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tv   CBS 5 News  CBS  July 23, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. no deal on the debt limit. the president and congressional leaders met again today at the white house, but there was no apparent progress. jim wrube on why republicans are blaming the president. >> reporter: president obama called congressional leaders back to the white house for a saturday morning meeting. the latest attempt to make progress on the debt ceiling crisis. >> the truth is, neither party is blameless. and both parties have a responsibility to do something about it. every day families are figuring out how to stretch their paychecks. >> reporter: despite having pulled out of talks with administration late friday, house speaker john boehner did attend the saturday meeting and he said he pulled out because mr. obama moved the goal posts at the last minute. >> there was an agreement on some additional revenue, until yesterday when the president demanded $400 billion more, which was going to be nothing more than a tax increase on the american people. >> reporter: speaking on background, the administration denies any goal posts moved and
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said boehner was offered a plan that would have brought about 3.5 to $4 trillion in cuts, while raising the debt ceiling. the deadline, august 2, is now about a week and a half away. that's when the government warns it will not be able to meet all of its fiscal obligations. economists warn default could spell disaster for a still fragile american economy. there are reports the republicans may try to sell the white house on two debt ceiling votes, but the president has made it clear that we not agree to any short-term extensions. well, around the bay area, and across the country, people watch and wait for movement in washington. and some took their fear and frustration to a town hall meeting in the east bay. and anne makovec says they had plenty to say. >> well, it is free frustrating. -- very frustrating. they're not being honest with the american people. >> until robin hood shows up, we have politicians trying to hammer out a deal, and the rest
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of us waiting for word. >> i'm going to be 62 in august. >> reporter: nervous about the effect on government programs. >> there is a lot of people living on social security and that's all they have. >> i feel as if all of our representatives in congress are essentially addicted to money. and they're not aware of the actual impact on real people of their positions. >> reporter: congressman pete stark held this town hall meet until almeda to -- in almeda to share his concerns and answer others. >> i think people are jockeying for stature, structure, and they are the ones who want to have written, including the president, the definitive answer as to how we're going to solve these budget problems and i don't think there is a definitive answer. >> reporter: even though there is a fair amount of cynicism out there, most people we spoke with were confident that some sort of deal could be reached by august 2. >> i think you will find, as the hours get late, that they're going to compromise on a deal
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that may not be everybody's dream. but it should go to reforming government. because otherwise, we're going to be doing this every year for a decade. >> reporter: in almeda, anne makovec, cbs 5. well, it is a refuge for late night coffee lovers but last night some thieves stole more than the peace and quiet. gaylord's cafe on piedmont avenue was the target of a trio of robbers who came for only one thing and didn't leave until an innocent passer-by was shot. don knapp is at gaylord's where the holdup is the talk of the neighborhood. don? >> reporter: and you got to ask yourself, what would you do? you're sitting in gaylord's, sitting on your computer, and some guys come in and pick up the computers and run out the door. would you get up and chase them? well, that's what some of the folks at gaylord's did. there is not normally much excitement in gay -- gay gaylord's piedmont avenue but late friday night, things perked up. >> a cop pulled up to get his
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nightly coffee and there was a pop sound. it sounded to me like it was just a cap gun or something. and somebody screamed get down. and everybody hit the floor. >> i was scared. i mean i just heard the gunshot. and the girl pam that i was working with said get down, get down, and we were down behind the counter for a minute and what do we do now? >> this woman says she saw three teenaged boys casing the place when they made their move. >> they seemed a little fishy. they looked a little odd and they walked in and they all of a sudden all three of them grabbed laptops, off of the customer's tables. started running outside. other customers got up and one of them tackled one of the guys. >> reporter: with two laptops and an i-pad in their hand, the teens headed out the door. but with a couple of customers hot on their heels. >> my friend eric, very big man, he ran after them, and he said that in the midst of the scuffle, he had them turned around and he saw that he was pulling out a gun, and that it accidentally, as far as he put
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it, fired. >> he could have been shot. >> he is convinced the kid would have shot him but he ended up accidentally firing and hit an innocent bystander on the corner. >> the woman was treated for a bullet graze on her legs but she is okay. >> reporter: we thought gaylord's might not want to think about their customers hit by brazen laptop thieves, but they laughed that off. >> we have been insanely busy today. i don't know if it is a good thing. not a good thing but good for business, anyhow. >> three laptops are still missing. three thieves are still at large. a woman is treated for a gunshot wound in the leg and thieves may think twice about robbing this place and people get up and chase them and cops are regular people here. >> don knapp in oakland, thank you. two teenagers are champed in connection with a shoot -- charged in connection with a shooting that wounded an 11-year-old girl.
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neighbors say they heard shots last night around 11:15. one of the bullets went through a window and hit the girl in the chest. her family says she was having a sleepover with her cousin when gunfire erupted. >> then she ran out of the room, and said i've been shot. so i sat her down, and i said take it easy and dialed 911 and they were here in about three minutes. with an ambulance. >> reporter: investigators say an argument in the streets led to the gunfire. the two men arrested are 18 and 19 years old. police say the shooting appears to be gang-related. in norway, the death toll from the twin attacks is at least 92. police say the gunman at the utoya island youth camp had more than 90 minutes to gun down children before a s.w.a.t. team arrived. by the time they, did at least 85 people were dead, including several teenagers. the gunman reportedly gave up without a struggle. police say anders breivik detonated a bomb made from tons of fertilize ner oslo which
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killed at least seven people. the motive is still unclear. ♪ make me go to rehab, i said, no, no, no. >> known as much for her music as her personal demons, five time grammy award winner amy winehouse is dead at the age of 27. the bee hive tattooed singer/song writer 2007 album, back to black, blasted the soulful british artist into the stratosphere, but also that year, drugs started to ravage her body. winehouse was found dead in her london flat today, the cause of her death is still unknown. well, new information coming to light about the attack on bryan stow. how police describe his injuries and the gesture his family says he made toward his children. >> i heard it all before. >> and some teenagers with a message of tolerance. they get their own lesson in hateful behavior. jim bernard here in the cbs
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5 weather center. a stubborn fog bank kept temperatures below normal for quite a while here. we're looking at a reversal of that trend, coming up. the details in your complete forecast. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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by giants fan bryan stow we're learning new details tonight about the injuries suffered by giants fan bryan stow. suspects louie sanchez and marvin norwood are due in court on mayhem and assault charges. court documents reveal stow suffered cuts to his eye, nose, lip, ear and tongue. he remains hospitalized but his sister says he is making progress. >> his kids came up there, with their mother, and he had reached out, raised his hand to touch their hand. so it has been pretty amazing. >> the man originally arrested for the attack on stow has been exonerated. today, l.a.'s police chief says he will not apologize for mistakes made. in the east bay, anti-gay protesters disrupted castro valley first-ever gay pride
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rally. >> don't be mad. we're all here peacefully. >> they say they got tired of going to other cities to socialize with other gay and lesbian teens so -- but a handful of demonstrators confronted people outside the pride rally this afghanistan. overall it did not seem to dampen the spirit of the rainbow rally across the valley. three teens organized this event. >> we wanted to bring that pride and that support home. and like bring everybody together. and just make everyone comfortable here. >> we wanted to show everyone that in castro valley, it is a small little town, and it might seem very conservative and we wanted to show everybody that there is a large lgbt community around. >> the teens organized the rally a month ago and they expected a simple small gathering but word spread fast on facebook and today hundreds of people showed up. checking other bay area headline, a suspect is jailed tonight for killing and setting fire to a man in san francisco's
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buena vista park. firefighters found freddy roberto aguelo while responding to a brush fire last month. and 22-year-old david diaz has been booked on suspicion of arson and homicide. walnut creek firefighters are trying to figure out what sparked a fire at the retirement community rossmoore. the fire destroyed eight units of the condominium but 13 tenants were safely evacuated. the fire was extinguished in about an hour. crews stayed through the night to douse hot spots. and celebrating history made 42 years ago. the uss hornet museum in almeda paid tribute today to the apollo 11 lunar mission. it was 42 years ago tomorrow that the hornet and its crew plucked the space capsule from the pacific ocean, a task they repeated four months late wer apollo 12. the hornet is home to the largest collection of apollo artifacts on the west coast. not too hot. not too cold. the bay area has temperatures that are just right.
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it sure doesn't look like late july, does it? hundreds of skiers and
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snowboarders hit the slopes at boreo. some 66 feet of snow fell at the resort this season. this is the latest skiing ever. the latest is august 13, 1995 at mammoth. jim bernard is here. do you think that snow will ever melt? >> it may not that this year. a lot of snow in the rockies as well. for the high country in the west, looking at the remnants of that record snowfall. and which means all of the rivers are running high, fast and cold right now, across the country. including throughout california here. as we continue to see that snow melt coming out of the high country. a little bit of that going on today. but not at the coast. our temperatures continue cooler than normal. for this time of the year. we did see some nice clearing out there. and temperatures were up a degree or two. but the fog bank continues to cling to the coast, as you can see here. it will repeat this performance tomorrow, so it will be pretty slow to go in the morning. but we will look for a gradual warmup as the fog gives way to mostly sunny around the bay.
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that means hot across the interior, we will look for mid to upper 80s to prevail under mostly sunny skies and some cloud cover in the morning and it will clear out early, though and bayside, we will look for mid to upper 70s in the east bay, and on the peninsula and back to the beach. it looks like mid to upper 60s should prevail for the warmer locations as the stratus quo weather pattern continues for tomorrow. with temperatures up a degree or two. nothing dramatic. more of a warmup next weekend. and first we have a weak disturbance out here, bringing cooler air in the region for the beginning of the week. it will continue to maintain the fog bank which will give way to afternoon sun. but overall temperatures will drop through about midweek before we start to warm things back up. as tomorrow's temperatures should look pretty close to, this as we look for a couple of degrees warmer inland. mid to upper 80s there. upper 70s again in the east bay. back to the water, it looks like mid to lowselves and the mid-60s -- low 70s and the mid 60s will prevail at the peninsula. at the beach, a little cooler. where the fog will continue to
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linger even through tomorrow afternoon. here you see that cooldown into the beginning of the week. as the weak disturbance passes to our north. and then following that, through the end of the week, and into the weekend, we should head back to near normal, which puts us into the mid to low 90s. look for a warmup due, come next weekend. until then, low clouds, late night and early morning hours. right now, we will head back and check in on sports with kim. >> all right, thanks, jim. the a's try to put an end to the 11-game losing streak against the yankees. and casey kaine goes for quite a ride. the latest on his condition, next in sports. ,, ,,,,,,
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back to last season... it's their longest losing streak against new york in 54- years.... this little guy doing his best the a's have lost 11 straight to the yankees, the longest losing streak in 54 years. and this little guy doing the best rain dance. only 93 disease at first -- 93 degrees at first pitch. after triple digits last night. josh willinghams a a shot of a aj burnette to give the a's the lead. number 13 for willingham. weeks is showing no signs of cooling off. he comes through with a two-out single. ryan sweeney scores to make it 3-1. weeks is now hitting .452 since the all-star break. bottom of the 6th, nick swisher burns his old team for the second day in a row. a solo shot into the second deck. off rich harden. 12th of the year for swisher. but the a's got the run right
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back. former yankees, hideki matsui knows all about the short one in right, he hits one in the front row, career homer number 501 for matsui. 4-2a's. final chance for the yankees. tying run on third for robinson cano but bailey gets the homerun derby champ to ground out. the a's hang on 4-3 and end the 11-game losing streak against the yankees. the yankees averaged over seven runs per game during the 11-game winning streak. but today, the a's held them to just three. they will have a chance to win the series tomorrow, with geo gonzalez on the mound. the brewers are in town this weekend for a three-game series with the giants and it appears all is forgiven with the first baseman prince fielder. late in 2009, fielder angered the giants with his walk-off celebration where teammates went down like bowling pins when he hit the plate. then in last year's spring training, barry zito through to field ner retaliation.
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but -- fielder in retaliation. but everybody played nice at the all-star game last week and if the giants get back to the world series, they will have fielder to thank for home field advantage. >> 72 rbi's. at the all-star break. we didn't even score that many runs until june. >> drives one left center field. it is up and out to the wall and gone! and the national league has jumped on top 3-1. >> did i ever tell you i like three-run homers. >> yeah, don't we all? >> you get them. i don't. >> the newest giant, jeff keppinger got the first hit in the orange and black last night. a 9th inning single off the closer don ashford. after search seasons in the big leagues, keppinger is finally thrilled to be on a winning team. >> the idea of this game is to win ball games than team was doing it without me. so i don't want to come in and mess that up in any way. i just want to come in and be a part of the team and do whatever i can to help the team.
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>> are you looking forward to going to the white house on monday? they're going monday. [ laughter ] >> i'm sure one more is a party, right? >> yeah, sure. i look forward to it. [ laughter ] >> never been. >> golf now, and van pell had a 165 and has a one shot lead after three rounds at the canadian open. john daly is tied for fifth and three shots back. mark calcavecchia, on the top of the leader board at the senior british open but blew the lead open after a bogey on 13, luckily he would finish the round with a great tee shot on 18. and that set up an easy birdie putt. to get him back to seven under and tied for the lead with russ korcoran. day 20 of the tour de france. a time trial, tony martin here. and moved ahead of the shlek brothers to take the yellow jersey and a one minute and 34
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second lead. meaning the champagne may be flowing for the 34-year-old evans as he closes in on the first-ever tour de france win. a group of nba stars which included kobe bryant, taking their talents to the philippines. kevin durant sets up his teammate james harden for the big jam. they beat the tva all-stars 31-105. finally -- 131-105. finally no sprint scup this weekend but kasey kahne did not spend the week laying on the beach, and his car somersaulted over the railing in a world of outlaws race. amazingly he is not injured and expected to be back behind the wheel next sunday for the brick yard 400. and he actually jogged back after that wreck and waved to the fans and of course they went crazy. >> it looks like a tin can. >> i know. they're actually constructed pretty well. >> definitely they look pretty flipsy. >> thanks. much of the nation wilting
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in record heat. and smothering humidity. what is making it feel much hotter and were there is no relief at night. and who is actually glad it is hot and praying it stays that way? jim, right? no. >> that story and more tonight at 10:00 and 11:00. that will do it for this edition of eyewitness news. we will see you again at 11:00. until then, our news and weather is on have a good evening. ,,,,,,,,,,
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