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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 530PM  CBS  July 24, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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to solve the debt crisis comes and . you're watching cbs5 "eyewitness news" in high definition. >> i would prefer to have a bipartisan approach to solve this problem. >> a gop deadline to solve the debt crisis comes and goes. what republicans say they'll do if a deal is not reached tonight. >> we stand together. >> norway's prime minister denouncing the massacre, how the suspect describes his motivation for the killings. and a show of support after an incident insulted a couple admiring artwork. how a bay area zoo let people know, today, isokay to hold hands. >> good evenings, i'm an note a raj low. president obama and democratic leaders are still in an emergency meeting as a standoff continues with the republicans
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over the extending of the debt. todd merger is there where they are trying to reach an agreement before the world markets open tomorrow. tara? >> reporter: tonight there is still no deal but there is plenty of blame to go around and, tonight, both parties are working on their fall-back plans. president obama called the two top democrats and congress back to the white house sunday night as discussions about how to raise the debt limit continue behind closed doors. speaker john boehner has proposed a two-part plan that would cut spending and raise the debt limit by $1 trillion immediately. enough to last until the end of the year. that would avert the current crisis while a larger deficit reduction plan is negotiated. >> i would prefer to have a bipartisan approach to solve this problem. if that's not possible, i and my republican colleagues in my house are prepared to move on our own. >> boehner scheduled a conference call with house gop
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members to brief them on negotiations. republicans want to show pro gretzky on the deal before asian markets open sunday. but the white house says the president will veto any murtha doesn't extend the debt limit through the next election. both sides blamed each other for the delay. >> what you are seeing is a caucus that wants it my way or the highway. >> reporter: the deadline to raise the debt limit is now just over a week away. if a deal can't be worked out the u.s. may be unable to pay its bills for the first time in history. tense bipartisan meetings on saturday ended with no deals buttress resecretary timothy geithner was optimistic. >> it's unthinkable that a keel will not get done. >> reporter: they are keeping their eye on the death clock and the other on the financial
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market. and harry reid was expected to brief the president on his plan to cut 2 1/2 trillion dollars in spending over 10 years without raising tankses and republicans should at least like that. >> you mentioned john boehner had a conference call with house gop members to update them on the negotiations today? any idea what they say? >> what we're hearing is that he improcedure the republican rank and file to get behind a new measure, one he says could actually pass the house and the senate. he says the new measure would reflected the principles of cut, cap and balance. but, he said, republicans are going to have to make some sacrifices. >> thanks for the update. and tonight we're learning more about the details about the bombing and shooting attacks in norway that killed more than 90 people. in a 1500 manifesto the suspect describes how he bought armor, guns and tons of fertilizer all while he satisfiedings suspicion. the confessed gunman's possible motive.
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>> this service is near the island where more than 80 young people attending a political camp were shot to death. on sunday mourners paid tribute to the teenagers and those killed in the bombing in oslow near the prime minister's office and the search continues for more victims. the accused gunman, 32-year-old anders bearing brev ek spoke through his attorney saying the killings were necessary to reverse the spread of islam. his violent political philosophy detailed in what he called a european declaration of independence. norway's prime minister denounced the killings. >> we're standing together and the message is very clear that this violence is not going to reduce our ability to be an open democratic associate. >> reporter: on the web the accused gunman calls himself a child of privilege growing up in this neighborhood of as low. they supported the labor party,
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the same party that was the target of friday's attack. an expert on terrorism says norway conference a very different situation than america did after 9/11. >> the american people were enraged at the international jihaddists who committed this. where are we going to put our rage? on ourselves? on our associate? who has produced this? >> reporter: adding to the anger and disbelief doctors who are treating wounded people say he used hollow point bullets designed to disintea great on impact. >> the accused gunman is expected in court tomorrow. his attorney says he will explain his actionings. they believe he acted alone but
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are tracking down all leads. one man is dead, the other critically injured following a shooting in richmond. it happened on 24th street and exchange place. the 24-year-old was dead at the scene when the police arrived. a 28-year-old man is hospitalised with serious injuries. one of the victims may have had gang ties but police don't believe this shooting was related to an ongoing gang war. >> we do not believe this is in any how connected to the shootings that we have had in the last few weeks that we believe this is an isolated incident stemming from a dispute that happened some time prior in the evening. >> saturday's shooting is the ninth homocide this month in richmond. prior to june, there had only been 6 homocide for the entire year. police blame the increase on an ongoing turf war between rival gangs. it was the largest high- tech heist in history. now authorities say it was an inside job. in february, $37 million worth of computer chips were stolen from the tech company u low again in fremont in a take-over armed robbery. 15 masked men pulled off the heist. they blind folded and tide up employees and drove off in a truck.
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two of the suspects worked for the company and were back at work the day after the robbery. the two other employees and 7 suspects were arrested 6 days later. 6 others are still at large. the subject of an f.b.i. manhunt wanted for kidnapping his mother with alzheimer's disease was caught in current county. they tuesday him into custody in current park about 75 miles northwest of los angeles. his 85-year-old mother doris was with him. she is okay. she had been missing from her ashland, oregon, home since may 24th. arrangements are being maid more her return. tomorrow is a big day for the san francisco giants. as the reigning world champions they are scheduled to meet with president obama at the white house. the president is also expected to recognize the team for its work in giving back to the community. the meeting takes place at 1:00 our time. san francisco marid lee is expected to attend. incident that sparked a
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i think the hand-holding day should be come an international holiday for everybody. >> a bay area museum says it's okay to hold hands there. the incident that sparked the show of support. to get bac feds who still don't recognize same- se marriage. >> fears and tears across new york as hundreds of gay couples get married. how gay couples plan to get back at the feds who still don't recognize same-sex marriage. >> jim bernard here in the cbs 25 weather center, warning, low clouds for the escape from alcatraz ramirez, we have a warmup coming towards the end of the week. i'll have the details womaning up in just a few minutes. "eyewitness news" is brought to you by xfinity. ,, man: everybody knows you should save for retirement, but what happens when you're about to retire? woman: how do you go from saving to spending?
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cheering, applause the weddings and celebrations same-sex weddings take place all over new york, opponents of gay marriage are protesting. state to allow same sex marriage. in new york city, more than 800 couples said their vows at city hall. but the federal government does not recognize the unions-- and protesters say they'll take political revenge. 15:36;05 "now we are individually targeting state legislators to kick them out of
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of we are clear. we warned 're going to ki [ cheering and applause ] >> the weddings and celebrations began at midnight when new york became the sixth and largest state to allow same- sex marriage. in new york city, more than 800 couples said their vows at city hall. the federal government go does not recognize the unions and protestors say they'll take political revenge. >> now we're individually targeting state legislators to kick them out of office so we are clear. we warrant them, now we're gonna kick them out. >> opponents of same-sex marriage wants to put the issue to a vote in a state-wide referendum. meanwhile the newlyweds say they won't stop until their marriages are recognized by the federal government. here in the bay area, another show of support for same-sex couples. it comes one week after they told two went they were not allowed to hold hands. an vac oh vick with what was on display today. >> the san francisco lesbian gay freedom band kicked offhand- holding day at the contemporary jewish museum. >> we're all happy to hold each other's hands to celebrate diversity and pride in this community. >> reporter: that's the museum's director who had been
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planning an lgbt family day here for months to celebrate an exhibit on gertrude stein, a famous lesbian artist. they anded the hand-holding part later. the inspiration for hand holding came from an incident last sunday when a security guard told two women to stop holding hands, he said it wasn't allowed in the museum. the director says the guard was wrong and was immediately removed. >> this is something that goes completely against museum policy, our values, our commitment to diversity. >> it is a teachable moment where, you know, we could talk about homophobia still exists and what that means to people. >> reporter: hand-holding means a thing or two as well. it's a shared connection and it helps you to get through the city and pull each other along when they are walking too slow. >> exactly. >> i think that hand-holding day should be come an international holiday for everybody. there is nobody who doesn't need to have their hand held, including the guard who made the mistake.
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♪[ music ] . >> reporter: in san francisco, anne mackovic, cbs5. life-saving surgery. new rules at the department of motor vehicles. how it could mean help for thousands of people waiting for life-saving surgery. it looks like the fog and low clouds will continue into the middle of the week with a chance of showers creeping into the picture come next weekend. we'll talk about it next. ,, i tell ya, i work a long day, every day. i hang my head out the window. oh man, we're delivering everything you can think of: plywood, cement. i, i enjoy the breeze on my tongue.
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more than 21- thousand californians waiting for an organ transpla new hope tonight for the more than 21,000 californians waiting for an organ transplants. a rule change at the dmv means that drivers are now required
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to answer the question about organ donations on their driver license form. before you could skip it and move on. transplant and donor networks hope more people will donate as a result. in 2010 just 28% of california drivers consented to giving up their organs and tissues upon death. that's 12 below the national arm of 40%. and another decision drivers may soon be making. whether they can afford to take that trip at all. gas prices are again on the rise. nation-wide they are up 9 cents in just two weeks, but according to their latest electrical berg survey of fuel prices. in the bay area the prices are well above the average of 3.70 per gallon so they are not the highest this time. chicago currently has the most expensive gas, costing an average of $4.07 per gallon. anybody else hear jim bernard say we had a warmup and then the chance of showers? >> you know, this isn't a book
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schedule. >> i guess. >> nothing has changed. it could happen. we're still looking for the warm up through the end of the week and creeping into the picture is a chance of showers come late in the week. it's a slight chance. the warmup is a better bet. as we'll take a look at all of that, as we see in the skies outside right now we see clear skies around the bay. fog gave it up about midday as expected. they had lots of fog for the escape from alcatraz this mortgage. as the fog bank has not gone very far away and the main weather maker here this weekend has been this little eddie off the coastline which has kept that fog bank from clearing out most of the weekend here. it did clear back to the beach today but it will move in again this evening and we'll see it first thing in the morning, giving way once again to some midday sunshine. probably a little later clearing tomorrow than what we saw today. temperature-wise we'll be in the mid-to low 80s out across the interior, mid-70s on the east bay, on the peninsula we'll look for mid-60s to upper 50s where the fog will probably
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linger a little longer due to a deep marine layer as it approaches the region. it will bring along slightly cooler air monday and tuesday, then the warm-up that i mentioned ann is going to hold me to. we'll continue through the weekend into the week and with that comes the chance of showers as well. tropical moisture out of the desert southwest. into southern california. could make it up into our area. it's a long shot at this point. it will be the remnants of tropical storm door a moving into the picture late in the weekend. again, it's more than likely gonna stay to our south. again, temperature-wise we'll look for mid-80s, mid-70s in the east bay and mid-60s on the peninsula, temperatures expected coast side as the cool- down continues mid-week as we start to warm undertake up into the weekend. as promised, warmer temperatures here back to mere normal which will put it us into the mid-to low 90s for a change.
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i didn't even put in that chance of showers as mentioned but it's a long shot and we'll see how things develop. >> you can change your mind on that. it will be okay. >> thank you very much. i'll take that opportunity if i need to. >> all right. all about baseball today, huh? >> we had, speaking of the weather, boy a great time in mccovey today. really two great dreams for the local teams. a rally against mariano rivera and we'll tell you if they beat the throw home. should it count as two runs? next. ,,,,
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just "pitch" a good game...he hit one, as well... mccovey co madison bumgarner gets very little run support from his teammates, he didn't just pitch a good game, he hit one as well. mccovey looking like a busy place. bumgarner gets off to a bad standard are the start. ryan braun gets the best of the lefty. he homers second straight game to center field, only the fifth allowed by bumgarner, same score in the third. will bumgarner connects off of gilllar do, same, he hustles back but not enough. stand-up double for bumgarner and it turns out to be big because two batters later base hit left field, bumgarner waves to him, not just waved, tim flannery runs alongside him. they are both safe. the game tied at 1. giants had
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another run in the fourth and bumgarner is on lockdown, 7 2/3 innings, only 1 run allowed, 8 strikeouts and no walks. i mean, he has gone 19 straight starts allowing two or fewer walks, that is juan mary shell territory. turn it over to that man, brian wilson, 1-2-3, man he was lights out this weekend. 31 saves. giants have won 7 of 10 since the break, 2-1 the final. >> and today they do it. >> i don't believe in that, i kick my ass in the weight room so i can be available every night and, you know, i have been able to prove i can come back every night. i don't know if, stuff-wise, it's great. but i can at least take the mound and not complain. >> giants are headed to philadelphia after going to the white house tomorrow. philly won their fifth in a row today but were denied in the seventh. look at christian al tee. the former athletic, back back back, reaches up and takes a home run away from raul ibanez. great catch. phillies still win the game, however, 5-3. yankees pretty
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much call the shots against oakland outside there. hugh gonzalez staked to an early 2 hen run lead, there it goes. eduardo nunez drives one to left field just over josh willingham. two out two-run double, new york leads 3-2, the a's banged out a season-high 15 hits. hideki matsui has come alive, 5 for 5 with two doubles. eric some guard is going to try to score all the way from first base. high but in time. bow guard is out, side retired, martin able to tag bow guard just in time. gonzalez was not at his all- star best in the bronx, gave up 6 runs, couldn't get out of the fifth inning, curtis granderson takes the second deck. yankees up 5-2. down 3 in the ninth, loaded the bases against mariano rivera. jemile weeks scores, 7-5. that's the first run rivera has
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allowed at home. dave dejesus, are they going to win this thing? lined it, hit it on the money right at teixeira, you get a free. they teach you little league, freeze on a line drive. jesus a heartbreaker, they have lost 14 of the last 16 in new york. row better to al a march, pat gillick, bert by lemon inducted into the hall of fame. he finally got the inaugurated after 14 years of eligibility. he recalled the first phone call he made after his big league debut in 1970. >> i remember my dad, who was a huge frank howard fan, we talked about the game a little bit and, finally, he asked me "well, son,," in his dutch accent,"how can frank howard do against you" i said "dad, 0-3 and i struck him out once. dad? dad?" he hung up on me.
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he wanted frank howard to take me deep. mid- ride. t >> 21st and final stage tour de france. largely ceremonial really. that's why can i tell evans is enjoying some bubbly mid-ride. race wind up in paris on the champs p's derelease a. after four years of french. mark cavendish. mon dieu, the 34-year-old evans finishes being coming the oldest winner of the tour since 1922. it's the first-ever win for an australian. everyone trying to catch russ cochrane at the british open. tom watson bounced back with three straight 60s including a 67 today. finished in a tie for third. he began the day tied for the lead, but separated himself from the pack 6 birdies in the first 10 holes, he taps in for par and wins by two strokes. his first-ever major win. vga. british columbia, the canadian
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open. ramirez from the green-side bunker, great up and down. that could have been better. had a u-turn to the cup. had that gone in he would be in a playoff and he might have won because first hole sudden death chris blanks this for bogey. believe me it missed. if you're channel 25, missioned did not go in the hole. wins for the fourth time in his career. went with a bogey on the playoff hole. pretty amazing. tim ryan is going to be on the show tonight, game day, our new analyst for 49er preseason football if there is a preseason, we'll find out tonight. >> keep us updated. a bay area fixture about to close its doors, the final shows at the red village in san francisco's hate district. how movie-goers are remembering the last 30 years of classic films. that story and of course much more in 30 minutes, that's it for "eyewitness news" at 5:30, we'll see you back here at 5:30 and 10 and 11:00. until then have a good night,
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on we have news on good night. ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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