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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11PM  CBS  October 17, 2010 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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7th... one run already in... tonight primetime sports report. >> the first time this postseason the giants did not play in a one-run game. tonight phillies load the bases in the 7th. the former encino high school standout jimmy rollins clears the bases and the phillies win the game evening the series at one. that plus a complete wrapup after the news. xfinity only from comcast.
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from bill clinton -- you're watching cbs5 eyewitness news. ates to sacramen a political heavyweight arrives in the bay area. the message from bill clinton to send two local candidates to sacramento. the bridge back in business, the repairs made and the monitoring required to keep the san mateo bridge open. history re- born tonight... a stroll down musical memory lane, a bit of bay area history tonight. good evening. i'm ann notarangelo. well, he is the democrats most effective campaigner. former president bill clinton in san jose tonight lending his support to the top of the ticket in california. don knapp is in san jose where mr. clinton campaigned with jerry brown and gavin newsom. >> reporter: of course, it was a political rally, but the big draw was a political rock star named bill clinton and this audience was really primed for him when he took the stage, the
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crowd going wild. here's how it went. gavin newsom and jerry brown are the californians running for office, but bill clinton was still the big draw and i think tonight with this crowd he'd be running for anything. he came here to spread some of his drawing power with one time political opponent for the presidential nomination jerry brown who is running for governor and gavin newsom running for lieutenant governor. newsom started off claiming credit for his initiatives in san francisco in education and healthcare, but he made a frank observation before introducing brown and clinton. >> i'm the guy that you'll forget that was here tonight. thank you for taking the time to be here just 15 days away from real change in california. [ cheering and applause ] >> i love you, too. so don't worry about it. anyway hey, look, we got the president coming next, okay? [ cheering and applause ]
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>> he's here in solidarity, president bill clinton. [ cheering and applause ] >> thank you. let's hear it for jerry brown and gavin newsom. [ cheering and applause ] >> we were raised to believe if you were fortunate, you were supposed to give back to your community, give to the future of your kids, give the children a better chance and i can tell you -- >> reporter: the crowd went home feeling awfully good about their time spent with bill clinton, but he gave them an assignment. he said get on the social networks. get the democrats out to vote. >> did they address their concern at all? whatever party is a minority in the midterm elections, their voters tend to stay home. are they concerned or they tend to turn out to vote, so the majority party tends to lose the election. are they concerned voters will stay home? >> reporter: that's exactly the concern. the democratic votes, the
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registration in california, you just got to get them out and midterm elections don't seem to have the enthusiasm and clinton was trying to build enthusiasm to get the democratic vote out. it's a very big concern, they're trying to address it. >> don knapp, thank you. in the u.s. senate race carly fiorina continues to attack her opponent veteran democratic senator barbara boxer. boxer is slugging back. fiorina and boxer both campaigned in southern california this weekend. it's where political insiders believe this race will be decided and the attacks have been relentless. >> my opponent is proud to have the support of sarah palin and i can tell you you can tell about a person when you look at the company they keep. >> i'm very proud of my endorsement from sarah palin and i've said that over and over again. >> but fiorina did not appear with palin in anaheim yesterday at a repep can campaign yesterday campaigning --
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republican campaign yesterday campaigning instead. el dorado hills. the president and the first lady are campaigning this weekend. katherine brown on why their efforts are no guarantee of success. >> reporter: president obama is reaching out to young voters hoping to rekindle the excitement that put him in office. >> one thing i know about buckeyes is you all don't quit. >> reporter: the first couple headlined this rally at ohio state university and both are campaigning for democrats across the country with critical midterm even leks just two weeks away. a -- election just two tweaks away. a new ap poll shows 1/4 of those who voted for president obama are considering voting against democrats. >> we're not just calling for change. we're doing the hard work of change grinding it out. sometimes it's frustrating. >> reporter: frustration is so high just half of those who carried president obama to victory say they'll definitely vote on november 2nd.
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republicans on the other hand have a fresh injection of tea party energy and continue to outpace democrats with their enthusiasm. >> it's america waking up. it's about taking control again. >> we are a free country. we have our rights and they're taking our rights away. >> reporter: republican strategists are pushing back against any notion that tea party candidates are too extreme. >> the tea parties stand for a set of conservative principles for limited government, low taxes, really individual rights and those are not fringe. >> reporter: republicans are largely campaigning against the president's economic policies. he has trips planned to at least five more states to make the case that he's put the country on the path to economic recovery. katherine brown for cbs news, new york. an apartment building fire in san francisco's tenderloin is being called suspicious. dozens of people were evacuated down fire escapes in the four-
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story complex at geary and leavenworth. the fire started have on the second floor but investigators are still searching for the source. a modesto church has been badly damaged in a two alarm fire overnight. the flames were spotted at the new life church of the nazarene about 2:30 in the morning. the main church building suffered about $50,000 in damage. investigators are looking into whether the fire was accidental or intentional. bay area headlines, oakland police are trying to determine if a man shot at a bank of america atm at the rock ridge shopping center was a robbery victim. the shooting happened yesterday morning about 9 a.m. the man is hospitalized in critical condition. investigators are waiting to talk to him. all lanes of the san mateo bridge are back open in time for tomorrow's commute. crews wrapped up repairs on the crack in a beam about 3:00 this morning. it's only a temporary fix and engineers will be monitoring it the next several days. people are flying around the it has been a busy summer
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at sfo. while fewer people are flying around the country, passenger arrivals and departures at san francisco international were up 4% over a year ago and it's up nearly 20% since 2006. sfo credits low cost airlines and more people taking trips to asia and the middle east. the chilean miners come together again. >> reporter: after living through something so big all of us are going to be emotional. >> the place they came together to give thanks for their survival. and rain falls across the bay area with disastrous results for some drivers. >> i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow. scattered showers showing up around the bay area today and there's more to come. we'll tell you when coming up. ,,,,,,
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baltimore --in a fight over a parking space. brian stevenson had been out celebr hday when he an off-duty police detective has been killed in baltimore in a fight over a parking space. brian stevenson had been out celebrating his birthday when he for the into a fight last night and he was hit in the head with a piece of concrete. the 18 year veteran later died at the hospital. a suspect is in custody charged with first degree murder.
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very special sunday services today in chile. many of the miners who were rescued this week met again to give thanks. here's what the miners wanted to see. >> reporter: this morning the san jose mine was shrouded in mist, but the memories for miners and their families were perfectly clear. for most it was their first time back since the rescue. a dozen or so of the miners made the trek to this remote place so they could join together in a sunday mass of thanksgiving. before the service we met juan carlos aguilar. he was the 29th man out. at 46 he's been a miner since he was 19. he told us today i want to be by myself for a little while adding you don't know what it was like to be in there. is it difficult to be back here? after living through something so big he said all of us are going to be emotional. some of the miners have said they wanted to return to this
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place not only to give thanks, but to see camp hope itself, the place where so many families held vigils for so long, but seeing these days isn't easy. they're mobbed by media. so during the mass reporters were kept away from the white tent where it was held. one of the men who helped make this possible returned home to denver, colorado, this weekend. jeff hart was at the controls when the plan b drill broke through to the miners last saturday. we met him just a few hours after that. your feeling right now at this moment? >> on top of the world. >> reporter: he was welcomed back a hero. >> harder than anything we've ever done, the stress of knowing there's 33 guys underneath your feet that they're relying on you. >> reporter: now they're surely thanking hart and the hundreds of other rescuers who helped free them. seth stone, cbs news, copiapo chile. today's with weather made take rough ride on some bay
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area roads. a truck crashed into a power pole near santa rosa causing the pole to topple onto the truck. that happened around 11 this morning on bennett valley road. the driver not seriously injured but the crash caused a small power outage in the area. and near the utility pole crash at about the same time a car rolled down an embankment. this accident happened off northbound 101 at highway 12 in downtown santa rosa. crews had to tow the car out of the embankment. the driver was alone in the car and was not hurt. so is this weather going to stick around the rest of the week? meteorologist lawrence karnow has our forecast. >> turned out to be a pretty decent soaker in the bay area, that low pressure system really moving almost right overhead today keeping the raindrops in, lots of temperatures running well below average this time of year. hooks like tomorrow will be an improved day -- looks like tomorrow will be an improved day if you want to see more sunshine. by tomorrow you're looking at
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60s, maybe 70s well inland. inside the bay 60s and 72 but outside the coastline, a little cool and breezy, partly cloudy skies, temperatures mainly in the 50s and 60s. we had over .1-inch of rain in san francisco, 1/3-inch in san jose, almost .2-inch in santa rosa. so everybody had some raindrops around the bay area. we've got some big changes in the not too distant future. so for now, though, this area of low pressure going to start to wind down sagging further south and it will drag the moisture with it. so showers coming to an end overnight and it looks like things begin to dry out as high pressure tries to build in behind it. once that happens we may begin to see an offshore wind. that comes together, looks like a pretty nice tuesday around the bay area. tomorrow looks like the rain drying things out as the most you're tags further to the south, some wrap--- moisture tags further to the south, some wrap-around moisture. tomorrow morning the roadways still a little slick from the
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rainfall. numbers looking like this. let's plan on some 60s and 70s in toward morgan hill down in toward san jose looking about 72 degrees and out towards the coastline, 50s out at the beaches. heading to the interior valleys, i think we'll see temperatures pop a bit, today highs only in the 50s under mostly cloudy and the showers i think tomorrow going to get sunny breaks to allow temperatures to come up to the 60s and maybe even mid-70s. in the bay you'll see a pretty good sea breeze and that will keep temperatures mainly in the 60s in berkeley and oakland. it's going to be cooler as the winds kick up in the latter part of the afternoon. out to the north bay 50s toward the immediate coastline but as you get away from the coastal areas those temperatures should warm up rather nicely, 60s and 70s toward the afternoon hours under some partly cloudy skies. looking out over the next view. looks like tomorrow not too bad, a few clouds lingering but by afternoon should see more sunshine. i think the winds start to become more offshore as we head
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in toward tuesday. temperatures are likely to pop, probably some 80s returning to the bay area, cooling thing off wednesday and thursday, much cooler towards friday when a cold front dives in and we start talking about the prospects of rain next weekend. that's a look at weather. back to you. not the best weather for running a nike women's marathon, but at least it was cool. the event attracted thousands of runners and walkers. the 26-mile course started at union square, bound its way through the embarcardero through golden gate park and out to great highway. the winner was an out of towner from little rock arkansas. back by popular demand. >> come here and see all the great talent. it was a shame to see it close down. >> closed town 20 years ago and reopened tonight, the transformation of a legendary bay area music venue. and vampires on a book sporting rampage, the target of their venom, the love of many
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"meg whitman has demonstrated a loose relationship with the truth" "a poor understanding of government" "pat solutions for problems whose depth and complexity clearly elude her" "she utterly lacks the qualifications to be governor" jerry brown "offers california exactly what it needs" "good ideas, strong principles, a reputation for telling the truth" and the ability to "get things done in sacramento" meg whitman's hometown newspaper and newspapers across the state have endorsed jerry brown for governor. as ceo, she laid off 30,000 workers and shipped jobs to china. china. india. russia. poland. i know precisely why those jobs go. [ male announcer ] because fiorina shipped them there. to shanghai instead of san jose.
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bangalore instead of burbank. proudly stamping her products "made in china." 30,000 workers gone while fiorina took $100 million for herself. carly fiorina. outsourcing jobs. out for herself. [ barbara boxer ] i'm barbara boxer, and i approved this message. reborn tonight. the venetian room at the fairmont hotel was a bit san francisco entertainment history was reborn tonight. the venetian room at the fairmont hotel was the city's leading supper club nearly 50 years hosting headliners like ella fitzgerald, tony bennett and tina turner. tonight linda yee said it was time to strike up the band for the reopening. >> reporter: the cigarette girls are gone, but the old supper club atmosphere is back.
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21 years after it closed the venetian room reopened at the fairmont hotel. the audience young and old was thrilled. >> i've been living here for 32 years and i remember the venetian room, particularly with ernie hechstra orchestra. we used to come here and see all the great talent. it was a shame to see it close down and it's so exciting tonight to see it reopen. >> reporter: the venetian room closed when it became too expensive to run. marilyn levinson of bay area cabaret worked with the hotel to reopen the historic room. >> after the darkness of the economy of the past couple of years, the city is ready to embrace going out again and doing something to make life a little special. >> reporter: there won't be dancing, no supper served, but this night's opening night audience revels in the history. >> our fondest memory is two
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weeks before our wedding which was 48 years ago we came to see sophie tucker, the last of the red hot mamas, and she was fabulous. >> reporter: the producers plan to bring in top broadway performers. this is a room with a lot of musical history, some of the best names in show business played here including ella fitzgerald, nat king cole and back in 1962 a very famous crooner debuted a very famous song here. ♪ i left my heart ♪ >> it was so electrifying to hear that siege like that and now all these years later, 40 -- song like that and now all these years later, 48 years later. i wanted to be in this beautiful venetian room. >> reporter: the elegance of the venetian room is open again for a new generation, in san francisco linda yee, cbs5.
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it was an old-fashioned book burning in near portland today. to destroy t s believe it or not a group calling efforts bloodsuckers against twilight held a protest to destroy the popular movies and novels that have spawned teenage hysteria. >> the real vampires are taking a stand against the stereotyping of stephanie meyers and her horribly written twilight books. we vampires are supposed to be blood soaked monsters of midnight and they shouldn't look like somebody getting ready to open for the cure. >> maybe you guessed the event was actually a joke, part of the halloween event at a local haunted house attraction. hard to believe it's still a box office draw. a teenager with a strange obssession... >> this is what. >> now jack ass had the last laugh this weekend. whenever i see one in really good condition kind of eyeballing it, i want it.
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>> a teenager with a strange obsession, what's driven him to become the mr. clean of central california. '" i'm dennis o'donnell. things got a little ugly in the sporting world today. the giants defense was sloppy and take you inside the giants clubhouse while the 49ers and raiders fought for three quarters. somebody had to walk away with a much needed victory and rocco mediate flying for much more than a victory in san martin on gameday in a few minutes. ,,,,
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[ male announcer ] san francisco.
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a land of natural beauty and economic opportunity. at bank of america, we live and work here, with thousands of employees, hundreds of branches and hundreds of atms. every day, we're working to help set opportunity in motion... from supporting the redwood forest foundation and california academy of sciences to funding the green music center at sonoma state university because when you're giving, lending, and investing in more communities across the country, more opportunities happen. just ask jerry brown. he gave california state employees collective bargaining powers. since then the unions have grown stronger and stronger. now state employees can retire at 55 with much of their salary for life. and taxpayers are on the hook for one hundred billion dollars in unfunded pension liabilities. no wonder those unions are 100% behind jerry brown. he'll just spend, and spend, and spend.
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apparently, stupid stunts are even funnier in 3-d. "jackass 3-d" topped the box boys are about to do a little duck hunting. whoa. >> apparently stupid stunts are even funnier in 3d. jack ass3d topped the box office this weekend opening with a whopping $50 million. it's the third straight no. 1 opening for the jack ass franchise. at no. 2 this week the geriatric action comedy red, the social network to no. 3 after holding the top spot for two weeks. secretariat and life as we know it rounded off the top five. a school fundraiser aimed at protecting the environment this weekend changed the rick middle school station recycling for tight budget times and people were assured their personal information would be completely deleted. >> we do it for a small fee
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that allows the people dropping off today peace of mind knowing that with our sophisticated equipment it's going to be destroyed completely. >> the electronics will be refurbished and the resale of the equipment will help the schools. we'll be right back. ,, as a prosecutor, you never forget the cases where children are hurt. they stay with you. i'm kamala harris, and it's why i started san francisco's first child assault unit and wrote laws increasing prison time for child sexual abuse. and when i found out that nearly every young person killed was a high school dropout, i started prosecuting parents who let their children skip school. truancy dropped 30%. as attorney general, i can do this for all of california.
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as ceo, she laid off 30,000 workers and shipped jobs to china. china. india. russia. poland. i know precisely why those jobs go. [ male announcer ] because fiorina shipped them there. to shanghai instead of san jose. bangalore instead of burbank. proudly stamping her products "made in china." 30,000 workers gone while fiorina took $100 million for herself. carly fiorina. outsourcing jobs. out for herself. [ barbara boxer ] i'm barbara boxer, and i approved this message. not only likes to clean...he's obsessed with it. lori wallace on how its led to an finally tonight a rare find in turlock, a teenager who not only likes to clean, he's


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