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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  January 31, 2013 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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sdz. >> tonight at 9:00. new report questions the conduct of oakland police. why did 2 officers have to point their guns at 19 month old child? >> for superbowl week. nationwide round up of fake football merchandise. this is just some of what they confiscated here in the bay area. >> plus nothing i feel in in my heart. >> forty-niner continues to back pedestrian alal on the anti-gay remark he made. team mates coming to his defense. do you really need that mammogram. people who tl you the best car or computer to buy are now telling you which are now telling you which canc
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>> it might look like the real thing but what you are seeing here is all fake. phoney the nfl merchandise rounded up around the country with buyer beware warning tonight for superbowl week. federal agents seized a record amount of counterfeit merchandise in called operation red zone. as allen explains husbands of thousands of dollars worth of fake nfl gear already rounded up here in the bay area. >> commercial with mean joe green and the little kill. >> former raider linebacker champion barns says the nfl has
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such a tight grip on the merchandise and property this classic commercial scene wouldn't have happened in real life. ♪ which is why he says there's very little tolerance for the sale of unlicensed counterfeit merchandise. superbowl is fueling that demand. >> here in san francisco we are seeing counter part from the other field offices. more of this than anywhere else. >>reporter: just this past week homeland security and u.s. customs confiscated 300,000 dollars worth of unlicensed nf l merchandise in san francisco. nationwide more than 13 million dollars in fake merchandise nabbed this season made mostly in china 8. most on the street are selling from 15 dollars to 30 dollars. retail jersey could go for 100 dollars. >>reporter: is this listened nfl merchandise. >> yes. >>reporter: can you show us? what is that?
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>> camera off me please. >>reporter: this man we confronted on market street in san francisco said he make about his 5 dollars for every counterfeit shirt he says how are you able to break in. >> i see somebody on the street they offer. why not. chance to make some money you know what i mean. at least i'm not robbing and stealing people purses that's what people need to be worried about. >>reporter: nfl college store on pier 39 says it's not the street husband letters putting a dent in the profit. it's the pirate internet sites. as part of the sting 6 internet sites shut down but authorities say they keep popping back up. >> friend of mine saw a jersey with rice and has superbowl patch of 47 on it. and it's not available out there by the actual manufacturer. >>reporter: that's because rice isn't playing in superbowl xlvii. authorities say the superbowl has them chasing a lot of counterfeiter around san francisco and if the niners win they are even busier.
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reporting in downtown san francisco, i'm allen abc 7 new news. >> that is for sure that stuff is wherever. well the uproar over anti-gay remark over forty-niner chris threaten to over shadow the eventup to the m running back dave in 1975 he became the first professional after threat announce that he was gay. >> i think it's a sad day for him. he sits he needs to groyp. needs to pay attention to what is going on to society. needs to pay attention of the human reelingts. >>reporter: also reacting group called san francisco bay flag football that organizers organizes lgbt teams and leagu league. facebook page had a number of comments. >> these kind of comment prevent these high school kids and high school athletes from coming out. >>reporter: now abc sports anchor reporter mike is in new orleans and had a chance to
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talk with total verify about what he said. >>reporter: chris was surrounded by the media this morning after his derogatory statement to gay in the locker room. he answered every question. >> i just want to face the situation and just let everyone know i feel in in my heart because i'm not that type of guy. >>reporter: well, what type of guy is he? >> i don't have no different than other sexuality and just like that. like i said it's not what i feel in the in my heart and i treat everyone equal any type of way. not how i feel in. >>reporter: chris talked with coach harbaugh and they are moving forward. >> i say something that he will learn about himself and statement he pledged to grow from it and it will affect him
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and hope and pray it affects in a positive way going forward. >>reporter: forty-niner president thinks educating players is part of the organization responsibility. >> because we are in the bay area. because we are one of the team that is embrace the gay community it's up to me to make sure our guys understand that but i can certainly give them the opportunity to expand their horizons and that's something i will take the responsibility for. >> guy is a young guy and very unfair but when you make comments like that you have to be very, very careful and not offend anyone. >>reporter: chris didn't want to be a distraction and he was asked what he would like to say to the the people of san francisco. >> i'm sorry i offended anyone. very ugly comment and that's not what i feel in in my heart. hopefully i can learn and grow in this experience and i love san francisco. >>reporter: mike sports
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director larry and wayne and katie are all tweeting behind the scenes action going on at superbowl week for the best superbowl coverage live from new orleans. we are retweeting the highlights at abc 7 news bay area. >> more superbowl coverage a little later on. court appointed monitor revealed today that 2 oakland police officers pointed their guns at sleeping toddler. toddler last year. happened while the officers were investigating a misdemeanor crime. local defense attorney calls the incident disturbing. same report also showed the department actually went backwards in fully complying with 51 reforms laid out 10 years ago. oakland police did not fully comply with 11 of the steps during the last quarter. that compares with nine three months ago. those shortcomings include steps to review the use of leftal force by officers and problems in dealing with accusations of police misconduct. >> for the second time in mont months 4 month ins fact a federal judge declared a
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mistrial in the case of the san francisco crime lab technician accused of stealing cocae from the facility we covered this extensively. 62-year-old deborah madden admitted to police that she took trace amounts of the drug while working late at the lab. but jurors could not agree that mad ep used deception or fraud to take the cocaine because of lacks safety measures at the crime lab. it forced the police department to temporarily close the crime lab and institute new security procedures. also had dismissal of hundreds of case. >> lawsuit filed san jose says the anti-depressant zoloft is no more effective than a sugar pill. medication is heavily marketed and commonly prescribed. >> talk to your doctor about zoloft no. 1 prescribed brand of its kind. >>reporter: it's made by pfizer and accuses the company of fraud saying pfizer paid doctors to push the drug and that pfizer didn't publish clinical studies that found the drug quote about as effective
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placebo. zoloft calls the lawsuit frivolous. patients should be rhyme bursted for the kochlts and ask the young to approve 2 class action case. one for california resident who took zoloft and one for all users in the united states. several republican law makers in california surprise the colleague today by supporting immigration reform. annette reports on why many republicans now changing their stand on undocumented immigrants. >> this is about policy not about politicing. it's about doing the right thing. i think this is about right ago wrong. >>reporter: tide is turning for republican state lawmaker join democrat in support ago resolution your honoring federal government to pass immigration reform including path way to citizenship for the millions in the united states illegally. >> first of all, i represent the 12th senate district not the republican paevrment do i what is best for my district no. 1. no. 2, this is going to
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happen and if anybody wants to get in the way they are steam rolled over. >>reporter: announcement comes as surprise from members whose own party is known for being tough on illegal immigrants. in california gubernatorial primary the g.o.p. didn't want to talk about a path way to citizenship. in the presidential election mitt romney pushed for self deportation. but with a dismal 29 percent of california voters registered as republicans and very few g.o.p. members holding legislative office some say they had to change. >> time for the republicans. i think it's time for a lot of folk to finally wake up and see what is going on. >>reporter: some republicans say people shouldn't be surprised embracing immigration refor. considering it aligns well with the belief which often is overshadowed by inflammatory rhetoric. >> many ways it fits right within the core principal of the republican party. opportunity. prosperity. entrepreneurism. rewarding hard work. >>reporter: g.o.p. is also facing the reality that the latino population in california is on track to surpass the
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caucasian population early next year. >> republicans definitely know they need us for the next election so, so this is the year. the time is now. >>reporter: in another surprise move senator announced he's co-authorizing a democratic bill to allow im groonts apply for driver's license n.sacramento, abc 7 news. >> we have some developing news >> we have some developing news tonight in mexico >> sirens blair after explosion rocks the headquarters of the mexican state oil company and forces the workers to evacuate. we have the very latest. >> also you could see this special aircraft fly right over your house. we explain the mission that it is on. also spencer is here with the weather. >> accu-weather forecast center even as january ends and february begins the mild spring like pattern continues. but the end is in sichlingt i have the accu-weather forecast coming. >> thank you spencer. also >> th[ male announcer ]also citibank's app for ipad
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company. it appears the explosion took place in the basement of administrative building that stands next to the 52 story office tower. mexican police are trying to find out what caused the explosion. smoke can be seen rising over mexico city sky line but again many dead and dozens and dozens injured. >> green fighter jet looking aircraft made low passes over the bay area today. perhaps you saw it. latest weapon that scientist are using to fight air pollution. 7 news business and technology reporter david louie explains how airborne lab could some day allow to us bra breathe cleaner air. >> this jet is on target specific mission today. tout capture ozone and green house gas over the bay area in the never ending battle to control air pollution. one of the under wing pod is equipped as airborne science lab. intake on the bottom sample the air and out the back and measurement and analysis. the mission is the partnership of nasa aims the bay area air quality management district and
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other agencies. >> we hope to have an understanding of the air that flows into the bay area so the model that the air quality district runs can use the proper input conditions to understand how much we are being given and how much we are producing ourselves. >>reporter: jet stream deliver pollution from asia to california. that means conditions like this in beijing have an impact here. >> anything that is dealing in other part of the worldcom to us locally in the bay area and affect of that is we have to know about it as well as health and issues that concern us. >> jet took off from moffitt field the focus is low level pollution under 1200 feet from santa rosa and salinas out over the pacific coast. researchers need to factor in pollution at higher levels. >> like mountains. and just general kind of how mixed the atmosphere and we need to have a look at is what coming up and
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possibly mixed down influence. >>reporter: hopeful long-term study will reduce mrichlingts and determine what we might need to do in the future to further regulate or curb certain plot anti-to not have air pollution problems. >> today is the beginning of the research into bay area air pollution eventually satellite will be going up as well as the agency kin to coordinate and to study pollution. at nasa aims, david louie 7 news. >> from practicing pollution to tracking the national park. google now taking the street view to the grand canyon. travelers can digital explore the grand canyon from on the ground advantage point. they stuffed the are camera into a backpack quiving people 360 agree angle of the park. stunning. google hopes this do this with all national park all over the country. even in the world as well. great idea gives you unique view of the
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parts you haven't seen before. >> cool. i like tonight what's is cool weather right now and the weather man spencer. >> it gets no cooler than the weather conditions that's for sure. here's a live view from the high definition roof top camera at abc 7 along the embarcadero along the lit up bay bridge the light is up under clear sky tonight and another illustration of the clear sky in our live doppler 7 hd radar image. no cloud in the sky. no precipitation in the area. we have temperatures beginning to drop a bit. it's cool overnight. not cold. we have temperatures right now 42 degrees in fairfield. 46 at napa. right around 50 near the bay but it gets cooler in our inland valley for sure so chilly overnight. mild afternoon through monday then we have cooler days next week as we get a little bit of a shift in the weather pattern and cloud and move into the weather picture. clouds move into the weather picture by the weekend. satellite radar composite image shows large ridge of high pressure dominant
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picture at the moment bringing us dry mild pattern that will last into next week. however look at this. mass of clouds coming up from the south that will work their way into the bay area sky. not bringing rainfall but just filter the sunshine a little bit as we get into saturday sunday. overnight tonight no filtering. just clear skies. chilly conditions in the interior valley of the north bay and east bay where low pressure will drop into the mid to upper 30's and see upper 30's to low 40's around the bay near the coast line. on we go to high pressure tomorrow. much like today. even milder. in the south bay high pressure in the upper 60's. 68 at campbell. saratoga 69 at los gatos on the peninsula. we see mid 60's. 66 at redwood city palo alto on the coast low mid 60's at pacifica and a half moon basement around san francisco look for high tomorrow in the mid 60's. 64 degrees downtown up in the north bay mid 60's. 66 at santa rosa. sonoma. and napa. east bay high up to about 67 at oakland. 65 at
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hayward and castro valley and inland east bay high in the mid 60's as well. 65 at danville dublin and livermore 66 at please anton and monterey bay high of 71 at watsonville. 70 santa cruz and gilroy. 73 at salinas. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. this mild pattern again continues through monday. expect more mid 60's and even low mid 60's on the coast. beach weather in february can you believe. that saturday ground hog day and given these conditions likely to see the shooed which according to the legend 6 more week of winter which is pretty glorious so far. sunday superbowl subpoenaed lovely weather outside enjoy before the game starts then next week we start to get few more clouds in the sky and slight chance of rain by next thursday. this is pretty dry period. whole month of january has been quite dry. >> we are fine on rain total. >> we are. totals right at the normal level. >> perfect. enjoy no rain without guilt either.
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>> guilt free wchblingts i love it. >> thank you spencer very much. >> sports fan and special habits when superbowl superstition cross-over into something a little more. >> and i'm wade free free man in new orleans get mesmerize the real deal. paddle wheel powered by steam on the mississippi river. show you how it works coming up. >> really should stay tu
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fv. >> well just 3 weekdays until the superbowl in new orleans. whole bunch of people in the big easy covering the story. we explore more fascinating aspects of new orleans culture as we cover the 49ers at
9:26 pm
superbowl xlvii. tonight 7 news reporter wayne friedman is taking you for a ride on a steam powered time shechbility check it out. >> you are looking at listening to the lure of steam and lower. live noise on the mississippi river. traditional sound on the river boat set. >> before tv and what you do before radio this wasorm pulling you to the river. >>reporter: now let us pull you captain steve doesn't have a dream job. it's one of a kind job. that's a signature call from 265 foot long huge riff steam boat old technology in new form. >> i think she lost a lot of and a half gate by the seat of the pachbilitys new technology and gps and sharp navigation. newer people don't know how the old people did it. >>reporter: it's a tourist attraction yes but discerning
9:27 pm
one get away from the superbowl crowds. escape in space and time. 7 miles down and 7 miles back over some of the deepest water of the mississippi. this is no digital rendition that is a giant paddle wheel turning the 16 rpm driven by steam engine so old that it came from another boat in previous century. >> when you start into a job and you like what you do then i guess you can make it life long. >> frankly the working of the antique machine fascinated us. like a living they think. closed system with two boilers for hearts. crew named them thelma and lieu bees because they are so temperamental. >> the glass you can see fire in it. fire passes through bunch of tubes. >>reporter: that may or may not fascinate the dineers who came aboard for a cruise tonight. even got a fireworks show just after sunset. nothing beats the time machine
9:28 pm
driven by steam. >> listen to that. signature sound. you know what they say if you look carefully at that scene you can see the ghost of previous captains. that's what they say any way. from new orleans, abc 7 news. >> could be true. don't forget to turn to 7 nuts right after the superbowl. it's a great game. have fun. check us out afterwards. our news team in new orleans and in the bay area will be live on the air with up to the minute look at how niner fans are reacting here and in the big easy. >> moving on now. butting head open capitol hill. >> correct or incorrect. >> my reference to. >> are you going to answer the question senator hagel. >> the question is were you right or wrong. >> coming up. president obama nominee to be secretary of defense faces sharp and sometimes angry questioning special freely his friend. >> investigation reveals the
9:29 pm
true price of some local school bond. billions of dollar in debt that is taking decade to repay. >> and which cancer screenings should you skip? sh[ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation,
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>> fiery day on the hill. hagel purple heart recipient in vietnam and former senator to be nominated secretary of defense at the confirmation hearings. his former colleague met him with a barrage of critical questions. here's january thon karl. >> vietnam veteran and former respect can senator but today chuck hagel found himself and his judgment under attack by a fellow republican and vietnam vet. >> were you correct or incorrect when you said that
9:33 pm
the surge would be the most dangerous foreign policy blunder in this country since vietnam. were you correct or incorrect. >> i'm not going to give you a yes or no answer. >> let it show you refused to answer the equipment he did answer standing bit word on the iraq war in revealing something about the kind of defense secretary he hopes to be. >> i saw the consequences and suffering and the horror of war so i did question a surge. is this going to be worth the sacrifice. we lost almost 1200 dead americans during that surge. now was it required? was it necessary? >>reporter: hagel the first defense secretary to w.h.o. saw some about the as enlisted soldier. poor kid from nebraskaed he and his brother tom volunteered to serve in vietnam. brother served in the same infantry unit in 1968. both getting wounded. each credit the other with saving their lives. >> i don't see the limb of
9:34 pm
every world event and whether we should use american power through the lens of vietnam. but it is part of me. >>reporter: hagel service praised. >> i admire your service to your country. >>reporter: but criticized soft on iran and too tough on israel. at one point criticizing what you he called the jewish lobby. today he tack the xent back. >> i should have used another term and i'm sorry. i regret it. >>reporter: hagel seemed confused about iran that he called an elected legitimate government misstating the president position on pursuit of nuclear weechlt he will be confirmed but the supporters acknowledge he didn't have a particularly strong performance at the confirmation hearing. at one point telling the committee that he needs to learn more about the pentagon saying quote if confirmed i intend to know a lot more than i do. jonathan karl, abc news the white house. >> we have update coming into the newsroom about that accident at mexico state oil
9:35 pm
facility. 25 people are now dead few minutes ago we had the number at 14. now 4525. still roughly 100 injured after explosion and fire there in mexico city. >> california taxpayers are on the hook. you and me tonight for billions of dollars more than expected because of new school construction. investigation by our media partner california watch found that some school districts desperate for cash have used a form of creative financing that carries a very high cost for future generations. >>reporter: napa valley unified school district promised to keep taxes low when it built this new high school in american canyon. >> our promise to the voters of napa was to keep the tax bill at or below 39 or 36 and we were able to accomplish that. >>reporter: but there wasn't enough monto finish the project so the district resorted to capitol appreciation bonds or cabs. traditional school bond require borrowers to start
9:36 pm
making payments within 6 months. taxpayers usually pay 2 to three times the original amount borrowed. tab allow the payments to be stretched out over a longer period. sometimes decade. but there is a price. at least one district cost 23 times more than first borrowed. california watch investigation found the state had some of the loosest rules governing cap appreciation bond anywhere in the nation. found 3-21 school district used cab to finance project. combined those districts have borrowed more than 5 and a half billion dollars. costing taxpayers nearly 22 billion. >> in southern california the unified school district here used 53 million dollars in bond money to pay for construction of a high school. that included air conditioned gym and rubber track surrounding an artificial turf football field. but when the district ran out of money officials turned to cab to complete the job. >> sold about 57 million dollars worth of cabs and over
9:37 pm
a 40 year period that 57 million is going to cost the people of the city total 375 million dollars. >>reporter: herb became the assistant superintendent in july 2012. by then the cab money had run out. and noticed some of the schools planned features were still missing. >> when i got to the top of the stairs medley caught my attention like where is the bleachers? of course that's when i was told one of the decision that we had to caught because we ran out of money. >>reporter: california state treasurer believes these long-term payment bonds are just a bad deal. really boils down to simple matter which is should school districts be making these deals where there's a huge balloon payment on their debt some day and they are not paying for it as they use the new facility. >>reporter: not all districts will have huge balloon payment payments. still some taxpayers worry the burden of carrying such huge debt will ultimately
9:38 pm
catch up. >> if you don't have the money to pay for it then we maybe should have toned it down a bi bit. >>reporter: andrews ran for the school board in 2009 because he was worried about the way the district was borrowing money in. my eye the district is bankrupt already. they just don't know it because they haven't had the default on payment yet. >>reporter: district that crew this kind of financing argue new schools are an investment in the future. truth is i don't see any fault here. community agreed with us and they approved the bond and then we went around funding those bonds. >>reporter: as long as the state of california doesn't fully funded occasional needs and requirements guys like me are forced to look and be creative in our financing. >> lawmakers look for way to limit the use of capitol appreciation bonds. state pressureer have called for moratorium on those kind of bonds. >> trust consumer report when it comes buying the next car or
9:39 pm
refrigerator but now for the first time ever the magazine is rating cancer screening tests. they want people to know which ones are most effective either by cost, type of kearns and other variable. screening test for cervical colonel lon breast cancer most effective test available. but magazine says people shouldn't waste the time on screening for bladder, lung, prostate, pan tree as or testicle cancer. consumer report using information from independent group supported by government health officials. >> well are you convinced the team will last if you don't wear the right jersey or sit in the right chair. funny series of commercials about that now. we all have subpoena sition of course and turn into something more serious sometimes. paula harris with some information that you need to know about. ♪ ♪. >>reporter: with the superbowl just days away ads like this
9:40 pm
highlight the superstition is synonymous. >> did you do this. >> no. >>reporter: in the film silver lining play book robert plays a crazed football fan who needs his remote arranged a certain way. brad pitt character thinks his presence occurs the beloved a. >> turn around. >> not going to haichlt you are not going to jinx it. >> take michael jordan who did not play nba game without college basketball short underneath his uniform. then there's jason and his gold thong which he wore to bust out of a slump. subpoena stish us behavior can morph into sol more serious ocd. affects over two million american adults as soon in as good as it gets. exhibiting ocd behavior doesn't necessarily mean you have ocd.
9:41 pm
>> you can be meticulous or somebody who likes to count steps. that doesn't mean you have ocd. even if like de niro character don't jump to conclusion. >> gets to the point where there are things you captain do because of those superstition or behavior then you may on the edge of ocd. >> this is ocd. this is not. so light them up sports fans. may the best team win. paula harris abc news new york. >> all right coming up. revealing new look at the founder of facebook. we you can't move the tv there.
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>> justice department says budweiser and carona don't mix. it's challenging proposed 20
9:45 pm
billion dollar merger between an highs her busch. they have been in a long neck battle with the other company for latino customers in california and texas particularly justice department says prices go up and competition down should this merger good through. but lite is the best selling beer in the nation and carona extra the best selling import. >> while we talk business. he's the world second youngest billionaire talking about mark subinger berg. enough people ask how he did i that a new book about him has just become a "wall street journal"best seller. jonathan sat down today with the author of think like suck. >> waerlt is no stronger to social media. as marketing strategist they worked with facebook for years and now written a book about the chief executive. >> complex guy mark. >> i don't think so. i think he's a guy who loves to be around his friends. that's why he builds every product he
9:46 pm
build and his history is social. but i think he misunderstood. >> some got the first from the social network. he never cared for the film and walter agrees it's not that accurate. >> i think the social network in the movie didn't get the character. character the leader. >> leader focus of the book. how to for entrepreneur who look up to mark. his idol gates and steve jobs he borrowed unusual hiring technique taking candidate on hike. >> meeting in the board room let's meet in the woods. >> he did that a lot. >> he did. he did. works very well for him. he learned from jobs mistake. jobs forced out of apple in the 90's but phase went public he can't be fired by keeping a controlling share despite the earning report. >> investors freaked out by the fact that spending was way higher than it was. >> roll out of facebook new graph search and mobile
9:47 pm
advertisement are costing money but walter confidence zuckerberg knows ultimately bring in a lot of can't he may a hacker at heart but surrounded himself with a business savvy team like chief operating officer cheryl who says she's good at everything mark isn't. >> she admits his shortcomings. very biggie think in the leadership role in. san francisco, abc 7 news. >> coming at 9:00. it's called the clooney effect. going gray as you age. well it has as[ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation,
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>> you probably heard about the effect the silver fox has on some women. but who knew a
9:51 pm
silver sparrow could be as aluring. in the bird communit community. certain birds age they go gray and send female a nuter. experts say graying becomes attractive for mating because it means the bird is an accomplished nester and mastered the skills of foragin foraging. birds species particularly affected are those with darker feathers like pwlad black birds, sparrows. who knew. >> let's go to our silver fox spencer. >> turn gray before i go bald. clear sky an getting cool. pleasantly cool if the bay are area. how about new orleans where lots of folks headed for superbowl weekend. weather there is just fine. next 4 days down there guaranteed. sunny sky tomorrow. pleasantly cool milder over the weekend few more clouds into the picture and of course monday mostly cloudy but most sell brandt left by then. tomorrow here in the state of california
9:52 pm
mild conditions from top to bottom. sunny sky especially in southern california with high in the upper 70's in los angeles and palm sprngs. here in the bay area mid upper 60's for much of the area and here is the accu-weather 7 day forecast. this unseasonably mild weather we have will continue through the wednesday and actually through monday of next week. then we get few more clouds in the sky and cool down a tad and chance of showers next week. the weather ahead. >> you are firing tonight. >> here all wichblingt get it going. >> sends heart anuter. >> inspired the back 50 shades of gray didn't you. all about experience. >> he's like 40 shades of gray. >> 40 shades. >> larry is in new orleans. >> game going on this subpoenaed i think. coming in sports. rice responds to moss greatest receiver of all time comment. andíáf-
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with clusters of flakes and o's. oh, ho ho... it's the honey sweetness. i...i mean, >> coming up tonight at 11. young man smacked down by vet
9:56 pm
run officer after call for help. caught on camera. dan has exclusive eye team investigation. >> local car dealer who vanished with people cars and cash. those stories and a lot more for you coming up at 11 over object channel 7. rick has all the sports. what will we talk about after this next sunday. >> really. exactly. got a feeling kind of some bad karma going on rate now. >> bad publicly 20's chris and moss 49 versus taken the lead over the ravens in pre-superbowl distraction. by calling themself the greatest receiver of all time moss ignored rice hall of fame career. today our mike somewhat down with rice app got his reaction to the controversy. >> all right jerry how does it feel to all of a sudden be the second greatest receiver. >> second greatest receiver of all time. i got demoted fast. what i think about i'm the greatest. >> had you to be a little taken aback by that. >> would you never hear me say
9:57 pm
i'm the best wide receiver that ever played a game or best football player to have played a game. i just love mraichlingt what i said was what i felt. i was surprised by his comment but i think it's randy moss. he likes to bring attention to himself but i don't believe in numbers. with him saying okay you can't bring the statistics and all so how i impacted the game. i say if you are no. 1 you have to bring the statistics into the equation. he could have been the best football player probably to have ever play add game. most talented but i was in the the most talented but i was going to out work you. i never took any play off. >>reporter: you played with joe montana and steve young you know that now that you are out of the game. it's kind of hard to compare. >> even dwight clark and we were slow guy. hard to compare but i think he brought a part to the game where you had to
9:58 pm
respect him. i felt like i really impacted the game in a very special way and this is what it is all about writ here. all about the hardware and make it to the superbowl and being crowned the champion and hopefully he can get one of these superbowl rings this weekend. >> no doubt. jerry is the greats. >> to basketball. warriors host dallas. curry without an injury still but but these were back on the court. curry nursing the sprained right ankle. jack got the start if place of curry. pass to an draw for the basket. right before the half carter shows he cab still get up there and nearly bring the rim down. warrior led by 2 at intermission. david lee headed for another double double puts it in off the glass. thompson set contrary high with 32 points on tuesday. mate break it tonight. knocks it down to 3 and the foul. midway in the
9:59 pm
fourth. golden state ladies dallas 92-sfichbility mike looking for 100 win at cal. oregon state led by 12 at the second half but bears rally and 3 foot if with the nasty feed the richard for the two hand flush that would do it as cal comes back to win 71-to 78. up beaten shark are going for the seventh straight win. at home tonight against edmonton. new majority owner of the sharks determine checking out investment. the shot and sap jose on to. and kaepernicking. everybody is doing it. just 39 seconds later the oilers turn it over. joe goes top shelf for his fourth of the season. he has point in every game this year. cut the lead if half as deflects thisw this r time. tied at 2 appease


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