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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  March 4, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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videotapes have surfaced showing possible police misconduct during drug busts. simon perez on the latest scandal to hit the department. >> the fbi has opened up an investigation. >> reporter: acting san francisco police chief dropping a few bombshells in a press conference this afternoon. in the wake of a scandal that has now grown to three videotapes of possible police misconduct. according to the public defender's office in case number 1 officers went into the henry hotel in the south of market neighborhood and used a master key to get into an apartment to make a drug bust. in their report the officer said they asked for permission first. case number 2, officers in the same hotel. for some reason an officer covers up the surveillance camera. why? case number 3. officers in the mission neighborhood again make a drug bust. in their official report they say they had their badges clearly displayed before they went in. >> you think this ends with
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just three videos? >> i suspect there will be more to this. >> reporter: the plains clothes unit these officers belong to have been shut down. >> i'm going to look at supervision, the plain clothes operation, the training, everything. we will audit the entire plains clothes operation. >> reporter: he also complained that the public defender went to the media with the tapes rather than to him. >> it makes it very difficult to be transparent. it makes it very difficult for us to conduct the investigation if i have to watch the t.v. to find out what is happening with my police department. >> i'll be happy to provide that to him. >> do you have any now? >> we are conducting a review of cases that we currently have in the office and i expect that we may have something next week. >> we are not trying to hide anything. we are trying to let people know that this is what is happening and there needs to be an investigation.
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had we simply given this to the police would the fbi be involved in this investigation? i highly doubt it. >> reporter: the six officers in the videotapes have been pulled off the street. now they are still working in administrative job. they are just no longer officers in plain clothes. >> so what happened to the cases that we saw in those tapes? >> this kind of shows how powerful the tapes are. the first judge when the judge saw it tossed it right oh -- it right out. and the second one they didn't even go to court. >> have you a right to be protected in your home and this is possibly a case of unlawful search and seizure. >> a lot going on here. >> there is. and as you heard him say, maybe more next week. >> simon perez, thank you. >> okay. no stranger to violence but a recent spike in gang violence
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in san francisco's mission district has some people very worried. linda yee with more on what needs to be done to make the streets safer. >> reporter: the community admits there have no easy solutions to the violence that is shaking up this neighborhood but they have some ideas. in the meantime police say their increased presence here will be felt. it is a neighborhood that has seen violence before but just in the past two weeks there have been six shootings and a stabbing here in san francisco's mission district. this past weekend two men were killed. a life long resident says she has had enough. she is moving. >> my boyfriend drives for the muni and he took me out of the city because of the violence that goes on. >> reporter: some say they are fed up with the young kids hanging out on streets causing trouble. >> drinking. acting crazy. >> reporter: the police blame the recent wave of violence on gang activity. they are worried retaliation
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tory shoot -- they are worried about retaliation. >> watching the activity. >> reporter: but community groups say more cops isn't enough. the city needs to add more funding for violence prevention work. this center encourages young people to put down their gunges --putt down their guns and express themselves through art. >> there are talented rappers but what are they rapping about? know what i mean? it is always about drugs, gun. channel it into a more positive direction. >> reporter: the chief tells me tonight that he is not sure why there is an an escalation. they are now investigating and hoping to tie the shootings
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together. >> let's hope they solve some. thank you. linda yee reporting. there have been a series of car break ins in one particular spot in alameda county and drivers say for criminals it is like being a kid in a candy store. mark sayre shows us where those burglaries are happening. >> reporter: imagine getting off your commuter train at a stop like this in fremont and you find your car window is broken out. it happened to dozens of commuters in fremont and many of them, like this driver, they still don't even know that this crime has occurred. at the centerville training station, a few cars still show the damage from a night of destruction. fremont police say as many as 40 vehicles were broken into here. the windows smashed, money and valuables taken from inside. >> and i saw a lot of windows were broken. >> reporter: this fremont resident first noticed the damage yesterday and said the parking lot which is open to the public is ease an easy target. >> you never know. >> it is a crime of
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opportunity. you've got all these cars parked here. you walk around, nobody is around. >> reporter: fremont police detective saying officers have taken about a dozen reports so far but they expect more victims to come forward. as for the person or persons behind this string of burglaries, at this point police simply don't know. >> it appears whoever did this, they would look in the car. change left in the ashtray or in the center console was the target for most of them. we did have some smaller items that were stolen. >> reporter: the centerville station is served by amtrak's cap talcorridor line running from san jose and sacramento and also by the commuter express many passengers leave their cars here overnight. freemonte police have stepped up patrols and a crime scene technician took finger prints off the damaged vehicles. >> i can't believe it. i don't know how people could
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be so disrexall place disrespectful. >> stuff like this is happening a lot more and yes it concerns me quite a bit. >> crime seems to be rising. a lot of crime. >> reporter: as for fremont police they say at this point there is not a whole lot they can do. they are going to wait for other victims to come forward, take all of the reports they can, find out if there are any similarities. at this point, dana, they don't know. was it a petty crime, was it organized? those are questions they just don't have answers to at this point. >> for the person owning the car you are standing next to it is a pretty crappy way to start the weekend. >> reporter: i have to say i feel guilty showing this because if someone is seeing it on t.v., well at least now you know. >> they will find out soon inform. mark sayre in freemont. thank you. a burglar learned the hard way. don't mess wit granny..
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-- don't mess with granny. >> the first thing she did was grab her gun. the woman admits she didn't know how to use the gun but she fired off a shot. it hit the wall and scared off the intruder. >> the table turned so quickly. here she is home alone. 84 years old woken from her sleep by this intruder who is aggressive and hostile and because she had a gun and shot at him he fled. >> and the suspect though is still on the loose. documents released this week show pg&e replaced aging gas pipeline very close to the san bruno blast site several years ago but did not replace the section that ruptured. in the, the recordside show the 5 miles of new pipe stopped about 300 yards short of where the explosion happened. the work done in '03/ '04 was prompted by concerns about
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earthquake safety. pg&e tells the san jose americary news the section that ruptured was not on the project list. the company is still trying to figure out why all of the pipes in the area weren't replaced. it is something of an unofficial railroad crossing that has already seen tragedy, but tonight it is finally seeing safety improvements. a notorious spot along monterey highway in san jose. len ramirez on what prompted the safety changes and what is being done. >> reporter: 12:30 p.m. in the afternoon we witnessed person after person on foot illegally crossing the train tracks at blows am hill and monterey highway in san jose. >> san -- tracks at blossomhill and monterey highway in san jose. >> reporter: this day everyone made it across but that isn't always the case. >> this is pretty widespread.
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>> reporter: experts say misjudging the train's speed is probably what led to the tragedy of november 2005 when a young woman with a baby in a stroller and two toddlers on foot tried to cross here on their way to a fast food restaurant. the woman crossed over and then doubled back across the tracks. one of the toddlers, 2-year-old alexander, tried to follow her but was struck by the train and killed. >> you can't predict what people will do. >> reporter: but you can try to make it safer. now more than five years after the tragedy officials broke down on a new $10 million pedestrian and bicycle bridge to be built over the spot where alexander was killed. it will span the tracks and the monterey highway. >> traffic across the street is significant. >> how significant? >> reporter: one consulting engineer spent a few days counting. >> an average of 120 people crossing in one day. >> reporter: a new fence will
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be built beneath the bridge. >> do you think that will save some lives? >> i think a lot. >> would you use it? >> yes, definitely. >> reporter: the bridge is scheduled to be completed sometime this fall. if it is done by october 30th at 120 illegal crossings per day, that means about 29,000 people will have crossed these tracks between now and then by the time the bridge is open. in san jose, len ramirez, cbs5. getting a truck under a bridge. not exactly rocket science, right? well, it proved a little difficult. why this massive satellite spent part of the day stuck on highway 101. and this satellite made it to the launch pad but it didn't get far from there. the price tag on this little mistake over the pacific ocean. what about the satellite that actually made it into space. consider this one possibly falling onto your house. blach blap ,,,,,,,,,,
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morning commute. it happened at 7-20... just west of the toll plaza on the san mateo- hayward bridge. two westbound an overturned armor truck caused quite a mess in the commute. happened just west of the toll plaza. san mateo hayward bridge. traffic backed up for miles of course because of the crash. fortunately nobody was hurt. but that wasn't the only traffic hazard drivers had to contend with this morning. a big rig carrying a satellite got stuck on northbound 101 through san jose. anne makovec with the extreme measures used to help get these big rig on its way. >> reporter: it is a wide load with nowhere to go but back which when you're driving on highway 101 is easier said than done. >> you have no choice. can't get under the bridge. we have got to go back. >> reporter: as part of the tullly road interchange construction project the overpass has been lowered to 15
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feet and this truck is 16 feet tall. >> they didn't know how low that was. >> until they got here, yes. >> reporter: so the big rig carrying part of a satellite bound for sunnyvale had to pull over and make a plan b plotting on the shoulder. >> have to turn the truck around and go back to the next one and we will get back on ramp. >> reporter: and doing that required shutting the highway down. this is something you don't feel very often. a completely empty highway 101 northbound. it is only going to be this way though for a couple of minutes. >> reporter: the chp shut it down between capital expressway and tully as well as the on ramp to the wide load could make it oh. now a question how the permit was given for the planned route. >> we are trying to figure out exactly what is going on particularly when we do this sort of a thing. we make appropriate notification about the changes
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in the lateral and vertical clearances. >> are you annoyed with them? >> we have to work with them all the time. so no comment. >> reporter: anne makovec, cbs5. a satellite nasa tried to launch into orbit this morning is lost. the taurus rocket lifted off from the air force base as planned but a protective shell did not separate from the satellite as it should have and that left the satellite without enough velocity to reach orbit. price tag? 424 million for the climate research project. nasa says all indications are that the satellite and rocket are somewhere in the southern pacific ocean. and the ones that make it up do come down. parts of this massive german satellite spiraling out of control could smash into earth later this year. the german government is scrambling to try to figure out how to deal with it. half of the satellite includes a considerable amount of glass
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and there is no way to predict where it might land. they insist people are not in danger. >> we may get hit this weekend by a few rain drops, right, roberta? >> we may have rain, extremely gentle and light. let's head outside. we are looking out towards the bay bridge where today we had highs that banked anywhere from 61 degrees in the richmond area. gilroy65 in san francisco. if you're out and about this evening we do have a veil of high thin clouds surrounding the area. they are running in advancement. cold front lurking out over the pacific ocean. we do have overnight lows 39 degrees in santa rosa. this does include allenrock. mid-40s will be common across the central bay and mid-40s in
6:18 pm
concord and also walnut creek. let's put this into motion. this is 3:00 p.m. in the afternoon. beginning with the north bay. you can see the rain begins very light and then it just hangs out there in the overnight hours before it spreads across the entire area. still void of any precipitation across the santa santa clara valley. all associated with the fast moving system here that will bring us some showers but if we see the rain showers we are only talking only about a quarter of an inch across most areas. maybe a little bit more north of the golden gate bridge. we will pinpoint locations later in the program. >> thank you, roberta. updating a big week for the bay bridge. and tens of thousands are cars recalled because of a spider. in 2 minutes. captions by: caption (announcer) roundup extended control is
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crews finished hoisting the fourth segment of the tower for the new easter the bay bridge contribution project took a giant step today. crews finished hoisting the fourth segment. tower for the new eastern span. of course, this is just one level of the tower. each one comprised of four pieces. the four lifts were supposed to take 120 hours but they got done in 92. coming up next, the crews will put a crown on the tower taking it to its final height of 525 feet. the new bridge is expected to open by late 2013 with a final cost of 5.5 billion. well, a tiny spider is prompting the recall of tens of thousands of calls. take a look at it. this is it. the yellow sack spider. smaller than a nickel. how can it cause big trouble? grace lee takes a look under
6:22 pm
the hood. >> this little guy is causing all this chaos. >> why is it choosing mazdas. >> reporter: meet the yellow sack spider. elusive spider that seems to be partial to the mazda 6. the company had to recall 65,000 cars. >> they are attracted to warm places. >> reporter: the curator at the wildlife museum says this spieder makes an exception when it enters a mazda 6. i'm assuming what that tubing is attracting them for because it is small enough to be a good spot to lay eggs or shed their skin. >> reporter: how could something that is only a few millimetres long cause a recall? it could cause a crack and
6:23 pm
there could be a risk of fire. >> you could call that the spider hotel. >> reporter: at diabl mazda and subaru they have seen this over the years. >> as soon as they put their web or nest in there, the system thinks that it is sealed and it actually needs to vent. where it needs to vent the atmosphere the web is preventing it. >> reporter: mazda said the dealingship used this brush to remove the webs. >> does it creep you out at all? no. >> no, not really. i don't mind the spiders. it is the rodents. i don't like seeing those guys. >> reporter: tens of thousands of service calls answered all for an 8-legged critter. >> i'm sure he didn't mean to cause that much trouble.
6:24 pm
>> reporter: in walnut creek, grace lee, cbs5. a ride on a san francisco cable car. a must for anyone that visits the city. so why is the california street cable car line shut down? ken bastida has tonight's good question. >> reporter: cable cars have been running up san francisco's california street since april of 1878. but there are no cable cars running on it now. have you had any tourists come by and say where is the cable car, what's going on? >> every day that i work here. pretty much. around five to ten customers asking us where the cable car is and i have to send them all the way down to powell. >> reporter: the california street line is torn up and it will be for the next six months. >> replacing the switches and a lot of the mechanical components that keep the cable running. so you're not going to see the rail replaced but you will see some work done on our sewers. >> reporter: here is the deal. the streets along california were going to be torn up anyway
6:25 pm
to access utilities for the new transbay terminal. so they decided it was a good time to do a little maintenance down below. >> doing the utility on davis, they were going to have the cars shut down anyway so they decided to do more work on the pavement. since 1984, 1985 hasn't been done. >> reporter: components that need fixing will come out now. in the meantime the huge wheels move the cable along california will remain silent. go to click on connect to send me your good good question. he was a leader of the white supremasist. he is dead. the person accused of killing him. i'm alexis christophorus with reaction from wall street tonight. and the story a lot of
6:26 pm
people are talking about tonight. the high school basketball player who died moments after hitting a game-winning shot. how one bay area school is trying to prevent exactly the same kind of tragedy. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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california should be proud. we were the first to ban smoking on airplanes. the first to have smoke-free bars and restaurants. all while saving over $86 billion in health care costs... and over a million lives. we've done a good job. but even if you were born today,
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you'd still grow up in a world where tobacco kills more people... than aids, drugs, alcohol, murder and car crashes... combined. we have a lot more work to do.
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skinhead movements on the west coast has been murdered. david lynch was foun home a player in the skinhead movements on the west coast has been murder the. david lynch was found shot in his home just outside sacramento two days ago. he led a hate group that started in san francisco and attacked people who aren't white or straight. in 1998 his group instigated a brawl on a t.v. show that broke the host's nose. just hours after the notorious skinheads murder police arrested a person of interest. tonight he is being held on $2 million bail. we are showed emotions overwhelmed him in court today. >> reporter: he breaks down in court after being arrested on drug charges and called a person of interest in the murder of his friend white supremisist leader david lynch. >> i lost my best friend and my
6:30 pm
wife left me. i just need help. >> he seems like he is under a lot of distress. what is going on? >> he has problems. his wife died. you heard him say his best friend and his wife just died. his kids are somewhere staying with friends and he is concerned about them. these are all human parent kind of middle aged concerns. >> reporter: charlie's attorney says he is suffering from anxiety because of the loss he has experienced and because he faces a three-strike conviction but he has not been charged with murder. >> i have heard lots of street rumors. >> reporter: david lynch was shot to death wednesday morning in his citrus heights home, his pregnant girlfriend eva was also shot in the leg . she says dave was a wonderfulfather and i needed him. i thought he would always be there. her sister tells cbs5 that eva went through her second surgery
6:31 pm
and is lots of pain. the emotional pain is worst. >> reporter: the lead agency in this investigation will not comment on additional charges being filed or if any other suspects are being looked at. the fbi also declined to comment on its involvement in this case because of its connection to skinhead organizations. in sacramento, cbs5. more than 1000 people defy a government crackdown and take to the streets in libya around the capitol today. but forces loyal to moammar gadhafi pushed back with deadly force. as western nations are now considering how to respond to this crisis. >> reporter: forces loyal to moammar gadhafi fired tear gas on protestors in the capitol. in a fresh round of protests more than 1500 people gather to demand an end to the leader's 41-year rule. supporters of gadaffi held their own rally waving flags and holding pictures of the embattled ruler. amateur video captures the
6:32 pm
fighting just east of tripoli. a witness says troops attacked the city killing more than a dozen people. government war planes also continued their air attacks near strategic oil refineries but the rebels are vowing to fight to the end. >> i believe if i die for my country, i die for my people, and we go immediately to the... >> reporter: they are establishing a no fly zone over libya but the u.s. and allies are still considering options. >> reporter: the u.s. says its focus right now is helping the thousands of refugees who are fleeing the violence. >> we have sent teams to both border regions with supplies like water containers, blankets, medical supplies. >> reporter: a u.s. war ship arrived at a naval base on a greek island. part of the united states effort to pressure gadaffi to step down. cbs news at the united nations.
6:33 pm
now to our nation's economy and tonight some better news about the job market. for the first time in almost two years the unemployment rate is below 9%. so who is hiring? alexis christophorus shows us. >> reporter: the job market is slowly bouncing back. last month companies hired at the fastest pace in nearly a year. the economy added 192,000 jobs and the unemployment rate dropped to 8.9%. that's the lowest in almost two years. calvin gordon is hoping his situation will turn around too. he lost his job at a consulting firm three months ago. >> i vent wally believe -- eventually believe i will get a job. it is just when. the when is a little concern. >> reporter: wall street hopes one good months will lead to another. when companies start seeing the economy gain strength they are more than willing to add to their payroll. fed chief ben bernanke says
6:34 pm
things are going in the right direction. >> i think the key thing here is instead of unemployment stagnating or going up that we see a sustainable recovery moving forward. >> reporter: the strongest hiring was in factories, education and health care. retailers cut jobs and so did state and local governments. over 13.5 million people total are still looking for work. for calvin gordon, being unemployed has been both a financial and a psychological blow. >> i'm not a person that is made to stay home. i can't, you know. so this is really kind of driving me crazy. >> reporter: the economy has been growing for six straight quarters but in the job market there is a long way to go. there are still twice as many unemployed as there were before the start of the recession. alexis christophorus, cbs news, wall street. with six days until the deadline there is progress at the state cap toll towards a potential budget deal and it might include pension reform. the deal is likely to include
6:35 pm
12.5 billion in cuts plus an $11 billion tax extension on the ballot. >> we are hearing that some republicans may be willing to grant an extension of taxes on the ballot for june in return for key issues, among them pension reform. >> yes. and we are willing to engage in those discussions. we think there are some very good ideas when it comes to reforming pensions. >> governor brown says he wants a budget deal in place by next thursday in order to get the tax measure on the ballot june the 7th. what kind of fish do you usually grab from a cooler? your options may be dwindling and for good reason. how costco is changing its store to protect some threatened species. a little help for a guy that got a parking ticket in san bernardino even though he hadn't even been there.
6:36 pm
will there be an nfl season next year? i will tell you what both sides agreed on today. giants fans will be chanting this name. top prospect brandon belt. today he belted a good one. that's coming up in sports. blach blap
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big win for environmentalists. the big box store will stop selling fish conside costco customers may not like it but it is seen as a big win for environmentalists. the big box store will stop selling fish threatened by overfishing. >> reporter: costco long prided itself on the wide variety of items it carries and now doesn't carry. you will find plenty of salmon and catfish but the company has banned several kind considered to be at risk. there are some fish that you simply will not find at costco any more either fresh other
6:39 pm
frozen and the list expanded to 12 including seabass and shark. costco says sales of the threatened species is on hold until they can find more sustainable sources. the decision came after pressure from green peace who flew this blimp over the company's headquarters costco whole sale ocean destruction. the company made a statement to cbs5, if it is not right we are not going to carry it. if we want to stay in business selling fish 50 years from now we need to take care of our oceans today. >> this is great. >> reporter: ken peterson with the monterey bay aquarium applauds costco's decision and says it is a wider corporate trend towards sustainability. last year target started selling only wild caught salmon. >> when you get companies like costco, wholefoods market, wal- mart, all these organizations saying we are going to switch the way we source sea food, what they are doing is saying
6:40 pm
to their suppliers, we want you to produce this fish in a different way. >> reporter: costco customers agreed. >> i think it is a great move. and it is long and coming. i think costco should have implemented it a long time ago. >> reporter: as costco says, good business is taking care of the present and the future. in san jose, kiet do, cbs5. every week we get dozens of e-mails from viewers who turn to consumerwatch as their last resort. julie watts joins us with a few of the problems they have been able to solve this week. >> i've got to sigh say it is the best part of my job and i'm shocked how we are able to solve ongoing issues with a single e-mail as long as it is the right person. this is one example of what we are here for. rich from pleasant hill was perplexed when he received this parking ticket from san san bernardino. he called dmv and said the
6:41 pm
plates were registered to him. consumer watch stepped in and almost immediately the dmv informed us there was a typo on the ticket and they contacted the san bern sanitation service relieving him of his fraud concerns and $100 ticket. then a case of warranty woes. they heard cracks in their fridge and still under warranty they wanted it replaced. sears said they would patch the holes. so we contacted sears which explained to us that the warranty was for repair and service not replacement but soon after sears gave them a new fridge. and finally when we got a note from carla saying her pg&e bills were unexpectedly doubled and she couldn't afford to buy food we contacted the company ourselves to find out why. turns out a couple of carla's checks never got there. pg&e immediately called carla and reduced her payment.
6:42 pm
if you would like to join our team of volunteers we would love to have you. give us a call or head to the web >> checks never got in there. >> a couple got lost in the mail. they started to double bill. as soon as we called they got right on it and they fixed it. >> they are good. thank you, julie. the day is it is -- the day it is going to rain this weekend. eyewitness pinpoint weather will continue when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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long-ginotti. he received the prestigiou a special honor for cbs5 general manager and president receiving an award at a ceremony this morning. >> the 2011 recipient of the award from the class of 1972, ron longinoti. [ applause ] >> the award established in 1982 is sarah high school's highest alumni honor. he graciously accepted the award with some simple advice
6:46 pm
for students. >> if you work hard you get ahead. doesn't always come as fast as you like but if you work hard you get ahead. pretty simple business principle 101. >> and if you recognize this other guy. ken bastida on hand to help present that award today. >> ron looks -- ron works hard . >> real hard. >> all in there. >> put away the sharp objects now, dana. we do have a halfway winning forecast. half dry and other half wet. this is our cbs5 weather camera looking outdoors. 67 in san jose. the warm front, however, was 71 in gilroy also low 70s in ss --
6:47 pm
solenas. not much of a sunset tonight at 6:06 p.m. overnight mostly cloudy with some areas of patchy fog developing in the overnight hours. numbers into the mid-40s across the santa clara county. also common across bay and peninsula. we do have this beautiful area of low pressure winding up heading directly toward the state of california. this leading band of clouds, it is what caused the mostly cloudy skies later this afternoon. now, it will be cloudy as a result of the thin veil of cloudiness. this area of low pressure is really going to move through on sunday but in advancement of that you see the rain beginning late afternoon in the north bay, then staying put before it moves overnight across most of
6:48 pm
the area then backs off. by 6:00 p.m. in the morning on sunday the santa clara valley will be void of any precipitation but then the light rain does move. we are expecting anything lower than a quarter of an inch south of the golden gate bridge with an inch across the northern portion of the district. state wide for your saturday partly cloudy skies in the central valley. we do have rain across the north western quadrant and we will see the snow developing by night fall in the high sierra but only about 3 inches of snow is expected by sunday. down to about lake level. otherwise tomorrow, mostly cloudy skies. numbe s wise. pretty seasonal for this time of year from 60 in pacifica to the mid and high 60s in the areas. rain arrives by nile. north bay. everybody wet. very light rain. a chance of a shower on monday. pardon me there. partly cloudy conditions on tuesday. bright sunshine on wednesday and then another rain thursday, friday. napa valley marathons this
6:49 pm
weekend on sunday light rain certainly possible at 53 degrees. and this was sent to us from napa by laura. when it is raining the mustard is blooming. that is gorgeous. keep the pictures coming. gang? >> i will take it from here. coming up in sports the warriors on the other coast tonight for a game against the mighty boston celtics and usf has adopted a new heart monitoring system this year. it benefits you far behind having healthy players at the end, it saves lives. next. brian bravely samples a snack that is a national passion. explore these ancient formations. "eye on the bay" taiwan get away monday at 7:00 p.m. on cbs5. [ female announcer ] sometimes you need tomorrow
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extended thier collective bargaining agr one day after the nfl and its players agreed to extend their collective bargaining agreement by 24 hours they did it again this time by a week. both parties eager to get back onto the bar bargaining on-- both parties eager to get back onto the bargaining table. >> we have to try to do this next week. >> this will get resolved through negotiation not through litigation.
6:53 pm
so talking is better than litigating. >> all right. the season long seven-game road trip conditions for the warriors. tonight was their only visit of the year to boston. al thorton in his warriors debut courtesy of comcast sportsnet. first half the big three swinging around until ray allen whips it into green off the jam. 21 off the bench for green. stealing a reggie williams pass. he stops and finds a wide open ray allen in the corner. 25 points for the all-time three-point king and the final 105-101 just coming in. nba headed across the pond for the first time ever during a regular season. close to 19,000 filled london's arena. they saw williams crossover a player and lob it to brook lopez. the two teams will play again same place tomorrow. very sad story out of
6:54 pm
michigan. last night a high school basketball team completing an undefeated season due to this last-second shot by one of their stars. moments later after being hoisted up by his teammates the 16-year-old collapsed. two hours later he was pronounced dead at a local hospital. of the medical examiner said leonard had an enlarged heart. doing something to prevent a tragedy they have implemented a heart monitoring system that all players wear during any physical activity. they are one of 15 division 1 schools in the country using this technology. dennis o'donnell has the story. >> we want to make it so these kids are playing safe. this is helping us prevent exhaustion. >> reporter: they got their first win season since 1982. the head coach rex walters might not know exactly how much desire his players have but he sure knows how much heart they are playing with literally. they have invested $10,000 in a
6:55 pm
wireless heart monitoring system. >> this has made us a more efficient teams. if we can avoid fatigue so it is not just in games, it is after games. it is for each practice. it is for the weight workout. it really gives us information on what our guys are doing. are they pushing themselves? are they pushing too hard. >> reporter: each player wears a heart monitor under their uniform that transmits data wirelessly to the team trainer who monitors everything from a laptop giving coaches realtime information. >> right now i can look at him and see he just came off a sprint. he is running in the 86 percentile.. etch able to recover real quickly so i know he can safely do the next row without us worrying about anything like
6:56 pm
exhaustion, dehydration. >> reporter: the heart monitor system is a health and safety tool. >> the west coast conference has had it passed before with one player going down in the 90s and passing away on the court. we want to prevent all that. there is always the thing we want to work harder than the next team but we want it to be smart work. we want to make sure that these kids are working hard but we want to make sure that they are recovering properly and we want to make sure that their hearts aren't straining. >> put them on the table downstairs. >> reporter: the heart monitors aren't comfortable enough. >> we are looking at a male version of a sports bra to actually help hold it tight against their chest. >> embed it into the back of their neck or into their chest. we will make them like co c
6:57 pm
cyborgs. las vegas. first round bye pounding one to the right. check it out. bounced off dickerson's glove. it is out, right? no, that's a double because it hit the wall. been there. giants have big plans for this kid. first base prospect brandon belt smashed his first spring training home run right there. aubrey huff playing very nice defense right here. he robbed dickerson of an extra base hit and that was a pretty nice play there. 7-2. as fell in their game to the rangers by the count of 67- 3. it is fun watching this. >> i'm getting ready. >> warm weather. >> the weather is so warm like here. >> see you at 10:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive.
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