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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 9am  CBS  November 27, 2010 9:30am-10:30am PST

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new this morning, another terror attempt stopped. this time, the target was a christmas tree lighting event. what the fbi is saying this morning, after an undercover sting leads to a big arrest. killed in combat. a south bay family is in mourning, following the death of a local marine. hear from a cousin who describes his sacrifice and how he'll be remembered. >> christmas time is always the busiest time of the year, and we're always busy, but christmas time is always the busiest. plus, let the holiday shopping rush begin, but as local stores get ready for more customers, there's also more competition. how those big-box stores are creeping in on the turf of
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those smaller businesses. it's 9:30 on this saturday morning, november 27. good morning. i'm julie watts, here with jim bernard on this rainy saturday. anne mackovic is a bit under the weather this morning. >> caught under the showers, looking at rain tapering off around the bay area at this time. so for the rest of this big shopping weekend, i don't think umbrellas will be a necessary fashion statement, as we should see widely scattered showers throughout the rest of the day. looking at radar, most of the energy south of the bay area. again, the big weather story is up in the mountains, where another foot or two of snow is expected. chains required heading in that direction. great news for the ski areas, not so much for the travelers. again, we will look for isolated shower activity around the bay today, with the potential for an afternoon thunderstorm or two. so if you happen to be underneath one of those, could be wet. otherwise, i think you can make your way through the drops.
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first, leading the news, we start with an undercover sting in the arrest of a teernlg who wanted to kill as many people as possible at a busy christmas tree lighting event. mohamed mohamud was arrested in portland, oregon last night. the fbi targeted him back in june when they learned he was talking with terror suspects in pakistan. they made their move when they say he tried to use a cell phone to blow up a van. it was filled with dud explosives. the public was not in any real danger. mohamed mohamud will face charges of attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction. today, the u.s. war effort in afghanistan passes a bleak milestone. nine years and 51 days, now longer than the soviet union's campaign, which ended back in 1989. now, another bay area family is in mourning, mourning the loss of a marine killed just two months after going into combat. sharon chen has his story.
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>> reporter: 19-year-old lance corporal died in his first combat deployment less than two months after arriving in afghanistan. he was a decorated marine from camp pendleton. >> i think it's just his choice, you know, maybe he didn't want to start college yet, but when we were kids, we would always like playing with guns, the games, and i guess that's what he wanted to actually feel it in reality. >> reporter: when his relatives say he was an independence high school graduate when loved cars and wanted to work at a dealership after his military service was over. he also loved his family. >> i would miss his voice, because that's what always kept me up when i was down. he would always talk to me and he would always say never give
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up, you know, just keep doing what you're doing, like look at me, i'm doing good. that's what he said. i never knew he would actually be gone. >> reporter: relatives here at the family home say they will remember him as a hero who died too young. in san jose, sharon chen, cbs 5. time now, 9:34. protesters used fire extinguishers against police in seoul, south korea. demonstrators want south korea to take tougher action against north korea for its attack on a south korea island which killed four people earlier this week n a separate rally, marine veterans gathered in seoul and observed a moment of silence. starting tomorrow, the u.s. and south korea will hold joint military exercises in the yellow sea. police identified a young woman killed this week in japantown, just before 9:00
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thursday night. so far, police have made no arrests, and they have not established a motive. there's a jump in drunk driving arrests this holiday weekend. from wednesday evening through friday morning, the highway patrol says it arrested more people than during the same period last year. so far, the chp has arrested 99 people, compared to 87 back in 2009. no fatalities have been reported during the chp's increased enforcement period. well, fast-moving flames destroy a clothing factory in southern california. 200 firefighters battled the blaze for hours overnight, but stacks of clothes fueled that fire. it was reported inle monty just before 8:00 last night. when fire crews arrived, the garment distribution warehouse was engulfed in flames. no injuries were reported. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. time now, 9:35. black friday took a dangerous turn yesterday, as several
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shoppers were trampled entering a target in buffalo, new york. cameras captured the mob as they pushed through the doors. people at the front of the line were shoved to the floor. target staff heard the screams and ran over to help. at least one man was injured. however, he took off into the store, just seconds later, along with everyone else. well, black friday is now in the books, and you have only 27 shopping days left. retail experts tell us spending will be up this year and businesses hope there will be plenty of cash to go around. but just as small businesses see a light at the end of the tunnel, a new holiday turf war is expanding. simon brand shows us how it's taking shape in san francisco. >> reporter: there's no shortage of stuff to buy at jeffrey's toys, a san francisco mainstay. >> christmas time is always the busiest time of the year, and we're always busy, but christmas time is always the
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busiest. >> reporter: just two blocks down bustling market street at the westfield shopping center, a toys r us is set up an express shop, a so-called pop- up shop, a smaller venue designed to take advantage of the holiday rush. listen to the company's ceo. >> we could reach every nook and cranny of america and that's what we're doing with these holiday stores. >> reporter: last year, the company opened 90 express stores. they were so successful, this year it's opening 600 more. at jeffreys? >> what did you think? >> i didn't really think much. i didn't think it was going to affect us in any way. >> reporter: that extra competition doesn't even register. no one store can hog the entire toy market. besides, different stories serve different needs. toys r us express in a mall setting works for some. >> they have more sales going on and i guess it's cheaper and you get more stuff for less. it's more convenient for us to come here. >> reporter: jeffrey's works for others. >> they are very nice. >> we come to jeffrey's because
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it's convenient and it's always open. the spring-up stores aren't, aren't available all the time. >> what did you get in here today? >> binoculars. >> it's more pleasurable for me. >> how? >> well, they just have the old- fashioned toys and it's just not all plastic toys. >> reporter: simon perez for cbs 5. if you plan to hit the malls or your favorite neighborhood shop today, you might hear a thing or two about small business saturday. it's a social media campaign on facebook and elsewhere, encouraging people to shop locally, at locally owned stores. a not-so-small business, american express, is behind the effort. well, it's starting to look a lot like christmas all over the bay area. this was the scene in danville last night. families gathered for the annual tree lighting ceremony. it's a tradition that's been going on there for 34 years. we'll show you more tree lighting events later in the show, including last night's
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ceremony at ghirardelli square in san francisco. we held off on the rain just long enough for the tree lightings. >> brief little rain spurt, winding down this afternoon. i don't think it's going to interrupt any shopping plans or tree ceremonies or whatever else you got going on around the bay today, including football coming up tomorrow, as we'll see skies clearing out. still a few scattered showers in our forecast for this afternoon. i'll have the details, coming up in just a few minutes. also coming up, it's the team that paid its players tens of millions of dollars, but for years, it wasn't paying its rent at oracle arena. up next, how the new owners for the golden state warriors are making it right. and the thanksgiving leftovers are in the fridge and more treats are sure to come. how do you keep your diet and fitness goals on track this time of year? an expert from gold's gym will join us with advice for staying fit during the holidays. ,,,,,, ,
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well, with new owners, the golden state warriors aren't wasting any time paying off debt. just three days after joe laken and guber, they paid the back rent. the team claimed they were actually owed money for installing a new scoreboard, so they didn't pay for three years prior. often, much of the extra weight is gained during the holiday season, tblu are things we can do now to avoid losing in january. today, personal trainer with gold's gym is here to provide encouraging words. thank you for joining us today. >> thank you for having me. >> i'm in need of this segment. my husband and i brought out
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the leftovers last night and george gorged ourselves. what do we need to do? >> time to taper down the meals. eat less, think about eating healthy. there are special occasion meals and we'll want the traditional meals, but it's time to cut down. not having pie for breakfast is a good place to start. do you suggest sending the leftovers home with other people so they are not in your house? >> absolutely. all right. no pie for breakfast. aside from the obvious, you know, exercise is there anything we can do specifically tailored to the holiday season? >> i tell people to go back to the obvious. go for a walk. take the family out, do things inclusive. wall sits, have a little competition with the family. >> wall sits, that's what i always do during the thanksgiving holiday! >> even push-ups on the kitchen counter so it's not so difficult and everyone can participate. >> that's kind of fun.
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what about minimize overeating? we always say this, but portion size, even with the big meals, or is it okay to indulge during the big meals and minimize the other days? >> maybe pick something to overindulge instead of indulging in everything. >> got it. maybe you won't feel quite as sick. refocus on fitness and use your body weight. you mentioned that doing push- ups on the kitchen counter or wall sits in between courses maybe at thanksgiving? what are some of the things you suggest to your clients? >> maybe beforehand and a little bit the next day. keep in mind you're going to work out and that will sometimes help you not eat so much, knowing you won't feel sick afterwards. >> all right, and so what should we do with the leftovers, if we've got them at home, is there any healthy way to recreate our thanksgiving dinner, but eat them maybe in a healthier way, toss out the gravy and do turkey sandwiches? what are your suggestions? >> try to eat the vegetables that still look like vegetables, that aren't pureed in butter, lean meats, keep it simple and go back to portion size. not a bad idea to diet
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between thanksgiving and christmas, or your hanukkah meals. and so are you doing anything special with your clients at gold's gym? do you see more people come in this time of year asking for help, or is it january? >> it's usually january, but it's a good idea to start now obviously. we're definitely doing more cardio intervals and thinking about the extra calories that are coming in this season. get that heart rate up. all right. simple things folks can do at home, get rid of the leftovers. if you're going to keep them, keep the lean meats and healthy options. get rid of the vegetables saturated in butter. maybe do some simple exercises with the family while you're enjoying your holiday meal. thanks for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> pleasure having you. hopefully i'll stick to the goals. we'll find out come january! jim bernard, how are you doing with your holiday die ?et. >> no pie for breakfast? i've always believed life is short, ought to eat dessert first, but whatever works for you. taking a look outside today, i think the weather will work for
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everybody. cloudy skies, rain shower activity winding down through the early morning hours. we've still got a threat of a shower or two lingering with us through the day. even the potential for an afternoon isolated thunderstorm. now, if you happen to be underneath one of those, you could get pretty wet. looks like drizzle-type shower activity and low clouds hanging in across the south bay. again, we'll look for more scattered type of rain pattern here across the bay area through the rest of the day. here's the leading edge of the front itself, moving to our south. behind it, we've got cold, unstable air, which will continue with the shower activity. again, the big weather story is the snow in the mountains. as we see some moderate returns just off the point rays, crossing to the north bay, that will hit at about noon across the bay area here, as it will continue to clear out through the afternoon. so there's still a threat of some showers out there. plan accordingly, as you move about the bay today. we'll look for the rain and isolated thunderstorm activity to wind down through the
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afternoon. gusty winds, 10 to 15 miles an hour, in and around those isolated thunderstorms, mainly with snow in the highcountry once again down to about 3000 feet. now, that has been the big story here the last couple of weeks, the amount of snow. i spent last week up in yosemite. they have 2 feet on the ground in the valley, more than that in the highcountry. great news for skiers. bad news for travelers, if you're trying to get there. chains required, and it is slow- going through the mountains. you might need to add a couple extra hours to your trip. heading into the mountains, we'll look for the winter weather advisory to continue into and through tomorrow for the mountains, as our showers taper off and skies begin to clear out through the day tomorrow. that means cold air is going to be back for monday morning, into tuesday, which could once again bring the frost advisories back to the bay area. so as long as we keep the showers and clouds in the area, we'll be warmer, above freezing. but when things clear out come the beginning of the week, look for the chance of some frost
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once again in the early morning hours. as you see, the expectations of the radar returns through the day, once again, we'll see light shower activity mainly across the bay area. hit or miss type showers for the most part, with temperatures remaining cool, mid to low 50s throughout the region, and we won't look for any threat of frost until probably come the beginning of the week. i don't think it's going to be quite as cold as it was earlier this week, but we could hover right around the freezing mark here come monday morning and tuesday, as we see the shower activity winding down, slight chance of showers wednesday and thursday, but looks like that will be a glancing blow going by to the east and once again, headed to the highcountry. so a great start to the ski season. i believe all the ski areas are open now and they have got copious amounts of snow. >> plenty. i hear we have more snow in the sierra than most places throughout the country right now. >> yosemite never has snow for thanksgiving. they have 2 feet this year. you can imagine what it's like newspaper tahoe.
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>> good for the economy this year. >> thanks, jim. meantime, a holiday tradition in the south bay is in trouble. christmas in the park might be celebrating its final year in san jose. what organizers say they need right now, in order to keep it going next year. >> it's just utterly amazing. it continues after all these years to be a, a real joy for me. it's an awesome setting for lessons in music and life. music under the redwoods. how kids are nurturing their talent at this very special camp. ,,,,
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a holiday tradition in san jose is in jeopardy. organizers of christmas in the park say this could be the last year if people don't pitch in and help. the contribution from the city has been cut in half, leaving the group $200,000 short. admission is free, but this year, organizers are asking each visitor to donate a dollar. last year, 450,000 people came out to christmas in the park. a dollar from each would more than bridge the funding gap. well, learn music under the stars. that's what about a hundred thousand bay area kids have been doing for more than a
9:54 am
century. it's a special summer camp, and as sharon chen profiles, the maestro behind the hiewsk is this week's jefferson award winner. >> reporter: bob lutt hasn't played the trombone in years, but he still lives and breathes music. >> music is everything to me. music is my life. n]♪ >> reporter: for more than 50 years, bob has inspired tens of thousands of young musicians. >> i want them to come away with having been challenged to play to the top of their ability. >> reporter: bob founded the performing arts camp in 1957, while he was berkeley high school's director of bands. he started the two-week summer camp on berkeley-owned property in the sonoma redwoods. the first year, volunteers from the san francisco symphony taught campers, including 16- year-old tony kay with his guitar. today, tony is a professional
9:55 am
guitarist, thankful to his mentor, bob, and the camp. >> he believes in bringing out the best in people. he believes in people, particularly kids. >> reporter: cbs 5's eye on the bay visited the camp a few years ago and students like tony tell us something magical happens, making music under the giant redwoods. >> maybe it's because being in that redwood grove is like being in a church, a cathedral. it's something large, larger than we are, and it's inspirational. >> it's a perfect match of music and nature. >> reporter: the campers who eat, sleep and play together forge lasting friendships. many of bob's students make music their careers in the symphony, opera, ballet, and teaching. joan murray, executive director of san francisco youth arc extra's golden gate philharmonic volunteers as a
9:56 am
camp teacher. she appreciates the nurturing environment bob's created. >> they would take kids that didn't have much going for them and they let them know that they could do something, and they would make them good. >> reporter: at age 81, bob no longer runs the camp himself, but still recruits teachers, helps raise $80,000 a year in camp scholarships, and soaks in students' summer concerts. >> they show up on a tuesday morning and then they put on a quality concert on saturday or sunday, and it's amazing. it's utterly amazing that it continues after all these years to be a, a real joy for me. >> reporter: for inspiring excellence in young musicians for more than half a century, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to bob lutt. sharon chen, cbs 5.
9:57 am
>> registration is now open for next year's music camps. find a link online, in our story about bob. just go to click on the cbs 5 logo at the top of the page and jefferson awards. you'll also find an e-mail form for nominating your local heroes. coming up next, the family of a local marine killed in afghanistan talks about his sacrifice. and part 2 of my special report outsourced. silicon valley students in india, a country on the rise, yet still gripped by poverty. what the teens say will stick with them from this memorable trip. and a teenager now faces charges of attempting to set off a weapon of mass destruction. the undercover sting operation and how a major holiday event in oregon was targeted. ,,,,
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two times better ! for a brilliant shine, finish jet-dry rinse agent. finish. the diamond standard. new this morning, a terror arrest in oregon. a young man tries to target a christmas tree lighting event, but he was watched every step of the way. the undercover operation to take down a suspected teen terrorist, who tried to set off a car bomb. an incredible story of survival. three teenagers are rescued after being lost at sea for nearly two months. how they survived and the chance encounter that saved
10:01 am
their lives. >> kind of one of those things when you're in the car and you're driving, you kind of see past it, but for me, i, i can't turn away. and from silicon valley to the slums of india, part 2 of my special report outsourced. coming up, bay area students see the new image india is trying to project and the poverty that's not going away. welcome back to the weekend early edition, just about 10:00. good morning. i'm julie watts, here with jim bernard on this rainy saturday. anne mackovic is under the weather this morning. >> and the clouds rolled in to warm things up finally, after a very cold week around the bay. cloud cover also brought in some rain shower activity. it's been pretty light for the most part this morning. a few moderate returns here and there, but that's a hit or miss feel. as you can see, the brunt of the moisture has moved south of the bay, but we will look for scattered showers to continue off and on all day long, as temperatures cool once again come the beginning of the week. of course over the highcountry
10:02 am
of the sierra, more snow, another foot or two today to add to what's already on the ground, as it looks like a great ski season is under way officially. >> good forecast for a whole lot of folks. >> getting there is a whole 'nother deal, but skiing will be very good. >> we'll talk more about getting there in a bit. first, leading the news this morning, the fbi says he wanted to kill as many people as possible at a crowded christmas tree lighting event. but now, he's behind bars. mohamed mohamud was arrested in portland, oregon last night. the fbi made its move when they say he used a cell phone to try and blow up a van. that van was packed with dud explosives, all part of a five- month undercover sting. mohamed mohamud was targeted back in june when agents learned he was talking with terror suspects in pakistan. the 19-year-old somali-born u.s. citizen will face charges of attempted use of weapons of mass destruction. a bay area family is
10:03 am
mourning the loss of a young man killed in afghanistan. 19-year-old lance corporal arden died in his first combat deployment. the san jose man had been in afghanistan for less than two months. he was a decorated combat engineer, with the first marine division at camp pendleton. his 15-year-old cousin says they were very close. >> he would always talk to me and he would always say never give up, you know. just keep doing what you're doing. he would look at me, i'm doing good. that's what he said. >> he graduated from independence high school. his family says he loved cars and hoped to work at a dealership after his military service was over. his relatives say they will remember him as a hero who died too young. well, lost at sea for more than 50 days, three teenager boys drank rainwater from their tiny boat, ate flying fish, and prayed for a rescue.
10:04 am
now today, they are being examined by a doctor in figi. a fishing boat spotted them after 50 days at sea. the rescue came after hundreds mourned their death. last week, we brought you part 1 of our series, outsourced, silicon valley students in india. we got a glimpse of india's growing tech industry and connection to silicon valley through the eyes of 25 local high school students, but while in india, the kids also saw a different side of the growing super power, a side that's prompted some of them to take action. >> reporter: they come from different worlds and speak different languages, but as it turns out, lady ga ga is universal. n]♪ >> reporter: pop music is just one of the tools the students
10:05 am
of archbishop high school to put smiles on the faces of these bangalor street children. this boy tells us his story, abandoned by his grandfather, forced into child labor, he'll sleep on the streets tonight, just like hundreds of other children. >> in the states, it's like your once in a while after- school special. here it's 60 kids a day. >> reporter: for some students, it's a heart breaking realization, but for others, it's a reality they are all too familiar with. >> to be quite honest works it's not so much of a shock for me. i mean, being born here, how many times i've been with my family on trains and buses and i've seen kids like them. >> reporter: india has more than a hundred million child laborers, more than any country in the world. and many of them live on the streets of big cities, like bangalor. >> these are just some of the 100 kids who joined the ranks of the street children in
10:06 am
bangalor every day. they come from outlying areas. some of them were sold into slavery by their parents. others are escaping abusive homes. and some just come here in hopes of finding a better life. >> how many? >> reporter: a life that looks a little more like this. it's here at this private school in new dehli that it becomes painfully apparent. these students are part of the 20% in india who live above the poverty line. among the similarities to their american counterparts, their ipod play lists. >> i listen a lot to lighthouse. >> jay-z. >> reporter: but when asked about india's overwhelming ab ject poverty, the cultural differences become clear. >> you must have seen "slum dog millionaire." it shows the slum that no movie
10:07 am
yet has shown. >> reporter: when it comes to image, this is what the students see. it's no hollywood movie. just outside the private school walls, child laborers dig holes. and while the privileged ride in private scars, this is how others are transported. >> i think i'm kind of something they are used to, born and raised here, and it's kind of one of those things when you're in the car and you're driving, you just kind of see past it. but for me, i, i can't turn away. >> reporter: in a country with 1.2 billion people, second only to china in population, many blame widespread poverty on the sheer number of people. >> it's a problem that has emerged in our country. it's difficult to reach out to every one in our population and provide basic medicine. >> reporter: but when it comes to india's growing tech
10:08 am
industry, overpopulation has become a marketing tool in and of itself. recruiting western companies, like promoting human beings, is india's natural resource. and while outsourcing does provide jobs-- >> outsourcing can only take india so far. 75% of india lives in the rural areas. outsourcing is not going to be the solution for those millions and millions of people. >> reporter: so while many in india's it sector are prospering, paying skilled workers on average $400 a month, much of the country is being left behind, including children like this one, sent to big cities in hopes of finding a better life, only to find a new kind of poverty. >> my question is not only will he make it to adulthood, but is there anything for him when he gets there? >> reporter: there's no doubt that the students of archbishop high school had their hearts broken in india, but they also fell in love, with the rich culture, the warm people, and
10:09 am
the beauty of this rapidly developing country. above all, they walked away with hope. >> that's the next step. i mean, seeing is one thing, but acting is really where the difference is made. >> reporter: and today, the students are acting, trying to make a difference. after the break, we'll chat with them live, about life now that they have returned from this eye-opening journey. ,,,,,,
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10:11 am
a warmer start to the day today, a result of the clouds and a few light showers crossing the bay area. colder air, on th,,,,,,
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(announcer) while there are some home disasters you can't avoid, there is one you can. septic system breakdowns affect 1.2 million homes each year. septic backups can cost about six thousand dollars in expense, and countless hours of repair. rid-x. help save yourself from disaster. before the break, we saw part 2 of our series, outsourced, silicon valley students in india. joining me today are some of those students. tess, i would like to start with you. along with globalization and the tech growth we saw in india, we also had to deal with some difficult realities, and you came home and put together a website, kind of prompted to action. tell me a little bit about what this website is. >> i made a very simple website that is just a way to raise
10:13 am
awareness and support for new delhis. basically, a class of people that fall outside of the traditional cast system in india, and we saw, we saw them living in very difficult conditions. >> very much so. so this website is a way that people can become more aware and show support. i've linked to very good, well established organizations that are able to help stop the discrimination. if you at home are motivated by the pieces, they can go to our website and learn more about the culture and take action. >> exactly. thanks so much for doing that. i'm so impressed with the students come away with from this journey. another one of the students we traveled with, you were featured in the piece, and in the piece you mentioned that you were born in india and you have traveled back on many occasions. but this experience, not going with your family, but going with us in kind of a different context, left with you a different view. tell me how your perspective or your view of the country and
10:14 am
the culture changed. >> well, growing up, i had a different perspective of what it was to be in india. and it's kind of like having a 500-piece jigsaw puzzle and using 400 pieces to look at the big picture. and now after going to india this time, i realized that there are a hundred extra pieces that i have and i can actually use them to look at the bigger picture. and so through this experience, i realized that, you know, there are things that i overlook in my daily life that i never paid attention to with my family. but going with this group of students is a wonderful way to look at everything with a new set of eyes. do you find that translated even back home that, we tend to overlook things in our daily lives that we might otherwise see? >> definitely. i think anywhere you are, you tend to do that. so how about you, ahmet, you spent time in india as well with your family and went with one perspective. last week we talked to students who were very american students, had no cultural experience with india. i'm really interested to find out how your view changed, having already gone with a preconceived idea of what the
10:15 am
country was. >> well, at home, i hear all these things about globalization and poverty. you hear these things on the radio, too, but going to india really opened me up to this is a reality, not only for us. it doesn't just affect us, but it affects people in india as well. and did you come home with stories for your family, telling them about things you saw that maybe they had seen and they had been there so many times? >> my parents sort of grew up in india, so they did see a lot of it. whenever i went to india, they would sort of keep me away from all that and now as i got to go by myself, i got to see all of that from a different perspective. and when we were there, we did see a lot of the poverty, but we also saw and experienced such a rich culture, growing tech industry, so many amazing things about this beautiful country. what inspired you the most about the trip? >> you know, i really found the trip to be, you know, more than just teaching us. it taught us hope, like a lot of what we saw. we saw people who were at the
10:16 am
bottom of the bottom and they just climbed their way to what they could perceive as the top. and what i can see as the top right now. and it was just beautiful to see how, like, especially when we went to the slums how they promoted their own ideas in a system that is not meant to, you know, for those kind of people to a degree. so it was really inspiring to be there. i must say, have i been inspired by spending time with all of you. thank you for joining us today and thanks for letting me tag along on this incredible journey. i have absolutely been changed by experiencing it with you guys. it's been a pleasure. thanks so much, students of archbishop middy high school. now on to the man who has politely listened to me patiently throughout this adventure, jim bernard. >> great experience. as we take a look across the
10:17 am
bay skies, subtle conditions, rain showers, lots of clouds, warmer temperatures than what we had all week. we'll look for this pattern to continue through the day, with scattered shower activity becoming hit or miss-type showers by this afternoon. still the potential for isolated thunderstorm activity as well, as we take a look at high-definition doppler radar. we'll see ocean beach looking at drizzle showers at the moment. on radar, we find those showers spread across the bay. most of the energy, the leading edge of it has already moved south of the region. but as you can see behind it, plenty of cold, unsettled air will keep the shower activity going here through the day. let's zoom it in where we find the moderate returns hanging off the coastline, just off the north bay here. that will be crossing the region over the next couple hours, also a moderate return showing up at this moment over liver more, where we're looking at pretty heavy shower activity. again, the rain will continue on and off for the afternoon, tapering off by tonight. isolated thunderstorm potential will remain in this weather
10:18 am
pattern as well, with winds gusty at times, 10 to 15 miles an hour and then in the highcountry, snow level down to about 3000 feet. winter travel conditions exist in the sierra. needless to say, we do have winter weather advisory up for the mountains and that will likely continue through the week. of course with these frontal systems passing, you have copious amounts of snow to chain up for. then after these systems clear and skies clear out, you've got black ice to deal with. so needless to say, all the winter hazards are in place early this year and it doesn't look like they are going anywhere soon. we will look for colder air to move in behind these showers today. so by tomorrow night, into monday morning, once again, i would look for the potential for frost advisories in and around the bay area, probably through tuesday before we see the clouds move back into the area. light rain showers today. isolated thunderstorms. all of that energy tapering off here through the afternoon hours. should be gone for the most part by tonight and we'll find temperatures remaining on the cool side throughout the bay.
10:19 am
mid to low 50s prevail for today, slight warmup come beginning of the week, at least in daytime highs, even as our overnight lows chill out through the evening. winter storm advisories up for the highcountry of the sierra. they, too, look for clearing by the beginning of the week. and of course it's great weather for the holiday ice rinks in and around the bay, as you would expect. and taking a look at our seven- day forecast, we see the rain tapering off today, leaving us behind with some clear and very cold skies moving back into the region for the beginning of the week. now, wednesday, into thursday is going to be an increasing cloud cover, potential for light showers will be there. but the main feature will be warmer overnight lows as a result of that increasing cloud blanket moving into the area. so at this point, looks like an early start to the winter ski season. that's good news. it's kind of a mixed thing, as again, travel conditions are very wintery and caution is advised. >> yeah, might want to rethink
10:20 am
driving up there this weekend. great season overall. >> just plan ahead. well, you probably have a few items on your holiday wish list, but what about the kids? what do they really want? toys are already flying off the shelves, but they are not all rated so great. see how the old classics are just as popular as ever. and he's an outspoken supporter of marijuana, but to the cops, it's still a crime. supporter of marijuana, but to [ mom ] my son only wantedme. one toy this year.
10:21 am
i want a robosan 4000. [ mom ] the one no one could get. toy stores are reporting long lines and empty shelves. a robosan 4000. [ mom ] and i mean no one. so i did most of my holiday shopping on citi specials. with the money i saved, i bid online -and got exactly what he wanted. -a robosan 4000! [ television ] introducing the new robosan 5000. [ mom ] at least for now. [ male announcer ] make your happy holiday stories come true with citi specials. what's your story? citi can help you write it.
10:22 am
a country music ledge send in trouble with the law. singer willie nelson has been charged with pot possession. u.s. border patrol found 6 ounces of marijuana on his tour bus in texas. patrol officers say they smelled pot when the bus doors opened, prompting a search. nelson was one of three people taken into custody. he was held briefly at $2500
10:23 am
bond before being released. black friday is behind us, but a busy weekend of shopping and cyber monday still lie ahead. so what do the kids really want this year? does it have anything to do with what parents are actually buying? robert lyles went to dealy city to see what's flying off the shelves. >> so cute! >> reporter: in human years, she would be close to an aarp card. >> that's got to be -- >> reporter: 51 years later, barbie is still a little girl's must-have, and one of the hottest sellers at this target. >> daddy, let's get this one! >> reporter: so is bay blade. what's that? the 2000 version of a spinning top. and guess what, it's sold out. >> i wanted the iron man. >> reporter: so store managers stocked up, expecting the toys linked to hollywood block busters-- >> move your hand -- >> reporter: -- or the latest dance craze to shatter sales. instead-- >> think about what you want. >> reporter: what they want is
10:24 am
a 40-year-old nerf ball system, also sold out. >> i have candy land. i'm buying it for my 3 1/2-year- old. >> reporter: but nostalgia seems to stop at the board game aisles. >> i'm looking for scrabble, clue, oldie, but goodie, clue, and month monopoly, that's it. >> reporter: these are good for you, but only consumed when forced down your throat by a mom. >> i don't let my kids watch this. >> reporter: belt tightening may be why what's old is new again for parents. moxi dolls, ants in the pants are cute, but big sellers because they are deeply disappointed. parents admit they are looking for breaks because they expect to make at least one big splurge, like a $200 wii for a preschooler. >> he's how old? >> he's 5. >> and are you looking for more games, or what? >> yes. >> reporter: after all, whether the little one is naughty or
10:25 am
nice, we found christmas is all about the parents. >> how much do you plan to spend this holiday? >> um, i already spend maybe like 5000. >> reporter: on christmas, $5000? >> and she has a birthday party, too, on the 8th of december. >> how do i get on your wish list? >> reporter: robert lyles, cbs 5. >> wow. the average consumer plans to spend a little over $600 this season. that's significantly more. coming up next, a final check of your weekend weather forecast, and a holiday tradition at ghirardelli square. the famous christmas tree lighting, next.
10:26 am
10:27 am
well, last night was the annual christmas tree lighting in ghirardelli square. >> and a familiar face joined in the holiday cheer, our own roberta gonzalez helped light the tree with jolly old st.
10:28 am
nick. the tree has been decorated with lights, ornaments, and something no other christmas tree has, oversized ghirardelli chocolate bars. there's a bay area treat for sure! downhill skiers also packing the slopes, due to all that snow in the highcountry. yeah, resorts in lake tahoe area are celebrating the best early season snow in decades. most ski lifts and runs are open at the seven largest resorts, this after 10 feet of snow fell in the week leading up to thanksgiving. the sierra has some of the deepest snow in the entire country. are we getting more? >> 10 feet, yeah, looking for another foot or two today. if we can take a quick look at radar picture, shower activity, moderate at times heading into the greater bay area through the next couple of hours, then winding down. >> then we're done? >> well, for now. >> all right. for now. looking forward to the next round. that's it for today's weekend early edition. thanks for joining us. next newscast at 5:30 this afternoon. >> see you here tomorrow
10:29 am
morning at 7:30. have a good saturday. ,,,,


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