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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  October 6, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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recent years. thuy vu on how much train service that money could buy. >> reporter: that money would have been enough to pay for all the train service on weekends. it is an astonishing amount when you think about all the people who have lost jobs or suffered wage freeze this is recent years. but caltrain tells me there is another side to the story. for caltrain, ridership is down. service is about to be cut again. but one thing is up. salaries by far more than the two to three percent most of us are getting these days, if any at all. >> not looking good. >> it's a big deal. >> every penny counts. we're all pinching our money. >> reporter: according to the bay area news groups, the payroll for caltrain administrators jumped by 14% over the past three years compared to the increases at samtrans for the same period, 7%. bart 5%. the santa clara valley
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transportation authority, or vta, 2%. and 58 caltrans officials earn six figure salaries more than doubled since 2007. >> what's happened is that individual employees are billing more time to caltrain. >> reporter: caltrain administrators split their time working for samtrans, caltrain and the san mateo county transportation authority. >> in other words, i worked at the san mateo county transit district and the time that i spend doing this interview i'm going bill to caltrain. >> reporter: officials say they have had to spend more time on outreach, community meetings and balancing budgets because of caltrain's financial troubles. they say once the extra hours are deducted, the total payroll went up 5%, not 14. it just doesn't seem right that more money being paid out of the caltrain budget but the passengers aren't getting any more service. in fact, they are getting less service. >> that's true. that's one of the fundamental problems with caltrain is we
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don't have a dedicated source of funding. >> instead of increasing pay, they should increase the number of rides they give to -- throughout the day. >> reporter: the 40,000 or so people who ride caltrain every day will likely be seeing service cuts and fare hikes. there is a board meeting tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. to discuss eliminating midday service and raising fares by as much as 50 cents each way. however, an earlier proposal to cut weekend service altogether is now off the table because of so many protests against that idea by the community and so those rides allen are safe for now. >> i don't know. when we hear people talk about welfare, these hours i bill this agency and those other hours i bill this agency, some people think wait a minute that sounds to me like double dipping. >> reporter: well, it's not double dipping in the sense that they are not getting paid by the other agency. they are billing those hours to caltrain they are not going to
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bill them to samtrans at the same time. but however, it all looks bad when during an economic time like this you see a total amounting to 14%. it's not a figure people want to see. >> as long as those billing hours don't overlap that's the issue i guess i was thinking of. >> reporter: that's not happening. that's what i'm told. >> thuy vu, thank you. it is less than a month until election day and republican meg whitman has just broken her own spending record. the latest total shows the candidate for governor has spent $140 million on her campaign so far. by comparison, democrat jerry brown has spent about $11 million. whitman reports having $9.2 million less to spend compared to about $22.5 million for brown. and then there's the race for lieutenant governor. san francisco mayor gavin newsom has launched his first television ad for that race. phil matier got some sand between his toes to show us what is in the ad and perhaps
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more importantly, what is not. >> legislature... don't mess with us. >> reporter: as political ads go it's a four star kennedy. gavin newsom on the beach with his family gazing off into the future and telling us all -- >> it's simple. we want our kids to leave their footprints in this world. we owe them a good education. and if we want them to leave their footprints in the sand, we owe them a good environment. >> reporter: the ad was shot in santa monica not in san francisco. in fact, if you look at the ad, would you have a hard time thinking that gavin newsom was even from a place like san francisco. why not san francisco? >> because i was in santa monica and i had a number of meetings and i'm running statewide. >> reporter: let's give him a break after all this is a feel- good ad and let's be honest, a commercial show in this part of town isn't going to win voters. >> i'm very proud of san francisco. i'm proud of what we've actually accomplished and the more i'm able to explain that the more i get out there the more people appreciate it. >> reporter: maybe. but according to a recent field poll, being from the bay area
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-- >> and it's more negative than positive actually, 22% of voters who don't live in the bay area say that they would be less likely to vote to for somebody from the bay area. >> reporter: any idea why? >> well, i think the bay area is probably rightfully viewed as a democratic and liberal area and so the rest of the state not quite as democratic and certainly less liberal. >> the sanctuary city thing getting hit hard on. a lot of the -- the -- the tax on cigarettes to clean the streets or the ban on plastic bags. all those things are things that i think convey a negative image of san francisco. >> we balance a budget without raising taxes, bond rate something reaffirmed. we have universal healthcare, preschool, top urban school district in california. >> reporter: when do we see a commercial proud of of?$. >> we want to run offensive and play a little defense but i'm running a campaign about tomorrow and that's public education, environment and job creation and we are talking
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about that for the rest of the state. >> reporter: while the mayor is doing that, his opponent in the race rival republican lieutenant governor maldonado is going up and down the straight with radio ads hammering newsom on the very fact that he is from san francisco and about sanctuary city and all those things that weren't in gavin's ad. >> and the radio costs much less, radio ads. >> reporter: you can expect to see more ads in the final week of the race. the attorney general races and abel maldonado and everybody else will start getting on the air and i suspect in a while we'll see different ads from gavin newsom. the next one will be slugging. >> he clearly has plenty of money? >> no shortage so far. it's interesting, san francisco love that town but -- [ laughter ] >> talking about the rest of the state, where am i? who knows. >> that's funny. phil matier, thank you. well, it's not a campaign ad. but it can tell us a lot about
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the changing world of politics. alongside the dancing babies and yawning pandas, one very pointed political satire is getting huge hits on youtube. mike sugerman shows us how one guy in a san francisco apartment can change the discussion all across the country. >> reporter: in a nondescript mission district apartment building in a tiny room lives a david who has taken on a goliath. >> this is the center of the vast conspiracy against glenn beck. >> reporter: jonathan macintosh didn't use a slingshot, instead a computer. he took aim at one of america's most controversial talk show hosts who he despises and goosed him with a duck. >> how many marxist, comingists anticapitalists do you have around you? >> he worked three months, sometimes ten hours a day, on a video mashup of glenn beck mixed with donald duck. it's gon viral, half a million
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hits including glenn beck. >> donald duck meets glenn beck. it is some of the best well made propaganda i have ever seen. if i'm not mistaken, some of these remix videos i believe get federal funding. we're looking into the funding of this gentleman. >> reporter: are you federally funded? >> no, i have no funding at all. this is just me and my computer in my living room. i just lost my job last month which gave me some free time. that's the reason i was able to put this together. >> reporter: in the video, donald duck loses his job and starts listening to the beck radio show. the depression era cartoon and beck's musings seem to pair well. out of context, of course. >> there are nazis in america. nazis and communists. you have to think like a german jew 1934. >> reporter: walt disney was very conservative doesn't bother macintosh, either.
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he levels in the satire. >> i lovely that i'm able to speak back to him and people using remix or youtube are -- are -- are able to speak back and that there can be a larger voice for those of house don't have a regular station and a tv station. >> reporter: now the people who do must worry about getting ducked. [ laughter ] >> reporter: so this came out saturday and how did it spread in roger ebert saw it, tweeted it, john kuszak the actor saw it and tweeted it and what it goes to show is just how in this media environment one person can throw open a can of worms to the entire political world. >> has disney weighed in on this? >> it's fair use from what i understand mr. macintosh says... but... i don't know. that's what he says. >> a lot of disney material. >> yeah. >> i'm guessing he is going to get a job and a good one out of this. >> well, you know, he worked very hard on this. >> good for him. all right. >> mike, thanks. i'm len ramirez in san
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bruno with a clean-up effort now almost complete. but just ahead, the potential financial disaster now facing san bruno. it's disgusting and really -- i'm pissed off. >> for someone, it was their idea of a good time. for everyone else, a heartbreaking act of vandalism. the price tag and the hopes for catching whoever is responsible for this. and plenty of californians, legalizing pot is a wild idea. but not as wild as some of the polling on prop 19. the numbers that may lead you to ask, what are they smoking? hi, i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the cbs 5 weather center. we are seeing clouds moving in and showers showing up around the bay area. where are they headed next? we'll talk about that up dr. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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in san bruno, and clean-up has only just begun. len
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ght shows us the nearly a month since the devastating pipeline explosion in san bruno and clean-up has only just begun. len ramirez tonight shows us the work that already has been done and what's left to do. >> reporter: the giant machines are scooping up and crushing down the debris that was once a part of people's lives. >> one man watched. >> i felt so bad for all the stuff that he left that you can't get back. >> reporter: nearly one month after the san bruno explosion, crews are quickly wiping clean the ruins of homes in the glenview neighborhood leaving behind fresh dirt lots. >> i think we made great progress. we started removing debris from homes two weeks ago tomorrow. we now have 24 properties of the 35 cleared. >> reporter: dean peterson of san mateo county environmental services which is leading the clean-up of hazardous materials, says only two home owners have not signed papers allowing the clean-up.
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it's just a matter of them to get their minds around the paperwork and requirements. it's not holding us up but at some point when our shovels will leave if they haven't signed up they will be on their own. >> reporter: the city of san bruno may be on its own financially. federal disaster relief funds from fema have been denied leaving the city liable for bills it can't pay, an estimated $25 million in costs including rebuilding infrastructure, firefighter and police overtime. is it fair to say that this fire could be financially devastating to the city? >> without adequate relief from state, federal government and adequate ability to ak set pg&e's committed funds, absolutely, it would be the consequence --the financial costs implication of this disaster would be devastating to the city. >> reporter: impossible to pay? >> impossible to pay. absolutely. >> reporter: governor arnold schwarzenegger is now in the process of formally appealing to
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fema to reinstate those funds badly needed here in san bruno. in the meantime, allen, state senator leelandey has a bill that went out of committee today. it will go to the full legislature tomorrow. that will essentially provide services for individuals, for the county of san mateo bridge. len ramirez, cbs 5. one of golden gate park's understated treasures has been damaged beyond recognition. now, over the past few months, we feel told you about the attacks on park flora. trees, rose beds, bushes along park presidio have been parked apart. but now a destruction on a new scale. golf isn't just for some highly paid middle-aged ceos. beginners, kids, seniors, those who can't afford it need a place to play, as well. as rick villaroman shows us they just lost one of those places to vandals. >> it's disgusting and we are really -- i'm pissed off. >> reporter: he is speaking vehemently about the recent rash of vandalism in golden gate park. the target this time? the golf course, not just once
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but twice. >> we were visited by at least one off road vehicle, four wheel vehicle that came out here and destroyed holes 6, 7 and 8 two nights ago, the 4th, we were revisited and in this very same location. >> reporter: that brings the total acts of vandalism since play to 60. 47 trees, nine bushes, three rose beds and this latest at an estimated cost of almost $100,000. it's the kind of damage that has golf enthusiasts scratching their heads. >> this is where the regular people from san francisco come to play golf. i see something like that and know that they have taken that away a little bit. it's sad. >> reporter: volunteer gardener has a labor of love with this golf course. in his words, the damage is mostly correctable. but as he approached hole 7 -- >> when i saw the extent of what they did on the 7th green,
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it look like they literally set off a bomb, it -- that is when it hit me that -- pretty hateful. >> reporter: police have increased patrols but no results so far. >> nothing good happens in this park in the middle of the night. >> reporter: it does have park officials wondering if the park should remain open at night. >> there are hours in the middle of the night that our park should not be open. >> reporter: and for william matheson it really boils down to one thing respect. >> most people are so respectful, but it just not just disrespecting the course and san francisco. it's disrespecting all the regular people to use the course. >> reporter: in san francisco, rick villaroman, cbs 5. tonight the man police say tried to kill an officer with a van is behind bars. alexander diaz was arrested early this morning in los angeles. they think he took a bus there from san jose yesterday. police say monday diaz slammed a stolen van into officer
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patrick brower. that van dragged brower and his bike across two lanes of traffic. brower underwent surgery and is expected to be okay. a protest today against a request for retrial of former bart police officer johannes mehserle. the los angeles jury convicted mehserle in july of involuntary manslaughter in the shooting death of bart passenger oscar grant. defense attorneys are now seeking a retrial. today in oakland, community activists gathered to demand that the judge deny that request. >> we also feel that this is another attempt by the defense to push out the sentencing in the hopes of oakland, los angeles and the nation will lose passion, commitment and focus on the trial for justice for oscar grant. we will not. >> mehserle's attorneys say there is new evidence that proves an officer can mistake a taser for a real gun as they claim mehserle did the night he shot grant. mehserle is scheduled to be
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washed up on the san mateo coast. tests are under way to determine what killed a pregnant whale that washed up on the san mateo coastline. the 80-foot blue whale came ashore saturday at bean hollow state beach. her fetus was found about 50 feet away from her body. researchers from the california academy of sciences are testing blubber and skin samples trying to figure out just what happened here. blue whales are the world's largest mammals. they migrate south down toward baja about this time of year. this whale will be allowed to decompose and then wash out to sea. all right. let's check in with lawrence for our forecast. >> we have some showers showing up around the bay area today. we have seen the clouds looking threatening outside. let's head outside and check it out. yeah, towards san jose area,
6:22 pm
you got a lot of clouds there and that's where we are seeing activity this afternoon as we have seen showers and thunderstorms popping up in the area. in the meantime, yeah, check this out, folks. we have a couple scattered showers continuing to show up, some heavier thunderstorms earlier across the sierra nevada but look at a couple lightning strikes showing up east of san jose. looks like things are beginning to wind down a little bit. we are losing some of the heating from the sun so things will start to come down somewhat overnight tonight. nonetheless, pretty interesting for this time of year. the system is rolling into the bay area a back wash from the system as it rotate through. this is going to slide east over the next 24 hours so things settling down. out the door keep the umbrella with you. some partly cloudy skies, a chance of a few scattered showers outside. i think tomorrow most of the showers will be done and we'll see clouds early on in the morning. but by the afternoon, lots of temperatures running up into the 70s inland. about 74 degrees in san jose and out toward the coastline, looks like fog going to begin to make a return and that will
6:23 pm
cool your temperatures down there. next few days, high pressure starts to sneak in behind that area of low pressure and guess what, our temperatures are warming up very nicely into the weekend. some 80s make a big return to the bay area. maybe offshore winds developing sunday night into monday. that means we'll see beautiful temperatures and warm weather all the way to the coastline as we head in toward next monday and tuesday. back to you. >> thank you. just like cars and trucks, it turns out cruise ships burn a lot of fuel even when they're standing still. and when they're docked in san francisco, that means nonstop air pollution. simon perez on the city's move to get them to clean up their act. >> reporter: they really do blend in as part of the bay's scenery. massive cruise ships that dock at the port of san francisco. they carry thousands of people as well as -- >> diesel bunker fuel the dirtiest grade of oil used by these ships. >> reporter: and when it burns, it spews -- >> soot from diesel, lodges in our lungs, causes a number of respiratory problems and indeed ocean going vessels represent a big fraction of that diesel soot
6:24 pm
here at the port. >> reporter: when the ship is at sea it has to burn fuel and up until today it had to burn it in port, too. these ships do use a lot of energy even when not moving. in fact, every hour this ship sits here in port, it's using the same amount of energy as san francisco's city hall uses in an an hour. but starting today, princess cruise ships will shut off their diesel engines and plug in when they're in port. >> we're the only port, remarkably, in the state of california that has done this, just one of four in the world. >> and now they will be able to go from one of the dirtiest fuels to the cleanest fuels. >> reporter: indeed, the electricity these ships will be drawing while in port comes from san francisco's hetch hetchy water turbine which means it's truly green energy, no smoke produced anywhere. the project costs more than $5 million. the city hopes to make back some of its share by selling the electricity to the cruise lines. >> if pg&e had been delivering this power to the ship and the ship stayed here for 10 hours
6:25 pm
they would be charging about $25,000 to the ship. if the ship used its diesel power it would be spending about $18,000. we wanted to make it beneficial to the ship to actually use clean power and --so we are going to be charging $16,000. >> reporter: for that price want to get away? in san francisco, i'm simon perez, cbs 5. inching closer to the vote and prop 19 keeps getting cloudier. the polls are all over the place. so's the rhetoric. so what are you really voting on when it comes to marijuana? california rollings out the new license look. the difference you will notice and the difference you can't even see. what good is a discount if you don't get full credit? >> you spend all this time searching for the deal. >> the coupon problem at a popular chain store. >> it is frustrating. >> coming up in minutes. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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who's accused of misappropriating millions of dollars in public funds, wad of jail today on 2 m the former city manager from well south on bail. robert rizzo accused of misappropriating millions in public funds from bell walked out of jail today on $2 million bond. he has to wear a gps tracking
6:29 pm
device and turn over his passport. he is one several former bell city employees accused of paying themselves inflated salaries for years. california's driver's licenses are getting a new look that's harder to fake. the dmv says it is too easy to get a counterfeit license especially for illegal immigrants trying to get new jobs. so the new license has security features like a laser engraved signature. it also has a second smaller picture of you visible only under ultraviolet light. if you are under 21 your license is printed vertically instead of horizontally. you won't need to get a new one until your old license expires. california could have a new budget tomorrow. today lawmakers got their first look at the agreement between the governor and legislative leaders. there are no new taxes or fees. however, there is some creative accounting as well as cuts. for example, the budget would delay nearly $2 billion in
6:30 pm
payments to k through 12 schools and community colleges until the next fiscal year. it also counts on the state receiving $5 .3 billion from the federal government. the chairman of the conference committee believes the plan will pass. >> it's going to be a little dicey but everybody is coming up and earning. there's something in there for everybody to hate and a few things for people to like. >> one of the things people might like the budget restores nearly $200 million for funding to the csu system. the full legislature votes tomorrow. the budget was due july 1. it's october. you probably already noticed the signs of holiday shopping. well, here's the good news. retailers are ready to hire. ann notarangelo tells us some of the places looking to add thousands of employees. >> reporter: don't let these pictures fool you. while pier 1 imports is awash in fall colors and autumn day could the holiday shopping season is already under way.
6:31 pm
>> i have my holiday sales force, yes. >> reporter: henry already hired 10 people for his concord store about 3 more than last year and still accepting applications. >> based on the season, with new merchandise coming in there will be indicators of how business will be and if i see that my business is stronger than last year i will be definitely willing to bring on additional people. >> reporter: across the country pier 1 will be adding 10,000 temporary jobs over the next couple of months. >> we are looking for people who have the energy, positive and professional, that definitely can delightfully exceed customers' expectations. >> reporter: this j.c. penney's already has 150 or so applicants, but wouldn't start interviewing for seasonal help until october 15. >> we get a tremendous response here at the sun valley concord store. probably last year we had over 500 applicants. >> this year, margaret's store will hire 85 the same as last year, nationwide penney's will add 30,000 jobs. >> with the high unemployment
6:32 pm
rate we are getting a diverse group of applicants. they come with tremendous experience, different backgrounds. >> reporter: retailers appear hopeful. toys 'r us, macy's and kohl's are all beefing up their holiday staffing from years before. toys 'r us is opening 600 new express stores compared to 90 last year. because of the extra locations and the optimistic sales outlook, toys 'r us is doubling its workforce for the holiday season hiring 45,000 temporary employees. it seems like there is a lot of optimism right now. are you feeling this as we are heading into the holiday season, this optimism? >> we are. we are looking forward to a great holiday season. we had a good back to school. >> business has been strong. we have had very strong foot traffic so that allows me to bring additional workforce. >> reporter: if you want a shot at one of these jobs, act fast, most will be filled in the
6:33 pm
coming weeks. in concord, ann notarangelo, cbs 5. ahead, it sure sounds like a deal, at least at first. >> they are basically stealing from the customers because we're only getting half the value and sometimes none of the value. >> we go undercover to show you how target is shortchanging customers. we have actually found singers who are eating cat food. >> meet the woman whose motto never again on my watch when it comes to helping bay area seniors. an ex-giant comes up very big in game one of the playoffs. i'm dennis o'donnell. but he did not come up as big as philadelphia pitchers. see what happened for the first time in 54 years coming up. i say baloney. this state belongs to all of us. we just have to decide we want to change. i know government isn't a business and it shouldn't be, but the same values of accountability and focus that make california businesses among the best in the world could do a lot to fix sacramento. i'm on a mission to create more jobs,
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stop wasteful spending, and improve our schools. let's get to work. ♪
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of washington partisanship this is barbara boxer's california. trillions in reckless, wasteful spending. destroying small business. killing jobs. crushing hopes. we can change this, but only if we change the people we send to washington. california cannot afford boxer for six more long years. i'm carly fiorina and i approved this message. practices. that after consumerwatch reporter julie watts went undercover... and found lament county is looking into target's -- alameda county is looking into target's coupon practices. julie watts went undercover and found bay area target stores are shortchanging their customers. >> reporter: for 17-year-old mary bosley collecting coupons is more than a hobby, it's a
6:36 pm
lifestyle. >> you spent all this time searching force the deals and clipping your coupons. and when you come in here, the full value doesn't come off it's frustrating. >> reporter: she noticed four months ago this target in san leandro wasn't giving her full coupon's val rue. >> they are stealing from the customers because we are only getting half or none of the value and then they are going around and turning it into the clearinghouse and the manufacturers and getting the full value. >> reporter: serious claims so we went undercover coupon shopping at targets all over the bay area. sure enough from mountain view to albany to colma and novato we got shortchanged at five out of six stores ranging from one- cent to four bucks. each time we pointed out the mistake, target did make good on the coupon. but according to this person at the department of weights and measures, target is break the law. >> first, california statute it's a violation is shortchanging computation value of $1 or more it's a
6:37 pm
misdemeanor. >> reporter: after hearing about our story, weights and measures is now launching their own investigation. keep in mine, target is reimbursed by the manufacturer for the full amount of coupon and often get a bonus, for instance, campbell's pays them 8 cents for each coupon they collect. target sent a response. target is aware some coupons are not scanning for the full amount. we are working on a fix. we have communicated the issue to all our stores reminding cashiers to ensure guests are given the full coupon value. but apparently, the stores we went to aren't getting the message and mary isn't holding her breath. >> this has been going on since june when i brought it to their attention and it's still going on. >> reporter: but the fact of the matter, target shoppers nationwide are still getting shortchanged unless they point out the problem themselves. so remember three things. number one, don't be afraid to complain. number two, check those receipts closely. and number three, make sure you say something before you walk
6:38 pm
away because once you hand over these coupons there is no way to prove that they were yours. hey, if you have a consumer problem or complaint, give us a calm. we would love to help. 1-888-5-helps-u. on the consumerwatch, julie watts, cbs 5. two very different polls out this week give a hazy view of the prospects for prop 19. "survey u.s.a." finds 48% of voters back the measure to legalize marijuana in california. 41% are opposed. reuters find 53% oppose it, a 12 point difference on the no side. yet in san francisco today, assemblyman tom ammiano was so confident 19 will pass, he introduced a bill that would immediately place pot sales under the supervision of the state agency that currently regulates the sale of alcohol. it would have licensing, inspectors and even fines for stores that break marijuana laws. those cloud looking threatening outside. off in the distance there, there is a thunderstorm.
6:39 pm
we have had some lightning strikes and rain too. what can we expect next? the forecast is coming up. ,, [ woman on tv ] if you won't let me in, you can't really love me. i know about gayle. i don't know what you're talking about. if you just tell me what happened... [ ding ] [ man ] 35th and archer. next stop hamilton. [ brakes hiss ] ♪ [ male announcer ] now you can watch hit tv shows on your iphone when you get at&t u-verse tv.
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winner gets involved. as kae kelly reports, she' senior in ne no senior citizen is forgotten when this week's jefferson award winner gets involved. as kate kelly reports, she will connect a senior in need for any service from a manicurist to a plumbinger. >> reporter: you may remember the plight of ida cotton. she had nowhere to go after leaving the student dorm. that's when delane sims stepped in. >> we went out and we helped her literally helped her move. we moved her into her new place. >> reporter: delane started a volunteer organization called senior moments. in ida's case, she partnered with the lion's club to help move ida to a new low income apartment. she continues to check in to make sure ida gets the services
6:43 pm
she needs. >> i will always remember her as long as i live. she helped me when i needed help and when i didn't need help, why, then she was still there for even advice. >> reporter: delane first got the advice to help san leandro seniors through her nail care business. she started by bringing free foot care to home-bound seniors but soon realized she needed to do more. >> we have actually found seniors eating cat foot. i go in and find, wait a minute, that's not for a cat. you know? that's for them. so, you know, it just broke my heart. i have to do something about this. >> reporter: so five years ago she started senior moments not only to help homebound or disabled seniors but also to help kaye gives get the resources -- caregivers get the resources they need. she collaborates with other organizations to help cut through the red tape. >> we'll have somebody who may be a plumber.
6:44 pm
we'll have someone, i provide foot care. we'll have someone in social services. >> reporter: she even went back to school to get a master's in public health. her service for seniors began with her own family. but delane says her inspiration continues to be her father, who turns 112 this month. >> my father worked three jobs in order primarily to care for me. >> reporter: and he still can make her laugh. >> look at our seniors in a new way. look at them as being vital to be cherished to be applauded and respected and not to be sort of written off. >> reporter: so for helping seniors in san leandro get the help and support they need and deserve, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to delane sims. kate kelly, cbs 5. if you can volunteer your services for a senior in need, contact delane through the senior moments website. we have it linked to us at just click "watch & listen" to find our story on delane.
6:45 pm
>> and at 112 her dad still wants to know, what's the weather going to be tomorrow? >> that's important. it's interesting today. you got the sunshine around the bay, thinking a chance of explain it all of a sudden this afternoon we saw showers moving into the bay area. and sure enough we had rain and lightning showing up. let's take you out there now and this is really cool looking. how about that? mount vaca looking good as the sun sets on the bay area. here in the bay area showers in san jose. mountain view, those have tapered off. lightning strikes inside the valley near i-5. some thunderstorm activity there. and probably going to see more
6:46 pm
strikes as things settle down later on this evening. nonetheless, it is going to start to slide eastward so yeah, looks like this whole weather pattern going to begin to shift and as we head toward this next weekend looking good. here's this cutoff low. rotating around the state of california that back wash of moisture making its way toward the bay area usually not a whole lot of rain. thunderstorms an scattered showers. so for tomorrow mostly sunny skies. couple of leftover clouds in the morning but i think by the afternoon looking good. as we'll see a lot of sunshine come our way, mostly sunny inside the bay and breezy. out toward the coastline, patchy fog looks to make a return. outside right now numbers running in the 50s and 60s in most places although still holding on to 70 degrees in fairfield. on the big picture, yeah, very interesting looking system as it continues to spin around bringing the showers in toward california. this system slides eastward. tonight, some clouds in the evening hours, and still a chance of a few light showers. now, that moves out as we head toward tomorrow and things
6:47 pm
looking good but the atmosphere going to stabilize and as that happens, guess what, we see some fog creeping along the coastline. so toward the beaches nice out there but now we are going to see fog and cooler temperatures coastside. but we are going to start to warm up in many of the interior valleys. numbers looking like this. 50s and 60s at the beaches. 70s inside the bay. east bay temperatures also running up well into the 70s in spots like about 78 in brentwood, 77 antioch and 75 in danville. north bay temperatures going to be pretty good under mostly sunny skies mainly 60s and 70s and how about the next couple of days? here comes that ridge of high pressure building in right on into the weekend. temperatures cranking up into the 80s in many spots. and i think as we head in toward late sunday night into tuesday, offshore winds kick in looking like great weather ahead all the way to the beach. that's a look at your weather. back up to you. >> thank you. coming up at 10:00 on the cw, 11:00 on cbs 5, a bay area neighborhood that's had enough. why it's fighting to keep a new
6:48 pm
pharmacy out and the problem that neighbors fear will be fed by the presence of more pills in the wrong hands on what they call pill hill. that story and more at 10:00 and 11:00. it hadn't been done since 1956. baseball history today in philadelphia. and you are looking live at at&t park where there is news before day one of the giants- braves. a live report is next. ,,,,
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waited 13 years to pitch inr first playoff game...y you'd have a lot when you have waited 13 years to pitch in your first play-off game, you figured you would have a lot of pent-up adrenaline. philadelphia's roy halladay unleashed it today on the cincinnati reds. >> halladay is one strike away, the 0-2, a bouncer, ruiz, in time! roy halladay has thrown a no- hitter!!! >> halladay is the second pitcher in history to throw a post-season no-hitter. in the 1956 don larson pitched a no-hitter against the dodgers in the world series. his only blemish was a 5th inning walk as the phillies
6:52 pm
take game one 4-0. >> it's thrilling. i just wanted to pitch, pitch in the post-season and to be able to go out and have a game like that, uhm, you know, it's a dream come true. ron washington and the rangers against the rays. bengie molina. david price owning generalgy's third home run since coming from the giants. rbi base hit. 4-0 texas, cliff lee struck out 10 in seven innings. rangers win 5-1. lee is 5-0 in the post-season. meanwhile the giants are less than 24 hours from opening their play-off series against atlanta. kim coyle is live at at&t park with the latest. >> reporter: we did get some in us from bruce bochy less than an hour ago. he said arrow rowen has made the -- aaron rowan has made the roster here. there was one other player he wanted to talk to barry zito. he should be able to announce
6:53 pm
his roster after this workout. now, one pitcher we know will be on the mound tomorrow is two- time cy young winner tim lincecum. he is about to make the biggest started of his young career. >> always said to go have fun. i mean, more so than that, it was always a little bit more sarcasm or some criticism in there. he is kind of, you know, done trying to, you know, be such a father figure to me there. it's like you're figuring it on your own and it's fun to watch. >> reporter: father knows best. so lincecum faces derek lowe tomorrow night. each pitcher won 16 games this season. timmy has lower e.r.a. and more strikeouts but lins come has the experience playing in the post-season six times. -- lowe has the experience playing in the post-season six times. a knee injury sidelines another player. develop to watch this one despite being -- he will have to watch this one. despite being on the dl he is probably one. most popular braves. who will take the field for
6:54 pm
atlanta tomorrow night? ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: these braves look a lot different than the ones who made the play-offs 14 years in a row during the '90s and early 2,000. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: buster posey grew uprooting for america's team. >> i was born at the right time to be a braves fan with the four team division titles they had. i can go back as far as jeff blousier, len teague, otis nixon. i remember those guys. >> reporter: braves rookie phenom jason heyward was only 2 years old when the braves' run of success started. >> we have played here before. we actually played here opening day for them in april and i know what they expect as far as crowd noise and things like that. i would say the last two weeks have been like the play-off for us. it's been our run to get to the play-offs. >> reporter: gone are the big
6:55 pm
three, maddux, glavine and smoltz whose right arms carried the braves into october every year. this year it's led by derek lowe and tim hudson. >> they went on three days rest and pitched just two brilliant ballgames back to back. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: back in the play- offs for the first time since 2005, the one face that will look familiar is manager bobby cox. after 25 years as the braves skipper, cox is retiring at the end of the post-season. >> we played last sunday and won. and if that had been our last game, it wouldn't have hit me maybe until after we showered or something. but it wouldn't have hit me in the dugout because we have been through these play-offs the last three weeks. >> reporter: when he was asked who should be the national league rookie of the year, of course, he said hayward but he
6:56 pm
said posey is dynamite and doesn't know how the braves organization missed him. >> we'll find out zito for the late show tonight. >> reporter: that's right. >> kim coyle at at&t, thank you. if paul revere was riding through the streets of boston today, he would be yelling thank god we finally got rid of randy moss! >> if you do a good job and you think that you're doing a good job you want to be appreciated. and i really don't think that me personally that i'm appreciated. >> at that time moss said this would be his last year in new england. he didn't even make. that patriots traded him today to the minnesota vikings for a third round pick. moss reportedly got into a shouting match with his quarterback's coach during halftime of monday's victory over miami. my ancestors in ireland called me to put this on the air. mahdi burrows back heel kick into the net color me bloody impressed. the 92nd minute to beat porter down 1-0 but this one takes the biscuit. ahl hockey, day gavins with the binghamton senators puts the
6:57 pm
nose of the blade on the puck spins 360. you get the point. they win that game. that goal. >> i think we got the point of that video. what do you think happens to zito? what does bochy do with zito? >> i i don't think he earned the right to start. they have better pitchers. you have to go with your best four pitchers if you need them and zito isn't one of them. >> they are keeping him on pins and needles though waiting. is there a message in that? >> no. typically the giants wait until the last second. they want to see if a guy gets injured. and renteria's health is called into question so they will wait until the last second. they have to have the decision made officially by tomorrow. we'll have it tonight at 11 exclusive here on cbs 5. >> thank you. see you at 10:00 and 11:00. age. y skin to show it. (announcer) gold bond ultimate restoring lotion. coq10 helps skin renew itself. gold bond ultimate restoring.
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