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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 29, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PST

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heartbreaking loss. the football world and fans are mourning the death of legendary football coach john madden. we have an extraordinary look ahead. plus a surge in covid cases. the guidance ahead of your new year's eve celebrations. this is today in the bay. good wednesday morning. i'm kira klapper. laura has the new year's eve
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off. >> let's start with the weather. vianey has the weather. >> for the south bay and peninsula and parts of santa cruz, it still has not rained, but if you live in san francisco and the north bay, you've already seen some rain. it feels like we've been under a microclimate weather alert for i don't know how many days. it is actually a little warmer right now compare aed to yesterday's low 30s. we're in the 40s. take a look at this. this is what's to come. once it begins to become more widespread in the afternoon, we're still in an unsettled weather day. that means active weather. a little bit of activity in this area. if you live in the interior lafayette area, you're definitely seeing rain. fremont, not so much. rain totals coming up in just a
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few minutes. mike, i know you have a sig alert. >> kira -- kira. i'm looking over at kira, and everybody also. we're looking at an issue. everything looks fine at the camera past the double interchange heading toward caster valley boulevard, a crash, which would be a phenomenal issue without the weather going on. it's blocking the two left lanes. it's slowed traffic down. it's gone on for 20 minutes. they need to safely get this car out of the center divide. possibly another vehicle over to the shoulder. they don't want the complication of the weather to cause folks to slam on the brakes. that's the bigger issue. earlier flooding in san francisco cleared, but there are many more spots throughout contra costa county. we'll talk about more later on. >> thanks, mike. 100 wins, a super bowl
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career and a legendary voice behind the mike. >> this morning we're remembering john madden, the iconic sports broadcaster who died unexpectedly at the age of 85. he lived in pleasanton, grew up in daly city, and famously led the raiders, becoming the youngest coach in nfl history with more than 100 wins at just 42 years old. >> he retired from coaching to become an emmy award-winning football analyst brings a new formality to the booth. whether it was his famous sound effects, catch phrases, or his gift of breaking down that game. >> but the man simply many called coach transcended him. he drew fans who never saw him on the sidelines or even in the broadcast booth. >> "today in the bay's" share
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cheryl hurd has more. if you're generation x, he was the lively nfl commentator with a gift for breaking down the game, and if you're younger, he's the namesake for one of the world's most popular video games. for football hall of famer tom flores, he was a mentor and friend. >> john, the last few times i'd seen him, it was pretty obvious he was not doing well. it was sad. john gave me my first job back with the raiders as an assistant coach. >> madden was the face of the raiders for much of the '70s. longtime sports writer ray ratto remembers the coach's fights and
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fire. >> his fights with davis whether someone i should be a starting quarterback are kind of legendary because madden believes that a guy who wins is a guy you play, and al liked guys with big arms. >> amy trask, former oakland raiders executive and current football analyst for cbssports says she arrived well after madden left the silver and black. she quickly found out the former coach was more than just a football guy. >> we would be at these charity dinners or community functions or social events, and he would just come out with these wickedly funny lines that left me giggling always at times it was not appropriate for me to be giggling. >> reporter: his quirks were also legendary from his refusal to fly to his catch phrases and telestrators. one of his last chats was with
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stan bunger. >> he gave up this chunk of time to a guy who had nothing to say. there was never a topic of discussion in advance. it's totally out of the story in broadcasting to say, let's go do this and see what happens. nobody does that. >> reporter: they did it with madden. legendary football coach, family man, mentor, and football legend. >> higgs laugh. when you gave madden a laugh, you knew you found something special. >> there, of course, has been an outpouring of tributes from coast to coast. you can find out more on the life and times of john madden on our website, we also have thoughts from his longtime broadcast partner al michaels. now to the latest on the pandemic. new numbers showing just how fast the new variant is
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spreading, the u.s. adding 441,000 new cases yesterday. omicron is now the dominant straight. the cdc says more than 63,000 people are hospitalized with the virus nationwide. after a reporting delay over the holiday weekend, california's numbers have suddenly jumped. they've quadrupled in the last two weeks to 10%, the state averaging 8,600 new cases per day, and we've become the first state to state millions of cases. they're shutting down businesses and asking everyone to wear masks at every indoor business again. at 4:30, a live look outside. a wet golden gate bridge, another wet morning, and windy
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morning. let's check in with meteorologist vianey arama. she warned us. >> we're not in the clear just yet, but we will be eventually as we head into the later pork of this week into new year's eve. right now some areas picking up light to moderate rain pushing through san francisco like you saw on the golden gate bridge camera. down through the south bay, it's pretty dry. milpitas as well. we're going to continue to see this period of on-and-off again showers through the afternoon. today's highs will only top out in the upper 40s, low 50s for the afternoon. now let's get a check on the roads with mike. >> yeah, vianey. the bay bridge toll plaza, light traffic and not good conditions like we had on monday. rain falling, water kicking up
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and on the lens as well. the crash should be clearing very quickly. contra costa county experiencing a lot of similar rain. we saw a number of crashes, this one still causing a traffic alert. it's slowing just west of this area. there are wet slick roads. be careful. if you ordered an electric truck, recently beware. the reason they're delaying deliveries of its much anticipated pickup truck. you're watching "today in the bay."
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the more you know. it's 4:42. you're under a microclimate weather alert. there's rain coming down. this is a live camera. we've got fog, and it's a little windy. 47 degrees. i'll talk about the timing and how long it's going to last coming up in a few minutes. this live camera here at the san mateo bridge, it shows how slick it can be. make sure those wipers are in good condition. we're checking in on the
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business report. good morning. i'm silvan henad from cnbc. the dow notching its fifth straight gain. it eeked out a new record-high during the session and the dow fell more than half a percent. in focus, our report on pending home sails. the max pack is expected to increase the range to 400 miles on the current charge. the current package offers 313 miles of range. it did cite challenges of supply chain issues and the pandemic in building electric vehicle batteries. and top media companies plan to spend at least $115 billion
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on new movies and tv shows next year as they ramp up the streaming wars. the "financial times" reports the huge investment comes amid concerns it will be hard to attract new customers following the massive growth over the past two years during the pandemic. the analysts say there's no turning back and the only way to compete is spend more on streaming content even as many streaming services continue to lose money. back to you. >> i like streaming, the comforts of home. >> action movies, i like to see them in the movie theater. >> agree to disagree. i like to be home. >> it's nice to be home. thanks, silvan. >> thanks. still no decision. still ahead on "today in the
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good morning. it's 4:47. we're under a microclimate weather alert. i'm going to take you through
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the timing of it. 47 degrees in san francisco. this is a live look. we have rain coming down. it's also foggy at times. we've got a couple of areas, light to moderate rain at times. a little bit of a break along free month. it's dry in milpitas and san jose along the sunnyvale area. santa cruz, not too bad this morning when it comes to the break. but look at the hour-by-hour outlook. rain at times will continue until 9:00, 10:00, 11:00. and up through clear lake, still seeing snow in far northern california, so it's definitely been an interesting couple of days, especially for some of our higher peaks. we're still going to see a slightly higher chance for thunderstorms. but notice by tonight into early thursday morning, the rain
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clears out. it's still going to be cold, so snow levels still continue to fall. it's one of those areas where it's more common to see snow. estimated rainfall totals, pretty much we've got today to get through and that's about it. things will be dry. we've got a half an inch overall to a quarter of an inch. a couple of hundreds. take a look at live in taho right now. it's about 24 degrees. yes, that's rain coming down. so they definitely had a couple of days of stormy weather. but over the next few days, right now we're not seeing any snow. there's still rain. there's a winter weather advisory until 10:00 p.m. as you all very well know, things have been terrible to get up there. i wouldn't advise it even though it looks like the weather is going to improve.
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check the road conditions first and then maybe head up there. looking ahead, though, this isn't until next week. the first week of january, look at that. 35 more potential inches of snow. it looks like we've got a pretty active weather pattern, heading into the first week of the new year. pretty powerful storm potentially heading into sunday, monday, and tuesday. this could take us all the way through january 7th. so we're not done yet when it comes to the rain. the euro model showing pretty significant rain totals for the higher peaks. 3 to 4 incheses, maybe higher than that. 2 to 3 inches for some of our local areas. inland, seven-day forecast, for those of you worried about new year's eve, it's going to be dry, but it's going to be cold. teen the start of new year's saturday, low 30s. heading into friday and saturday night, yes, that's rain coming
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up heading into rain next monday and tuesday. so we're not done yet, folks. mike, how are the roads? >> we're not done. we have two active alerts on chp. west 580 still slow. there's an extended alert as we've had this traffic break and activity going on. the crash into the center divide and fast lanes may cause an issue for b.a.r.t. there may be damage to the b.a.r.t. track, so their police department is on the scene. we'll get an update once they have anything specific to report. a couple of passes will affect you, but west highway 4, that's the second alert. at loveridge, no major crash. we've had a light week. traffic has been flowing very smoothly and lightly around the bay, in fact, the last week and a half. things are still smooth and dry, but conditions are very tough
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around the valley. slow your speed. this morning the waiting game continues regarding elizabeth holmes. they're about go enter day six. scott budman spoke about what's likely going on in the jury room. >> reporter: yes, this is taking a while. >> i think the jury is methodically going through all of the counts. >> reporter: so we asked is there anything we can get from a jury still deliberating after nearly 40 hours. leading analyst and prosecutor michelle hagen said there are reasons why things take so long, for instance, the amount of data to go to and the gravity of the case. >> i think the fact that they face cameras every day, i think they understand it's a high-profile case and a serious case, so i think they're trying to be very thorough and go
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through everything, and so i don't think we should draw any conclusions yet as to which way they're going. >> reporter: from her, h hagan says -- >> no matter how long it takes, we will send out an alert to your phone if you have our free nbc bay area app. we'll bring you live coverage of the legal analysis right here in the bay area. last night, did you see, it went down to the final seconds at chase center. still ahead on "today in the bay," what happened to the warriors as the sharks celebrated a win at the shark tank. crews work to clean up rock slides from this week's stormy
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conditions. maintenance crews are working to remove rocks. they're working to clear out the slide that actually happened on sunday. now, it is expected to cost more than $1 million to clean up, and crews will not have an action plan until rain clears in the next few days as the slide is still active. we'll be right back.
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one of the toughest opponents the warriors have had to face is covid.
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unfortunately the warriors couldn't pull through. they ended up falling to the nuggets, 89-86. now, the sharks are also having a tough time battling the covid protocol list. they got thomas back yesterday. this is battling the coyotes in overtime. he scored in a shoot-out. so does logan couture, this as sharks score a season high eight goals and they ride away with a tough 8-7 win. >> i stayed up watching the warriors loss. >> it was a rough one. >> it was tough. it was tough. you know what? masks going back on. coming up, they're now reversing the indoor mask mandates. and it is raining right now in dublin. 44 degrees, and we're going to continue to see the rain turn to showers really all day long. it's also going to get breezy into tonight. what to expect heading into the
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next couple of days, and, of course, your new year's eve forecast coming up. we have an alert here in caster valley -- caster valley boulevard, i should say. there may be damage to the b.a.r.t. track. we're still trying to sort that out. no look at the system. there's your slowing. we'll talk more about the conditions coming up.
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right now at 5:00, a legend lost. we remember the incomparable john madden who brought a new grit and attitude to the nfl as an iconic coast and broadcaster. also a look at the impact he had on the bay area. plus, two years later, we look back at how far we've come since the first recorded case of covid-19 and highlight new advances in science as we go one-on-one with a local expert. and mask on. a live report on the east bay county reinstating its mask mandate starting today as covid cases continue to surge. this is "today in the bay." >> and a good morning to you.


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