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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 730am  CBS  July 3, 2011 7:30am-8:30am PDT

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>> you're watching cbs 5, eyewitness news in high- definition. >> bracing for another hot one. coming up, the health warning for the bay area and where people will see heat advisories in effect. >> plus, divers continue the search for a plane that went down. the high-tech vessel being brought in. today's effort to cover it. >> and your life of the fourth is busy for drunks. a county seeing more dui a rush so far this weekend. is 7:30 on sunday, july 3rd. thanks for joining us. i am phil matier. we have a lot of news and talk to cover. we'll talk about this tax on online
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shopping. plus, meg whitman makes a comeback of some sorts, and president obama response to a lunch date. >> and we talk about the budget cuts in san jose. guessing police and firefighters laid off. we will talk about that coming up in a few. first topping our news or your. >> well, we have developing news out of brentwood where we get reports of the aircraft forced to make an emergency landing about an hour ago in a cornfield. >> the aircraft, all we know is that it is described as a crop dust are. emergency crews are on scene right now. one person was taken to the hospital with what is described as moderate injuries. more info on that as it becomes available. major traffic accident locking all lanes this morning on a freeway in richmond. they are clear now, but it happened around 5:00 this morning on interstate 80 eastbound at carlson of art. it is described as a major injury collision involving three cars. one of them was fully engulfed in flames. the freeway was fully reopened
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by 6:30 or yet the investigation continues because one of the drivers apparently ran off after the crash. >> well, it's 7:31. a state officials are lucky to stay off the roads and avoid using charcoal grills. >> recommendations seem very difficult. this is a holiday weekend, but district experts say air quality is going to be unhealthy levels in several parts of the bay area. if you do need to exercise, you might want to do it now before it gets warmer. also use public transportation if you can. experts say skip the outdoor barbecues and cook indoors. i know a lot of people are not going to be seen that. you just cant on the fourth of july. a lot of people beating the heat i taking to the beaches are you that looks refreshing. people catching rays, playing games and having picnics as you can see here in alameda. and we may see triple digit pitchers for the fourth of july
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weekend. it's going to be even hotter today. we check in with jim bernard for more on what we can expect. how is it looking? >> well, it's the kind of weekend that makes you appreciate the fog pattern here. we are looking for a warm up your. record rainfall early this week. now we are headed for record temperatures here. mostly sunny even off the beaches here due to an offshore blaze that has cleared things nicely. we will see warmer temperatures today than yesterday. we do have a heat advisory in effect for the entire bay area through 9:00 tonight. temperatures for the warmer locations from 95 to 105 or, of course, heat exhaustion is a possibility today to really keep an eye on your friends and although the and kids as well as pets as it will be very warm today. the warmest temperatures of the week today, slightly cooler tomorrow, but we have details coming up in your complete forecast in just a few minutes.
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>> meanwhile, arizona sweated through a record-breaking heat this weekend. yesterday phoenix hit 118 degrees. to make matters worse, a monsoon rolled in and knocked out power to about 4000 homes. at the county jail, thousands of bags of ice were brought into court on the inmates. >> this morning the dive company will continue to search for the plane that crashed off the coast friday night. today they are planning to use a sonar equipped vessel to help find the plane. it is the worst right now in as much as 40 feet of water, and they simply can't find it. they were looking all day yesterday. the crash happened -- you can see that video they are -- as the pilot attempted to take off and then made a splash landing. the pilot and passenger got out on injured. investigators say pilot error could be to blame. >> it was a brazen crime, caught on tape.
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no police need help in identifying the robbers. this is the surveillance video. this is a surveillance video from the market in oakland. the clerk is held at gunpoint while one of the men cleaned out the register. the suspects got away in a dark blue cherokee jeep. keep your eyes out for that. in san francisco, the shooting in the tenderloin district injured two people. another man was shot in the- foot. >> celebration of community this weekend. in the city of east palo alto, it was a modest but joyful parade yesterday afternoon. this was the third year for the east palo alto police. this is actually the biggest one yet, even though it only took a few minutes for the entire parade to best buy. it was celebrating the city's birthday and the fourth of july. spectators said they turned out in part to encourage parade organizers in the future, including this longtime resident.
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>> 34 years right here on powell street. at one before we were dubbed the crime capital of the world, which was very aggravating. >> she said that right. she said she's in a lot of improvements in the community over the last decade. here is palo alto putting on a fireworks show for the first time even as lots of other cities have been canceling there is is a financial problems. this show was funded entirely with private donations. $18,000 worth of donations from local businesses. >> dui arrests are up across the state this holiday weekend compared to last year. >> so far 442 people have been arrested for suspicion of drunk driving according to the california highway patrol. as compared to 396 last year. the chp bay area region said 67 people have been arrested. 57 dui arrest during the same period last year. good news.
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there have been no fatalities reported this year during the maximum enforcement. >> the obama administration is coming out in support of benefits for same-sex couples are you the justice department has filed a brief in the case of a lawyer who works for the government here in san francisco. she says her same-sex partner was denied health coverage. the defense of marriage act is said to be on some -- unconstitutional. closing arguments affect underway right now for the kc and the murder trial. they started an hour and a half ago. the florida mother accused of killing her two-year-old daughter kaylee. she could face the death penalty or life in prison if convicted. deliberations could take place as soon as tonight. >> reporter: thousands of people protesting an immigration law in georgia. 14,000 people marched in the capital of atlanta yesterday. they say the law creates an
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unlock an environment for people of color. and prince albert of monaco and former olympic swimmer charlene with stock -- she is gorgeous -- they wed in a catholic family in yesterday. the bride wearing an armani dress. 450 guests attended. >> well, face the nation wants to know what's wrong with washington. as a matter of fact, we all would like to know that. other states and cities deal with budget shortfalls and what washington should do. they will love governors from around the country plus los angeles mayor antonio to answer those questions when face the nation starts at 8:30 right here on cbs 5. cynics will have a recollection of governors as well. >> the man who tried to take away the collective bargaining rights. no we are going to open -- believe this or not, one of the largest
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as tanks in the country. >> where else but the monterey bay aquarium. it introduced its open sea exhibits. it has the window size of a drive-in movie screen. this fall scientists will introduce a great way chart to the exhibit. you can hear the collective teeth chattering of all the other fish knowing they are facing a great white shark. >> all right. but you can bet attendance is going to be out. >> it's always a very popular place. the back of message that airline passengers say. turn off your cell phone. >> that some say it's unnecessary. coming up next, we will tell you if the faa agrees. >> and redistricting. it affects the balancing of power. a very hot topic. gary hill joins us to talk about the potential impact in the legislature and in congress coming up next. ,,,,,,,,
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this holiday weekend. authorities say anyone who flies needs to turn >> welcome back. well, the faa has a message for the 3 million passengers flying this holiday weekend. >> the message we have heard before. anyone who finds -- who flies ways to turn off their cell phones and other electronic devices. some people may disagree, but there is evidence according to airlines that these devices can interfere with the plane's navigational system. that's something nobody wants. >> there's a low probability that any single device would interfere with the navigation equipment, but because there is that potential, the faa has decided that it's better to prohibit all of the devices. >> since 2000 there have been 10 reports in the u.s. of mid air problems linked to passengers electronics. that's about one per year. it is amazing to think that somebody's stupidity could bring down a plane. >> i just like you idea you can't use a cell phone because it
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gives you an excuse to turn it off. but people are going to be hitting the highways. they are hitting the skyways. they are getting in and out of town. what kind of whether are they looking at it overall clear skies, which helps the getaway forecast here. however, temperatures are warming, once again. near record levels expected here today. the interior heads into the low one hundreds for the hotspots being much cooler -- much cooler at the beach, but it's even more in there. clear skies out across the golden gate this morning, and very little if any fog showing up today as we are looking at a strong offshore breeze. this will be the warmest day of the week as, once again, we will look for temperatures peaked out near record levels. all of the yellow you are looking at is the heat advisories in the north bay extending south into monterey as well, and then take a look over in the valley. that's the flood advisory.
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of course, rapidly smelting snow. today temperatures are in a low one hundreds for the hotspots. maybe 102 or right around the century mark, but warmer than yesterday. around the bay, look for a mid-90s in the east bay hills on the low '80s after the water, and look at the coast. mid-70s there and into the mid-60s for the cooler locations. as we mentioned, air-quality taking a hit due to a statement air pattern out there. high pressure produces, typically, sinking air. as a result, air-quality always suffers under this type of weather patterns as well as the warm-up up there that goes with it. we are seeing the gesturing continue to go by to the north. that's our dominant weather feature and will continue through the beginning of the week. the offshore breeze will weaken, and a. temperatures cooled slightly, but still sunny and warm across the area as we look for, again,
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very warm temperatures. today is slightly cooler. generally cooler right on through the week here as a cooldown to mordor will like temperatures by next weekend in the low '90s to upper '80s. but for today, plan on posting pictures to be sizzling across the bay area continuing into tomorrow with fire dangers, of course, on the high side due to the fourth of july festivities. >> thank you. >> sounds good. it's going to be really hot. we are looking at almost 90. >> it was a nice night last night. i'm not going to complain. >> thanks for that, jim. we will check in a little bit later on. in the meantime, reviewing the balance of power in california. a lot of things shaking up. lawmakers and voters reviewing the draft maps for the state's congressional and legislative district. gary hill joining us now with more on that. >> good morning. >> well, let's get right to it. the first dress her up by the citizen group. it's no longer you guys drawing
7:46 am
your own maps. how is northern california looking? are we going to gain power or lose power customer. >> well, i think at the end of the day it's going to be about the same. i don't see that we are going to change the balance of power in california. people will change probably, but in the basis of the actual power, i think it will be the same. >> are we seeing a pull south? >> that's the change. from northern california we will lose power going to southern california. >> this is the maps drawn by a citizens committee. this is a new thing. it's the first time they've done this. they wanted to take the power away from politicians because there are so many concerns about gerrymandering and people trying to make power grabs. you look at a district like that i'm a how do something like that it determined? >> welcome it determined because politics played a role. >> even with the citizens -- >> this was before the citizens. that was the old one. >> so this is a new one?
7:47 am
>> that is the split over there. the kid for being that there was a time in these things were drawn by lawmakers, and they had one district that they said you had to take two bridges, ferry, and a freeway and a train to try to get through. >> is this better? in a much better because what you'll see is immunity is with interest will be the driving force. before politics was the driving force. >> i remember one guy in your neighborhood that woke up one morning and found himself in settlement of them probably didn't want him against someone else. he found his house had been drawn out of the district. they had to move or dropout. now it's the community adventures. you're talking about geographic community interests, or are you talking about ethnic community or racial, or what? >> actually, all of the above. in the criteria they use to determine the districts, they had communities of interest ethically should be a whole, geographic commies should be kept whole.
7:48 am
you are not supposed across waterways with the districts such as san francisco. >> so one of the things we are going to see that they will be represented by probably a separate congress congressional person than in san francisco. so that's one change we will see. and state senate wise as well. >> yes. >> we will also seek san mateo -- are you guys going to move up? >> we are moving south. we will take 100,000 of san mateo, and from that area down through mountain view and sunnyvale will be the next senate d, the one i will be campaigning for. >> and how does this change your campaign, for example? let's get a concrete simple. you were going to be running in part of sentences go, and now you won't be. >> yes, it would've been about 40% of san francisco, 60% san mateo. >> and the person likely to run against you in a primary was
7:49 am
fiona ma from san francisco, right? he meant yes. >> now she's finding her base in san francisco is gone, so she will have to be thinking something else. >> possibly. >> i have to say, -- i would venture to say that the average person doesn't even know who is representing them. what do you think people should know when they are looking at these maps and thinking about these changes? they are not official. the latest changes to have to be enacted. >> i think people will be thinking, this will help ease the gridlock in sacramento. there's no question about it. this in conjunction with proposition 95 which allows for the budget as well as the open primary. >> it might sound like inside baseball, but what we are saying is that was a time when san francisco could have claimed to congressional to senate seats because it was split, plus a couple of simply seats. so that gives san francisco or the oaklands this power under this
7:50 am
redistricting. they will change that and san francisco will find its number of representatives drops as well as others. >> two congressional seats, two senate seats, and two assembly seats. >> the bottom line, you might want to pay attention to these things because there's a lot of things been decided under our nose. >> it will make a big difference. things should move smoother in sacramento. >> it will happen. guaranteed. >> we are not holding our breath. >> thanks for joining us. >> republicans and democrats set up political fireworks this weekend. >> the white house response to a lunch invite some gop leaders. >> and meg whitman is back. that and more coming up next. ,,,,,,
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t there....s >> things are heating up for lawmakers and in the race for the president. >> is pony of fireworks already going on. starting with meg whitman. she's back and she's blasting away on jerry bombs budget. we checked in with chronicle reporter and a former mayor for what's up with me. >> well, my reaction is that meg whitman has been away, apparently, in therapy for the six months. she has in release.
7:54 am
>> it seems like a first mission she is doing is she has teamed up with mitt romney, and she is firing at jon huntsman, former governor of utah. basically, what is going on here? >> she's a finance chair for mitt romney, yet she is criticizing jon huntsman for being a career politician. that got them very upset. as the waves will be made here. he is a native of palo alto. he's a guy who is a good communicator. we've met with him here in san francisco. >> he's not the only one hitting the california circuit. we have the texas governor, mr. kerry. >> a series of behind closed door meetings with california republican legislatures. >> keep in mind, rick. the governor of texas now has
7:55 am
the reputation of being the one governor who has steered his state in such a way that it has been the job growth. the highest percentage of states holding job growth has been. in texas. at the same time, he took on the republican establishment when he tried to elimination last time around. he is into this thing. if he wasn't governor, he would probably be with the church. so he has a number of factors that seem to produce him as a quality candidate, except i know he's running for vice president. >> you think he's running for vice president? >> i talked to the conservatives yesterday, they loved this guy. heavy on the candor, light on the pander. that's the way they put it. he is very, very charismatic. he's a good communicator. they are comparing him to reagan. >> one area that seems to remain consistent is the gridlock in
7:56 am
washington. the republican senate leader invited president obama out for lunch to sort of talk about the debt ceiling and work things out. here was the white house response. >> what the senator invited the president to do was to hear them restate their position. we know what that position is. he also invited them to hear what would not pass. that is not a conversation we are having. >> not exactly, hey, i will pick up the tab. >> have to say, what he did, he didn't really invite him. he went on television on the floor to invite him. obama would have had lunch with him. he just wouldn't want anybody to know it. >> is obama going to get any traction with this? those who've like corporate jets need to pay more taxes, or do people just want to hear about taxes, or do they want to hear about the job customer >> i think obama has a good
7:57 am
thing for you when you've got the state of minnesota closing down the weekend of july 4th, no parks, no anything. people get the message. something's got to go. obama is trying to make the case that somebody has got to give on the republican side. >> that's it. >> let's talk about the whole debt ceiling issue, because there's so much being made of it right now. it's a huge controversy. everyone says, why would we do that? well, this isn't the first time that the thing has been raised. >> it's one of those things that you can point to as an indicator, sort of an overall economic indicator, and a feeling of how the people feel out there. when times are good, debt ceiling like a credit card. it's not problem. you figure you will pay it off. when things are going well, when people are feeling the economic crunch, deficit and debt become keywords. get this, nobody is out there
7:58 am
to fix the problem, and neither democrats or republicans seem to be serious by cutting back spending, but it's something they can .2. they usually say, those in the white house, it's their problem. >> he wants to raise the debt ceiling. it is a great thing called political outsiders. it hits both parties. you get to forget everything you did when you were in, and when you are out, you get to come back. that's exactly what we do with a look at the weather and a whole lot of other things. ,,,, i tell ya, i work a long day, every day.
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>> you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition. >> watching some fantastic light shows for the independence day weekend. how one day area community is shining some very bright light on a shadowy past. >> at the cuts and dozens of cops turning in their badges this week. i'm really sad scene in san jose. we will check in with a council member about what it means for public safety. >> and looking ahead to nasa's last struggle lunch. where the east bay you can see at atlantis blasts off. >> welcome back to weekend early edition. it is a clock. thanks for joining us. imc seven. >> and i am phil matier. we've got a lot of news to cover. as you said, we are looking at san jose. theirs is very come as their --
8:02 am
very, very severe. >> not only police officers laid off, but hundreds of other city employees. find out next for what the year ahead looks like because the budget looks worse for next year. >> and we also take a sitdown with state treasurer of two find out where the state is coming up with a $4 billion to help balance their budget. we will give up all of that in a moment. first emma topping the news, a developing news story out of brentwood. a crop duster went on this morning at about 30:00. >> the pilot said he was experiencing mechanical failure. he was the only one on board. he's been taken to the hospital with what is described as minor injuries. no one was injured on the ground. more info on this as it becomes available or that investigators are now on scene. >> okay. meanwhile, officials would like you to stay off the roads and avoid using outdoor charcoal grills this weekend. still today marks the second spare of the air date or your.
8:03 am
>> air-quality is going to be a unhealthy levels in several parts of the bay area, particularly the far east bay and the south bay. you do need to exercise, you might want to do it now before it too hot. also use public transportation if you can. this might be the most difficult recommendation this weekend. try to skip the outdoor bbq and cook indoors. stomach a lot of people beating the heat i had into the beaches. check out that refreshing scene. evil catching some rays, playing games, and having picnics. these pictures are from crown beach in alameda. and we may see triple digit temperatures for this july 4th weekend. i think we saw some yesterday. today is suspected to be even hotter. jim bernard with the latest on the weather forecast. >> good morning. temperatures peaking out today across the bay. we will see triple digit readings for a 100 over in some of the hotspots in the interior. it should cool slightly
8:04 am
tomorrow. their quality, as mentioned, is going to be an issue here today and tomorrow are on the bay. out in the tri-valley, sunny skies, which is pretty much the case everywhere. for the fourth tomorrow, look for mostly clear -- well, entirely clear of her 90s across the interior. keep in mind we do have a heat advisory at for the bay area along with that spare the air date. we are looking at the effects of a heat wave across the region worry we will see these one temperatures, again, peeking out today and slightly cooler from monday and the rest of the week or yet i will have all those details coming up for you in your complete forecast in just a few minutes. >> i'm not going to complain. july 4th, although he, a little sun, no problem. >> thank you. >> speaking of the fourth, it was a sparkling first in east palo alto. and he was down there. the fireworks hit up the night
8:05 am
sky. >> the show went off smoothly last night. it's meant to celebrate the fourth of july and mark the 20th anniversary. lighting off fireworks of any kind illegal in east palo alto, so with the city show, police were hoping to leap -- people would be able to refrain from writing their own off. >> we certainly believe that this is a good start to make sure that people understand that it is not safe to use illegal fireworks and to join this event so that we can actually save lives as well as make sure people are safe. >> let's leave it to the pros. city officials are especially proud that private donors provided all the money for the show. $18,000 gathered for local businesses and individuals. of coarse, this is a time when a lot of communities are canceling fireworks shows because of budget constraints. >> if you're still looking for a place to watch fireworks for
8:06 am
the fourth, we have a complete listing of shows happening around the bay area on our website, ourth. >> martinez police officers association is warning people about fraudulent phone calls. they are calling up and asking for money on behalf of brian carter. he recently lost his battle with cancer, and they say the association never makes any requests for donations over the phone. watch it if sunday tries to call and ask you for something. and in the northern area, a dive company will search for a sea plane that crashed off the coast of morning coming friday night. they plan to use a sonar equipped vessel to help find the plane that has emerged as much as 40 feet of water. the crash happened as the pilot attempted to take off, as you can see, buy this video. the pilot and passenger were unharmed. he does these are investigating whether pilot error was to blame. >> a small plane of blue -- that flew into airspace near camp
8:07 am
david got a military escort out. a real scare for the first family spending the holiday at the presidential retreat. air traffic controllers couldn't contact the pilot, the f-15 fighter jet scramble to meet the small plane and escorted it to a nearby airport. the pilot was interviewed who determined he'd accidentally flown off course. >> that would need -- that would be a major estate. >> michelle bopp and making her way across iowa on the first trip as a presidential candidate. >> the congresswoman from minnesota spoke and before a crowd of tea party activists. she is leaving neck and neck with that romney. by the way, there's a new republican candidate for president. he is whipping up the guitar, a congressman from michigan. he said he wants to restructure the government. >> a group of mideast mediators
8:08 am
urging governments to -- great authorities arrested a cap in trying to deliver humanitarian aid to the palestinian. i mediators say those wishing to immediate goods should go through the established channels. >> there's a chance to watch history in the making. >> mass of 105th and final shuttle flight. watch the launch friday morning in oakland. it's good to be years before the u.s. and its own spacecraft into space again. painful budget cuts in san jose. we've been talking about this all week. hitting the police forced most notably. >> up next, javier campos joined us for more on the budget woes and the impact on public safety. >> and coffee, doughnuts, and state treasurer. up next, what happens after lawmakers passed the budget. we'll be right back. ♪
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the. >> welcome back. it's a oh of the clock. >> and we have so many things going on around the bay area. we have the county fairs, jazz festival -- >> don't forget baseball. >> jim, i don't know if you have any advice for people keeping cool. it looks like it's hot everywhere. >> we've got a mini heatwave continuing today. temperatures will peak and cool slightly tomorrow for the fourth, but let's take a look outside where we see mostly sunny skies throughout the day. a bit of haze across the south they this morning. no clouds to speak of, not any patchy fog at the beach even. a natural air conditioner will not work as strong today as it did yesterday. as a result, we see those beach temperatures had into the low 70s while we look for low one hundreds out across the interior for the warmer locations. mid-90s at the bay into the low '80s right at the water here. again, this will peak out today with temperatures -- marla for unhealthy air quality conditions
8:13 am
as this high-pressure system continues to be in place off the west coast. we are looking at an offshore breeze today. sunny and warm across the region. we will start to see that offshore flow weakened tomorrow resulting in a little more of a morning layer and slightly cooler temperatures into and through the week. temperatures peaking out today. mid-to upper '90s to low one hundreds out across the interior. i don't think we set any records, but it will be one. upper 60s, mid-90s, and on the peninsula look for low '80s. 70s even at the beach today. so it's going to be a warm one no matter where you go. as we see the cooling trend kicking in tomorrow and continuing through the week as the marine layer returns to cool us off across the bay area. in the meantime, one more hot day to speak up before things had the other direction. we'll see the cooling continue, so plan accordingly as it will be a bit warm throughout the day today. >> jim, a quick question.
8:14 am
>> go for it. >> every year we have is whether, then about 5:00 or 6:00 when we are getting ready for the fireworks, the fog rolls in. >> is just a typical summer pattern where the marine layer kicks in. and tonight won't happen. the marine layer you spoke of begins to arrive monday and tuesday as the wind shifts to more of an onshore breeze, and the cooled on results. >> that will be interesting. people might actually be able to see the fireworks. >> i don't think we will have fuzzy fireworks this year. >> thanks, jim. turning to the budget crunch. fewer cops on the street in san jose. on thursday 66 officers turned in their guns and badges, and others retired. someone to other departments. the bottom line, the streets are less protected. councilmember javier or compost joining us live with more on the city budget situation.
8:15 am
thanks for being here today. >> thanks for having me. >> double thanks for coming up on sunday on a three-day weekend and to talk about something nobody wants to talk about, laying off police. that's exactly what you guys are doing down there at a time when the homicide rate and crime rate is going up. >> we are on case for the most violent year in 30 years. >> we were once the city in the nation very unfortunately, not only did 100 police officers retire and we didn't fill those positions, but the department laid off 66 police officers. >> that's a total loss of what customer. >> 166 police officers. >> out of 11,000 some? >> out of 1271 police officers turned. >> so what is your current situation? >> our current situation is not good. our police department is going to have to prioritize what they respond to, and it just means that it is less services to our community members.
8:16 am
>> are we going to see something similar to what we saw in oakland where they are not responding to anything unless it is a violent emergency? you just have to go online and make a report? are you going to implement some of those tactics? >> some of those are being implemented now. unfortunately, we are going to have to prioritize. more violent crimes will be the priority. sometimes we'll go down. that's not just with the police department but also the fire department. that just means, you know, less service for our community. >> this came after police came up with concessions, offered to pay more into the pensions to try to avoid some layoffs. did they get enough, or was this out of your hands? what happened? >> there were proposals as we were going to the budget at the last council meeting for the fiscal year that could have not some police positions back. as a matter of fact, one of my colleagues put together a
8:17 am
proposal that i supported as well as several other of my colleagues supported that would have taken a savings of not having a valid measure to deal with pensions on the november ballot, and it would have saved us $2 million very at. >> the mayor and the council went with the idea that you took the $2 million and rather than keeping police, you are going to use that money to go to the voters with a pension reform measure. i think a lot of people are wondering what's going on here. you are trained to save money on pensions to keep the comps yet you are taking money to keep the cops and putting them on the ballot measure. >> and that's exactly what is puzzling to me. i'm sure a number of people out in the community it's puzzling. that's a savings. if we don't go to the ballot, which we are not going in november. that's a $2 million savings so we don't go to a special election. we could've used that to bring back police positions. >> so how bad is this going to
8:18 am
get? i heard the mayor said that the budget for next year looks as bad or worse. are we going to see more police cuts? >> i am hoping that we don't. our priority as a city is public safety. we have to make sure that people feel comfortable in their neighborhoods, that we are protecting not only their lives for their property. >> but how are you going to deliver on that? you and oakland and even san francisco we have higher retirement. it's very advantageous for police to retire. they are retiring at higher rates. you are getting more and more attrition. i don't know if you have new police coming on. how do we -- we hear the rhetoric of balancing, but what are we actually going to see? >> well, right now we have all of our employee organizations, they are still in negotiation over pension. so the hope is at the table they will be able to come up with -- >> we've only got a second left here. that begs the question, how
8:19 am
much of this is politics trying to get more concessions out of work? we laid off cops, we will lay you off as well. >> i think a lot of it is politics. >> the boy who cried wolf, or something that really happens. >> well, we will see. >> hobby or campos. thanks for joining us. you have a lot of work on your plate. good luck. >> san jose or california's new budget. billions of dollars will come in. >> but what happens if that money doesn't appear? we had a discussion with the treasure over coffee and doughnut. i'd be interested in showing exactly what's in store. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:20 am
8:21 am
it's a plan based on the assumption that billions of >> welcome back. a 22:00. sacramento lawmakers finally passed the budget. >> but how balance is it? is tony assumption that there are billions of dollars coming in. my question is, the first time the governor vetoed it, 10 days
8:22 am
later he signed to say we do have the money. my question to bill lockyer was, what are they thinking question that we sat down and had some coffee area here was his answer. >> in january the governor was saying, well, the economy looks pretty dismal area let's be conservative, take a low number. he was persuaded because the revenues were higher than predicted. if those continue, we are going to be several billion dollars in the black. >> how real are these projections? >> it's kind of, hopefully, and informed guessing game about how much there will be to spend. >> they are betting that this money comes in. >> there is no guaranteed that this will come in. >> no. what they do do is say if we are gone, there will be another round of cuts. >> a sickly, what they did is he the equivalent of a sitting here. we ordered two coffees and two
8:23 am
doughnuts. we are hoping that the money comes in to pay for it by the time we eat it. >> well, we know the last 20 times we came in, our friend walked in and pay for our doughnuts. so we are assuming that he's going to show up again. so they are saying, okay, it's riskier to assume the budget is going to continue to improve, that the economy is going to improve. let's take that chance. if we are wrong, we make the cuts in january. >> so instead of gimmicks we just have more of it to -- more optimistic projections that someone comes in with the money. what's the difference there? >> yes. the difference is the gimmicks are gimmicks. historically, the guy always shows up to pick up the tab. >> the raiders this morning in the newspapers and editorials were too kind on this budget. they called it -- they question whether it was an honest budget. this money coming in was shaky. your opinion?
8:24 am
>> well, it's a revenue forecast that most people would say is optimistic. certainly, not improbable. so that is what they are saying is, why don't we have a tougher, tighter number? well, tighter number means lay off a lot of people that you don't want to have them lose their job in the middle of a recession. they made about $15 billion in in a couple different ways. state employees have been laid off. there has been about 20% cut in their paychecks by paying more into pensions or pay cuts or furloughs were healthcare costs, so they have squeezed at the state level. basically, that's the budget. schools, prisons, and healthcare. >> are we betting on hope? >> is hoping that the revenue stream is predicted correctly, and if the tread lined -- trendline
8:25 am
they are protecting. if they are wrong, they will not argue for four months. automatic second wave of cuts that has everything, prisons, health care is, schools. >> if you were to grade this budget, what would you give it? >> i would say b+. this is the best budget that the legislature has produced in a decade. >> is that saying much in california? >> it's saying a lot, because they were pretty bad during the last decade. but they are getting rid of the gimmicks area they are getting closer and closer to balance. i think our reputation nationally will benefit by getting this done right. >> at the end of it, we are still left with a $5 billion hole starting next year, right? >> yes. >> have we kicked the can down the road? >> a little bit. >> very interesting interview. i will buy you guys a donut and time. >> we will have you sit down and hopes someone will come in and pay for it. we'll be right back with more. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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that's it for today s "weekend early edition." thanks for joining us. >> welcome back. jim bernard, a final check with our weather forecast. bottom line, it's hot. >> it's going to be hot today. editors taking out across the bay area today. for tomorrow we see a slightly cooler day. mostly clear skies today with fog free fireworks from the looks of things. upper 60s at the beach for tomorrow, upper '90s across the interior. again, a heat advisory up for today. caution is advised as you are out and about about the bay. >> fog free fireworks. i like that. >> beware, it is the second spare the air day of the season as well. poor air quality as well. if you are sensitive to that kind of stuff, be aware. in the meantime, what stay indoors and watch state of the nation. >> and later you can get those fog free fireworks going. thanks for joining us. >> have a wonderful holiday.
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