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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 5, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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right now at 4:30, coronavirus and kids. do you want your teenager to get the vaccine and is it safe for them? we'll put that question to health experts. and on trial, the international murder case two former north bay high school classmates await a verdict, the time both could face behind bars if they're found guilty of killing an italian police officer. plus -- >> we're going to need big beastly changes to be made in
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the state. >> fighting for your vote, the california governor's race heating up with candidates crisscrossing the state, hitting the air waves as well. the key promises some are already making as they push to gain your support. "today in the bay" starts right now. good wednesday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. mike is keeping an eye on the commute but first we want to start out with the forecast this hump day, meteorologist kari hall has a look at the numbers. kari? >> yes, it's wednesday and we are going to see those temperatures starting out mild with some mid-50s, as you get ready to head out the door. it's not cool. we're the 65 degrees in brentwood and 66 in fairfield. having a hard time cooling there but as we go into today another hot one as we reach into the upper 80s and low 90s. it will be cooler in oakland and along the coast as we all see a lull bit of an ocean breeze, just not making it all the way inland. we'll talk about the changes ahead in the forecast.
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mike, how is it looking for the early morning commute? >> you know, we look at maps, a smooth flow of traffic. we have that closure for 84 over in fremont, alvarado but a smooth drive for sensors overall. i want to take a live look at the bay bridge span itself. a smooth flow of traffic, taillights westbound but getting to the bay bridge there is a crash reported around powell, we'll check on the details as chp can give us a refresh and san mateo bridge, you know what? even at this time of morning san mateo bridge has a good amount of traffic but westbound over the high-rise no problems reported, marcus. we'll send it back to you. >> thank, mike. teens and pre-teens are one step closer to get the shot. "today in the bay's" cheryl hurd spoke with parents to see if they're really for their kids to roll up their sleeves.
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>> reporter: for 14-year-old zach gregson playing baseball is important and so is getting a covid shot. >> just the vaccination will help so much for everyone, they can go outside and everything goes back to normal. >> reporter: snow yo dunleavy whose son plays on zach's team he agrees. >> i want him to be protected, i think it would be a good thing to get vaccinated, make comfortable playing youth sports and getting to school. >> reporter: president joe biden is focusing on getting younger people vaccinated. he says if the fda approves pfizer vaccines for children as early as next week, he will do his part. >> i want american parents to know that if that1mv announceme comes, we are ready to move immediately. >> reporter: immediately to make about 20,000 pharmacy sites across the country ready to vaccinate adolescents as soon as the fda gives the okay, a move
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stanford health dr. yvonne maldonado is in favor of. >> having a vaccine for all age groups will be important in helping to curb the spread of the pandemic. >> reporter: the doctor is right now overseeing a pfizer vac even trial children 6 months to 5 years old. as far as she can see, the long-term impacts of getting the shot are positive. >> for the 12 to 15-year-old children, the pfizer vaccine has worked quite well, demonstrating no cases of covid in the vaccinated children, and ten cases in the placebo recipients. >> reporter: but for this mother, who asked to remain anonymous, she's not quite sure about vaccinations for children. >> i personally feel there hasn't been enough investigation and research into the long-term effects of what it's going to do for our children. >> reporter: cheryl hurd, "today in the bay." taking a live look in los angeles, and san francisco on this wednesday morning, both cities just given the green
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light to move in the yellow tier, the least restrictive covid-19 tier, the move marks san francisco's first county in the bay area to do so. almost all the other counties still in orange. solano county remains in the red tier. starting tomorrow, nearly every business in san francisco will now be able to open indoors in some capacity, mayor
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ian cull takes a closer look at whether anyone has what it takes to win.
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>> reporter: with a 1,000 pound bear on loan by his side republican john cox kicking off his meet the beast bus tour in sacramento working to get voters to recall governor newsom and vote for him as a replace. >> that's why our friend is here today. we're going to need big, beastly changes to be made in the state. >> reporter: cox later stood out in front of the high-end french laundry restaurant in yountville where newsom infamously ate during the pandemic after saying californians shouldn't dine inside. cox also bought $5 million in ads to play over the next month. >> recall the beauty and elected nicest, smartest beast you've ever met. >> reporter: caitlyn jennerer replacing her campaign ad with the 1973 arrival in california to train for the '76 olympic games why she won a gold medal and decathlon. she says her adopted state has gone in the right direction. >> the government is now
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involved in every part of our lives, they've taken our monday, our jobs and our freedom. california needs a disruptor, a compassionate disruptor. >> reporter: in 2018, newsom beat john cox in the general election by 24 percentage points, but our political analyst, larry gerston, says the margin is tighter after the pandemic. >> all of these things that upset our lives, the question is, how much of this is the governor's fault? how much is not? >> reporter: newsom picked up the endorsement of the california professional firefighters association. a poll from the shows the no campaign leading by 16 points. >> if the election were held today, newsom would survive but what happens between now and next november? woo, california, hard to tell. >> reporter: ian cull, "today in the bay." a follow-up for you now in the north bay town of windsor
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where the voters have spoken, on the future of their embeatled mayor but open town council seat. any vote to recall dominic to pollie is months way but yesterday a special election was held for a new town council member, an election called months before the current controversy. at parent winner of yesterday's election, rosa renosa is reportedly among those demanding foppoli resign. this morning, india still facing a dire situation as covid-19 deaths continue a-to-rise. still ahead on "today in the bay," the key aid arriving from the u.s. and the california leader that's making a new plea to the white house about that issue. plus who's ready for a vacation? we're going to talk about the all new resort that's set to open in las vegas and what makes it so unique. don't take off just yet. they're much more ahead on "today in the bay."
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good wednesday morning. right now at 4:42, let's get you out the door in the tri-valley. we're taking a live look in dublin, already seeing a lot of commuters up and out the door and we have a nice cool start with temperatures in the mid-50s. we'll see that continue through about 7:00 and then the rising temperatures start and we'll be in the upper 70s by 11:00. we'll get a look at all of our microclimates and talk about a cooldown coming up in just a few minutes.
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>> and we had that crash, kari, around powell off the east shore freeway. all lanes reported clear in the last few minutes by chp. however, on the bay bridge itself, not the direction westbound with the headlights but eastbound there may be an issue at treasure island. meantime we check in with our friend dom. >> good morning. i am dominic chu from cnbc global head quarters. here are your top business headlines for today. wall street is set to open higher after a large sell-off yesterday sparked by treasury secretary janet yellen who says interest rates may have to rise somewhat from keep the economy from overheating and sate later on she's at not predicting or recommending the fed hike interest rates. that sector is more vulnerable
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to higher interest rates as tech companies borrow money to fuel expansion. the dow managing to close slightly higher, now in focus for traders today reports on hiring and the nation's services sector. viva las vegas. caesar's entertainment reporting another big loss in its most recent quarter but the casino operator sees a strong rebound coming. the company pointing towards positive trends in recent months with hotel occupancy rates improving. caesar's says that weekends in las vegas are sold out for the foreseeable future. and u.p.s. says that mother's day is the busiest shopping holiday so far this year, outpacing valentine's day. in a new survey u.p.s. says more than a third plan to ship their gifts this year. more than a quarter are sending them less than 50 miles. they say it's just easier to ship a gift than deliver it directly to mom. that is your cnbc morning business report. marcus, laura, i live in
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connecticut. my family, including my mother, lives out in california in the bay area, as yoube yes, shippin there this time around. back over to you. >> i mean, look, it's worth it. >> i know, yes. i know, but she's going to want to see you soon. go visit your mom or call her. right now >> she's coming out. she's going to come visit soon. >> you could have taken her to vegas. i heard you talking about ever we came back from commercial about the buffet. >> the buffet? >> so back up, marcus, i will tell you this. i don't know how much you like buffets, pre-pandemic i used to like a good all-you-can-eat buffet. one of the best i've had at my life is the caesar's palace in las vegas. if people get comfortable with going back to eating at buffets, maybe they'll check that out. >> when i get comfortable i'll take you up on that one. i love food, so. >> too much for me. too much for me. >> thanks, dom.
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>> thanks. >> you got it, guys. coming up next, helping you get prepared for the next big one. still ahead on "today in the bay," the growing expansion of the earthquake early warning system that could now be a game-changer, really for the west coast. we'll be right back. welcome to jack in the box. hey, jack, i heard your chicken- who told you that? it was jimmy wasn't it? no, i heard your chicken comes with classic and spicy in the same box, so i don't have to choose. ah yes. best of both worlds. my 50/50 popcorn chicken. only at jack in the box.
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san francisco we'll see temperatures today also cooler as we get fog reaching into the low 60s downtown and sonoma today will reach 84 degrees. so our overall weather pattern shows high pressure is moving on. the low is dipping from the north and still with it takes the rain to the north of california a cooldown and gusty winds at times but we are looking pretty nice for y as we come back to the low to mid 80s for the weekend. mike, how is it looking right now for the commute? >> kari, it's looking light and smooth for the most part.
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let's take you to a couple of spots though. there's going to be a change in the south bay. let me show you on the map, we're talking about san jose, southbound 101, right now, circled it in the last, about 09 seconds, these speed sensors have startened to lighten up past blossom hill. northbound it will happen tonight and the next night as they work on roadwork there on the side walls there i guess i could say. 680 southbound to mission is your alternate headed out of sunol into the niles area. highway 84 is closed overnight scheduled to open in the next few minutes as well. the rest of the bay looks smooth. incident on the bay bridge span is cleared from treasure island off-ramp. travel times looking good, a little slowing just to about grant line road past it and everything's clear over for 580, vasco road, highway 4 the longer commutes are going well through contra costa county. back to you. >> thanks, mike. the death toll is continuing
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to rise after a train collapsed on an overpass in mexico city. at least 25 people were killed, 70 others are in the hospital. some children were among the dead and injured. now investigators are looking into what caused the collapse. some suggesting a powerful earthquake in 2017 damaged the overpass and the train might have been carrying too much weight. the desperate covid-19 situation in india continues this morning. more than 218,000 people have died with the country experiencing its worst surge of the pandemic. hospitals are running out of beds and oxygen. the u.s. is providing help, 545 oxygen concentrators are in new delhi thanks to an air force aircraft, india's fifth coronavirus shipment from the u.s. and a train carrying 120 tons of oxygen also arrived in the country yesterday. meanwhile, l.a. mayor eric garcetti he is soon to become possibly a u.s. ambassador to india. sources telling nbc news that
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the mayor is in talks with the biden administration for that position or another high-profile ambassadorship. mayor garcetti has been l.a.'s mayor since 2013. farther south in san diego county, supervisors are approving a pilot program to provide attorneys to immigrants who are facing deportation hearings. $5 million will be set aside to cover the legal costs for people detained at otay mesa detention center. san diego will become the first border country in the united states to provide that legal representation. it's 4:54. this morning a half of million baby salmon swimming in the bay. next on "today in the bay" the big concerns about the drought that prompted a very big move. but first, happening now, kaiser permanente laying off about 200 people. kaiser is one of the largest employers here in california. the job cuts are mostly administrative support positions as well as temporary or on call and per diem positions.
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kaiser employs about more than 149,000 workers, along with 16,000 positions. we'll be right back. find your rhythm. your happy place.
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the earthquake early warning system is being used across the west coast. usgs says washington was the latest state to debut the shake alert system yesterday. the app allows people to get a notification of an earthquake seconds before they feel the shaking. the system rolled out in california in 2019 and expanded to oregon in march of this year. this morning a half million baby salmon are swimming somewhere outside the golden gate bridge.
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>> because they were released in the san francisco bay last night. the golden gate salmon association is pushing for the release because the salmon would never make it to the bay by themselves, a larger effort bringing 17 million salmon from fish hatcheries to the bay. experts say they'd be happy if half a million fish returned to spawn. 4:58 this morning. getting shots for your kids. up next here on "today in the bay" when teenagers could be next in line for the vaccine and what local doctors are saying about increasing hesitancy. plus, rubber stamped, a live report on the bay area county moving forward with all new water restrictions. a lot more ahead on "today in the bay." it's 4:58 right now. stick around.
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now at 5:00, under investigation, two asian women stabbed while waiting for a bus in san francisco, a live report on how the victims are doing this morning, and what police are saying so far about the attack. plus, taking water restrictions to the next level. one agency putting more pressure on customers for everything from washing your car to showering. new rules they're facing as drought conditions worsen across our state. facebook about l decide whether today to let donald trump back on the social network. "today in the bay" continues right now.


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