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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 16, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PST

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around the bay area. the flooding issues continue on the roadway. on 680 driving past stone ridge, a lot of water on the roads. we have an awlert because of a crash. that happened hours ago 2:00 a.m. still one lane blocked, your
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slow lane. that's a semitruck and a diazle spill is complicating redwood road. again, wet roads are a concern. flooding in all parts of the bay. you see kicking up water here in both directions. back to you. thank you very much. hospitals across the country being slammed by a new covid surge. admissions are up 8%, deaths up 5% over the past weekend. >> the delta variant is still doing the most damage, but omicron being detected in more and more states. >> this morning a worsening pandemic helping disrupt holiday plans. philadelphia's health commissioner now out with this
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stark warning. >> do not get together with other households for christmas. if you do, keep those gatherings small. it's just too dangerous. medical workers prepare for cases of the highly contagious omicron variant to start doubling every two days here in the u.s. >> right now on a regular basis. >> covid advisors say there is a way out. >> if we didn't have these tools, i would be telling you to really, really be worried. but we have tools. so get vaccinated, get boosted. >> reporter: the current vaccines combined with a booster shot work well against omicron. >> at this point, there is no need for a variant specific booster. >> reporter: medical experts working to build confidence in the vaccines amid high profile
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echoes of our pandemic past. disruptions in pro sports with more than 100 players and coaches testing positive in recent days and several universities in the northeast moving final exams online. more on how a shooting unfolded. this is fra frightened employees in north mitch monday, a man standing in the parking lot holding and waving what appears to be a gun.
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employees feared the man was coming inside and called police. he left the parking lot but police quickly caught up with him, pulling him over at market avenue and truman street. >> the subject initially did not listen to the officers' commands. but eventually to come out of the vehicle with his hands up, eventually he did exit the vehicle holding an air soft kbun that looked exactly like a real firearm. >> reporter: police say he was holding it as if he was preparing to fire while facings the officers as he got out of his car. >> he did not listen to commands. >> reporter: officers then fired several rounds, striking him. the 45-year-old man died on the way to the hospital. police determined what he was holding was not a real gun. >> it is dangerous. they look real. they look real and our officers and everyone involved are going to react as if they're real in
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certain situations. >> reporter: the officers involved in the shooting have been placed on leave. rain is making its way back to the bay area this morning. rob, it's here. is it going to stick around long? >> we're seeing most of it pushing through the peninsula and parts of the south bay. 50 degrees. more substantial rain has passed to morgan hill. we're looking at decreasing showers heading into the afternoon. those cool temperatures, high today in the low 50s. overnight we had about a half inch of rain falling across much of the bay area, causing issues
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for the morning commute. >> let's take a look. we talked about the rain having fallen on the lenses. this -- we have three crashes in the oakland area. you saw how slippery that is. ear the downtown off ramps are open, but watch for activity there blocking one lane. then westbound at grand avenue heading toward the bay bridge. that means tow crews and chp busy this morning. watch the santa cruz mountains for mudslides. >> next the major step forward. reddit on wall street and how it could shape the tech company's
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it's winding down its pandemic era stimulus programs and could raise rates three times next year. we saw traders saying the fed didn't surprise and that was a good thing. the dow rose nearly 400 points, the nasdaq jumping more than 2%. it was a real leader in the day led by tech. this morning we are waiting for
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reports on unemployment and housing and earnings from fedex. nike is moving ahead with plans to have employees return to the office despite some opposition. that according to a leaked e-mail by business insider. it says nike employees must be in the office at least three days a week starting in january. in an internal survey, though, only 54% of employees said that plan would give them enough flexibility. insider says nike is defending its plan, saying that the company is better together. meantime reddit has confidentially filed for an ipo. the social media platform known for its message boards that was a go-to spot during the gamestop frenzy this year is seeking market evaluation of more than $15 billion. reddit, who was founded in 2005 had roughly 52 million daily active users and more than
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100,000 communities or subreddits as of last year. i was checking a couple of comments on a subreddit about the ipo. one said, hey, do redditors get shares? and one said it's probably overpriced. the promise san francisco mayor london breed is making as she pushes to keep the city streets safe. and the action on the plan from residents. we have our storm ranger radar watching our storm moving out of the bay area. but a very soggy seven day but a very soggy seven day forecast ahead. shut it down. just remember.
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good thursday morning. tracking the rain. you can see for yourself it's coming down with a live look. we're going to check that morning commute because once again those roads are slick. take it easy as you head out the door. we're seeing that right
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there on the walnut creek channel. showers are moving south toward the tri-valley. in dublin, it's 50 degrees. from walnut creek down through san ramon into dublin, about to see some pretty good rain there. ponding on the roads possible again this morning. down the peninsula to san mateo, showers continue. all that dpusty wind is now pushed to the south around gilroy and morgan hill. that is where the band is starting to clear the bay area. temperatures starting off in the 40s. as we pass lunchtime into the afternoon, highs today only in the low to mid 50s. i want to get your attention to what's happening later tonight. by 11:00 tonight we'll be in the 30s. north bay, inland eastbound and south bay into the low to mid 30s. there's a high chance we're going to have frost advisories
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and freeze warnings for the next couple of mornings. long range things will be trending drier. saturday should be fine. but that period right there that's going to be late sunday all the way through about wednesday of next week. there's going to be an extended period of rain drying out as we head toward christmas day. while that monday through wednesday time frame has tension is another atmospheric river connection. the models for the first half of next week, this would indicate anywhere from about 2 to 5 inches of rain around the bay area. again, this likely setting up monday through wednesday of next week. it really takes over the other half of the seven-day forecast. today, scattered showers, clearing skies. next concern will be frosty mornings and possibly some freeze warnings ahead to start the weekend. then the rain kicks in big time next week, especially monday, tuesday and wednesday, a lot of rain and wind heading back into
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the bay area. >> you're talking about puddling, ponding and standing water. on the middle lanes of the freeway, there's less buildup, much earlier there was a big crash. there is still some diesel fuel to clean up. the rig is still there. the trailer has been taken away. close to the redwood road on ramp. the on ramp may be affected. do watch that through castro valley going east. rain coming through there. we had three smaller crashes westbound 580 at grand. i'll check on that because there is slowing that shows up there. back to you. >> holiday tree lighting in san francisco's tenderloin comes
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with a promise for a better future, but is it an empty promise for mayor breed? >> reporter: one day after san francisco mayor london breed pledges to clean up the tenderloin, she comes to repeat that promise in person. after a community celebration, families face what they call a worrisome walk home. >> people are getting killed like every day. it's like it's a war out here. >> reporter: mayor london breed telling the community she plans to make the neighborhood safer, directing police to arrest drug dealers and to no longer allow people suffering with drug addiction to continue to use openly and no longer able to
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refuse services. >> we need to get them into treatment. or sadly, the alternative is jail. and that's just what it is. >> reporter: the mayor says it's a long-term effort that's already started. >> i've been in the tenderloin several times a day. i saw certain blocks that used to have large encampments and were really dirty that aren't dirty anymore. we just have to keep it up. we have to be consistent and we cannot let up. >> reporter: families we talked to say they hope something will change. they want to feel safe in their neighborhood. >> we'll see what happens. also new this morning, san francisco mayor london breed also proposing a funding plan to boost transit safety and reliability. this week she announced plans for a $400 million bond measure to help upgrade muni facilities
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and equipment which supporters say could boost capacity and lower wait times. voters would have the ultimate say next june. here we are counting down the days to the winter olympics. after the break we're going to introduce you to a three-time olympic bobsled medalist. she explains why this year is more meaningful than last. negotiators are getting involved in stalled negotiations between the mount diablo school district and the teachers union. the union is asking for a 12% salary increase over the next three years. it says members have not had a raise since 2017. they are schedule meetings in an attempt to get the two sides to reach an agreement.
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i'm going to be 37 at these games. i need to be smart with my body. but at the end of the day, i go home and look at my son and it's all worth it. any changes i'm going through, it's ten times over worth it. >> that is precious. remember, we're your olympic station as we gear up for
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good thursday morning. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. a lot to get to this morning, including last night's super lotto winner. someone is rich this morning, waking up rich right here in the bay area and winning last night's jackpot with a ticket brought at a bay area 7-eleven.
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grab your ticket. maybe you're the winner, if you don't already know. >> lucky number 50 right now in walnut creek. a soggy commute around the east bay from walnut creek down into the tri-valley. you're still seeing scattered showers. the main rain band of our storm is starting to pass through gilroy. from here, scattered showers through the afternoon, clearing skies with temperatures staying fairly cool in the low to mid 50s. the break from the rain not lasting long. a very soggy seven-day forecast coming up. the storm is leaing some pg&e customers without power this morning, impacting small clusters from the south bay all the way to san francisco. you see them there in yellow. one outage affecting more


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