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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 730am  CBS  May 8, 2011 7:30am-8:30am PDT

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fairfield.... authorities dealt with a number of deadly shootings this weekend. next from castroville to fairfield authorities dealt with a number of deadly shootings this weekend. what fairfield officers knew about the location of yesterday's rampage. >> plus behind the scenes look at terrorist propaganda in the making and what pakistan says about the wifechildren left behind by osama bin laden. honouring military moms this weekend. a big surprise for the mother of a wounded soldier. happy mothers day, 7:30 a.m. sunday may 8th thanks for joining us i am ann makovec. >> i am phil matier. a lot of news and talk to cover in the next hour. mayor ed lee we sat with him and talked about some twist in san francisco's sanction ware
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immigration policy plus a city councilman coming from san jose. talk about cinco de mayo. >> and violence they had to deal with this and budget cuts. first, developing news overnight oakland firefighters investigating a late night fire that injured one person and left six others homeless it started at a house on 62nd in san pueblo avenue 10:30 p.m. last night it took firefighters a half hour to knock down that fire. petaluma firefighters are investigating a suspicious fire at the site of an old mexican restaurant that started after 10:00 p.m., western avenue, no injuries reported the building has been vacant for a year. firefighters call it suspicious because witnesses saw a vehicle driving away from the area at the time. >> east bay, nurses at oakland's children's hospital will continue a strike with a mothers day brunch they are protesting the proposal to
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increase copays for health care today is the fourth day of their five day work action hospital officials are using meanwhile temporary nonworkers to cover emergency and trauma services. and let's see. oh, also in the east bay remember that hillside slide, well, work to stabilize that collapsed san pablo hillside is stalled by a feud between homeowners and the city the city's plan would release it from any liability while the the work was being done but homeowners rejected that plan and submitted their own the san pueblo slide damaged 7 homes during the rains in march. a deadly quadruple shooting yesterday at a home on venus drive. three people were killed in a dispute between roommates a fourth person was also shot, but survived inside the house, police found a man and woman dead there was also a man who
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was very badly hurt he later died. police say that he shot himself. a fourth person was shot in the foot all of those involved lived in the house or in an attached apartment over the garage. police say earlier in the day a court order was served at that house. >> there was some sort of a civil order issued by a judge served on the people in the home today , what the nature of that order is i still don't know, i don't know if it was just a conduct, don't harass this person kind of order or if it was something else. >> that investigation continues, police are not releasing names or details but they believe they have accounted for all the people involved. >> further south a drive by shooting in castroville killed a 24-year-old man it happened last night 6:00 p.m., selenas and haight officers found a man lying on the ground suffering from gunshot wounds his
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identity will be released once his family is notified. and officers continue to search for people behind the san jose shooting, it left two men dead and a teen wounded, officers found two men both 31 years old dead at the scene yesterday morning paramedics transported the 17-year-old boy to a local hospital with serious injuries neighbors say they appeared to be a party going on when they heard multiple shots fired. meanwhile the national and international front pentagon released new video of osama bin laden today and pakistan's foreign ministry says no country has sought extradition of the wives and children of the al qaeda leader still being held in pakistan for questioning following last weekend's operation. this weekend military leaders released video seized from the compound where osama bin laden was killed they portray him as a wary man watching himself on tv and also they have out takes of his propaganda tapes showing heavily scripted lines he used,
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plus he died and trimmed his beard for the cameras. coming up on face the nation after osama bin laden, what is next in the war on terror they will have massachusetts senator john carrie and donald rums field field join bob cheffer this morning -- rumsfeld join bob sheaf this morning. officers arrested a man behind the wheel accused of drunk driving the man killed has been identified as 61-year- old james hudson he was crossing the street at 2:30 a.m. friday when hit by a speeding car the 23-year-old man was arrested a short distance away and faces charges of vehicular manslaughter and driving under the influence. he is a san francisco sheriff's cadet working as a security guard at the city's
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911 call center. mayor ed lee joined us just hours after that fatal hit and run accident we wanted to know what san francisco is doing to keep the road safe for drivers and pedestrians. >> if it is speeding clearly we have to review speed limits in that area. if it is enforcement we have to have sting operations involving our police traffic information and make sure people respect our speed limits there. if it is just citizens that may be talking on their phones or doing something that distracts them, we have to pay attention to that, so we could be all kinds of things clearly we are concerned with every pedestrian fatality in the city, there are areas more prone than others, that have a high number of accidents and we are focused on those areas. >> the major said he was surprised by an announcement by a san francisco sheriff that he will release illegal immigrants committed or have committed -- been caught committing low level crimes we will hear more
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about that later plus why the mayor feels san francisco sanctuary city status may help officers fight crime. >> interested to hear more about that. still to come, taking you out to the ballpark how the giants played against the rockies. >> how a soldier's son kept his surprise visit secret from his mom. jim bernard here, cloudy and cool across the bay area this morning the chance of showers winding down the forecast coming your way next
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i'm a curious seeker. i am a chemistry aficionado.
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diphenhydramine. magnesium hydroxide. atheletes foot. yes. i'm a people pleaser. if elected, i promise flu shots for all. i am a walking medical dictionary. congratulations virginia. inflamed uvula. i'm virginia. i'm a target pharmacist and i'm here to answer your questions. sierra. so - plenty of water to go around for california farms and households... but th this has been one of the biggest years for snow build up in the sierra. plenty of watt tore go around but danger -- water to go around but danger to be aware of rivers and teams are running colder and higher than people may be used to. >> jim has been warning us of
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that for weeks we are excited we have a lot of water available now but if it melts too quickly that is an issue as well. jim bernard, joining us live now with more on that in our forecast. >> indeed. last week's little warm up produced run off so rivers and creeks will be high, fast and cold for months to come. heads up if you are headed in that direction and it is still snowing in the high country sierra tonight, this afternoon into tonight. it will not amount to much what was a trace of drizzle on the coast producing light snow, above 7500 feet. around the bay, no snow to speak of as we see clear skies, almost clear skies over the trans america building, matchy fog at the coast a weak frontal system cross the area, left a good bunch of clouds in the bay area, which we will clear through the day. looking out across san jose mostly cloudy skies here and a trace of drizzle showing up
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along the coastline. that is about it as far as moisture out of that system as we see partly chow diconditions, -- cloudy conditions, cooler across the bay area, down a couple degrees into the mid-and low 60s warmer locations as this weak front they cross the area here, left mostly clouds across the area today and ushered in that cool air mass gulf i alaska, down the coast. it will be the dominant feature through tomorrow. slight chance of shower activity in the forecast, mostly cloudy becoming partly cloudy this afternoon breezy and cool as an on shore breeze out of the west keeps a chill in the temperatures as we expect again for a high, warmer locations mid-to low 60s down a few degrees from yesterday back towards the water to the beach upper 50s around the bay low 60s upper 50s on the peninsula,
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slightly cooler than what we saw yesterday across the region. gusty winds in the 20 to 30- mile an hour range across the coast and through the bay today as again, we will look for conditions to improve come mid- week we will see a nice warm up and then look for more clouds, moving into the picture just in time for the bay to breakers, next weekened, cloudy, cooler and chance of showers, creeping over the horizon once again keep an eye on that still a long way out there. and it will be crazy none the less i am sure bay to breakers never cancels due to weather. >> that's right. >> i forgot about that. >> phil and i both said oh, boy. when you said it was next sunday. >> 100th race too. >> creeps right up there. >> people are not supposed to be drinking. >> of course they won't. >> yeah, no, they are going to have the sobering up tent a little coffee, supposed to make you all better. we have heard time and time
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again it does help. >> are you covering it? >> i wouldn't mind i am always in for a freak show. we will see. all right jim bernard thanks for that. >> meantime wading into the debate over illegal immigrants san francisco sheriff announced he will release illegal immigrants who committed low level crimes rather than hold them for violations. as you all know sanctuary has been a hot button issue here in san francisco but throughout the entire state we wanted to know in the mayor was surprised by the sheriff's decision. >> no, not immediately we will have a chat as soon as i get back in the office. >> what is your reaction to that? this is news you are not given a heads up we are going to -- not going to hold misdemeanour illegal aliens any more. >> i think my first impression is it is somewhat consistent with discussions at city hallow level violationcrimes, ought
7:44 am
not to result in people being deported. i think i can understand that a bit but when we change or practice this, i usually like to have notice about it. >> what is your vision about something like sanctuary that is a national issue and one that san francisco has been at the forefront of. >> we still have a sanctuary ordinance here in the city. >> do you support it? >> absolutely. and i know the conversations of recent have been that we ought not to allow people to be deported, separated from families if they are technical violations they didn't have the right papers. >> what about low level drug dealing or other things that might come under misdemeanour headline. >> generally misdemeanours have a lot of categories but again, i think if they are not in that felony arena, i think we ought not to be deporting people that have spent their lives here and they want to be our citizens as
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well as helps the police department i have had conversations with police the you do take people in for smaller things they will not co- operate and share information they have about what is going on and i walk the streets of the mission, after some very serious shootings occurred a month ago and people feel that they can talk with the police and we have a great relationship that is how we are getting down to some of these serious crimes and that is why i think we still have historic new levels of homicide going on. >> speaking of police, greg suffer you named him city's chief what took you so long? >> i was deliberately careful during that time while the commission had given me names to look at we had the whole henry hotel issue with under cover police officers allegedly violating and that still has to be taken up but certainly gascon registered some very high concerns about it, along
7:46 am
with our acting chief and so that made me take a strong look at candidates to make sure i had a number of questions and did my little deposition interview with them and captain sur answered those questions efficiently i have very very high faith in his ability to correct those things. >> moving on to pull the limbs back on san francisco, we have heard about oakland having to layoff police possibly close libraries, san jose says it appears to be on the cliff massive layoffs, massive cuts san francisco however no talk about layoffs and such, why? >> i think we have good conversations about what the city work force has to do to help with balancing the budget. >> so give backs. >> that is what we are asking for. >> isn't the real difference you have more money than these other cities? >> certainly i think our economy is doing well we are still a $306 million deficit i still have the plug that hole
7:47 am
each corridor i look at economy looks better and better yesterday we started construction on this, it is a $30 million investment, we have excel jazz center. >> why is money coming in? >> good economic climate. >> tourism or tech? >> tourism, tech, bio tech, green tech all of that is going and people have faith in the city because of those things. >> he did refer to the fact that we are still looking for significant cuts when it comes to people's pay and pensions 10% he is asking from all the city departments. >> you have cities like san jose and oakland are talking about that plus layoffs. >> we will have a city council person from san jose in studio coming up it is better but still an issue. >> san francisco is better off than all put together and a lot of it has to do with tourist dollars that come in. the outside money that pours
7:48 am
in, far out paces any place outside los angeles and it is a lifeline that allows them to keep pa lot of programs going when they are talking about cuts in san francisco i got you but the workers are well paid well benefited and down in san jose they are saying even with that we will have to cut. san francisco remains very much on the top of the heap. >> back to the sanctuary thing when it comes to san francisco feds will continue to fight they are very upset about the fact that the sheriff's department is not going to play ball. >> some of that is pr and politics ann. the feds -- it is not like they grab a lot of these people. a lot of times, they don't do the pickups, they only have so many that they move out too. so it gets political and it usually gets political when someone has been picked up and then they are released on a more serious crime and that is when they recommit a crime and it is sort of blown up. i think the sheriff's saying
7:49 am
look if you are in there for small stuff, jay walking, shoplifting, stuff like that, i am just not going to hold you. we will cite you, you come back like everyone else. >> ed lee i still predict he will run for mayor. >> i asked friday he said no. >> i just know he is loving the job. >> he know it is minute he is running for mayor everyone will make him a target. he doesn't want the pay cut he wants to go back to his old job. >> my prediction is on the table. tonight, shark fans breaking out the jaws. >> don't blink the most exciting 2 minutes in sports kicks off the race for the triple crown and we are going to show you coming up next better man because of it." the special message delivered by a wounded solider to his mom. 100% everything i did. i am a better man because of it. >> the special message delivered by a wounded soldier by his mom. we will be right back ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,
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and the fiber helps you feel full. 90 calories and high fiber. so that's why this diet thing is working. but it's weird because my wish for lorenzo came true. [ male announcer ] fiber one 90 calorie bars. hungry no. results yes. red wings. the game starts at 5 p-m at h-p pavilion. in sports the sharks will try to clinch their playoff series with the red wings. baseball no hitter and thrilling kentucky derby. kim coyle give us the highlights. >> good morning, we will get to local teams in a second but we begin with the most exciting 2 minutes in sports followed by
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another no-hitter. the wind up, the 2-2 pitch, he has done it again. his second career no-hitter and number 7 in tigers history. >> second game in a row giants win on a walk-off, mike does the honor s with the sack fly the giants beat the rockies 3- 2. they will go for the sweep later today. >> as and royals ended on a sack fly, 9th. dyson will beat for sweeney, as appealed they left too early kansas city wins 4-3. kevin garnet goes off 28 points, 18 rebounds to lead the celtics 97-81 win heat lead the
7:54 am
series, 2 games to 1 in a unanimous decision, manny beats sugar shape in vegas. -- shane in vegas. >> happy mothers day to my mom congratulations for graduating, getting your masters i hope you have a great day, we lax andly be home soon. there you see military members are doing what they can to send mothers day greetings back home. >> this is a tough holiday for any mom worried about their kid fighting on the front lines. some bay area military moms through a brunch in their honor one soldier was able to say thanks mom in person. [ applause ] >> this is the face of a mother who didn't think she would see her son's face this mothers day. >> they did a really good job i had no idea.
7:55 am
>> her son specialist johnny is stationed in a texas rehab clinic after part of his leg was blown off in iraq in 2009. >> first thing that came to my thought was mom what is my mom going to think. oh, man. she is not going to be happy. >> she helped nurse him back to health in texas but haven't seen each other in months. >> mom i definitely would not be standing you know standing guys, here if it wasn't for my mom [ applause ] >> he wouldn't be standing here if it wasn't arranged by grace wish. >> this has nothing to do with whether you believe in them or not this is about doing something for these moms who live daily with the knowledge their children are in harms way. >> some of the moms here are gold star moms, moms who lost their kids at war. >> it is kind of hard because my son didn't get to come home. but i am so happy for her for
7:56 am
all the moms that have their sons and daughters at home. >> it is clear these two have catchling up to do. >> that is why i avoided talking to you. >> he was afraid he would let the cat out of the bag and there is nothing like delivering a message in person. >> mom you supported me 100% and i am a better man because of it. >> johnny has to head back to texas for 6 more months of texas then he will join the military's wounded warrior program to support other soldiers. there was not a dry eye in the house. >> i am glad you were able to catch it for us. >> me too. we hope they enjoy their mothers day and everybody as well in fact, pick up a phone make your mom laugh. >> yeah, next we will tell you where you can call mom for free today in the bay area. >> also we will show you where to save money at the gas pumps, something we are looking to do. we will be right back ,,,,,,
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8:00 am
at the gas pump it is reason behind a possible price drop plus where you can save money filling up in the bay area. welcome back to weekend early edition happy mothers day it is 8:00 a.m. thanks for joining us i am ann makovec. >> i am phil matier we have a lot of news to cover in our next half hour we will have a san jose councilman up here to talk about the cinco de mayo violence plus what they will do in the months to come. >> serious problems down there, and your mothers day forecast on a positive note. it is chilly grab a jacket. topping the news neighbors in shock this morning following a deadly quadruple shooting over in fairfield. it happened yesterday at a home on venus drive. three people were killed in what appears to be a dispute between roommates a fourth person was also shot but survived. when police got to the house yesterday afternoon they found a man and woman dead. there was a man critically wounded he late later died
8:01 am
police say he shot himself a fourth person was shot in the foot all those involved lived in the house or an attached apartment overthe garage neighbors are stunned. >> all of a sudden we started getting texts saying something is going on in your neighbourhood we came back and found out the fay boar was tased by -- neighbor was tased by the police and found out two people were shot. >> yeah, you heard her mention a tasing police say an older neighbor was tased because he interfered with officers as they rushed toward the home police say before the shooting the court order was served at the house but not giving details on that chef. >> heading to higher ground, that is record river levels are expected. already residents near memphis are dealing with heavy flooding, as you can see from the murky brown flood waters. at least 12 people are dead hundreds injured in cairo egypt
8:02 am
as violence erupted around two churches a mop gathered after reports of a christian woman being held against her will and being prevented from converting to islam. hundreds of muslims exchanged gunfire with church guards demanding the woman's release. nearby a church was also set on fire. they may not be willing to release images of his body but the u.s. government released new footage of osama bin laden. did you see these clips? officials erased the audio from a total of five clips there he is watching television coverage of himself looking a little disheveled, wrapped in a blanket. by releasing the stripped footage to public, the u.s. government is trying to send out a specific message. >> they want to show that they have it, they are in control and that it will be released at a time of their choosing.
8:03 am
>> officials say the amount of intelligence confiscated was the most significant ever found with any single terror figure. earlier this week president obama released how military members handled osama bin laden's burial. the u.s. took the high road. >> what we tried to do was consulting with experts in islamic law, and ritual, to find something that was appropriate, that was respectful of the body. frankly, we took more care on this, than obviously, osama bin laden took when he killed 3,000 people. he didn't have much regard for how they were treated and desecrated but again that is something that makes us different and i think -- >> cbss 60 minutes will broadcast that tonight at 7:00 p.m.
8:04 am
here on cbs 5. well, for one particular mom today's mothers day won't be a particularly happy one because her son brian stowe remains in a coma after being attacked at a dodgers game the longer he stays in a veg at that tiff state the longer he will remain this way forever. >> it was odd i was looking at his eyes to see if there was any movement like any dreaming or anything and there is just nothing there. >> now stowe is expected to under go surgery to drain fluid from his brain the reward to capture his attackers is now up to $150,000. and in oakland, mayor kwan is networking in china next week the hope she will build business connections and partnerships to bring new investments to the city. no tax payer money will be used for the trip the money is coming from the port of oakland's enterprise fund that
8:05 am
will promote the port. and in the south bay a bay area lawmaker wants to ban payday loan operations in the city. daily city councilman says he will introduce legislation to defend any additional stores then phase out ones already up and running he says the predatory lenders charge 400% interest on a 2 week loan. other bay area cities including pacifica and san jose are cracking down on payday loan operations. >> starting tomorrow bike riders, and walkers across the golden gate bridge will have to share the sidewalk. they are closing the west side, doing some seismic retro fitting everyone will have to use the east sidewalk from tomorrow until late august. >> relief in site for drivers, some say you may have to see it to believe it, experts believe
8:06 am
skyrocketing gas prices are finally screeching to a halt. analysts expect prices to drop 50¢ as early as next month wouldn't that be nice if that happens it would be mainly because of increased gas production around the world and declining demand in the u.s. the cheapest gas in san francisco, rc station castro and market, 4 .1 1, oakland, 4.15 and down in san jose the cheapest price is gas and shop at 4.04. speaking of good deal, a deal like this, is no excuse not to call your mom today. a t and t is offering free mothers day calls at three separate stores one in san francisco, san jose and richmond the calls can be made to moms in mexico, latin america for up to 10 minute, the offer is good today between 2 and 4:00 p.m. and tuesday between 4 and 6:00 p.m. 7 minutes after 8, officers
8:07 am
continue to look for the people behind a triple shooting in san jose. >> next councilmember campos joins us with more on how the city is fighting crime. >> how the new head cop in san francisco is downsizing. out the door, breezy and cool conditions to continue through your mothers day festivities we will warm it up early next week details coming up next ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 3q
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governor brown has declared this week "wildfire awareness week." i want to say happy mothers day to my mom. congratulations for graduating, getting your masters of food psychology, i hope you have a good day, relax i will be home soon. governor brown declared this week wild fire awareness week all the rain we got created tall thick grass and that would become fuel when it gets hot. looking at video from last year's fire season. fire department taking action to prevent wild fires, berkeley sent out abatement notes to people last week telling them
8:11 am
to cut the grass around their homes. the county will bill property owners who don't comply and will clear the brush themselves so go ahead and do that because they do it at quite a premium. >> they do. >> yep. >> all right. so now we are going to segway into weather. >> we are and actually, we have been talking about this we are so excited we are above normal on rainfall but that created the condition to make us a whale whopper. yes, it will be about fire fire season. >> historically wet spring heads for dry and high fire danger fall. from our vacca cam, green hills and valleys around the bay as you look back toward it is bay from mount vacca. lovely site all the hills are quite green this time of year of course we will turn to brown
8:12 am
here as the rains taper off over the next couple months by mid-summer we will talk high fire dangers i am sure not the case today as we see breezy and cool conditions to prevail in and around the bay again today, partly cloudy skies out there right now slightly cooler today than yesterday, by a couple degrees. nothing dramatic we will continue the cool weather pattern into the beginning of the week a trace of drizzle showing up at the coastline here today, under that, more clouds, moisture for the bay area as we see coastal temperatures cooling off as well upper 50s. a weak disturbance, has crossed the region. mainly cool air as we see a mix of clouds across the bay moving quickly to the south and leaving a few showers out across the high country, sierra, nothing more than a trace of drizzle along the coast but again cooler air will be the dominant weather feature today and tomorrow as mostly
8:13 am
cloudy skies will stay partly cloudy through the afternoon, breezy and cool conditions to prevail into tomorrow before we warm it up again through mid- week we will get a brief bit of high pressure lots of sunshine temperatures will warm not as dramatically as they did this week. today and tomorrow cool trend mid-to low 60s warmer locations cooling to low 60s upper 50s as you head back to the beach again a very cool day across the bay, as we look for winds to ramp up out of the west, northwest and 20 to 30-mile an hour range both at the coast and right at the bay much like yesterday a bit of chill in the air due to strong winds and then we bring high pressure back through mid-week warming things up temporarily before we see another ripple in the atmosphere, head our way. i hesitate to call these storms because they are weak as you would expect could be a chance of showers in the picture this weekend, as mentioned earlier, bay to breakers, but it is a
8:14 am
long way off 7 days to go on that and fit shows up it will likely be light sprinkles won'true inor delay -- ruin or delay race plans. >> it is good weather to be naked? >> i think people will take advantage of the weather regardless. >> you go. >> i didn't say i would. >> you will be out there with a camera. you are just pushing that like crazy. >> thank you jim bernard. all right it is now quarter after 8 and a shooting in san jose we were talking about yesterday left two men dead a teenager wounded police got the call around 5:00 a.m. yesterday morning officers found two men, both 31 years old, who died at the scene a 17- year-old boy was taken to local hospital with serious injuries neighbors say there appeared to be a party going on when they heard multiple shots fired. now of course, we have heard about violence in all of our bay area cities but we have
8:15 am
heard concentration down in san jose cinco de mayo issue thursday and more worries about rowdy behaviour this weekend. >> that's right and then on top of possible sharks victory at the tank tonight so for more about what san jose is doing to keep the public safe, councilmember campos. congratulations on getting on to city council. >> thank you. >> you had a tough election this. >> i did. >> well, welcome to the hot seat. >> thank you. >> whether it be sin codemayor without an official -- cinco de mayo, without a celebration we still had the violence. seems like whenever we have these big gathering it is a tinderbox what can be done about that? >> it is unfortunate a group of people use events such as sin codemayor or mardi gras or hopefully a sharks victory to just go and cause trouble. >> well, it seems bizarre for the rest of us, that seems like
8:16 am
a happy event why would you smash things and light things on fire doesn't make sense is this a gang thing? is this just plain drunkenness? >> i think there are individuals out there, that are just looking to make trouble. i don't think it is a gang thing i just -- it is an unfortunately, that is what they do and in the process they taint joyous occasions. >> what do you do as a councilmember could be a party at a person's house we are reporting far too many this week. you have a sporting event now some body comes to you and says we want to have a celebration downtown you know, it reaches a certain point there is good chance something will happen whether it is halloween in the castro, sin codemayo or new years eve. >> well, i think -- cinco de
8:17 am
mayo. >> well, i think it is important to understand, there whether always be people to taint an event i don't think that should be an excuse or reason for communities to not hold events because then that punishes everyone. >> we are asking police and fire, we will have layoffs because we are having a tough time just doing the basics we will bring them all in on overtime and extra time because we are going to need them to make sure that that little element you are talking about doesn't make things bad for everybody how do you balance that out? >> when there are events downtown that are sponsored by groups, such as when we have the parades for vietnamese new year or in past years, cinco de mayo, the organizations that put them on will pay for extra police officers to be out there. so it is not stretching the department, you will actually see more officers out there because they are being covered, by the group that are putting
8:18 am
those on. >> when you have a situation like sin codemay owe there was no official thing -- sin codemay owe there was no official thing there. >> there is not a whole lot but what is not a solution is you know -- i mean there is a proposal to reduce the police force. i am afraid going down that path is just going to exacerbate the situation. >> that is an interesting point that is also what we are hearing at the same time this is going on possibly reducing so how do you feel about that what would you like to sew done instead? well, one i don't think we need to put a price on safety. our communities need to feel safe and right now there is a proposal on the table police officers are trying to work
8:19 am
through and i think that both sides need to put politics aside, come to the table, do what is right for the city of san jose. >> we are talking about 122 officers. >> how much of that is real? >> i think how much -- >> the layoffs do you think the that number -- that number is realistic? >> it is a possibility. if we lose that number of police officers, we are talking about going down from a police force in terms of numbers that we saw 25 years ago when san jose was a quarter million people smaller. >> so i know you don't want to see those layoffs what do you propose? >> well, one i think we need to prioritize, i think we need to look at making sure that as we do make cuts in our city, that public safety is a priority, and we don't want to sacrifice
8:20 am
safety in our neighbourhoods. >> thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> well, forget the suv coming up movers by san francisco's police chief to cut costs starting with his own perks and compensation. >> part of a larger effort to get the other officers to go along with pay cuts the same ones we were talking about. >> we will be right back arket. but the times have changed. get the facts at it's a great place to see all the listings in thousands of cities and towns. with lots of houses to chose from and down-to-earth prices the dream of owning a home seems more attainable than ever. find out what an experienced re/max agent can do for you. nobody sells more real estate than re/max.
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he gets around town. it's an item makin >> all right san francisco's new police chief makes a point of cutting his own expenses including the way he getting around town. >> you know what they say the first impression is often the one that lasts and new police chief greg sur is going out of his way to make sure the message is downsize he is giving up his suv and driver that usually comes with the chief's position instead he is opting for a ford focus hybrid the same one mayor lee drives around in, only greg is driving it around himself. he also is eliminating three
8:23 am
assistant chief position making them bump back to deputy chiefs, saving $20,000 each a year on top of that he is skipping his own cost of living raise. this pr or policy? it is a mix of both he has to help persuade the rank and file to forego raises and contribute more to pensions which could add up to as much as 8, 10% of their pay. >> we were just talking about how that has to be a tough sell you were talking about earlier the city of san francisco is not in a horrible state like other cities, how do you sell it to unions they will have to make significant cuts when it looks like san francisco has money. >> well, especially if in the situation you ask police and firefighters to give up their money and where is it going to go? to these other programs they say they make a whole lot of money too. mayor lee says everybody is
8:24 am
going to take the cuts but always been a tug-of-war especially if you can't guarantee the cops okay if you take these cuts you get them next year because they gave them up last year and economy stays low they say give them up again. again. union leadership says how in times do we come back and tell these guygals they are not getting raises and then they are going to get a cut. eventually they will say do something else. tuck of war, greg sur is going to say i am cutting my brass workers the first thing, they say how many people in the front office he is trying to say we will chop it a bit from the top and also a message to the people too. >> and supposedly when he came into being chief he said he was going to be able to persuade the rank and file to go ahead and take cuts but i kind of doubt that because it seems like oh, well, because he is our boss we will accept these cuts that seems a stretch. >> i know but the fact is, the police and fire in san francisco are some of the best
8:25 am
compensated in the nation. the nation. as a matter of fact they are often taken some of the union guys are sent back east to instruct other unions how to do it and there is a thing in politics where you say the firefighters have this down give a little but give it first that way you safe a lot at the end -- save a lot at the end the firefighters will be in there. >> we will be right back first another mothers day greeting from overseas. >> hi my name is major ben, i am in iraq 4th infantry division i want to wish my mother in san fran ski cohappy mothers day mom i don't say -- san francisco happy mothers day mom i don't say it enough but i love you and appreciate you. thank you ,,,,,,
8:26 am
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in your prayers. good-bye." here's a question for you i would like to wish my step daughter, a happy mothers
8:28 am
day and also like to wish my wife a happy mothers day and hope to come home safely and enjoy my visit with you thank you for all your support and caring, keep us in your prayers. here is a question for you moms out there, if you had to would you rather move in with your son or daughter? in a new survey 70% of mothers say daughter if they could not live with themselves that does not surprise me. >> 68% believe their daughter would probably take better care of them than their son. >> probably have a cleaner house. >> 94% they would rather live on their own as they age but that is obvious. my question is on mothers day, this is the question they should have asked how would you feel about your son or daughter moving back in with you? that is much more the economic reality these days. >> thanks for joining us today
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