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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  November 9, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am PST

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>> there were several loud ban bang. followed by a couple of fun shots. >> reporter katie nelson from the immediate why partner the mercury news was tlivlt it was definitely the ultimate surprise. there was no warning when the flash bang went off. no warping when they came, when the machine came out of the home or when the officer contacted him e-as for the female hostage sources she did not survive. of zeros found her inside the home.
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investigators aren't yet reless what her realizeship was with the suspect. her neighbors all of this has been quite a shoychblingt i moved away from a bad area so i wouldn't be around this kind of stuff. >> one officer wounded but the injuries not life threatening. he's expected to be okay. in san jose, abc 7 news. well developing news tonight. state wide silver alert in effect for miss something nem couldn't couple. sam and maria wall not seen since saturday. alan is live in rohnert park tonight with the story. alan? >>reporter: enthusiastic couple lived in the house for more than 20 years but neighbors say their mental health did he kloyp in the past 6 months. now police are loo looking for this elderly couple whether neighbors say they could see working around their house all the time. i. >> i used to indicate hungarian garden talk. she yells from inside the house and he yells
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from outside the house. >>reporter: al is describing his next door neighbors. elderly couple who have been missing and are now part of a state wide search. sam is 85 years old an his wife maria is 90. sam was supposed to take his wife to the hospital on saturday because they thought she had a medical emergency. but the couple never showed up. police are worried because both are suffering from early stages of dementia. >> they may be lost. confused. stranded somewhere. so we just want to fine them right now. >>reporter: sam and maria immigrated from hungry. both very end and sam ri holocaust survivor. >> he always situated whenever i lock at challenges or face struggles in my life he always said to himself if i can survive the con sen tretion camp i can survive anything. >>reporter: police believe the couple may be driving in their car which looks similar to this one. it's a faded green 2001 toyota camry with license plate 4 nhv 4 4 6. if rohnert park,
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alan, abc 7 news. >> we are on storm watch tonight. rain returned to the bay area. light fencing brought down trees and as an added bonus now snow in the sierra and fair amount of it. sandhya is tracking it all. >> yes. still on our radar there's showers showing up. take you in a little bit closer and talk about where it is still writtening at this hour. so in the east bay street level radar taking you into the newark area. cedar boulevard and also from monterey bay we are still tracking some showers as we go in a little bit closer between boulder creek definitely keep this streets slick for the next few hours and sierra nevada it's white. snowing. chain requirements on all roads leading to tahoe the snow has not eased up and additional 12 to 16 inches expected at the sierra crest
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winter storm warning until 7:00 a.m. so if traveling up there be prepared for snow and carry your chains. this is a picture from sierra tahoe over a foot of snow and looking fresh is what the person said to me. some of the resorts reporting as much as 2 feet of snow. i'll be back with a detailed look at what you can expect for your morning commute. it's going to be different from this morning dan. >> okay thanks a lot. snow is coming down hard. here it is in reno. national weather service there twoted this picture saying their office has seen 8 inches so far but 4 of those came in just one hour. that snow in the sierra still coming down tonight as said this was the scene at boreal mountain resort earlier as skiers and no boarders took full advantage of the fresh powder. many more resorts set to open in the next couple of wokes. >> one of the intense storms here in the bay area was in san mateo o. light fing strike splintered a tall redwood if you feet from a home own was in her guard we know her doing
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there you see them. strike sent shared of the tree everywhere including through the homeowner bedroom wednesday o. look what happened in the house. thankfully they were not hurt. just scared pretty badly. the rain did give way to beautiful afternoon in parts of the bay year. these are pictures of late afternoon rainbow. viewers september to us if you have a picture of the weather or individual quo you live send it to us using the hash tag abc 7 notch to other matters. stanford students who say school leaders are down playing the problem with sexual assaults on campus gather tonight for special summit. not petting help but four getting help from warning ton dc too. here's st katie. tivrjts would you call this rape or would you call it establish ford misconduct e-4 student told stories of sexual assaulted and stanford failed to bring them justice. >> university aggressively protect and support the
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assaulters and they leave survivors extremely trump tie tiesed. >>reporter: some also believe the problem is being down played. student take issue with stanford climate survey which was released on october first, it shows 1.9 percent of students who participated in the survey had experienced sexual assault. some organizers say that number is very misleading. >> harvard and yale they say look at this 40 percent number. it's rape happens here and stanford needs to own up to that. >> she i hope introduced a new piece of legislation called halt. >> require a climate survey on every campus in the country that receives federal funds. it would be the the a survey that would be exactly the same so it can be stat and provost standing behind the survey say in a letter the results show clearly that we have much more work to do in battling sexual assault and
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sexual misconduct at stanford. this is abc 7 news. >> some breaking news. we just got word of earthquake 7 miles northeast of san jose just moment ago. some of the viewers felt it baby you. it measured 2.6 follow us on twitter at this web site for any update on that. comcast says it was forced to lock out about 200,000 accounts after user names and pass words were listed for sale on the dark webb. facted users had to reset the pass words. security analyst do not think it was a security breach instead they expect fishing scam or mall ware infected computer. >> hope you said. perfection tonight on "dancing with the stars"ment. >> 10. vn the perfect score for derek and bindy. >> coming up. go behind the scenes with the crocodile hunter daughter bindy irwin and the secret to her success on the dancing stage. plus brewing controversy
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facing starbucks tonight the coffee joint has message for customers seeing red this holiday season. >> later close encounter of a shark kind. incredible video. >> first here's a look what's coming up tonight right after abc 7 news at 11:00. >> thanks dan. we made a new show tonight. don't believe me look at this. we talked about this i specifically asked you not to recrowd for mary kay on my show. >> i told you this is not about selling cosmetic but about selling cosmetic but about changing
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. >> you saw pwipdy irwin and her perfect dance tonight on "dancing with the stars". she's best nope as crocodile hunter steve irwin's daughter and the 17-year-old admits that prior to competing on the show she was more comfortable in a zoo really than on a dance floor. melanie caught up with bindy for behind the scenes bindy for behind the scenes look in hollywood >>reporter: sometimes it's the most unlikely stars. >> learning how to dance is something totally different than what i'm used to. >>reporter: who shines brightest on the dance floor. >> whether do you think? 10. >>reporter: most people know her as crocodile hunter steve i are we know's little girl. now 17-year-old "dancing with the stars"competitor is no fish out of water. she's more like a tigris in the wild. >> i wake up every day and pinch myself i can't belief i'm here and i'm just loving every minute of it. >>reporter: just about everyone on the show has fallen
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in love with bendy's big heart. >> you lift my experts leak a bright summer day. >>reporter: she attributes her spirit to her dad. in 2006 steve irwin died after sting ray stabbed him. bindy was 8 yourself old. >> my daddy was my hero. he was always there for me when i needed him. i have the best daddy in the whole world. and i will miss him every day. >> that's kind of what keeps me going and keeps me calm and determined and strong because he was the strongest person i ever knew. >>reporter: as for whether the crocodile hunter might think about all of this? >> i think if he was still here he would definitely be bringing in whole bunch of animals. studio would be a crazier police because of him but i just oh, ep that he would be proud and wherever he is he's smiling. >>reporter: watching bindy is hard to imagine he wouldn't be. dance partner derek hough says she has far surpassed his expectations. >> her energy i met her lucky whoa this girl t.bull of energy
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and so for me it's all i hope forment spend a lot of time with the person. >>reporter: big compliment considering the 16 season competitor has won 5 mirror bull trophy. at the call themselves team cooibing a tribute to steve i are weapon. >> so proud out of and you are so beautiful and amazing. i love beny so much. >>reporter: she and her mom also say they love san francisco. >> we love your town. you have a great aquarium. >> come visit us. >>reporter: derek says he's headed to australia in december where he is likely to be a celebrity. not only has this duo graced the dance floor they have now also graced the cover of australia zoo magazine. more commonly known as. >> cooibing. kind of have to do something. >> the the there you go. >>reporter: melanie, abc 7 news. >> bindy and derek. >> you#w can see her return tog the dance floor next mondayg at 8:00 o'clock right here on abc
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7. >> millions of pounds of perfectly good food gets thrown awhich every single day and it's not just what you were scraping off the plate either. reggie looks no the horrible waste of food before it even gets to the store shelves. thousands of pounds of fresh produce taken to the dumpp. why is it here and what can be done to to it? well find out tomorrow at 11:00 item right here on abc 7 news. >> well two week to go until thanksgiving now and controversy already brewing over starbucks hotel difficult cups. see this year cup in video provided by starbucks. some loyalist complained that it features few hints of christmas. and one christian want people to say merry christmas so they write it on the cup. scene is more open which to usher in the holiday. this weather make it seem more like the holiday. the
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sandhya is here with the for now right.>ó >> that's right. çñ we are almot like fast forward=zing to decembers3. as we bring on th chill for tomorrow morning
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half inch. livermore third of an inch like oakland around the monterey by over an in of rain in gilroy came down hard in the santa cruz area much. inch and a half so we will really take those kind of storms any time. this storm not relited to el nino o. cold storm came out and that's why you see the temperatures in the mid upper 40's in the wick of this storm. sierra has been seeing snow. we are headed towards a chilly morning. speaking of snow. they fire up here it's 26 degrees right now. so certainly code enough to make snow to add to the fresh powder. season tomorrow afternoon and it's colder wednesday morning with some patchy frost. so you will likely be sceping off that frost off the wind sold if you do park outside. cold front pushing in to the sierra nevad nevada. few more showers will be ending overnight tonight as that continues through the next couple of hours. here's time line 11:00 p.m. tonight. clouds few showers as we head to midnight. most of the
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activist down towards the monterey bay. gilroy area and then at 2 or 3:00 o'clock in the morning still can't rule out shower in the south by and santa cruz mountains but morning when you get going most of the north bay is clear. rest with cloud cover this clearing will allow the temperatures to drop. santa rosa 37 tomorrow morning. local frost wednesday morning 34 degrees. national weather service will likely he shall a frost advisory for our inland valley so keep that in mean as we head to the next couple day days. mean time to bring out the electric trek blanket. chill with us until sunday monday when the numbers come up. sought coldest spots mid upper 30's north bay valley most of the rest of you when you get going tomorrow in the 40's. dress warmly when you get going and then for the afternoon long sleeves probably do it for you. still cool mostly season upper 50's to low 60's. 7 day forecast we see frost wednesday morning and then another chilly start but the day team high will be coming up. temperatures will
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be on the mild side on saturda saturday. accu-weather 7 difficult forecast featuring another opportunity for rain dan sunday afternoon into monday. >> chilly tomorrow. >> yes. very chilly tomorrow. >> yes. very chilly tomorrow. >> thank
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>> well even someone who gets into a shark cage probably isn't expecting this. spencer riley enjoying the under water have you off the coast of south africa gx6pá white shark torpedo into the protective cage. the teeth came within inches of head and arm. he wasn't really scared because it happened so quickly. looks like the shark kind of banged his mouth there i bet he should see the dentist not too happy about that. that is scary larry east off. would you get
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in one of those thing. >> would i not. not in my lif life. warriors playing like shark. they shut down the pistons at oracle. another total team effort led by thompson. best game this season. show you what an
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>> well the warriors remain only undefeated team left in the nba. took care of the dlúpistons. won 23 straight at oracle and thompson joins curry tonight. second quarter thompson waits for the fly by then hits the 3. warriors led
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55-for example at the half. third quarter. transition. quick draw for 3. 22 warriors up. third quarter. behind the back bounce pass to barns. thompson for 3. warriors lead by 17. passing team in the nba.en of the third quarter. jackson at the buzzer. he had 20. don't let it get closer. turn over up ahead to an dry. he can still dunk. puts it awhich were the 3. warriors run the win streak up to 8 and now 8 and o. the final here. still perfect. >> cal bears hosting clem out of montana. they make the debut here. first of the best in the first half. brown first made basket a triple. team high 13 in the first 20 minutes. expected to roll and they did:. off and
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knows how to fishni. and later in the first half. wallless clear pass to the hoop for even more of a upon sister jam. goes on to we know 93-58. >> 49ers jumping on the hash-tag blaine train and quarterback led them to win over the if cons. with the win blaine earns another start in two week against seattle. he was just what i thought he would be. game manager read defense to get the bull out to the my makers. led the team to the first 2 touch downs in week threw 2 td ps and seal the victory. his ability to get the ball out quick equal no sack first time this season. coach had been a fan of plane since he arrived. >> did he a nice job. really good things. with hi feet an his arm. and his brain. congrats layings to him but i thought across the board offensively everybody stepped it up. did a better job and was happy to see that. >>reporter: the the the the mopped night football.
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charmers facing the bears. charmers up 7. jay cutler pic pick. he's going down the side lean 68 yard pick. chargers 13-nothing. film rivers is loving it. but cutler sets a record for passingqláseru)u$ 131 in the come back. ug miller leapigh 1ed dwrbw. bears take a led after the two é't desperation#d k"-19. san diego lostdu 5 straight. this is sports report brought to you by x fenty. warriors up defeated this year. >> thank


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