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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 730am  CBS  February 20, 2011 7:30am-8:30am PST

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two days after a somali pirate was sentenced in federal court to 30 years in prison for hijacking an american cargo ship in 2009. >> libya, more violence where a revolt is in its sixth day. amateur video appears to show protestors being shot at. today, government forces open on people in a funeral. security forces fired in the air and shot at the crowd killing at least one person. yesterday komen does and foreign -- commandos and foreign mercenaries pummeled many. a doctor counted 200 dead in
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his morgue alone. >> in bahrain, people camped out as they examined talks with rulers about reform. they want to give up the abs lite control -- absolute control many parts of the country are paralyzed bay general strike. last week riot police opened fire on denon-stray tores, killing at least -- demonstrators killing at least 7 people. they are trying to open a political dialogue. >> face the nation nation will have more after this newscast. after protests in wisconsin, democratic legislators against the so called budget repair bill have fled the state, 70,000 protestors showed up to express
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opposition. republicans say the bill is the only way to tackle the projected $3.6 billion deficit. organize d labor groups are assembling a nationalized campaign. >> all right there may be hope for you people who have been told to leave the water and shampoo, turning to technology used in wine making to check out liquid explosives in airports. if successful airline passengers could be allowed to bring large water bottle, soda cans, carry on luggage. they have been banned since 2006. this morning police are trying to figure out who shot a cup toll death in oakland and why. the man and woman were headed to a party in oakland on friday
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night. they were found shot to death in their car early saturday morning police found them near the corner of 62nd and hilton street. the victims include a 31-year- old man from redwood city and a 27-year-old woman from oakland. more than one man opened fire but they have no suspects. this marks oakland's 18th and 19th homicides of the year up from 8 this time last year. a once popular bay area cinema inching closer to opening its doors. parkway theatre in oakland has been closed almost two years but new parkway entertainment is seeking to sign a new lease with either an old night club or former car dealership. the group says the price of the previous theatre is out of reach. once the lease is signed they focus on getting $350,000 from investors and individual donors
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to reopen the new theatre. with the stormy weather easing up folks in the sierra had a chance to enjoy sunshine along with all that snow that came. yesterday it was a beautiful day in the sierra. drivers heading to ski resorts were surprised how easy the commute was. while there were still snow showers and flurries close to the resorts for the most part people said it was a perfect travel day. >> our friends up here took pictures and sent them to us they look pretty nasty we waited and thought this afternoon it would get better and clear. we didn't have any problems. >> as of now, no chain requirements on u.s. highway 50 toward south lake tahoe or interstate 80 toward trucke more snow is expected before the long weekend comes to an end. >> cold weather conditions have brought snow to bay area hills.
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a live look right now at east san jose foothills. mount hamilton road remains closed east of grant ranch closed probably until tomorrow. santa cruz mountains stretch of highway 35 or skyline boulevard closed south of highway 9 while crews remove snow there. despite road conditions people around the bay area are heading to the hills to enjoy the rare winter settings even if they have to hike to get there. >> cover him with snow. >> on bay area hills and mountains snow covered ground was perfect for snow angels. and conditions were just right for a fight. >> got you. >> it has been great i love it. so fun. i have had so many snowball fights and met a new friend. >> reporter: everyone taking advantage of the rare weather conditions including a few inches. >> we never saw snow before.
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>> good wet snow for packing and also good for snowballs, but making snow men seemed the right thing to do. >> reporter: when he couldn't find the proper hat he used his own and he wasn't the only one unprepared. >> where is your jacket young man. >> oh, i forgot it. >> reporter: with roads closed a you will over the mountains, the only way up is to hike it. >> we just walked. >> we walked along valley line and ended up here. >> yes. >> reporter: but it isn't the only place with a blanket of white here is how things looked saturday morning mount diablo. dusting the hill top peaks above orinda, and hills above pleasonton in the tri valley almost a half foot has fallen on mount hamilton. the road will be closed until monday at the earliest. if you are brave enough you can always bike it. >> it is a little slippery. be careful but awesome. >> reporter: this is the
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mountain ampitheatre. [ laughter ] >> yeah, it is slippery. >> reporter: as i was saying all of the seats are covered with snow but sitting seems over rated. >> we have made snow angels and had snowball fights and climbed snow mountains.>> yeah, i had a lot of fun up there. a little dangerous but a lot of fun. >> what have we got coming up? >> a local tradition going on well over a century. >> the chinese new year parade. why it didn't matter that it rained. the weather has moved into southern california leaving us with a slightly warmer expectation for today. details on the way ,,,,
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tradition. a little rain wasn't going to put a damper on a 150-year- old tradition. thousands of people welcomed the new year of the rabbit. check it out. fire crackers in the background downtown san francisco. people came dressed in plastic rain gear carried umbrellas, once the rain started, it let up. ed lee lead the parade, first in the parade's long history, two hour festivity that wound through san francisco, downtown around union square ending in china town. >> if you missed that parade attend today's san jose vietnamese spring festival market street downtown arts and crafts, live music, cultural performances celebrating the vietnamese new year of the cat. admission is free, 10 to 5. i tried to go to the chinese new year parade yesterday.
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walked all the way there with the umbrella and turned around after 5 minutes. >> why? >> it was cold, it was damp. >> that is a tradition. welcome to san francisco it is crowded cold usually damp and rains half the time but the other half it is fine. >> it was fun to watch on television which is what i did. cranked up the heat had a glass of wine. >> all right what am i looking at today jim? >> whole different story as that cold soaker that sat on the bay yesterday moved south leaving us with a clearing trend, slightly warmer temperatures and dry for a change. flip side of yesterday, get out and enjoy it. it will be more tolerable. looking at mount vacca, snow 2800 feet. it will not last long. as you can see, melting quickly lots of snow on the bay area hills not so much on the beach as we see clear skies there, looks like a lovely beach day shaping up. out on the bay, much different
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story than yesterday i sat out there trying to crew in a sailboat race i don't thing i have ever been wetter or colder. up to an inch of rain, across the bay area, moved in other the bay and just sat there. all day long raining on the city and fringes of the bay temperatures mid-40s today we will bump it up into the 50s. patchy fog burning off quickly leaving us mostly sunny this afternoon and slightly warmer across the area. a welcome change as we look at the expectations here, through the week we can see that once again we are looking for a bit of a break through mid-week rain returns come next weekend and looks like another cold soaker out there as we see today's temperatures, much different than yesterday's by easily 10 degrees as we bump through this once again we can find that cold pattern of yesterday, the cold showers that moved in, center of
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circulation sliding parallel to the coast slipped off southern california. see what is behind it. a bit of a break as temperatures warm with a little more sunshine. rainfall totals this week around the bay. 4 to 6 inches north bay, 2 to 4 east bay. 3 to 5 peninsula. pretty productive week as far as rainfall totals you may recall we were down to 90 some percent of normal now we are back to 110 percent, even san jose is up. patchy early morning fog. dry throughout the area, slightly warmer welcome warm up from that chill out yesterday across the bay. as we find temperatures today bumping into the mid-to low 50s still snow in the high country sierra as mentioned but that too will dry out pretty patchy, conditions are better than expected temperatures, mid-to low 50s.
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around the bay into next week we can expect patchy morning fog, cold temperatures in the morning hours, as the next shot of rain looks to be arriving through the end of the week into next weekend. that one too looks to be a cold one. so plan accordingly we will have another shot of winter by this time next week. >> imagine a shot of winter middle of february. >> we are spoiled. >> thanks jim. no secret local and state governments all over the country are dealing with financial crisis. we have been hearing what is going on in wisconsin. >> that's right and a lot of it has to do with pensions and the interim mayor of san francisco is coming into those issues as he takes office. he only plans on being there 9 months but pension reform is front and center in cities across the bay area and the united states. i sat down and asked him, ed lee, how did we get in this mess? >> i think by not paying
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attention. >> to what? >> finances of the city, to what is costing the city's more money every year to where the leaks are and in san francisco we have to pay attention not only to the budget gaps that happen every year but what is causing them part of it is pension. >> in san jose which is a sitthey is usually thought of as well run and not political the mayor there this past week laid out devastating news he is talking about up to over 200 cops laid off and 82 firefighters he cites pension and pay. >> absolutely these things don't hanover night there are always financial predictions that will tell you and give you warning signs we have been watching those in san francisco that is why we are working on it this year very seriously we had the prop decision last year that also gave us early warning, and we are working on that pension and leaks, 125 million for us a year and that is why we have to pay attention to it and look at long term solutions not short term.
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one of the problems is people do short term solutions and they get into this bind every year and the problem grows. >> politically, you -- what you do is you do a short term solution because you are faced with an immediate problem. in the past cities when they come up short say okay mr. policeman, fire man, miss secretary you don't get a raise or as much of a raise but we will increase your pension. we will ask you to contribute more but give you something extra on the outside of a raise to pay for it. >> year to year that could balance a particular year's budget but as a former city administrator looking for solve enis he of the city to be a priority i will ask for the union, city managers, department heads to suggest we have to do better i want a city solvent for the next 10, 15, 20 years. >> that is nice theoretically but the reality is you have a board of supervisors who want
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to get re-elected and unions are powerful and you have managers whose wages go up as the others do. i will ask everybody to pay attention to the long term financing and solvency of the city that is the only way we get ourselves out of it in the long term. the board of supervisors and public don't want us to do this dance every you where the deficit grows every year it is out of control, it is going to hurt us, going to hurt social every ises, -- services, hurt our police force if we don't work on that. >> one of the underlying themes i keep hearing, is that bay area, san francisco is expensive to live you have to pay these salary. >> yes, that is true. but we have to do that in a
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better way. we are planning financially 10, 20 years ahead. >> well, they might need to go that way but politically speaking they don't one big debate going on now around the bay area and state is when we talk about pension reform or police and fire contributing more are you asking for short term solution or long term some times police and fire unions say hey, the market went down why hit us for big contributions if things could get better always the short versus the long gain when it comes to government policy >> you can't bank on the long gain but politicians don't have to deal with those consequences they will likely be out of office. >> or in another office. that was interesting sitting with ed lee. it was different talking to someone who is not a politician versus someone who is. when someone is a politician their mind clicks you can see the dominoes how is this going to effect me down the line do i win or lose on this.
7:49 am
much more guarded he is not. >> catch phrases and what not. he will just be in office until november. >> the election is november he would stay until january although there are already people out there trying to say listen ed give it a second thought. >> that is what i am wondering you know him fairly well when you are talking then does it seem he could change his mind and run? >> he told me no he wants to stay out of it the first thing he will do when he gets out is go back on the vacation they called him back from. it is perhaps america's biggest event on two wheels. >> tour of california. it needs your help why cycling skills may not be necessary for the job. >> also ahead, big night for the sharks. what one of those front men did
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san jose and s welcome back to weekend early edition. cycle fans out there, the tour of california bicycle race looking for volunteers san jose and silicon valley to get involved in this year's event.
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>> sign up on the official tour website position include marshall, security, volunteer check ins. some of the world's top cyclists will travel 800 miles across the stage. it will start in lake tahoe and end down in southern california the fourth stage from liver more to downtown san jose, is going to go on may 18th. saturday was a very busy day for college hoops at bay area schools. >> that's right. nbas all-star festivities got into swing downtown los angeles, gary give us saturday's action. >> reporter: good morning hey, fred couples can still hold his own with the young guys, he lost his lead at northern trust but only one stroke back. patty mills looking on as the former team tries to pad their resume. gales led but were out scored in the second half losing 75-
7:54 am
65. >> rex walters and donees struggled final 20 minutes, they were held to 21 points second half and took the game 70-53 to move into a tie for second place. >> >> all-star saturday night, curry won the challenge. jones took the 3 point shoot out, that guy won the dunk contest he jumped over a car for the final dunk. a car. very impressive. sharks and avs. devon records his first career hat trick. and all 25 shots were saved for his third shut out this month. sharks beat the avs. stuart takes the checkered flag, but not by much take a look he beat clint boyar at the finish line there you go your morning sports have a great day. all right a couple other bay area college basketball scores last night stanford lost at home to usc, 69-53 up in the
7:55 am
pacific northwest santa clara fell to portland. 3 minutes before 8:00 a.m. another bay area city may be on the verge of losing police officers. >> that's right in our next half hour why a proposed change in a pension plan could leave the department short handed. >> sharks fans are in the mood for blood. the incentives to get them to donate. watching weekend early edition on cbs 5 rocket scientists! you gave us the space age... but your savings accounts are stuck in the stone age! earn more commodore with interestplus savings at that's new school banking, baby! [ laughs ] instead of earning zilch, your savings will be earning three times the national average. three times more? roger that! go online and sign up at what's in your wallet?!
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area that normally don't get much. jim bernard will let us kno ore snow in parts to have bay area that normally don't see it. jim bernard will let us know if we have more wintery weather ahead. seems like a sure fire way to reduce crime in a troubled bay area neighbourhood. some people are against it. concerns this morning for four californians after pirates took over their yacht in the indian ocean. >> welcome back to weekend early edition, the time is what, 8:00 a.m. i am phil matier. >> i am ann makovec. hope your sunday is starting off well. we will have our weather forecast coming up. >> we will cover a lot of news including the issue of gang injunctions in oakland. >> cold weather conditions that brought snow to bay area hills. >> here is a live look at east
7:59 am
san jose, mount hamilton the road remains closed east of grant ranch. across the valley, santa cruz mountains, stretch of highway 35, skyline boulevard closed south of hayward, highway 9 while crews remove snow. despite tricky road conditions people are heading to the hills to enjoy the rare winter setting. marin county people hiked up the mountain with roads closed to traffic all over the mountain. a few inches of snow had fallen and really brought them in. enough for people to seize the opportunity to make snow angels, snowball fights. for some it was the first time they had ever played in the snow. >> it has been great i love it. so fun. i have had so many snowball fights and met a new friend. >> we never saw snow before. >> good wet snow for packing and also good for snowballs but making snow men seemed like the right thing to do. >> now mount tam is not the
8:00 am
only place with snow a blanket of white covered mount diablo in east bay and over the hills above walnut creek and peaks above other areas as well. >> >> budget concerns may force san francisco supervisors to discontinue an incentive program that keeps a lot of veteran officers on the force. the deferred retirement program allows officers who have served 25 years and over 50 to work three more years earn their full salary and more pension. they may have to cut the program to tighten the budget. without that incentive older officers might retire. >> if they were to walk out the doors it would take us five or six years to get those cops back through academy classes,
8:01 am
attrition. getting them trained back in the field a big hit. >> board of supervisors will vote in april whether to continue the program. >> police are trying to find out who shot a couple to death in oakland and why. they were headed to a party in oakland friday night, found shot to death in their car early saturday morning police found them near the corner of 62nd and hilton street early saturday. the victims are a 31-year-old man from redwood city and 27- year-old woman from oakland. police say more than 1 person had opened fire, but they don't have any suspects, this marks oakland's 18th and 19th home sides of the year up from 8 this time last year. >> city of oakland is in a battle over its gang related crime. >> that's right one idea is gang injunctions where you take a neighbourhood and set an injunction against alleged gang members that would not allow
8:02 am
them to hang together, impose a curfew and not allow them to intimidate others. the plan has opponents one is attorney michael sea gull. what is it about the gang injunction that has you in court? >> good morning phil thank you for having me. the main issue is is this the right policy for the city of oakland to pursue. we have the criminal justice system we use that to prosecute crimes but then do we also need to use civil courts with different standards of proof, no right to an attorney and other such procedures is that the right way to address crime. i am personally involved in this issue because i am a former oakland teacher and i am very invested in the oakland community. from what i see a gang injunction is a clumsy tool, not proven to be effective. very expensive and a lot of negative results that might be unintended consequences or collateral damage. >> what might they be? >> for example, oakland's
8:03 am
police follow policy for classifying gang members. one criteria is presence in a gang zone the other is gang clothing. we have a neighbourhood, fruit vail, which john russo seeks to cover with an injunction, possibly anyone wearing red in that neighbourhood would be subject to police harassment as a result of this policy. definitely react knowledge there is a gang problem but this is not the right way to address it. >> not just anyone wearing red these gang members or alleged gang members would be pointed out ahead of time their names in the injunction it wouldn't be anyone walking in wearing red you would be in trouble. >> well, the question is how do police classify someone as a gang member. we have young police officers who don't live in the community, may be 20 some years old, come in seeing someone wearing red is it a 49er fan or. >> michael i understand the
8:04 am
theoretical but practically speaking for the people out there they question it might not be the greatest of tools it might be clumsy, some social programs may work or may not. what would you propose as an alternative. >> well, i think there is no short easy solution. but we need basically to treat crime as a public health problem that is what the latest literature in crime prevention looks at, intervening and preventing it. >> well, it is certainly a health problem for victims. so what about balancing that? like i said you go up you are not allowed to associate you have a curfew and can't intimidate others which one of those is sonorous it would go to court. >> many of the defendants already have those provisions so it is redundant if you are on parole you have do not associate provisions but a lot of people are lumped in together. there are people named never convicted of a gang crime or
8:05 am
violent crime their only crime was selling marijuana five years ago. their brother or cousin is some how affiliated. a lot of people are lumped in. >> tell me about the difference we are talking about civil court system as opposed to the criminal court system which changes the game when it comes to having a court appointed attorney these people named do not have court appointed attorneys i know your firm has been getting involved in that as well tell me about the differences. >> sure we volunteer -- we are doing this pro bono to protect civil rights of the community because it is a civil case there is no right to an attorney we asked the judge to appoint attorneys he said i don't have a check book i can't do this. in a criminal case you have to prove something beyond reasonable doubt but here it is preponderate of the evidence. many have been convicted of bad
8:06 am
things but they don't have a way to contradict the evidence unless people volunteer to step up to help them. >> final question, say these gang injunctions, which are going on in north oakland a lot of people didn't raise questions then, then what? what would you do? >> we need a come pro hen sieve city policy. >> what would you see it as being? >> sure mental health. tattoo removal, different job training programs, educational possibilities, we basically need to take -- when people come out of prison we need to have an all hands on deck approach. >> this is to try to keep them from getting involved in gangs keep them from spreading what would you do for that? >> they do already have to be identified gang members. >> truthfully that starts in elementary school. the kids that didn't learn how to read are those that are vulnerable to gang outreach. >> we do that but on the adult level just quickly for the
8:07 am
people getting shot there today. >> call the prosecutor call the police and use the criminal justice system this is not a matter for civil courts. >> thank you so much. >> this is in court now? >> yes, our next hearing is wednesday 2:00 p.m. >> i am sure we will be there. >> thank you very much. >> we appreciate it. >> somali pirates holding four americans on a yacht and they claim the boat is nearing the coast of somalia. they seized the quest on friday as it was headed to oman from india. the couple who owns the boat jean and scott adam from southern california have been sailing around the world for 6 years trying to hand out bibles for children. two others are thought to be on the boat. friday's hijacking happened two days after a somali pirate was sentenced in federal court to 33years in prison for hijacking
8:08 am
an american cargo ship in 2009. >> in bahrain, an island nation in the per january gulf getting attention because people are champing out in central square. it is one of the up risings going on. opposition leaders are meeting to examine offers for talks with rulers they want to monarchy to give up absolute control over key policy and police position many parts of the country are paralyzed by a general strike. last week riot police opened fire on demonstrators, killing at least seven people. the rulers are trying to open a political dialogue after sharp criticism from political allies. in libya, amateur video appears to show protestors being shot at yesterday. government forces opened fire again on mourners at a funeral, in the eastern city of ben gay
8:09 am
sieve. marchers carried -- bengazi. marchers carried coffins and commandos and foreign mercenaries pull melled people. one doctor -- pummeled people. one doctor counted hundreds of people in one morgue alone. how sunshine is helping folks enjoy existing snow and latest on highway conditions to and from tahoe area. >> why sharks fans are rolling up their sleeves but not necessarily getting to work pgh >> after yesterday's slow soaker, looks like the bay is headed back to sunny conditions slightly warmer temperatures through the day. details coming your way in just a few minutes ,,,,,,,, 3q
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in the sierra had a all right welcome back. stormy weather, it is easing up. folks in the sierra had a chance to enjoy sunshine with the white stuff >> i had a couple friends up there enjoying a beautiful day in the sierra, drivers were surprised by a relatively easy commute. interstate 80 was well plowed snow showerflurries closer to resorts for the most part people thought it was a nice travel day. >> our friends who live up here took pictures and send them to us. they looked like they were pretty nasty so we waited we thought this afternoon it would get better and clear. we didn't have any problems. >> as of now, no chain requirements on u.s. high bay 50 towards south lake tahoe or interstate 80, through truckee and the north shore it is always wise to bring chains any way since more snow is expected before the long weekend comes
8:14 am
to an end. jim has more details on when we can expect more snow, jim it seems to be wrapped up in lower hills at least for now. >> locally the snow down to 2 to 3,000 feet in the bay hills where we see a dusting of snow, mount hamilton, mount diablo. vacca looking at snow. we are looking southeast at the mount vacca cam, 2800 feet, back towards the delta as you can see patchy fog in there s dusting of snow there, on the beach, no snow to speak of but a few more white caps in the surf out there and a bit of has as well. blue sky working its way around the bay after yesterday's big slow soaker. boy, that was a cold one. most of the rain stayed on the bay area, did not make its way into the high country which is why we saw the clearing there. temperature wise, this morning, look at this, mid-to low 30s for most locations patchy fog north bay valleys, freezing fog
8:15 am
conditions, santa rosa, napa and some of the colder spots that means you could end up with drizzle, heavy frost, on the road so could be slick when you get fog and freezing temperatures here is that cold air mass, steady, slow soaker into the bay yesterday, moving south now, into southern california, behind it looking for a break before the next system heads our way through the week here. probably arriving monday, see it slide by in the offshore waters rainfall amounts yesterday notice a half inch to a quarter until you get to san francisco almost an inch there, oakland 6/10th, parked on the bay dumped most of its moisture here in the last week here is our rainfall amount roughly, these are estimates see we made up a lot of ground in a week here across the region. six week mid-winter break took us down to 90 percentile range. most locations we are back up
8:16 am
to where we ought to be this time of year if not more. here is the pattern for a week. low sliding south next one to come at this point, looks like it will stay in the offshore waters, light showers at the coast but shouldn't amount to much. like wise by the end of the week, a hit or miss sized pattern. if it goes inland, it will bring in cold air if it stays offshore, we will see less of that but a coin toss. temperatures today, mid-to low 50s. most locations significantly warmer than yesterday, blue sky to go with it, through mid-week before we look at the next threat of rain moving our direction by the end of the week into next weekend which once again could be a cold snow maker locally. we will have to keep an eye on that one see if it is pulling cold canadian air with it. >> i was looking at monday, looking at the graphic, cloud, sun, a little bit behind it which one will win tomorrow? i will call it a mix of
8:17 am
both. it will be a tie temperatures will be cold i have friends coming into town and it will be freezing. >> rain sliding by off the coast could keep cloud cover at the bay. >> eww. >> better inland. >> thank you jim. hockey can some times be a bloody sport perhaps it is appropriate the sharks foundation hosted a blood drive at hp pavilion. >> heck of a segue. fans who gave blood got to watch the sharks and colorado avalanche practice for last night's game. greater reward was knowing they made a difference and their blood could actually go to those in need of it. a former blood recipient was there to tell them about it. >> you are going to be saving people like me, children like me that could be their own kid that could be their own self needing a blood transfusion just really, if it is fear of giving blood it is a simple process you will be a hero.
8:18 am
this year there was a registration for potential donors for bone and marrow as well. the good karma may have made its way on to the ice the sharks won against last night. >> one of america's best known trees is nothing but mulch. >> a look at what lead to its down fall coming up. >> extreme weather. oh, we will take a break and talk about that extreme weather after this ♪ [ male announcer ] not all steel is created equal. not all manufacturing processes are created equal. not all engineering standards are created equal. which is why not all luxury vehicles are created equal. the hard way means never taking short cuts. the hard way is how lexus inspires absolute confidence. this is the pursuit of perfection. see what it takes at
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our nation's capitol...toppling over the national christmas tree. extreme weather pulling a grinch like move at the nations capital toppleling over the national christmas tree. here is how it looked in december when president obama flipped the switch to light it up here is how it looked yesterday morning much less regal it was knocked over by strong winds the tree was planted in 1978, it was 47
8:21 am
years old. national park service workers mulched it yesterday afternoon they have picked out a replacement. state senator leyland owe finds himself in a difficult spot over a proposed ban on a popular dish. >> politics and food. and chinese new year all comes together with senator leyland yee who is running for mayor of san francisco and also softening his position on proposed ban on shark fin soup. he opposed to bill which sacramento which would ban the sale and distribution of shark fins in san francisco in use of a delicacy. it is an expensive delicacy and prompted concerns fishermen are you move the finthrow the rest of the shark away. >> at first owe, as i said who -- yee said it was culturally
8:22 am
sensitive now he says i strongly support efforts to protect endangered sharks and stop the practice of shark finning but he still opposes a complete ban. he made book with restaurant owners and came out against it swinging it made print got him the press he was looking for it. but then it turns out this is san francisco and a number of people are sensitive to animal rights including chinese americans in fact the ban was proposed by a chinese american politician on the peninsula. yee found two constituencies, what did he do? do what politicians do best went on both sides of the issue. >> sounds like a flip flop. >> it was but a flip flop and slide because that is american politics. speaking parade, we have
8:23 am
chinese new year parade. >> yeah, it was raining a bit but did not deter thousands from celebrating chinese new year. you will see how a century old tradition kept going last night. we will be right back bay ,,,,,,,,,,
8:24 am
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area tradition. welcome back a little rain wasn't going to put a damper on a 150-year-old bay area tradition. >> that's right thousands welcomed in the year of the rabbit during yesterday's san francisco chinese new year parade. people came dressed in plastic rain gear and carried umbrellas, once the parade got started the rain stopped. san francisco's mayor lee lead the parade he is the first chinese american mayor and he was the grand marshall. two hour festivity wound through the streets of san francisco and ended as always in china town. >> if you missed that parade
8:26 am
attend today's san francisco vietnamese festival. market street downtown, it features arts, crafts, live music, cultural performances celebrating the year of the cat admission is free, 10 to 5:00 p.m. >> jim if we head down to san jose what is the weather going on the like? >> better as we see cold showers moving off leaving us with a cold start to the day a lot more sunshine expected san jose and elsewhere around the bay resulting in slightly warmer temperatures and much drier than yesterday around the bay. >> i am looking forward to giving the umbrella a break. it has been a brutal week especially the news reporter out on the streets and sent to go find the rain. >> you did a good job slipping around mount hamilton. >> thanks jim. >> that is it for the weekend early edition. >> hope you enjoy the rest of your sunday and maybe you have president's day off tomorrow as
8:27 am
well. enjoy that. face the nation coming up next on cbs 35 cb 5 ,,,,,,,,
8:28 am
>> schieffer: today on "face the nation," protests at home and abroad. could a government shutdown in this country really happen? >> this is what democracy looks like. >> schieffer: as demonstrators took to the streets again in wisconsin, it raised the question-- can republicans hold public support for the huge budget cuts they passed last week? with the two sides so far apart, is a government shutdown more likely now? we'll ask the chairman of the house budget committee paul
8:29 am
ryan, and the ranking democrat, chris van hollen. overseas, the turmoil continues across the arab world. what does all this mean for american interests abroad? we'll go to the scene to hear from correspondent allen pizzey, and get analysis from david sanger of the "new york times". then, i'll have some final thoughts on congressional vacations. it's all ahead on "face the nation." captioning sponsored by cbs "face the nation" with cbs news chief washington correspondent bob schieffer. and now from washington, bob schieffer. >> schieffer: and good morning again. for the fourth day in a row and in the largest turnout yet, thousands of demonstrators took to the streets again in madison, wisconsin, as they marched to protest major cuts in state spending. the question is, will the protests spread to other states where similar proposals to cut


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