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tv   ABC 7 News  KOFY  October 18, 2010 10:30am-11:00am PST

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♪ from palo alto the social net workin site is under fire this morning. >> that's because seral applications ae accused of leaking private information of users. terry mcsweeney joins from palo alto. what's the reaction from today? >> well, facebook.m is saying that the article is overblown, that no important personal information got out and the information that did get out, they are working to contain it. but i talked to some users today and they are getting a little uncomfortable on the social net working site. for megan hamilton, the thought of her personal information going publ may be a deal breake >> seven years and i've been debating getting off becse there's -- there's a lot less security in it now.
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and everyone knows everything about me. and that's sort of dangerous. >> the "wall street urnal" reports that ten popular applicationless including farmvil, texas hold 'em poker and frontierville have been sending users' personal information to two don advertising and tracking companies. it reportedly happened despite users settg all that informatioto complete private. in some cases the apps provided access to iormation on friends' names. >> it violate facebookom's privacy policy. they claim it's a flaw and not a delirate situation. the bottom line is advertisers might kn what applications using. >> new technology is on the way to limit the sharing of user d.'s. furthermore there is no evidence personal iormation was misused or collected as a result of this issue. in fact, all the questions questioned said publicly they did not use the user i.d.'s or did not use them to obtain
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personal information. >> thoughtt had it taken care of it. >> it has caused a problem with some people we spoke to from palo alto. >> scarce me a bit. i want to keep my informati private and trust th when i'm on and i think i'm talkg to my friends on, that's only where the information is going. >> is alrea in court for sending data to advertisers that coulde used to identify those users. says that case is without merit and plans to defend itself vigorously. live in palo alto, terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> terry, thanks very much. a new survey of 2,000 parents and teens revealed some encouraging news aboutteens' online habits. the studyhows most teenagers do recognize the importance of protecting their privacy on and other ocean networks eric? >> this surve was commissioned
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by trustee, that's a privacy form more than half the kids who use frien their parent. and both parent and teen are interesting in safety and privacy but doesn't mean thin are perfect. the survey of 2,000 teenagers and parents are called the kids are all right because when it cometo taking steps to maintain their privacyf social net workin sites, 80% of teens surveyed are. >> kids do care about privacy. they do care about the control of their information. and 40% in the last six months that we did the survey had made changes to the privacy controls. >> and contra to popul belief, most parents are actively involved in their kids' online experience. >> we found parents were monitori their kids. 85% of the parents were monitoring their kds on social networks at least weekly. >> the survey was commissioned by sanfrancisco-based online privacy company trustee to look
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at teenagers' social net working behavior and what parents do to make i as safe as possible. the results come in the wake of warnings fm psychologists that parents ould watch what thr kids post on and other social ne working sites for signs of depression or suicidal though. as in the case of rutger university student tyler clemente after his roommate took pitches of having sex with his roommate onli. parents should tak away this message. >> parenting doesn't stop when your teen goes on the internet. parenting should go on and be active in the same way that alwaysas been. >> is continually adjusting its product. it seems to b a good move since treasu have as say kids are a
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little too trusting. >> some at some point have accepted frie requests for people thedon't know. >> there are ways for parents to deal wh that. >> one thing i've told parents when they ask how do i engage my teen, i suggest you ask your teen for advice how to set up your accounts. >> privacy and safety are always primary concerns. theyresent to a new system that preves teenager users from broadcasng their location to anyone but their friends. back to you, ladies. >> thank you very much. jury selection is underway for the trial of chandra levy. a man is charged with murder and kidnapping. he attacked levy whe she was jogging in 2001. gary condit was initially considered a suspect and ultimaly lost re-election
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after reports of a roma with le condit is expected to be called as a witness >> this morning hundreds of tea party activists are gathering with former alaska governor sarah palin in reno to launch a party campaign. they hoped it will focus on unified conservatives. sarah engel who is running against senator majority harry reid in a very tight race. the bus tour will hit several states before wrapping up in new hampshire november 1st, the day before electn day. senator john mccain stumped for carly fiorina over the weekend. they pated her opponent barbara boxer as anti-military. >> barbara boxer wants to wave the white flag of surrender and endanger this nation's national security, it's time she went
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back to san francisco with nancy pelo. mccain calls boxer the most anti-defense senor in the senate a called serving with her an unpleasant experience. she ha a long commit to supporting america's troops and veterans. tony sapata of los aeles said i was extremely disappointed with senator mccain's partisan and misleading attack on senator boxer's strong record for veterans. what she has done for veterans is just unbelievable. meg whitman is in orange county now touring the company that makes environmentally friendly cleaning products. she'll be speaking to employees about keeping jobs here in california whitman's opponent said democrats got the endorsement of northern calirnia elected asian american leaders. the group held a news conference
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in san francisco. the former preside bill clinton rallied bay area democrats in san jose last night. mr. clinton is hoping his popularity will lp bring our voters for a gubernatorial candidate jerry brown and lieutenant governor lieutenant gavin newsom. the former president warn apathec voters. >> if you know anybody anywhere in america who tells you they don't think they're gon vote, they can't be bothered to vote for jerry brown and gavin newsom, ask them what planet are you living on? are you really willing to compromise your future? do you undetand the decisions they're gonna have to make. >> the heaviest hitter, president obamand first lady michelle obama, will also spend time campaigning in california the coming days. they stumped together yesterday in columbus, ohio, the first time they hit the trail together since 2008. the president will be in los angeles friday campaigning for jerry brown and mrs. obama will
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be in california three days starting saturday where she'll campaign for house speaker nancy pelosi. >> a critical reminder, today is the last day to register to vote for th november election. if you have registered or changed your name, you need to reregister. several groups and several student unions have set up registration tables at several bay area universities, malls and other public locations today. you can register in person at any county elections department or by mail. we have detailed information on registering to vote and the complete local race by race breakdown, including all the candidates' statements on ourwebsite, still ahead, our economy up next. why some airlines e now getting rid of special seating on their planes. plus the court hearing toda for the fertility doctor who helped
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the octomom. >> free rides. ♪
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and makes it easier to shut down questionable businesse without having to prov anything criminal was going on. by excepting home businesses, there will still be lop holeless. >> today the fertility doctor who treated the octomom has a hearin that he implanted her with tooany embryos. the doctor implanted her with 12 embryos during at least one of her treatments. the boards considering whether to suspect or revoke the beverly hills doctor's license. she has octuplets and six other children. it's saihe endanged the health othe mother and babies. they were born nine weeks premature. >> several airlines are cutting the number of fir class seats. many say they are making the cuts before more customers are simply looking to buy cheaper
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seats. currently airtr, united airlines qantas and british airways are planning to revamp and reduce their first class seating area. >> increasing ridership, the promotion called try bart. the agency is giving away some 1300 prizes, including three bart rides for a year -- free bart rides for a year. it has lost 25,000 riders a day since 2008. officials hope this will help bring them back. >> a greatopportunity. just wanted to remind them, bart'she way to beat traffic. more convenient, cost effective. you don't have to pay bridge tolls, the park, traffic. lot more relaxes. >> bart riders will need to text in a bart word of the day. that on station message boards. >> speal drawing going on over the 12th street station in oakland. frances is going to be out
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there. >> the 12:15 for the special and 12:30 for another one. free bart rides at least. >> yes. i like free. >> i do too, absolutely. let's take a look outsid weatherwise free rein -- rain, more rain in the forecast and it may fall over the weekend. >> mike, thank you. the gits are back on home turf preparing for game 3 after a disappointing loss last night. >> and new cpr guideles. what they're now leaving ou of what they're now leaving ou of the life [ female announcer ] at&t makes it sy to choose the services that fit your li. who doesn't want more choices? i likehoices. you can even choe wireless voice service. not with my cable coany. well, it's time towitch. check this out. [ female announc ] call to choose your double bundle, includg u-verse tv, starting under $69 a month. switch now and get a 30-day money-back guarantee -- plus dvr is included. with u-verse tv you can record to four shows at once
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- ( rings - woman: smokers' helpline. oh, hiit's me.
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san ancisco giants are hoping to get their winning moment back in front of their home ground after a disappointing loss in philadelphia last night. the team and their families arrived home jus after 4:00 this morning with jet lag no doubt. the series is now tied at a game apiece. giants lost to the phiies last night 6-1. the next three games of a seven-game series or the best of seven will be played in san francisco. first pitch for game three is tomorrow at 1 p.m..
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we'd likeo see how you're showing your love for the giants and share it with our viewers. upload them to or e-mail them. >> so ifou get a little time to cah up on their sleep tomorrow? >> tomorrow. >> well, tomorrow looks like it will be low to mid-60s during the game. a little more sunshine we're seeing today. probably the nicest or warmest day friday this week. >> see them on tv, they look so cold all bundled up in philadphia. >> normal weather for us, at&t park. a little bit of wind. yeah, come on. take a look, show you what's going on. it is 11:19. good morning on this monday. watching left over moisture spinning arod that low. way too high to cause rain problems. but some of the lower clouds and earlier clouds that were thicker are causing some flight arrival delays into sfo, nearly 45 minutes. you can check out flight tracker, see if you have
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anything, any flights ar specifically late or not. here's a look at at&t park. speaking of the me tomorrow. looks like wel see even more sunshine. a great dafor baseball, especially late october. let's take a look back at yesterday real quick. snowstorm and santa rosa came in with 2800. that's a lot of rain for october. 17 hundredth in san rafael, oakland. technically a trace at the airport. most of us in the 50s but you see the sunshine in the inland valleys, concord and fairfield in the low 60s. low to mid-60s the monterey bay and 59 gilroy. highlights, let's talk about drier, brighter and warmer weather today. that's the first one. patchy fog and a little cool tonight. warmest tuesday and wednesday. tomorrow and wednesday afternoon. our 24 hou temperature change impressive. next to all these temperatures, the coldest high tempeture ever for yesterday in these
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cities. we have temperatures 9 to 17 degrees warmer this afternoon. the reason why? watch the area of low pressure. you can see the curling, the twisting nature in the counterclockwise fashion. backing to the south and west away from us and this low will continue dropping down into southern california while this high pressure take over and brings us that warming trend through wednesday. south bay partly cloudy, upper 60s to low 70s. about 70 degrees in san jose and cupertino. southwa southward about 70. downtown south san franciscand sausalito in the mid-60s but we'll have low to mid-70s through the north bay valleys with near 60 at your beaches. mid to upper 60s for most of the east bay shore, union city and fremonshould make it 70. low to mid-70s the east bay valleys with brentwood the warmest 75. morgan hill, gilroy, low 70s there. low to mid-60s the montey bay
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with a little mor sunshine. the wet weather, you see it moving to the south los angeles and san diego, near 70 there. a scattered thunderstorm around palm springs and 80. tonight 40 degree temperatures, santa rosa, napa, half moon bay and low to mid-50s for the rest of us. check out the temperature jump tomorrow, about 2 to 4 degrees. we'll hanwith those temperatures through wednesday, cooling trend thursday with a little more cloud cover. you can see the chance of showers friday, saturday and sunday with the most likely area the north bay. >> here's information that could help save a life of somebody you love. the american heart association released new guidelines today for admintering cpr. they switch the steps, call 9-1-1, use 30 hard chest compressio and then give mouth to mouth and 30 chest compressions and repeach the cycle. the old approach calls for
11:53 am
giving the breaths first and then do the chest. it's the most important part, keeping the blood circulating to the heart and brain. >> two free events as part of efforts to protect children from lead poisoning. one of the events is today until noontime at the community first five center on clinton road in concord. another event saturday at the pittsburg adult center. parents can bring up to three children's toys to be tested at each event. leads particularly dangerous for young children. it can slow developments, learning and may cause behavior problems >> coming up next, the white house turns into a science fair toda toda
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meg whitman's metown newspaper said it best: "meg whitman has demonstrated a loose relaonship with the truth" "a poor understanding of " "pat solutions for problems whosdepth and complexity cleay elude her" "she utterly lackshe qualifications to be governor" jerry own "offers california exactly what it needs" "good ideas, strg principles, a reputation for telling the truth" and the ability to "get thingsone in sacramento" meg whitman's hometown newsper and newspapers across the state have endorsed jerry brn for governor.
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and adding alcoholics to the latte menu starbucks. >> the science fair to celebrate students who have won engineerg and math
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competitions. >> h took a look at several including one where students designed a physical therapy chair for children. president obama says he will appear on an episode of a television show that show truth behind urban legendses. >> the show from the bay area. congratulations to them. >> mike, a nice day, huh? >> i think so. more sunshine. a little warmer. still cool tonight cool at the game tomorrow. >> thank you, mike. >> thanks for joining us.
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