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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  February 13, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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. midair scare. imagine staring at this shaking exposed engine while on a flight over the pacific ocean. we want to make sure that all students are safe and everyone gets the care they need. >> tonight we are tracking down what happened to almost a dozen students. conversation on making election day a holiday. here in california. >> announcer: live, where you live, this is abc7 news. >> a flight from san francisco making an emergency landing to
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hawaii. take a look at this united airlines passenger photo. one of the two engines failed over the pacific the engine's cover flew off. passengers heard and felt the jet vibrate. yeah, pretty scarey looking stuff. let's take a look at what happened when flight attend ants prepared for an emergency landing in honolulu. you can hear the chant brace, brace, brace. mr emergency crews waited on the runway. flight 1175. boeings triple seven is designed to fly for three hours over water over the pacific ocean.
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parents are awaiting answers after ten children got sick ingesting some substance. fire department officials say crews treated ten students in all. short time ago we spoke to a parent of an eighth grade student. >> i haven't heard of anything like this before. it was shocking and i left work and got here to find out what my child knew. >> no word on what exactly it was. those of you with the abc7 news app had the heads up with this breaking situation. you can customize our app to get the alerts. free to download and versions for both apple and android.
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good evening, i am dan ashley. >> and i am dion lim in for ama daetz. >> police identifying her and her alleged attackers. parents releasing this photo of their daughter. >> early monday morning she was found bleeding and crawling along tesla road. she made a dying declaration describing her attackers before she succumbed. >> allowing us to get to modesto to be able to execute a search warrant at the house. >> modesto is where deputies arrested both suspects.
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daniel gross and melissa l leonardo. >> a sniper was on top of our tree house. >> reporter: nine-year-old jaden silva said a s.w.a.t. time used his tree house as a viewing platform to peer into the backyard next door. >> we were just scared because we saw a lot of guns and we were scared that they were going to shoot or something. >> they said get out with your hands up. and we know that you are there. >> reporter: jaden's grandmother was there as officers swarmed in. >> they arrested a lady
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pregnant. >> reporter: 25-year-old melissa leonardo. gos engaged to this man, daniel gross. gross is 19-years old. arresting gross in connection with the murder of 19-year-old lizzette cuesta. neighbors say 19-year-old gross and 25-year-old leonardo were quiet neighbors. the victim just moved to the central valley three months ago. she was friends with the two suspects in modesto and identified them to law enforcement just before she died. i am leslie brinkley, abc7 news.
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new details on the child molestation case involving this man here. he is now on paid administrative leave. he is accused of abuse which reportedly happened about a decade ago on school grounds. the accuser decided to come forward. investigators want to know if there are any other possible victims. abc7 news learned that a family of a young man shot to the police department because the gun used was stolen from a police officer. >> reporter: the claim will be filed tomorrow against the city.
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the plicolice department. abel was shot to death in august just a block from his home. >> it was about 2:00 a.m. in the morning. he did not know his assailants. >> reporter: the shooter and two others had been on a crime spree. >> that all was enabled solely by a police officer who apparently is a decorated veteran failing to secure his weapon in his vehicle x leaving it with ammunition. >> reporter: attorney represents his family. the suspect was also wearing an i.c.e. tracking device strapped to his ankle. >> that monitor is the evidence
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that they are using to tie him to the three shootings and five robberies that occurred. >> reporter: escifel is suing. >> they want the message to be clear that law enforcement officers need to secure their weapons prororly. you have to either lock the firearm in your trunk or you have to lock it the container that is out of plain view. >> reporter: the officer is still on duty pending results of the investigation. lawyers for the man acquitted for the murder of kate
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steinle. his attorneys called the federal charges politically motivated and an effort by the trump justice department to scapegoat him. >> they are trying to override the verdict that was brought forward by the san francisco superior court jury. going to try to punish our client harsher. >> they will be asking the court to dismiss the charges. in marin county, the board of supervisors took a big step today. it applies to rentals in
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unincorporated areas and as wayne freedman explains, some people love the n ordinance whil others not so much. >> living room, wi-fi. >> reporter: your web search my lead you to john in marin county. >> four people, 90 bucks? that is a couple of bottles of wine. >> reporter: he is not real happy today with the marin county board of supervisors. regulating short-term vacation rentals. >> most local residents wants it. >> reporter: the ordinance would require short-term rental to display a sign. and perhaps most important to people a contact number in case guests begin having too much of a good time.
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>> why identify me when you don't have to with signage. >> reporter: the board estimates that 400 people in west marin rent rooms or houses. many do so beneath the radar. john says he always pays included taxes for his guests. >> airbnb charges our guests the tax for occupancy rental units like a hotelier would charge. >> reporter: board of supervisors will hold a hearing next month. >> i am just a working stiff who is trying to make things happen. we have had 0 rain. >> next, we will look at the preventative steps firefighters took today to get ahead of fire season. >> good rainfall news in the
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long-term. >> now you can wear a different sports jersey every week without buying a single one. i am michael finney. ahead on "7 on your side" i wl show you w. >> reporter: they are traveling all 50 states and making their last stop in california. i am jonathan bloom with the who are these people?
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the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and is you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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&t has a network with thousands of best-in-class security experts. which means... more of the eye balls you want watching the network... more experts prenting security. issues & less security threats imcting our customers. more of a highly secure network with more security products available for further protection & less per month than comcast for business internet. switch to at&t internet for business. more & less - that's the power of &. today dozens gathered in front of the west oakland b.a.r.t. station to demand justice. the shooting last month was captured by the officer's body cam. and the family of the man who died says it doesn't match the official report of what happened. >> they murdered my son.
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joseph mattel b.a.r.t. police murdered my son. >> reporter: showing her son being shot in the back by a b.a.r.t. officer. the b.a.r.t. officer reported hearing a gun shot outside of the west oakland station. he saw two men fighting. >> he said hands up. my son broke loose. and before he broke loose, he shot. >> reporter: this weapon was recovered at the scene but not clear who it belonged to. what is clear is that tindle was holding a gun when he was shot. john burr civil rights attorney sa he too has seen the video. >> he shot tee times and he falls in the back and has this
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puzzled look on his face. >> reporter: today b.a.r.t. issued a statement saying the b.a.r.t. police department is fully cooperating with opd. b.a.r.t. says it would not release the video until after the investigation was done. >> you may call it reckless and was deliberate and it should be prosecuted. >> reporter: in oakland lyanne melendez abc7 news. a man tossed a dog to his death from a parking garage. facing several charges of animal cruelty. best broke into a car and threw this four-year-old chihuahua onto the street below.
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captured on a dash camera. and he was arrested on sunday. new at 6:00, an update to an abc7 news special. another resident ing. part of the oakmont senior living facility. they have accused oakmont senior living to not have back up generators tor elevators. official claim they did have working generators. the bay area has yet to see a major wild land fires. the agency is planning thousands of controlled burns and one of them in santa cruz. david louie was there. >> reporter: the scope of the
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north bay fires in october and the lives of property lost are a stark reminder of devastation. cal fire is executing an ambitious plan of prescribed burns. it required nearly two years of planning and took ideal conditions so the smoke would blow away from populated areas. >> the wind is what made those fires erratic but stuff like this, prescribed burns, if we can limit the fuel and limit the continuity of the fuel, we have a better chance of fighting these fires. >> reporter: maps created by the national interagency fire center showing southern california already at above risk. by april and may, this map shows that level of risk advancing
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north. this particular fire today is about 16 acres. the prescribed burn at u.s. c santa cruz i a strategic course. >> it would be as far as fire defense, it would be a great place to take a stand around an advancing wildfire. it protects the city of santa cruz, so it is an optimal place. >> reporter: homeowners play an important role by creating defensible space around popt removing brush. >> that story is a reminder we need the rain. >> we do. desperately. we are getting further behind every single day. we are not going to catch up any time soon. >> the longer we go without
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rain, the higher the fire danger. we keep talking about how pleasant this weather is and it is. but that stoodoesn't mean we art mindful of the fire danger. a bit milder today by a few degs. search degrees milder warmer. two degrees warmer at oakland. four degrees warmer at hayward. that is the pattern. cooling down again tomorrow. live view from rooftop camera. five search degrees in san francisco. oakland 56. upper 50s in mountain view. 54 half moon bay. it is 55 degrees in santa rosa. another view of the western sky from a higher perspective from the east bay hills. clear and chilly overnight.
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cooler tomorrow with a few high clouds. turning warmer again by the end of the week. over night it is going to be chilly in the inland valleys once again. low, in the low 30s. napa town to freezing at 32 degrees. right around the bay shoreline, lows upper 30s to 40 degrees. tomorrow though, relatively mild day. look for high temperatures in the south bay mainly in the mid-60s. 65 in los gatos on the peninsula. 57, pacifica 59. half moon bay. north bay rather cool with highs in the upper 50s. east bay highs mainly in the low 60s right at 60s. and the inland east bay low to
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mid-60s. now on we go to tomorrow's six-hour planner for the evening hours for valentine's evening. sunny skies just before sunset. and mainly clear in the evening. it is going to be relatively mild in the early evening hours. so nice weather for getting outdoors. sharply cooler after 9:00 or 10:00 p.m. let's talk about rain. i think i used the term long-term earlier, and that was a misstatement. this is it, just about zero. rain may fall in some areas near the bay area, but here in the bay area, over the next search days remains dry. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. warming trend throughurda almost spring like on saturday in our inland areas, cooler on
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sunday and the cooling continues through president's tay. and happy valentine's day. get your phones out and ready to vote. making election day a state hol t -- holiday. >> i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents ahma symptoms.
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. would you be more likely to vote if election days were state holidays. a new bill making through sacramento. >> reporter: you can weigh in right now with our instant poling. use your vote. go to or go to your desk top. you can instantly change the results as you vote. yes right now at 55%.
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south bay assembly man introduced yesterday. it will make the day a general holiday. >> get as much participation as possible. and removing barriers. >> i think it is a great idea. it is a right for us to have access to voting and with all of the efforts out there to suppress voting, let's give everyone the opportunity that they can. >> reporter: in 2014, california saw a low turnout. only 42% took part. the most common reason were work or school conflicts. state law currently allows workers to take two hours off. let's take another look at what you think, right now 56% of you are sayingesgood idea.
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and 44% sa no. you can still be heard. go to >> okay. thanks so much. it has been illegal to drive and hold your cell phone in california for years. and some say the punishment isn't enough. if you choose to answer a call without a hands free
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mini meal or snack that has protein and fiber. and pronourish has no gluten or high fructoseorn syrup. and is low in fodmap ingredients that can trigger digestive sensitivities. the search is over. pronourish. nutrition you can feel good about. >> announcer: live, where you live, this is abc7 news. what goes into your cart could be out of your control if food stamps are turned into food boxes. a new proposal under the trump administration. 80% of theory -- >> reporter: 15 million americans rely on food stamps. the benefits are loaded on an electronic card called ebt. families would do less grocery
7:32 pm
shopping under the trump administration plan. a household receiving $90 or more each month would see the amount cut in half and replaced by government issued food boxes. >> disappointing news. we feel that just because someone collects ebt doesn't mean they shouldn't have choice about what they eat or what they buy. >> reporter: marsy coburn runs cuesa. no fresh produce or meat. east bay congress woman barbara lee blasted the plan saying as a single mother who relied on food stamps to help feed my boys, i can't overstate how offensive
7:33 pm
this is. >> it would be a more effective efficient way. >> reporter: therance marin food bank serves 32,000 a month. director says the current problem should not be replaced for one he feels is unworkable. >> we need to talk about how to make the snap program work better. utilizing the private sector efficiencies and stop talking about how we tear it down. >> reporter: the largest overhaul in the history of the food stamp program. more conflicting information tonight on the departure of rob porter. against porter made him ineligible. porter continued to work under a
7:34 pm
temporary clearance. the white house says it was conducting additional investigatory work. >> the white house personnel security office may have received information but did not complete their process. >> detailing the allegations by porter's ex-wife. hours later a photo of his first wife with a black eye surfaces. the application deadline is march second and the dream act. new proposal to enclose the penalty for distracted driving. even if you get a ticket, no points are added to your record.
7:35 pm
this new bill would make distracted driving a moving violation and add points that could increase rates. >> you can see the person next to you is bathed in the glow of their cell phone as they are driving along and unless we get serious about enforcement, that behavior is not going to change. >> more than 97,000 violations were giving out last year for handling, holding, or talking on the cell phone while driving. stocks rose today for a third day in a row. banks retailers and tech companies led the way. the dow gained 39 points while the nasdaq went up 31, the s&p went up sports illustrated swimsuit will ring the closing bell.
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updates from apple leads bay area watch. apple board will raise the dividend this year like it has done every year for past five years. but did not reveal how much the increase will be. investors hoping for a substantial one. san francisco based bank wells fargo is going to use artificial intelligence to create what it calls predictive banking. analyzing your transaction and offer advice. barnes & noble says it is slashing jobs. the nation's largest book seller blaming a slow holiday season. amazon might be to blame. coming up next, a nationwide
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trip through all 50 states comes to an end in san francisco. a couple of guys spent years getting strange to do ts gesture. michael finne has who are these people? the energy cscious people amongs say small actioncan add up to something... humongou
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take a live look here, the
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city of new orleans is ready to party. tens of thousands of revellers expecting to crowd the city streets. this year an added celebration. new orleans is marking 300 years since the city founded. the mardi gras party train. the reason carnivale san francisco is going so big this year is because it is celebrating its 40th anniversary. go to for a complete list of tickets and venues. most events are free for those 21 years and older. >> can't help but smile just watching this. here in the bay area ending their 50 state tour.
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>> abc7 news report are jonathan bloom slaiexplains how they are trying to spread peace. >> it is all about bringing people together because we are not all the same. we are all different. but we should treat each other same. >> especially in germany and we felt that we had to get active and do something. >> reporter: that something was a simple gesture that connects. it doesn't take long to catch on. [ humming ] they call the gesture human connectivity. when you are connected you don't have a free hand to hold a
7:42 pm
phone. people from different cultures and different continents. >> i am from canada. >> reporter: they have connected with a long list of important americans. tv host anderson cooper and andy cohen. >> people connect, but it is sa. we connect, you know. >> we are connected! >> for what? >> for peace! >> reporter: peace that starts with connecting. >> we are comfortable together. that's what it's about. >> reporter: in san francisco jonathan bloom abc7 news. >> there you go. >> i feel kaektconnected to you.
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this is rather lovely. >> spencer w
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millions of sports fan show their love by wearing team gears. >> jerseys are expensive. and sometimes you feel stuck with a jersey that you no longer want. >> michael finney joins us to show how this works. >> a new favorite player. this is kind of like rent the runway but for sports. part of a growing consumer world of renting rather than owning. while you may want to keep your
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steph curry shirt forever, this company let's you wear without breaking the bank. >> we did it. and i felt like i helped them win. >> reporter: some create their own look, others want to wear the same gear their idols wear. but which jerseys to buy. >> jersey itself is very expensive. >> reporter: colin woo from burlg aechl who like multiple teams. >> 150 to $200 per jersey. >> reporter: collin turned to rep the squad. a kind of rent the runway for sports. >> access to a combination of players, styles, sizes. >> reporter: rep squad ceo
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compares it to renting a dvd. order a sports jersey and wear it as long as you like and swap it for a different one. exchanging as many times as you please. shipping is clean. and if you accidentally rip or ruin a jersey, he says he will forgive you maybe once. with teams moving, kids outgrowing your clothe, he says you don't get stuck with a outdated shirt. >> reporter: admitting they forgot what they ordered. >> i got a marshawn lynch jersey. >> reporter: sparks a little oe-on-one outside. but that twinge of regret.
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>> sometimes i don't want to give it back, but i am excited for the next one. >> including raiders, 49ers, warriors, soon will offer baseball jerseys. what too you think? ay loyal to one team oreep swapping jerseys? check out "7 on your side." our hot line is monday through friday 10:00 to 2:00. (415) 954-8151. >> as a woman who needs to change clothes often, you get sick of things. totally. >> thanks michael. >> the bay area is a gorgeous place. check out this mustard field in sonoma. photo has the #abc7now.
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>> we love to get those pictures on the air and online. spencer back with the forecast. >> here is a look at live doppler 7. clear out there right now except for a few high clouds and continue to see clear skies. early warning lows in the 30s and inland valleys. chilly around the bay with lows down to 40 degrees. few high clouds. let's take a look at tomorrow eving'six-hour planner for valentine's, mainly clear evening. after about 10:00, 11:00 p.m., pretty chilly tomorrow. your love will have to keep you
7:50 pm
warm. saturday will be the warmest day in the forecast period with a high of 70 degrees in the inland degrees and a bit cooler next week. >> cuddling weather. thank you. >> on to sports and something the warriors did last night still a lot of debate. >> i think we should be managers for a day and switch roles. >> clearly, this is where we are headed. i can run this thing. i'm just saying. >> general manager i believe will be a good spot. a one night warrior experiment. some people did not like that. steve kerr said you guys coach the team. don'
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♪ when you have digestive sensitivities, life can feel like a never ending search for food that won cause bloating, gas, or inner turmoil. trpronourish. a delicious nutritional drink that makes a great mini meal or snack that has protein and fiber. and pronourish has no gluten or high fructoseorn syrup. and is low in fodmap ingredients
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that can trigger digestive sensitivities. the search is over. pronourish. nutrition you can feel good about. flrs now, abc7 sports with larry beil. >> was it disrespectful? or an attempt to get his players to focus. when steve kerr handed over his clipboards and run the show over suns. steph curry said he tried but forgot to play his play. a couple of sun players didn't like it. of hearing my tired and warriors one the game. >> it is not your team. it is not joe's team.
7:54 pm
although i am not going to tell joe that. it is the player's team. >> good vibe today. >> just having to count on each other and not hearing my voice which you know sounds like charlie brown's teacher or parents or who ever's voice that is. >> i was horrible and i thought about the play and had a second option and had two guys in the wrong place. >> you said they need a new voice. >> well, tonight. let's not get cared away. i like the job. i want to stay on the job. >> 15 players on the nba roster. tough for young players to get a spot. and maybe get a shot at the big
7:55 pm
time. mike shumann has more on the santa cruz warriors. >> reporter: been a popular attraction on the boardwalk. >> selling out crowds for the last i don't know how many games you but amazing to have an opportunity to play in front o people that support what they are doing. >> reporter: it is not the nba but a step away. >> guys who want to make the nba. if it is a numbers game or situation, come down to the g league and it gives you another opportunity to make your dream come true. >> reporter: so he goes up and down for injuries, practice, and even dresses for games. he enjoys the differences but he know it is temporary. >> you don't want to do the commercial flights all the time. the roommates, you want the ritz carlton.
7:56 pm
>> reporter: when you look at steph, kd, clay, and draymond, some will say you will never be brought up. >> i am learning from the top guys, from the best guys. but i am here getting better. and my mind is getting better. so when i do actually play, i am going to be further along. >> reporter: they run the same schemes and the location. >> we have so much synergy between the two organizations. i am in constant communication with coach kerr. >> reporter: mike shumann, abc7 news. >> no room for him on the roster. but his time will come. >> maybe he can coach. >> maybe he can coach. >> oh, wow. >> like abbot costello up here.
7:57 pm
>> join us tonight at 9:00. on kofy. sometimes a 1,000-pound kodiak needs love. >> coming up. is the bachelor winter games and followed by 20/20. >> maybe spencer and i can speak in tandem again. >> follow us on twitter. >> follow us on twitter. i they said it was impossible to have great-tboom.g light beer. award-winning heineken light, brewed with cascade hops. they also said it was impossible to hypnotize you. you're getting sleepy... watch the beer! ♪
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