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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 1, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PST

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right now at 4:30, ramping up measures to detect the new covid variant. what travelers flying into sfo can expect. setting the stage for overturning and forever changing abortion access across the u.s. this is "today in the bay." a very good morning to you. thank you for starting your day with us. i am laura garcia. >> and i am marcus washington. it's december 1st.
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we'll check the roads with mike, but first let's look at the forecast with kari hall. >> patchy fog in the north bay, and we are seeing it near the delta and concord as well. our temperatures are back to the mid-40s in some spots. brentwood, 45 degrees and 43 in morgan hill and 47 in santa rosa. as we look at christmas in the park, it's 48 degrees and we will see the temperatures dropping another couple degrees over the next couple of hours and then sunshine and we're back to the mid-60s by late morning. we'll talk about all that is ahead. mike, what is happening on the peninsula? >> yeah, no problems from the flow of traffic and no flashing lights. this is heading north from about the off-ramp and university.
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in that stretch of area, a couple incidents, we'll double-check on the crews in that area. kari, you talked about the fog around the delta area, and chp gives a similar warning about the benicia bridge. the same with the carquinez bridge with the same latitude. and then the omicron variant. >> inspired by the omicron
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variant, and it's now available at other airports. >> i felt fairly confident with the testing requirements, and i feel pretty safe with the mask requirements as well, so it didn't stop me from traveling. >> the experts say the variant should not ground people during the holidays. >> the next couple of weeks will tell how much of a problem omicron is going to be. this illustration shows the variant compared to the delta strain. notice how many more mutations it has, and it was on the move earlier than we thought. officials in the netherlands say the strain was already in the country at least a week earlier
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than previous believed. seems little doubt that the variant is already in the united states. >> with our vaccine rates and boosters go into the arms and the masking that we know of, i am cautiously hopeful we will be in a good place when the variant does get here. >> reporter: everybody coming to the country must be tested one day before getting on a flight regardless of vaccination status or country of order, and right now the rule is three days. the administration also considering people to be retested three to five days after arriving. chief armstrong says opd will place barriers and high tack actual teams in areas, and
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they will split up around the city so police can respond quicker to smash and grab calls. >> what i was concerned about was the amount of firepower that we continue to be confronted with every time these caravans come into oakland. >> the chief wants to add more officers to the police department and install city-wide surveillance cameras. today the supreme court hears a direct challenge to roe v. wade. the case comes from mississippi that passed a law in 2018 to ban most abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy. the law was blocked by the lower courts. there are demonstrations across the country including one at the supreme court today. we have the latest coming from washington, straight ahead. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see things moving along this morning.
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mike is tracking traffic, but first let's get a look at the forecast with kari. >> this is a look at the fog that we are seeing over walnut creek right now, and it's really rolled in here with about a quarter mile visibility in some spots in the east bay, and temperatures are chilly but we are right now at 50 degrees. i think by 11:00, it should be all clear and sunny as we head for the low 70s today, reaching 68 in oakland and 73 in san josé. santa rosa, up to about 72 degrees, and san francisco in the upper 60s. over all a nice afternoon, but we have to get through the chilly temperatures and the fog this morning. mike, you are seeing that fog on the streets this morning. >> yeah, cones are still here
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and watch for flashing lights. we are seeing a little slowing there. over here, this is where the fog is registered and fog is creeping down to walnut creek and concord and you see the same on the map. a shout-out to the benicia bridge. just a little word of caution. consider 680 and mission as your alternate, and the reopening should be in a few minutes. a reminder all weekend that stretch of 84 will be closed, so 680 and mission boulevard is your work around all weekend long. now back to you. >> thanks, mike. it's 4:37 right now. the new method online shoppers used heavily this past weekend and what you should know before you sign on. >> we're going to tell you what
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good wednesday morning. the time is 4:40, and it's a chilly start in the north bay. right now napa at 45 degrees and as of now visibility is clear, not much fog to start out. we have mid-40s to start but headed for the mid-60s by late this morning. another nice day ahead and we'll take a look at our microclimates coming up. this is a clear easy view
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and drive for the nimitz right now. folks with the taillights heading up the bay bridge toll plaza. check on twitter, and i just followed bertha coombs. i didn't know i was not following you, but now you are following me. >> exciting. thanks, mike. use of the buy now pay later option surged on black friday. the installment service did 750,000 transaction on that day alone, and recorded more than $1 billion of volume for november. paypal launched the service called pay in four, allowing people to pay for certain purchases in four payments, and if you miss one payment the fees can be steep, so make sure you can make the payments.
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meantime, twitter is banning the sharing of personal photos and videos on its platform without the consent of the person involved. twitter's policies prohibit the sharing of other private information such as addresses and phone numbers. the new policy won't generally apply to large gatherings such as sporting events or protests, but if somebody says they don't want that picture there, they can have it taken down. and then meanwhile, irobot can pick up pine needles and detect loose shoes or socks on the floor, and i am not sure if they can detect the shoe laces. that's where the problem is in my house.
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it would be helpful if you are upgrading an older model or buying a second one to work with the first one. i have a feeling the whole update is about getting a new rumba under the tree. >> yeah, we need one that can pick up legos. you know what i'm saying, in the middle of the night? >> ouch. >> oh, man. >> thanks. 4:43 this morning. coming up here on "today in the bay," an nbc bay area exclusive. two suspects facing homicide charges but they are not locked up. san josé police chief not happy with the court rulings. the reason some suspects are not going to jail. the fog really developing in parts of the east bay this morning, something a little different compared to the past few mornings but of course still foggy around novato. we are watching this and the microclimate forecast, coming up.
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hiv medicine is one part of it. ask your doctor about dovato-i did. ♪♪ here we go. wednesday morning, taking a live look out -- this is a live shot, san mateo bridge getting started for the day. backed up? we'll check with mike for that, but first let's get your north
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carolina -- forecast for you. kari? >> we call this the first day of meteorological winter and it's normally starting to cool off at this point but we are talking about near record-high temperatures today. palo alto, it feels like winter for the start of the day and then warms up quickly with all of the sunshine, headed for the low 70s and mid-70s in sports, reaching 76 in gilroy and 74 today in east san josé. the forecast is up at the bottom of the screen showing the next couple of days could be warm especially for some of the inland areas, reaching up to 71 in danville, and 68 in san mateo and upper 60s in san francisco today downtown and in the mission district. 73 in clearlake, napa up to about 69 degrees. tonight a nice night to head out to sunnyvale to the ice rank. in the afternoon it will cool
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off quickly going up from the upper 60s, so bundle up. we're seeing all of the showers headed up around seattle and northward. this is where the atmospheric river is bringing in lots of rain and even flooding while high pressure keeps that away. slowly that high pressure will move away and next week there will be a weakening system coming in. it looks like the rain dries up before it gets here. we are seeing a change in the pattern as we go through the month of december. here's a look at the outlook as far as temperatures. we could see above normal temperatures, and this looks at the overall pattern and sees what we could maybe see coming down the line. it does show a change in how wet it could be with some of the showers starting to move in to far northern california. we have an equal chance of getting near normal temperatures here as well as rainfall. it's dry to start out the month
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of december and our temperatures are very warm, once again near record highs and we will cool down and see the mid-60s coming back while san francisco is also warm for this time of year, upper 60s and sunshine and then low 60s for the weekend. i took a view of the san mateo bridge, and marcus was asking if something was going on, and it's was an optical illusion, it was a slow-moving box truck, but it was not a problem. good teamwork there. and then here at the bay bridge. look how crystal clear we could see the lights in the city from emeryville, so that's a great view. the fog, as kari is talking about, it's in the north bay as we have seen before through novato but creeping across 370, and down across the delta, there are foggy clouds, and the benicia bridge called out by chp
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as well. we talked about the construction crew through alvarado, and it should be cleared up as we speak. over the weekend you could see a change in the traffic flow. we are going to follow-up on the other local roadwork, nothing major but the stretch between mountain view and san bruno where they are working on the expressway. >> thanks, mike. san josé police say the system has failed. >> this morning san josé's top cop is warning people judges are releasing criminals with crimes as serious as murder with no bail. >> the release of suspects has angered top police brass. this man is charged with murder
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in what police describe as a hit-and-run road ridge on october 31st. the judge put him on house arrest with a few restrictions, like stay away from the victim's family and submit to searches and attend drug and alcohol counseling. his alleged accomplice, castillo, was also released on supervised own recognizance program. >> i am shocked. >> the case is going through the legal process. >> this is the ultimate crime. this is a murder, right? somebody took it upon themselves to go and kill another individual. >> in another case, santillan, also got released on her own recognizance.
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it appears there's a colorable self defense component to both cases. these people did not have serious records and they have no history of failure to appear. >> clark says a ruling by the state supreme court last year in the humphrey case changed the bail process and he expect to see other murder suspects released on s.o.r.p. even though it can be somewhat demoralizing, the police chief will tell his officers to keep investigating the most serious crime of all and keep arresting accused killers even if the suspects could evened up back on the streets a few days later. >> we're getting the response from the mayor of san josé. the mayor says, quote, i
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appreciate the purpose of bail reform but releasing murder suspects without bail is outrageous. a former investigator in san francisco's district attorney's office is suing his former boss. jeffrey paw lay claims he was fired after following the law during a investigation in the police shooting. he was charged earlier this month with the manslaughter for a shooting back in 2017. moore survived that shooting but died three years later in prison. the prosecutors declined to charge the officer for the murder of moore. boudin reopened the case after taking office and filed charges. the former investigator said he was fired after he complained the new investigation was not
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legally sound. >> our client attempted to do the right thing by demanding that the assistant district attorney follow the law with respect to getting search warrants. unfortunately due to his repeated attempts of doing so he was retaliated against and terminated from his position within the district attorney's office. >> the city attorney said the city will respond to the allegations in court. 4:54. coming up next on "today in the bay," local heroes honored for their valor. we will show you the rescue that saved a man that was hanging from a cliff. and then oakland taking action to high demand vaccinations and testing, and the city expanding the city's walk-up clinic next to city hall and open seven days a week from 9:00 to 5:00.
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if you take asthma medicines, don't change or stop them without talking to your doctor. ask your doctor about dupixent. supervised own recognizance program. in the 40 years since the first known aides case, 75,000 americans have died. a man was clinging to a rock. this is at the bottom of the crosby cliffs last year. rescue swimmers with a kayak had
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to position themselves between two large rocks and when the surf came in, they rose up and grabbed that man and paddled 200 yards to a rescue boat. these pictures were tweeted yesterday. >> that's nice to see. coming up next on "today in the bay," now what they are considering to crack down to the smash and grabs at bay area stores.
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on how to pay for stopping the smash and grab mobs. reproductive rights once again before the u.s. supreme court. uncertainty over the newest covid variant has bay area officials on alert. the approach to help one county stay ahead of that threat. this is "today in the bay." very good wednesday morning to you. 5:00 right now. thanks for joining us. i am laura garcia. >> i am marcus washington on this 1st day of december. already in december. >> can't belief it. >> here we go. wrapping up the year. we are going to have a look at the commute coming up in just a minute, but f


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