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tv   First Look  NBC  April 17, 2021 4:00pm-4:30pm PDT

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(singing) woke up this morning to the rising sun, three little wheels of jalapeño in my margarita. are we having any fun yet? that's what i want to know. [music playing] announcer: it's "celebrity sleepover." on tonight's show, rock legend sammy hagar talks tequila, van halen, and aliens. we get real nostalgic with the cast of mtv's "the real world-- homecoming." and comedian dariany santana hustles her way into johnny's living room. now here's your host, johnny bananas. welcome to "celebrity sleepover." now, i hope you've come prepared to make some memories that are
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sure to leave a stain or two, because tonight, we're rocking out with our socks out with the man who's definitely had his fair share of sleepovers, the red rocker himself, mr. sammy hagar. sammy, welcome to my living room. mom, sammy hagar is in the living room! what an introduction. you know how many beautiful young girls come up to me and-- oh, mr. hagar-- and i'm thinking, oh, gee. i'm starting to skew younger. i have these younger following now, you know? and they go, my mother's the biggest fan. or, my dad's your biggest fan. can i have an autograph for them? i'm going, [groans] sure i can. johnny bananas: you're an absolute rock icon, rock legend. sadly, we just lost your old friend, your band mate, eddie van halen. you guys obviously had your differences in the past. but as they say, blood is thicker than water. what was it like to hear the news of his passing? i fell apart. it was-- it just was such a miracle that him and i had hooked up about four months-- five months before that-- the first of the year. and we just went like this and went,
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you know, really into some soul, talking about doing something next year and all that kind of stuff. at least you had that opportunity before he passed to kind of just get back on good terms, remember the good old days, let him know that you loved him. the way i've swallowed this pill and have been able to say, you know what? we made 11 years of music together. we wrote some 40, 50 million selling records and some of the greatest songs in rock history. i'm so fortunate to have that, and then have michael anthony standing next to me on stage. and we play songs-- like, right now, "poundcake" and "top of the world" and "finish what ya started." it's like, yeah, this music lives. this is what eddie left. yeah, dude. [music playing] i saw this incredible birthday party that you celebrated. tell me a little bit about exactly what a boat concert is.- we couldn't do it indoors. we couldn't do it outdoors. so we said, well, what if we find a beach somewhere? which was catalina. all there was was a big bay and 180 buoys where we could have 180 boats. they must have had to have a hell of an arm to throw
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a pair of panties all the way up on stage from out in the water. [laughs] i got to say, sammy, you've got a very inspiring story as it relates to your early days and your early life, man. would you say you attribute it more to the adversity you faced growing up or to the advice you received from the aliens that visited you? johnny, that's a pretty damn interesting question, i must say, my friend, because where you were going with that to begin with was very serious, and how you ended it was even more serious, because-- yeah. --truthfully, i think having been poor my whole life and felt embarrassed with an alcoholic father that walked the streets and became homeless in a small town to where everyone knew it was my dad-- but i never felt like i'd never make it. i always felt like, i'm going to do it. but the aliens, wise guy-- - i got to hear this. - yes. i got to hear this, man. listen, when i was-- had my dream, which was not a dream--
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but i was contacted. and it was like a wireless situation. they were remote. i could see them in my head when i started waking up. they screamed a numerical code. the connection went zip. and from that minute on, i had vision. i went to cabo for the first time in 1979. and i saw dirt roads, one flight in, one flight out, no newspapers, no tv, no telephones. and i said, i'm going to build a cantina here. i love this place. i bought a house-- a condo. and i built the cabo wabo. every now and then, you see things, and you could see all the way to the end of the tunnel. before that happened to me, i didn't see anything but what was in front of me. anyway, i'm a firm believer in aliens. anybody that believes we're the only thing in the universe st the front man in one of the most legendary bands of all time, you're a front man, i mean, when it comes to just being innovative. you formed this new partnership with guy fieri and santo tequila.
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sammy hagar: when i sold cabo wabo tequila-- by the way, i almost threw up when i heard how much you sold it for, by the way, man. so-- it screwed me up, too. i went, what? [chuckles] ok. so guy called me and said, my god. if you ever do that again, i'm going to be your partner. i said, well, i can't do it for seven years. and then, all of the sudden, my seven years were up. and i said, let's go. there you go. all right, sammy. stick around, man. when we come back, sammy shows me there's only one way to rock. and that's with mas tequila. [music playing]
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that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way martin's family needs it with hassle-free claims, he got paid before his neighbor even got started. because doing right by our members, that's what's right. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. ♪ usaa ♪ we're made for. welcome back to "celebrity sleepover." now, anyone who knows me knows i can take down a margarita with the best of them. but toda u on how to make one. all right, sammy. so where do we get started? i'm going to show you how to make some simple margaritas that anyone can make. a margarita is one of the greatest
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cocktails ever invented. a lot of people-- they mess around with them and get a lot of stuff in there and this and that. but what you really want is you want something sour, you want something sweet, salty. and you want to taste the tequila. so i'm going to start with the simplest one. the first thing-- you fill that halfway with ice. and here's the reason why. i don't use ice in my drinks, 'cause once it waters a drink down, it starts tasting-- eh, lost its flavor. and you end up leaving it on the table. take lime juice. so you use, like, an ounce, let's say. if you wan to measure it, that's fine. well, hold on. i'm doing this mixology-style, bro. i'm squeezing my own limes over here. oh. well, then, a whole lime. - all right. next, simple syrup. however much lime you put in there, put the same amount of sweetener. i'm sweet enough, sammy, so i don't know how much sweetener i need to add to it. [chuckles] ok.blco for? do all the shaking,.en beu i like to take my glass and do half of it-- one half of it-- 'cause sometimes you don't want the salt.
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and you just go over here and just sip out of this side. you want salt? you move around, get a little salt. look at that. that looks beautiful. you ready to shake it up? sideways. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20. [chuckles] pour that-- - whoo! --baby straight up. johnny bananas: how often do you get to make a margarita with the margarita king himself? not very often. how does that look? pour it straight up, no ice. that, my friends, is a perfect margarita. can i get a witness? i got to say, this margarita would blow the tennis balls off my grandmother's walker. whoo. the next one. this is a tricky one. a little bit of ice. and we're taking three slices of jalapeño. one-- ooh, jalapeño! now we're going to put the lime in. one whole lime? sammy hagar: the juice of one whole lime. put a little more ice on top of those jalapeños. yeah. put the lid on and shake it really hard. i want to beat the jalapeño up.
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beat it to death. look at. beat the jalapeño to death. hard. hard. now you got the juice out of the jalapeño. see what i'm saying? johnny bananas: oh, [bleep]. sammy hagar: uh-oh. look at that. sammy, i beat the jalapeño too hard. sammy hagar: well, stomp on it on the ground. hold on. just stomp on it on the ground. johnny bananas: oh my god. disaster. [chuckles] i can't even find the lid. all right. it's beat up. now what? and now you add the simple syrup. johnny bananas: ok. sammy hagar: half an ounce. you add a half ounce of damiana. johnny bananas: ok. sammy hagar: you can squeeze that tangerine in there. johnny bananas: oh, yeah. sammy hagar: mezquila likes that. and put the mezquila, the black bottle-- this is 50% tequila-- johnny bananas: ooh, all right. sammy hagar: --50% mezcal. johnny bananas: this was your concoction, huh? the tequila and mezcal? you should tell them it was the aliens' idea. don't push me. i might have to give aliens credit. shake it again. you don't have to shake it as much this time. now you are having an original drink.
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i'm using the chili pepper and the jalapeño for the rim this time 'cause you want to put a little heat on the glass. - oh-- sammy hagar: now you're talking, you see? --wow. wow, sammy. you really do. strain that baby into the glass. and wait till you taste this sucker. hold up. hold up. here we go. it's pouring. i'm holding. but it looks so good. oh my god. that right there will make you happy. whoo! that is a spicy margarita. you have seen the light. making margaritas in my house with sammy hagar. my friend, you make dreams come true. last thing i got to tell you, sammy, is, (singing) i can't drive-- both: (singing) 55! whoo! god bless. thank you for having me, johnny. all righty, ladies and gentlemen. i hope you're feeling loose-lipped after those cocktails, because coming up, the cast of mtv's "real world homecoming" are here to get real about reality tv. [music playing]
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thewelcome back ton up "celebrity sleepover." now, in 2006, i hit the lotto when i was cast in my very first reality tv show-- [twinkle] --"the real world-- key west," and i have never looked back-- that is, until now, when i finally get to say thank you to the pioneers who started it all, the original cast of mtv's "the real world," eric, julie, and heather b. what's up, guys? welcome to my sleepover. - what's good, jb? - hiyo! woo! when we're looking back in history, all right? you look at thomas edison, who invented the light bulb. you got gutenberg, who made the printing press. fleming created penicillin. creating reality television, which is what the three of you were instrumental in doing, is almost as important, if not more important, than all those accomplishments. would you agree, heather? - no. [record scratching] but it has been a really, really fun, fun time. i always say, johnny, like, it's like winning the lottery for a lot of these people who came afterwards.
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we didn't know what we were getting into. but for anybody else that auditioned afterwards, i mean, you get the golden ticket. we were the first authentic and last authentic reality show. we personally-- the seven of us-- had no idea what we were walking into. we came there as raw and as open as possible. but now, people have a reference. they get to strategize, in their mind, oh, i'm going to go on this reality show, and i'm going to dress this way, and this is the image that i want to portray. actually doing all of that and fooled everyone. [chuckles] johnny bananas: so in '92, the prominent theme of the original season was race. and the same theme has resurfaced. are you at all surprised by that? i'm not surprised, but disappointed. some things can be excused if you're having a conversation, and you said something stupid at 20. it's hard to kind of digest people
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not growing up and not having some kind of insight at 50 or 48 or 49. it's different now. heather, don't worry. the serious part is over. "the real world," as you well know, is known for one of the most memorable show opens of all time. and that's probably because of this line-- to find out what happens when people stop being polite and-- julie, what? start getting real. johnny bananas: there we are. for this edition of sleepover squares, we're going to be playing a trivia game where, if you get one of these questions wrong, you're going to have to tell the hard truth about one of your castmates. you got to understand, my brother, you're dealing with angels here. for every angel, there's got to be a demon. and that's who's sitting on this couch over here. we're going to try and balance it out and see which one wins out in the end, all right? question one is going to go to you, eric. in 1992, norman's art company was named after his dog, who was named
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after what type of cheese? a, cheddar; b, string cheese; c, brie; or d, gouda. d. [laughs] it's not you! no, this is to eric! it's to eric! heather, you can't pop in like that! it's gouda, brother. johnny bananas: all right. - that's an easy one. - all right. listen, you had a little help there from your cast member, all right? [laughter] now, this next question is going to heather b. and only heather b. what very popular stage musical is set in new york city but based on a shakespeare play? is it a, "west side story"; b, "a bronx tale"; c, "on the town"; or d, "rent"? hand down, julie. - "on the town" or something? - no, incorrect. [buzzer] it is "west side story." i seen a lot of broadway, jb. i ain't seen that one. your penalty is, i want you to do a freestyle about your time on "celebrity sleepover" so far and what you think about this show. (rapping) so i'm [inaudible] this trivia game, i won't win.
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why? 'cause the fix is in. jb with these questions. heather b got skills. yet, i won't mention that the fact that we had mad fun, but krs is still number one. and johnny, of course, you're the number-one host. shout out to jb! you know you do the most. [inaudible] whoo! [chuckles] yeah! all right. here we go, julie. julie gentry: all right. johnny bananas: how many books has kevin powell written since the beginning of "real world"? 14. [ding] who wrote these questions? what was the name of andre's indie rock band in 19-- reigndance, baby! this question is going to julie, all right? true! that's true, johnny. we win. ok. this isn't true or false. hold on. - oh. b! [inaudible] let's go. next question. a! a!
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this ain't even trivia anymore! but you know what? this goes to show how much you guys know and love each other. i think that's very impressive. next question is going to go back to you, heather. who did your boo eric famously date after his original season of "the real world"? eric's doing one of these right now. is it a, oprah winfrey; b, alyssa milano; c, pamela anderson; d, ricky martin? this is a trick question. why is it a trick question, eric? because you can't answer this question with one letter. [laughter] oh! this one's going back to you, eric. norman is credited as the first openly lgbtq "real world" cast member, who casually came out at what popular nyc venue? eric, it rhymes with-- heather? can we mute-- someone's got to mute heather's mic. mute heather, please. a, the limelight; b, cbgb; c, the roxy; d, danceteria.
4:20 pm
before you even gave me the option, i could hear limelight. so i'm going to go with limelight. i'm going to go with, you're wrong, my friend. oh! and now you're going to have to pull that camera back and show us your most fantastic grind move, my friend. oh my god. give the ladies and the boys what they want, eric nies. come on! [music playing] heather b gardner: ooh! johnny bananas: [inaudible] - work it, e. nice! [laughs] oh! e nice! e nice! heather b gardner: e nice! e nice! that's what i'm talking about! [laughter] johnny bananas: that's amazing. hey, to the ones who started it all, here's to you guys. thank you for making this boy's dreams come true. so-- - [inaudible] - --cheers. - thank you for having us. - this was fun. - cheers. thank you for having us, johnny. yes. thank you. this was fun. whoo! get it, eric! damn. that boy still knows how to move. now, listen. don't go anywhere, 'cause the dance party continues with comedian dariany santana hustling
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jack, toss me the frisbee. i can do you one better... with cheddar. everything's better with cheddar. like my new cheddar biscuit breakfast sandwiches with cheddar baked right in. only at jack in the box. with cheddar baked right in. welcome back to "celebrity sleepover." now, nothing quite screams sleepover like a good old-fashioned dance party. and after watching eric nies grind, i'm definitely in the mood to move. so my friend and comedian dariany santana is dancing the night away with celebrity choreographer isaac boots.
4:24 pm
i mean, guys, where's my invite? [music playing] we're having a sleepover today! yes! i didn't get to go to too many as a kid, because i have hispanic parents. and they're like, no, you can't leave the house. but when i did, you always have dance parties. isaac boots: uh-huh. i used to make up dances all the time when i was a kid. but your girl's 31, so it's been a while. pre-tiktok. yeah. yeah. of course it's pre-tiktok. it's pre a lot of stuff. so are we going to dance? let's do it. i love the idea of using movies that you love and putting it into your art. dariany santana: have dance movies inspired how you choreograph? absolutely. i choreographed "problem" with ariana grande. "sweet charity" was definitely a big influence. dariany santana: well, if we're going to start dancing, we should start with one of my favorite dance movies of all time, "saturday night fever." it's classic. you can play that soundtrack now, still dope. dariany santana: "saturday night fever" was like, you need to know disco? - yeah. that-- isaac boots: [inaudible] - --is disco. - want to dance? no, no, no, no. dariany santana: "pulp fiction"-- another john travolta movie. that's right. dariany santana: it was a twist contest. isaac boots: that's it.
4:25 pm
the twist was like the twerk of its time 'cause it was controversial. isaac boots: there is, like, a sexiness to it, right? and so it's all about the hip-- dariany santana: yes. --right? you can bring it forward. you can bring it back. but as long as the hips are the main situation-- yeah. now i get where the-- isaac boots: [inaudible] dariany santana: --controversy comes from. isaac boots: yeah. dariany santana: one of the most iconic dance movies of all time-- "flashdance." [exhales] dariany santana: she was a welder who wanted to be a dancer. isaac boots: and who danced amazingly. it's like, hit, punch, double. yeah, good. up. up. now you're gonna go arms up. arms up. yes, girl. and then all the way down. - oh, my. ok. isaac boots: there were three other dancers who actually did that iconic dance sequence because it was such challenging work. i'm about to bring in a stand-in for me. i'm exhausted. ah! one of my favorite movies-- i want you to guess. oh, when you did it fast, it made sense. "footloose." let's dance! [cheering] - this? isaac boots: i love it. if i'm in a bad mood-- hey. then the robot situation. dariany santana: yes! - yeah. sorry, i didn't mean to scream.
4:26 pm
but that's the thing. it's the this thing. isaac boots: ok. yeah, yeah, yeah. it's the [vocalizing] all right. i'm nice and warmed up, feeling flexible. whoo! we like them hips. are you ready to start this sleepover party? let's do it, baby. let's do it. hey. [twinkling] [music playing] [music - alan gross, "wild wild one"] (singing) she's a lovely child. [inaudible] she's gone wild. she's a wild, wild one. never [inaudible] nobody home. roll in the hay [inaudible] she's a wild, wild one. [music playing] [music playing]
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(singing) this ain't no fair fight. you never really had a chance. put on a good show. [electrical buzzing] well, that wraps up another incredible sleepover. so come back next week as i pick the mind of comedy icon margaret cho. and the cast from mtv's "the challenge-- all stars" stop by to match wits with this challenge goat. until then, nighty night. [vacuum cleaner whirring] [music playing] welcome to jack in the box. hey, jack, i heard your chicken- who told you that? it was jimmy wasn't it? no, i heard your chicken comes with classic and spicy in the same box, so i don't have to choose. ah yes. best of both worlds. my 50/50 popcorn chicken. only at jack in the box.
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♪♪ refuse to choose 50/50 popcorn chicken h classic and spicy for the best of both worlds. only at jack in the box. and spicy for the best of both worlds. hey guys. today, we're keeping it in the family with some of your favorite nbc stars, and we're getting started with the show we all just can't get enough of. i'm so happy you guys were able to make it! thank you! i feel like we have our own "this is us" moment right now. it is. the energy. why do you think so many people from different walks of life, different generations, just absolutely love the show. and by the way, if you say you don't watch a show it's like, looked down upon. [laughter] that's how i watched my first couple of episodes. everybody was like, oh! you haven't seen it? susan kelechi watson: yeah. it's one of those things.


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