >> we hope she doesn't hang it up yet. >> i don't think so.
8:12 am
and she's chasing history. i think she's got a few titles left in her. >> i like that. >> all right. the news is covered. a boost for you. >> all right. i'm not used to sports from savannah guthrie. as parents, one of the most important jobs is to back up our kids when they need it. but sometimes, sometimes our children may politely ask us to ay politely ask us to step back like this young girl did. >> i'm talking to jesus. ♪ hallelujah ♪ >> that's too loud. >> oh, sorry yes. sn ♪ hallelujah ♪ >> oh, my god. backup singer wrote on instagram, i interrupted my daughter mid karaoke she put me in my place it was respectful, but talk to the hand, mom. >> she's like this is a solo >> that's too loud >> that was great. up next, we're going to dive into what happens once you get that all-important shot in the
8:13 am
arm. >> hey, good morning i'm vicky nguyen my parents consider themselves very lucky they're among the millions of americans who have gotten at least one dose of their covid-19 vaccine. but how much does life really change after vaccination coming up, the dos and don'ts post vaccine that's next on "today. vaccine. how much does life change? rapid wrinkle repair® smooths the look of fine lines in 1-week, deep wrinkles in 4. so you can kiss wrinkles, and other wrinkle creams goodbye. rapid wrinkle repair® pair with our most concentrated retinol ever for 2x the power. neutrogena® how do we ensure families facing food insecurity get access to their food? we needed to make sure that, if they couldn't get to the food, the food would come to them. we can deliver for food banks and schools. amazon knows how to do that.
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8:16 am
we're back with our ongoing series, "vaccinating america." taking a closer look at what happens after you get that shot. >> i think a lot of us have questions. does life go back to normal or should we form a new bubble like an immunity bubble with others vaccinated >> those are good questions. before we get to the answers, vickie has everything we need to know it's our new digital tool to make things easier for people to get vaccinated along with our parent company, comcast. >> you scan the qr code and check it out with all of that, we open ho people look at that. this is a question a lot of people are having as more people get the vaccine. what can i do? how does life go back to normal? >> what can you do when can you do it with more americans being vaccinated each day, w gathered people who have
8:17 am
received at least one shot to talk about how it's changing their lives and also the questions they still have about how to protect themselves and their families >> what was it like when you actually got the first shot? >> i cried i cried. >> it was emotional. >> the both of them were emotional. >> turning the corner back to normalcy >> reporter: they're some of the lucky ones >> the sense of relief was strong i cried, as well >> reporter: for ellen, pedro, joe and larry, getting vaccinated has been life changing >> i got the shot at the same hospital i was born at and i liken it to being reborn >> reporter: they have some level of immunity to the virus, but there are many unknowns. who has questions about what they can and can't do after being vaccinated >> my biggest question is despite the fact that i have the vaccine, could i still carry and unwillingly transmit it to someone else >> the most important things on my mind are seeing my 89-year-old mother, and seeing my daughter, son-in-law, and two grandchildren.
8:18 am
>> when can we have other people in our home? >> is it safe to get on a plane and travel outside the united states >> reporter: we turned to a dr. vin gupta, a nbc news contributor an critical care pulmonologist at the institute for health metrics and evaluation to get answers. once someone has been fully vaccinated, is it a free pass? can they loosen up on wearing masks or washing their hands >> no. they can't right now unfortunately, until we reach herd immunity, we think it won't happen until midsummer, you need to wash your hands, distance, avoid nonessential travel. >> for those folks getting the vaccination, my parents included, when they ask, what does this mean, what do you tell them can they still get sick? >> the importance of the vaccine is it's going to prevent you from getting very sick all the vaccines that currently exist will keep you out of the icu and they will save your life >> reporter: but dr. gupta says even if you're vaccinated, you need to be cautious. the data is unclear on whether
8:19 am
vaccinated people can still transmit the virus to others a big question from our group, when can they visit safely with loved ones >> we want to go see family. we want to see our granddaughter that we haven't seen in over a year now >> reporter: some doctors say if everyone in a small group is vaccinated, they can form an immunity bubble and privately gather without masks and social distancing but they should still consider the rate of infection in the community. and whether someone in the room is at high risk because so far, no vaccine is 100% effective and dr. gupta says groups of vaccinated people should be careful when gathering in public >> the reason we're saying don't do that quite yet is because you might be exposed you might go home and expose somebody in your household that has yet to get that vaccine. >> reporter: and when will it be safe again to travel or attend larger events like weddings, baby showers or reunions dr. gupta says pack your patience a lot of folks have plans they put off from 2020. when will it be safe for them to do those gatherings again?
8:20 am
>> i think realistically, august, september timeframe is reasonable to hope for a lot has to go right between now and then >> reporter: when it comes to everyday activities, experts say getting vaccinated will reduce your risk of getting sick when gym, getting a haircut, dining out and even returning to work and the more people who get their shots, the faster we'll see a return to everything we've missed for the past ten months >> what is it you're looking forward to the most? >> a lot of travel >> peace of mind >> the yankee games. >> i want to be with people that i love and i want to hug them. >> boy, i haven't heard the emotional side of getting the shot that was really fascinating. you answered so many questions here's another one if i get the shot, how long is it between the time i get the shot and the immunity starts kicking in >> the cdc says one or two weeks after your final dose, and of course, the doctor reminding everyone, even after getting fully vaccinated, still wear your mask, social distance, and frequently wash your hands and you can read more about life
8:21 am
after the vaccine at >> what if you get the shot, how long does that immunity last do we even know? >> carson, it's still too early to predict with certainty, but the experts point to research shows it varies from person to person the estimated range right now based on early data, 5 to 12 months >> okay. so you have to do it every year. >> it looks like we'll need boosters >> and get it every year like the flu sho >> that's what they're saying. we'll see. thanks another check of the weather. that snow is coming down heavy >> it is north of philadelphia, snowfall rates of 1 to 1 1/2 inches an hour that's where it's accumulating in the mid-atlantic. we'll see the snow throughout the next several hours you go down to virginia, north carolina, ice. in the southeast severe storms across texas, brutally cold temperatures with windchills in the single digits or colder. that's a look at the weather . good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. here's the live look outside in
8:22 am
san jose. we're waking up to sunshine, but it is chilly out there and we'll start to see more clouds moving in for the afternoon but it will still be fairly warm, reaching into the low 60s today, 64 degrees in the south bay and 62 in napa. 61 today will be the high in santa rosa. tomorrow, rain, especially during the morning. and the rest of the forecast is drying out as temperatures warm up. >> don't forget. you can check us out on the radio. sirius xm channel 108. >> all right dylan, thank you mr. carson, how about some "pop start." >> we're going to start with demi lovato, a tell-all promises to give fans the most in depth look at the pop star's life up to and following her near fatal overdose in 2018 the trailer for the series called "demi lovato dancing with the devil" offering a glimpse of what to expect >> any time that you suppressed a part of yourself, it's going
8:23 am
to overflow. >> when you're young, and you're famous, my god, it's tough >> i had three strokes i had a heart attack my doctors said that i had five to ten more minutes. >> now more than ever, she's taking hold of the power >> i'm rebirthing. i'm starting over. >> are you sober now >> i've had a lot of lives with my cat i'm on my ninth life i'm ready to get back to doing what i love which is making music. >> how about that? >> oh, my gosh >> can't wait. >> after the premier of the trailer demi revealed more about her life following the overdose, saying she was left with some brain damage and even has some vision problems. a lot more to see when that series premiers march 23rd on youtube. next up, emma stone's cruella movie. finally got a trailer, as well we got a look. we got it a year ago for playing the iconic disne role from the original "101 dalmations film"
8:24 am
the movie simply titled "cruella" it gives us an origin story for the character showing us her life in the 1970s in london as she goes a bit too far to make a name for herself in the cutthroat fashion world. >> i'm just getting started, darling. ♪ >> the thing is, i was born brilliant. born bad and a little bit mad ♪ >> i'm cruella >> wow that's not rated g >> no. that is not for kids >> no. >> look at this scene. >> like the joker. >> like the joker series >> serious >> a little dark a little dark. >> okay. >> i like it, though >> i'm scared. i want my mommy. >> i like it next up, your buddy drew barrymore.
8:25 am
the actress and now talk show host joined her pal savannah t answer as many questions as she could getting candid about her work hours as a mom. >> are you a morning bird or a night owl? >> i used to be a night owl. now i'm a morning bird kids >> kids, morning show? >> yes exactly. you know when we meet for a cocktail, it's like at 5:00 p.m., maybe, 4:00 i hate when people are like dinner at 8:00 i'm like, no let's do it all in the day, and be in bed when the sun goes down >> that's the perfect schedule as far as i'm concerned. this is why it works >> we can relate to that who eats dinner at 8:00? >> no one. >> i'm on my fourth drink by then >> if i get an invitation for something at 7:00 before the pandemic, i'd be like 7:00 what is it, midnight am i a rock star who stays up until 7:00? >> dinner tonight? the usual. 'see you at 4:30
8:26 am
>> exactly >> a full episode. head to >> thanks for the plug >> it's so good. we have a lot more ahead, kids, including a grea good morning, it's 8:26, i'm marcus washington. you might say the debate to keep the sky star ferris wheel in san francisco keeps going in circles. the cities historic preservation -- tabled that vote until next month. that's when it's scheduled to be removed. the port wants to keep it there for another four years. critics cite the noise and the impact to the environment and wildlife. skystar is closed right now. this is until san francisco leaves the purple covid tier. let's get a look at the forecast for you. meteorologist kari hall has been tracking those temperatures. kari? >> and it starts out cool but we do have some mostly clear skies around the bay area this
8:27 am
morning. a nice shot of san francisco as you get ready to head out the door. and it's going to gradually warm up. we're headed for the mid-60s today. there will be some showers in the forecast for tomorrow, especially during the morning. and then again on saturday morning but the afternoons are looking dry. and then more dry weather in the forecast as we warm up from sunday into early next week, reaching into the low 70s for the inland areas but a cooldown, still no rain, for the middle of next week. while san francisco will get a boost in temperatures as well, reaching into the mid-60s. marcus? >> all right, thanks, kari. going to have another local news update coming up for you in 30 minutes. see you back here then.
8:28 am
this is a no-nonsense message from three. small business insurance is usually so complicated,
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8:30 now thursday morning 18th of february 2021. snow is coming down. craig got out a little early because he has an assignment, important one. >> this is kelly standing by with an update on the health of britain's 99-year-old prince philip he spent the second night in the hospital for what the palace described as him feeling unwell.
8:31 am
>> and then a really powerful story about two of our viewers strangers from different parts of the country who connected and became friends after a report here on "today." >> i look forward to seeing that also valerie bertinelli making delicious roasted fish, pasta salad and even a nightca that can turn any dinner into a special occasion coming up on the third hour, more of our "kids under pressure" series this morning the surprising disconnect that exists between parents and teens when it comes to pandemic stress and if you could use more rest, you might want to be with us tomorrow because we are revealing the sleep awards the top products for anything standing between you and a good night sleep. don't you want to tune in just for that >> i am. i'm going to wear my best red carpet look. >> stop sleeping, wake up and watch. >> i'm going to wear my cpap on the air tomorrow >> yes >> you can do that >> all right what you got for the weather >> obviously we have that storm
8:32 am
in the mid-atlantic. but for the weekend, we are going to see the snow continue across the northeast, especially up into new england tomorrow morning. still hanging onto rain along the coast. down through the carolinas on friday the cold continues with record lows likely through texas. going into saturday, mountain snow the next storm moving from west to east across the country. milder temperatures will take hold through texas we'll get back into the 50s. it dries out in the southeast. on sunday back into the 60s across texas they certainly need that warmup. light snow takes hold on sunday across the great lakes it's dry and sunny in the northeast. although a little bi chilly with temperatures in the 30s and looking at another storm to make its way into the pacific northwest with rain and mountain snow on sunday that's a look at the weather good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. let's take a look at our seven-day forecast. we are going to see more clouds moving in, and temperatures still reaching into the mid-60s in the inland areas. tomorrow some early morning showers on the way.
8:33 am
most of it should clear out by the afternoon. another chance of rain saturday morning, but then it's dry the rest of the forecast. reaching into the low 70s for early next week, and those mornings still cool but a slight cooldown for the middle of next week. >> and that's your latest forecast >> thank you now to the well wishes pouring in for prince philip who's the queen's husband, of course >> he turns 100 this year. he was admitted to the hospital tuesday night. nbc's kelly cobiella is in london with more good morning >> reporter: good morning to you. yeah buckingham palace isn't disclosing prince philip's illness, but they said he's expected to stay here at king edward hospital here in london for a few days prince philip four months shy of his 100th birthday walked into the hospital on his own according to a palace source, arriving from windsor castle by car tuesday night. buckingham palace called it a precaution measure because the duke was feeling unwell and said he'd stay for a few days of
8:34 am
observation and rest any sense at all that this is more serious than it sounds? >> well, at this stage i think buckingham palace is playing down the seriousness it's not covid related it's something completely separate and it is treatable. >> reporter: at an event wednesday, prince charles and camilla showing no signs of being worried. the queen who's mastered zoom during the pandemic was on a call with the ambassador in the u.s. on wednesday. she's carrying on at windsor castle where the couple has been living for much of the pandemic. prince philip officially retired three years ago at the age of 96 despite the jokes -- >> i'm sorry to hear you're standing down. >> i can't stand up much >> reporter: he's said to be active and in good health. his last hospital stay four days in december of 2019 for an undisclosed illness. released just in time for christmas with the family.
8:35 am
in netflix's "the crown," he's always by the queen's side like in real life celebrating their 73rd anniversary with a card from prince william and kate's kids last year. she's head of state. he's head of the family. with eight grandchildren, nine great grandchildren and two more on the way prince harry hasn't seen his grandfather in person since he and meghan left the uk last year and with meghan now due to give birth in the next few months a visit this summer is up in the air. but the rest of the family is hoping to be reunited for his 100th birthday in june prince filip is said to be in good spirits and if all goes to plan, if all goes well, he could be back at windsor castle with the queen by sometime this weekend. guys >> that would be good news all right. thank you so much. coming up next, would you pay a complete stranger's rent just to help them out? >> for one "today" show viewer,
8:36 am
that answer was yes. natalie morales next with the kind story that will restore kind story that will restore your faith in humanity covid has made clear that having health insurance is more important than ever. at covered california, every plan is comprehensive,
8:37 am
covering everything from preventive care to mental health. and it's the only place that offers financial help for health insurance. enrollment is open due to covid-19. if you or someone you know isn't covered, now is the time to sign up. covered california. this way to health insurance. enroll now at
8:38 am
we are back with a story that struck a chord for us it's a story about lending a helping hand to our neighbors in need, even if they're thousands of miles away. we're joined by natalie morales for this story natalie, good morning. >> reporter: it is a good one. good morning to you guys millions of americans have lost their jobs and livelihoods because of the continuing coronavirus pandemic and like many americans son struggling to make ends meet, dee robinson has resorted to food pantries and multiple jobs. her story reached someone across the country who couldn't go another day without helping her out. >> all right have a good day. >> my son is disabled. down syndrome and autism with the pandemic it's been tough. >> reporter: dee robinson is a single mother of two in atlanta. before this, were you doing okay
8:39 am
were you making ends meet? >> yes definitely i was definitely making ends meet i was working at a credit union, making good money. i didn't have any issues paying my bills >> reporter: like so many americans, she lost her job at the start of the pandemic in march. now six months behind on rent, dee is driving for uber and lyft, trying to stay afloat and goes to food banks to feed her kids how do you tell your kids what you're going through >> i just tell them everything is going to be okay. >> reporter: dee is facing eviction and her car is in the process of repossession. how stressed and anxious are you when you put your head on that pillow at night? >> oh, very. it's to the point where i can't even sleep it's -- i need answers i want answers i just need help >> reporter: the first of those direct payments you're talking about could start going out just a few days after christmas >> reporter: dee shared her story on the "today" show in december dee robinson knows what it's
8:40 am
like to feel financial pandemic pain >> it's been a very long, tough road for me. and very challenging even food, i'm going to food pantries and -- i don't want to start crying >> reporter: across the country in sacramento, california, sue spurber was watching >> i was just inspired by her perseverance and the fact that she had two jobs and i said to my husband, boy, i saw a lady this morning that just is such a great role model for everybody. she's working so hard to be a good parent and to provide for her family she really touched my heart. >> reporter: sue reached out to her local nbc affiliate. kcra >> i said, 13 minutes after the hour, when the "today" show started, there was a wonderful lady on. can anybody find her for me? i would like to meet with her. >> reporter: we were able toatl
8:41 am
dee, all the way connect sue with dee and here we are in atlanta and, dee, all the way in sacramento, and you were on tv for maybe 20, 25 seconds but what you said really struck a chord. what do you want to say to sue >> thank you thank you. i'm glad that at least you heard me, someone heard me it is hard it's challenging just being a single mom with two kids, and it's even harder when you have special needs children you know it's different >> well, parenting to me is the most, most important vocation any of us can be blessed with. and to meet the challenges as you're trying to do really resonated with us. >> reporter: sue had a little surprise for dee >> we know you're trying to find a place now that's a little more economical, and if my husband and i can offer you first and last month's rent or something for your new place, it would be an honor for us to be able to do that i think you're such a great role model for your children. they see you working, and it
8:42 am
doesn't just affect you. it will -- it will inspire your children to see what a good work ethic looks like >> reporter: sue, that is so generous >> absolutely, absolutely. i thank you. that's a blessing for us >> i wish i could give you a hug. you have moved us so much. dee has moved us so much >> thank you so much given everything going on in the world, it's great to know that, you know, there's still good people out there >> reporter: dee is still sorting out her housing situation and sue is standing by to help her when she needs it. the two are very much in touch right now. and sue hopes her act of kindness will inspire others to help a neighbor next door or even across the country. from this new friendship, dee hopes the #showsomeonetheycan starts trending. let's get that going and some really great news and dee started a new job just last week. so finally, a fresh start for her, we hope guys
8:43 am
>> dee is an incredible person i think we should all jump in and help out, too. it's still a long road ahead >> yes but she's put -- you know, it's starting to look up she has a new job. let's get her where she needs to go our "today" show viewers are the best >> exactly >> thank you, natalie. >> thanks. coming up next, valerie bertinelli is here we'll eat well virtually, unfortunately. healthy and delicious recipes for fish and pasta salad with a twist. looking forward toanging with h
8:44 am
8:45 am
today food, our dear friend valerie bertinelli is here >> it makes us so happy. valerie always comes through with recipes full of flavor and light. >> hi. >> love it and you've got a special thing for us today we're going to get to the food in a minute. val, what's new with you how are you? >> everything is going quite
8:46 am
well i just -- before we leave, can you guys get me her venmo, please i don't want her to lose her car. can we at least help save her car? >> we had the exact same conversation on the commercial for dee. >> valerie, yes, we're working on it. >> before we say good-bye after we're done, help me out with that >> we'll take care of you. this is valerie. this is quintessential valerie always helping people. how are you doing? we know we've been following you and we're holding your hand. >> i'm almost afraid to say anything because i know i'll be in the headlines the next day. it's just -- you know, it' what we're all going through we've all experienced some sort of loss this year. it's been a really, really challenging year whether we've lost our jobs or lost someone we're close to i'm feeling what everybody else is feeling sometimes i feel like i can barely stay above water and other times i feel like i can run a marathon it just -- we just take it what the energy we have for that da emotionally, we just work with you know >> yeah. >> i mean, there's always someone else that can use a lift
8:47 am
up from us no matter how far down we feel and you guys are going to have my son on tomorrow morning >> i know. we're excited about it >> he's playing a special acoustic version he's playing. i love cooking for you guys, but you're going to have wolfie on tomorrow >> it's all in the family. that's right he's on tomorrow on "today." >> it's like a "today" show concert. >> valerie is today on "today. >> when you guys get going on the concerts again, i'll come by and cook for the concert >> done. >> we'd love that. >> what are you cooking for us today, val >> i'm going to make this amazing cod. i know some people are like i don't want fish. this is the most amazing full of flavor fish. super easy fish. it's cod, but i've got this topping that i put on top. and it's this coconut and cashews. you make this yummy topping and toast it in the oven while this is toasting, from experience, i would say
8:48 am
make extra this gets eaten before it gets on the fish sometimes. >> is it just coconut and cashews? that's it? >> and curry powder and salt and olive oil. and we're going to replicate those flavors over here on the cod. and we're going to get some curry powder this is coriander. some curry powder again. we'll replicate that flavor. and salt and pepper. it goes on you always want to make sure you season all your food seasoning. yes, salt and pepper is seasoning. i get made fun of a lot by this, but yes, it is seasoning actually so this goes into the oven when it comes out, i don't mean to go too far off camera hello. it looks like this >> wow >> then what you do is you get it -- i have a platter so you guys can see altogether. >> i want that >> carson, you'll love this.
8:49 am
>> i do already. >> what you do is you get it on your plate, and then grab all of these guys you have some chopped up cilantro get these guys in. let me do this a little bit easier the parchment always helps a little bit to pull everything up you have them nice and toasty out of the oven. mix them with cilantro, and then you get lime zest over that. and that's really easy and that adds freshness. and then this goes right on top of the fish. >> that looks good >> you get the creaminess of the fish, the crunchiness. it's like a fun tropical flavor. and there you go >> you may have said this, but how long do you cook the cod i've made cod before, and you overcook it in a second. >> that's right. >> you can it's not long. i believe it's 350 degrees for maybe -- depending on the thickness, about 12 minutes? 15 minutes it also depends on the heat of your oven.
8:50 am
i have noticed my oven here, this is my home kitchen. later in the 10:00 hour, i'll take you to my new kitchen you'll be the first one to see it for my valerie cooking, but that oven is a little bit different. you have to play with your ovens and know your oven this is anywhere from 12 to 15 minutes at 350 degrees >> what are you serving that with >> i am going to serve it -- i just have -- i like to really vary my palette. this is one of my absolute favorite dishes. it's super easy. and it's got roasted eggplant in it >> oh no >> the roasted eggplant always gets me. it turns into this creamy and -- i hope you didn't see that my cat just jumped on the counter. >> no. >> walked by >> we missed it. sadly. >> as long as he didn't jump in the pasta. >> what's the cat's name >> batman. i had six of them.
8:51 am
that one is batman >> six cats? >> val, i love zucchini, but i can't stand eggplant what's my problem? >> wait, what? >> i love zucchini sauteed, fried, raw, whatever, zucchini, but eggplant, i cannot eat. why? what's wrong with me >> nothing is wrong with me. you just have a different flavor palette. nothing is wrong with you, carson you're the best. you can put the zucchini in the pasta salad. >> i'll sub those out if you don't mind >> you could add in a favorite olive if you want to it's one of those throwing, but it wouldn't be called pasta ala norma then it has to have the eggplant for that and this is the nightcap camomile tea, whisky, lemon, and honey. and that will put you to bed after you have this lovely meal. >> a floater. >> nighty night. >> yeah. i'd better not have a sip right now. i'll fall asleep >> thank you so much, val.
8:52 am
>> a little more whisky. >> we can't wait for tomorrow. we can't wait to see wolfie on the show we're happy you're going to be joining me and jenna in a little bit to show off that brand new kitchen. >> acoustic tomorrow is going to be awesome >> it's a brand new version he's never played for anybody >> love it we cannot wait to get the recipes go to and catch episodes of her home cooking on discovery plus. and can't wait to see the kitchen. in the 10:00 hour, too have a good day, swee>>ti tasha, did you know geico could save you hundreds on car insurance and a whole lot more? hmm. so what are you waiting for? hip hop group tag team to help you plan dessert? ♪ french vanilla! rocky road! ♪ ♪ chocolate, peanut butter, cookie dough! ♪ ♪ scoop! there it is! ♪ ♪ scoop! there it is! ♪ ♪ scoop! there it is! ♪ ♪ scoop! there it is! scoop! ♪
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we got time for birthdays on this snowy day. >> yes, love a good birthday spin around the jars we have some amazing folks to meet this morning. happy 100th birthday to juanito from port saipt lucy, florida, saying the secret to longevity and keeping a sense of humor yulia that judd of ohio is 100
8:55 am
she worked as a fourth grade teacher for 30 years happy 101st birthday to katherine, a retired deacon from queens, new york, served as a medical technician in world war ii we thank you for your service, ma'am. dr. dennis doyle is 100, this champion golfer is from madison, new jersey he met his wife on valentine's day and they were married for 50 wonderful years. marie thomas of massachusetts is 104 years old. she enjoyed knitting caps and blankets for all eight great grand kids a really special celebration, a happy 80th anniversary to a.j. and lily reeves. they're from rocky mountain, virginia, the state's longest married couple their secret to a happy marriage, working at a team. >> i think that's good advice. >> i want to hear all your secrets because that's amazing
8:56 am
happy anniversary. >> thank you. what you got coming up >> we are looking ahead to spring and the big fashion trends you see all over instagram. we'll tell you what to expect. >> like the jean sweats that jill had on yesterday. >> valerie as we said will be back with jenna and myself and have fun with her. but first, a look at your local news good morning, it's 8:56, i'm marcus washington, if you've been watching the "today" show at all you may have seen the national attention focusing on today's mars rover landing but it also has the attention of teams at nasa research center in mountain view. engineers there played a huge part in that mission.
8:57 am
the landing will be tricky. scientists are aiming for a crater what was once a river bed. for 17 minutes nasa are cut off communication with the rover. once it touches down contact will be restored. then if all goes well the rover will look for signs of life on the red planet. happening now, we're at nasa -- live report during midday newscast and look details on the top of our home page. the brutal winter weather across much of the u.s. is having an impact on covid vaccine shipments right here in the bay area. we know thousands of appointments skenld for today in the north bay will not happen because the vaccines are late to arrive. head to our home page for complete details on the impact this severe storm is having in some places and how the white house is adjusting its vaccine distribution. we'll have another local weather up date for you in an hour.
8:58 am
today on "california live" -- >> layla's blowing up with neon cowboys. and grab the popcorn and a slice. we're going to a special drive-in. this morning at 11:30. vaccination push, the big
8:59 am
effort to get more shots in more arms of minorities in the south bay. >> plus what u krrk berkeley students will start doing tomorrow after a large outbreak on campus. it's almost the weekend.
9:00 am
live from studio 1 a in rockefeller plaza, this is the third hour of "today." we are rolling along. welcome to the third hour of "today" on this thursday, february 18th. i'm sheinelle. here with dylan. >> good morning. i haven't seen you yet today. >> i know. it's theirst time we've said hello. we're holding down the fort this morning. it's one of the mornings where our backdrop matches the snow globe we're living in in new york city and all over the place. it's crazy outside this morning. we're going to talk about that and really a little bit of everything this morning. our friend kate snow is going to bring us an eye-opening story from our series kids under


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