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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 14, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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right now at 4:30, if you've received your two shots, the cdc says no more masks for you, but health leaders in california could still keep the mask mandate in effect. there's a lot of confusion around and we'll try to answer your questions about-face coverings. but first, put your best face forward, good friday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia >> and i'm marcus washington. we'll get to the new guidelines in a minute. first rob mayeda is in for kari with a look at the forecast. >> good morning, this friday
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morning, waking up to low clouds, misty skies including san jose 55 degrees. a cool day ahead as highs in the low 70s around san jose. 60s closer to san francisco and oakland. 75 in concord. 76 in livermore. pretty nice forecast today but cool and breezy as we approach the start of the weekend. for our first check on our friday roadways, here's mike. >> good morning, rob. let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza camera. i heard about an earlier car fire maybe near the 880 overcrossing. a live look things are moving smoothly and we'll skip that. guys, i'm sorry, i put that in the wrong order, we're going to skip that on this report, skip the live shot. there is no slowing and i looked at the camera, there's nothing going on there. in brentwood there's a little light yellow highlighted, maybe heavier winds and we'll watch that. no problem for the diablo range. typical slow through alvarado niles. >> thanks, mike. we begin with the about-face from the cdc, suddenly health
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leaders say you can ditch the mask in most situations if you're fully vaccinated and healthy. >> don't go burning your mask collection yet because in required. "today in the bay's" ian cull breaks it down for us. >> reporter: nearly a year after americans were told to put on that i mask -- >> it's a good day for the country. >> we have all longed for this moment. >> reporter: the cdc with a major change for the 117 million fully vaccinated americans who will no longer need to physically distance or wear a mask outdoors or indoors and perhaps an incentive for the 130 million who qualify to take the shot but haven't yet. >> i'm very much in favor of it. people who have been vaccinated now, they really do need to get the feel that we're approaching some form of normality. >> reporter: the announcement means for the bay area? we checked in with several counties, contra costa, alameda and napa telling us they're waiting for guidance from the
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state. until then, the masks stay on indoors for now. in a statement, the state says it is reviewing the new cdc guidance on masking requirements and with over 33 million vaccines administered and one of the lowest case rates in the country, california continues to encourage all eligible californians to get vaccinated as the state looks to fully reopen on june 15th. but even when mask mandates are lifted, could you still be required to wear them? the answer is yes. businesses like grocery stores can still ask to you mask up before entering. >> private parties are allowed to make rules like that, and if you don't want do it, that's come into that space. >> reporter: the cdc kids under 12 still have to wear masks, and who knows if someone is truly vaccinated? ian cull, "today in the bay." tweens are stepping up across the bay area to get their
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covid-19 shots. yesterday was the first day for it at leeveigh's stadium. steady stream of 12 to 15-year-olds were showing up, rolling up their sleeves. santa clara county health officials are expecting another big turnout today. we asked the kids who's their top reason to get the shot? most say they want to hang out with their friends again. so what's next in terms of expanding vaccinations, giving the shot to toddlers, even ba babies as young as six months is in the works. fizer is in the middle of a trial to figure out the dosages. dr. xena good tells us her 3-year-old and 8-month-old children got 1/10 of the adult dose of the vaccine and so far, she says no side effects. phase two of the trial begins next month. happening today, dr. sara cody, santa clara county health officer and dozens of other officials from the world will dive deeper pandemic in a virtual conference, called
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international covid-19 conference lessons learned, covering vaccines to mental health so we can better understand and be prepared for the future. health leaders from india, china and 35 other countries are all taking part in the conference. looking for a place to get your vaccine, head over to for tips and the easiest ways to get a vaccine appointment. san francisco district attorney holding a virtual sumit to address the spike in crimes targeting the asian-american and pacific islander community. the summit is called prevention and protection, keeping our aapi community safe. oudin expects to talk about the crime spike across california and the nation and talk about what constitutes a hate crime. that event is open to the public with limited availability. in freehmont, a homeless man is in police custody for attacking two women in separate incidents. officers found the company.
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ually assaulting a 67-year-old woman near irvington high school and earlier in the day assaulted a 57-year-old woman out for a walk near the auto mall parkway. >> obviously if anybody saw anything, if anybody has any information, please contact us and also for public safety purposes, this person is in custody and we're doing everything we could k to make sure this person is held accountable for what they did. >> lomax faces several charges. fuel is starting to flow again from the cleanial pipeline as new questions emerge this morning about last week's hacker attack. many are asking the question, did the company pay out a hefty ransom? insiders tell nbc colonial pipeline paid $5 million in cryptocurrency to an eastern europe cyber criminal group called dark side. colonial provides nearly half of all the fuel to southeastern region, including gas and jet fuel. the company not commenting right
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now, but one cyber security expert fears this could be a wave of the future. >> our critical infrastructures and other important business systems are no longer subject to the threat only of being spied on by others, but actually being attacked by others. >> the hackers held the company's business networks hostage with malware and encrypted data until the victim pays. gas prices in the south are only now starting to stabilize. happening today, president bide listen shine the light on daca recipients making sure the program remains front and center in his immigration reform plan. today he'll meet with six people who have all benefited from the program, all of whom were brought to the u.s. as undocumented children. daca came about through an executive order touring the obama administration, which president trump unsuccessfully tried to rubber stamp that program.
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when i s magical experience. >> coming up on "today in the bay," a tesla driver arrested after being caught on camera sitting in the back seat with no one at the wheel. he says he's going to do it again. an interview you have to see. plus looking for the green light, the final budget plan governor newsom has laid out to help california's economy bounce back from the pandemic and what this all could mean for you.
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good friday morning. waking up to low clouds inland a little breezy. walnut creek upper 40s. temperatures tracking toward the mid-60s approaching lunch time. >> we talked about that earlier car fire over near the bay bridge toll plaza, i also said we'd take a look and we shall. look at the camera, traffic flows easily here and off of the 880 overcrossing although the call detail says the melted shelf a car off to the shoulder. so prepare for a roadside we hope not distraction. we'll show you the rest of the commute coming up. this was a distraction for anyone who saw it. this morning we hear from the tesla driver who puts the car in autopilot and sits in the back seat. >> to be very clear, this is very illegal and if you see him on the road in the back seat, chp says call them. so what's his side of the story
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in here's "today in the bay's" sergio quintana. >> reporter: this six-second clip of 25-year-old peram sharma shot on a freeway has caught the attention of california highway patrol. there's no driver behind the wheel and sharma is fleefully staring out the back window. he is unapologetic for his behavior. >> it's normal for me to sit in the back like that. >> reporter: a couple days later, someone else spotted him on the bay bridge headed to oakland, they called the chp. >> thanks to the public for all those law-abiding citizens who called in 911, one of our motor officers happened to be just at the exact location at the exact time and we were able to remove the subject off the roadways. >> reporter: according to the california highway patrol that motor officer watched as sharma crawled from the back seat into the front seat to bring the tesla to a stop. he was arrested for two counts of reckless driving and disobeying a peace officer. but almost as soon as he was
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released, sharma took to his instagram page and uploaded video that shows a driverless tesla on the embarcadero in san francisco. once again, he's in the back seat. >> i just got out of jail, i already got a tesla. >> reporter: sharma says he's not worried about losing his license. he figures the technology will be here soon enough to shuttle him around. for now he plans to keep on doing what's he's doing. are you concerned about going to jail if you keep doing this? >> i don't think you can go to jail, man. it's not really that serious because i'm not breaking like any laws. i'm not dangerously operating the car. >> reporter: actually the national highway traffic safety administration is investigating 23 crashes where drivers may have been using autopilot, and to be clear it's illegal in california for a driver not to be sitting behind the wheel while a car is operating and according to attorney steven clarke if sharma continues thumbing his nose at authorities the district attorney could ask
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he be held in jail until his trial. why are you doing it? >> when i sit in the back seat it's a magical experience, man, to see self-driving cars finally, uhm, work. >> reporter: sergio quintana, "today in the bay." coming up n on "today in the bay," a shocking discovery for people in the north bay. not a bird but a bear in a tree. the way neighbors were able to get that bear down safely and the new warning from wildlife leaders on how to keep bears away.
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here we go friday morning. taking a live look on the city by the bay. san francisco this morning, as we get started. carl the fog sticking around for us, cooler temperatures of course. rob mayeda here is walk us through the weekend, and looks like it might be a nice cool start for us. >> and some of that san francisco weather all around the bay area here at 4:47 this morning. you can see across the board mostly 50s. a few 40s around the bay area right now as the ocean air conditioning has kicked up into contra costa and solano county this morning, as you could see the wind speeds up to 25 miles per hour in fairfield and that's helping to scoop in a lot of extra low clouds, too, toward the altamont pass and carquinez straits and sacramento, reduced visibility and misty skies. san francisco 49 degrees, mostly cloudy, similar conditions to
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walnut creek at 52, southwest wind at about 17 miles per hour and into san jose this morning, mostly cloudy skies to start. we will get clearing today but that sea breeze is going to be an all-day event so you'll notice that today's highs are continuing that downward trend. highs today in the low 70s around san jose, 76 los gatos. you could see 60 degrees around san francisco. 50s in half moon bay and check out the inland valleys around the tri-valley and north bay, highs only in the low to mid-70s. so fog and mist, things we'll be watching for you this morning. things will turn a little more interesting as we go through the day tomorrow, so notice once the low clouds break up, a few high clouds passing by during the day. tomorrow morning it could begin to see more drizzle out near the coast and more interesting, later tomorrow, showers moving away from the sierra, could drop into the bay area as we head through late tomorrow and tomorrow night, just a few isolated showers but given how dry things have been, that should be a pleasant change for most unless you head to the high
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country slight chance of showers around the sierra this weekend. seven-day forecast san francisco cool at times. most of the next seven late tom your weekend plans looks fairly cool, highs in the low 70s going through the weekend, mid-70s early next week. now to see how maybe low clouds and misty skies could be impacting part of your commute, here's mike. >> rob, that's a good note and it shows up on our traffic system because we share them as rob you know that, share some weather data on there. let's look at the map, we're talking about first of all in the tri-valley, where the squiggly area through alvarado niles 84 is still closed and i got word they have to extend the closure overnight through next week as well so 068 and mission boulevard are alternates to get around the closure until 5:00 when it's reopened. green sensors around the map. upper right-hand corner, the brentwood discovery bay area where the light yellow is and wind in our system that
4:50 am
registered in the ar the range. clear view of the golden gate bridge, fog and mist in spots but not here right now. we'll watch for the changes. back to you. sounds good, thanks, mike. 4:49 right now. an unusual call for help, because of this guy, a black bear spotted in a backyard tree a block away from downtown san anselmo. scary and unusual for people in the neighborhood especially for homeowner. cheryl hurd has more. >> reporter: ari walked us through her backyard showing us where the bear left the neighborhood. >> once he was there and that's the direction of the open space. >> reporter: these shots of the bear were taken before his escape showing a young and frightened california bear heading towards the open space. >> 7:46 p.m., the bear came down on his own and walked out from
4:51 am
the backyard of the house and out here to the sidewalk. >> reporter: the bear is a he, about 150 to 200 pounds. police were notified that a bear was spotted near tamalpias avenue and cedar street for about 4:30. >> i heard the helicopter for an hour and a half, i thought hfs a it was a manhunt and when i heard it was a bear, i was relieved. >> reporter: the entire neighborhood came out to look at the animal clinging to a tree, people with cell phones snapping and sharing pictures. >> beautiful, but you could just, he was kind of positioned where i could see the back of him and then he moved own could you see his head. he's pretty large. >> the poor guy seemed really scared and he climbed down backwards from up higher, and then he settled in where he is now. i never knew there were bears in marin, to tell you the truth. are there? >> reporter: we found out that they are here. >> it's very unusual that we would have a bear like this in
4:52 am
marin and that honestly, the last time there was any kind of sightings was probably back in 2003. >> reporter: recently there have been more sightings like in in sonoma county. there's quite a bit of open space in marin county. wildlife officials say the bear is 2 to 3 years old, a juvenile, probably trying to create his own territory, and took a wrong turn. now that he is gone, officials have some advice. >> in an abundance of caution for the next 24 to 48 hours, secure any outdoor garbage or if you have outdoor pet food. >> reporter: cheryl hurd, "today in the bay." >> wow. california's much maligned employment development department experiencing a massive backlog in unresolved o million workers have filed claims, still awaiting payment and it also is about 25,000 more than the week before. according to the edd dashboard.
4:53 am
california so far recovered less than half of all the jobs that have been wiped out since the pandemic took hold. governor newsom today delivers his final budget proposal to state lawmakers. among the expected highlights, he's expected to lay out his final plan to provide new state stimulus to most californians. the governor will also ask lawmakers to sign off on another $1.5 billion in funding for struggling small businesses and he's talking about offering free transitional kindergarten to all california families. the budget must abproved by the end of june. coming up next on "today in the bay," it's off to the races for the preakness stakes. the new decision organizers made, will the winner of the kentucky derby compete, after the horse failed a drug test? but first, happening now, if you take b.a.r.t. this weekend, you might see some delays. the transit service is set to begin work tomorrow between south hayward and union city stations, causing part of the
4:54 am
track to be shut down. crews will replace parts of the trackway, some in use since 1972. this weekend is the first scheduled work time taking place through october. b.a.r.t. will offer free shuttle buses to passengers and you can expect to add about 20 to 25 minutes to your trip. it's 4:54. we'll be right back. welcome to jack in the box. hey, jack, i heard your chicken- who told you that? it was jimmy wasn't it? no, i heard your chicken comes with classic and spicy in the same box, so i don't have to choose. ah yes. best of both worlds. my 50/50 popcorn chicken. only at jack in the box. ladies... check it out. my 50/50 popcorn chicken. so strong. so... not ripped. what're we talkin about... that's the hefty ultra strong bag hefty! hefty! hefty! (whispers) gimme.
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♪♪ refuse to choose and get my $6.99 50/50 popcorn chicken with both classic and spicy for the best of both worlds. only at jack in the box. this week is national stuttering awareness week. president biden is inspiring many kids who are trying to do the same. >> once i found out that so many other people stuttered, including joe biden, it just made me feel like comforted in a
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way, so i'm not alone. >> millions of american children are affected by this condition. coming up on the "today" show, teenager also share how they're navigating life with a stutter and what they want the world to know about them. 4:57 right now. happening tonight, you can once again experience some thrills in the north bay. six flags, discovery kingdom in vallejo is opening rides at night for a third friday in a row, free for season pass membership holders and $20 per ticket for everyone else. reservations and ticket purchases must be made in advance and you have to wear tonight. if you can't make it tonight you'll have another opportunity a week from today. there you go, marcus. >> sounds good to me. with the kentucky derby
4:58 am
victory, medina spirit will be allowed to take part in the second leg of the triple crown. ten horses are set to take to the field at preakness stakes at pimlico. the owners are awaiting results from the second test to confirm the horse was given a banned drug before the derby but the preakness reached an agreement allowing him to take part. right now it's odds-on favorite and the race airs on nbc bay area tomorrow, the coverage starts at 2:00 p.m. we'll be right back.
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right now at 5:00, the cdc says you can take off that mask only if you're fully vaccinated. there's confusion what happens in california at businesses. we'll break it down. back in the classroom, bay area schools welcoming back students right before the summer break. plus he says he's deeply sorry. the reason the san francisco police chief is apologizing for an officer-involved shooting in response from the victim's attorney, as "today in the bay" continues right thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia. nd i'm marcus washington. isco will once again walk the halls just ahead of the early june graduation. "today in the bay's" cierra johnson live in san francisco with how the district reached that decision and she's going to also explain to us what


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