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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 25, 2021 5:00am-5:59am PST

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how do we prevent this type of violent attack on our democracy from ever happening again? >> right now at 5:00, seeking answers and solutions. congressional infighting over the investigation into last month's deadly capitol siege as new information comes to light about the financial cost. if authorized, we are ready to roll out this vaccine without delay. >> a third option for a covid vaccine may be one day away. we're tracking developments ahead of a critical fda hearing. live team coverage just ahead. plus, gunfire sends target shoppers running for cover in the east bay. new details on the frightening moments leading up to the shooting and the move that left two suspects in custody, as "today in the bay" continues right now.
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good thursday morning to you. thanks so much for joining me. i'm laura garcia. a growing debate this morning over how to make up the commission to investigate last month's capitol siege. this, as new numbers shed light on the cost to repair all the damage from the riot and the intense security measures that followed. "today in the bay's" tracie potts joins us live from washington this morning and tracie, what kind of costs are we talking about here? >> reporter: $30 million, laura, according to the architect of the capitol. that includes security costs from the january 6th riot and damage to the building. we're talking about smashed windows, stolen items, damage to some of the historical statutes and paintings inside the building. meantime speaker nancy pelosi's draft proposal for that commission to investigate the attack on the capitol includes seven democrats and four republicans appointed to that
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commission and only democrats would be able to subpoena witnesses and documents. that is not how the 9/11 commission was made up.n equal each party and everyone could subpoena. here's the reaction to that draft from senate minority leader mitch mcconnell. >> the 9/11 commission was intentionally built to be bipartisan. >> we see the approach figuring out what happened, why it happened, and how do we prevent this type of violent attack on our democracy from ever happening again. >> reporter: the two 9/11 commissioners, the leaders from each party, say that it would be a mistake not to have equal representation on this commission and, by the way, any commission formed by congress would need the approval of both the house and the senate. speak of the house and the senate, today another hearing on
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what happened at the capitol on january 6th. they're going to be hearing from the house sergeant at arms and the new acting chief of the police force, the capitols police force. laura? >> wow. just seeing that video again, brings out all the shock from that day. thanks so much, tracie. happening today, the largest gathering of conservative leaders kicks off in orlando. former president donald trump will once again have the spotlight. the conservative political action conference includes a keynote address from trump on sunday. this will be his first major speech since leaving the white house after the election day defeat. he is still never fully acknowledged. as soon as tomorrow fda regulators may approach johnson & johnson's one shot covid vaccine. it's considered slightly less effective than the two approved vaccines while still providing adequate protection. we have live team coverage, kris sanchez tracking the latest
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coverage but let's check in with "today in the bay's" bob redell. one bay area medical provider are having their vaccines taken away. >> good morning. correct, after being accused of administering the covid-19 vaccinations to people who should not have received them. one medical, they're a national health care provider, contracted with san francisco to provide vaccines to some health care workers and those 65 years of age and older. but the county health department said people who received the vaccine, said that people received the vaccine who are under 65 and not health care workers and i'm quoting here, one medical's response in the case, the number of doses were administered to patients who were under 65 who self-identified as phase 1a health care workers, but were not ihss workers, dph referrals, or one medical health care worker employees. because dph has stopped allocating one
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medical. the health department is taking back more than 1600 doses from one medical to distribute to other health care providers. now one medical tells us, and again i'm quoting here, those whom we've vaccinated with the unspecified number of doses in question from the tept of public health have attested they were eligible health care workers. we had permission from the department of health to vaccinate this group and were transparent with the department of health about our process and protocols to do so. one medical was allowed to retain enough doses to provide second shots to people who already received the first dose. that according to the county. reporting live bob redell, "today in the bay." i'm kris sanchez in santa clara county at one of the rite aid stores where people can start to get covid-19 vaccinations if there is supply available. the good news, supply could be going up very soon. as we mentioned as early as tomorrow johnson & johnson could
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be adding 4 million doses to the nation's supply immediately. the fda will consider emergency use approval for that one shot vaccine. what happened yesterday is that fda staff endorsed it for approval. several steps there. it is lesshathe moderna and pfizer vaccine at 72%, but consider that it is still much more effective than the seasonal flu shot and it doesn't require special refrigeration. >> it's super promising and two weeks ago we were saying why on earth are we opening these huge centers when we don't have enough vaccine. i think it was important to open them up because once we get the supply in, you have the infrastructure. >> reporter: now as the doctor said, that is good news for mass vaccination sites like the moscone center which will reopen after it shut down for lack of supply and that should start to steady out. pfizer and moderna say they are
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on track to deliver 4 million doses by april. there are also rite aid locations in san jose and redwood city as well, but remember in most cases, you have to have an appointment to get a video vaccine and qualify under the tier or the phases that your county is in. in santa clara, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> thanks for the latest ther kris. california becomes the first state in the united states to surpass 50,000 covid deaths. about one month after surpassing 40,000. the statewide numbers received a sudden push from lack updating its records following a big backlog. we've got new details this morning, one person injured, two in custody after an armed robbery that terrified target shoppers in the east bay. it happened yesterday at the pharmacy inside the target store on lone tree way in antioch. police say one man was shot in the leg as the suspects tried to leave the scene.
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all the way panicked customers tried to take cover. one witness who didn't want to be identified said she watched it unfold as she waited in line at the pharmacy. >> i see the pharmacist with his hands in the air. so i started to say, the pharmacy is getting robbed. i got louder and louder. everybody heard me and after that, you heard gunshots. i mean it all happened within like five seconds, that quick. >> police say the suspect's car slammed into a patrol car in the parking lot at which time officers arrested the two men inside. authorities have now filed murder and assault charges against a man accused in a violent string of crimes last weekend in the east bay. darren williams of stockton is being held on nearly $10 million bail accused of shooting and killing a man in discovery bay and later injuring two first responders in a drive-by shooting in antioch. both are now recovering at home. authorities say williams' girlfriend and their son were located this week and are safe.
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the victims trust tied to wildfires is filing suit against former pg&e executives. victims of the tragedies including the campfire and the north bay firestorm eventually received a $13 billi settlement. as part of the deal, pga granted the right to take legal action against executives and board members who they believe neglected their duties. that suit was filed yesterday in san francisco. pg&e is not commenting on the allegations. happening now, the search continues for that coyote tied to five attacks in central contra costa county. the latest monday in lafayette. animal control officers are patrolling neighborhoods and setting traps hopefully to catch the animal before it bites someone else. here's more proof of increasing close encounters involving coyotes. this one was spotted on the
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lafayette reservoir trail two weeks ago. it's unclear if it's the same one that's been attacking people. that's a tough thing because the weather has been so great and our one respite is going outside for hikes or walks but you have to be on guard out there. another nice day ahead today, kari? >> yeah. i think a lot more people will be heading out for this afternoon and especially this weekend. this is what we're waking up to. as you get ready to head out for work our temperatures mostly in the 40s and 50s but it is as cold as the 30s and even upper 20s right now in some of our north bay valleys. we will see warming temperatures and, of course, once again a lot of people heading out for a hike. take a look at our east bay trails as our highs reach into the upper 60s. that is going to be nice without all of that wind. mike heading out the door it's still pretty breezy. >> that's right. and, you know, a note for folks
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crossing the golden gate bridge, this report i have sounds dramatic, wrong-way tri-valley, but i think it's only at the access point to the parking lot. someone might have picked the wrong exit. i have to check on the details. that's what it sounds like. back at the map we notice there's no slowing in the area of the golden gate bridge or south of there until boulder creek. there are wires reported down. highway 9 at highway 236, our big basin way, watch for traffic control right there and that probably won't have a crew until daylight. back to you. >> all right. hopefully light traffic through there. thanks a lot, mike. gym safety, covid style. still ahead at 5:25 the new cdc warning about becoming infected while working out indoors. >> a year ago that wall street really first noticed covid and how serious it is. hey, how are you doing?
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i found your wallet at walmart. >> an act of kindness inspiring so many this morning. one complete stranger who did the right thing and the reaction from a woman who believed her wallet was gone forever. we'll tell you the story when we come back. you're watching "today in the bay." oh, you think this is just a community center? no. it's way more than that. cause when you hook our community up with the internet... boom! look at ariana, crushing virtual class. jamol, chasing that college dream.
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right now at 5:14, it's time
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for your tahoe report. if you're lucky enough to be going this weekend, the travel conditions should be pretty good. no new snow falling and taking a look at our temperatures, mid 40s for today, but then cooler for the weekend. there's still 97 inches of snow in the upper mountain. we'll talk about what's ahead in our weekend forecast coming up. good morning and a happy thursday to you as well. tesla has told its employees it's temporarily suspending production of its model 3 at its freemont plant. bloomberg was the first to report this. it's important to say we don't know why and we're certainly asking, but just yesterday, we were talking about how important some hard to get materials and chips might affect production. president biden talking about it too. >> the little chip here for automobiles, i didn't realize how many were in here. but cause something lines to
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slow down and people not being laid off, at least shorter shifts. >> now it's possible tesla has more model 3s than 3 buyers. bloomberg reporting workers on the line have been told to expect pauses in production until march 7th. we get the data on first-time joebls claims at 5:30 and it could be messy data. the terrible weather throughout the midwest probably led to some short-term layoffs in things like construction, so we can probably throw out this week's data. square, the credit card processing company in san francisco opened its books to investors as it does every quarter and normally we look at the profits and losses, but what's remarkable about this latest financial report is the amount of unused and unwanted office space that square has. what a big liability it is because it's still paying rent. hundreds of millions of dollars in san francisco office space it's not planning to use because so many of its employees will work from home here on out. it was a year agos the markets plunged for the first time as investors suddenly said
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hold on now, this coronavirus sounds like a thing. it might be pretty serious. well little did they know. little did we know, laura, that a year later the markets would be at new records. it's hard to explain. i'm next week, but febook that said, costco and get stuff and stock up. amazing a year tentative i was on february 28th, saying i don't want to sound like a lunatic or anything, but this might be a thing. >> i was looking back at some of my facebook posts as well of the first i think it was like wash your hands, the virus is here. >> how cautious we were, yeah. >> oh. what a long road and look where we've come. we're both broadcasting from home this morning. we're getting through it, my friend thanks so much. we'll check back with you later. of course the pandemic
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continues to crush the restaurant industry as well. talk about changes there. according to a new lending tree survey, half of all americans say at least one restaurant they once loved, is now out of business. in the meantime just 20% draw the line at eating outdoors rather than inside a restaurant. get this, about four in ten say they've left a restaurant because it was people were not wearing masks. got to feel comfortable. we've all seen videos of security camera at someone's home catching a package being taken, but this video captures a valuable item actually being returned. there's a man on the front porch who rings a doorbell at a home in florida. when no one answers he tells the camera, he found the wallet and he's returning it. the homeowner says the good samaritan took the time to drive 20 minutes to her house and he hid her wallet so only she could find it. >> gave me a message of where he
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found it and i thought that is above and beyond. >> and the man never identifies himself in the video. but now, the woman refers to him as her guardian angel. what a nice story there. trending this morning the chp busting a tri-valley in the carpool lane for this passenger. the tri-valley is hoping to get by with a pretty real looking mannequin riding shotgun. he's in l.a. in baldwin park. the officer pulled the driver over for tinted windows and says right next to the tri-valley before he noticed that passenger wasn't moving in the slightest. apparently not paying for that ticket either. [ inaudible ] lighter these days and didn't have to pull something off like that, mike. >> i don't know. people try to do anything. come on f you're going to do one thing wrong don't do multiple things like tinted windows, too dark and all those things too.
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>> more than a fix it ticket. >> that's right. >> all right. >> tell us about that morning commute how are we looking out there. >> exactly. i've been looking for any extra mannequins in cars. we haven't seen those in the report right now, but we are looking at a quiet drive right now. outside at the bay bridge toll plaza, there's no backup and a smooth flow into the area. a few more cars here. on the maps we'll show you there's no problems as far as the speed goss along the approach, the maze and along the peninsula. the tri-valley, highway 84 the cut through through sunol, a little bit of slowing and more traffic out of the altamont pass. more red there. live look at 580 in dublin shows you a clear, easy drive. kari, the east bay hills yesterday probably got a lot more winds than they're going to get today, right? >> yeah. the winds thankfully will start to calm you down and as you get ready to head out for your morning run, let's head over to
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danville today and it starts out in the mid 40s. you might need a light jacket once again, but the rest of the day is going to feel much more comfortable. even by noon we're in the low 60s as our temperatures head back to the upper 60s for today, there will still be a few spots reaching 70 degrees like napa, but most of us at the mid to upper 60s which is slightly warmer than normal. 66 for a high in san jose as well as oakland, 69 today in santa rosa and san francisco in the low 60s and once again not as windy. the high pressure is moving away and we're seeing storm systems to the north of us and cooler air starting to come down. we'll notice it during our early morning hours but still not seeing any rain in the seven-day forecast. i will be watching the drought monitor which will be updated later this morning. keep checking in for updates as well as on social media. our temperatures will remain in the mid to upper 60s throughout
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the forecast. we will have to watch out for gusty winds on saturday afternoon into early sunday morning. now we turn to our climate in crisis and talking about how our world has been warming and the impacts we've seen from that. we have hacks to keep you from having so much of a carbon footprint. what do you have this morning, vianey? >> good morning, kari. we're tackling plastic shampoo bottles and food waste. you might not even think of. according to unwrap life, a plastic free brand 552 million plastic shampoo bottles end up in the tump every year. a hack would be a shop to refill the shampoo bottles and they sell bars of shampoo to avoid the wrapping altogether. food waste like the uneaten salad mix, according to unwrapped life, a plastic free
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brand, americans threw away 28 tons of food last year. a great hack to take inventory of what you have before you hit the store. pay attention to the things you didn't really eat and also keeping your refrigerator organized. the more likely you see it the more likely chance you will eat it. for a list of nearby sustainable shops near your area visit all of my social media posts and in crisis for more climate hacks. back to you. >> there you go. planning your meals makes a difference to our environment. thanks so much. coming up next on "today in the bay," nbc bay area responds. >> scammers are trying to trick people who simply want the covid-19 vaccine. you can steer clear of them. i'm consumer investigators chris chmura. we'll show you how to next.
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♪♪ we're tired of long lines, convoluted tiers and impossible to get appointments. scammers know it. we don't want to wait to get our covid-19 vaccinations. here are four scams that prey on our impatience. scam one, shots for sale. the federal trade commission says vaccine ads are bogus. >> you can't buy the vaccine anywhere. >> scam two, vaccine shortcuts. some some are advertising pay for play bypasses around the tier to get you vaccinated
5:27 am
faster. >> you can't get to the head of the line by paying anyone a fee. >> scam three, fake vaccine alert. watch out for contexts or e-mails that pretend to be the cdc or public health, bait to get you to fork over personal data, credit card info or both. scam four at your front door. the ftc says some crooks will show up in person pretending to register people for the vaccine. don't give them any info unless they can prove who they are and what they're up to. if they can't -- >> these are imposters. >> if you see vaccine fraud or fall for it speak up to protect others. start a file online at report as gyms start to reopen with limited capacity here in the bay area, we're learning new information about an outbreak at a gym in the midwest. the cdc says 50 people who visited a chicago gym were infected during an outbreak last summer. all attended in-person classes.
5:28 am
one person spent more than a week in the hospital. 5:27. coming up next, vaccine no shows. new numbers in the south bay when it comes to people skipping their appointments. plus, making it in the bay, the high cost of rent in some cities going even lower.
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now at 5:30, putting a halt to those jumping the line. the all new steps california
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taking to stop anyone from using codes to cut ahead and receive the vaccine early. and -- we're anxious to have everyone back, but we want to keep everyone safe. >> rewriting the rules, the steps i should say that one bay area city is taking that may tif differ with state covid guidelines. very fortunate that mr. woods was able to come out of this alive. >> tiger woods' horrific crash, the investigation and his road to recovery that lies ahead. we'll hear from the officer who was the first to arrive on the crash scene as "today in the bay" continues right now. a very good thursday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. >> oakland leaders are calling for change at the coliseum mass vaccination site. this after people used access codes meant for harder hit
5:32 am
communities to secure their place in line. "today in the bay's" cierra johnson live in marin county to explain how people were actually gaming the system and changes that need to be made as well, cierra. >> yes, good morning. we first introduced you to this situation yesterday. we'll get to the fix to the problem in just a moment, but you're exactly right, folks were essentially gaming the system using access codes for that online scheduling system meant for the harder hit black and latino communities, folks with the oakland coliseum and that vaccination site say the individuals doing this were not part of the black and latino community. oakland leaders wanting to get a fix for this issue, so in a letter to state and federal officials, vice mayor rebecca kaplan and council member reed say communities with the most privilege are getting the highest proportion of the vaccination appointments while the hardest hit communities suffering the worst of the covid-19 impacts and harms are receiving the least amount of
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the vaccine. so just to give you an idea of the disparity of the virus and why it's so crucial that some of these communities are given that access code according to the alameda department of health just under 32,000 cases of the virus were had by folks that identify as hispanic or latino compared to around 10,000 of those cases that were had by folks that identify as white. the folks in oakland, the city leaders, hoping changes will be made to the online system not only to primarily impact those that are living in those target areas, so next month, the state has plans to switch to individual one-time access codes to combat that problem. it is important to note as we mentioned as well, this is not just a bay area problem. the "l.a. times" reporting that some of those vaccination sites in the los angeles area seeing the same situation. folks using access codes meant for some of those harder hit communities to advance their place in line. the state plans to make the
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access codes one-time use only so you're not able to share and have many folks using the same code. live in marin county, cierra johnson for "today in the bay." santa clara health leaders are downplaying the number of no shows for vaccine appointments. two weeks ago more than 4500 people skipped their appointments. we've learned that even more people missed those appointments last week, surpassing 5,000. leaders call not show rate normal saying they expect up to 15% to miss their appointments for one reason or another. they added that counties has built its system around the assumption by overbooking. they also stress that no shows will not lead to wasted doses. and nbc has launched a web side called plan your vaccine. the goal is to connect you to what you need to get that shot. you go to the site, select your state, occupation and age and then you are shown the closest locations where you can get the vaccine. just go to this morning, fans are praying that tiger woods'
5:35 am
legendary golf career will continue following this week's violent suv crash. right now, woods is said to be alert and responsive at harbor-ucla medical center. he underwent surgery this week due to injuries to his right leg and ankle. in the meantime investigators plan to retrieve the vehicle's black box. it could provide critical clues of what led up to the crash. here's a los angeles sheriff's deputy first on the scene at the time of the crash. he says woods was lucky to be able to call 911. >> there's so many variables, if someone didn't hear it or call 911, sometimes people assume someone called 911 and don't do it themselves or if mr. woods knocked unconscious who knows how long until someone would have seen him. >> investigators say the woods was on was windy and it's not uncommon for drivers to exceed the speed limit. members of california's asian pacific legislating caucus are trying to build support in
5:36 am
sacramento this week for a series of new measures meant to fight back against anti-asian hate crimes. mayor london breed toured the community. this is part of the show of solidarity for the asian-american community and provided a chance for mayor breed to get firsthand feedback with issues tied to the pandemic. coming up on the "today" show, vicky nguyen takes a look into the new effort to combat the series of hate crimes in new york city and the steps the mayor is taking, you can help. nbc bay area telemundo 48 and our parent company comcast have partnered with the bay area have partnered with the bay area asian pacific fund and we will provide grants to organizations working to stop attacks against asians. we put a link on
5:37 am
the city may be on the verge of entering the red covid tier g ground rules before the move. indoor dining will have to close at 10:00 p.m. and limited to a table of four people from the same family. outdoor dining can remain past 10:00 and people from three families will be allowed to sit together instead of the current two families. restaurants plan to make the transition slowly. >> make sure when we do open for indoor dining, that everything is safe for our staff and our patrons so we're definitely not going to rush into something at the moment, but we are very excited that's the direction everything is going. >> city leaders say inspectors will go from educating to citing businesses for violating new health orderers. so many struggles to make it in the bay, there are signs that san francisco renters market may finally be bottoming out. a new survey indicates the city
5:38 am
rents are mostly stable. the numbers for a one bedroom apartment dropped 1% since january. right now average cost is $2650 a month. rent is down 25% from a year ago. 5:38. getting a look at what you can expect from the forecast. meteorologist kari hall has been tracking those temperatures for us this morning. kari, are we in for another nice day? yesterday wasn't bad at all. >> it wasn't bad, but it was a little windy out there. we had a hard time going out for our afternoon walk. so today our winds will be calming down. we're starting out with more of us in the 40s and 50s as we start out on this thursday morning. but as we go into today, a nice warmup. here's a look at your commute and temperatures are on the cool side with 40s in the east bay. take a look at the trend we'll see throughout late morning into the afternoon and we'll head back into the upper 60s. we'll talk about what's ahead
5:39 am
for the weekend coming up. mike, how is it looking heading to work all around the bay area? >> kari, you showed that dublin commute and that's usually one of the good indicators of the commute moving steady and good spacing there. as we look at the map that's why it's green on the right side of interchange. slowing f a little bit more update. from highway 35 may be closed down to 236, that stretch because of wires down, just wanted to clarify that. of course the bay bridge as we look at the view from emeryville you see the span moves smoothly but a little more crowded here. no metering lights and no backup at the toll plaza. back to you. 5:39. relief for parents. still ahead on "today in the bay," the growing number of migrant children being reunited with their families after being separated at the border. we're one step closer to a covid relief bill, but there's an important hurdle in the
5:40 am
senate. plus -- ♪ working nine to five what a way to make a living ♪ >> plus, watch out dolly, the artist who just tied a record first step by the country music icon. but first, as part of our black history month coverage, today we honor an actress, director, producer, and activist, terri j. vaughn born in san francisco, best known for her role as la vitae on "the steve harvey show." she received three naacp awards for that performance. encouraging her 1 million followers on instagram to get out and vote during the 2020 election. we salute you, terri j. vaughn.
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good thursday morning. right now at 5:43, i know we're all making plans to head out, if not today, at some point in the next few days. today it's going to be really nice for your outdoor hike in the east bay as our temperatures go from the mid-40s to the upper 60s this afternoon. we'll get a look ahead to the weekend forecast coming up. we'll look at that weekday commute as we look at green sensors pretty much all over the roadways behind me. we will take a live look, cameras in fremont where we see the volume of traffic starting to build. these headlights heading south. back to you. ♪♪
5:44 am
thanks so much. we've got breaking news right now. the latest weekly jobless numbers are just in. 730,000 americans filed first-time claims, that's far lower than analysts expected. it's also down nearly 100,000 from the week prior. nearly 4.5 million americans filed continuing claims. it's 5:44. president biden says his coronavirus relief bill will help those people in need. >> scott mcgrew, a key decision could be made in the senate. >> yeah. by the senate parliamentarian. good morning. most of the covid relief bills are pretty straightforward, money to help local government, money for vaccination, checks for american families, that kind of thing. democrats also want to add a federal minimum wage increase to the $15 an hour level. that is arguably not relief. it's just a change in the law. including it might change the rules on how the senate votes on it from a simple majority to something that could be stopped
5:45 am
with a filibuster. the decides whether that inclusion of $15 an hour changes the vote, the parliamentarian, could decide that as soon as today. the other thing we're waiting for this morning is the white house to declassify the cia report that shows saudi crown prince mohammad bin salahman ordered the murder of jamal khashoggi. you may remember khashoggi was dismemberered in the consulate in turkey after going there to get a marriage license. the intelligence community has always said mbs was responsible, but we've never known how they know. we think we will see the actual evidence today. the crown prince more or less runs saudi arabia which supplies us with a lot of energy, but then again, also apparently orderd a brutal murder. there will be a lot of diplomacy going on this week. not a lot of diplomacy in the halls of congress. congresswoman marie newman has a
5:46 am
transgender daughter and put a pride flag outside her office from marjorie taylor green who responded saying there are only two genders and they did the whole thing on twitter arguing over a new better protect civil rights. investigations into the attacks on the capitol continue. the latest arrest is a fellow from chicago on his phone. according to an affidavit he was texting his ex-girlfriend. here's a closer look at him. also according to the affidavit, he was telling her via text, she was a moron. his words. for not believing the election was stol. p that's when she decided to turn the texts over and video over showing he took part in the capitol attack to the fbi. we're watching everything that's happening including what we talked about the parliamentarian and the khashoggi report. we'll update you on twitter. i'm at scott mcgrew. i bet that couple broke up too.
5:47 am
thanks so much. progress being made in the effort to reunite families separated by the trump administration's immigration policy. in the past month attorneys have found the parents of 105 migrant children. there are still more than 500 left to be located. the biden administration recently formed a task force to help with that effort. new video i want you to take a second to watch this, a missile launch in southern california lights up the night sky. look at that. it happened late tuesday night at vandenberg air force base. the unarmed minuteman iii intercontinental ballistic missile is the air force global strike command's first launch of the year. a woman who reported problems at a southern california covid testing facility now faces a lawsuit from her former employer. she and several other workers blew the whistle on testing irregularities saying the company perk and elmer made unauthorized changes to the testing process. the health department is
5:48 am
investigating a handful of misidentified results issued last year. the suit claims she violated her confidentiality agreement by unlawfully accessing a computer system and forwarding information to her personal e-mail. perk and elmer has a billion dollar testing contract with the state and says the problems were corrected months ago. lack next week will start the process of vaccinating the next tier of recipients including teachers. they warn this process will be slow because 2 million more are becoming eligible for the vaccine and supplies are limited. in southern california, disney land's mass vaccination site will be closed due to weather. the site only reopened yesterday after closed nearly a week due to low supply. nearly a year after the pandemic forced disneyland to shut down one park is getting prepped for a mini reopening. california adventure will be open march 18th through april
5:49 am
5th. no rides but people will be able to dine and shop there. trending this morning, taylor swift matched dolly parton's accomplishment becoming the second artist to top the charts twice with two versions of the same song. ♪ it's a love story baby say yes ♪ >> swift rerecording her hit "love story" landed her this honor. parton accomplished that with a song we know well "i will always love you". also trending, this is a new addition to mandy moore's family. her baby boy named august harrison gold smith, they call him gus, the "this is us" actress posted on her instagram. they found out in august and thought it was the perfect name. a custom blanket wit his name on it and a. and t. made from extra material from moore's wedding dress and her husband's wedding shirt. pretty cool. >> how sweet.
5:50 am
>> he has his -- >> that's cute. >> he has his wedding shirt? >> he didn't rent it, mike. >> you don't have yours? >> i did rent mine. >> i have it. sorry. >> back in the day, tuxedo, get everything in one bag. >> i guess i have to make blankets too. >> wedding shirt cut and taken back. >> all right. let's get a look at that forecast for you this morning. meteorologist kari hall. not a cutout version of the forecast. >> it looks pretty good out there. yeah. it's been so windy. let's take a look back at the wind gusts we had over the past 24 hours. checking out santa rosa, reaching 33 mile per hour gusts. elsewhere we've seen those gusts up to 20 to 30 mile per hour range but in some of the t was up there at mount since helena reaching 78 mile per hour gust and mt. diablo 59, mount umunhum
5:51 am
58, some of our lower levels like byron and pleasanton we've seen winds 36 miles per hour. the wind advisories have expired and we're headed to mid to upper 60s. we're about the same temperatures as yesterday but felt cooler because of the wind. we're going to see more changes ahead going into the weekend as high pressure moves away. we will have some slightly cooler air coming in but unfortunately no rain and we will at times have high winds. i just got the update from the drought monitor. let me show it to you across the state. we are seeing some major improvements for northern california and the immediate coastline. here in the bay area, still no change. we do have extreme drought conditions from parts of the north bay and severe drought conditions for much of the rest of the bay area including the east bay where we see the orange. once again, watching out to see
5:52 am
if there's any rain in the forecast and here we go through the next seven days and it's still dry. at least our temperatures are seasonable but the winds this weekend may dry things out a little bit more. we'll be watching out for that. mike, what's going on as people get ready to head out for work? >> kari, i can't believe that i didn't rent my wedding shirt. you can't rent tube tops. get that picture out of your mind. i'm kidding. let's look at the roadways, this will help refresh your view. slowing for san jose and this is right on schedule, folks. your typical slowing for san jose north 101 approaching old oakland road and highway 184 and the altamont pass. no surprises for the tri-valley. calmer than yesterday and a smooth flow of traffic. towards the bay bridge where there's a little slowing by the arrow on the incline and the quick look outside shows you there's no backup on most of your approaches but on the left, they are tapping their brakes towards the toll plaza. we may have metering lights in the next 20 minutes. back to you.
5:53 am
>> i know you will be watching that. thanks, mike. happening now, a new count just released shows that at least 160 confederate symbols were taken down or moved from public spaces in 2020. the southern poverty law center says there are still 704 confederate monuments standing across the u.s. the law center has been tracking the move to take down the monuments since 2015. a lot more ahead including caught on camera, a popular bay area park, the scene of a recent break-in right in the middle of the day. and what happened when a van owner showed up. it's all next. it's 5:53. you're watching "today in the bay."
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welcome back to "today in the bay." new details in a san francisco family's search for their daughter. police say 14-year-old caitlin galerry left her home last week and never told her parents. her father says she withdrew money from an atm in chinatown and days later in sacramento. take a look at this video, a bold smash and grab break-in at golden gate park. a man ra reached into a parked van and then took off with the owner's belongings. the owner actually showed up, chased him. police say the thief got away,
5:57 am
though, in a chevy impala. an oakland community group is renewing a call to cut the police budget. the the defund the police coalition is pushing to redirect funds to community groups or replace police in responding to nonviolent calls. supporters say it would cut down the number of unnecessary and sometimes deadly confrontations with officers. oakland council president says it's clear something needs to change but wants to hear more before making a decision. >> we have to figure out how do we better respond to mental health crises and how do we respond to domestic violence, to homelessness, to noise complaints. >> opponents say the department is already under funded and is struggling to keep the city safe. new this morning, an unusual divorce settlement now placing a value on housework. a divorce court in china ordering a man to pay $7,000 to his ex-wife for doing home labor.
5:58 am
a new chinese law requires a spouse to pay for the years spent by their partners cooking and cleaning. the couple was married five years. hopefully that's 7,000 a month. trending this morning, when you go to las vegas you can see a new type of slot machine, one that accepts tokens for a car. the used car shopping site carvana created an 11 story structure that holds up to 39 cars. but if you want one, there's a catch here. you have to buy the car on-line first and then request to pick it up at the vending machine in las vegas. carvana now has 28 car vending machines across the united states. it's not just putting a quarter in and getting whatever gumball flavor you get, marcus. >> right. >> you have to plan ahead. how about an unusual rescue for some farmers down under. this is amazing to see. they saved a wild sheep from itself. >> take a look at this sheep here. it's an australian named barack.
5:59 am
the fleece weighs over 78 pounds. he was found wandering in the forest outside of melbourne. the sheep severely underweight and could barely see because of the thick matted fleece. after a much needed sheering it's finally free. he's in a sanctuary settling in with other rescued sheep. >> wow. that's -- that's going to make a lot of sweaters there. >> indeed. right now at 6:00, vaccines halted. this morning, a small popular bay area health care provider no longer receiving covid vaccines. we have a live report next on the accusations against this company and what leaders are saying in their own defense. >> shots of the largest centers in the region after running out of doses last week as a third vaccine nears approval. we're tracking all the latest developments overnight and what it means for you. the cost of an insurrection. how much in dollars and cents
6:00 am
the capitol riots costing americans. the third hour of "today in the bay" continues now. good thursday morning. thanks so much for making us a part of your morning. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. we'll have a quick look outside at san jose, people also talking about the warm weather that we've been having. we'll have a check on the forecast and commute coming up in eight minutes. first, we begin with san francisco coming down hard on local health care company on who they gave the shots to. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live for us this morning and bob, i know we're talking about one medical here. >> correct. and they're accused of administering covid-19 vaccinations, marcus, to people who should not have received them. one medical, a national health care provider, contracted with the city of san francisco to provide vaccines to some health care workers


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