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tv   Right This Minute  NBC  February 7, 2016 12:30am-1:05am MST

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let's nd out who igonngo for $1 million. ting with our biwinner shannon in the c section. yowon $34,are you willing to give up that $30 r a chance to play for million? [ audien shouting ] gonna go for $1 million! >> he's gonna go! comeout re. join mgo" ace. all ha, here we go. righre on the space, here is the deal. you have five rolls to get aroundhe mopd.ifou can pass o," you and the lottery winns heat section e gonna lit 00,000. th's a pretty good dea [ cheers andpplaus] t if yound y alone can nd on "go," you yoalone are going to win $1 million. and that sounds even better. w, ith happens, the lottery wiers in the cat section will split tonight's
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co ohome bigum $20000ho? are yoready? >> ready. let's go >> here's the dealmy frien those e nnstart rolling. when they do and you wanthem to sto hit it ontime, d that'll be yr number. you ready?alright, fire up that rock 'n' roer and let's go! big numbers. me on, shaon. icely ne. right this way.1. 2... 3... .. 5... 6... 7... 8... onicutvenue. how ch iat w? 00ack inheank. you did good, all right? you go4 rolls to go, okay? fire up that rock roller! let'go. [ chrs andppuse ] come on. doubles give me some doubles. 11. very nice! 1... 2... 3... 4... 5... 6... 7... 8... 9...
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11. free parking. all rit. sohoices some good,ombad. at do you think? >> number >>nnon says mber show msomething good. u won a fordlorer! how abouthat, my man? yeah! all right! how about tt? you won $4,000 and a fo exorer. you are halfwato $1 million. u ve 3 rolls left. you ready? >> yea i rea. >> you rdy? >>'meady! >> firuphat rock 'n' roller! l right. very very nice. .. 3. .. 6. venorvenue. how mu$1000. how out , my man? 20 grand, a ford elorer. you got 2 rolls to go,kay? now, wha don't wanto d--
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because we seetoo to jail. weant you toyour and the o be okay? i wantou to n that $1 mon, so let's g down the line here. con, cat son.t's hear it now. let's hear i l right. fire up thatock 'n' roller!l gh ce , no let's t a good numr here, buddy. no 3s. no 3 5. nicely done. 1..... 3. 4. 5. norarolin$19,00re. all right, brother. $39,000. you got a free ford explorer, okay? you are eight spaces from being millnaire,kay? u t roll lt. how about you just roll an 8 and you win million? how about that? >>et'so it. >>ou think you can do it? >> let do it. >> i'm with you. caction, 8, 8, 8! [ auen chain"eht" ] firep th roc'n' ller! come on,.
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let's an 8 n. >> give me an 8, baby. >> come on, 8. 7. okay. all right. okay. .. 2... 3... 4... 5... 6.7.oawalk. how ch iat wth? $4 u have w $79,0 that you're goa spliwith the cat section. you won a ford explorer. etty good day, right? thanks foreing here, mman. yore greontestt, shannon. congtulations. how about it, man? ere el do u see is? invery soon righheren the "mopoly millionaires'
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[ cheersnd applause ] >omve is cutoff b a car tt rolls on to the roof >> rescuers were shocked at the miracle inside. >>ou bter get down at op becausehere something onis tail. >> it'sot just oavalane. it's a doublavalanche. >> see if he can speed p his way ofhis one. >> people a wring ty see it b supeatural beingn a
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>> und down the aisle. >>he val video tt h skepti singhey finly saw mething. play it again. >> a dirty danci move at a dding reception. >> prepare for takeoff. >> why shehould prepare for the crash landin >> a few of the t reasons folks inst in dash cams. inrance fraud. >> righthis minute. >> i had a christmas gtd for $100 a that's what i snt it on it . >> no >>e stor headi down highway i england. england. >>he white carols over on to the roof, slides across, cches fire the be car hits the guard rl
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apor both ca. >> everybo else coming wn. and asou lookt t replay you can see there's wreagell over the place. there's badweather. re t kicker. there was aaby in th wte r. strapped a ct andt's ay. thkodne. >>h m gosh. this goeso show ho imptant is to be diligent abt the cars and the st bts in the vehicle. vecle. >> >> it'eautiful in this nex video.sicblting. >> hs goio go. he's going togo. >> no! at i you own stupid fault. >>o kidding. . >> well saw that coming a down the road.
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>> g. >> but >> but fir let me te a lfieouldav bn the famous lastords of an austrian tourist wn sheell into o al plas a well. she fellnt a well while trying to take selfie and this ishe moment that btanders gather around to help rescue her. you can hear erybody seaming as they start pling herut and eventuay you can s half oft and b the looks o it she lies on the floor carly exhausted. come on. you could see a littleit of a in. see her shin ere? but the only injurier minor. but sheid get interviews. >> there was no protection, you kn? it was open hole.
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used the shirt off their back anied the togher and used a hope to pullhem . >> it ended well >> some might call that a lucky escape bs we heado azil this one is the definition of it. okt th srt backi up. yoealize justow close this young maname to dying. apparently this you man fell ill and collapsed on to the rail in front of himaiting for the train and t driver. a veteran pulled it ihes from this young man. in the nick of time. >> it's crazy. >> you can see later on a number of vids were released. people try to turn him oveou can see he' obviously not fegwell.
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as well tring to e hospital hospital. >> the guy in this video is skng nearaleyidaho. but a you can see he'sot holding i he' aki flie you hav a s of skisnd you're on top of theountain but you als hein up abe so yan fly wch is a od thing. >>hat's ateep lki hill. >> absolutely steoong and scar becau seconds befe h takes off, watch the snow. >> oh! >> ft, lift, go, go. >> you can see an avalahe forming and is not justne avalanch it's a double avanche. there's twovancs that hav rm onhis mountain yo s rig there b tus around and youan see it over theren that side of the mountain. ese two merge but notice at the btom of theill there a rirnd tre's seomes justbeyond. >> is anyone else thinking thi is what all skiers should have on them in the event of an avalanche?
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>>here's the thing,hr years ago last month h was in an avalanche b h didn't have the wing ande was unlucky enough toe onhe ground when that pp this tim he see it fro abe. you s how close iisti hatriver? blocked that river for sometime but dn' e any t h whichs a good thing becse thevalanche center sai that is probay bef wk sw buthey belie triggered this. >> did >> did y see at? >> i s scaight now. >> he the mostllin 've er seen. ths bieved tbet
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didn't you see that? a moving glare iaisle y the mayonnaise. >> , is that whe you find ghosts? sle by theaise thecaest of all the condimen condiments. >> you can clearly it moving andown the aisle. distoinhe images ndit. that's how you know it's there. this i where ietsreally really scar >>oh. >> theayonnaiseas spilled the floor. >> that wastlitwe llyaw somethin now pyt ai 'r trying to figure out somebody goofed with tideo he because tt's nd t . >> iked like a hand was scoopi t out because e bun w andhen a uplere algh
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ors. pelen the intnet are incredibly puzzled byhe ghost. one ssy w d if wantedo mak it. i'd haveomeone on t other aisle because you knowou can just push through. peop of course are going to be calling thatne out. >> clean upn aisle >> a man enjoying a relaxi moment ohe tio. >>s dog just o a snake. >> see how his pooch saves him from a psonous tuatio >> a one of the best action sports commentator is ba. wh happens when he ptakes so epic downhil ice skating. >> we sculate aut what the ice looks in all of the consumptns for us. when you order now you get free pizza after super bowl 50! pizza? we get it after the super bowl. order nothrough super bowl suny atapohnsom d get a eeizza sttingonday.
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en iwhen iava brkoutfr eczema, i feel like i'm in t >> closed captig provided byreliesive frtratg syms
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my skin'back. >>his this guys look aishone and theog has snifd outd out a snake. d then he backs hself and th dog u bec t i a brown ake. looow quickly it moves. it's not liket's takin it's time. >> i don't nee to know. >> the dog was just lik look dangerous. >> i thinke allgree the dog gets an extra treat forhis one. >> the next one also from australia is makinge want recoer my vation in a
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a lot of guys ie hoe. theye looking for said cockroac and they find he there she is. oa lo at that. >>hat do you do? do you leavet the? >>o. you get the lgesthoen the house and smash it. >> but the method they use to ge that thingut of tre is fitely approved but ty have t get it into a position where theyan get it out of therend o thing to remember, th thingas wis. y >>hey eventually do catp with it and that's when they break out the bigguns >> is that a gun? yeah. >> oh, the got aect hit b no eect whaoeve >> looked likehey didn't really want to kill hi >> but aer all that e, really, just a rf gun? youavo take car of the proble >>ick was right thoh. they got rid of it out of front door. th didn't sp on it. they didn't crunch it.
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it's out of the hoe. the door was slaed. >>id they han tir man card in? >> when the fing cockroach landed. >> part of o job here onhe show is what we like toal play by play telling people what wre sing in the video ane of t best in the busin athatl, people le this guy. he is one of the action sports best commentors. we had him on thehowbefo you may remember a video le this. >> okay. landing on the right spot. then into is aithere. oh! ! >> heas just got such a natural ability to not only compet in extme sports like is. also toell us what it feels ke inuc aaw eti this time, though, in finland, for what they call crashed e. downhill, ice skating.
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wouldn't te it too ea. ey put fmer world cmpion on on track. he has a champn along side. >> the longest tracke ever had. >> why d't the call this crushe bone? >> well, thi it could be called that if for all the ddin and armor they're weing. yo see the guys look like mitcli mitchelienmen. >> we specula what itlooks. and >>nd really careful. >> okay. now wt is he doing. >> to me he snds a ltle like the mpets. >> he's fun to watchnd f t listen to.
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like this heets lotsf hits. s. yes. w! >> just how precious our babies can be. we start with a by sti in thewomb. you see the bab in there. very sudden mement there. i think it's -- it's a ot. >> totally. >>ndou wder why moms always duned and in so much pain because they'reoing sommer mmersalts. >> they're able to actua caur that in the video and th havitever. >> now thiss ltle judah. he is four months old when this video was recded a fewonths agout it just recently posted.
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>> no, thatasheba. >> >> ah >>t's so adorable. i can't stand it. it's so cute. >> mom and dad are loving it. they find ts so . apparently he h never done this before. >> and if they did get it on video heould be like you're just doting parents. everody this their kid is s grea got it. whe it ces to fitness, this guy will pup. >> look at him go. he's a bet. why his moves a seriously motivational. tenology can get cocate>>his iso's grandmother that's having apps described to he it'sather entertaining. >> when andma gahold of snapch >> hs a comedian. becomeially impoant. fr thes of one y fty-plus. one a y proasixtlus. higpotey min 2 an v d d now yocan create yr own tourf ital
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giving people tis budget is pretty edgy. kind ohilo lling it t"name your pool" phase.whever. >> i'm >> i going to show you a workout move that's not only going to impress you but is gogo me y drop youraw in awe. >> come on ah. te me that doesn't shock you. >> it doesn't shock . it makes my arms and my shoulderseel like -- >> my triceps are ng. >> now tt big rope at the gym you'reupposed to pull yourself up , watch him go tt's incredible strength and core. >> look at himgo. he's a beast. >> he has been a doubl aut since he was 2 years old. he's also fitness instructor. this was special welchr thate use in h fitness routine. is was aideout together by
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inteiew h and they talk about his passionor fitness. >> i like being strong.i like bei active. and i likeeing fit. >> are you kidding me >> a you g to see just a little bit more of what he can do. >> . >> he isalancing on thatar th t chair. >> that' amazg. who cano somethingike that? except this guy, rit? >> i know all of us at t table have at one point or anher been to a gym. one o another. someore regularly. justeep tt i min nexime yo go and you t of this gu oh, i'm red. i n' wo do another w. >> vid is ful of amaz thingshese gs can do. head over to right this
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oree it on our mile app. >> >> none of us hav got it. you started it you send ctures and th would delete and now ey havell of theseugnttis. explning it to yr grandm this isis grandm we actlly had himefore wh this video. t this time around the trying toexplain snapchat to grana and a kin of things start happening. >> a littl closer? >> yeah. >> am i a cook >> yeah. >> ch. andma is really not imprsed. she's like whas the point? >> sees somhing in her fe >> n exahe moon lag. she has a b of funhen they puthe old per fr on her. >> you don't haveo use >>
12:57 am
h doesn't he a bad nnection. >> oh>>hat' cu. see i dave theapp. i ner use it and now that i know you can do these ings, i might. >> let see if youook this shocked. >> i'v bee wanng to do tt r years. >> >>. >> stopthat
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funir moves tak the >> the va lp is back. at inside? whats that stuff? truly. >> wax. >> yes. the guys a the what's inside youtubehannel are gng to crack open a couple of these lavaamps to see what ithis st first tak the cap off. there's almost like a bottle crac there.
12:59 am
and here what they havet, ey suck out one of tse globs of lava. what happs? boom. >> whoa! >> it instantly turnsack int a solid for of x. >> feels likewax. >> i think that is wax. >> is tha water? whats that? >> well, the funny part is, everybody really knows because that liqd is a recipe that releed. >>t's jusik wax from a candle.
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, > wedding are incredibly beautiful but most of us are justaiti for thereception. sometime theyan b hazardous. this newly wed couple is getting their groove on. >> oops. >> earned a good lesson that y. the groomicks up h bnd swgs her around and doink. >> truly foot loose. >> and most people are familiar with this scene from dirty ncg and most ppl t to recreate it at any cost. you're in water. >> and you see them sta
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it's sitting there. >> a >> and 1 and 2 a prepare for ta off gir girl landed straight on her face and forehea >> t >> there likow are you okay? most of them lauing because theye family and that's what family does the older guy wal in and he's like i don't kwhy y nee to try that. >> prey sure it's time tout ba ithe corner. >> that'll f
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