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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 3, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PST

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traveling overseas. it's 5:00 right now. thank you for starting your day with us. i am laura garcia. >> let's get the day started, because friday, it always sounds good when we say that, right? >> we will get a look at traffic in just a bit, but first let's check with kari. >> you are walking out the door to san josé, and it's like, wait a minute. this is the kind of fog we have seen in parts of the delta as well as the north bay for the past few days. we are seeing the fog drifting around with low visibility.
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for the weekend, we are looking out for the king tides, and then next week we are watching out for slight rain chances. the forecast is coming up in a few minutes, marcus and laura. >> thanks so much. police investigating another flash mob robbery. now, california's attorney general is taking new action to hold smash and grab criminals accountable. >> yeah, kris sanchez is here, and rob will be in the bay area today. >> yeah, he will be in san mateo later, and this was at a family-owned jewelry store, and
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hooded thieves armed with hammers made off with $70,000 worth of jewelry in just 12 seconds. in los angeles, police got a break there and made 12 arrests there, and those 14 suspects are now all back on the streets in part because of california's zero bail policy that was instituted early in the pandemic to reduce jail crowding. while awaiting help from the state, shopping centers have been doing what they can, like bringing in more security, and some say it makes them feel more safe and some customers say not so much. >> i worked at this fall for, like, years, and we saw two officers and, like, a security guard when we first came in and we talked to one when we were leaving. >> the security guards are not just hanging out, and they are paying attention and
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interacting. >> in walnut creek, where about 80 people swarmed the stores and blocked traffic from preventing getaway cars from being stopped, and a lot of law enforcement officials are hoping to hear a change to the no bail policy. >> we will be watching to see what happens with those conversations. thank you. it's 5:03. new this morning, hillary ronen to address the backlog cases in san francisco. of the cases, 218 people remain
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in custody "the washington post" reporting scientists in south africa found that omicron -- one expert has some advice for travelers thinking about canceling an upcoming trip. >> do not cancel your trip preemptively, a lot of times airlines will not refund you if
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you cancel on your own. >> you can watch that interview on the "today" show at 7:00. that's right after "today in the bay." here's a live look at l.a.x. and maybe you are planning to catch an international flight from there. starting today a new rapid testing site opens offered on a voluntary basis because there's no federal requirement for outbound passengers. for now lawmakers averted a government shutdown, but some republicans object to vaccine mandates. this all comes with president biden focusing on the u.s. economy and the soon-to-be released monthly unemployment report. >> laura, that jobs report is due out in less than half an hour and president biden is set to speak a couple hours after that. yes, you also note there was a fight over the temporary funding measure last night to do with
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vaccine mandates, and republicans, those that oppose the vaccine mandates will get another crack to shoot them down with a bill next week. those that support the mandate say they are needed to fight rising covid cases. >> good news for federal workers this morning. their paychecks are secure with a government shutdown averted. >> i am glad in the end, cooler heads prevailed. >> on this vote the yeas are 69 -- >> congress passed a stop gap measure last night that funds the government through february. 19 republicans joined the democrats voting yes, despite a push from gop members to block the bill over an opposition to vaccine mandates. >> the only thing i want to shutdown is congress funding enforcement of a unconstitutional vaccine mandate.
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>> it appears likely to pass the senate with support from moderate democrat, joe manchin. >> i have been very supportive for a mandate for federal government for the military, for all the people that work on the government payroll. >> the bill is less likely to pass the democrat-controlled house, so for now the mandates are tied up in court. the mandates could force unvaccinated employees out of the workforce at a time when there's supply chain problems and soaring inflation. a jobs report could shed light on whether workers sidelined throughout the pandemic are beginning to return to the job. again, that report due out in a little less than half an hour. while avoiding a government shutdown is good news, democratic leaders say this is no time for a victory lap.
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there are thorny issues still to be worked out before they reach a full year of a government funding bill. and then making it clear that they are planning to hold cities account for shooting down viable housing. the rendering shows the planned eight-story building with more than 200 units, including some for low-income families. berkeley schools, the latest to face possible major cuts for the next school year. berkeley reports the district may have to cut more than $6 million due to declining
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enrollment. it amounts to 600 fewer students than before the pandemic. cuts could include teachers on special assignments a graduation budget. leaders still hope the new education budget could offset some of the deficit. 5:09 on your friday morning. taking a look at the san francisco skyline this morning. at least you can make it out there, but in the south bay, a different story as folks there are waking up to fog. kari has a look at our forecast. >> yeah, we are starting out with the dense fog, especially for the south bay where we don't typically see it, but also for the south county, where visibility has dropped down to half a mile. the fog drifting into the tri-valley, visibility there a quarter mile so slow it down. allow extra time to get to work. our temperatures will reach into the mid and upper 60s in some spots it will be cooler today
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compared to yesterday, but still a great day to get out there and enjoy. we'll talk more about that coming up. mike, what are you watching for in the morning commute? >> i am watching a lot of chp notes. the east shore freeway, we can see it building in the foreground. we're looking at the berkeley curb and see the low clouds all over the east bay. a crash may be happening over on the san francisco side, still getting details. just got word of something going on on the san francisco side. here, benicia, carquinez bridges and antioch, getting notes called out by chp because of the fog. fremont and sunol and down into the south bay, so far we are at speed. >> thanks, mike. coming up, a dream vacation
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home in tahoe sales for a record price. >> tens of thousands of bay area workers just learning their return to work plans could be put on hold. new delays for one silicon valley giant. an average of 74 car break-ins in san francisco a day, and our investigative unit rides along with undercover officers to see what it will take to put the brakes on those. you can see that story on
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happy friday. it's 5:13. take a look at the fog you are seeing rolling through the tri-valley. here's a look at our dublin camera on 580, and expect chilly temperatures, patchy, dense fog and it will linger for a few hours. we will also have cooler temperatures today. we will take a look at our microclimates and a look at the weekend forecast, coming up. low clouds hovering around the deck, so folks are able to fine with the visibility. our visibility of the roadways impeded, but children's hospital calling out a number of areas through contra costa county. right now you are looking at the average speeds in oakland.
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we will see if this changes. good morning. stocks are opening slightly lower this week. all three major averages snapped a losing streak, but despite that rally, in focus today the november jobs report is out at 8:30 eastern, and investors expect to see strong job growth. google is reconsidering its return to work plans again. google will wait until the new year to make decisions on when employees can safely return. the company still plans to go with the hybrid work model where most employees will work three days in the office and two days
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remote. tesla launched an all-electric quad-like bike in the u.s. the four wheeler atv is suitable with anybody eight years old and up. while the bike should begin shipping in two to four weeks, tesla knows orders are not guaranteed to arrive before christmas. >> that's a bummer for kids. >> yeah, that's what i wanted, mom. >> it looks small, though. >> yeah, i guess it's for 8-year-olds. >> i could ride it. >> true. not i. >> you can read the benefits this weekend when burger king celebrates the creation of its whopper. today and tomorrow it's being offered for it's original price. guess what it is?
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don't look? >> i already saw. >> 37 cents. to redeem the deal you have to use the app and website and to be a member of the loyalty program. also -- a lot of hoops to jump through. >> this is trending for you this morning. usa today ranking the best and worst live tv musicals in recent history. >> and the paper promises not to betray you. >> nbc's "jesus christ superstar" aired in 2018 starring john legend. that made the top of the list.
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also "grease live," "hairspray live", and a lot of those were created by nbc. >> now i remember. along with the paper's top pick for worst live musicals, they did not feel like the hills were alive when carrie underwood took to the sound of music. maybe you missed some of the other ones on that list. peter pan live -- >> the grinch was a little -- yeah, even my kids said that. >> the problem was during their last rehearsal, i think one of the stars broke their ankle and it was a little rough. it was not live, i guess. >> that's when the under study comes in, right? >> you would think. that's true.
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>> that's how we do it. >> yeah, showbiz. >> will the sun come out tomorrow, kari? >> yes, always. we're starting out with fog this morning, and we have seen it drifting around, and actually it's pretty clear in san francisco. those clouds are up a little higher compared to what we are seeing in the south bay. we are keeping an eye on our coastline, because we are seeing a return of the king tides and that could cause flooding along the coastline. the sun is at its closest point to the earth as well as the moon is at its closest point, and that's called the paragee. with that happening we see the sun and moon align to pull up the water along the coastline and cause some flooding so we have the concern of some coastal flooding. if you are going to go a spot like pacifica, keep in mind the
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water will be up higher along the beach by about late morning, and the temperatures will be cooler reaching only into the upper 50s today. the king tides will be with us today and tomorrow and sunday, and then we will have extremely low tides during the afternoon and evening hours. look at the temperatures today. our temperatures in the mid to upper 60s in some spots. some mid-60s for the east bay. vallejo only reaching 61 degrees. upper 50s for daly city. san francisco also a little cooler today with a breezy wind. we will get sunshine for the afternoon, and our north bay temperatures reaching 66 in sonoma, and 63 today in novato. we have had some nice weather for all of the lighting events going on this evening. in union square, we had the hanukkah lighting once again, and it will be in the mid-50s and that will be cooler than what we have had recently.
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it will be dry as the rain stays to the north of us, and we are seeing a change in the weather pattern and that will allow for some slight rain chances, but there's nothing out there to bring us significant rain in the forecast. even though we are seeing spotty showers starting on monday we are still not expecting really anything to help bust the drought right now. we are dry for the weekend as our temperatures come down and our valley temperatures reach into the mid-60s, and even upper 50s next week. for san francisco, it will be a cooler one as well but we will keep that sunshine. mike, you have been watching how that fog has impacted the commute this morning? >> kari, when we say fog i often think of the golden gate bridge, which doesn't have the fog this morning so a great note for folks driving along this area. they are ready for friday and the weekend on the golden gate bridge. and then this is marked as a crash here, and we will double-check. santa rosa may have a factor
5:22 am
this morning, and throughout contra costa county, the antioch bridge and benicia bridge getting a note from chp. even down in towards the south bay now, there's 237. back to you. >> thanks, mike. 5:22 right now. coming up next on "today in the bay," "nbc bay area responds." >> promises, promises. one for 2 grand in gift cards in another for a canceled concert refund. our consumer teams convince companies to fulfill both promises, next. hey, guys, it's day two of the 12 days of christmas, and this is my best friend in the morning, it is my favorite coffee cup. my dad got it for me a million years ago. you can turn it upsidedown and it rolls around in my bag and never fails. it's $15, that sweet spot for a
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here we go, marcus. the holidays are here but it's always gift-giving team for our consumer team. >> and they deliver cash. our consumer reporter, chris chmura is here. >> let's start with our sister station, telemundo. a viewer had been fighting for a year to get $179 back after the concert was canceled. it was then paid in full. kimberly in san josé asked us for help battling her cell phone company, and they promised her 2
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grand in gift cards for switching four phones over, and that didn't happen. if you are hung up on a consumer problem, let our teams know. have a great weekend. >> you too, chris. coming up, next, pg&e's nine-figure settlement over a fire that caused heartbreak and devastation in the north bay. plus -- >> a new report highly critical of the police officer that shot and killed a 22-year-old. this was last year. the possible consequences that officer might face now. you are watching "today in the bay."
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right now at 5:30 a deadly police shooting that got national attention at the height of last year's george floyd protests, and it's back in the spotlight leaving many in vallejo asking new questions. >> we do anticipate there will be more cases, but to the extent they are mild we will address them. >> the arrival of the omicron variant motivating a lot to get the booster shot.
5:31 am
plus, we are tracking a foggy commute. meteorologist, kari hall, has details on when things will begin to clear up. this is "today in the bay." a very good morning to you. thank you so much for joining us. i am laura garcia. >> i am marcus washington. we want to get a look at the commute in just a bit from mike as well as kari. we want to get you caught up on the news for the day. >> that's right. a vallejo police officer violated department policy by not trying to de-escalate the situation. that is according to findings in a new independent investigation. >> bob, what else did the investigation unveil? >> that the determination to use that deadly force was, quote, not objectionbly reasonable.
5:32 am
a vallejo police officer shot and killed monta rosa in june of 2020 after responding to looting at a walgreens. police say the officer mistook the hammer for a gun. the 66-page report that was put together by a former civil rights prosecutor working for an outside firm and was released last night, and the report said the officer fired rapidly through the windshield of a patrol car and that was captured on the body cam. the report said the officer did not use de-escalation techniques. it's up to the police department to decide whether or not that officer will face disciplinary action, and we here at nbc bay area did reach out to the monta rosa family last night, and they
5:33 am
said they need time before they comment. reporting live, bob redell for "today in the bay." >> thank you. an attempted kidnapping outside a preschool in san francisco has parents shaken. neighbors say it happened wednesday afternoon outside the montessori children's house of the west coast on lake. police say a woman grabbed a 3-year-old from a nanny and ran but that nanny chased that woman down and got the child back. the suspect then tried to grab the 1-year-old in a stroller, but that baby was thankfully belted in. parents walking their kids in that neighborhood say it's really shocking. >> shocked. it's terrifying, especially in such a safe and family-friendly neighborhood. i walk these streets all the time with my little 6-month-old. >> police officers search that neighborhood and arrested a
5:34 am
34-year-old erin williams. she is now facing kidnapping and child endangerment charges. a man was arrested for allegedly going on an arson spree. this is video from the scene in downtown walnut creek. officers believe he set several small fires throughout walnut creek yesterday. started with a couple dumpster fires and eventually led to him trying to burn down the library. the arrival of the omicron variant getting more people to be tested. this as experts try to get more information on the severity of omicron. cierra johnson is live with the message from the local officials there. >> reporter: yes, if you are feeling any symptoms at all regardless of your vaccination status, it's best get that test.
5:35 am
a wanted to get tested will also want to get the booster shot. following president biden's address on thursday with the new variant, he made it clear his administration is making quick and cost-efficient testing. he shared the administration will make 50 million free at-home tests available at community centers as well as clinics without private insurance. those that do test positive with the at-home kit, you can then get a test at a lab, and there's a program to register online the tests from home. >> that can trigger a communication in order to offer the supportive resources.
5:36 am
>> reporter: with so many people wanting to get the boosters before the holidays, some communities are stepping up and adding more community centers or more places to get those boosters in addition to your traditional pharmacies, and one of the communities, santa clara, they are partnering with community health clinics to expand their booster shot availability throughout their community, so a lot of folks doing what they can to add to the availability of the testing and the boosters as we get closer to that christmas holiday. we're live, cierra johnson for "today in the bay." >> thanks, cierra. the biden administration said 2.2 million doses of the vaccine were administered throughout the country on wednesday alone. he made that announcement on twitter saying it was the highest single total since may. those numbers are coming as we learn new details about booster shots. according to a new study, those
5:37 am
looking for a booster shot don't need to worry about what brand it is. it's too soon for officials to say how well the boosters will work against the omicron variant. and then ricardo setting his sights on two more hotels to convert into housing for the homeless. the quality inn on 13th street and the tully inn on tully road. pg&e has agreed to a $125 million settlement with the state puc. this is tied to the kincade wildfire in 2019 that burned
5:38 am
78,000 acres in sonoma county. the commission found multiple violations of overhead lines in the fire zone. the agreement prevents pg&e from seeking $85 million in compensation for removing abandoned power equipment. the utility so far has not commented. 5:38 this morning. a beautiful shot this is in san josé. christmas in the park. you can see the trees lit up. always a fun sight there. that means it's time to get a look at the weekend. vianey arana is looking ahead for us. how is it looking this weekend, because i know a lot of people want to go out and walk in the park. >> they definitely do. if you want to head to south bay tahoe, it's going to be a beautiful weekend to do so. friday, saturday and sunday plenty of sunshine and overnight lows dipping down. napa valley, friday, saturday
5:39 am
and sunday also looking cool up there. 60s, overnight lows dipping into the 40s in the napa valley area. this event here, look how beautiful, lighting up golden gate work with christmas lights. in the overnight hours we're talking low 50s, so bundle up for that if you are heading into the city. half moon bay is having their night of lights parade. this is happening in downtown half moon bay tonight. the event is completely free. temperatures are going to be dipping down into the 50s. if you are going to be out there setting up for the parade, you definitely want to make sure you are properly wearing a coat and maybe even a scarf. i know this is california weather, and 50s are chilly for us. if you are heading out and about, keep that in mind. big sur is also going to have a lovely weekend to enjoy with family and friends.
5:40 am
east shore freeway, looks like low clouds over here. we can see the freeway, and the berkeley curve, we are looking at a fog advisory. the bridges here, right along the delta, this week you are seeing fog here creeping into concord, but no major problems. overnight low visibility in the yellow. san ramon, also the dublin interchange into the funnel here at mission, and 680 at 880. and kyle follows us in san martin, and he was sending me a picture, and you see fog heading out of gilroy. take a look at this, mike, a record-setting home sale in lake tahoe. the mansion sold for $47.5 million. it makes it the highest property
5:41 am
sale there this year. they got a speedboat and grand piano in the deal. it includes lake views from nearly every room. forget shoveling the snow because it has a heated driveway. yeah. >> i love it. >> nice little getaway. >> yeah. 5:41 right now. coming up, a community on edge coming together. the new grassroots effort in oakland. making his pitch. one oakland a's player now looking to be a nba player.
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right now at 5:44 on this friday morning, we are dealing with dense fog as you are heading out the door this morning, especially in the south bay, san josé, as well as the south county. visibility down to about a quarter of a mile and less in some spots, so watch out for that. other than that, we have a nice forecast and will talk about changing ahead coming up in a few minutes. morgan hill, palo alto
5:45 am
getting hit with the fog in south county. contra costa county, especially has a lot of fog. just out, the november jobs report. the labor department warns the omicron variant could slow jobs into the winter. the house january 6th commission expects to meet tomorrow with clark. in the past, clark has not cooperated with the commission. this last week lawmakers voted to hold him in contempt if he does not cooperate tomorrow. only two have ignored their subpoenas. public hearings will take place
5:46 am
next week. after a violent surge of violence in oakland, the city is want to go heal and move past the chaos. it's holding town nights. there will be eight events across the city tonight. the list is on your screen there. times vary from 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. all events are free and open to community members of all the town nights you miss any of the events. tonight the warriors host phoenix with the suns owning a franchise best 18-game-winning streak. the sharks, meanwhile, continue their good times on the road last night against the highlanders. they actually tied the game at one. it stayed that way. in overtime, eric carlson scored. it's the sharks' third straight win.
5:47 am
and then there's a push to bring back more muni lines serving downtown and china town. the aax and abx lines were suspended at the start of the pandemic. without the buses, routes are significantly lowered during the commune hours. right now directors will reconsider that plan next week. one oakland a's's pitcher trying to maintain a sense of humor. he's saying he's now available for work in the nba. he gives himself an a-minus in his shooting skills, which the video seems to prove, along with an a plus plus in what we'll call smack talk. so far no takers. you may recall the grandmother in arizona who
5:48 am
mistakenly invited a stranger to thanksgiving and it turned into a heartwarming tradition. we all enjoy this one. networks turning the story into the feature film. it's in preproduction. that could be a good one. >> i wonder who will star in the roles? who would it be? let's pretend. >> marcus washington is the guy that will get the text. i am not your grandson. can i still come? let me look up -- >> that was really good acting. >> i got emotions right there. >> somehow you will start singing. ♪ ♪ christmastime is here ♪ ♪ >> you are never coming back. >> and the story ends there. >> kari is, like, okay. >> i am, just, like, what is
5:49 am
going on over there? we will just switch gears here and take a look at the dense fog we are seeing right now over the south bay. it's foggy here as well as many other spots that don't typically start out with fog. we're dealing with that as our temperatures are in the low 50s right now. it's going to be a cool start to the morning and slowly warm up today as that fog clears out. the 7-day forecast is coming up at the bottom of the screen. we will see more weather like this. let's talk about what is happening at our coast. king tides are back. those are the higher than normal astronomical tides that creates a gravitational pull on the ocean and that makes flooding possible for some of the low-lying areas near the coast as well as some of the areas in the bay. we do have coastal flooding warnings up at 8:00 this morning, and then we will have
5:50 am
extremely low tides for the afternoon. we will see this not only today but tomorrow as well as sunday. if you are going to be in any of the areas that typically do flood with king tides, just a heads up about that. looking at our temperatures coming down a few degrees. the past couple of days we have been in the low 70s. today we are looking at low 60s. the fog will be slow to clear keeping the temperatures clear, and we're also seeing upper 50s near the coast, so half moon bay reaching 58 degrees. san francisco in the 50s. the low 60s for the mission districts downtown. 63 in novato and 68 in clearlake. we still have nice and dry weather in the forecast, but the storm track staying to the north of us is starting to shift and we are seeing the high pressure that blocked any chances of rain starting to move out of here and this is good news because we need a change in the weather pattern. it will allow cooler air to come
5:51 am
in but not looking for much in the way of rain chances, just spotting showers. our temperatures in the mid to upper 50s, and we will stay dry with a slight rain chance on monday. san francisco will continue to see temperatures cooling into the upper 50s and low 60s. mike, how is the fog impacting the commute? >> we're watching for the chances for the snow at the $57 million house with the incline. just kidding. you can see this fog on the maps for benicia bridge, and the antioch and carquinez bridges. the fog typically plays a part here. over here, down out of
5:52 am
brentwood, slowing. we're now about half an hour for that drive. folks are appropriately slowing where visibility is tough along that area of vasco. more slowing, northbound 101. fog and low visibility may be a factor. highway 1 over the santa cruz mountains, but then the summit drive is smoothly. back to you. >> thanks, mike. >> thank you, mike. happening now, college applications are rebounding this year after decreasing the height of the pandemic. the total number of applications is up more than 22% over prepandemic 2019 levels. that's according to data from the common app that does not include applications to community colleges. the data shows a big jump in applications from foreign
5:53 am
students, up more than 40% from prepandemic numbers. court resumes for king james. an update on the covid square that forced lebron to leave the lakers. then, another smash and grab theft in the south bay, and details on what authorities are calling the lightning-fast theft and the new action being taken by state leaders. look at that, christmas in the park all lit up and making things very festive downtown. it's 5:53. look at your forecast. visibility issues to be concerned about. you're watching "today in the bay."
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my name is buster moon, and it is my pleasure to present a brand new show called out of this world. activating piggy power. the journey of a lifetime is about to begin.
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welcome back. you are watching "today in the bay." here's a story you will only see here on nbc bay area. >> our investigative unit has looked into the mother that threw alcohol-fueled party for minors including her sons. the first complaint came from a parent in december of 2020. this is according to internal
5:57 am
e-mails. that parent claimed o'connor bought alcohol for those teens and her daughter overdosed on edibles. the school's then interim principal promised to follow-up and inform police. the president of the association of title 9 administrators. title 9 prohibits sex discrimination at federally funded schools. >> schools have a lot of parents who want schools to back out of parental responsibilities, and the same parents turn around and say to schools, why aren't you dealing with this? >> o'connor that you see here, facing 39 felony charges, including sexual battery and child endangerment. she has not responded to our
5:58 am
attempts to reach out to her. 5:57 right now. new this morning, lebron james has been cleared to turn to the los angeles lakers after missing one game due to a covid scare. james was not positive. he has since tested negative twice, more than 24 hours apart. that clears him to play tonight when the lakers host the l.a. clippers. meantime three buccaneers have been suspended for violating the nfl's covid protocols and misrepresenting vaccination statuses. brown and edwards were suspended without pay for the next three games, and another player is a free agent and will face suspension if he signs anywhere
5:59 am
else. there are allegations that brown obtained a fake vaccination card to evade league protocols. a family-owned business left in shambles ahead in a live report, and details on the latest south bay smash and grab. and a new message coming today from the state's top cop. plus -- >> do not cancel your trip preemptively. >> america's new response to the omicron covid variant. shutdown averted. the senate passes a stop-gap bill. this is to fund the government. the new challenge expected over one provision that is now getting some serious blowback. this is "today in the bay." here we go. friday morning. thank you so much for making us
6:00 am
part of your morning. i am marcus washington. >> i am laura garcia. let's take a peek outside overlooking san francisco. we're in for a foggy start this friday morning. can see haze there, and you also see it in the south bay this morning. >> yeah, we want to bring in meteorologist, kari hall. she has been monitoring all this. how long can we expect the fog to stick around? >> i think it's from 8:00 to 9:00 and then we will gradually see a clearing. it's in areas that are not used to seeing fog. we see it every day in parts of the delta and north bay, but we are seeing it in parts of the south bay. after that we will have sunshine and also coastal flooding due to king tides, and we have a mainly dry forecast as we continue on the weather pattern. we are seeing some changes and we'll talk more about that and a look at our weekend forecast. that's coming up in a few minutes. >> we'll check back with you. police


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