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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  October 1, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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6:45. reporting live in san francisco. anthony flores i am crossing my finners and toes. jessica aguirre is here now with what's coming up at 6:00. >> right now at 6:00, deal reached after pumpback and even resignation, san jose makes an agreement when it comes to unvaccinated workers. breaking down what it entails and who could still face termination if they don't comply. we recognize good enough never is, that's why we recognize our responsibility to do more. >> california becomes the first state in the u.s. to require all eligible students to get a vaccination. but not all parents are on board. so what could this mean for covid transmissions here in california? we are getting answers from an expert. and speaking of hundreds of protesters making their voices heard as reports of students being roofied hit a south state
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university. how a school is responding to a wave of sexual assault allegations. the news at 6:00 starts right now. good evening, thanks for being with us. i'm jessica aguirre. >> i'm kira klapper. the san jose, have aine mandate for city workers went into effect this morning after a last-minute agreement. >> now the city is making a major concession after pushback from labor unions and concern that the policy could lead to a significant number of police and firefighters either resigning or being fired. ian cull joins us now with what the mandate looks like. >> reporter: today the mayor announced the nearly 585 employees who refuse to get vaccinated could be disciplined but won't be fired, at least not yet. the majority, 92% of employees got the jab as was required by the city. there are a few exemptions. but workers can't just say they will test instead of get the shots. the new agreement finalized overnight allows employees a one week grace period to start their
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vaccinations. if they don't, those employees, including police officers, will be suspended for one week without pay. that's the first step. then when they come back they will have to test negative twice a week on their own time and expense. if they miss a test, they will go on unpaid leave again. there is considerable pushback from police and fire unions who warn that the mandate could lead to the loss of more than 100 first responders. the mayor says the city is trying to avoid people losing their job. >> we want 100%. we are going to keep pushing and working with our employees in the hope that everyone will be vaccinated and we won't have to terminate anyone. >> reporter: we recognize the dire consequences of potentially losing a significant amount of officers and worked with the city to find a solution to protect both the health and safety of our members and the residents we serve. the suspensions will be staggered to reduce the impact on services. the city also says if workers continue to defy the mandate after december 31st, they could
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be suspended again, or fired. ian cull, nbc bay area news. a landmark moment today. governor newsom announcing that california will be the first state in the nation to require covid vaccinations for all public and private cool students. the mandate will be rolled out in two phases. the first impacting those in grades 7 to 12. and the second those in kindergarten to sixth grade. it all depends on when it will be phased in on the fda granting full approval to the vaccination. the earliest the mandate would take effect would be january of 2022. so in a couple of months. but it could be as late as next july. the governor also pointing out that mandatory vaccinations are nothing new. california schools require ten of them including measles, mumps, rubella and varicella. no shortage of opinions on today's decisions. some say it is wrong to take the choice out of the parents hands. some others say the governor is
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moving too slowly. >> if they feel safe being vaccinated. if they feel safe that their going the vaccinate their children, more power to you. but i personally, and some that i know feel safe that we don't vaccinate quite yet. love science, have a science background. but at the same time i do believe this is prochoice. at the end of the day i fell like we are all being bullied. >> even if they decided to begin this process now, it is going to take a while to get all the students and staff vaccinated. so my perspective is, why wait? get as many people vaccinated now as you can. >> now, some school districts including oakland, paid month and west contra costa will require students to be vaccinated even sooner because they passed their on vaccine mandates. the governor also passed a vaccine mandate for teachers and staff that take effect at the same time it will for your students.
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should this be a state requirement or be left up to parents? our covid expert from ucsf dr. gondy is here with us now. this is the gauntlet for a lot of parents now. let's start with the health aspects. you know, students being vaccinated, how much of a difference is that going to make when it comes to covid transmissions in schools, and also outside of schools? >> you know, everything really changed i think with the delta variant because it is an extremely transmissible variant. what we saw when the delta variant hit california is that because so many adults were vaccinated, in l.a. county for example, many of the cases were between the ages of 12 and 17. and even though children are definitely less likely to get severe disease those cases lead to transmission. and those cases then lead to transmission to adults, teachers, students, and staff, and grand parents. it showed us it is a highly
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transmissible variant and has an impact on transmission to have children and younger people vaccinated. >> we have seen individual districts here, oakland, pete mont, heyward, they have passed their on vaccine mandates. now, with the state something i it is going to, parents feel like there is no place for them to go. what do you say to those parents that say they don't trust the vaccine and that it should be left up to them? how do you prove the science to them? >> you know, the one thing i will say is that if you think about the fda, this is an organization that always errs on the side of individual safety of a drug. they are not going to pass a vaccine if they think it is not safe. they already issued an eua for 12 to 15-year-olds and the state is saying this will only take effect when it is fully approved by the fda. if anything, the fda only goes on the side of doing everything
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possible to ensure the safety of the individual. they are a conservative organization. what i would say to parents is these are very safe and by the time they are approved you can be sure they are going to have a lot of person safety data. >> how do you distinguish what's supposed to be the authentic science that you should be looking at and not something that you pick off some random website? >> this is actually what is happening right now with the mrna vaccines, period. i will say a lot of information that you can get off a website is that they front safe. i will tell you they have been around ten years. they started envelopements for something called mers, a coronavirus like this, they have been used for tumor vaccines and now they became the most powerful vaccine we have for the coronavirus because we happened to have the pandemic when we have the technology. they are safe. one thing you can trust, the fda
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will not pass this, they will not approve this if they weren't safe for children. so this -- california is not requiring this until we have amassed about eight months of data, meaning may 10th is when 12 to 15-year-olds got eua. they are not going to pass this, not going to approve it until there is more realtime data to show their safety. >> dr. monica gandhi, we always appreciate your expertise. we know there are lots of questions about the new rules and everything that's changing constantly. but we have a full explanation at click on the link right on the trending bar. elizabeth homes the cofounder of theranos was back in court today. she faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted of wire fraud and conspiracy. on the stand the defense got a chance to tear into the testimony the lab director who blew the whistle on the company. nbc bay area was in court as the defense went for the
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prosecutor's star win. >> reporter: elizabeth holmes walked into a federal court today perhaps aware that her lawyer was about to go on the attack. >> the defense brought their a game. >> reporter: back on the the stand was dr. adam rosen dorve the lab director and whistle blower at theron knows. the defense said the doctor was aware that the lab had issues but said nothing. they have photos that show the lab was in disarray and holmes may have been this the dark. >> if she is saying look i am relying on the lab to get this right i brought in the best people in the country to work here. and we entrusted them with the scientific aspeck of this case. when they are not telling me these problems how am i not supposed to believe in the product as well. >> reporter: theranos was sold to investors as a breakthrough in medical tech with machines that could test for various
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medical elements with one drop of blood including birth defects and cancer. but the machine never worked costing billions and leading to inaccurate results for several patients. >> how did it go in there today? >> reporter: analysts feel holmes won today's round in court. courtroom observers felt the same way. >> it was interesting how everything unfolded. and the defense was trying to discredit the -- dr. rosenthal or whatever. >> reporter: he returns to the stands -- >> that was damian trujillo reporting. stay with nbc bay area for continuing coverage of this trial. our reporters are in the courtroom every day. we have the latest on air and on line at coming up, washed out. >> again, it's just a constant race. >> an east bay neighborhood completely submerged in water. flooding as concerns over the
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pipe infrastructure linger. we are taking our questions to water officials and why they say what is happening is a race against time. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri, we have our last blast of summer happening right now with plenty of 80s inlands. we will talk about isolated heat, also the colder weather and some rain chances in about eight minutes. when we are joined by our viewers in the west, details on a potential new medication for covid. also we will preview the homecoming that has the hole sports world talking. when we see you for "nbc nightly news."
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more than two dozen sexual assaults are swirling around the santa clara university campus. hundreds of students rallied to demand that more be done to stop them. nbc bay area was at the rally and we have why despite dozen of allegations no one has been arrested in the case. >> reporter: today's rally had a very clear message. this has to stop. the rally organizer says she suspected maybe 100 people would show up. instead she got 500 students. all saying things mup must change. >> people at parties witnessed man putting something in a girl's trink. >> reporter: the rally organizer
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says that one man was not a student at the university and has been black listed from parties. >> reporter: most of the people here are wearing blue. that's to support sexual assault survivors. many told me it is a survivor's story that made an impact. >> i am also a survivor. a lot of these things affect me heavily. i apologize if i have to take a moment. >> reporter: the university issued a statement saying although students say they received 30 reports, the university has only received two not firsthand reports of possible drugging and one report of possible drugging with sexual assault which the person declined to report formally. unfortunately, lacking sufficient information, these reports haven't led to actionable cases. police issued a samt saying the department recently received one referral regarding an alleged
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sexual assault. students say while survivors may need more time to come forward there are changes that can be made. >> we want to consent throughout. kissing, sexual intercourse, not just one. it has to be given throughout of a the steps. >> if i am facilitating a party or an event doing my part in creating a safe environment and keeping it maybe smaller to people you know and that you can trust. >> reporter: in santa clara, nbc bay area news. nearly 200 homes, schools, and businesses are still without water this evening after a major water main break in alamo. an eight-inch pipe on hemi avenue burst right through the pavement just before 1:00 this morning. it dumped hundreds of thousands of gallans of water down the
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road into the nearby creek. they have stopped the flow of water and is investigating the cause. it is an ongoing project to replace hundreds of miles of pipe in the system. >> the parking lot was inundated with water. it was just flowing through here until probably an hour and a half ago. >> i feel we are community and very privileged to be able to bike out and drive out and buy water. so many people are suffering, especially during this pandemic. >> east bay mud says it is replacing 20 miles of older pipe each year now. the utility says it hopes to have water service restored by midnight tonight. >> let's hope so. that can be such a pain. let's bring in jeff raniera. we are seeing the tail ends of summer today. it was gorgeous outside.
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the temperature -- i could feel it going up. >> it was so nice. the fire danger is elevated but thankfully we don't have big winds tonight. i think we can all enjoy the last blast of summer. out here in san francisco, no fog in sight. as we get a look at the temperatures today, they were running anywhere from ten to 15 degrees above average. we got up to 91 in santa rosa. san francisco, 85, and san jose, 89 degrees. as we move right into saturday morning forecast, getting up around 7:00, 8:00, it is going to be a nice, you know, refreshing start for us. we get a respite here for the morning. widespread 50s throughout the bay area. in the east bay, 57, san francisco, 53. fog-free, and through the north bay, i have you starting off at 55 degrees. daytime highs tomorrow, no big changes. in the south bay, a relatively light wind out of the north west at ten. 89 in san jose. let's go to contra costa and alameda counties.
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livermore 92 degrees. voyage, 88. closer to the water, oakland to hayward in the 80s. to the peninsula, 85 in redwood city. to the beaches, 70s in half moon bay, san francisco also 78, and downtown 78 in the mission. to the at the marina, up in the 50s. and wine country from nappo to sonoma and santa rosa, continuing the trends of the low 80s. bring the hat and the spf. a nice time to be had by everyone. we will see similar weather into monday. after that, bigtime changes. look at how the temperatures drop once we hit next tuesday, wednesday, thursday, and friday. 70s across the inland valleys. those are concord's temperatures, those cooler temperatures are coming with the possibility of rain. the better bet of heavier rain would be to our north. but we get in on shower chances
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next friday the 8th into the 10th. on and off chances. we could see those rain possibilities increase a little bit more. again, that's what we are looking at at this point. in san francisco, the 60s are coming back as we roll through next week's forecast. again, the shower chance by friday. across the inland valleys, numbers into the 70s next wednesday, thursday, and friday as well. fall weather is on the way. we don't have to feel guilty about these 90s this weekend. >> fall weather, but right now it still feels like summer. thank you, jeff. it is hard to say this, but people, 85 days left until christmas. the one thing you need to know about right now about sending gifts this holiday season so they arrive on time. we will tell you about it next.
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time and temperature on nbc bay area is brought to you by mancini's sleep world, simply the best place to buy a mattress. slower, more expensive mail, that's what's happening just in time for the holidays. starting today it will take longer for the post office to
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deliver first class mail. the one to three day guarantee could now take five days. as for costs, through december 26th package price also go up including owes from retailers. priority mail, express, flat rates all going up 75. some packages, parcel services will see a $5 increase. the changes are part of the postal service's ten-year plan to improve service and achieve what they call financial sustainability. for more detailed look at changes and delivery times and figuring out what type of mail we were talking about there, go to, find it there at the top of the trending bar. >> luckily, santa takes care of all the gifts for my children. fleet week is celebrating their 40th anniversary. the people in universitient
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would be blue angels and veterans, they will also be police officers. they will have all hands on deck for the big event. uniformed officers and mntain ae amid the crowds. today they dispensed advice like asking people to come into the city on mass transit. >> if you have to drive, please remember to park smart, the police department has information on our website about how to do that. >> if people see something happening, tom foolery or any sort of crime happening, we always -- or anything out of the ordinary, we want to make sure people if they see something say something. >> fleet wooet begins wednesday and runs through monday the following we can, october 11 smooth friday night lights going dark in oakland. a big matchup canceled. the reason students will not be hitting the field tonight.
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another big game between two high school football teams has been canceled. pittsburgh high school was supposed to play in oakland tonight. but players from the home team tested positive for covid, forcing the cancellation of the game. earlier this season, pittsburgh was supposed to play san mateo's sera high school but that game also was canceled because of poor air quality. coming up tonight at 7:00, we have talked a lot about covid-19 vaccines. what about a covid-19 pill is this we will talk to our medical expert about the potential new tool that could combat the
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virus? who should take it? are there any concerns? i will have that story tonight at 7:00. join me then. it is hard to believe but tom brady will be playing in new england this weekend and it won't be for the patriots. it is the matchup everyone is talking about, this sunday, right here on nbc. the pride of san mateo, tom brady, will take on his long time coach, bill belichick. on nightly news tonight lester hotels goes to gillette stadium are anticipation is agreeing. he will talk about how the fans will react when brady takes the field and how bill belichick is reacting to the matchup. all of that on "nbc nightly news," which starts right now. tonight, high drama on capitol hill as president biden battles to save his agenda the president making a rare visit to the hill, meeting with key democrats as he struggles to unite progressives and moderates behind his multi-trillion dollar
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spending plan. it comes after a major blow a critical vote on that bipartisan infrastructure bill delayed again. our late reporting from the hill. also tonight, the potential breakthrough covid treatment, a pill that's being called a game changer. it is said to cut the risk of hospitalization and death by half also, the first state in the u.s. to mandate vaccines for students and news on when the fda could move on boosters for moderna and johnson & johnson. the deadly midair crash. a helicopter and small plane colliding. the investigation tonight. the school shooting in texas. an administrator hospitalized the suspect a former student. what we're learning. new body camera of gabby petito what she told police about brian laundrie. and where the man hunt for him stands tonight your mail, why it is getting slower and more expensive starting today and brady is back. the nfl superstar returning here to the boston area to face off against his former team, the


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