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tv   NBC Bay Area News Tonight  NBC  October 15, 2021 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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good evening. this is nbc bay area news tonight. i'm raj mathai. a lot happening on this friday. the umpire explains his not so accurate call. the ump, by the way, grew up in the south bay. his response to that giants game last night in just a few minutes. but we start with three breaking news stories. at this hour, evacuations for some people in the santa cruz county area. a wildfire is burning across mount madonna between morgan hill and watsonville. you might be seeing some of the smoke in the south bay right now. so far, this fire has burned at least 120 acres.
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you can see down below just the intense flames, those orange flames. the fire retardant drops and of course the smoke. here's what we know. at least 120 acres burned. the fire started at a prescribed burn but somehow jumped out of control. an evacuation center has been set up. we've been getting reports you can see that smoke from a widespread region. the concern, of course, is the wind direction and the rate of spread. we're going to be getting an update from cal fire, we hope, within the next 30 minutes. we'll also get some answers from our own meteorologist rob mayeda just ahead. we're also following a shooting involving a police officer in milpitas. this is at a strip mall at mccarthy and baloo. this is near the 880/237 interchange near the ranch 99 market. here's what we know. you can see down below police have roped off most of the
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parking lot. we don't know the condition of the person shot or what led to the shooting. it does not appear, though, any police officer was injured. again, this is in milpitas. we're pressing the milpitas police department for more information at this hour. and our third breaking news story. an ac transit bus crashed into a home after a stolen car smashed into the bus. you can see the bus right there sticking out of the corner of the house. it hits the chimney and goes right through. police say they were chasing a stolen car when this all happened. the driver hit the bus, which created a chain reaction. now, cell phone video from the ground gives us a different vantage point of what happened. you can see even a fire hydrant there knocked over, causing all that water to gush out onto the street. this is at tenth and market in oakland. nbc bay area's cheryl hurd is at that house for us. a couple things here. what's the extent of the injuries involving the people on the bus or that stolen car, and is there anyone inside of that home behind you?
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>> reporter: there's definitely a man inside the home. we had a chance to talk to them. you'll hear from him in just a minute. but that ac transit bus that you showed our audience, it was just towed away from here about 45 minutes ago. right shoring up the side of the home at tenth and market street here in west oakland. let's go to the video so you can see. according to the chp, you said, raj, that the crash was the result of a pursuit of a stolen car. when it became unsafe for the chp to follow that car, a police helicopter followed it from coco county to this location. now, the pursuit ended here with the stolen car crashing into the ac transit bus into the house. now, a man lives here alone. his name is darryl. we spoke with him just about a moment ago. listen up.
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>> i looked to see what was going on from my bedroom because i was putting my clothes on. all i could hear was this driver moaning. at that moment, the house was secondary. my concern was i didn't know what severity that bthankfully,t outside in front because he usually works outside, neighbors tell me. but he is in a wheelchair, but he's pretty mobile. he's trying to figure out what he's going to do next. there are people inside trying to help him get situated. at least one woman who lives nearby was injured on that bus. she is at the hospital suffering from a head injury along with one, maybe two of the suspects. now, car crashes on this street are not something that's unusual. it's happened here before. now, darryl tells me that it
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happened to him about ten years ago. i talked to the block captain, and she says that this is really a tight-knit community. they're trying to keep the area safe, but things like this on this busy street, market street, happen, and it's just a situation where they're hoping that it won't happen again. luckily, no one was seriously hurt. raj. >> yeah, cheryl. this could have been much worse. again, cheryl hurd reporting in oakland. tenth and market there, that ac transit bus careening into that home. darryl, the homeowner there, inside. thankfully he is okay. thank you, cheryl. what else is happening tonight? well, booster shots. j&j is now in play. should you get one? are you even eligible? and if so, when? we have some answers. today the fda clearing up the confusion for anyone who received that johnson & johnson vaccine. remember, that was the single-dose vaccine. an fda panel unanimously voted to authorize boosters for those who got the j&j shot. here are the specifics. no real age restrictions here. you can get the j&j booster if
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you're 18 or older. >> we wanted to provide optimal protection against covid. we know that a booster dose will do that. >> here's the timeline. a couple more things need to happen. the fda needs to give final approval. the cdc hearingweek. if the cdc gives its recommendation shots could start immediately after that. not just johnson & johnson now. what about pfizer and moderna? joining us this evening, dr. george rutherford from ucsf. nice to have you back on the program. no such thing as a quiet friday night. a lot happening here. we've been doing this now for about, what, 18 or 19 months? is this a pivotal point for this pandemic when it comes to the boosters here. >> well, i think it answers several questions that have remained open. i think a more pivotal point will come in a couple weeks when we're able to hopefully move vaccination down to 5 to 11-year-olds. i think that will have a larger impact than this. >> can you understand some of
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the confusion out there for those of us who aren't doctors? let's start with this j&j booster. what does it really mean? really anyone now, if you had a shot, can get the booster? >> you're supposed to wait two months from the first shot, but basically that's the recommendation for j&j. for pfizer and moderna, it's more restricted to people who are older, who are at high risk of bad outcomes because of underlying disease or may be more intensively exposed. it would be a lot cleaner to just say everybody should get a booster but that's not how it's going to be parsed out. >> in layman's terms, why is this? pfizer says it's only for certain types of people. moderna the same way. why is there a discrepancy here? >> it's not the companies that are saying it. it's fda so far and soon to be cdc. so not trying tow lay it off on
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the companies. the problem is the immunity from the j&j vaccine has never been as high as it has been with moderna and pfizer, and it also seems to be waning faster. so that's why the push is on for j&j. the others still have quite a bit of residual immunity associated with them. >> mixing and matching. i'm a pfizer guy. at some point if i'm eligible, am i able to recommend it to do moderna or j&j? >> i don't think so. i think the real question is if you got j&j, should you get an mrna of pfizer or moderna vaccine? the fda has not considered that question yet although they started to today. and they pushed that off, i think, into december. but it's going to become -- it will eventually come up again. and, you know, i can tell you that in england, they give both astrazeneca, which is a vaccine not dissimilar from j&j in terms of how it works, and then will follow up with pfizer. and they have quite a bit of
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experience with it, and it works quite well. that's just not the recommendation in the u.s. yet. >> you mentioned the kids. do you see that happening? kids between 5 and 11? do you see that happening before halloween or shortly after? >> yeah, i think fda will rule on it a couple of days before halloween, and then it has to be considered by -- this is an advisory panel that fda has. fda has to say, okay, yeah, we're going to take the advice. then it goes to cdc's advisory panel, and cdc's director to get the final word on it. that takes, you know, several days. but think of less than a week. so i think by november we're going to be able to start vaccinating 5 to 11-year-olds, and this is just with pfizer. >> thank you, dr. rutherford. any booster shots available for giants fans, by the way, before you go? >> the superstar booster? i don't know. i'll leave that to you guys. >> we appreciate your time. have a good weekend. well, the bay area's biggest
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county about to implement some major water cutbacks. this will impact more than 1 million people. the south bay's shrinking reservoirs is one reason the san jose water company is asking for a mandatory 15% cutback in water use. they'll base that 15% on how much water you used in 2019. if you don't cut back enough, here's the bottom line here. you're going to have to pay a penalty. $7 for every 748 gallons you use. these cutbacks would apply to customers in san jose, cupertino, los gatos, campbell, and saratoga. >> we don't know what mother nature will begin and even more conservation may be needed in 2022 if we don't all democracy -- make a very significant effort right now. >> there's one thing that still has to happen before you're asked to cut back. the california puc has to sign off on this. their public hearing is october 28th. so cut back 15%.
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how much water is that exactly? the water district says the average household uses about 8,000 gallons of water each other. so based on that number, 15% of that would be about 1,200 gallons. for some perspective here, one shower uses about ten gallons of water. so you're looking for ways on how to conserve? head to or our nbc bay area app. find water conservation tips at the top of our page. it goes through on how to cut back in every part of your house from the laundry room to the bathroom, even when washing your car. up next, this one's going to hurt for a while. the umpire explains that questionable call that ended the giants' magical season. was it a strike? was it a check swing? what's the actual rule here? also a manicure done by a machine. it was created by a bay area company. you're watching nbc bay area news tonight.
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welcome back to nbc bay area news tonight. we continue our breaking news. our nbc bay area skyranger overhead in the santa cruz mountains. you can see this fast-moving fire. you can see the flames there and all the smoke. our meteorologist rob mayeda is with us. let's talk about where this is exactly because i know right now we're getting a lot of calls from people in morgan hill, in gilroy, down in capitola and aptos. they're seeing the smoke, very concerned of course. hey, is this fire and the flames
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near us? >> the smoke is covering a wide area from watsonville, gilroy, aptos area. but the fire itself starting on the western side of mount madonna. so these are the areas, some of these ranch areas, stable areas there on the west side of mount madonna that are under evacuation orders. >> so not populated areas, but could this fire be headed towards towns and cities? >> right now, the fire about 120 acres estimated in size, affecting mainly some of the foothill areas, some ranching and stable areas that are up to the northeast of cor lee toes on the western side of mount madonna. the wind was a factor. 1 went from 40 acres to 120 in pretty quick timing. we're continuing to watch to see if any of those evacuation warnings to the northeast and northwest of the ongoing evacuation orders northeast of cor lee toes to see if that gets expanded. >> let's come back to the map. so gilroy, point of reference, is over here. >> yeah. >> this is a r mountains.
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>> yeah. the smoke really fanning out. we've got some warmer air above. the smoke layer is kind of going up and fanning outward in both directions to the east and off here to the west. but the humidity is a big problem. 16% humidity. winds at times have been 20 to 30 miles per hour. and it's likely some of these locations, mount madonna, low temperatures up there tonight. may actually stay in the 70s. so you're going to see daytime dry conditions. we're hoping the wind speeds will come down a little bit, but you've got that fire danger triangle going on right there with the very low humidity levels. bone-dry fuels up in those higher elevations, and warm temperatures even as we head into the nighttime hours. >> and going into tomorrow, also a warm forecast? >> yeah. you can see the low humidity numbers around the bay area. temperatures are in the 70s and 80s. as we look at the forecast for tomorrow, summertime dry for another day. so depending on how that fire behaves, they could be seeing some hot, dry, and breezy conditions again tomorrow. mid-80s and then by sunday we'll see a reversal in that as the
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onshore winds pick up. higher humidity levels and finally some rain chances by the end of the weekend. but right now, next 24 hours, it's going to stay dry and very warm at night, especially across some of those foothill locations. >> we'll check back with you in a couple minutes. let's talk some giants baseball now. what happened last night, that was pretty rough. it's going to be stinging for a while. take a look. >> no balls, two strikes. and flores, did he go? he did! and the game ends. >> did that really happen? it did. last night's questionable call might sting for a while. the ump, who actually went to santa theresa high school in san jose, called it strike three. you know the story. game over, season over. but it sure looked like a check swing by wilmer flores in the bottom of the ninth inning. i used to be a little league ump, so we got to dust off the rule book here. when does a check swing cross into a strike? turns out major league baseball has no defined rules for a check swing. it only offers this definition
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for a swing. quote, an attempt to strike or offer at the ball. after that, it's basically up to the ump. the first base ump in this situation, grew up in the south bay. he explained to his credit after the call, quote, check swings are one of the hardest calls we have. i don't have the benefit of multiple camera angles when i'm watching it live. when it happened live, i thought he went, so that's why i called it a swing. here's what gabe kapler had to say following the game. >> it looked like he didn't go. i mean that was my take on it. i mean obviously you don't want a game to end that way. i know these guys worked really hard to make the right call, so it's super challenging on our end, especially right now. there's no need to, you know, be angry about that. i just think it's -- it's just a disappointing way to end. >> we should say that's a class act and a classy response from
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gabe kapler. he could have inflamed the situation, adding more controversy. but like he said, he got over it in a few minutes. giants fans should probably take the lead from gabe kapler. bottom line, what an amazing season that was. congratulations to the giants. congratulations to the dodgers as well. they move on to the nlcs against the atlanta braves. our question of the day. what are you going to remember from this giants season? lindsey says, the team beating my expectations. i honestly thought ending with an 81-81 record was within their reach. i never fathomed a 100-plus-win season. christine tweeting, unanticipated record. great coaching. great clubhouse. great veterans. great new guys. great team. i agree, christine. and rona, frustrating ending, but it was downright magical. season is over, but what a season it was. let's take you outside. a beautiful look at the bay bridge looking into san francisco on this friday night. rob's going to rejoin us in just
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welcome back to nbc bay area news tonight. why is she smiling? how about a mani/pedi on the fly, or in this case just a manicure, a robot manicure invented in san francisco by a company called clockwork.
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its newest station is at rockefeller center in new york city. is sounds like an ink jet printer. the machine photographs your nail first of all. then it paints the outline. then it fills it in with i guess whatever color you want. it's pretty hypnotic to watch. it's done in ten minutes. robotic manicure. the cost is $8, and clockwork does not accept tips. how much is a normal manicure? >> i know they usually take more than ten minutes, so it's got the speed thing. >> our producer saying normal, $25, $30 depending on where you go. beautiful night in the city. a lot of masks coming off now, indoor places, not restaurants. but the mask mandate in san francisco has ended with some rules. >> and people probably enjoying jacket-free too right now. san francisco, 70 degrees still outside. no sign of that ocean air-conditioning or fog just yet.
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we got one more summer day in the forecast tomorrow or summer-like. would you look at these temperatures. upper 80s inland. livermore up towards concord and morgan hill, mid-80s. so right in the same ballpark we had today temperature-wise. but sunday is just the complete opposite. it's like we're flipping the coin over to 60s for highs with increasing clouds and a chance by the end of the weekend, we could need an umbrella in a few spots around the bay area. not for sunday morning. we think during the afternoon, passing through the bay area by 11:00 sunday night. first round not expected to bring us much rain but stronger systems will follow. the next one up will bring some rain for san francisco and the north bay wednesday. all this culminating with what happens towards the end of next week. an atmospheric liver lining up on the bay area that could bring substantial rainfall for a change to northern california. that's great news with our obvious ongoing fire issues around the region. so the forecast starts warm to start the weekend.
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then showers to finish. better rain chances towards the end of next week. >> thank you, rob. that's going to do it for us at 7:00. for everyone here at nbc bay area, thanks for joining us. enjoy the evening. enjoy your weekend. we hope to see you back at 11:00.
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>> just from torch to toenails is how i like to say it. >> what do they do measurements? >> according to the statue of liberty's official website, she's 151 feet tall without the pedestal. if you were to put her feet on the platform below us, her torch would stick up into the original entrance, which is right up there, but it wouldn't hit the ceiling. >> what do you call these formations you see down there? >> they have all kinds of different names. flow stone is the type of formation that flows down the wall. stalactites hold on tight to the ceilings, the ones that look like icicles hanging down. stalagmites grow up from the ground and they look like domes growing out of the ground. there is one behind us on the wall right up here. that is a stalagmite. this part of the cavern, by the way, you are allowed to touch.
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this is the only spot in the cavern we're allowed to touch with our hands. >> all right. thank you so much. not a bad office. >> no. this is the best job in the world. >> nice job. >> hit that one right on the nose.
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i heard about prevagen and then i started taking it about two years now. started noticing things a little sharper, a little clearer. i feel like it's kept me on my game. i'm able to remember things. i'd say give it a try. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. ♪ ♪ go easy ♪ i'm just so eager. >> adele delivers with her new single "easy on me." we break down all you need to know. >> the whole album is sort of dedicated to my son more than anything. >> and it was a mother and son night for selma blair, who's bravely speaking out on her battle with m.s. then -- >> i was a big fan of your dad's and i'm so sorry he's not around. >> oh, thanks. >> our prince william exclusive brings him face to face. and how's this for a face plant? angelina and salma's friendship takes a sweet turn but what do


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