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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 730am  CBS  April 24, 2011 7:30am-8:30am PDT

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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition. midwest tweftd caught on tape. what a st. louis airport hopes to do today as it cleans up all of that storm damage. oakland businesses take crime prevention into their own hands. we'll take a look at the new effort. plus, a report updating oakland crime stats. presidential aspirations. we'll see how veteran and new republican candidates may fare ahead of us. it is 7:30 on easter sunday. thanks for joining us. i'm anne makovec. >> president obama came into town and took out a lot of money. we'll talk about where that
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money is going. >> and about the serenade he got from some protestors i actually spoke with the head of that little extravaganza. >> and we'll take a closer look at the story you did about oakland. >> crime in oakland and how business owners are trying to take care of themselves with cameras, because you can't count on the police to do too much these days. >> but first -- >> weather. that is very important today. easter sunday a lot of folks heading out. easter egg hunts. we'll see some wet easter bonnets, jim, what do you say? >> you bet you. we have shower activity moving across the bay. it is more like drizzle showers. to start your east sunday morning, mostly cloudy skies, drizzle in and around the bay. enough to wet the streets and we'll see that taper off here through the day, looking at our high definition doppler, we see the returns showing up on radar, widely scatter and nothing too
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impressive. enough to wet the streets. few hundredths of an inch of rain, that winds down through the afternoon. out the door this morning, slow, soggy to start your east off. complete forecast in a few minutes. okay. well, at the top of the news this morning, what he is? the longest-running stories we've had in the bay area. dogs versus hikers when it comes to the tussle over dog leash laws, especially when it is at the national park. >> the san francisco board of supervisors could make a ruling on the new rules on tuesday. the resolution takes a closer look at a dog management plan for the golden gate national recreation area. the plan would make it illegal for dogs to run free at ocean beach and on the parks. a resolution from san francisco could make an impact on the ultimate plan. protests from dog owners have already prompted recreation officials to extend the public
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comment period on those new rules until the end of may. this summer pay more for the golden gate transit bus and ferry service. the district's board of supervisors approved a 5% hike for each of the next five years. the board is dealing with estimate # $89 million deficit. speaking of deficits, san francisco leaders reached out to the public for feedback for the city's budget deaf fis sey. those attending the town hall meeting said the big problem is salaries and pensions of city employees. talks with muni and police officers' unions, they have stalled over the issues of pensions and this could be a very tight budget. mayor lee agrees pension reform is needed but he agrees that no one group is to blame for the problem. >> we negotiate all of our differences out and in these very hard times, hard economic
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times, it is not about finger-pointing but how do we resolve it? >> he says the meetings are use full and hopes it will help them make cuts that are needed in a way that reflects the city's values. in san jose, well, walmart customers may soon be the first in the country to get some home delivery. the company is testing delivery of groceries, health and beauty items, over-the-counter medications and household supplies. the launch is limited to tests only at this point and walmart did not provide any information on expanding to other markets. search continues for an 11-year-old boy missing in the sequoia national forest. he was hiking with his family when he disappeared. his father told searchers that his son slid down a steep embankment into a fast-moving stream. it has been some unfamiliar behavior by wildlife in the bay area that is usually thriving with activity.
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over the past few days a dozen dead or dying sharks have been spotted on the lagoons on the east side of redwood city. researchers from the shark research foundation say that those ailing sharks are dying of suffocation. the cause could possibly be diminished water quality resulting from flood gates that were designed to hold water in the lagoons on neighboring communities, even as the tides go out and without the flow of the tide, the water is depleted of oxygen. and runoff of landscaping products is another culprit. three men associated with a pepper spray attack, officers say it happened friday when they hit the torno store. they smashed display cases and grabbed several watches before getting away in a waiting vehicle. 1 of the robbers used pepper spray on an employee. police say they were not armed with any other weapons and no other injuries. new report shows oakland saw
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a drop in crime in some neighborhoods. statistics released yesterday for area 2, that is between east and west oakland, show seven fewer shootings, nine fewer rapes and 118 fewer robberies for the first quarter of this year, compared to last year. but the same period did see two more homicides. now for one neighborhood in oakland, the way to fight crime seems to be cameras. here is how some oakland businesses are protecting themselves with pictures. >> we have to protect ourselves. >> reporter: over the past year more chinatown businesses have been using cameras to ward off crime. >> i have a camera on the sidewalk, and i have the camera inside of the store. >> reporter: he spends almost 1,000 bucks. >> it is worth it. >> among all of the store owners i spoke with, there was offensive meeting to take matters into their own hands. with limited budgets, there is only so much they can count on the police to do.
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>> if you call the police, what do they did? >> reporter: this owner doesn't have faith in the cameras, either. she said video has not been helpful. her windows were broken twice. >> we saw somebody, but couldn't see their face. nothing you can do. >> add an event to roll out a dozen new cameras around the lincoln neighborhood center, the police say they work. >> we've seen a drop in crime in this area. i don't care if you have a hoodie or not, we'll stop you and question you and figure out what is going on. >> they don't monitor it until something happens. >> reporter: this local crime prevention chair has advice. >> when you come down to chinatown, be sure to smile, and don't try to cheat on your wife and bring your girlfriend here. >> reporter: you might have one fewer restaurants to go to. this owner is ready to sell. >> nothing you can do. >> reporter: whine in a town area in oakland has a number of
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cameras. for years they have been putting them up, the merchants down there. one of the reasons is that they fear with the budget cuts they're not getting the police protection they once did. >> the police are applauding the efforts. certainly it is helping them out, because if there is a crime they will review the tape. as that woman said, lot of criminals are wearing hoodies and you can't see their face. the police told me they'll stop anybody that fits that description, but when you don't have a good description, that is not wearing a hood, are you going to stop everybody? >> it is an ongoing one. they want more police presence out there and that is one of the toughest things that the mayor is going to have to deal with. >> where do you put them? and whole other factor is that the merchants obviously want customers to come down there, and they want customers to feel more comfortable there. do you feel more comfortable if
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there is cameras around or police around? >> i'll ask you, are you more comfortable with cameras or criminals? >> how about cameras and police? cameras and criminals, that is obvious. the airport in st. louis, lot of damage there this weekend. it is expecting to handle, though, 70% of its normal traffic today. that is after crews closed the airport for tornado damage yesterday. >> that's right the twister struck the city's main airport and leveled hundreds of homes friday night. surveillance cameras captures some of the chaotic scene as the tornado roars right through st. louis's lambert field. hundreds of passengers scrambled as roofs are ripped off and plate glass is shattered. in north carolina dozens of boy scouts and other volunteers spent saturday cleaning up the streets and providing a warm meal for people in and around mckinley mill. the area was devastated by a string of tornados last week. the scouts are proud to do the
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help they could. people traveling for this holiday are experiencing gas prices higher than we've seen in some time. the national average for a gallon of regular unleaded is $3.84. that is about 30 cents higher than just a month ago. of course, that is nothing compared with the prices in the bay area. according to, 4.20-in san jose, oakland 4.33, and $4.33 in the san francisco area as well. the high costs will likely affect americans summer travel plans, analysts say. check out this station in orlando, florida. there might be a reason there are no prices posted. it is charging, get this, $5.69 a gallon. according to several gas price tracking sites, it is the highest price in the nation. why? because many tourists use this station before returning their rental cars on their way back to the airport. you can imagine customers are upset because by the time they realize how expensive it is,
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they have already stopped to fill up. that is just mean. be sure to stick around with face the nation coming up with bob schieffer after this broadcast. several senators from both sides of the political aisle tell what they hope to accomplish on capitol hill on 8:30. pal low alt tee police and fire departments hope to add 500 more bone marrow volunteers to the registry. it will be from 10:00 in the morning to 3:00 in the front of city hall. come on down, we ask to give a cheek swab and have your name entered into a national database of willing donors. something for support ahead of the 2012 elections. >> former state assembly speaker and san francisco mayor willie brown shares his thoughts on president obama's cash call to the bay area, and how potential
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candidates will do on the campaign trail. how buckingham palace is preparing for the royal wedding of the year. and out the door this morning, a bit of drizzle on your easter sunday, and we'll look at what you can expect for the rest of the day coming up in just a few minutes. not that long ago, many families were priced out of an overheated housing market. but the times have changed. get the facts at it's a great place to see all the listings in thousands of cities and towns. with lots of houses to chose from and down-to-earth prices the dream of owning a home seems more attainable than ever. find out what an experienced re/max agent can do for you. nobody sells more real estate than re/max.
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jim bernard, thank you. 7:44. >> welcome back. okay. let's look outside and see what sunday has in store for us, jim? >> wet out there, jim. when is this going to dry out? any hope for easter sunday. >> come on, ann, we had nice weather here. little bit of rain is not going to ruin anybody's easter plans out there, nor should it, as light drizzle showers prevail around the bay. we look at the golden gate and see wet streets out there. cloudy, kind of classic spring weather for the bay area here. it will wind down this afternoon. see skies drying out. this is no big rain maker.
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few hundreds of an inch and wet streets. as we look at the live high definition doppler, a few returns showing up across the region, but again very light in nature and they will wear out this afternoon. here is a better look around the bay as, again, we see those returns showing up right through the golden gate. we look at a return right now, producing drizzle out there, and as we take a look elsewhere around the bay, widely scattered to isolated shower activity. we look for it to dry out this afternoon. more moisture on tap for tomorrow as we look for partly cloudy skies, cooler today. brief break before the next round of rain arrives in the wee hours of the morning into tomorrow. minor storms moving -- minor ripples in the atmosphere moving through the coastline bringing clouds and aforementioned drizzle into the area. it will wear out this afternoon. as we see the drizzle showers
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this morning, slightly cooler temperatures to prevail and again a better chance of measurable rain showing up by tomorrow morning and we're talking about a quarter of an inch of rain, if that, across the bay area. as we see here it will be arriving again just about commute time tomorrow, and spreading throughout the bay area by through midday before we see it winding down to partly cloudy skies tomorrow afternoon. taking a look at the seven-day forecast after that little bit spurt of rain tomorrow, that will be it for the rain this week. we dry out through the end of the week, temperatures warming up to mid- to low 70s here, as the spring showers will wind down today and tomorrow leaving us dry and clear with warmer temperatures through the week. can't beat that. >> basically it will be gray and muggy today? >> we'll see some sunshine this afternoon as the drizzle wears off. it will be improving. >> leave it to phil to put it in a nutshell. thanks for that. the 2012 presidential
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campaign is gradually getting under way. >> president obama's approval rating is down but so far it doesn't seem to really -- no major opposition of the republicans to knock him out. i spoke with willie brown, assembly speaker, and asked him about obama's reelection, where he picked up 2.5 to $3 million. willie said he will need it. a billion-dollar campaign. is that real? a billion-dollar campaign? >> absolutely. he is going to raise a billion dollars. he raised 750 million when he was not the incumbent president. >> that seems like an obscene amount of money. >> it is. >> for a guy in office for four years he shouldn't have to resell himself to the american president. you run on your record. >> you run on the record you intend to make. you don't understand. your record is never perfect. >> according to the latest cbs poll, his record among american people is sinking.
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we have a disapproval rate in his economy. 60 ps disapproval in the economy. >> you don't really under these circumstances win an election based upon necessarily how you performed. you win an election based upon the comparative qualities between you and your opponents. and in this case he has no opponents. >> as of yet. we've got the donald trump. we have michelle bachman, sarah palin, mitt romney. >> huckabee. >> i was looking at the polls and stuff and news flash, and the ones that are out there at the top, you have mitt romney up there. the rish she will trumps and sarah palins, it is an interesting phenomenon we have in america, sell britt tee buzz can get you forward.
7:49 am
and? >> and when a guy named ronald reagan came out of nowhere. he was a television announcer for kraft foods, or somebody, and he became a g.e.. >> and why do we go for that? >> we love celebrities and we don't think much of politicians in terms of qualities needed to do the job, until you're on the job. and then you get these approval ratings or no approval ratings. >> which is interesting because if you look at the mood of the american people, it is dark. it was dark at the end of the bush era. it was dark during the midterm elects. that is when they are more inclined to reach out and pick anybody than the incumbent and somebody with a bit of celebrity can all of a sudden be a threat. >> there is no question. barack obama would probably not have won if there was no celebrity status on the other side. you had john mccain who had more
7:50 am
credentials on failure than president obama can acquire over a lifetime. sarah palin ran out of homilies to say. you have barack obama that everybody on the moderate side embraced. and as soon as you get in there you and start working you drop like a rock. >> once you have to make a decision, that is why some people who have had the mayor's job, for example, would never make a decision. you don't lose popularity by making decisions. >> no, you don't lose popularity by not making decisions. >> that is a point. half of politics is avoiding the fight. >> laying low. >> willie was one of the anchors, they called him anchors of the obama event. they brought in feinstein, jerry brown, and every table got one celebrity political celebrity and the president worked it as
7:51 am
well. so that is for that kind of money, $35,800, that is what you get. >> i didn't have the exclusive invite to the inside of the breakfast, i was outside the police presence was humongous, the secret service, helicopters above, who is paying for that? >> you and i. under the rules if the president shows up here and goes to a public event, which he did here, the facebook thing, and then he does the campaign, it is split up. they sit up there and say how much was public and how much was campaign and they build a campaign for that. all right. as far as the cops on the streets of san francisco, and everybody else, that is us picking up the tab. because who ever shows up in town, we cover the tab for that, and it is not cheap. >> yeah. >> tell us how much it is for security reasons, but it is not cheap. >> san francisco was abuzz with all of the action. okay. all signs pointed to a night in celebration in downtown san jose last night. alas there was a hurdle in
7:52 am
the sharks' effort to advance to the stanley cup playoffs. we'll see what happens, coming up. and the wedding half of the world is talking about, the other half is trying to avoid hearing about it. how buckingham palace is preparing for the big extravaganza. we'll be right back. ,, you want to get a great looking lawn like this, but trying to grow grass from seed in tough areas like deep shade, along the driveway, and where the kids play can be a little intimidating... until now. with scotts ez seed. it's scotts best grass seed, starter fertilizer and a growing material that absorbs water and expands to surround and protect the seeds, you'll get a thick, green scotts lawn even if you've never been successful with other seed before. the revolutionary scotts ez seed. grow grass anywhere.
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they were back in downto it couldn't have been a better setup last night for the sharks. >> that's right. they were back in downtown san jose. they had a loud crowd at the
7:55 am
tank and win over the kings would have advanced them to the second round of stanley cup playoffs, but it was not meant to be. nope, it just didn't happen. los angeles took 3-0 lead in the first period, sharks' goalie, no. >> i would help you, but i can't. >> one of four shots on the goal. he was pulled and replaced by backup ontario, macky who shut out the kings the rest of the way. i'm not that big a hockey fan. 3-1. >> we wanted him to win. elsewhere, san francisco giants lost three games in a row. they fell to the atlanta braves 5-2. things are looking much better for the oakland as, they stored a nine runs, 9-1 victory.
7:56 am
major league, san jose earthquakes at an early season, fell 2-1 against chivasusa. >> the easter bunny came to visit us. >> you have to watch out what you're eating, right. >> our producer decided to give us a little buzz kill this morning. talk about calories. it is about a quarter of the size of many of the big chocolate bunnies, boy, i used to get a big one. this is 290 calories. >> is that hollow? >> yeah, and it is 290 calories. >> that the is a killer. these are one of the post popular things around. >> the peeps, i hate them. we had a story yesterday where you can make your own. these peeps have how many calories?
7:57 am
>> still to come. >> stay tuned. >> the mini eggs. >> how many calories? >> sm i supposed to guess. >> you are supposed to know. >> 210. >> let us stop this nonsense. i don't like to talk about this on easter. i think everything is free on easter caloriewise. let us go with that. britain's royal wedding between prince william and kate middleton. >> five days away, buckingham palace is kicking it into high gear with all of the wedding preps, around 600 guests are believed to be invited to the april reception on april 29. it will take place in the palace state room. glass and silverware are being polished and laid out by palace staff. the menu is fresh british produce and entrees, but it is all under lock and key, those items. okay. coming up. >> more pain at the gas pumps.
7:58 am
>> we'll look at where people and what people are paying and where you can find a deal around the country and here in the bay area, as well. plus california's republican party doing damage control over an unflattering e-mail about the president. the chairman of the state g.o.p. joins us live in the next half hour. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition. rising gas prices hit america's bottom line, next. just how much we're paying to fuel up. plus turning up the heat on crime in oakland with surveillance crimes, what business owners say about the effort. and new details about the protestor who stole the presidential spotlight during his san francisco visit. welcome back to weekend early edition. the time is 8:01. thank for joining us this easter sunday. we have a lot to talk about in the next half hour. we will be joined by the vice chair -- >> no the full chair. he got promoted since the last visit. he's the chairman of the republican party. we'll talk about the 2012 presidential campaign coming up. >> and the efforts in california to sort of get their message out to people like you. first, the check of our
8:02 am
easter sunday forecast. jim bernard in the cbs 5 weather center. jim, little wet out there. >> little wet, but it won't last long as we look out across the south bay. more clouds there. there is rain across the greater bay area. we are looking at some drizzle shower activities this morning and both bridges are wet at this hour. and checking the high definition doppler we see very light returns showing up scattered around the bay area right now. right now this is a minor ripple in the atmosphere. it won't be a big rain maker for us. the drizzle shower activity tapers off through the afternoon. we should see some sun breaks out there through midday. we'll look at that and what you can expect for the rest of the week coming up in a few minutes. at the top of the news, san jose congresswoman calling for investigation of immigration and customs enforcement officials. she wants to know if they misled counties and states about opting out of the security program. >> it is a hot topic here in the
8:03 am
bay area. congresswoman is looking at the secure communities program. that checks the immigration status of people booked into local jails. she says that the correspondence shows the obama administration gave communities no choice but to participate in the program. that is after some refused. in a statement to the l.a. times the department of homeland security said the program was never voluntary. but it said that information could have been communicated to the cities more clearly. tomorrow dozens of animal right activists will protest laboratory practices at uc berkeley. they will enclose themselves in cages on the corner of oxford street and university avenue. it is a national effort in more than 30 cities in addition to berkeley. activists will demonstrate in davis and los angeles. san francisco's supervisors return to the tussle over dog
8:04 am
leashes, meantime. they may rule on proposed dog rules on tuesday. it is a resolution that they are making a decision on. taking a closer look at a dog management plan for the golden gate recreation area. it would not allow dogs to run free. a resolution from san francisco can make an impact on that plan. dog owners who became protests prompted officials to extend the public comment period on the new rules until the end of may. a funeral was held for andy seng who was shot in a san francisco home last week. >> his 15 yearly friend is charged with murder and an 18-year-old is charged as accessory for murder to try to set the home on fire to conceal
8:05 am
the body. both claim the shooting was an accident. a san jose family is suing the family for the wrongful death of their fun. mateo ortiz when he was crushed by a pickup. both the city and a neighbor whose property was adjacent to the tree are named in the lawsuit. the city rejected a earlier claim for damages. a beloved book store in the castro area will close. the store opened in 1985 and quickly became a social hub which celebrate # gay and less lien writers and readers. no official reason for the closure but reports suggest it has been struggling financially. a lot of brick and mortar book stores are dealing with that. some oakland neighborhoods are seeing a drop in crime. that is good news. statistics released said area 2, which is between east and west
8:06 am
oakland, showing seven fewer shootings, nine fewer rapes and 118 fewer robberies for the first quarter of this year compared to last. but the same period did see two more murders. now for one neighborhood in oakland, one way to fight crime is cameras. here is how businesses are protecting themselves with pictures. >> we have to protect ourselves. >> reporter: over the past year more chinatown businesses have been using cameras to ward off crime. >> i have the camera on the sidewalk and i have the camera inside of the store. >> reporter: he spends almost 1,000 bucks. >> it is okay to have it. >> worth it? >> yes. >> among all of the store owners i spoke with, there was a sense of needing to take matters into their own hands. >> if you call the police, what will they do? >> this restaurant owner doesn't have faith in the cameras, either. she said her windows were broken twice and said video has not been helpful. >> we saw, you know, somebody,
8:07 am
but you couldn't see their face. they had a hoodie. >> add an event to roll out a dozen new cameras. >> we saw a drop in crime in this area. whether you have a hoodie or not, we'll stop you and question you and figure out what is going on. >> nobody monitor it until and something happens. >> reporter: this local crime preshen shun chair has some advice. >> when you come down to chinatown, be sure to smile. don't cheat on your wife and bring your girlfriend here. >> there is one less restaurant to go to. this owner is ready to sell. >> there is nothing you can do. >> it has been a debate here in the san francisco area, especially if cities put them in, should you watch them at the same time. >> everybody is concerned about the big brother factor, and these people were quick to point out that it was not a big
8:08 am
brother, and that they would only review the tape if the crime had occurred. but the frustration from the woman business owner we heard from, she has a restaurant, she wants to sell it. she wants to get out of the area because there is so much vandalism and the cameras don't help. it is too hard to identify a suspect with the grainy video. it has proven successful in some crimes. >> they want more cops on the street. >> it is too expensive for the city of oakland and many other cities. everybody is grasping at straws. on to the air travel debacle after the tornado in st. louis. today the main airport is actually expecting to handle about 70% of its normal traffic. that is after crews had to close it for tornado damage yesterday. >> the twister struck the city's main airport and leveled hundreds of homes on friday night. surveillance cameras, here we have some, captures the chaotic scene, the tornado as it roars
8:09 am
through st. louis's lambert field. hundreds of passengers had to scramble to safety as plate glass shattered and the roof was ripped off. now, people traveling for this easter holiday are sfeernsing gas prices higher than we've seen in some time. national average for a gallon of regular unleaded is $3.84. that is 30 cents higher than just a month ago. of course, there is nothing compared to the prices here in the bay area. according to gas 4.20 in san jose and 4.33 in the san francisco area. the high cost will affect americans' summer travel plan. there is a place where it is lot more than that in the city. ouch sclap. coming up, an embarrassing e-mail on president obama sent out by a california g.o.p. official. >> what the republican party is doing to try to fix this
8:10 am
mistake. an unexpected confession by a singing protestor at a fundraiser on thursday. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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8:12 am
8:13 am
control over an email that portrayed president obama as well, it's gray out there but there is a possibility of sun. >> we'll hear more details in a few. meantime, california republican party is doing damage control over an e-mail that portrayed president obama as a chimp. now, what is going on with the republican presidential field as well? for a bit of all of this we turn to chairman of the state g.o.p.. >> first, congratulations, i introduced you as vice chair but you are now the big chief. >> that means you have to answer the questions and the question this week is about this e-mail that went out from your orange county county party chair. >> orange -- i'd rather not see the picture, but orange -- >> show the picture. >> she's elected the official. she's not the elected chair of that. >> e-mail portrayed a picture of chimps and president obama was one of them. >> there is the picture.
8:14 am
>> off the charts wrong. incompatible with public service, i hope. i support the efforts to get her to step aside because it is just not -- it is incompatible with public service. >> you can't just remove her? that's it ask. >> they have their own party -- we have the state party, she's not a member of the state party. and, no, i can't. but we should pursue her to do the right thing. >> when we cover politics and the republican or the democrat, it is interesting on the republican side we have the republican state party. we have these various county parties and we have a thing called the republican assembly. >> volunteer group. >> so we have these different things that are branded as the republican party. some are very conservative, some are on the moderate side. how could you coral that around -- how do you coral that around into one voice. >> you have to reach beyond that which is what i devoted my chairmanship to talk to people
8:15 am
in general. whether it is jobs, budget and law and order and develop coalitions from there. and that is what i will do. >> at the same time you look over your shoulder and you say the republican assembly, it comes out and it comes out the republicans are saying this. and if somebody in orange county says that and it is the republicans. >> that is why you have to have a strong narrative, so that what happens not on the sides, but the individual segments, doesn't dominate it. it is a difficult process, but that is what i'm going to do. >> that sounds like marketing and p.r.. >> what is the narrative. >> the narrative for republicans in the next two years is to talk about the jobs problem and the budget problem and getting people focussed on a solution to that, which is the restoration of private sector jobs. we have a revenue problem now. we're down 40 billion in revenues and that is costing public sector jobs. >> one of the biggest public
8:16 am
relations battles going on is between the republicans and jerry brown. he needs four votes to put something for the voters to decide and the republicans are the party of no, no, and no. >> we gave him 53 separate proposals including a simple spending cap, simple pension reform, which by the way he said he is reconsidering it. we gave him the exact language. we had 10 straight years of bad policies in this state including under the last administration, that have caused our problems. the same policies that caused our problems are not going to get it out of it. it will make it worse. we have to change the mentality of thinking that you can just have government take more from people's incomes and correct problems. >> we don't have too much time left. 2012 presidential election. we keep hearing from donald trump. what do you make of that? >> the guy is known and people are listening. who are the contenders? >> in the long run you have to
8:17 am
have practical solutions that help people's lives. you need actual policies. through the next six months we'll see which of these candidates actually propose real policies that make sense to people. right now, we do have a lot of people in the news and maybe some celebrity status. >> what do you make of donald trump? >> i think he's literally news. he's new and saying things but we still need practical solutions. i haven't seen those, yet. >> do you think he is coming into california any time soon? that is usually a sign. >> they're working iowa and places like that more than california. >> they're going for the money. >> we didn't talk about my 20-city tour. >> we're out of time and money around here. we have to find out what the
8:18 am
weather is. that is our priority. >> it is a little gray out there easter sunday. how is it looking for the rest of the day, jim? >> it is a little gray and soggy here on easter sunday, however we will look at conditions dry out through the afternoon and the shower activity is more like drizzle out there. so light rainfall amounts, few hundreds of an inch. we see bay bridge is shrouded with clouds and drizzle showers. we'll dry out in the afternoon. looking at live high definition doppler, you see some returns in the north bay and isolated returns in and around the bay. it is not a big rain maker for us and should wear off through the afternoon. as this weak system crosses the region, bringing the on-shore flow and enough moisture to produce drizzle shower activity this morning. we'll hang on to the clouds. we'll have a chance of rain showers arriving tomorrow morning. right now it is light drizzle
8:19 am
and cooler temperatures. through the day tomorrow we can expect more rain through the wee hours of the morning into commute time, as the probably last wave of this rather diffuse system moves in and more moisture. you see this afternoon we dry out a bit. late tonight we see the rain move in again. this is not a big soaker as well. but we'll look for a quarter of an inch of precipitation if the north bay through the day tomorrow as it dries out by tomorrow evening. and after that, we should see a nice break through the rest of the week. mid- to low 60s for most locations, cooling to low 60's and upper 50s as you head to the peninsula and along the beach. the drying trend through next week, as mentioned, will continue after the showers monday. we'll stay high and dry through the week into next weekend with temperatures bumping back up to seasonal norms. that will put us to n. the mid- to low 70s for most locations,
8:20 am
as we see these rather weak easter showers winding down here today and into tomorrow. so better weather on the way for the rest of the week because we dry out, once again. >> sounds good. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:21 am
8:22 am
campaign donor a few sprinkle on our camera outside. a woman is actually a campaign donor and a san francisco money with powerful connections is trying to keep the sacramento kings from moving. these are items in the column in the san francisco chronicle. >> first up, the ringleader of the group that disrupted president obama fundraiser said she's actually a big supporter of the president. on tuesday, here seen in the middle of her singing group, interrupted the gathering with a song. they were protesting the
8:23 am
treatment of private bradley week key leak sources. now get this, records show she gave more than $21,000 to the obama campaign and she plans to pay for the tickets to the fund raising event as well. she's a little disappointed with the president right now. meanwhile, a san francisco mover and shaker is trying to keep the kings basketball team in sacramento. darius anderson was at the capitol last week and trying to broker a deal. anderson's name pitch is that he has somebody take over if the maloof brothers are not able to make the team profitable. a long time business friend of maloof. i've love the economics of professional sports. take a losing team, pay a bundle, run it at a loss and
8:24 am
then try to find someone who has even more money to buy it at a profit. >> boy the city of sacramento does appreciate that basketball team. i used to live there and it would be sad to see them go. >> lot of them has to do with an arena deals. there is talk of trying to get an arena here in san francisco to bring the warriors in. some people have a whole lot of money they don't know what to do with. speaking of the trust fund brats, self-proclaimed protestor. she said that to me, that was the protestor who led the song, she spent of her own money, $76,000 to get everybody at that table and to perform that song for the president. >> that's right. her money comes from a family business back in pittsburg. okay. >> trust fund brat, is what she said. i don't want to do a trust fund segue into this way. we're counting down the royal event of the year. prince william marries kate
8:25 am
middleton on friday. >> more than 1900 people expected to attend the wedding, includes david beckham, elton john, guy ritchie, all eyes will be on westminster abbey when the couple ties the knot. people are brainstorming on what to expect from the guest list to wedding dress. one designer hopes the future princess will show off a style of her own. >> i would like to see her in something more lean and long versus the opulence of diana. she's not diana, she's her own woman. >> she also wants to see something more modern from the bride. she expects her colleagues around the world will watch the wedding with sketch pads and drawing inspiration from middle ton's dress. we'll be right back. ♪ [ male announcer ] escape convention. ♪ escape definition. ♪
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escape compromise. ♪ introducing the most fuel-efficient luxury car available. the radically new... 42 mile per gallon ct hybrid from lexus. ♪ welcome to the darker side of green. ♪
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8:28 am
well, welcome back. a lot of you are going to be out there today satisfying your sweet tooth. adults and kids alike. >> the easter bunny visited our set. very exciting. >> question is, what does this cost you if you actually eat it? >> that is the buzz-kill factor. our producer wanted us to track the calories in some of these items. we have bad news for you. namely the cadbury cream egg is 170 calories. >> for one egg compared to 210 for the bunny. >> it is a small bunny. the peeps are, what, 170. >> very good. >> little gray and rainy on easter, but you hope you enjoy it anyway. thanks for joining us this morning. >> that's right. >> enjoy your candy regardless of the calories, how about that? the kincaids live here.
8:29 am
across the street, the padillas. ben and his family live here, too. ben's a re/max agent, and he's a big part of this community. there are lots of reasons why re/max agents average more sales than other agents. experience, certainly. but maybe it's also because they care about the markets they serve and the neighbors who rely on them. nobody sells more real estate than re/max.


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