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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 20, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PST

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the bay area. we'll tell you about that. good monday morning to you. thanks so much for making us part of your morning. i am marcus washington. >> i am laura garcia. we will have a look at traffic in just a moment, and vianey is in for mike this morning. meteorologist, kari hall, is tracking the cold weather out there and a storm headed our way. >> yeah, storm ranger is powered up and ready to go to track the next storm coming in, and it will bring us quite a bit of rain. today we are dry but it will be a chilly day. tomorrow that storm arrives starting late in the morning until the afternoon, and the rest of the week, there's off and on rain with heavy sierra snow. if you are going to christmas in the park, try to get it in today. temperatures will be chilly. our morning start in the 30s and we will see a slow warm-up in temperatures today and only see peeks of sunshine before that
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rain comes in. we will talk more about that in our forecast in just a few minutes. >> thanks, kari. nbc bay area storm ranger, of course, working with kari and scanning the skies over sanburn -- san bruno mountain. 6:01. president biden is preparinging to address the nation. health officials are planning for americans, and they said they want them to plan to get vaccinated and be careful as they travel. alice barr is live in washington for us. talk to us about that. do we know anything about this upcoming announcement? >> president biden is set to unveil new steps his administration will be taking to help individual communities make it through the wave of cases that is expected as omicron
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spreads. the white house says it's prepared for rising case levels that are already affecting capitol hill, but now a few fully vaccinated lawmakers testing positive. as climbing covid cases collide with christmas gatherings this week, president biden is preparing to meet with his medical advisers today and address the nation tomorrow about a new phase in the pandemic, one with the delta variant is surging just as the even more contagious omicron strain begins to take hold. >> our hospitals, if things look like they are looking now, in the next week or two are going to be very stressed with people. >> high profile breakthrough infections shows how freely the virus is circulating, three testing positive despite being fully vaccinated and boosted. all three say their symptoms are
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mild as health officials stress the vaccines are still doing their job, preventing severe illness and death. >> if you have gotten sick after vaccination, the chances are you will have a pretty mild case. you will be sick for a day or two with a fever but you won't be in the icu. >> across the country, long lines for testing and a shortage of at-home tests as americans scramble for options before family get togethers. >> i have a niece and would like to not give them covid. >> pro sport leagues are delaying games and several schools and universities are shifting back to remote learning. health officials are advising testing before family gatherings. the administration is promising
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to work with states to expand access at free testing sites. back to you, marcus. >> yeah, those free testing sites are needed. a lot of people can't afford those tests. this morning israel banning travel to the u.s. and canada and eight other countries due to the omicron variant spreading. european countries and other destinations are also on the list. that ban takes affect at midnight on wednesday morning. san francisco's sports bar may be closed this week after havinging a covid outbreak. the sign on the front door says staff tested positive. the owner says depending on when everybody test negative it may reopen after up to a week from today. >> what often will happen is if you get a few folks that are sick and other folks that are
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working in close proximity, you can lose your whole team. >> some restaurants are now requiring their workers to get boosters or not show up for work. they are also advising double masking to be better prepared for the fast spreading omicron variant. if you have questions, head to there we have the latest on vaccines and boosters and a how-to video that shows you how to add your covid vaccine record to your apple wallet. this is in south san josé, a stabbing north of highway 85 near bass pro shops. police say the victim is now stable and will survive his injuries, but that news surprised a lot of people that frequent that area. >> i have never seen anything like this before and i have been coming here for a long, long
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time. so yeah, i feel safe here. >> it's still not clear what led up to the stabbing. police are not saying if they have identified a suspect. this morning in the interview you will only see on nbc bay area news, another bay area store hit by robberies and a woman is arrested for interfering with police during the mob retail theft. it happened in the south bay. now she's telling her side of the story. today in the bay's bob redell joins us this morning. what did she say? this is really interesting. >> good morning. abeer hamed said she's not part of the mob that tried to rob the shops at the oakridge mall. she said the police were being too rough, and you can see in the cell phone video, abeer hamed who is pairing the plaid
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jacket, she was trying to say to take it easy on the suspects. the police told her to back away, and when she did not they put her under arrest. she resisted and officers threw her to the ground, and while the officers were dealing with abeer hamed, the robbery suspect got away. >> i feel helpless. they are supposed to be the protector of us. >> abeer hamed could now face several serious charges. she said she will be hiring an attorney and filing a complaint against the police. san josé police say once they receive the complaint they will further incident. they added this situation shows how difficult it could be to respond to these retail thefts, which are becoming more and more violent.
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newsom has a proposed legislative package that includes $255 million in grants for local police departments to stop retail crime, and the creation of the smash and grab enforcement unit, and upgrading technology to help criminals on the run. reporting here in dublin, bob redell for "today in the bay." christmas is coming at the gas pumps for many parts of the country just not in the bay area. the average u.s. price of regular grade dropped to $3.41 a gallon. santa must have not gotten to the bay area's good list though. the average price in the bay area is $4.77 a gallon, and that's probably a dollar difference and a good deal if you can find it.
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the search for survivors continues in the philippines after the strongest typhoon so far this year hit the island nation. 52 people still missing. so far more than 208 people are confirmed dead. that death toll is expected to increase because some of the villages and towns are out of reach because of downed power and clogged roads. christmas is right around the corner at this point. it certainly feels like winter in the bay area, kari. it's a cold start. >> it is. as we take a look at some of the temperatures, only a few degrees above freezing in some spots. the sky is clear and we are at 37 degrees in livermore and concord. 43 in napa. santa rosa at 43 degrees. as you are heading out we will see the temperatures in the low 40s in the north bay. more clouds there. we are not going to see much
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sunshine today. a little cooler than normal and milder for san josé reaching 57. 56 in palo alto, and 48 today in napa. we will talk about the rain arriving tomorrow. that's coming up in the forecast. vianey has been watching the roads. is it building more? >> it is. westbound 80 we are seeing delays because of three fender-benders back-to-back. westbound 80 just east of cutting, you can see the delays backed up through east richmond and san pablo. avoid the stretch as they work to clear that out. a lot of these are on the right-hand shoulder and you can see on the speed sensors things are slowing down. the metering lights are on now on the bay bridge toll plaza. tesla announcing new plans to let users fill up for free.
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and then let's take you out to the futures where things are looking much lower. there are good reasons for this, in fact, two, and i will tell you what they are. plus -- >> i can't save everyone. >> oh, but you can try. the return of the box office and it's all thanks to your friendly spiderman. the industry is slinging back. speaking of movies. stars hitting the green carpet in san francisco over the weekend. right now on you can watch highlights from saturday's big matrix event. we'll be right back.
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calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673 or live chat at today. good monday morning. right now at 6:14, as you are stepping out the door it's a cold start. if you do plan to go to christmas in the park this evening, just as fast as it warms up in the 50s we are headed back into the 40s tonight. we will talk about how cool it will be in the forecast as rain arrives. that's coming up in the forecast. metering lights are on, and you are looking at ten minutes across the bay bridge, and you may want to hit the road now. a look at the rest of your drive times coming up in a few minutes. well, good monday morning to you. some breaking economic news.
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that fancy economic gathering in switzerland was just canceled because of covid. markets will be closed on friday for christmas eve. looks like two factors, there's a fifth wave of covid slowing down economic expansion, and two, wall street learning like we did, the senate extremely unlikely to pass build back better. this is going to hit the economy hard according to analyst at goldman sachs that cut their predictions on american economic expansion. we think build back better is dead because over the weekend on fox news, in fact, west virginia democrat, joe manchin, said he
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would vote no. you should know while this will affect you in all kinds of ways eventually, some of the ways will come quick. let's talk about no expansion of salt deductions, that's state and local taxes. california and others who live in high tax and high home value states were hurt when congress reduced the amount of money some could deduct on state and local taxes back in the trump administration. biden promised to bring back those reductions and reduce those tax bills as part of build back better, but looks like it won't happen. no more child tax credits either. the last one went out on the 15th to million of americans. presidents cannot control and do not control gas prices. now gas prices are plunging, and that's not the president's doing
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either. it is, marcus and laura, as it alwayss supply and demand. omicron and the predictions of the slower economy have the oil speculators thinking there will be fewer gas purchases and gas prices are coming down. it's always, always, always supply and demand. >> there you have it. >> a lot of people, they don't want to pay the gas prices and want to go electric, and tesla is making super charging free now during the holidays, but there's a hook. it's only during off peak hours. free charge something available at 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 a.m. between the 23rd and 26th. trending this morning, a pandemic record thanks to your friendly neighborhood spiderman. >> there has to be another way.
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>> there isn't. they are a danger to our universe. >> all right. look at that. the newest spiderman movie "no way home" spun quite the web at the box office over the weekend, and we're talking $253 million and that's just the u.s. numbers. globally, the box office brought in nearly $600 million. results are triggering new expectations in holiday. >> to put this in perspective, the spiderman opening weekend number, it was so big, it was bigger than the two biggest "star wars" movies and it's only behind the two biggest avengers movies. >> a lot of excitement in hollywood. already, the highest grossing film of 2021. you can see it later today on the "today" show after "today in the bay." also trending, superhero,
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spiderman tom holland. on social media he was thanking fellow castmates and some of the unsung people including his stunt doubles there. he said without them the movie would only be half as good. >> how cool is that? >> i was looking at the stunt doubles, and they do all that. >> if you get a chance to see it, check it out. >> it was worth my matinee, i think $10.50 i paid for my ticket. >> i went to the movies for $2. i think it was $7.50 -- >> oh, back in my day -- >> i am getting to that point, kari. >> let's get you started on this monday morning. we know you have to get up and get out the door. we have to make that money before christmas, and as we are starting out we are seeing a cloudy start in walnut creek. we have low 40s right now and upper 30s around sunrise here in the east bay. it's a cold start and it's going
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to be a cold day, not much of a warm-up. we are getting ready for some rain and that's further to the north of us. the 7-day forecast is coming up at the bottom of the screen. once that rain gets here, it's going to be raining off and on all week long. it's another atmospheric river. here's the center of the low pressure. we call it the atmospheric river because of the long narrow bands that connects to the tropics, and that is going to be another one where we get decent rainfall totals over the course of a few days. this won't be a strong system, but it starts out late tomorrow morning into the afternoon for parts of the north bay. most of us seeing it by tomorrow afternoon. waves of rain on and off throughout wednesday and thursday, as well as friday. the forecast stays soggy throughout the week. looking over at the next week, we have rainfall totals that could reach an inch and a half,
6:21 am
and then notice for the north bay there could be over two inches of rain possibly closer to three and four to the north. sierra will see a foot or snow of additional snowfall on top of what we have already gotten. as we look at our 7-day forecast, winter begins tomorrow. we have already been feeling with that with these temperatures. forecasts throughout the week, as well as people traveling if you are heading out or having family come in, we could have some delays due to the rain coming in. temperatures will be reaching in the mid-50s for san francisco. vianey, looks like the commute is picking up a little bit. >> yeah, it is. it's 6:21 so that's normal. the metering lights are on, and i am not seeing any backups on
6:22 am
the bay bridge. traffic moving smoothly especially for the fast lanes. the first fender-bender, we have two crashes along the westbound lanes so we are noticing slowing on the speed sensor map. another area i saw three crashes along westbound 80 just east of cutting, and looks like they are all fender-benders and off to the shoulder. back to you. >> thanks, vianey. coming up on "today in the bay," "nbc bay area responds." >> they can already call you but now debt collectors have new ways to contact you. i'm consumer investigator, chris chmura. we will show you where and how to stop those messages, next.
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♪♪♪ collectors to reach you through social media. >> yeah, consumer investigator, chris chmura, is here to break down the new ways they can contact you and how you can stop them. >> good morning. debt collectors are notorious for their repeated and sometimes heated phone calls. now the consumer financial protection bureau just gave them a green light to also send direct messages on facebook, twitter or instagram, to e-mail you and text you, too. there are luckily, boundaries. the messages must be private and
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cannot comment on your public post, and they have to identify themselves as a debt collector, and they have to wait 14 days after sending a message to the debt bureaus that you defaulted on a debt. the feds said they won't tolerate excessive messages but did not define excessive. the association of credit and collection professionals said, they have invested thousands of hours into coming into compliance with the rules. one thing about debt collectors is they can be very, very, very persistent, but you should be able to stop them from bombarding your inbox. they must provide a simple way to opt out. if they don't, you need to tell the feds, specifically the consumer financial protection bureau. if that doesn't work, contact us
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on or call us at 888-996-tips. and then your sweater about to give way to a rain coat during the work week. plus -- >> as folks prepare to gather with friends and family, many are want to go take the at-home tests. but the shelves are empty. coming up we will break down why the shortage. now the elizabeth holmes case and when experts believe a verdict may be reached. hey, angie! you forgot your phone! hey lou! angie forget her phone again? yep. lou! mom said she could save up to $400 on her wireless bill
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they are out of luck. we didn't even try to get one. we just came straight here. >> right now at 6:30, all sold out. why those at-home covid tests are so hard to come by and how this could impact your holiday travel plans. and then the hopeful signs from moderna about its booster and the protection it gives against the omicron variant. this is "today in the bay." we will have more on the breaking news for you on this monday morning, but check out this wonderful sight, snowpack in the sierra and it's expected to get a boost. thank you for joining us. i am laura garcia. >> i am marcus washington. we will take a live look out in
6:31 am
san francisco this morning for you, and we want to bring in meteorologist, kari hall, for that because she's tracking the incoming storm. what are we in store for, kari? >> we will have storm ranger ready to track the next storm system that will be here tomorrow. we have clouds moving in and a couple spotty sprinkles and the storm coming in and bringing us more rain. it will continue to rain on and off throughout the rest of the week with heavy sierra snow. as you are stepping out the door in palo alto, leave the umbrella at home but you need a warm coat. it's in the upper 30s right now and our temperatures will reach in the low 50s today with peeks of sunshine. yes, we are getting ready for more rain and snow. we will talk more about that coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks, kari. 6:31 right now. breaking news we were telling you about, moderna says its covid booster shot does appear to improve protections against the omicron variant. the booster provides increased
6:32 am
antibody levels to neutralize the virus. pfizer came out last week saying its booster shot also increases antibody levels against omicron. as we look out at sfo, already off to a busy start this weekend, and people heading off for the holidays. and there's a message from leaders. get tested before you leave and gather for the holidays. >> cierra johnson is looking at the larger issue behind the shortage of these tests. >> reporter: really good advice, get tested before you get together with your friends and family. if you are like me, you are counting down the days until you can head to sfo to head to see your family, but you may run into problems getting the at-home tests because there's
6:33 am
quite the shortage when it comes to buying those at-home tests. the problem is twofold, not only the fact that the folks are going home for the holidays but it's the increase of cases because of the variant. the demand is so high major retailers are putting on their website they are temporarily out of stock of the testing kits. some at-home kits are not arriving until after christmas, and if you are looking to take that before gathering christmas morning, that would be a little late. we made this graph for you. california, texas and florida, there's a similar trend, nearly a quarter of the test taken within the last 30 days were done within the last seven days. nbc spoke with diagnostic expert who tells us this issue is its own issue with the supply chain
6:34 am
issues similar with other products the last few months. >> it's about distribution. if we have enough capacity, we have to get them out to the stores, homes and businesses for people to actually use that. each part of that chain is at a huge amount of stress right now. >> reporter: unfortunately, there does not appear to be an immediate solution, and really it's just patience if you are looking at the at home tests, if you already received the vaccine get the booster as an extra layer of protection. if you are looking for a test, keep looking. they are out there, but you just have to look to find them. cierra johnson for "today in the bay." >> thank you, cierra. happening tomorrow the city may return to proof of vaccination requirements.
6:35 am
city council members will take up a proposed emergency ordinance. it would require people at indoor public gathering places to show their proof of vaccination, similar to restrictions recently adopted by berkeley, san francisco and contra costa county. tomorrow is the deadline for paramedics and first responders to be fully vaccinated in alameda county. the booster shot is not required at this point but anybody who does not comply will have to wear masks in the presence of patience -- patients indoors or outdoors. on friday attorneys wrapped up their closing arguments and the jury received the case in the holmes case. when she took the stand she claimed she never knowingly mislead investors.
6:36 am
experts believe deliberations could last several days. we have a team of reporters tracking this case. as soon appears verdict comes down we will bring you live coverage with legal analysis and a legal breakdown of what is next for holmes. let's look at palisades tahoe ski resort. look at that powder. snowboarders get a chance to make up for lost time. remember the barron slopes last month? all that just a distant memories. several more feet of snow due to fall in the sierra this week with a series of storms lining up through sunday. if you are looking for a white christmas, that's where you can find it. >> there you go. >> it's a cold start for us here in the bay area on this monday morning. >> yeah, i was checking temperatures in the sierra, and there are spots in the single digits so it's very cold out there right now. it has been nice the see the boost in the sierra snowpack around the tahoe area.
6:37 am
we are at our normal amount of snowfall finally. it looks like we will see a lot more snow in the forecast as this next atmospheric river arrives. it will start to bring us rain starting late tomorrow morning into the afternoon. right now scattered showers, but this will tap into the deep subtropical moisture throughout the week. we could see several feet of snow. we will be talking about that all week long. if you are going to be traveling there, be sure and get there today or all bets are off. it will be very difficult to get there in the next few days. vianey, we are just trying to get to work this morning. how is it looking for the commute? >> westbound 80 heading towards the city, you want to listen up near the east richmond area, westbound 80 near cutting just east of that, there are two crashes that are really backing things up all the way from the el cerrito area, and in through the richmond area as well. if this is part of your commute, they are working to clear two
6:38 am
crashes and it looks like they are off on the right-hand shoulder, but i am noticing delays in the tri-valley. westbound 580 from grant line road, things are slowing down. westbound 84 to 680 about 14 minutes. you definitely want to start heading out now. back to you. >> thanks, vianey. doesn't matter what league, sports teams are being forced to change their plans. the new game day shuffle. >> looks like the defeat of build back better has economists worried. a lot of this is the discouragement about omicron. missed your flight? no problem. we will talk about what a is stepping in to try and make
6:39 am
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good monday morning.6:41, i start as you are heading the east bay. fremont in the low 40s. we will see only peeks of sunshine today as our temperatures reach into the mid-50s. rain holds off for now but it will be here tomorrow. we will talk about the timing and how much to expect coming up in a few minutes. listen up. the metering lights are on at the bay bridge toll plaza. you are looking at 11 minutes
6:42 am
from westbound 80 to the bay bridge. slowing down as well on the san mateo bridge, you are looking at 13 minutes. full drive times coming up in a few minutes. happening today, closing arguments in the trial of a british socialite accused of helping jeffrey epstein sexually abuse girls. the defense wrapped in two days. four women say they were still teens when maxwell and ebstein sexually exploited them. jury deliberations will begin as soon as the closing arguments wrap. warren and booker have covid and were fully vaccinated. warren and booker each
6:43 am
experienced breakthrough cases. both are fully vaccinated and have received their booster. chuck schumer says he will bring build back better to a vote in january. >> this is after the west virginia democrat said he would vote no. >> well, to make senator joe manchin say out loud, no, to say out loud he is going to vote against things in build back better. the senate majority leader said this morning there would be a vote even if they know it fails, so quote, every member of the body has the opportunity to make their position known on the senate floor, not just on television. manchin, the democrat was the key vote, the last hold out to get the vote to 50 in the senate. add in the vice president's tie
6:44 am
breaker, the build back better would have become reality. >> joining us now, democratic senator, joe manchin. welcome back to fox news sunday. >> if you are going on fox news sunday to discuss which way you are going to vote, it's already obvious which way you are going to vote but it blind-sided the house anyway. >> i can't vote for it. i cannot vote to continue with this piece of legislation. i just can't. i have tried everything humanly possible and can't get there. >> you're done, this is a no? >> this is a no. >> the white house was quick to point out, manchin told them he would be a yes on a new version of build back better. these last few months have been all about negotiating with manchin to get him to that yes. white house press secretary, jen psaki, not holding back saying senator manchin's comments on fox are at odds with his discussions this week with the
6:45 am
president and white house staff and his own public utterances. he committed to the president to support the build back better framework. to be fair all 50 senate republicans also said no, but it's not impossible one of them could change their mind. the other statement out of the white house, a warning that covid will cause the unvaccinated, quote, a severe winter of illness and death. it's also looking more like 2020 as major sport teams postpone games and broadway shows go dark, and colleges moving back to remote learning. somebody online put it next year may be 2020 too. >> on the heels of that, scott, you mentioned sports dealing with the covid outbreaks across the spectrum, one game is canceled today in the nba and the warriors will have two players in covid protocol when
6:46 am
they take on sacramento tonight. nfl is postponing all games for teams that have to travel across the canadian border through thursday. those games will be rescheduled. three football games rescheduled for today and tomorrow due to the covid outbreak as well. nine players escaped covid protocol but more than 100 nfl players tested positive over the past week, and the raiders among those forced to juggle their schedule. fans at levi yesterday had mixed reaction on whether the game should even be played. >> i think they are doing a great job. >> if they find it necessary to pause, they should. >> the game has got to be
6:47 am
played. you are not going to postpone or move out the super bowl. there's too many logistics already in place. it w as for the niners game in hindsight, it no doubt helped the team's playoff chances. the niners' samuel scored to make it 17-10. the defense turned the game into a blowout in the second half. they are now 8-6, consolidating their playoff position. there's no place like home for the holidays, but when you are stranded at the airport through no fault of your own, maybe french fries can make it better. >> this is a cute story. one company offering free fries to travelers stranded at airports, and shake shack is offering a chance to receive
6:48 am
free fry vouchers if they take a selfie in front of the departure gate board. >> you have to have a delay time behind you. >> yeah, and then maybe you will get free fries. those fries are good, though. >> yeah. the shakes are good, too. it's a cold start across the bay area. >> it's cold. grab hot coffee and a warm coat and get ready for dry but we al have storm ranger ready to track the next storm that will be coming in. it's giving us a clean sweep today, and you can see the red scan there and get this on your smartphone by going to the nbc bay area app, and download that and it will give you an alert as the rain moves in. to the north of us, we will see the scattered showers. all of this associated with another atmospheric river. that's going to be moving in.
6:49 am
we call it a atmospheric river because you can see the long connection it has all the way down to the tropics, so the long narrow band of rain as it moves in will give us a big boost in the amount of rainfall that we will see here as well as sierra snow. this one is going to be weaker than the one we had last week, but lasting a little longer with a couple more storm systems behind that. we will start to see the rain. here we are tomorrow afternoon move into the north bay and spreading across the rest of the bay area going into tomorrow afternoon and into the evening. then the rain just continues off and on throughout wednesday, thursday, friday -- yes, christmas day and sunday. we could see a week-long stretch of off and on rain. not all of that from the atmospheric river, but several storms that will be here to follow that one moving in. looking at the rainfall totals next week, could reach two to three inches for parts of the
6:50 am
north bay, and an inch and a half from the south bay to the tri-valley. the atmospheric river will bring about a foot of snow and then take a look at what happens after that. next weekend we will see the potential of getting another several feet of snow. six to eight feet of snow there. if you are going to or through the sierra try to travel today or early tomorrow because after that it will be very dangerous. here we will see the rain off and on, and the first day of winter reaching in the mid-50s, and christmas day in the low 50s and some of the showers in the forecast as that rain continues at least for the next week. vianey, watching the roads this morning, looks good as we are seeing more people hitting the roads this morning. >> absolutely, kari. the building commute at about 6:50. no issues on the bridges other
6:51 am
than the building commute. the bay bridge toll plaza, the metering lights are on and so far i have noticed a smooth commute to the bay bridge toll plaza, and if you are commuting into the tri-valley there's a couple delays. there's an accident here, and it's clearing out but still heavy just east of cutting. you will be delayed by 10, 15 and maybe even longer than that through that stretch. i will be back with another report in just a bit. >> thank you, vianey. leaders holding a second vote that restricts smoking in any dwelling with two or more attached buildings. it includes hallways, community rooms and parking lots. outdoor decks and patios also included. the new rules take effect july 1st.
6:52 am
booster shots and protection from the omicron variant, and the latest information surrounding moderna's booster, plus -- >> a mother arrested for interfering with the police arrest of a suspect in a mob retail theft. her explanation on an interview you will only hear here on nbc bay area. on the go and secure. iphone users can add their covid vaccine card to their apple wallet. you can find the step-by-step video on how to add it on we'll be back in just two minutes. you're watching "today in the bay."
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welcome back. 6:55. we are moving you forward with a look at the top stories here on "today in the bay." >> moderna says its covid boster does appear to provide improved protection against the omicron variant. the drugmaker says preliminary testing data shows the drug shows antibody levels that neutralize the virus. the booster shot of pfizer also provides antibodies against omicron. the connecticut yankee
6:56 am
sports bar closed over the weekend. the sign on the door says the staff tested positive. the owner says depending on when everybody tests negative, they may not open until a week from today. another bay area store hit by flash mob robbers and a woman is arrested for interfering with police during the chaotic aftermath. bob redell joins us live. bob, she's telling her side of the story. >> reporter: correct, abeer hamed said she was not part of the mob that hit the macy's at the oakridge mall on saturday night. she said she was a shopper, a mother that was concerned that police were being too rough with one of the robbery suspects. as can you see in the cell phone video, hamed tried the tell the officers to take it easy on the suspect who she says pushed into the glass and then threw on the ground. she asked her to back away and when she refused they said she
6:57 am
resisted arrest. officers threw her to the ground and took her into custody. while the officers were dealing with abeer hamed, that robbery suspect got away. >> i feel worthless being treated this way from a cop. they are supposed to be the protector of us. >> abeer hamed can face several serious charges and she said she will be hiring an attorney and filing a complaint against the san josé police department. once the department receives the complaint they will investigate. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you, bob. jurors today have their first full day of deliberations in the elizabeth holmes fraud trial. holmes could face 20 years in
6:58 am
prison if convicted with criminal fraud tied to the company theranos. when she took the stand she claimed she never misled investors. christmas coming early for gas pumps to many in the country, but not here in the bay area. this is according to industry analysis, and they say santa must not have had the bay area on the good list because nationwide the highest average price for regular grade gas in san francisco, the bay area is at $4.77 per gallon, and that's about a dollar difference. are you wanting to get away? sfo this morning, no grinches there. more than 2 million americans on saturday went through airport security, almost double than
6:59 am
what the tsa saw last year on the same day. folks trying to get back to normal. >> absolutely. we're getting back to what normal was a few days ago when we had all that rain, kari. >> yeah, we will see this on and off throughout the week starting tomorrow. try to rush to complete all the preparations for this incoming storm because it will be a wet week. how is traffic rolling, vianey? >> we see an increase in traffic when it comes to the bridges. san mateo bridge, look at the commute. it's flowing nicely, no stop and go through there. the bay bridge toll plaza, i had to make sure that was live because i could not believe it. we are seeing slowing here because of two crashes headed into the city. you are looking at about 12 minutes. >> it's beginning to look like people are taking off early for christmas. >> yeah, take this week off, or
7:00 am
just work from home. >> we will be here all week, that's for sure, to give you all the day's news. we will be back at 7:25 with a local news update. >> yeah, and don't forget to join us midday at 11:00 for more news. have a great morning. good morning. christmas week concerns, covid's onslaught deepening by the day and the final countdown to the holiday. >> it is raging through the world. >> new state setting a record for new cases for a third straight day. schools, shows, pro sports being testing sites jam packed from toast to coast as tens of millions grapple with what to do about their holiday plans. but this morning, some good news. moderna revealing its booster, just like pfizer's significantly raises its protection against omic


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