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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 31, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PST

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right now at 4:30, new rules about what to do if you catch covid. ahead, the guidance from state health leaders about quarantine. plus, it's new year's eve. the three things to do if you still plan to celebrate tonight. this is "today in the bay." a very good friday morning. i am scott mcgrew. happy new year's eve as well. >> yeah, and i am kira klapper. marcus and laura have the day off. in new zealand, it's already 2022. they are the first country in
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the world to bid farewell to 2021. >> and a light show from the harbor bridge in sky tower, and the celebration kicks off the countdown for the rest of the world waiting for the new year. >> let's get a look at our forecast. vianey arana is in for kari, and the joke is we are both wearing sparkles but scott is not. >> yeah, my sparkle jacket is at the dry-cleaner. poor planning on my part. i want to bring up southern california because we had an active weather pattern through so cal yesterday, and that was causing major issues on the grapevine, and it looks like traffic is moving through this
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stretch nicely, so if you planned to travel down to south california, it will be cold. be careful because it's so cold we could see icy conditions through some parts of the grapevine. oh, it's cold in santa rosa. napa, 34. look at concord. 37 degrees. a couple low 50s. i will take you through your new year's eve forecast and what to expect heading through the weekend, of course, and looks like we are monitoring more rain ahead here in the bay area, which means more sierra snow through lake tahoe. >> thank you, vianey. california issuing new recommendations for how long people who test positive for covid should quarantine. like the cdc's recent guidelines, the state's department of health said people should isolate for five days,
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and california suggest people also wait until they have a negative test before they get out of quarantine. health officials say unvaccinated people, or those who have not received a booster should stay home for five days and then get tested on day five. some counties are reporting the highest number of cases since the start of the pandemic. take a look at this map. so far this week, contra costa, marin, san francisco and santa clara counties all hit single day records for covid cases and that includes the height of the pandemic last year. here's a closer look at santa clara on monday. 2,300 new cases reported. >> charts like that have many
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people looking to alter their new year's eve plans. here's what you need to know if you are still planning to party. >> reporter: the new year's is almost here and it comes as the country sees another surge in covid cases. families are now having to change their new year's eve plans to stay safe but are also staying in the holiday spirit. excitement for 2022 is alive and well in this party city store. >> if you look around our store, we have been having a lot of balloon orders and party favors, and right now it's a mess but we are doing our best to make sure everybody gets ready. >> as bigger celebrations get canceled, many are opting for
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smaller ones to stay safe. >> we are going to have, like, a fashion show with these masks. >> oh, nice. >> the 2022 fashion show now just for themselves. >> we're probably alone and it's okay. it will be fine. >> we're not doing anything. our family, we're just staying home trying to keep away from what is out there. >> a smart move according to infectious disease expert -- >> you need to mitigate risks as much as possible. >> he said despite all the precautions next week, expect -- >> cases will start to go up after gatherings and big holidays, we have seen that the last two years.
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if you are fully vaccinated and boosted, we are hoping most of those cases will be mild. >> he said the best way to protect the vulnerable is to be aware who you are going to be gathering with and get vaccinated, boosted and wear your mask. >> how will the weather be for people want to go celebrate on this new year's eve? let's check in with meteorologist, vianey arana, for that. >> it will be cold to start today and saturday. if you are heading out the door, bundle up. we are in the 30s up through santa rosa, and napa, 34. down through san josé in the 40s. i do want to show you your new year's eve outlook. san josé, 52 degrees is our predicted high during the day, and in the overnight hours, we will dip down into the low 40s, and early saturday morning, it could be one of the coldest
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mornings yet. san francisco, mostly sunny today. we said farewell to the rain already, so now we will enjoy the dry temperatures ahead. by 5:00, it will be in the 50s and dipping down into the 40s overnight, and even colder in the low 40s for san francisco, which is pretty cold. if you had plans to be in the interior valleys, it will be in the 30s and 20s tonight. bundle up. back to you. >> thanks, vianey. covid strikes again. first microsoft and another player is pulling out of ces. we'll tell you who. we will tell you the new return date for employees working from home.
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good morning. it's 4:40. it is going to be a lovely day ahead, even though we are starting out in the 30s and 40s, we have sunshine in store for the last day of 2021. i'll break down your 7-day forecast and your oh, so important new year's eve forecast, coming up. checking business news this morning, and we are out to the futures, i believe. that's the golden gate bridge and the future of that bridge is wonderful. let's talk about the stock market. jpmorgan giving staff the option of working at home the first two weeks of january. the banks expect employees to
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return to the office starting february 1st, and you know they are pushing that back. banks have been proactive in encouraging employees to come back to the office but those plans are under threat due to the spread of omicron. jpmorgan is -- >> that's what scott just said. >> yeah, this is ces, the big event in las vegas that attacks so many people. >> you know what it is? >> go ahead. >> yeah, mercedes canceling their appearance at the show. they will instead hold virtual events. the consumer technology association is standing firms with plans to go ahead with the event with strong safety
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measures in place. the first to pull out was microsoft. >> yeah, the more companies that pull out, the more companies pull out, and what is the point of going if nobody is going. >> exactly. a number of bay area counties now receiving state aid following recent storms, next on "today in the bay." the recent storms did help with our drought conditions. it also brought a small boost to our bay area reservoirs. right now it's cold. i will have a full look at your 7-day forecast and the latest look at the reservoirs, coming up.
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welcome back. you're watching "today in the bay." sheriff deputies spent the day yesterday doing welfare checks in neighborhoods that had been inundated with snow. the placer county sheriff's office will remain checking on people over the weekend. and then battling snow and downed trees and power lines on interstate 80. yesterday was the first clear day in the sierra since christmas day. caltrans is asking drivers to be patient driving through the area. following the storms, governor newsom declaring a state of emergency for a number of counties including some in the bay area. that declaration involves 20 different counties including marin, napa and san mateo. it covers both heavy storms that hit the bay area earlier this month and the developing
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situation in the sierra amid that record snowfall. the declaration allows for help to arrive faster for communities affected. now to a live look at the golden gate bridge. all looks clear. >> one car. >> yeah, one lonely car. >> hey, bob. >> bob redell you think? oh, there's another one. it's nice to know we're not the only ones awake on this new year's eve. it's a chilly way to end the year. let's check in with meteorologist, vianey arana. >> it is. at least the commute is much better for bob on the road, you know? 35 degrees right now. it's so cold. the cold air has continued to be the story over the past few days, and things quieted down from northern california even through southern california, i had to check the conditions on the grapevine and you could hit icy conditions at 7:00 or 8:00, so check that out on twitter.
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for those looking to travel down to l.a. or if you have family members trying to get up here, let them know. temperatures in the 30s right now. 37 in concord. 37 in fairfield. low 40s in the south bay. once again, it's going to be chilly but we will get peeks of sunshine. temperatures in the 50s for concord. san josé at about 52 degrees. very similar to what we saw yesterday when it came to our daytime highs when we were on the cool end. it will be cooler this weekend when it comes to the temperatures -- excuse me -- tonight into tomorrow, and it will get more mild next weekend. we have an another active weather pattern that will bring rain at times into next week, and the storm is being pushed a little further north which means the coastal mountains will see a majority of the rain. on thursday night into friday, it looks like we get another
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system that could bring potentially widespread rain to the entire bay area. we'll look for that, and that means more sierra snow. i will give you an update on how the california reservoirs are doing. yesterday we saw great conditions when it came to the drought monitor. the three largest reservoirs at 57% of the historical average. we did see an improvement on the lexington reservoir. it was at 20.2 on december 1st, so we have seen a rise of nearly 25 feet since we have had all of the storms in the month of december. it has been impressive to see impact the storms have made and it give us a great start to 2022, and that will mean more.
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our models are now show something the storm trending north, and it was going to arrive sunday night but now it's monday, so we will be okay, at least through the weekend. let's get a check of the traffic. i did lose the traffic clicker, though. i have to keep tabs on two clickers. i had not seen anything pop up earlier but looks like now we are spotting an issue near the fremont area, so i will check out the traffic report and see what that is about. northbound 238 from 580 to 880 -- found it! i have to keep track of two clickers today. great, no major issues other than bob out there strolling
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along. >> yeah, i have not gotten any clickers. this happened by the american military history museum. crews were able to knock down a fire before 11:00 last night and it's not clear what started that fire. a bay area travel blogger in the hospital for five months after a near-death experience overseas. her family raised more than $250,000 to bring her back to the u.s. for recovery and rehab. since august she had been at valley medical center in san josé, and just yesterday she walked out and headed home. >> i'm thankful for all the people here, and all the therapists -- my time here was really good.
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trying to drink water, i need to get better, but -- >> she still has a long recovery ahead but can't wait to get back to traveling again some day. a family-run restaurant that came a favorite in the bay area is closing, and it survived the pandemic but rent became too much for ben's barbecue and brew in san josé. the owner says he currently pays $6,000 for rent but that would jump for $13,000 a month if he stuck around. yesterday customers ordered a little extra food as a final thank you. >> you have a good restaurant and you hold on to it. >> i am the only independent small business in this shopping center. >> the owner hopes to reopen at a new location some day, but it's not going to be easy, he says. >> it's 4:41, and coming up on
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"today in the bay." postponed, still ahead the warriors game against denver called off after the nuggets hit by covid. happening now, new covid infections sweeping through california prisons. the most recent statistic shows large percentages of employees who are required to be tested weekly are not doing it, and corrections officials say that's not the case. in response, some prisons shutting down admissions. we'll be right back.
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new york city is getting ready to ring in the new year. the famous ball in times square dropped yesterday just for testing purposes. organizers needed to ensure the nearly 12,000-ball was ready to go for tonight's celebration. they have their own countdown and with the flip of the switch that ball game down, showing off its dazzling display of colors. after winning against the arizona coyotes on tuesday, the sharks were back at the sap center ice last night that the philadelphia flyers. and right in front of the net, the sharks win 3-2. the warriors had an unexpected night off last night. their game in denver was postponed hours before tip-off after the nuggets did not have the necessary eight players required to play because of
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covid-related issues and injuries. draymond green vented on twitter asking why denver got to postpone their game when their team was not at full strength when the warriors had to play? the warriors narrowly lost to the nuggets on tuesday when they had five players out due to covid protocol. it's the 11th game postponed by the nba because of covid. bay area comedy fans learning that san francisco's sketch fest has been postponed for 2022. the website blaming the covid surge. organizers say hang on to your tickets. they're no new date just yet. january's festival was saws posed to be a big 20-year anniversary celebration. one person could start the
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year with a few million dollars. the jackpot is 500 million up for grabs. the top prize has been growing since october 4th, and the drawing is tomorrow. >> we officially started a pool here. >> yeah, it's like $2, but nobody has $2 -- >> yeah, i asked if our producer accepted apple pay, but our producter stepped in and -- >> cash these days. >> yeah, only one person in front of me at cvs, and she had nickles. >> yeah, and my mother who always taught me never to leave the house without cash, and i didn't listen. burning out of control, still ahead on "today in the bay," an unprecedented wildfire burning hundreds of homes in california. the evacuations under way. >> who do i give my $2 to --
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>> yes. >> conditions are getting better for the sierra, but it's going to remain cold here in the bay area. i will have the full forecast coming up. stay with us.
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right now at 5:00, record breaking cases of covid. plus the new year bringing
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in new laws to california. i have a breakdown of some of the electricitition taking effect in a matter of hours. very little time to get out. very little time to even get the most important parts of your life. >> an unprecedented winter wildfire raging this morning in colorado. the complications fighting that fire. first happening now, this is live pictures in australia. they are ringing the new year in. look at that. we could just sit in on this all morning. this is fantastic. >> and the music. >> yes, this is australia celebrating the new year. >> what a show. back here in the bay area, we still have a couple hours to go, right? 19 hours. meteorologist, vianey is in for kari this morning


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