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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 730am  CBS  July 10, 2011 7:30am-8:30am PDT

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spam if you are watching cbs 5 eyewitness is in high definition. a search operation continues off the baja california coast this morning. more divers from the u.s. coast are joining the search for that missing bay area man. >> release on the way for out of work americans. the new rules that may help them keep their homes. >> and how the debate on same- sex marriage affects candidates on the campaign trail. our political insiders take a closer look at that and much more. it is 7:30 sunday, july 10th. thanks for joining us. i'm ann notarangelo. >> we have a lot of news and talk to go over in the next hour. as just noted, we are going to be talking about gay marriage, the obama landmine, and also the debt
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ceiling. we will get to that in a couple minutes for you is it going up? is it going down? >> right, and what you should do. we will have some experts here in the studio coming up in a moment. first, the u.s. coast guard and the mexican navy continued to search for the bay area men to sing at the. >> today marks one week since the fishing boat that sank off the baja coast. here is video of the search effort later this week or you mexican authorities have asked the u.s. to send in specialized diving teams to help in the search. they are scheduled to arrive in mexico later today. >> this weekend we heard from on other survivor. he described what happened after being knocked into the water without a life jacket on that boat. >> it was chaos because it was pitch black. it was dark.
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it was the smell of diesel and burning fuel on your body. not knowing where you were. >> he described as being on the titanic. seven fishermen from california are still missing. also new, officers arresting a suspected drunk driver after his car crashed into a san jose fire engine. >> it was just before 12:30 a.m. that is what a speeding sport coupe crashed into the engine. a collision launched the car almost 20 feet into the air, but remarkably no injuries were reported. a shooting at an east bay home left three people died yesterday, and now officers question amanda about that attack. police were called to a home on the triangle court housing project in richmond iron triangle neighborhood yesterday. more on the investigation and action from neighbors. >> reporter: this boy in the
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grey hat more as the loss of his brother, one of three young men tell that this public housing complex earlier this evening. >> many people thought that one suspect shot and killed everybody. >> captain mark agee and was tightlipped on details if this is an open case except to say that they have one person of interest who is in custody and who does not have a history of violence. david what we are saying is that with a three people here, it looks like we have everyone involved in the situation. >> that's of little comfort to residents like this woman in white. her daughter was killed in 2008. she wouldn't talk on camera, but she says it are tired of the killings and that they need help, referring to the richmond police department. >> we've seen a lot of strides in the last three years to where we had a 60 percent reduction in homicides last year. when things like this happen, we have -- it's a reminder that the potential is there.
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>> now, the three people who died are 36 wrote michael anderson of richmond, 19-year-old dante delonghi, and a 28 romance whose name -- 28 romance his name has not been released. people from around the bay area turned in on loaded guns yesterday, no questions asked by officers. the weapons range from handguns to semi automatic rifles are yet each was exchanged for $100 american express cash card come a although some of those times were much more than that. >> do you know how much it is with? in it and think it's about 600 bucks. >> and you are turning to him for 100? >> yeah. >> why? >> no use for it. >> i wanted it removed in a proper way. that was the more portable. >> now all of these guns will be burned. city money support the three-year-old program which was inspired by the accidental shooting death of a two-year-old.
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>> in a story that got a lot of attention worldwide, and arraignment is being set for tomorrow in sentences go for the man accused of walking in in broad day light and stealing a piece of work by picasso. police say 30-year-old mark lugo of new jersey remove the pencil drawn from a local gallery last tuesday. he was caught on videotape and arrested the following day allegedly with the drying still in his possession. now onto more than international news area we are about 30 minutes away from the final shuttle docking. >> at around 8:07, the atlantis commander will turn the shuttle over. yesterday the crew inspected the shuttle for launch damage. the only glitch so far, they can't seem to find the charts they are supposed to use for a vision test. the strong earthquake hit japan's eastern coast last night. the magnitude 7.3 quake was
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centered just off shore. you can see on your map. the same area is devastated by the quake engine on the march. here is some footage of that, which hit at 9:57 in the morning local time. you can see the camera shaking. a brief sin on the warning was issued along the coast. that seems to have passed. stomach president obama and congressional leaders regroup in their efforts to get a deficit reduction agreement. ideal is crucial to winning republican support to raise the debt ceiling. last night house speaker jon weiner turned down a $4 trillion deal proposed by president obama, but obama is planning to press for that one in negotiations tonight. as lawmakers continue another round of debt crisis, face the nation is going to examine both sides of the debate from both sides of the aisle. >> this morning bob schieffer interviewed secretary tim breitner. he also gets perspectives from top republican and democratic members. that's going to be on face the nation at 8:30 right here on
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cbs 5. >> as same-sex couples flock to new york, minnesota and other tape -- other states take a look at the loss. >> still to come, sound off on president obama and the evolving views on same-sex marriage. >> but first, buy, sell, or trying to break even in the current housing market? up next, we break down a new report on the state of real estate here in california. >> jim bernard here in the weather center. after a warm way, we are looking at a change in weather pattern with cooler temperatures on the way. you'll take a closer look coming up in just a few minutes. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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this week, we learned how the >> welcome back to weekend early edition. at 7:39. >> it's not like it's going to get even cooler. jim bernard joining us with the
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weather forecast for today. what do you think, jim? >> i think we love the fog for a reason. after a one-week summer we see cooler temperatures around the bay today and through next week as the coastal air conditioner kicks in. once again, the drop is back to below normal temperatures. we see lots of clouds along the golden gates. look at this pattern. this will continue through the week. at the coast we look for mostly cloudy with some cooler temperatures, as the wii will accept upper 50s to lower 60s. in the bay, fog giving way to afternoon sunshine. we will look for temperatures anywhere in the mid-60s. even across the interior, they will be well to below normal. low '80s headed for the mid-70s through the week. as we see a change in our weather pattern, the high-pressure system brought us all the heat here midweek. it's moved off to the rockies and is now her place of the more onshore breeze area that cool
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marine air is moving inland and will continue to do so leaving fog at the coast and around the bay. cooler temperatures for the interior. high-pressure system heats things up for the rest of the nation or we will be listening to heatwave reports here through the week is other rockies. while we look at the fog dissipating today, i suspect it will still say fuzzy along the coast, but we will see midday sunshine up their event way to more fog this evening as temperatures will continue to cool. upper 70s and low '80s across the interior today. low 60s to low 70s and upper 50s at the beach as we can expect this cooling pattern to continue through the week. we will see temperatures drop as the fog thickens and a little drizzle results until we can and then we should see a slight reversal as we will start to warm once again, but it looks like a cool pattern in store at least for the foreseeable future. >> that sounds pretty good. i will take it.
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>> i never freshen really. >> it is kind of refreshing. thanks. stomach this week we learned how the obama administration is making it easier for auto corporation americans to stay in their homes. ex-models homeowners will be able to miss their mortgage payments for a full year before facing foreclosure. right now that is only three to four months, but the new rule only applies from on staff by the federal housing authority, that's only about 14% of current mortgages. housing market does pose major challenges for people trying to sell their homes and those were trying to buy them. >> it's also one of the centers of our economic recovery. with the new report on that, the public policy institute of california. good morning. i spoke with you a little earlier. even though california's real estate has dropped, it still houses -- houses are more expensive than just about anywhere else in the nation. how does that work? >> prices have fallen by almost half since the height of the real estate bubble.
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but prices started out so high in california that even now it is still almost twice as expensive to buy a home here than almost anyplace else in the country. >> what about the defaults? we had a flood of them, and it got quiet. people are telling me that it's because the banks are holding off. there's actually a whole lot of foreclosures out there like an iceberg still waiting to surface. >> there is a lot of uncertainty both about what the banks will do and also with the federal government will do because for club if i foreclosure policy has been evolving. so long as unemployment stays high and people are losing their jobs, people will continue to lose their homes. >> where is the bottom here? when do you think is the best time to buy? >> prices in california are falling much less than they were falling over the past couple of years. either prices are starting to stabilize, whether it's the time to buy or not depends on many things. it depends on where you are and who you are. prices are low relative to
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read, but for many it's hard to get a mortgage. >> it's tough. they are not getting the money like before. it seems like the real estate market has split between three types of buyers. there is the home owner that wants buy their house, that's the person usually on television we are talking with. a second one is a speculator. they are on the courthouse steps and they are snapping up these mortgages or if there turning -- or turning them into rentals. the third is the developers. the developer, the one we see the most, what is the future for that? are we going to continue to see the building going on? what kind of upset was that have on the overall economy? >> for the past couple years, development has really ground to a halt. construction has been very low, especially relative to what we saw at the height of the bone. demand for housing continues to grow in california long-term. our vacancy rates are still among the lowest in the country,
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which means there will be demand for housing again. even though right now we are at a locus for in terms of construction and how much of the economy is in the housing sector, the old come up again. >> we've been talking about the prices of bread. in fact, my let up significantly in the last year. so the question is, are we going to see a lot of renters moving into the buying market, and will that affect the buying prices, or is that not significant enough? >> rents have gone up almost everywhere. even in place where there are high foreclosure rates. but the people who are no longer in homes they own have become renters. not every unit can be turned into a rental unit very easily. >> on the foreclosures, like i said, the second person is the one on the courthouse steps. every time a house goes into foreclosure in the neighborhood or on the street, it drops the values of everyone's house on the street, right? >> it depends on the neighborhood. in california it's a little
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different because vacancy rates are still lower than in most other states. in lots of other places we see pictures in the midwest or in florida where homes are abandoned. in california, foreclosures issuing means turnover. there is stronger underlying demand for housing. >> that's one of the key differences. we are not going to see these tracks that they emptied. they are going to be turned over. people are going to be in them. it's a question of whether they are renters or buyers. >> that's much more typical. that's right. >> all right. next for joining us. >> coming up next, the political worries over the same-sex marriage debate. >> that's right. and treating california's death penalty as a financial issue are you our political insiders break it all down next area -- break it all down next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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controverisal ballot issues. ama. >> a foggy shot over san francisco. political candidates are weary of potential landmines when it comes to that what issues come even president obama. >> that's right. you take a look at his poll members. that's where we turned to political former mayor willie brown and political writer joe guerra fawley to talk about gay marriage. we wanted to know, should president obama being nervous about gay marriage being on the ballot in 2012 when he is up for
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reelection? >> should he be nervous about this? >> i think so. he has been nervous about the issue for a long time. is your call, when they brought him out to california in 2003/2004, he was concerned about being photographed. in downstate on the way, it would be a problem. just think of how he now perceives it as a problem at all of those states as he goes toward 2012. >> you have done the math on this. what do you see? >> there is 104 electoral votes. he needs to win the states. these are states that either have a prohibition against gay marriage or are going to vote on a baxter. the issue is hot. he doesn't have the numbers. >> when you say he doesn't have the numbers, what do you mean? >> if this is on the ballot, it could bring a turnout of people against him for you. >> what about the other side?
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>> that's where they got an incredible campaign in those states. they've got to make sure that the efforts that the u.s. government is making in particular, the justice department and the court systems on this issue do not become a burden for this president reelection. >> he has his administrators. you push ahead with that and many try distance yourself from a territory, is that it? >> that's what he seems like he's been doing. he's done everything but. j activists are very frustrated. he's been better than any president on the records, except he has not said he is in favor of gay marriage. >> another politician who could be facing an interesting question is governor jerry brown here in california.
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it will enable death penalty and put life without parole. jerry brown has been against the death penalty. the question is, what is the law going to be? do you think he would put that on the ballot? >> i don't think jerry brown would put it on the ballot. but if it is on the ballot, each of them will take their respective positions. their respective positions will not change from what they are today. they will each say that, personally, i do not believe in the death penalty a month or if it is imposed by the will of the people, i will administrate whatever is the will of the people. >> this has not been a moral issue but a financial one. >> california has spent $4 billion, essentially, since the death penalty has come in to kill 13 people. it is because the appeals have
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taken that long. this is a financial question as to a moral issue. >> in sacramento it is already being framed that way. lonnie hancock, when i talk to her about it, she was saying this is about money. everyone is talking money. the state's budget woes became a moral issue. keep in mind, the entire prison system is under review. when the federal government says you've got to give medical care practically equal to what you give a congressman in order to comply with constitutional rules when a federal government outlines all the other things and you look at the numbers of how much we spend it, when a state you got to get rid of 40,000 people under your control in the prison system out of our $35,000 per year per person, all of those are numbers i think that are going to be relatively persuasive on the voters.
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i do see the death penalty issue being a liability to either one of the two. by the way, they would prefer for it to be in a nonreelection year. >> and i think you are going to see that. the idea would be to put it on when you don't have a whole lot of state racists gone. it's interesting to know, as this debate goes on, the governor has already signaled where he's going. we cannot afford to build a new death row also he is sort of put that on hold. i think that's sort of the first step toward possibly this thing just going, okay, not death but life without parole. >> let's go back to the whole gay marriage issue and, actually, the bill sitting on governor brown's just about adding gay curricula and textbooks. what was the feeling they are? the mcveigh was one republican that went over in the senate, but it was a split. it's going to be interesting because not only does it say that historically for the first time we are going to include gays, but
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that they have to be shown in a favorable light like other minorities. that's got people in sacramento going, we admit it, what are we doing mandating at what should be taught but how it should be taught? the governor isn't saying whether or not he signs it, but as people did say, if he signs it, there's a good chance he will do it here in san francisco. >> i will not be surprised or you whether or not that makes history, will keep you posted. >> republicans and democrats meeting with the president about what it would take to raise the debt ceiling for a while would president george washington? >> also coming up, what would our founding fathers say about the state of our economy? >> and next, rockstar welcome for the royal newlyweds. how they plan on racing awareness for those in need. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> here watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition. >> neighbor shaken by the latest shooting at a richmond housing project. officers have a person of interest in custody. more on the investigation next. >> dc lawmakers working all weekend on the debt ceiling compromise. why do presidents think they
7:59 am
can make a deal before the nation defaults. >> and britain's newlyweds. the royals .co southern california. >> i love your enthusiasm for that. >> welcome back. we are talking 7:59. >> we a lot to talk about here in the next half-hour, including the debt ceiling. i know you love that term. >> we are going deeper in the hole, and we call it raising the ceiling. >> so what exactly does that mean? a talk about that as well as the president speak showing on twitter. he had his twitter town hall. >> we are going to get to all of that in a moment. first, topping our news this morning, police requesting a person of interest in a shooting attack in the east bay. >> that investigation continues after three people shot and killed in a home in richmond
8:00 am
yesterday. it happened around 4:30 yesterday afternoon. police were called to a public housing complex on triangle court. inside the home they found three men dead. ages 19, 28, and 36. one boy outside who you see there said his brother was among the people killed. police are now holding the men for questioning. they say he does not have a history of violence, but they say they have called off their search for other sauce next. people in richmond say they are tired of this violence. police say the community has actually made some progress over the last three years. >> we've seen a lot of strides in the last three years to where we had a 50 piece that production in homicides last year. when things like this happen, last sunday we had several shootings. it's a reminder that the potential is there. >> please don't know why the men were all gathered in that home. one of the men who died, michael anderson, did live there. authorities are hoping the person in custody will help shed some
8:01 am
light on what led to that gunfire. >> the u.s. coast guard and the mexican navy -- take it away. >> they are going to continue their search today for a bay area resident who is missing at sea. it was one week ago that a charter boat carrying those residents think off the coast of baja california. seven passengers are still missing. the coast guard has canvassed more than 1000 square miles yesterday. mexican authorities asked the u.s. to spend if i send a special is diving teams to help with the search. the team is scheduled to arrive later today. well, it's summertime and the gas prices are on their way up again or yet after two months of steady decline, let's take a look. the current average cast is a gallon of unleaded in san francisco being $3.87. across the bay in oakland, $3.77. and in san jose, the average price is $3.78 area retailers say speculators are betting that demand will rise over the next two months, and so prices are rising. even though right now demand is
8:02 am
flat and supplies are plentiful. experts say the price may reach as much as $4 in the next few weeks. >> speaking of your nose, president obama makes with leaders to try to negotiate a deal on the nation to keep defaulting. the major sticking point is the size of the deficit reduction package. >> so far gop leaders want a deal that is less than what white house is pushing. of course, they want the tax breaks in place. it's all a game of numbers. this is an explain why the optimistic about the talks. >> the president was optimistic addressing the american people on saturday that the white house and congress can agree on a budget plan. >> i know we can do this. we can meet our fiscal challenge. that's what the american people sent us here to do. >> both sides know they remain far apart with congressional
8:03 am
leaders digging in on taxes and government programs. >> we are not going to reduce the deficit or subsidized tax cuts to the rich on the backs of american seniors and working families. >> democrats want nearly $300 billion in tax hikes on what the americans. they worry about social security, medicare, and medicaid, programs republicans are willing to cut as they refuse to budge on taxes. >> tax hikes on families and job creators would only make things worse. >> a budget agreement is critical to raising the nations are in limits. many believe if the deal is not reached the august 2nd, the consequences could be status record. >> including government defaulted bondholders, and social security checks. >> to be imaginative to lay out the case strongly about why we need growth, and growth can produce more
8:04 am
revenue, new revenue. that's an important part of the solution. that's a whole lot different than just hiking taxes on folks. >> the president says while the two sides are divided, they do agree it's time to get a deal done. >> both sides are going to have to step outside their comfort zones and make some political sacrifices. >> whether that's enough to lead to a budget deal on sunday remains to be seen. susan mcginnis for cbs news, new york for your. >> accrual of space shuttle atlantis is docking at the international space station right now. we are taking a live look at atlantis. that's the shuttle docking. this is the final time this is the landing. the show will be turned over in a backflip to line up with a station. yesterday the crew inspected the shuttle for launch damage. the crew's main mission is to deliver more than 4 tons of supplies to the station. this is the final shuttle flight in the fleet's 30-year history. >> and back on earth, defense secretary leon panetta says
8:05 am
he's confident that al qaeda's defeat is within reach. after killing osama bin laden, he says that the u.s. now is targeting 10 to 20 other key al qaeda leaders. he also believes that the intelligence retrieved could help cripple al qaeda's threat to the west. and britain's best-selling and most salacious news of the world tabloid has printed its final edition. the paper's owner is shutting the paper down on that allegations of phone hacking and paying police for information. that scandal goes all the way to 10 downing street. that story is far from over. that here we have a little bit of britain in the united states. the world win california to her for the royal newlyweds is winding down. they plan to visit our nonprofit academy at skid row and a job fair for u.s. veterans. >> yesterday there was a polo
8:06 am
match. william on the field and taken a stance. it was a charity match. funds raised benefited the charitable foundation, and the team did win the match. >> it helps young people to find purpose in life. it's a key element to the foundation that catherine, harry, and i have established. >> after dousing spectators with goals, the duke and duchess flew to an event in l.a. to promote up-and-coming british talents in the film industry. some of our own hollywood royalty were also in attendance. tom hanks and j-lo. >> you've got it. i think that was her straight is winning. she was out on that one. >> actually, my story is jaycee dugard. we were talking about that. we have a preview of her book. in the meantime, the healthcare debate. >> the president responds with
8:07 am
his own questions that come in 140 characters. what can you ask the president in 140 characters? we talk about the pros and cons on the campaign trail. >> first, what president george washington would think about the debt ceiling debate. we have that coming up next. >> cloud ceilings coming down across the bay today or you receive a low clouds and fog spreading inland. that will be our pattern for the week as cooler temperatures prevail. we will take a look at the details coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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stay with a bit of drizzle on the camera lens at the golden gates as the marine air works its way into the air. cooler temperatures is the end result. and try...and try. i heard eating whole grain oats can help lower my cholesterol. it's gonna be tough. my wife and i want to lower our cholesterol, but finding healthy food that tastes good is torturous. your father is suffering. [ male announcer ] honey nut cheerios tastes great and can help lower cholesterol.
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what would the founding fathers >> is 10 minutes after 8:00. time to check in with jim for our weather forecast. it looks like it's certainly changed over what we were saying last to get this time. >> had a fog free day. a little heat wave, and a cool down which will continue into the league are you receive the marine air working its way across the bay. of course, you know what that means. cloudy and cool.
8:11 am
we will see temperatures below normal here over the next few days as the interior is going to cool down in the mid-to low 70s. today we will tap out in the mid-to low '80s for the inland areas. back into the bay, look for upper 60s to low 70s. across the state, upper 50s to low 60s with drizzle already appearing in some of our cameras in and around the bay. the dense fog pattern does exist. cooler air passing to the north. i will extend inland over the next day or two. the fog retreats this afternoon. it probably stays pretty fuzzy at the beach as we will look for a continuation of our late-night and early-morning fog pattern. and just some bits of sunshine now showing up in the afternoon hours. that window will shrink gradually day-by-day as the marine layer deepens across the bay through next week. we should see a break in that by next weekend.
8:12 am
today we look for low '80s for the interior, upper 70s for some of the warmer locations in the north and south they at eastern hills. upper 60s to mid 70s into the low 60s and upper 50s as we go back to the peninsula. so cloudy and cool pattern out there today. as you can see, the cooling is just beginning as even across the interior of a book for temperatures in the mid to upper 70s range through midweek, and then we see a little wrinkle in that coming next weekend is temperatures will respond with a little more sunshine expected by then. until then, we look for our cloudy pattern with coastal blissful to continue. >> thank you. what would our founding fathers think of our debt ceiling situation? by uc berkeley fellow answer that question in a new article, the codirector of the slaying of the dragon that project joining us live. thanks for being here this morning. >> we have been hearing the terms
8:13 am
for weeks, debt ceiling, defaulting on loans. what does all of this mean? you make it interesting because it's one of my favorites. we call it that seelig, when actually we are digging a deeper hole for debt. >> well, we are digging a deeper hole, but the debt ceiling is separate. as allowing the treasury to pay back loans authority borrowed. >> allowing them to get further into debt, basically. >> we get further into debt through budgets. that's what concrete -- what congress already passed his area kind of antiquated process that allows the treasury department to basically legally pay back money that it has already increased. it sort of the public at its situation. it's almost for the first time in history. congress is making the debt ceiling contingent on budget of. >> what would our founding fathers be thinking of our financial situation? >> i don't think they would be too concerned. i think they were economic moderns. we have a sense that they would
8:14 am
be very conservative, they wouldn't want us to go too far into debt, but that's not his early case. i'm most famous example, alexander hamilton. he understood that the government needed to run a debt in order to fund internal improvements. painfully, these arguments won out over the people like thomas jefferson who was worried about the centralizing powers. >> one of our biggest debates right now is, we had that coming out of the revolution. that is not new to america. it used to be you owed something on the order. we had debt after wars. then, as he said, we borrowed it for maternal improvement. now we have gone from darwin to using a credit card for ongoing finances, right? is that as healthy? >> well, we have a fundamentally different society than we did in the 17, 18, and 19th centuries. we have a much older and larger
8:15 am
population. if we didn't have that sort of ongoing borrowing, incidence of poverty in this country would be much higher. it's hard to compare going back to a few centuries ago what exactly would happen, but i think the main issue that we have now with this government credit card is making sure that the interest payments on that government credit card are low, they are thankfully now. and that is really the danger was not raising the debt ceiling. all of a sudden investors around the world will say that full faith and credit of the united states isn't that great. it will jack up interest rates. we all know when we have a credit card, interest rates are not -- interest rates are the big problem. >> think paying interest isn't a good thing, everyone can agree. what is the alternative? what will we see happen? >> the treasury department will have to decide who it wants to pay into it doesn't want to pay. i think most likely they will
8:16 am
decide to keep paying interest on loans to foreign creditors and not pay citizens. so stop social security payments, stop medicaid payments to the states for he that will likely have disastrous consequences on poverty, unemployment, and the economy. >> does sound awfully scary, but what would happen? >> yeah, what would have been? in it i'm not exactly sure. i think the treasury secretary knows exactly what would happen, but i think the incidence of poverty would increase. if people can't get social security checks, can't get their medicaid reimbursements, poverty would go up, unemployment would go up. people would maybe move back in. it would drastically change the american society. they make one thing i don't understand is if you and i are over our limit on credit cards, usually the credit card company says, start paying up her yet here we get out of that by agreeing, well, we are going to raise how much our limit
8:17 am
is that we can borrow. >> this is the benefit when you are printing the money yourself. and why would another country by that? you just say, well, the only way out is to say we go deeper. >> that's an excellent question. think the only reason we are able to borrow is that for all the problems, united states is still the most stable economy. investors still treasury but bonds as the safest asset. that's something we don't want to upset. >> thanks for joining us. >> making some sense of the senseless situation. you did a good job on it. >> white house hosting a virtual town hall meeting. the president waited back answers to virtual visitors. >> and he talked of it. what's the big deal about political tweets on the campaign trail? we talk with our political leader in sites indexed on this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:18 am
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>> all right. that's a better pitcher than we had before. >> yeah. >> speaking of the earth, the president took questions about the budget, the debt ceiling, and more. >> and he consolidated his answers to 140 characters or less. >> and the questions had to come in at 140 characters or less. the tea party tries to up the ante because they hold their own town hall meeting are you now, with all of this tweeting going around, we decided to sit down with our own political insiders. they read about tweets very quickly. >> do you tweak customer. >> no, i don't wait. i don't twitter. >> it's the same thing, by the way. >> we asked them what is the tweak with this twitter business? >> there was a twitter town hall the other day that he had. it was a campaign event.
8:21 am
it was basically he was steered into all the talking points. there was no follow-up questions. but the tea party is going to try to improve on this. july 20th or is going to be a twitter to you party event. >> say that again three times fast. >> no way. >> does it make any difference? >> it seems inconsistent. >> do either one of those people have an instrument? it just seems like we go from the latest phase from communication to the other. >> it does matter. what we have all ignored is the fact that it was three, four, five, six years ago that our friends started. when he was mayor of san francisco, everybody thought that was kind of esoteric or you of course, he didn't want to talk to anyone. >> i find it strange to see the president of the united states up to dealing with questions and
8:22 am
answers and 140 characters. you know, we've got a debt ceiling of $14.5 trillion, three wars, some very serious things going on there yet and we are trying to -- rather than expand the dialogue, we are trying to narrow it down. >> getting more people involved in the process. 160,000 people actually engaged in this. they are paying attention. you have to appreciate it at that level. >> your thoughts? >> my thoughts, don't get overexposed no matter what you do. 140, knock it to 120. >> i think willie brown tweets. >> he doesn't tweak. we are talking about a politician who made a career of not putting anything in writing. his model was, never put it in writing. >> i don't know if that's allowed anymore. >> the other thing is, as we go on these things, the question becomes, are you talking to new people or are you just talking to the same people over and over again is to mark. >> to do that, we do need to
8:23 am
consider the demographics. twitter is mainly men under 50, and what's also interesting is that when you look at the race involved, and nonwhites are tweeting more than white people. if you are trying to open up a new voting base, it might be a population where the original two. >> it is, but there is two things going on. one, the twitter meeting. the second thing, what is he really doing? he was also tipping its hat to silicon valley and high-tech. he holds a white house press conference to the twitter entry. you are talking about some pretty hefty campaign contributions coming in from that industry. he's promoting the industry. he tries to connect with people and connect with donors. in other words, it was politics as usual. i hope it always the debate. >> i'm sure we will see a lot more of these tweak ups.
8:24 am
state-owned. -- stay tuned. the u.s. soccer's team scoring off against brazil. it will take more than a tweak to figure that out. >> teen usa ranked number 1 in the world right now hoping to inch closer to the title game that they won last time in 1999. we will have the chance to watch that game live on the big screen at civic center plaza. that game is now underway. >> that is fun up there, especially if it's a nice day. when people show up it's a great time. >> it's going on right now. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,
8:25 am
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8:27 am
meanwhile, president obama and congressional leaders continue to try to hammer out a deal on debt reduction and raising the debt ceiling. mr. obama raises a package to cut the deficit by $4 trillion. >> and mmr set to be released by jaycee dugard. it's called a stolen life. she describes several key moments during her years of captivity, including discovering she was pregnant at age 13, as well as how they kidnapped her and kept her there or you it is just a fascinating story. >> you have a special interest in that. you were out there day after day. >> finally hearing from her in her home words, it will be great. >> spinet do not put anything in writing. there you go. cloudy and cool across here. i can't wait from the weather center, but i can open up my garage door within a mile of its quicker. lots of clubs around the bay. cooler temperatures through the week as the marine layer will
8:28 am
be sick this week. we will look for a gradual clearing and some warm up by next weekend. until then, a classic san francisco summer pattern. >> you guys are a beastly not into tweeting, you can follow me on twitter if you are in it. back now live pictures of the space shuttle atlantis. it is talking right now at the international space station. this is the last time nasa is conducting this maneuver. crew inspected the shuttle for launch damage. all of these moments, remarkable in history. think we will follow it. a 12 day mission. we've got another week or so to go. >> meanwhile, back here on planet earth, that's it for weekend early edition. i want to thank you for joining us. >> face the nation is coming up right now on cbs 5. have a good one.
8:29 am
i hang my head out the window. plywood, cement. i, i enjoy the breeze on my tongue. well uh, and every weekend, seems like we're headin' down to the lake. we're pullin' a boat or somethin'. i don't know why. i just do. it's not a problem. i don't mind as long as we always stop at chevron and get that techron stuff. my ears flop around too. check it out. [ male announcer ] your car takes care of you, care for it. chevron with techron. care for your car. it's hard work; i need a nap.


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