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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  August 20, 2022 1:37am-2:06am PDT

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vote yes on 27. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> seth: i want to thank my guests ethan hawke, retta, iman vellani, everybody. i want to thank art cruz and the 8g band. stay safe, get vaccinated, get boosted. we love you. [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ ♪ right now at 11:00. she vanished without a trace exactly 2 weeks ago.
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now there is new hope in the search for kiely rodni. >> what we bring to the table is a new set of eyes. an unorthodox level of search tactics.d search team arriving to help find the missing teenager. also denied, a different type of flash mob, stunning a video from southern california, the chaos that unfolded at a 7- eleven. i'm tracking which areas will be under a heat advisory this weekend. plus, kicked out of class for not wearing a mask, the incident at a local school that happens as covid cases are falling across the bay area. we have an update from bcdc. good evening we begin with renewed hope in the search for kiely rodni. >> tomorrow marks two weeks since the teenager disappeared after attending a party at a
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campground. we are learning tonight that a new group of volunteers are coming from out of state to help find her. this is happening as the county sheriff department has said that it is dealing back it's search. nbc bay area cheryl hurd has the latest. >> we will start at square one. >> reporter: his team is ready to join the search for missing truck he teenager kiely rodni. like what we bring to the table are a threat fresh threat set of eyes. an unorthodox level of search tactics that have allowed us to become successful. >> reporter: bishop's lead diver and investigator for a group called adventurers with purpose. earlier this year, nbc exquisitely profiled the group when they helped a family find their missing mom. they specialize in cold cases of people gone missing in their cars or underwater. kiely rodni's extended family reaching out to the scuba diving team for help. >> unfortunately, almost everyone that we find are in areas that other agencies have
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already searched. that goes back to the rare skill set that we have. >> reporter: the team coming in just days after authorities announcing they are scaling back the search for kiely rodni. >> we have had over 9000 hours into man hours searching which is astronomical, our base problem is, where we go and how do we sustain this? remind law enforcement agencies have been searching for the 16- year-old or her car. surveillance video has been circulating documenting where she was last seen hours before her disappearance two weeks ago. at the campground in truckee. her family is holding onto hope. bishop believes that if she is underwater, they will find her. >> there are no longer type teams present, there have been a lot of things that have been exhausted already, they are confident in what they have been able to rule out and i am as well. >> reporter: cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news tonight, here comes the heat, yet again, get ready for
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a hot saturday. >> meteorologist rob mayeda enjoyed this with a heat advisory. >> we are watching it very closely, kind of mild tonight with mid-60s, so our summer microclimate will be in full effect tomorrow. what will change will be those volleys will warm up another 5 to 8 degrees warmer than today. which means, right there in solano county, heat advisory through the day saturday through 7:00. this location from vallejo over to fairfield, looking at numbers in the mid-to-upper 90s, and get ready for a roller coaster ride of temperatures. heating up saturday, just a one day cooldown on sunday and then back into those upper 90s as we head toward's monday, we will talk about how long this could be sticking around in your seven-day forecast as well coming up in about 10 minutes. >> okay, see you then. a sad update from watsonville, we know that three people on board of those planes died in yesterday's crash. tonight, they have officially begun its investigation into that deadly midair crash. federal investigators were sifting through and cataloguing
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the wreckage. both planes were on the final approach to landing, one plane crashed into a field just yards from a neighborhood. the other plane. the hanger right there on the watsonville airport. we spoke with a pilot who witnessed the crash. >> i looked up and as i looked, i could see it break apart and come down in pieces. and i saw the other go by at a high rate of speed and it was slowly rolling further and further to the left. >> the victims have not been identified yet. according to the numbers, one of the planes is owned and rented out to pilots by united flight services, which has offices at the watsonville airport, the second plane is registered in winton, that is a town near merced, it will put out its preliminary report in two weeks. is out of class for not wearing a mask. that is why mountain view father says happened to his
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four-year-old son and he recorded the video of it, which is causing controversy on social media. nbc bay area stephanie magallon has the video that the father did blur and explains why the district announced it is cutting back on the mandate at least for now. >> here she comes, getting kicked out of class. >> reporter: this is four-year- old, gd, the father tells us, this is the first time that he has had to miss class due to a mask mandate, the school district is one of few districts around the bay area, that started the school year with masks. >> we have a four-year-old on campus -- >> reporter: you can see a school resource officer stepan. sean and his attorney say that there principal called the officer more than once this week. after making the rounds on social media, parents and the district say they received an email informing them about the incident. >> saying that it is too bad that this can be civil anymore because of the mask mandate.
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>> reporter: in a statement, the district wrote in part, that is priority is keeping students and staff safe. they say that it's very unfortunate that a parent recorded one of their principles even though that she asked him not to. and added, they have only had one parent taken from a national playbook. >> i hope that they are doing what they think is best. >> reporter: the district also announced that indoor masking is optional. as they reference the latest covid transmission map, showing most of the bay area out of the order zone. >> right now, the numbers are going down in the bay area. we are not really at ground level yet but we are definitely making a lot of progress. >> reporter: santa clara county now in the yellow, indicating medium level transmission rates, it's even lower in other counties like san mateo, now in green. but infectious disease expert dr. hong says that we should celebrate just yet. >> i predict that if cases go up during the wintertime, you will see microenvironments coming back with mask guidances. >> reporter: the school
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district did make it clear that they will reconsider a mask mandate if local community levels go back up. certain parents like sean say that they are ready to fight back in court. in mountain view, i am stephanie magallon, nbc bay area news tonight we are moving forward with the new guidelines on monkeypox isolation. the california department of health is saying that people should wait 48 hours before going back to normal activities after their symptoms go away. also, adult should also get easier to sign up for a vaccine, the state held public officer says that the website is being updated so people can schedule monkeypox shots. another notable change, officials are shifting to calling this virus mpox. to avoid stigmatizing people. this all comes as california and l.a. county and seven cisco make up over half of those cases. 62 people by the way have been hospitalized.
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santa clara county is using annual vaccination protocol, district its monkeypox vaccination supply. the county demonstrated how the intradermal vaccination works, the technique authorized last week by the fda administers the vaccine just under the skin's surface, it allows a single dose to serve as many as five people. >> we are very fortunate that this was studied within the recent past. and preparation for an outbreak of monkeypox. and that study showed that the administration of the vaccine between the layers of skin produced an equivalent immune response as the traditional administration under the skin. >> the vaccine is given into doses, the cdc recommended those who have already received one full dose to go ahead and get that second dose at a smaller version of it. right now, santa clara county is reporting 110 cases of mpox. new at 11:00, bizarre break- ins at the san jose state
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campus, it happened at the administration building. police say that someone snuck in a window before going to her offices stealing items and even urinating into containers. the suspect also proper furniture against the door to avoid being caught. police said that this break-in is pretty similar to another one that happened about two weeks ago. no suspects have been identified. a family of a man killed while working at a south bay safeway is speaking out about an arrest in the case. manuel was shot and killed inside of the store on hamilton animal avenue. the 18-year-old was arrested in utah. san jose police also arrested a second teenager here in the bay area. they say that there is not enough evidence to charge the second man with any crime, so he will be released. his family says the last several weeks have been agonizing. >> it has been hard, excepting that is gone. it's a lot of pain, a lot of sad moments.
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>> when the shooting happened, some witnesses say that he was killed while trying to stop a theft, but police haven't confirmed that at this point. they are still trying to figure out a motive. the fight against anti- asian crime isn't new, a seminal moment in the 1970s pompey by the murder of a san francisco chinatown gain murder. gang member i should say. it came to life on the big screen, the lessons learned back then can go a long way to solving problems that the community is facing today. nbc bay area's gia vang has the story that is new at 11:00. >> reporter: in the middle of this in san francisco -- >> it was my life, my whole life. -- >> reporter: was activist ramko yamada. >> working with other people, it's the last thing you did at night. >> reporter: a wave of activism
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from the asiagrt, wrongly sentenced to life in prison for a 1973 murder of a chinatown gang member. early 50 years later -- tonight i attended his funeral -- >> reporter: enter julie hahn, trying to fill theater seats with her codirector and filling gaps of his story with their film free chol soo lee. recognizable community members help freedom. >> this is such a unique movement. it wasn't just young asian american activists, but it was like first generation korean immigrants and churchgoing grandmother sue joined this movement. and they sort of did the impossible. >> reporter: yet, for such a landmark movement for social justice -- >> we don't even learning about it and asian american studies in colleges or universities. and i think we realized that the story and this history is so singular and so powefor the
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times we are living in. >> reporter: times were anti- asian hate are being measured and we are seeing multiple attacks caught on camera against asian americans. >> it is really stirring and people have responded to see images of power or resistance of intergenerational love and connection. >> it is easy to feel like it is hopeless. and quite victimized by what is happening these days. but hopefully our story can also help people feel like that there is something that you can do. >> reporter: there are showings for the film tomorrow and the same location, the roxy in the mission. in a san francisco, gia vang, nbc bay area news we are back in 60 seconds, still ahead, it happened in a flash, and things got more chaotic i the second. you see this, what happened inside this 7-eleven in southern california. plus, caught red-handed but
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not put in handcuffs. the frustration in the city tonight after police let a suspected teeth walk away. and mid-60s were now around the tri-valley and this is one of the areas tomorrow that could be seen high temperatures soaring in it's time for the biggest sale of the year, on the sleep number 360 smart bed. why choose proven quality sleep from sleep number? because proven quality sleep is vital to our health and wellness, only the sleep number 360 smart bed keeps you cool, then senses and effortlessly adjusts for your best sleep. and tells you exactly how well you slept. your sleepiq score. our smart sleepers get 28 minutes more restful sleep per night. so, you can be your best for yourself and those you care about most. don't miss our weekend special. all smart beds are on sale. save 50% on the sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. ends monday. take a look at this video from inside a southern california 7-eleven. police say that on monday, there was a large sideshow at an intersection about 50 miles south of downtown l.a., shortly
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after, look at this -- dozens of people ransacking a nearby 7- eleven, you can see looters fanning out across the store, grabbing snacks, drinks and cigarettes other merchandise. police say, they also through merchandise at employees, vandalized the store and investigators are now trying to identify suspects. >> -- take a look at this, if you see this car, call 901 after a brace and arm robbery, it happened around 1:00 p.m. on hillside avenue, near oakland avenue, victims say that they were eating lunch in their construction ban, when two tall thin and black men pulled out an assault rifle and handgun and demanded cash and tools, the two men fled in this four-door lexis with the license plate 3ttw40. two witnesses saw a crime in progress, the cops let the
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suspect walk away. around 3:00 a.m. on tuesday, two roommates woke up to power tools being used outside. they saw a man underneath the car, and a jeep idling nearby. the woman said that they suspected that he was trying to steal a catalytic converter, which is a common theft nowadays, they called police but when sfpd arrived, they did not detain or arrest the man. >> i asked the officer specifically why can't an arrest be made, and he was vague and he said because of the totality of the situation. they would not be able to. >> now sfpd says that there are several factors at play, when they arrived, no property had been stolen, the man wasn't holding any tools and the car's owner wasn't there to verify that it had been tampered with. police also say that the state database, they would normally used to check the suspects history and run the license plate of the car was not working. tonight, they tell us that the investigation continues and if evidence is uncovered, they could make an arrest in the future. new at 11:00, youtube removing two videos from its
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platform showing a tesla driver performing vehicle safety tests, using his own children. the tests aim to show if a slow- moving tesla with the latest driver assistance systems would avoid crashing pedestrians in the road. the driver says the car was never traveling more than eight miles per hour and that he was ready to take over at any time but youtube said quote, youtube doesn't allow content showing a minor participating in dangerous activities or encouraging minors to do dangerous activities. upon review, we determined that the videos raised to us by cnbc violate our harmful and dangerous policies and as a result removed the content. possible street race stalled plans to help hundreds of families, that is after two cars slammed into the side of a new home is empowerment care center on macarthur boulevard. happening yesterday morning, the same day the care center planet to open. he tell us that the two cars
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were going at high speed, lost control and hit the building. the manager says that one driver ditched his car, got away inside of the others vehicle and thankfully no one was hurt but the crash did destroy food clothing and hygiene products all plan to be given out to more than 2000 families every week. >> the community can just walk in or be out here trying to get some food and they are not safe, there has been so many accidents here. >> so the nonprofit wants the city to add more safety features such as barricades. elise confirmed that speed was a factor in this that can confirm yet if the cars were racing. new funding to create safe spaces for seniors in san francisco. today in the sunset district, san francisco assembly member announced a 3 1/2 million dollar commitment of state funding. it is aimed at expanding and improving resources for seniors living in the sunset district. the money will go towards renovating the south sunset playground clubhouse and creating a new community for aapi seniors. the news comes as at least two
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aapi were attacked in the city in the last three weeks. a perfect night for a movie, the red carpet rolled out in downtown san jose, as it heads into the weekend, we swung by the california theater with the stars been going at the annual film fest, the festival returned this week to in person screenings for the first time since the pandemic. and it continues to the weekend, so if you don't have any plans when you have some plans and you want to improve your plans. or change your plans, go out and watch one of the films. is it a film or a movie? >> i'm not really sure. >> i guess when it's fancy, we call it a film. all sorts of movies and films, dramas, oars and comedies and even a music documentary. if you are planning to get fancy this weekend, maybe sunday might be the better day to do it because you won't be as sweaty? >> that's true, or go indoors to avoid the heat. you know, san jose i think will be fun.
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most of the heat will be in the valleys, pretty nice outside for any late-night showings there, 64 degrees currently in san jose as we take you on a tour around the bay area. we are waiting for the patchy fog around san francisco but out of dublin, 65, a little mild for you at this hour. as we move forward, we will see temperatures tomorrow. mid-to-upper 90s around the tri- valley. but san francisco, no heat tomorrow, 58 degrees right now, temperatures in the upper 60s are 70 and it may trend a little bit cooler as the wind picks up. air quality back into the moderate range around the bay area. the best air quality around the south day. i think these numbers will improve as the temperatures start to cool down. the morning begins with areas of low clouds, that looks familiar we have seen it over the last few mornings. it's a bit different though, with a sea breeze for the inland valley around the east bay valleys, heading towards solano county, so we start the day with 50s and 60s around
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lunchtime the mid-80s and let around livermore, concord and fairfield. look at the jagged temperatures there, with the heat advisory in effect. 97 tomorrow, 96 in concord. and will be those areas, inland and the east bay valley. over two solano county, that specifically will be where the heat advisory will be up until 7:00 on saturday. one thing that will change, with the added level of that marine air and the air conditioning. a slight boost in those winds as we head into sunday, it should bring our temperatures down. notice the high temperatures sunday, back into the 80s, that is 10 degrees of cooling near fairfield and concord. low 80s around san jose, 60s in san francisco and oakland. just as when you think the heat is done. look at monday, back up again. that whiplash that we talked about. it takes a break on sunday and come back on monday for the same areas again. inland east bay, santa rosa up to 95 on monday. temperatures south of san jose, and then as we head toward's
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tuesday and wednesday, one thing to watch, in addition to the low clouds on the coast is the potential return of some monsoon moisture maybe up towards the sierra, wednesday and thursday, it doesn't look like it will come towards the bay area but we could see a few high clouds out of that. as we head towards the middle part of next week. we can plant looking pretty good, san francisco, 70s and upper 60s, a taste of summer heat inland for saturday. take a break for one day, if it's too much for you, it will be nice in the east bay valleys and we are back into the 90s monday and tuesday, so we get these little spikes but they don't really last long. we get a break at times like sunday and midway through next week. >> some real august weather. this is what we are used to. >> like you said, we are now knowing that fall is coming. >> yes, when you see the seven- day forecast going all over the place. just ahead, are we finally seeing some relief? the items that you might pay less for on your next trip to the grocery store.
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happening now, the south bay has passed a pandemic milestone, state employment numbers show that santa clara county has regained all of the jobs lost during the pandemic. the county added more than 7000 jobs in july. california voters would rather see governor newsom run for president and vice
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president harris. that's according to a new poll by the uc berkeley institute of governmental studies and the l.a. times. more than 9200 eligible democratic primary voters were surveyed. the poll found that voters would consider governor newsom their first choice if president biden doesn't run for re- election, vermont senator bernie sanders tied with newsom. vice president harris as you know, from california came in third with 10%. a sign that inflation is peaking, the july consumer price index is showing some relief as the cost of some items have started to fall. between last month and this month, the prices of several major items dropped significantly. take a look air, boneless and skinless chicken breast topping the list falling in price more than 23%. butter is down 13%. eggs are down 10% and gas is down 8%. >> thank goodness, finally.
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it is not quite the real thing, preseason football. but we will take it. tomorrow, both the 49ers and raiders. >> the niners in minnesota, and the raiders in miami, both games taking off at 4:00 p.m. baseball, you might have seen the game, there is a mixed couple right there. a giants fan. and the giants and rockies in denver. the bottom of the fifth inning. his second home run of the game. it's a three run homer. cover your eyes, colorado had a 7-0 lead and the giant did make it interesting in the seventh
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inning. austin slater with a two-run single. this cut the lead to 7-4, but that's how it ended, the rockies win 7-4, the giants play out chances are fading. they trail the padres by six games for that final wild-card spot. at the coliseum, the athletics kicking off a 10 game homestand, tonight the mariners in town. there is an old-school party there in the concourse. i like that. the coliseum is fun. it got a little ugly. the sixth inning, suarez with a three ruhomer. it's time for the biggest sale of the year, on the sleep number 360 smart bed. snoring? it can gently raise your partner's head to help. our smart sleepers get 28 minutes more restful sleep per night. all smart beds are on sale. save 50% on the sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. ends monday.
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san francisco institution marks its 60th anniversary today. the golden gate fortune cookie factory celebrating six decades of business and fortune. a lot of people came out for the party in chinatown. the owner couldn't be more proud of the factory which can produce up to 15,000 hand wrapped cookies in a single day. >> i am very thankful that you guys support me throughout the years. and helped me throughout the years. i am very thankful. >> so here's a little trivia, soquel, the fortune cookie is not an old chinese tradition. historians trace its roots back to japan and california. many including think it originated in san francisco. >> see the process?
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you have like four or five seconds when it comes off of the griddle. two rapid really quickly. >> oh, i wouldn't survive. >> they are skilled. thanks for joining us. we made it to the weekend. thanks for joining us on this friday night. >> take care. tonight the growing fears of a potential nuclear catastrophe in ukraine. russia threatening to take a nuclear plant offline in ukraine, posing a risk to all of europe. ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy warning the world is on the verge of nuclear disaster it comes as the u.s. announces a massive new military aid package for ukraine. our team in kyiv tonight. also this evening sentencing for one of the so-called isis beatles for the murders of four americans. the battle over the search at mar-a-lago what the doj is saying as trump allies push to release surveillance of the search and mike pence today doubling down on
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defending the fbi. the emotional day in court vanessa bryant, the wife of kobe bryant, breaking down on the stand, describing her pain after first responders leaked photos of the helicopter crash that killed the nba legend and their daughter after a summer of travel chaos, the department of transportation cracking down. our exclusive with secretary pete buttigieg, the ultimatum he's giving the airlines ahead of labor day. danger in the water. two shark attacks at the same beach on the same day and uniting for ukraine. the music with a message "inspiring america. >> announcer: this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt good evening we are reminded again tonight just how high the stakes are in the war in ukraine as focus turns to the state of the ukrainian nuclear power plant now in the hands of russian forces ukraine officials making some pretty disturbing claims of what they say are russ


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