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tv   Today  NBC  May 17, 2021 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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that will do it for us this monday morning. >> you know what? the "today" show is coming up next. thanks so much for joining this morning, as we take a live look at the golden gate bridge, carl sticking around today, cooler temperatures, but hey, we'll be here tomorrow for you. good morning. breaking overnight, battle raging on. the new israeli air strike this morning targeting tunnels used by hamas militants, just hours after the deadliest day of fighting yet at the white house, the pressure mounting on the president to do more to stop the violence. how does this end? we're live in israel and washington on or off? confusion and questions from coast to coast during the first weekend after the cdc lifted mask guidelines for fully vaccinated americans. >> freedom
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>> if you're not wearing your mask, i kind of want to stay away from you. >> states and businesses scrambling to adjust some dropping mandates others holding back. what the head of the cdc is now saying about the new rule. bombshells not one but two major reports over the weekend about bill gates' past. the microsoft billionaire now acknowledging an affair with an employee investigated by the company's board, but denying it had anything to do with why he abruptly stepped down. just ahead, the new claims of inappropriate behavior at work, and why this is suddenly coming to light in the wake of the gates' high-profile divorce. service secrets. an eye-opening look inside the agency charged with protecting the president rocked by recent failures and controversy. >> nobody is paying enough attention. nobody. >> this morning, our one-on-one with the pulitzer prize-winning reporter who went inside tcret e those stories, plus, mystery
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solved that missing tiger in texas turned over to police. so where was he for nearly a week, and what happens now we're live at the big cat's new home and out of this world? yet another bizarre ufo sighting caught on camera by the u.s. military something hovering off the coast of california before vanishing into the ocean >> splash. >> the video that has civilians and the pentagon asking, what was that today, monday, may 17th, 2021. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza hi, everybody. good morning welcome to "today. hope you had a good weekend. happy you're starting your monday. >> happy we're sitting so close still on a monday. >> still going on, yeah. >> it wasn't a dream lots to get to, including
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the confusion over masks and social distancing felt across the country, after what many are calling the first normal weekend in 15 months nbc's tom costello will have more on that. meantime, things are getting back to normal at the gas pumps after the crippling cyber attack on the nation's largest fuel pipeline, but this morning, some stations along the east coast are still dry, and there are new concerns about what's ahead for the busy summer travel season. blayne alexander is in atlanta with that story. we begin with the crisis in the middle east. new israeli air strikes overnight. the latest round of violence now entering its second week after the deadliest day so far in the fighting we've got two reports, starting with nbc's chief foreign correspondent richard engel. he's on the ground in tel-aviv richard, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah it was another long and difficult night for palestinians living in the gaza strip israel carried out some of its most intense air strikes yet after an especially deadly
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weekend. the israeli bombings in gaza are by now the most intense of the conflict overnight the israeli military said 54 fighter jets, mostly customized american f-16s attacked nearly ten miles of tunnels. it says hamas is using to launch rockets at israeli cities, more than 3,000 rockets in the past seven days alone but as precise as the israeli strikes can be, palestinian civilians are dying. the air strikes have destroyed three apartment buildings in gaza city this weekend in the deadliest attack so far. gaza is poor and cut off it has no real emergency services, so poorly equipped rescue crews had to dig for victims with their hands and construction tools they pulled out dozens of survivors who had been entombed under their homes for hours. and they found more than 40 bodies, including health officials said, two dozen women
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and children south of tel aviv, i spoke to a senior israeli military spokesman by the iron dome defense system which has intercepted 90% of the hamas rockets that seemed likely to cause deaths or significant damage >> we struck hundreds of other underground targets inside gaza, and that's the one incident where we saw houses collapsing as a result. so we're looking into it i want to be clear, it is not our aim. we have no business killing civilians. it doesn't do us any good. >> reporter: in gaza, that means little to this 10-year-old she's already seen more death than most see in a lifetime. >> i want to cry out of my anger, out of my body, because they're killing people that they don't deserve to die they're just living their own self they come and kill them. we don't deserve this. >> reporter: nadine has never left gaza, often called the world's biggest prison
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she learned english watching youtube videos and has a strong message for americans. >> we can't do anything. we're just dying the american people, stop giving stop giving weapons to them. that's the way that you can help us >> reporter: israel still has thousands of troops positioned along the border with gaza, but so far, they have not crossed in, not begun any land invasion. savannah >> what about diplomacy, what's happening there? any possible cease fire talks? >> reporter: we are starting to see some progress on this. i just spoke to a senior israeli diplomat who is directly involved in this process he wouldn't get into more details or specific details, but he said that hamas wants a cease fire he was speaking for hamas there, but hamas has also said that it would consider a cease fire, but it wants it on its own terms and what hamas wants is it wants tooling the situation in gaza to
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broader palestinian claims about the status of jerusalem which both israel and the palestinians claim as their capital the israeli diplomat said what israel is looking for is some guarantee that if it agrees to a cease fire, there will be an extended period of calm, that it won't just be a short-term solution >> savannah. >> richard evening l leading us off in tel aviv. calls are mounting for president to step up his administration's voinvolvement n the escalating crisis. andrea mitchell joins us with that part of the story hey, andrea, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, hoda, the israeli palestinian conflict was not initially a top foreign policy priority when the biden administration took office, but now the violence erupting across israel is a full-blown crisis. the white house had not expected, and the administration is finding its offers to mediate a cease fire are so far being ignored. this morning president biden under increasing pressure as
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violence rages in the middle east. >> palestinians and israelis equally deserve to live in safety and security and enjoy equal measure of pfreedom, prosperity and democracy. >> reporter: the president alluding to the crisis sunday night during an event to mark the end of the muslim holy month of ramadan. >> my administration is going to continue to engage palestinians and israelis and other regional partners to work towards sustained calm. >> reporter: but for some, it's not enough several muslim advocacy groups boycotting the event to protest the white house's support for israel. >> the only thing we believe that can stop this is president biden. >> reporter: some democratic lawmakers pushing the president for a more forceful response. >> i think the administration needs to push harder on israel and the palestinian authority to stop the violence, bring about a cease fire, end these hostilities. >> reporter: at a virtual sunday session of the united nations security council, the u.s. ambassador saying it's time to
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end the cycle of violence stopping short of calling for a cease fire >> the human toll of this past week has been devastating. >> reporter: president biden speaking to palestinian authority, and israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu in separate calls as americans took to the streets, mostly in support of the palestinians. netanyahu on cbs making clear israel will not let up as long as the hamas rockets keep flying and defending their strike on a building in gaza that housed the "associated press" and other media outlets saying hamas military intelligence had offices there too. >> it's a perfectly legitimate target, and i can tell you that we took every precaution to make sure that there were no civilian injuries >> reporter: the biden administration raised concerns about that attack, but insists israel has the right to defend itself secretary of state blinken did call the executive editor or
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"associated press" who today is calling for an investigation into the air strikes and says israel has yet to provide clear evidence supporting it hoda >> all right, andrea mitchell for us thank you. and turning now, many questions that people still have over the latest cdc guidance when it comes to masks for fully vaccinated americans after more than a year of covering up, the sudden shift is causing confusion for states, businesses and people. nbc's tom costello has got more on that and what happened over the weekend. hi, tom, good morning. >> reporter: hey, savannah, good morning. at least 20 states have now repealed their mask mandates kind of loosening the rules for people who were fully vaccinated despite the cdc guidance, though, a lot of people are asking when do i have to wear a mask when don't i have to wear a mask the answer really depends on which state you're in, which county you're in, which store you're in.ntry on thisayorning g off, for many americans a mixed reaction >> if you're not wearing your mask, i kind of want to stay
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away from you. >> i feel like they might be rushing it. >> freedom. now scrambling to re-evaluate their own policies after last week's cdc guidance which says fully vaccinated people can choose not to mask up indoors and outdoors in most circumstances. now, major retailers like walmart, costco and starbucks are dropping their mask mandates for vaccinated customers but other companies, including cvs, targets and j.c. penney are keeping the requirements for now. the relaxed guidelines signal a return to normalcy, but also are prompting challenges for small businesses over their own rules for customers and employees. >> there's really no way for us to verify that they're vaccinated >> reporter: cdc director dr. rochelle walensky acknowledges the changes rely on people being honest, and stresses that the guidance is only meant for vaccinated americans, even though some others may now sense more leeway.
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>> this was not permission to shed masks for everybody everywhere. >> reporter: but she assures americans easing the protocol is ultimately based on science. >> right now the data, the science shows us that it is safe for vaccinated people to take off their masks. >> reporter: for now, the cdc says masks should still be worn in places like doctor's offices, schools, and on public transportation this as new york city's subway system, the largest in the country, resumes its 24-hour service after a one-year shutdown during overnight hours. and with more americans expected to travel this summer, the tsa is keeping a place its mask requirements on planes and airports until mid-september. >> the cdc is hard at work now saying what does this mean for schools, for travel, for camps, for businesses, but we needed this foundation. >> reporter: still with only 37% of the population fully vaccinated, some public health experts say more people need to be getting shots in arms before taking off masks
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>> if the majority of the country by july 4th can really have 70% of us with one shot, i will breathe literally a lot easier walking indoors without my mask. >> it really is the honor system whether you have or have not been vaccinated. as for parents of children who are too young to get the shot, the advice is maybe wear the mask, be a good model for those kids when you're in an environment that would potentially pose a risk to them. savannah, back to you. >> what does the data say about the risk that covid-19 poses to those younger kids, the ones who aren't eligible for the vaccine yet? >> 4 million children have contracted the virus, 300 nationwide have died, but the risk of actually ending up in the hospital, less than 1% those stats as you can hear may be encouraging to some parents, may also be concerning to some parents, so parent to parent, family and family really making the decision about whether they want to go ahead and keep the mask on or not
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it's really a family by family decision. >> it's a tricky one, tom, thank you very much. appreciate it. we do have a lot more to get to including craig melvin sitting close by that's a headline right here. >> it's the closest i've been to either of you in a year and a half you look great. >> what color are those eyes all right, you got some news at the pump. >> yes, good monday morning to you. good monday morning to you as well, crippled by that cyber attack, the nation's largest fuel pipeline resumed normal operations over the weekend. while most gas stations up and down the east coast are back online, some are still running low on fuel. blayne alexander is in atlanta for us, good morning to you. >> reporter: craig, good morning to you here in the state of georgia, the governor has actually declared a state of emergency over these gas outages, and in fact, in several other areas we actually saw the number of outages go up over the weekend now, as one expert told me, we are currently in recovery mode of course that pipeline is back up and running it has been for several days now, but it's going to take some
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time before we feel that relief trickle down to the pump, and that's due in large part to what experts are calling simply panic buying so as we look right now, that's why we're seeing the result that we see nearly 13,000 stations completely out of gas. the latest numbers show that the hardest hit area, washington, d.c., 88% of stations are running out of fuel, completely out of fuel followed by north carolina at nearly 60% travel further down south, south carolina, georgia, virginia, all seeing the same issues now, the other factor to all of this, of course, is just the seasonal demand for gas. of course, as we're entering those summer months, more americans are hitting the road, especially as restrictions are being lifted experts say that is likely going to drive the gas prices up in fact, they're already the highest that we've seen in about five years experts say there are some things that you can do to try and save gas in your own car, consolidate errands, try and take only one trip at a time, and then just take the extra things out of your car to lighten the load
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bottom line, craig, experts say it could still be another week, possibly two, before you can pull into a gas station and not have to worry or wonder whether they're actually going to have fuel. >> blayne alexander in atlanta, thanks so much my folks are driving up tomorrow from south carolina, having a hard time getting gas. >> i'll come down and get them. >> you heard that, ma. >> now we're all together. >> hello ♪ together forever, you'll stay in my heart ♪ >> that was very sad >> blah blah blah. blah blah blah. >> we're happy to be together. we really are. we are unhappy, though, about all this heavy rain making its way down through the south, through the plains and on into the gulf coast we have a risk of severe weather, 12 million people look at this, we've got a really extreme risk, a moderate risk from lubbock to north of san angelo 12 million people at risk for all of this. we are looking tomorrow for more folks at risk, especially through central texas, from austin on into dallas, just to the north of houston
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we're watching that area, and here's the pattern we're going to be stuck in for a while below average temperatures later this week here in the west heavy rain through the gulf, and summer highs in the northeast on through the great lakes. rain across the plains today into the midwest, storms forming later in the day as we move into tomorrow, more widespread rain and storms, especially from texas into the gulf that moves on into wednesday look at these rainfall amounts stretching from corpus christi, texarkana into lake charles, anywhere from three to seven inches of rain we could have isolated amounts of eight to ten inches of rain we're really worried about flooding as we get into the middle part of the week. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds sweeper and dusters. the fluffy fibers? they pick up dust easily. grabbing it in all those hard-to-reach places. gotcha!!! and for our floors, sweeper's textured cloths
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lock all kinds of dirt, dust and pet hair. unlike my vacuum, it sneaks under and around places. look at that!! dust free and hassle free. stop cleaning and start swiffering. good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. as we take a look at our inland temperatures for today, it's going to be nice, even though we're starting out with some clouds, we'll end up with some afternoon sunshine, highs reaching near 70 degrees. a little bit warmer tomorrow and we'll continue to see a cooldown by the end of the week as we watch some rain move just to the east of us, bay area stays dry and we do keep the seasonable weather into the weekend, while san francisco will stay in the 60s. >> that >> that is your latest weather we went from social distancing to craig putting his paws into savannah's space. >> i look over, and his hand is in my lotion >> everybody is sharing. >> very close to me right now. >> glistening.
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>> al, thank you. coming up, the week-long search for that missing tiger in texas finally comes to an end. it was found safe. now, it's been cared for at an animal sanctuary so where was he for the last week, and what happens now morgan chesky live with the big cat and all the answers. plus, a rare look inside the secret service, the agency responsible for protecting the president and rocked by scandal. this morning, hallie jackson's conversation with an author who says she's using her new book to sound an alarm everyone needs to ar but first, thihes
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you never leave the house without your luvs or your big dad energy. because...when you see a leaky situation you have luvs ready for that pro-level leak protection. luvs. parent like a pro. 7:26. good morning to you. i'm laura garcia. here is a look at today's top stories including the second fire in four days on the property of an east bay church. >> reporter: i'm bob redell in concord, a second fire at christ community church, this one in the building right behind me happened after midnight this morning. you could see a firefighter bringing out a cross. they were able to keep the fire contained to the building and keep it from spreading to the main church. no indication of whether or not anyone was inside at the time. you'll recall this last thursday, 5:30 in the morning there was another fire that burned a two-story building next door to this single story
7:27 am
building. the fire department determined a homeless person crawled underneath the space. they blamed them for the fire, not clear intentional or accidental. i'm kris sanchez with pushback against the new cdc guidelines that vaccinated people can mask almost everywhere. the director of the cdc says this change is based on science. so far governor newsom said that california's mask mandate will remain in place until at least june 15th when the state reopens fully. right now let's get a quick check of the forecast with kari. >> yes, we are going to have a nice cool day starting out with some clouds, afternoon sunshine and our inland spots like santa rosa and concord reaching into the low 70s today, mid-70s tomorrow and a little bit cooler by the end of the week. our dry weather continues but at
7:28 am
least it does stay on the cool side. laura? >> looks pretty nice. thanks so much. we'll be back with another local news update in half an hour. hope to see you then. have a great monday morning. oh, you think this is just a community center? no. it's way more than that. cause when you hook our community up with the internet... boom! look at ariana, crushing virtual class. jamol, chasing that college dream. michael, doing something crazy. this is the place where we can show the world what we can do. comcast is partnering with 1000 community centers
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♪ guys, great news this week the cdc announced that fully vaccinated people no longer have to wear masks or socially distance except if you go to most places. anyway, have fun out there >> all right our friends at "snl" had fun over the weekend with the mask wearing confusion. but we actually are going to get on it. we have vicky nguyen she's going to sort it all out, tell us when we can and can't wear it, what to do with our children who have to wear them doesn't it feel good >> it's funny because it's true, by the way yesterday outdoors, people just -- >> masked up >> well, some.
7:31 am
>> nobody knows. >> look at our plaza we have three people on our plaza, and they all three have masks. by the way, we're building up slowly >> they didn't know it was our plaza. they're just here. hi >> wandering by. you're right. >> whatever. we'll take it at this point. let's get started. your 7:30 headlines. we'll start with breaking news a fire burning out of control in los angeles is growing this morning. more than a thousand people living in the palisades pacific neighborhood have been evacuated. nearby schools will be closed due to air quality concerns. the cause of the fire is under investigation, but arson may be to blame one person was detained and released, and a second person is being questioned. in an iowa town evacuated yesterday after a train carrying potentially dangerous chemicals derailed take a look at the mess, you can see a huge ball of flames, a plume of thick black smoke, and dozens of train cars littered all over the tracks. it happened in sibley in the northwest corner of the state. the train was hauling a chemical
7:32 am
used in fertilizer nobody was hurt. an investigation into the cause of that derailment is underway a visit to a phoenix amusement park was anything but fun for two dozen people, stuck on a roller coaster over the weekend. the ride at castles and coasters was stalled 20 feet up, causing tense moments for those trapped at the top riders were left tilted at an angle. took the fire department two and a half hours to get everyone down safely. fortunately, no one was hurt. all right. we've got this morning new developments in that tiger search in texas. we've been following it closely. over the weekend, the 9-month-old male tiger finally was found after he caused quite a scare in one houston neighborhood. >> yeah. this morning, india is being cared for at the cleveland armory black beauty ranch near dallas that's where we find nbc's morgan chesky. hey, morgan. good morning >> reporter: hey, good morning if tigers could talk, there is absolutely no telling how young india here would describe the
7:33 am
events over the last week. the last time we saw this young tiger, he was being loaded into the back of an suv and being driven away from houston police. since then, it has been an all out search today, for the first time, authorities are filling in the gaps on how they finally tracked this young tiger down. this morning, a texas-sized tiger mystery finally solved. >> i think the public thought it'd be easy to catch a tiger, but it wasn't at all >> reporter: the strange case began with this now viral video, showing india the tiger roaming around in a west houston neighborhood. >> get the [ bleep ] back inside >> reporter: witnesses watched victor hugo cuevas kiss the cat before taking him inside his house. authorities say cuevas later loaded india into a white suv, speeding off seconds after houston police arrived a claim that cuevas' attorney denied police arrested cuevas, already on bond for a 2017 murder charge, charging him with evading police but they couldn't find india
7:34 am
cuevas is currently in custody, and his lawyer says he is not the tiger's owner. but over the next week, nearly 300 tips poured in then late saturday. >> we got him. he's healthy >> reporter: police say the 9-month of old bengal tiger was turned in unharmed by one of its owners india could grow as large as 600 pounds. >> it still had its claws, and it could do a lot of damage if he decided to. >> reporter: it's illegal to own a tiger in the city of houston, but they are allowed in harris county if registered under strict rules and regulations >> the tiger was passed around a little bit, but ultimately, gia knew where the tiger was at all times. >> reporter: the investigation into where and how india was moved isn't over, but thankfully, this tiger's wild ride finally is. on sunday, authorities dropped off india at this texas animal sanctuary, run by the humane society of the united states he'll join two other tigers rescued in texas in recent
7:35 am
years, elsa and loki all three under the watchful eyes of trained professionals. >> these animals, while they are beautiful and majestic, they are wild you cannot tame a tiger just by raising them from a baby. >> morgan, so we were seeing him walking around behind you, but what awaits india? what is his new life going to be like >> reporter: life looks good india will no longer have to wear this rhinestone collar that he was brought in with, and he should be living here at the black beauty ranch for the rest of his days. however, before he can associato with the other animals here, he's going to have to do splg something a lot of other travelers have had to do for the last year, and that is quarantine in this enclosure for the next 30 days experts want to make sure that he is healthy, not going to transmit any diseases and/or viruses to the other animals there are two other tigers here that india could be hanging out with before they do, experts say they want to make sure that their tiger personalities match up before they end up socializing
7:36 am
send it back to you. >> did you say rhinestone collar >> why was he wearing that collar >> it's texas. right, morgan? a little glam. a little glitz >> reporter: absolutely. no longer a rhinestone tiger here he can roam wild in east texas. >> all right >> thank you, morgan. >> so happy you can finally leave texas now. coming up next, guys, the inside story of the secret service, from its early days to a string of recent scandals. >> this morning, the many challenges facing the men and women assigned to protect the president, and why some say they've never been greater first, these messages. - dashawn: magic johnson! - magic: (laughs) - daisy: oh my god. magic: you're a general manager. man, that's amazing. karen: i- i'm still in shock right now. magic: you're a role model for all those little girls. what you've been through, where you are today, continue that. dashawn: i definitely will.
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7:41 am
person in the country. but the secret service has faced its share ofything from security and sex some of it chronicled in new reporting just out this week that paints a picture of a boys' club culture and an agency stretched too thin a secret service scandal in 2012 rocking the agency. >> the biggest scandal in secret service history. >> reporter: agents found partying, some with prostitutes, before a presidential trip, exposing a culture that had its own motto, apparently. wheels up, rings off >> it came to view on the road trip, especially international trips, as perks. a time to blow off steam >> reporter: but when carol leonnig investigated, she saw it went further. >> they were worried the service was stretched too thin and the president was going to get shot on their watch >> reporter: when kennedy was assassinated in 1963, it was a
7:42 am
gut punch, forcing the secret service to reassess and rebuild, progress that showed when agents saved president reagan from an assassination attempt in 1981. >> they no doubt have gotten better, but the challenges have increased. the money haven't kept up. the staff haven't kept up. >> reporter: in the obama era, a staircase was unguarded, allowing a stranger to get into the hallway just steps from where then first lady michelle obama was staying. in the trump era, the former president wanted, quote, fat guys off his detail, asking how are they going to protect me and my family if they can't run down the street and she describes how the biden transition wanted a new set of agents protecting the new president, a reported request the white house denies as flatly untrue another revelation as recent as january 6th and the insurrection at the capitol. >> in their personal social media pages they were posting their concern that biden's
7:43 am
election was illegitimate and telling people that the rioters were patriots. >> reporter: in a memo in january, the secret service director emphasized to staffers, we are expected to behave in a non-partisan manner, according to a person familiar with it, and overall, a secret service spokesperson says they're aware of an upcoming book, which rehashes past challenges the agency overcame and evolved from adding, the agency's skilled workforce is dedicated to the successful execution of its critical protective and investigative mission. director james murray has testified the agency is hiring more people. and in 2019, construction started on a higher, more secure white house fence to prevent intruders from jumping over and getting close to or even in the white house. like what happened in 2014 and 2017 >> nobody is paying enough attention, nobody. not congress not the department of homeland security not the white house. and not the american people. >> reporter: are you sounding the alarm with this? >> absolutely, i'm sounding an alarm bell
7:44 am
>> reporter: just in the last couple of weeks, the director of the secret service testified in front of lawmakers, praising the agency for its resiliency, talking about the improving morale, and leonnig chronicles details and stories of incredible heroism on the part of secret service agents, like guys on 9/11, where she writes that agents detailed to the white house refused to leave their posts. even not knowing whether they might be the next target that day. guys, back to you. >> important piece of reporting there. hallie, thank you very much. it is 7:44 mr. roker, what you got in the weather department >> well, we have a little temperature divide across the country. to the north, we've got warmer conditions to the south, cooler, below average temperatures phoenix, though it is 89, that's seven degrees cooler than average. billings, 12 degrees warmer than average at 83. minneapolis, 80 today. richmond, virginia, a little on the cool side. but then as we move into tomorrow, we're watching those warm temperatures from duluth, omaha, cleveland, boston, and
7:45 am
knoxville. but albuquerque and omaha city, a little cooler than average and over the next several days, that jet stream dips to the south. san francisco, you're only in the 60s. 50s in yellowstone, green bay, though, getting into the 80s by friday mid 80s here in new york city. atlanta will see temperatures in the 80s, as well the exception, dallas because of all that rain, it is going to be cooler than average. th >> good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. let's take a look at our inland forecast over the next seven day ace beautiful week. temperatures up to about 70 degrees today, and some mid-70s tomorrow, it gets even cooler by thursday and friday, with some breezy winds, highs in the upper 60s and a nice weekend ahead. san francisco drizzly and cool now, but we will see a lot more of that as we head through the week, a little bit milder starting tomorrow and continuing through the weekend. >> that is your latest weather >> mr. roker, thank you, sir.
7:46 am
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7:50 am
bombshell allegations about bill gates and the billionaire's behavior at microsoft. the company telling nbc news, in 2019, it was made aware of a concern that gates sought to initiate an intimate relationship with a company employee in the year 2000. the "wall street journal" citing people familiar with the matter reports that microsoft's directors decided gates needed to step down from the board as they pursued an investigation into the past relationship, which was deemed inappropriate. >> our reporting shows this female microsoft employee alleged in a letter that eventually got up to microsoft board members that she had a multi-year sexual, romantic relationship with bill gates. >> emily glazer helped break the story for the "wall street journal." >> the female employee really wanted melinda gates to read this letter. we don't know if melinda gates read the letter, but that was
7:51 am
something that was part of discussions as they were going toward a resolution. >> reporter: a spokesperson for gates said there was an affair almost 20 years ago which ended amicably. bill's decision to transition off the board was in no way related to this matter. gates abruptly left the microsoft board last year, announcing at the time he was stepping down to dedicate more time to philanthropic priorities. it comes amid new reporting from "the new york times," citing multiple people that on at least a few ooh occasions gates purr seed women that worked for him at microsoft and at the gates' foundation, and that his behavior sometimes created an uncomfortable work environment. a spokesperson for gates denied these allegations. the billionaire's behavior is drawing fresh scrutiny after the announcement earlier this month that he and melinda gates were ending their 27-year marriage. melinda first met bill when she was an employee at microsoft.ld bit interested.
7:52 am
>> reporter: a pair of reports and "the new york times" suggests the divorce has been in the works for years. according to their divorce filing, the couple has agreed to a separation contract to divide their massive $130 billion fortune. the couple has not gotten back to nbc news about the reason for their split. guys, back to you. >> miguel, thank you. just ahead this morning, we're going to go one-on-one with celine dion. what she's telling us about her las vegas return. why the city is so special to why the city is so special to her and how she actually enjoyed ♪♪ i've got nothing to eat. nothing? nothing. nothing. nothing. [ baby cries ] hold on, i can do something. ♪ turning nothing into something. ♪ ♪ turning nothing into something. ♪ ♪ i thought i had nothing, but i turned it into something. ♪
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leave it. purchase protection for what you didn't see coming. one of the many things you can expect when you're with amex. a very good morning to you. 7:26. i'm laura garcia. here is a look at what's happening now. >> good morning everyone. i'm scott mcgrew. the ceo of salesforce says employeeing can come back to the tower headquarters starting today with their reopening of the office. now that said, salesforce is one of the big companies that's mostly going to be work at home, from here on out. i'm cierra johnson in mill valley. after the cdc made their announcement on thursday, some national chains like starbucks have announced that fully vaccinated individuals are allowed inside of their stores without masks, and so they will still urge businesses though to follow county and state regulations about mask wearing
7:57 am
and some others saying you don't have to have a mask, costco, walmart and trader joe's. let's get a look at the forecast with meteorologist kari hall. >> good morning, we're starting out with some dense fog near the coast and also some mist and drizzle and all of that cool air making it to the inland areas, so a brisk breeze with temperatures reaching into the low 70s as we get some afternoon sunshine, and we'll see more of this through the week, only going to reach 58 degrees in san francisco, but we'll make it into the 60s for the rest of the week, but feeling nice and spring-like but still no rain. laura? >> we need the rain, but we like the spring-like temperatures. thanks so much. we'll be back with another update in half an hour.
7:58 am
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we need big beastly changes in sacramento. i'll make 'em. recall the beauty. meet the nicest, smartest beast in california. john cox. it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, the deadliest day. overnight, israel carries out another round of air strikes just hours after the bloodiest 24 hours of the conflict. this morning, the new calls for president biden to step in. we're live with the very latest. then masking the right questions. the confusion over the cdc's new guidance about when fully vaccinated americans must wear a mask. >> no one is going to go around "show me your vaccine." >> what do you do if you have kids who aren't able to get the shot yet? we're answering your questions
8:01 am
coming up. plus, out of this world. >> it's getting close. >> the new video just surfaced showing what appears to be a ufo flying around a navy ship. >> what we're seeing are a number of distinct, different things. >> as military pilots come forward to reveal what they've seen, and what the pentagon is saying about it all just ahead. ♪ but you got to keep your head up ♪ staying positive. pastor joel osteen will join us live to share a powerful message about finding peace every day. and we'll catch up with celine dion as the singing superstar prepares for her emotional return to the stage. >> it's going to be about an energy, about starting again, about living again. >> today, monday, may 17th, 2021. ♪ i got you moonlight ♪ >> good morning from louisiana.
8:02 am
>> and hi to my favorite hoda kotb. >> we're celebrating an 11th birthday. >> we're celebrating with you. >> happy birthday. ♪ fly away with me tonight ♪ >> congratulations class of 2021. >> so sweet. good morning, everybody. welcome back to "today." it's monday morning, and we're glad to have you along with us. >> if you missed the first hour, so sad, but don't sorry, set your dvr, 7:00 a.m. you can catch up anytime you feel like it, at your leisure. >> absolutely. news at 8:00. despite calls for restraint, fighting between israel and palestinian militants escalated overnight. the president is facing growing pressure to intervene. nbc's chief foreign correspondent richard engel joins us with the latest on the ground there. richard, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. i am now in ashdod, south of tel aviv, and moments ago, there was a rocket, a rocket fired from hamas.
8:03 am
the hamas has fired over the last several days or so about 3,000 rockets. many of them have been intercepted by israelis -- israel's defense system, but some get through. when you look here behind me, you can see one of the rockets that got through. it hit this building. it is a residential building. rescue crews were quickly on the scene. they are going through the debris right now. we are told that there were no deaths or injuries in this particular attack. but they are bracing that there might be more rockets. this is why israel is launching its campaign against gaza, to stop the rocket attacks. they feel this campaign is a campaign of self-defense but when you are in gaza and many more palestinians are dying than launching its attacks against israel in order to defend its palestinian rights. we are now in a cycle of violence, and as you can see here, it does not seem to be
8:04 am
stopping. >> all right. richard engel on the ground there, thank you very much. now to some wild video that shows what appears to be a ufo flying around the navy ship off the coast of san diego. the footage has a lot of people wondering, what in the world, or in outer space, is going on here? nbc's gadi schwartz joins us now with the latest. gadi, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, hoda. last time we talked about this, you might remember an upside down pyramid flying over a navy destroyer. well, this new video was allegedly taken in the same month around the same area, but this time it was something flying near one of the navy's stealth ships when it suddenly plunged into the water and disappeared. >> wow, it's getting close. >> reporter: on a pitch black night off the coast of california, newly leaked video allegedly shows one of the u.s. navy stealth ships tracking an unknown object in the sky. after a few minutes. >> it splashed. >> reporter: the 2019 footage obtained by a filmmaker who last month released another video of an upside down pyramid ufo hovering above a navy destroyer.
8:05 am
>> this is a larger series of events we are going to be learning about. >> reporter: the pentagon confirming the video was taken by navy personnel. the images now being reviewed by a government task force, set to brief congress next month on what they called unidentified aerial phenomenon. "60 minutes" speaking to pilots who reported seeing unidentified flying objects. >> every day for at least a couple years. >> reporter: former secretary of defense for intelligence says sensor technology improved dramatically over the years, but pilots have reported seeing some of the same things for decades. >> are there any similarities between these recent incidents and incidents that go back as far as half a century? >> there seems to be a lot of continuity there. >> reporter: he says one of the biggest problems is the stigma coming with talking about ufos, something a navy lieutenant commander told cbs she struggled with after she and three others saw a 40-foot flying object disappear in 2004.
8:06 am
>> you know, i think that over the years, we've sort of said, hey, man, if i saw this solo, i don't know that i would have come back and said anything because it sounds so crazy when i say it. >> reporter: how would you describe this thing we can't explain? >> what we're seeing are a number of distinct, different things. sometimes we're seeing a 50-foot object that can travel at hypersonic speeds and seemingly go into orbit or come down from, you know, altitudes above potentially 100,000 feet. >> reporter: do you think that we will see a release from the government that shows something conclusively? >> there is more that could be shared, will be shared with congress, for certain. i don't see that coming to the public soon. >> reporter: that is the problem. that all we really keep seeing are these little glimpses of leaked videos while things like the original high definition footage, radar data, sonar data, that hasn't been released because most of it has been classified. there could be worldly explanations.
8:07 am
could be russian or chinese drones, a top secret u.s. project. at this point, it is going to be up to congress to get to the bottom of this mystery. guys? >> gadi schwartz, thank you. lester holt is on the move. meanwhile, lester holt is on the news, starting today on "nightly news," lester is going across america. he's traveling to five different cities to show us how the country is rebounding from the pandemic first stop, orlando, florida hey, lester. good morning, sir. >> good morning. you guys, i spent a lot of months in my own covid cocoon broadcasting from a home studio. now fully vaccinated, it is time to hit the road again for a series we've been doing since 2016 in "nightly news. in past "across america" trips, we focused on elections and the political climate. this time we wanted to capture america in transition, on the upward swing from the pandemic, and what in many ways has been a dark chapter in our history. all through the eyes and experiences of five cities we start tonight here in orlando, an entertainment mecca, as you
8:08 am
know, with its theme parks and resorts. driving a $75 billion tourism industry orlando's economic recovery from the pandemic got an early boost when things began reopening last year today, places like lego land, the first park to reopen, not only have all employees back, but they're actually actively looking for hundreds more workers. but there is one component of a nearby economy still treading water, and that's the cruise ship industry, facing some tough cdc restrictions and requirements before it can set sail again this week, we'll be traveling from here to louisville, to cleveland, seattle and los angeles. we'll look at things like the future of air travel and worries over whether there will be enough pilots to meet the demands of a rapidly recovering airline industry we'll also look at issues of rising homelessness and police violence that were also part of this difficult chapter we're emerging from. then a fun one on our agenda this week. it's a great story from cleveland. we're going to go inside the factory that has been a must-have of our pandemic lives.
8:09 am
purell the hand sanitizer folks whose products are virtually everywhere you go. we're going to get a rare look inside their factory and find out, you know, how they ramped up for all this, guys. >> sounds like a full week lester holt, we will see you tonight on "nightly news" from orlando. >> thank you, lester. let's get a morning boost. >> here we go. you may have seen stories about those special glasses that can help some people who are color blind see colors for the very first time so watch this middle school student's reaction when he gets to try on a pair of those glasses that belong to his principal. >> what do you think pretty cool? >> oh, wow >> he's crying >> that's awesome. come here, dude! >> man >> mom, you better get in there, too. that is so awesome i told you it was going to be a little emotional
8:10 am
>> wow the results are so dramatic, the boys parents launched a fundraising campaign to buy him a pair they raised enough money to help others get glasses, too. wow, that's a moment right there. >> ah, it is. >> good boost. >> what a sweetheart. coming up next, the excitement over the cdc lifting the mask mandate, but also a lot of questions about the specifics here >> who better to answer those questions than vicky nguyen? she's standing by to talk about some of the top concerns, including what parents with kids who can't get the vaccine yet, what those parents need to know. that's right after this. e. here's the deal maya, state farm offers everyone surprisingly great rates. right. no really. there's no markdowns, just great rates. pull around back in 20 minutes. i'll hook you up with the good parts. when you want the real deal... like a good neighbor. state farm is there.
8:11 am
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8:14 am
we're back 8:13 "reopening america" series it was a joyful weekend for lots of people. it's the first since the new cdc guidance on face masks it was a good one. >> yeah, but the abrupt changes also causing some confusion as well nbc's investigative and consumer correspondent vicky nguyen practically in our laps this morning. >> i know. i need a minute to adjust. this is the closest i've been to anyone other than maybe my three children >> yeah. >> and my husband. okay well, now that the cdc is not requiring masks for those fully vaccinated, it is really being met with mixed emotions and a lot of confusion for some. with people who have children who are under 12 not yet vaccinated, a lot of parents are wondering how they're supposed to navigate between federal recommendations, state mandates, and local business rules >> reporter: if the latest mask guidance has you a bit confused, you're not alone
8:15 am
>> the cdc announced that people who are vaccinated no longer need to wear masks outdoors or indoors. pretty great, right? remove their masks in most places, both indoors and outdoors. >> no mask, and it feels great. >> reporter: the new guidance, which caught many by surprise, has needed some o but a lot of people had questions. such as, what does that mean what the hell are you talking about? is it a trap >> reporter: it's welcome news from the cdc that fully vaccinated people can safely remove their masks in most places, both indoors and outdoors. >> no mask, and it feels great. >> reporter: the new guidance, which caught many by surprise, has needed some official clarification. >> there's no need for everybody to start ripping off their masks. what we're saying is, now that it's safe, work at your own speed. work with your own family and own businesses to remove them when necessary. >> reporter: with only 37% of americans fully vaccinated, not everyone is sure where and when masks should remain on. >> really confused. >> reporter: at least 20 states still have a mask mandate for now. even where they don't, cities, businesses, and private institutions can make their own mask policies.
8:16 am
>> no one is going to go around holding a piece of paper saying, "show me your vaccine. >> reporter: starting today, many stores including starbucks, walmart, trader joes and costco are dropping mask requirements for the fully vaxxed relying on the honor system >> give up your membership to costco. >> reporter: in a viral video, former child actor ricky schroder was arguing with a costco employee with on not changing the policy. >> in the state of california and county of los angeles, there has been -- >> costco. >> -- and costco, there has been no change -- >> yes, there has been. >> reporter: other stores like target, gap, and home depot said they'll keep pandemic protocols in place for now still, as americans navigate the confusion, hope is back for fewer masks and more smiles. >> i think it's about time >> vic, obviously, the news is welcome. we're all over the masks but it is confusing, especially if you have a family and the kids aren't old enough to get the vaccine. what should you do
8:17 am
>> over the weekend, i got so many messages about this from people on social media, and also my own friends i think the advice here is you have to make a personal risk calculation. yeah, i have kids at home under 12 potentially, i could unmask, pick up the disease, and transmit it to them. while the risk is low, and there is low risk for complications, some things i'm looking at, what are the infection rates in the community where you are? do you need to take your kids with you to crowded indoor spaces where other people will be unmasked? if you are going to do that, keep the mask on your kids if they're little, you might want to wear your mask, as well, not only to model also so you don't inadvertently pick something up and give it to them. >> got it. >> there are considerations you can take we're looking at reopening america. part of that is taking the masks off for people who are vaccinated. >> part of that, too, is the workplace. that environment is changing a lot of people are wondering, can my bosses mandate i get a vaccine? can they mandate that maybe i do wear my mask or i don't >> a lot of questions up in the
8:18 am
air, and a lot of employers figuring that out, especially offices or businesses with public customers, as well. right now, we're seeing a split. some are saying, okay, if you're fully vaccinated, on the honor system, no one has to wear a mask as an employee you should ask, you should have that conversation, can i still wear a mask if i don't feel comfortable? and that's going to be something a lot of offices and businesses have to work out with their employees. they can make requirements on people. >> vicky, thank you. >> even better this close. >> yes >> 3d. >> thank you, vicky. let's get a check of the weather from al. >> thanks so much, savannah. well, our friends out in california, the southwest looking at long-term drought gorgeous in hawaii today temperatures mid 50s to low 60s. severe storms from the gulf coast into the central mississippi river valley we look for beautiful weather down through florida, plenty of sunshine, and it's a gorgeous good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall.
8:19 am
as we take a look at our temperatures for the inland areas. really nice and comfortable. heading up to 70. just slightly warmer tomorrow. then we'll start a cooling trend heading into thursday and friday as the storm system drops over the sierra. we're getting in on some cooler temperatures. and for san francisco, misting and drizzling right now, we're going to see come clearing for the afternoon but we are going to stay on the cool side with highs in the low 60s all throughout the rest of the workweek. >> that is your latest weather hoda >> al, thank you we turn now to "women are essential. >> this morning, more proof that women can excel in jobs that used to be thought of as for men only nbc's senior investigative correspondent cynthia mcfadden. >> in the flesh. >> lives, is right here. a you have a great story, an extraordinary group of pioneers. >> well, i do. i have to just say, i didn't want to come back until we could be close >> glad we waited for you. >> first time in 14 months
8:20 am
good morning the idea is spintriguing take women with no experience in construction and teach them a job that's both dangerous and essential. welding. we met three young women breaking an old glass ceiling with a little firepower. >> i just like to get dirty, you know, i like having something to prove. i like being with the guys >> reporter: tia leonard landed her dream job. are you good at it >> very good at what i do. >> reporter: lily klein looks forward to punching in >> i've always enjoyed making things >> reporter: and bailey steel rarely gets stressed out at the office >> it is like meditation you can be quiet, breathe, and do your thing. >> reporter: this is what sparks their passion. welding. often seen as a man's job, these young women are torching that old glass ceiling. >> on the production line, rosie the riveter steps in when the draftees step out. >> reporter: 80 years ago there were women picking up the torch, thousands of them stepping up during world war ii, but when
8:21 am
the men returned, most departed. these three part of a new generation only about 4% of welders right now are female you are pioneers, all of you when you were a kid, was this something you ever thought you might do >> god, no i didn't think it was a woman's job. because you don't see any women welders on tv or anywhere. >> reporter: we talked with these trailblazers at a custom furniture shop outside of detroit, where a lot of welding takes place. the only bathroom on the shop floor, a reminder of who mostly works in these jobs. do you feel when you're first on the job, men tend to underestimate you and your abilities? >> absolutely. >> of course >> for sure. >> yes. >> reporter: all of you? >> mm-hmm. >> they tend to, oh, silly girl, you, or let's just keep you here >> reporter: but underestimate them at your peril lily makes custom furniture at this shop. bailey is welding cells for the
8:22 am
new county jail. and tia helped build the elaborate ovens used to bake on car paint. when someone hollers flash, what does that mean >> don't look. >> don't look. absolutely >> the arc in the light from welding is very harmful. >> reporter: as in, it can cause temporary blindness that can last for weeks >> i mean, it is no joke if you don't know what you're doing, you could get really hurt >> absolutely. >> yeah. >> you have to have a couple battle scars if you're a girly girl, this is not for you. >> reporter: all three are graduates of a detroit program, women who weld, an intense training course with an amazing track record there's 100% completion rate and 100% employment. i don't know any other place in the country that can make that claim. >> i graduated from the program on a friday, and i started a job on monday. >> reporter: the not for profit program was started by samantha seven years ago. so far 400 women have graduated and landed jobs in the industry. >> it is amazing to watch
8:23 am
people, in short of a year, transform their entire lives. >> reporter: samantha even earned a spot on "instyle's" list of the 50 most badass women, next to betty white and helen mirren. >> most people who try welding for the first time kind of have the same feeling of power. to be able to take two pieces of metal and join them is just a really powerful feeling. it's hard to describe. >> reporter: something curious, even though america has lost more than 7 million manufacturing jobs since the late 1960s, the need for welders has grown. with salaries sometimes topping $100,000 but they caution, being a woman in a male-dominated world is not always easy. >> and you are deemed fresh meat when you get there there's not a lot of us. you will get the cat calling for me, i find that shutting it down right away really makes a difference. >> reporter: what do you do? >> politely, i'm going to stop you right there. i'll give you this day because i know this is new for you, but this is my job i'm here for a reason.
8:24 am
i don't want to hear it again. >> before i leave the door in the morning to go to work, i'm usually trying to be extremely cautious of the way that i'm presenting myself. the last thing i want to do is become a distraction more than it already seems to be for a lot of people. >> i'm a quiet person. i don't like to step on anybody's toes. >> reporter: when a man old enough to be her father made a pass -- >> i had to step up and say, hey, don't do that don't say that that was the first time i stood up for myself, and i felt better for it at the end of the day >> reporter: to any girls in the audience who are listening to you, what would you say to them about the provision you've chosen >> don't worry about how people are perceiving you don't let the judgment or questioning shrink you and your desire to be a part of it. >> it's okay to want to be something that isn't the norm. you know, it's okay to want to be a welder. it's okay to be in a room full of men and know what you're doing. >> sing it
8:25 am
well, aren't they just great if you want to know more about the program, go to our website as i mentioned, women who weld is a non-profit. they've had to close during the pandemic, and they could sure use some help to roar back >> that advice works for almost every profession that's amazing >> cool. >> thank you, cynthia. >> good to see you when we come back on this monday morning, celine dion chatting with natalie. she's going to share big news on her return to live music, and the project she's pouring her heart and voice into first, your local news and some weather. the apex predator of coasters. jurassic world velocicoaster. only at universal orlando resort. the hunt is on... beginning june 10th.
8:26 am
a very good morning to you. it is 8:26. i'm laura goor sia. things a little easier for anyone commuting in san francisco. muni relaunched full light rail service. all underground stops are reopen for the first time since last august and historic x-street cars are running against from the castro to the embarcadero. service is at about 85% from march 2020. and kari has the look at our
8:27 am
forecast. nice start to the workweek? >> yes, and we are starting out with clouds. little cool out there. . misting and drizzling near the coast. for san francisco, only heading up to the upper 50s today. it gets mild as we reach into the mid-60s. for inland areas and spots like livermore and santa rosa, we're looking at a high of about 70. slightly warmer tomorrow with more sunshine but then we will see more winds picking up and storm system passing to the east of us and it's going to cool down the bay area so we're looking at upper 60s on thursday and friday and very nice weekend ahead. laura? looks good. thanks, kari. thank you for joining us as well. another update in half hour.
8:28 am
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8:30 am
man: ...and providing a safe learning environment students could count on. woman: join us in honoring the work of educators. together, we will build a better california for all of us. ♪ running to the altar like a track star ♪ summertime right there it is 8:30 a monday morning, 17th of may, 2021 dylan is in the house with "pop start" duties. look at you, i don't think you've sat this close to us either it is all happening today. >> we're talking so much more during commercials it's fun. >> yeah. also, some news about "bridgerton. >> yes. ahead, pastor joel osteen will be here, the man behind the nation's largest church. he is with us live to talk about the time his own faith was challenged, and how you can find hope when you're facing anxiety and stress
8:31 am
he has a new book to share. natalie is going to talk to celine dion about pivoting after canceling her world tour last year and getting ready to conquer a brand new stage. on the "3rd hour of today," we are going to spend time chatting with actress regina hall about black monday, and whether a "girls trip" sequel might be in the works. coming up tomorrow on "today," we are sharing the best selling products on amazon to get you ready for summertime al, you have something fun, the reason we're showing universal orlando. >> that's right. universal orlando resort, of course part of our parent company nbc universal, launching a contest for a very special getaway. in a few weeks, "today" is heading to florida, and you could join us. we're talking about a trip for four to experience all three of universal orlando resort's theme parks, including the grand
8:32 am
opening of the brand new jurassic world velocicoaster. combinations at the cabana bay resort included, as well for all the details. velocicoaster, oh, my gosh. >> how about one more? >> velocicoaster >> oh. >> the echo. >> nice. >> i'm going to throw that in one more time. >> roker, you got a check of the weather? >> velocicoaster we'll show you what we've got as far as your week ahead, up and down the east coast today, sunshine severe storms and rain into the mid mississippi river valley, down into the gulf sunny and warm out west. the mid-week period, more strong storms and a flood risk down through parts of louisiana, on into texas. wet weather in the plains. sunshine out west, warm and dry along the eastern seaboard, and then friday, staying warm in the eastern third of the country, more rain down through florida, cool and unsettled through the
8:33 am
good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. as we head out today, it's going to start out cloudy but then turn nice and sunny and our temperatures higher in the inland valleys. and tomorrow more sunshine and it will cool down then as we go towards the end of the week. highs in the upper 60s. beautiful weekend ahead with sunshine, highs in the low 70s. san francisco will keep it cool with the mist and drizzle. it will stay in the 60s the rest of the week. >> all right, al, thank you. dylan, what you got on "pop start" >> big, big "pop start" today. stick around for it. a brand new look at the film
8:34 am
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8:36 am
let's start this morning with a new trailer. moments ago, the first trailer dropped for oprah and prince harry's upcoming docu-series, "the me you can't see. set to explore the topic of mental health, it features guests from celebrities in the u.s. to people across the world living with mental health issues in this first look, we get a preview of some of those guests and from prince harry on the stigma surrounding mental health here's a look. >> all over the world, people are in some kind of mental, psychological, emotional pain. >> i don't tell this story from my own self-service. i've been through it, and people need help. >> it's just something i accepted >> to make that decision to receive help is not a sign of weakness in today's world, more than
8:37 am
ever, it is a sign of strength >> i think it helps so much, especially for younger people looking up to all of these actors and celebrities and athletes, and to have this discussion i think it is so important "the me you can't see" starts streaming on apple tv plus this friday next, the "kelly clarkson show." kelly's fellow coaches stopped by her talk show to catch up on season 20 of "the voice. during their conversation, kelly awarded john legend the four-timers jacket, something she gives all guests when they make their fourth appearance on the show some recipients are a bit more grateful than others, specifically, blake. >> you left your jacket here in the green room, actually >> i did >> whoa. >> yes >> you ungrateful -- you actually neglected to even throw it away after leaving the building >> let us drink last time on the show wine. >> would you like a drink? >> yes. >> i'd like you to keep my gift.
8:38 am
maybe you'll get a drink when you keep my gifts. >> oh, wow >> he remembers the drink. doesn't remember the gift. clearly, kelly clarkson takes gifting seriously. next up, "bridgerton." we have exciting news about a spin-off series in the works based on the hit netflix show. sorry to say this is not about the duke and daphne. netflix announced the new show on twitter titled "all hail the queen," writing, we are expanding the universe with a limited series telling queen charlotte's origin story the prequel will follow a young violet bridgerton. matriarch of the family. you guys excited for this? >> yeah. >> yes. >> i'd watch a show on the queen. >> if i knew who the people were, i'd be thrilled. >> you're missing out. >> get on the train, roker. in the heights," the film adaptation of lin-manuel miranda's tony winning broadway musical. it stars anthony ramos, a bodega
8:39 am
owner in manhattan's washington heights neighborhood in a clip airing last night on the mtv awards, here's a peek. >> can we make a little noise tonight? >> hey ♪ ♪ sing so loud the world can hear it across the bridge ♪ >> i mean, how can you not get excited? >> looks good. >> movie hits theaters and starts streaming on hbo max june 11th >> fun >> nice going, dilly-dilly. up next, kids, joel osteen sharing lessons anyone can use on staying positive and grounded
8:40 am
8:41 am
we're back 8:41 we're back with joel osteen, the senior pastor of america's largest church >> he is also a best-selling author, and he's out with a new book all about remaining calm and confident. it is called "peaceful on
8:42 am
purpose. pastor joel is with us live from lakewood church in houston good morning, pastor how are you? >> hey, great to be with you guys thanks for having me. >> nice to see you i love the title of the book, "peaceful on purpose." you really suggest if you want to have kind of that inner peace and that feeling of calm, you have to be intentional about it. >> you really do, savannah i think sometimes we're waiting to see what the day is going to be like, if things are going to go our way i think if you're going to be peaceful, you have to make a decision at the start of the day, that no matter what comes against you, you're going to stay in peace. you're not going to let things take your joy. i think of it like, you have a spare tire in your car you're not planning on having a flat, but you have provision just in case something happens i think the same way we're going to plan on having a great day, but we may bump into some people that are rude or our plans may not work out we may get a negative report you have to make the decision ahead of time, that today is a gift from god. i'm not going to get rattled i'm going to stay in peace
8:43 am
knowing that he's in control >> you know what, i think this book had perfect timing. i mean, this is a perfect moment, i think. pastor osteen, if you had to complete this sentence, finish this thought, you cannot have peace without -- >> without trusting. i think a lot of times, hoda, we're trying to control things that we can't control. we can't make people do what's right. we can't make the traffic. we can't make everything go our way. those things that we can't control, you have to take your hands off of them. that's what frustrates us. that's when you have to come back to a place of trust to me as a person of faith, believing that god is in control, he's ordering my steps, he is going to cause all things to work for my good. i don't believe you're going to stay in peace if you're fighting, i got this boss that doesn't like me. i got this problem over here you have to come back to a place of peace, god, you'll fight my battles. you'll take care of me i'm going to do my best.people e >> do you have any daily
8:44 am
state of mind? >> it does for me, savannah. that is to start the day off in peace. before i leave the house, i like to take a little time, i take about a half hour, somebody may not have that much time. but just start the day off in peace. in other words, start it grateful not getting up, rushing, i have to get the kids, and i'm worried about these problems i've got to deal with this you need some time to come back to a place of peace, where you're grateful. think about what's right, not what's wrong focus on what you do have, not what you don't have. i find when i start the day in peace, when i get focused that way, it'll make the day go much better. >> it's like there are some people who feel they do do everything right they say their prayers in the morning. they try to find this peaceful place you're talking about and, yet, inevitably, things happen in life. bad things sometimes happen to people who really you feel like don't deserve that i mean, how do you find peace in those moments? >> yeah, you know, there's a lot of things in life we don't understand i think, again, you have to believe that god is directing
8:45 am
your steps i think, too, you don't try to figure out everything that happens along the way. there's a lot of twists and turns, and like you said, sometimes bad things happen to good people. but you have to know that if you'll stay in peace, i've learned god knows how to give you beauty from the ashes. he knows how to turn things around you know, life may not be fair, but i find that god is fair. he is a just god he knows how to make up for the wrongs >> pastor osteen there in houston, thank you so much bet you're relieved that tiger was found. roaming around the houston neighborhood >> you bet that's crazy >> hard to be peaceful when there is a big cat on the prowl, right? >> i know. >> the book is called "peaceful on purpose." it is available tomorrow you can find more about it on our website, >> good one. coming up next, celine dion opens up to natalie about starting a new chapter in her legendary career
8:46 am
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>> announcer: the citi music series on "today" is proudly >> announcer: the citi music series on "today" is proud by presented to you by citi we are back with one of the biggest names in all of muchk, we're talking about celine dion. >> ending one of the most successful, she is now talking to us about her return to a new stage and a place that's become kind of her second home. >> it has natalie morales, she got to sit down with the superstar. she joins us with more on the big announcement good morning, nat. >> reporter: hey, guys, good morning you. it was in 2019 that celine dion took what some thought may be her final bout in las vegas ending that 16-year residency at caesar's palace. in 2020, like everybody else, the pandemic put her life on hold now as she prepares for her next in city production, she's opening up about the challenging year that gave her the chance to step back and spend time in
8:49 am
canada with her three sons. >> the tour was canceled the whole world shut off, and it was definitely different, but for us we were very fortunate. >> reporter: it's been a year unlike any other for celine dion ♪ after the pandemic forced the shutdown of her world tour, it was back to basics for the singing superstar. >> it was the old fashioned family fun, simple pleasures of life playing outside a lot, being with them, cuddling at night, cooking. honestly, making the best out of this >> reporter: during her time off, celine also had moments of reflection this past january marking five years since the passing of her husband. >> this is the first time you've really had that much of a break since you lost renee >> losing my husband, for my kids to lose their father, it was quite something. i feel like renee has given me so much through the years, and
8:50 am
still today, i see my kids, i look at them we live with him we still live with him he's part of our lives every day. so i have to say that i feel very, very strong. >> is there a chance in your life that you see your heart opening up again to love do you want to find someone else >> that one, that heart? >> will go on. >> oh, yes, it will go on. well, i don't know i have no idea, but right this second love is so big right now in my life with my kids, with life itself. i'm not thinking about a relationship and falling in love again. i don't. do i have to say that it will never happen anymore, no i don't know i don't know >> now celine says she's pouring
8:51 am
her heart into a new residency at resort's world las vegas, the strip's newest hotel ♪ a change from the caesar's palace stage she practically owned for 16 years her headlining performance will also usher in new blood, carrie underwood, katy perry and luke bryant making their vegas residency debuts. >> what advice can you give them to help break them in? >> they're very professional performers i don't have any advice to give them, obviously, but the only thing i can say to all of them is that have fun, and i can't wait to be entertained myself. >> what is it about vegas that has become home for you? >> vegas had given us, my family and i an opportunity for me to be a mom, for them to be kids, for me to perform for my fans, and to practice my passion, and
8:52 am
every night come home. that is rare, so i really feel that vegas has given me a motherhood and the best as an artist, the best of both worlds. >> she says the new show set to open in november will carry a heavier emotional weight >> it's going to be about an energy, about starting again, about living again, about feeling that something will come out of this hopefully. it's about a moment. ♪ >> celine has her name on it, it's going to be an emotional night there opening night on november 5th at resort's world, the profit will go to covid-19, something she has been very passionate about and outspoken about. you guys ready we need entertainment again. >> let's go, nat, what a good conversation thank you. >> thank you.
8:53 am
all right, mr. roker, we've carved out a few minutes to celebrate some birthdays >> let's check out the smucker's jars, find out who's marking milestones first up, a happy 100th birthday to george alexander, active guy from portage, pennsylvania, and served our country during world war ii we salute you for your service ms. helen of detroit, michigan, celebrating 103 years. her secret to longevity? a little ice cream before bed, nothing wrong with that. that's her scoop happy 100th birthday to donelda evans, a creative lady from lexington, michigan, loves creating greeting cards for every celebration. arthur sealhorse of south shore, kentucky, 100. hey, he still mows his own grass. we like that ms. helen williams of l.a., california, celebrating 104 years. god bless. she spends time with the family and never takes life too seriously.
8:54 am
and love is in the air happy 76th anniversary to william and elizabeth beegle of blairs town, they have known each other since they were 7 they fell in love after high school graduation. so you do the math, they've been with each other for 89 years >> oh, my word. >> that is amazing now, if you have somebody you want to celebrate, let us know visit >> i don't think i've ever seen a 76-year anniversary. >> that's crazy. >> pretty cool. >> that's impressive. coming up on hoda and jenna, the recipe for this out of this world chocolate cake and it has a secret ingredient. i can't wait to introduce you to this rising rapper who also happens to be a rock star scientist coming up in a few minutes. but first, your local news and some weather
8:55 am
8:56 am
a very good morning to you. it is 8:56. for the second time in four days firefighters are investigating a fire at the same east bay church. the latest fire started overnight in another building on the same property at christ community church of the nazarene
8:57 am
in concord near ashbury drive. the last friday happened last thursday morning. it was likely a transient living on the church grounds. in that fire, the roof and second floor of another building collapsed. firefighters never actually came out and called that fire, however, intentionally set. happening now, our bob redell is there gathering new details on the investigation under way. we'll have a live report on our midday newscast. you can also go to our home page. ying “hello! fancy a nice chat?” then we talk like two old friends about sticky buns and all the savings you could get by bundling your home and car insurance. but here's the real secret. eye contact. you feel that? we just had a moment. [chuckles] who would've thought it? geico. save even more when you bundle home and car insurance.
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live from studio live from studio 1-a in rockefeller play sa, this is the third hour of today. good morning, everybody. welcome to the third hour of today. it's monday, may 17th. we brought it out of storage dust on it >> this is fantastic. >> where did they find this thing? >> i haven been this close to anyone in a year and a half. >> you didn't get to do it last week >> it is a little off-putting. >> do i need a mint? >> a little bit. you haven't been close all of a sudden -- >> you swing your hands around -- >> you know what i was that close to saying


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